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TALON Grips for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm and .40 model. This Rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and full coverage on the backstrap. This grip has graphic cutouts for the M&P emblem on both sides of the firearm. Extended magazine grips are available for this model (sold separately). FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Grips work great! Easy to install. Allows for a nonslip grip, even when it's wet.

Have rubber grips on my lc9s pro and my performance m&p shield , what a difference they make. I highly recommend them,easy to install and very durable.

Great product. I have the grips on a couple conceal guns, extended mags, etc. I highly recommend them.

This was the first set of TALON Grips I had purchased. I took my new Shield 40 to the range and noticed that the gun twisted to the right in my hand when I fired. I checked several blogs on the S&W site and found this to be an isolated problem but the few that had the same problem fixed it with adding something additional to the hand grip. The armor in in my Police Department recommended TALON to me and I am grateful that he did. I have never experienced my Shield 40 twisting when I fire it. Great Product.

Made A huge difference in the grip of my Shield.It made it feel like a glove for me. After shooting at the range for a while my hand did not sweat, or cause the grip of the gun to start that fatigue feeling. Great product easy to install. I ordered the Rubber version grip. No added thickness to the gun. No shirt issues with the rubberized version while holstered.Recommended.

Granulate grips work well on my shield even concealed.

Easy to install, great price for the added assurance that I am not going to lose my grip. Made a good product, better!

This is a must-have item for the M&P Shield! Perfect fit with simple installation instructions included. The rubberized texture is comfortable, durable, and adds a thin layer to the grip which does not interfere with holstering. Do yourself a favor and buy this product.

The grips feel awesome. I am very pleased with my purchase!

For many years as an undercover law enforcement agent, I had no choice but to appendix carry my weapon and I did so with no holster. I am retired but I never leave home without my concealed carry pistol. More recently I downsized to a S&W Shield in 9MM. Since it is so much thinner I found that it was moving around too much and would sometimes slip out of control. I ordered and installed the Talon grip cover and the associated cover for the extended magazine. Thanks to Talon I am again comfortably able to control my appendix carry because the grips keep it from moving around excessively.

I bought the rubberized version for my MnP Shield. I've had it for about 6 months now with no issues. I love that it doesn't add thickness to the grip. Fairly easy to install. Fits perfectly. The shield is a bit slippery so I highly recommend a talon for it.

I initially order one to try on one of my competition guns, the liked it so much that I put them on all my guns!!!

Rubber grips are great!! A must have!!

Great product, allows for a good comfortable non slip grip

Great Product

I was skeptical on buying this grip for my 9 Shield, but figured for the price I'd give it a shot.. The only thing I'm kicking myself for now is not putting this grip on the day I purchased the gun. It feels so much better in my hand, and it has improved my accuracy at the range. The adhesive is spot on and hasn't pulled up one bit. I highly recommend this grip for any M&P Shield owner hands down.

All of my guns get Talons. Take your time and they will look like they came from the factory.

My M&P Shield is my Carry pistol. I put these grips on about 10 months ago. I try to carry as much as possible. The Talon Grips on the magazines didn't last long for me. The Talon Grips on the pistol just now started coming apart after 10 months. Not sure if they have any kind of warranty but I hoped they would've lasted longer. I really like the feel of the grips and so does anyone that tries them.

These grips are Outstanding. Not only do I have them on my Shield, I purchased them for my son and son-in-law. Great product.

Grips were easy to install and fit my gun perfectly. The feel is wonderful and as my everyday carry weapon the have held up flawlessly for 1.5 years. I was so impressed that when my father-in-law got his shield I sent him a set and he is equally impressed. Great product!

Shield, best gun ever
Talon grips make it excellent

Talon products are tops....this one is no exception. Keep up the good, useful and reasonable priced products. Great for CCW.

I love talon grips .it made a hole new gun out of my 9mm shield

Talon grips easy application/installation and makes the grip on this particular pistol even better. excellent product

Excellent grip! Installs easy with a little patience. holds up well on every day carry, still looks new after 1 year. My shield is a different gun with the added grip. sticks in my hand like it's glued!

The grip would've been great but you sent the wrong grip.

By far the best after market stick on grips in the market. Fit perfect. Easy to install. Luv the feel and performance.

The grips definitely do what they're supposed to do. I have a much better handling on the gun. The ONLY downfall is the adhesive. If I wear my one ISW holster, even after only a few hours, the grip slides up and bunches on the one corner at the butt of the grip. I've had to reheat and reposition that one section about a half a dozen times. Good grips, but the adhesive needs to be stronger somehow.

Excellent product. I recommend them to everyone. Gives plastic guns a much better feel.

The Shield is a small pistol for me, and establishing a firm grip is hard because of my larger hands. I have always added Talon Grips to my pistols, and by doing so with this pistol, I am able to bring 10 yard groups down to 2 and a half inches.

This product gave me the best bang for the buck I can imagine! Every polymer gun I ever own will have these grips!

The rubber grips have great fit & feel, AND they fit under the activation switch of a CT laserguard with no problem. I'm ordering more for my other pistols.

Cost 2 much for just a tape grip

Just what my shield needed, this is my every day carry. Great grip, awesome.

So happy with the product. As well as the customer service is awesome as well. The Rubber texture gives it an extra grip and feels well in your hand. Installation was quick and easy.

It definatly improves the feel of my M&P Shield. I would'nt hesitate to use your products on all of my future firearm purchases.

Thanks for such a nice product

Excellent fit but adhesive softens and grip shifts, causing you to trim a lot. Great grip feel. Needs better adhesive to be great.

Turns a "slippery" gun into something much more pleasant to shoot.

Must have!! Made huge difference in feel and grip. It feels like a different gun. Wish they had color options like olive drab, coyote brown, od green. But the black is awesome too.

Work just as advertised--fit is awesome just need to borrow your wife's hair dryer to adhere. My kit came with the extended grip for the 8 shot clip. A must imo, it stays at the bottom as it should, would slip up before I installed this.

The grips fit my Shield perfectly & it only took a few minutes to apply. I had to make a few cuts under the trigger guard to make sure that it cleared my CT Green Laser. Great job.

Talon grip tape make a world of difference in handling!

Like most adhesives, it softens when warm. So a concealed carry application is likely to allow the corners to peel back, particularly on the acute angles (where the material is narrower). I cut back the peeled corners until ultimately it was better without the wrap, and then just removed it. Disappointed to see the price increase too, particularly since they must have recouped their tooling costs a long time ago.

Noticed the Shield would "jump" a couple millimeters at the base of my hand between my palm and lower thumb area. The grip filled this in perfectly providing a more stable, reliable result on target.

Improved my control of the gun. Will use on all my polymer frame pistols.

Made a great gun even better. I love the rubber grips.

The grip on my Shield 9mm is a perfect fit. It locks in my hand.

First grips I have purchased from you, NOT the last set! I have them on every plastic pistol I have... The Shield is the only one with the agressive style...

The Talon grip has a perfect fit and finish. The Talon grip was easy to install in about 10 minutes. The texture is perfect.

I ordered 1 set of grips for my M&P Shield and as soon as I had them on my firearm for a couple of weeks, I ordered a set for my wife's shield. They make all the difference in the world! We both carry every day and the grips are showing no signs of wear. I've recommended this product to all of my friends with M&P Shields!

One of my best upgrades I have done for the money
I will be purchasing for all of my polymer pistols
the rubber texture works best for me

Love them! Work wonders for my hand grip. Could not ask for a better product!!

Just got these Mon. Put them on looks great feels great , Thanks Talon.

Best improvement you can make to your S&W Shield for the dollar. The Shield is a great pistol, but the grip is a little slick. The Rubberized Talon Grip is the perfect cure for this. I would highly recommend it!

Incredible design that fits the beauty of the Shield. Talon does a great job and provides quality material.

After Installing the rubber grips on my Shield, it made it Perfect !! No more rotation in the hand while shooting !!

Great product! The fit is impressive and easy to install

On for 6 months now, everyday carry and still look like new!! Plus made the gun much more secure in hand. A definite must in my opinion. Great price to, easy to install.

I love the talon grips. i Don't feel the gun needed it but feels better with it.

These grips work great for my Shield. I have both rubber and granulated Talon's on all of my pistols. I chose the rubber grips for my Shield and recommend them.

I have talon grips on every handgun I have, the latest is the m&p shield. The redesigned grip fits perfectly and gives me a great purchase on the gun. Keep up the good work.

Must have for pistols that don't have much surface grip such as the shield! Hikock45 got me hip to talon grips and they are a must have!

Anyone who has a S&W sheild know its grip is a little slippery the talon grip do the job great much better grip don't fell like it's going to slip out of your hand I highly recommend them on any gun for better grip have them on my glock gen19 to

This grips really enhance the feel of the gun! For the price, you can't beat these talons. They are one of the easiest modifications you can do to improve comfort and shoot-ability.

I bought and installed my rubberized Talon grip on my Shield a year ago. I love it. I've put a few thousand rounds through it at the range and at a homemade outdoor farm range. The grip gives me a more secure fit - small hands. My nephews also shoot my pistol at the range - no slippage for them, either.

I will say that I am a very patient person. I followed the install directions, but repeated the steps several times. After lightly and carefully lining up the grip with all cutouts perfect, I heated each area with the blowdryer, starting with the ribbed backstrap area. Heat it up, smooth it out so that the edges were imperceptible, grip it tightly. I probably heated and smoothed each area four or five times.

I don't carry, but this gun has been in and out of rugs, range bags, safes, holsters and backpacks enough that it should show wear. It does not. Love it so much I've installed Talon rubberized grips on an M&P compact and FNS9.

I purchased the Talon Grips for my Springfield XDs 9mm. I had to have the grip for my Shield .40. Prep work is key. thouroughly clean the grip and use heat as instructed. I have not had any lifting at all and it's really comfortable. The only thing I did not like was the overlap on left side of the grip. I used an exacto knife to trim that to the pattern in the grip. It looks factory. You'll love these grips with the price, it can't be beat.

Just finished installing the rubberized grips on my Glock 19 Gen3. I have a Glock 23 in Gen4 and the difference between the Gen3 and Gen4 OEM grips are like night and day. I felt I needed something more positive for my Gen3 so after reading the reviews I decided to try the Talon rubber grip. The grip was super easy to install and upgrades the handing of my G19 with a positive, no slip feel. I plan to try it at the range but I'm sure there will be a marked difference. I will buy Talon again.

Outstanding design, fit and function. Easy straight forward installation. Plan to purchase additional Talon grips.

Great product

Just like all my other Talon Grips...Perfect! Look good, feel good and easy to install. A must for me!

I use the "Granulated" grips on my S&W Shield. I bought these grips after hearing hickok45 talk about them on YouTube. IMO, the grips felt harsh & over aggressive at first, but once I got used to the feel, I really like them. They allow a positive grip on your firearm, they really allow your hands to stay put. When use my Remora holster for IWB carry, these grips do rub against my skin, due to the nature of their texture. That's not a complaint, strictly an observation. For OWB carry, no issues. These grips are a really nice addition to my Shield, I'm very pleased with their quality. I would not hesitate to put these grips on any future CCW firearms.

Great fit, easy to install, works great!

Very easy to install just follow simple instructions provided by talon thank you guys so much very pleased with my purchase I Highly recommend there premium high quality grips to anyone. Made in the USA.

My Talon grips make shooting my S & W 9mm Shield a real pleasure. They look like a factory option. I admit to being a bit of a klutz in the gunsmithing department, but your excellent instructions and product fit made installation a breeze. I can't imagine ever buying another pistol without a Talon grip.

Purchased the rubberized grip and it turned my handgun into an athlete in a three piece suit. Great texture from the granulated rubber. Does not hang up on clothing when carrying concealed. Overall feel of the grip my M&P Shield now has gave me that brand new gun, "can't put it down" feeling. I was amazed by the quality and craftsmanship of the Talon Grip. The laser cutouts are precise and match up perfectly with the details of the gun grip. Easy to follow directions and 40 minutes (it took that long only because that was my first talon grip, I've purchased 15 since my first purchase) later I had a new gun feel!

Purchase with Confidence it will NOT regret it.

Bought Talon grips for my MP SHIELD 9MM.
Absolutely love them. Very easy to install and the feel of the new grips is fantastic.
Will definitely buy for other guns.

The shield is a little small in my hands so the Talon grips were perfect. Perfect fit, looks great and it gives me a great grip area. Highly recommend.

Have two M&P Shields. Just installing second set of grips. Easy to install. Help a lot in control.

Fit = perfect. Grip = perfect. As usual with Talon. Thanks again!

The Best

This is my third set of grips and as usual great grips.

Received these a couple weeks ago but my gun was at the smith getting a trigger job. Finally installed them and the fit and feel are awesome. Can't wait to take it to the range.

I absolutely love this grip...just need more guns to get them for.

The Talon grip feels great! The grip installed on my 9mm shield has greatly improved the guns stability in my hand. I have a performance center shield 9mm on order and I will be installing a Talon grip on it.

Excellent fit and feel . Will be putting these grip on all my pistols.

A must have for this little pistol !
I have the rubber on my 9mm and the Granulate on my 40 s&w I prefer the Granulate but both work great.

Very happy with this product. I have purchased these for both the Shield and the Bodyguard 380 and they are both a perfect fit and easy to apply.

This product is fantastic. Installation was very easy with clear instructions. I can get sweaty hands and this grip let's me hold firm and steady.

I have tried various types of grips on various pistols and have found only one that meets my needs. That is the Talon Texture Grip. A friend of mine purchased the rubberized grip and after comparing the two we both agreed that the texture grip offered better control. An excellent product.

Talon Grips are the best. It really gives you a super comfortable feel to any firearm and makes a world of difference on the Shield. Thumbs way up!

Hands down, the best product you can purchase for a M&P Shield. The texture really gives you confidence in your grip and the fit is flawless. I'll be ordering another one for my wife's Shield soon! THANKS TALON!

If you have the Shield in .40 S&W, get these grips. They make all the difference in taming the recoil.

One of the best additions to my M&P Shield! I was concerned with the corners and the heavily rubbed portions of the grip but those have all been put to sleep. These grips are amazing. They stay put and give you that extra needed bit of grip security with a CCW. Make sure to be patient when applying the grip and follow the directions so they perform as stated. Highly Recommended. A MUST HAVE. BUY NOW!!

Grip addition to the Shield pistol!

Made a world of difference in control now that I can get a good grip on my Shield 40

I really love this grip it's . Just what I needed to the weapon easier for my big hands to grasp it I have arthritis it made it much easier to shoot

Allows for great control of a small firearm with large hands. Shot this gun outside in a misting rain, never questioned my grip or control which I attribute to the granulate grips. If you will carry against your skin, think about the rubber texture. Only complaint I have is these grips meet on the blackstrap and do not overlap. This has lead to pulling and minor movement as the grips loosen. Easily fixed by reheating and sticking. More of a nuisance than anything else. Over all great grips for a great price with easy application

I purchased these for my father, I have several guns with Talon grips, and then make each of the guns better than they were before the grips. Great product!

Easy to apply, very durable, rubber version ensures excellent control of the pistol. I don't know what else I could expect. Very pleased with the product.

I am giving this an average rating, while liking the grips very much, and I will explain why.

I first purchased the granulate grips because I assumed the would grip better. They do grip quite well and they stick to almost any surface. This is a huge problem when conceal carrying. The granulate sticks to all types of clothing and there for you will print a lot more. If you like to conceal carry DO NOT buy the granulate. The granulate also tore up my holster.

I have since tore the granulate off of the Shield and placed the rubber grips on. These are not as "grippy."

Choosing one over the other isn't a matter of manlier hands... if you plan to holster and carry simply buy the rubber ones.

If Talon could explain that their product could damage my holster from the roughness of the granulate I would have given a higher review. Of course why would they care??? They just sold 2 products to 1 dummy. Don't be a dummy like me... Switch to rubber grips.

They came off

A good product as far as adhesive grips go. Fast shipping with everything needed for a solid installation.

The nature of this type of product (removable adhesive grips) can leave something to be desired during heavy use or hot and humid weather (conditions which are often replicated snug against one's body every day), but Talon Grips hold up at least as well as other grips in my opinion. The weak points of any removable adhesive product are found at the edges, and getting a flat "sticker" to wrap to the contours of most rounded pistol grips takes math, precise cutting, and unfortunately leaves edges. It is what it is.

Expecting a product costing less than $18 shipped to my door to vastly improve upon thousands of dollars in R&D and production techniques by firearms manufactures without these potential shortcomings is unreasonable in my opinion. However, for a non-permanent grip enhancement that installs easily, is cut to fit well, and sticks but is also removable (only important to remember because there are more durable but permanent options for grip enhancement), and provides a vast improvement over most grip textures, I don't think you can get much better than Talon Grips for a reasonable price.

This is a great product. It work great just like it's advertised . But you must keep one thing on your mind before ordering. When ordering the none slip sand grip. Ask your self. At any time that you wear that gun. Will it ever touch bare skin? If I dose touch your side you will never forget it. "Think about it!" You may wish to get the black rubber instead.

Best grips I have found! Absoultely love them!

great item

I like the product. It seems as though you have shortened the back portion so that it no longer over laps. I assume this is because of issues with the adhesive. The only things I don't like is the fact that for a carry pistol the sandpaper like grip sticks to clothing and is rough on the skin. Another thing is I had to rip off a portion of the back of the product because it would start to shift and slide as I shot and manipulated the weapon. I would suggest using a stronger adhesive or more sturdy material if at all possible. I may pick up the rubberized version to replace the grip tape like one. Grip tape is more ideal for a strictly range weapon not a carry pistol.

Purchased the rubber version. It fits my M&P Shield perfect. So easy to install and gives me that little bit extra with such a slim firearm. Highly recommend it! Fast shipping and a personal thank you was a nice touch.

The most comfortable grips I have on a weapon.installation was very easy fit like a glove.I would purchase more

Love the product!!!

Fits like a glove and its so comfortable. Put these grips on about 8 months ago. Still no problems. I would definitely recommend. Way to go Talon, thanks for making a great product. USA feature of all.

Great product, will recommend to others

These worked out great. Ideally I'd have gone with the granulated grips, but since these are for my carry gun, I went for the rubber ones and it's way better than nothing. They provide quite a bit of traction even with sweaty hands, very worth it.

The talon grips for my S&W Shield are perfect for that firearm. It's as if they came from the S&W factory. They look much better than the nice factory grip style while conforming to the orig grip style n the rubber version makes the pistol feel like an extension of my hand.

I ordered both the rubber and sand paper grips for my Shield. The rubber works fantastic for IWB and Ankle carry. Great grip without losing skin.

Awesome grip, makes it a lot easier to hold on to my 40 s&w shield

I really loved the way these grips felt on the shield, makes it much more secure. However, they didn't work out for me in the long run, started slipping (sliding) on the lower right of the back strap, causing it to bunch up. Talon Grips sent me a replacement, which lasted longer, but still started slipping again. Cut the offending piece off and got another month out of the grips. If I were CC in an office environment, with occassional range trips, it would be great for me. But my shield gets exposed to elements out here on ranch ( gotta love the layer of dust/dirt after mowing ), and I just don't think it will hold up. Additionally I have to cut the grip for the extended magazine along the floorplate, in order to disassemble the magazine for cleaning purposes.

Really do wish the grips would have worked out in my situation. I do think it is a good product, just not for me.

very satisfied....

I received a S&W M&P 40 Shield for Christmas and needed a little extra grip for the pistol and found Talon Grips in a Google search. After watching several video reviews and reading a few dozen, I found a local retailer and bought the rubberized grips for my new gun. I purchased the 705R grips and when dry fitting them, I noticed that when wrapping the grip around the front of the gun's grip, the finishing cut on the grip does not follow the contour of the grooves on the pistol grip. I was able to find a small pair of scissors and following the groove, trim the Talon grip to fit. This is my only small complaint for the Talon rubber grip. The grip feels great and gives that added extra secureness when holding my gun. Looking forward to taking my gun to the range and put the grip through a few rounds.

Approximately a month plus on my M&P shield 9MM and I shoot on a regular basis, and my opinion of the Talon grip is it works, no movement, no peel back, as if the day I put it on my CCW, I will purchase more for my other CCW's. The grip has created a comfortable, secure grip for my daily carry weapon (which I shoot often) and I do recommend the purchase. Installation is a breeze less than 10 minutes and that is for making sure all is right.

Great fit and adds needed grip to the stock frame!

Love the feel. Much better than what the gun comes with.

Very good rubber grip. Makes the grips feel a little larger. Very comfortableto shoot.

Ordered the rubber feel grips after hearing many positive reviews on them. I am absolutely satisfied. The shield is lacking in some areas on the grip and applying the TALON grip made the gun feel a world different. I can get a better purchase on the small gun, it really is a huge difference in grip/traction. it's hot where I live and the grip holds up great with sweaty hands. The grip really does make this gun 100% better for me. For the low prices these are offered, TALON makes an excellent product. I only get to shoot about 2-3 times a month and I've had the grip on the gun for about 4 months with no sign of any peeling or adhesive fail. Just make sure you got a heat gun and really work in the grip onto the firearm. Thanks for an awesome product TALON!!

Love them. Almost a thousand rounds since i put them on and going strong.

Wow!! what a grip. I will be purchasing some more for my other guns.

These grips really make it a lot easier to hold and shoot this small pistol and the extra tab for the extended magazine completely resolved the issue of the baseplate finger extension becoming separated from the magazine body. Great job guys.

First of all I love the way they felt and do shoot a lot I found that like where the grip hit in the palm the lower backed grip would keep moving now l'm in south Louisiana and was sweating a lot. And found with the 8 round mag it slip alittle. Now my dad hardly shoots as much and he hasn't had any problem, going to redo and really prep it well and maybe leave dryer on little longer

I got these for my m&p shield and they work great. The first grips they sent me had the seam at the rear of the grip and kept peeling off but when i contacted them they sent some that had the seam at the front and they work great.

Fits pretty good. Makes the grip quite a bit more manageable.

Simply Amazing. I cannot emphasize enough the quality and performance of these grips. After several months of use I am still impressed. As a result I have added them to my Full Size pistols as well. Excellent product. A must have in my opinion.

The product felt good and enhanced shooting experience. However, I carry this gun and shoot it often. The grips started to unpeel in places. With such a thin gun like the shield, I understand how this can be more of an issue. I might try the rubber grips as I had the granulate before.

So I put the rubberized ones on my Shield about 4 months ago. This is my EDC and I carry IWB. Within weeks I noticed some spots had shifted a bit but everything was firmly stuck to my gun. I was very meticulous with how I installed these. I'm somewhat Impressed. I have had issues though. The very bottom corner on the right side of my backstrap came loose. I carefully cut it off to prevent it from catching and breaking anymore loose. The rest of the grip is still very firmly in place on the pistol. If I can get 6-12 months out of a single set then I'd definitely recommend these. Especially because they're not just very functional but also look damn good on the gun. You can barely tell they're not a standard feature if you're not closely inspecting the gun.

All in all I would definitely recommend these as long as you understand that they have a 3 month life expectancy. If you're willing to spend $18 on a new set every 3-6 months these are for you.

Fits like a glove. Improves grip and accuracy.

Recently put it on my M&P Shield. Rather that tuck the right end under the left side per instructions, I used a very sharp hobby knife to trim the end to match the grove in the factory grip. Made such a neat installation you have to look very closely to even see them. I carry inside my shirt in my waist band without a holster and have done so for many years. The shield is so much thinner and slicker than my other pistols that it wanted to slide down my pants leg. After installing the Talon grip it now stays where I put it.

Made the gun way more shootable

I love the grips on my firearm. I did install it on my extended magazine, but it ended up peeling off.

Great great poduct. Highly recommend this product buft if you carry, it grabs clothing. Will use on range gun but not carry. Nice job!

Love the feel of the grip. Application was simple. My complain is as your body heats up so does the grip. While it's in my Alien Gear 3.0 tuck the adhesive begins to release and slides.

I have these grips on ALL my striker fired semi auto's. Quick easy install, good grips, you won't be disappointed.

We had an issue with the shield grip with the first one and it started to bubble and come off. But they sent me a replacement and the new one has seemed to be doing just fine. Couldn't be happier with the product!

I love the grips the glue doesn't always hold
In have these grips on three of my carry weapons

Great fit and finish. The talon grip is a better grip on my personal than the issued duty grip.

A must have on a easy slip handle such as the M&P has.

Great grip. Little rough when in the holster but a little adjustment of the holster made it a lot better. With a tee shirt between it and me there's no problem at all.

I now have a much better grip on my shield after adding the Talon grips, especially in summer. Sweaty palms are no longer a problem. Installation was not as simple as it was on my LC9s. It took several tries to line up the tabs of the grip on the rear of the guns grip, other than that no problem.

Best grip enhancement outside of stipling. No doubt a must have on a M&P shield because its so small. Just alllows better surface energy to grip on a smaller platform. Stick with the rubber texture on the shield and you cant go wrong.

Excellent grips. Worth every penny!

Beautiful fit, great product, fast'n friendly service everytime!! Definitely will be back!!

Thanks again--

I've had mine for about 8 months now on my 9mm Shield. It is my carry gun and even though I was very carefull installing them, they started to peel where they rubbed on my shirt. However I have a glue called Goop and with a toothpick, I was able to carefully reglue them and they are perfect again.

I put them on my M & P shield .40. During the heat of summer and from target practice the grips began to roll up on the edges. They are off the gun at this time.

Love the Talon grips for my M&P Shield. Make a large difference.

Cut and fit is outstanding. Was apprehensive about adhesive sticking to handgrip but after following directions and esp after using blow dryer heat everything is sticking as it's supposed to. Very glad I ordered rubber grips. Has a great feel no matter environmentalists. IWB or OWB form fit holsters still work very well.

Extended mag grip works perfectly also.

I bought 2 sets of talon grips for mine and my wife's S&W M&P shield 40's and we love them. These grips are the best on the market and the customer service is amazing. Theses guys really know what they are doing and I'll never own a pistol without them. Thank you talon for a perfect product.

Fits and feels perfect. Definitely will be buying for all my guns. A must have, and we'll worth the money!!!

These grips went on easy. I practiced a couple times before taking the film off the adhesive. They make a world of difference, i have large hands and as we all know the shield is very slim. While the grips dont give much more volume, the extra grip makes up for it. I had to do some touchup on the magazine grip, just a little superglue. I would put these on everything if i could (chainsaw, phone, knives)

The grip is a must for for my guns. It slipped a little where it meets use up at the back from daily carry the first week but, after that it has held up very well. I carry it every day. I would buy it again it's a great buy.

The kit I received was a bit long in the back of the grip, I trimmed them and it fits pretty much perfect. Feels great while firing the pistol, very solid purchase on the grip. Huge upgrade from the stock factory grips.Only other problem I have had is the bottom edges in a few spots will peel up due to hear and friction while carrying, pistol is my EDC. I heat the material back up and move it to the correct position and it holds for awhile.

Excellent product, great fit, easy to install!! Gives a total different feel to your firearm, a must have!!

I installed a set of the rubber-black grips on my Shield 9mm this summer. It fit great and was an easy installation. After several hundred rounds, my hands are still enjoying the comfort when shooting. A fellow shooter tried out my Shield with the grips, as his doesn't have them, and he liked them so much, he is now buying them for his. Thanks for a great product!

Talon grips improved my grip which in turn improves everything else when using a firearm. Every weapon I own has one. Now my department t is letting me test 1 on my duty weapon in hopes to approve them for everyone.

Really helped the gun feel better in my hand especially if sweaty hand

Easy to install! Good grip!

Excellent product. Improved the grip on my M&P Shield.

Talon grips are great on my shield love them

The grips fit like a glove perfect

Great product, fits like a glove !
I highly recommend these .

The Talon grips are amazing. They improve the feel of the gun and make it just fit the hand so much better. It makes it so that the gun feels much more comfortable because it is a much smaller gun thanot a typical full sized or duty gun.

I am very pleased with my Talons rubberized grips. I have recommended them to others.

I am very happy with the grip and the service. Order was shipped out immediately. The grip is a perfect fit and was easy to apply. I used the training video as a guide.

The end result is a grip that I have used many times at the range. The grip is solid and feels much better in my hand.

Excellent product!

The grip fits perfectly and dramatically improves the shootability of the M&P Shield. I highly recommend these grips.

I have two Shields with Talon Grips. The daily carry gun just had to have a new Grip installed. It came off after many months of daily IWB carry. I NEVER go anywhere without my Shield, so it gets carried a lot. The original Talon Grip finally let go. I got the replacement, which was the "rear wrap" Improved version. So much easier to install and looks like it might be more resistant to peeling in heavy concealed carry use. I can strongly recommend the Talon product! I have these grips on almost all my Polymer guns. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND SATIFIED CUSTOMER.

Great addition for my Shield. The grips add style and function.Need to get grips for my XD 9sc.

I have the Talon product on multiple firearms of my own, but have also recommended them to to my coworkers, 150+ County Deputies. Many of them are now also using the Talon grip and they are very satisfied with the improved gripping surface without added bulk.

Talon grip went onto my Shield 40 quite easily and seems to be secure.

Have not had a chance to fire the weapon as of yet, but the grip's feel is good.

Expect that this grip will help me center my trigger finger oand avoid pulling shots to the left.

One of the biggest challenges for me is to get a consistent grip on the M&P Shield each time it is drawn from the holster. Having the Talon grips installed over the M&P's grip is a great help because the grip feels the same each time I reach for it thanks to the highly tactile surface area provided by the Talon material. A vast improvement over the M&P 9's stock grips. Thanks for making such a useful, affordable product.

Like the product at the range. Rubberized grip bunches up my shirt when I carry CCW. Something that never happened before.

Talon grips were very good for a few months, then they started to peel.

very good product. follow the directions and you should have no problems.. fit gun perfect.feels even better.
got my other gun some grips too..

Fit was perfect and easy to apply. I feel they give me a much better grip on the gun. I put them on all of my guns!

Have only had it on for a few weeks but I love it. Will probably be putting these on all my pistols. I bought the less abrasive grip and it's more than enough. Very pleased so far.

Excellent grips!

A must have for any M&P Shield owner!

It's a lot better than the front wrap! They look and feel great. Thanks HM

After about 4 months of daily carry, these things started falling apart, and left adhesive residue (easily removed with rubbing alcohol) all over where they were installed.

While I'm sure these work great for a range gun, they just don't stand up to use for daily carry. I was very meticulous in installing them per the instructions, and maybe that's the only reason they even lasted as long as they did.

Spending $20 every 4 months doesn't really interest me, so I will not be re-buying these.

I just ordered my third set of Talon Grips, M&P Shield, 9mm compact, and 45 compact. If installed per instructions these Grips fit perfect and do not peel or come loose even after 100's of rounds. Makes the Shield grip much better being a thinner gun, my target accuracy improved 50%. The only addition I would make to the instructions that come with the Grips would be to also clean your hands with Rubbing Alcohol to keep dirt & oils from your skin from touching the sticky side of the grips when removing the backing as that may cause grips to peel at edges.I ordered the rubberized grips.

Love the grips I bought for my wife's M&P Shield! Even with the short mag in it doesn't want to roll in my hand. Great product!

I have two reviews in one - first for the customer service and second for the product itself. With regard to the customer service, I was very impressed. I ordered the Talon Grips for my M&P Shield in May of this year. There apparently was a glitch in the delivery, and I never received it. When I contacted the company to inquire, they sent out a replacement delivery immediately. Very Cool. Next is the product itself. It was easy to apply (although I did watch a YouTube video to see how someone else did it). It looks good, and feels great. I'd highly recommend it.

I installed my grip on the my M&P shield and the fitment is awesome. I ordered the rubberized grip and it gives the grip surface a way better feel than the smooth surface the gun had originally! I have the 40 S&W and it made a great improvement on handling the recoil as well. My only small complaint is, after a day of shooting at the range, I've noticed that the corner of the grip in the back of the gun will shift a little. Maybe it's something I did wrong but it's nothing that's a deal breaker! I would definitely purchase again

I installed my grip on the my M&P shield and the fitment is awesome. I ordered the rubberized grip and it gives the grip surface a way better feel than the smooth surface the gun had originally! I have the 40 S&W and it made a great improvement on handling the recoil as well. My only small complaint is, after a day of shooting at the range, I've noticed that the corner of the grip in the back of the gun will shift a little. Maybe it's something I did wrong but it's nothing that's a deal breaker! I would definitely purchase again

Easy to install if you are patient. Nice fit.

Install was easy. Good grip surface. Much better than the original. Will buy for all my hamdguns

Granulated grip great. Perfect fit, quality!

got 2, for me & a buddy. both went on easily with a little simple fitting. a great add-on, makes the gun much more shootable.

These grips are great but the price is too high. Since they are a temporary fix and will peel off with use or car heat, I would like to see them at about half the present price. I would probably buy 3 or 4 at a time if they were more reasonably priced. I love the rubbery feel, lots of control.

Prompt arrival! Easy Install! Great upgrade! Got mine, get yours!

Great product. Was able to apply it flawlessly and you'd never guess it wasn't part of the original pistol. Superb fit.

What a great product. Put the rubber textured ones on my duracoat painted S&W SHIELD. been on for quite a while now and no signs of coming off after several hundred rounds and daily inside the waist band carry. Getting a Glock 43 next week and they are going on that one as well as soon as duracoat is done!

Great product better grip. Awesome customer care. Had a problem with grip. Contacted customer care. They shipped another one out.

Easy to install. Fit perfectly. Love the texture. They seem to be holding up to EDC very well.

These grips fit perfect on any gun that u put them on one of the best

One of the best grips I ever bought well worth it

I'm very pleased with my purchase. The smaller grip on this firearm made it necessary to add some "tack" to give me a better grip. Immediate results. Grip fits perfectly and its holding up very well.

I have never done anything like this before but they are made to fit and are simple to apply.

works great, definitely improves the grip. Recommend to all single stack polymer guns.

Fit good, easy installation, better grip

I’m very happy with the Talon Grips for my Smith M&P Shield. I have the rubberized grips for both the pistol and the extended magazine. I’ve fired just over 1,000 rounds with the grips thus far and feel they definitely enhance my ability to handle the pistol effectively. Only minor complaint is that the grips on both the pistol and the magazine have lost some of their adhesion at the very end of the grip material as it wraps around pistol/magazine. Frankly, though, that’s mostly a cosmetic issue

They work. Had to trim mine for the Shield but it was easy enough. They have not started to peel like I hear so much about but they do help. I now do my own with an alternative product that is not as expensive as Talons. The price has jumped way too much over the years for me to recommend something that in time, will come off.

These talon grips are awsom, Fit was perfect and installation was as easy as 1 2 3
Outstanding product and made in the USA
Super fast shipping and great people to deal with
Thanks Talon Grips

makes the gun fell solid in my hand and perfect fit

The grips fit the gun very well and definitely make the grip surface much better, although for the price they should give two for a replacement.

Awesome grips. Won't shoot without them.

The Talon Grip for my M&P Shield fit perfectly. I started by aligning the hole with the S&W recessed rounf logo on the shield grip and wrapped from the trigger guard side of the grip to the back of the grip while keeping the bottom edge aligned as I went. The grip met perfectly in the back with no overlap. The grip added a more positive hold on the Shield and I am enjoying it.

Fit like a glove.
Love the feel.

I've bought 3 grips for 3 different Shields. There was one issue with delivery that was taken care of immediately. The grips make a huge difference in the feel. Recommend, Recommend, Recommend!

Exactly what I was looking for great feel and very comfortable just make sure you clean handle well before applying grip!! Enjoy!!!

I purchased Talon Grips for my M&P Shield 9mm after reading other reviews. I thought I had a good purchase on the gun before the intstall, which took all of 15 minutes max. Since then I've put 500 plus rounds through and can imagine the pistol without them. I even put them on my Glock 19 gen 1 that has over 3000 rds through it. I shoots even sweeter than ever too.

Fast and timely delivery. Excellent feel and added traction when manipulating the firearm. Very easy to install and looks good on my M&P Shield. Highly recommend!

great grips, no problems at all

great grips, no problems at all

Easy to install. Makes a world of difference to the Shields. You can't go wrong with Talon products.

Great product. The Shield was a bit slippery just below the slide, Talon Grips fixed that. I can grip the gun without any slip. Thanks

I have put Talon rubber grips on my Shield and my wife's Shield. They are fantastic. We have much more control of the gun when it goes into recoil. My co-workers liked mine so much that 9 of them purchased the grips as well. I also put a set on my duty gun. The fit was fantastic but, my agency does an untrasonic cleaning of the frame twice per year. The grip loses it's adhesiveness after going through the cleaner. Nothing I can do about that. I suppose I could buy new grips twice per year but, I went back to a bicycle inner tube for my duty gun.

Amazing product, highly recommend.

Love my Talon Grips! They fit my S&W Shield perfect and look like new still. Rubberized grips are great for pocket carry and IWB. THANKS TALON!

Great product. I have talon grips on 3 of my pistols. No complaints.

The grip on the M&P Shield is small (which is great for concealed carry) but I can only get two fingers on the grip with the standard magazine and the Talon Grip helps me maintain positive control of this single-stack small grip pistol. Great solution, put Talon Grips on all my handguns!

Wonderful grips and very easy to install. Will be putting them on the rest of my firearms.

I was very pleased with the quality and feel of the grip. I had watched and ready many reviews before purchasing. However I was slightly disappointed while installing the grip on my Shield it wanted to wrinkle under the trigger guard. Everything lined up great, the back, all the grip features, but nothing I did could make the wrinkle go away. I was forced to cut and butt splice the grip on the forward face of the grip under the trigger guard.

I installed the grips as the instructions described. I left my pistol in the glove box of my vehicle and after several days, the grips have begun to peel off of my gun. I'm not sure what you guys can do for me, but I would love for some assistance.

Thank you -
Greg Jacobs

The grips are the best I have ever had. These make at least 5 guns I have put Talon grips on and I will always put Talons on my pistols they are that good for me great product

I ended up getting few more grips from you guys because the price is great and they work wonders but the only problem is I had to get a few of them as backups because after awhile they Peel off like stickers

Best buy for the money! The rubber grips really enhanced the feel of my M&P Shield. I'm using a Sticky holster behind the back and these grips greatly improved my drawing.

Wonderful grip and easy installation!

The service, product quality and staff has always been excellent. All the guys in my unit use these grips and have all returned to order more. This is the best product for its intended purpose I have personally used.

Perfect fit. Easy to apply. Look great. Feel great.

Got these for my Smith and Wesson 9mm shield. Fits, feels and looks like the grip was made with the gun. Most excellent! Great addition to my shield and easy to install.

I ordered the rubber black texture for my Shield and when I received it, I was very impressed with the quality and fee l of the grip. It definitely provides enough grip but not too much where it hurts your hand. I brought it to the range and after a hour of shooting and having sweaty palms; I was still able to grip the Shield. Very excellent product!

Easy to install, Feel's great in your hand even when sweating.Gives you perfect control on pistol. I have them on all my handguns. Can't go wrong with TALON grips..

The rubber material is very grippy and comfortable. I also like the granular material, but it was not as good for concealed carry, due to the roughness/grab on clothing.

like getting a new gun all over again

Your grips for the M&P Shield are just perfect. Perfect fit, perfect grip texture, and perfect feel and control.

There is an excellent fit for the m&p Shield. It makes an already comfortable gun even more comfortable.

great grip. easy to install works and looks awesome. Wish they had one for my kimber bp10

I just picked up an M&P 40 Shield I really liked the gun but couldn't get a good purchase on it just to slick . And had considered selling it .Not ready to give up on it yet I figured id give the Talcon grip a shot and glad I did it has made a world of difference and I will be using the 40 as my EDC.
Thanks Talon .

I have Talon grips on my Glock 17, two M&P Shields, and my M&P9. I love them all. I prefer the granulate for target use and the rubberized for concealed carry, especially IWB concealed carry where it may contact the body. With these grips the firearm is as locked in as it can be.

Honestly I don't have any questions or concerns. I think you guys really hit the nail on the head with these grips. The shape and angles are cut precisely. I have a much better grip on my Shield 40. I would recommend users to practice and make adjustments in their aim - the grips surface creates a firm purchase in your hand and may remedy slippage you may have accounted for. Awesome job guys and by the way I'm just an average Joe with an average opinion.

Huge improvement over stock grips!

Best wrap around grips out there I bought 2 seta and Iam very happy

The only real complaint would be that I placed two separate orders and each order was either missing a grip or a wrong grip was sent. But, Customer service fixed the problem immediately and shipped the correct grips ASAP! Great products

These grips will go on every semi-auto in my collection.

Love the grip on my M & P Shield! I followed the instructions using a little extra rubbing alcohol and the grip installed perfectly. Very happy. I even recommend Talon Grips to my guys at my local gun store.

I liked the grip but I had to take it off, because to granulate was making my skin raw when concealing the weapon

I liked the grip but I had to take it off, because to granulate was making my skin raw when concealing the weapon

rubber grips better than the sandpaper grips. sandpaper did not hold up, moved around on back strap of shield. yes gun was wiped down good before install.

I installed the TALON rubber texture grip wrap on my CCW Smith & Wesson Shield in 9mm. It was simple to install using the supplied directions and significantly improves control of the weapon with defensive power loads. The rubber texture wrap is comfortable even directly against the skin under a t-shirt. So far I've been carrying the Shield daily for a couple of months and the grip is still perfectly attached with zero defects or evidence of loosening in any way. If it remains so for the long term then there will be absolutely nothing to complain about. I need to order one for my wife's Glock 42 as soon as can, I think it will help her enjoy her weapon even more than she does now.

Thanks for the great product.

Great product. Will purchase again.

I love these. the were cut perfectly and easy to apply. I use the weqapon daily and they are sticking just fine.

Easy to apply and looks professionally done. Can't tell it's aftermarket!

This is my second purchase and I will not hesitate to buy them for my next firearm

Decided to give this grip a try after reading all the great reviews and recommendations from friends. Great product! Fast shipping and easy installation. Very satisfied customer here!

The talon grip for my Shield 9mm fits perfect and its the right thickness I needed and feels perfect in my hands. Great Job Talon!

The Talon grip on my Shield gives me the comfort grip I was looking for and the right amount of thickness to feel comfortable in my hand!

They started to come off... :( after 3 months...

I love what these grips have done to improve the handling of my Shield! Buying more of the grip extension pieces for the additional mags I bought.

Works awesome, easy install. Highly recommended!

Definitely a good purchase

Well done,

great product, great value, easy to install, shipping was FAST!, I will return. Thanks Talon!

Love these grips so much I ordered another for my other gun and extended mag.
Talon has me hooked.
The rubber grips are very comfortable while carrying concealed and offer amazing grip compared to the factory grip.

Made a good gun better. Really improved the grip. Love the rubberized feel! Fit up was perfect, installation a breeze having never done it before!

Perfect fit and a must have for all firearms.

My son inlaw felt the grips on my XDs and said WOW!! I like that so I got him grips for his M&P Shield. He was so excited. Thank you Talon Grips..

Talon grips, I use the granular, are simply the best grips on the market. I'd like to try the rubber but can't get past how well the granular grips work. Additionally these grips fit like a glove and are easy to install.

these grips are great and have held on when wearing iwb all day, thanks

Grips for excellent and were a breeze to install. Will be recommending them to everyone. And won't hesitate to purchase again. Top notch quality product and costumer service.

Great product! Allows me better control while shooting with my strong and weak hand. Thanks

installation was easy. grips feel great in my hands. very nice product.

Great grip.

Love the feel of these. I've got big hands, and the Talon Grips really let me have a firm grasp of the small grip.

Easy to apply and made a world of difference

Very nice addition to the Shield. Added just enough thickness and helped with the some what slick grip on the Shield. Simple and clear instructions. Will order again.

I couldn't be happier . It went right on and hasn't budged since the install .Feels great .

Great fit and feel!

I didn't realize what a dramatic difference the Talon grips would make to the M&P Shield. I am really impressed. It's just something that I didn't expect. Obviously, these are my first Talon grips. I got the rubber textured grips. The feel in my hand is comfortable. The grip texture helps keep the gun steady during follow up shots. I was also a little worried that they would peal off after some use, but after several hundred rounds I see no sign of pealing or edges coming loose. Great product.

I didn't realize what a dramatic difference the Talon grips would make to the M&P Shield. I am really impressed. It's just something that I didn't expect. Obviously, these are my first Talon grips. I got the rubber textured grips. The feel in my hand is comfortable. The grip texture helps keep the gun steady during follow up shots. I was also a little worried that they would peal off after some use, but after several hundred rounds I see no sign of pealing or edges coming loose. Great product.

Having had a Talon Grip on my M&P shield for the last 3 months, I would consider it an essential upgrade. I noticed immediate improvement in shooting control. It is also cheap, durable, easy to install, and looks sweet on my pistol. The rubberized version works very well for conceal carry, even against bare skin. A fantastic product.

I purchased the rubber grip texture finish. It is so much better, the gun doesn't slide around in my hand anymore. I am very happy and will probably order for other pistols.

I am in love with the rubber grips. I got them for both my Shield and my full sized M&P. They have greatly improved the feel of an already good feeling gun. You are doing yourself a disservice if you don't get these.

Grips fit and installed as stated. Pistol feels real comfortable and secure with your grips installed.

I installed a Talon rubber grip on my M&P Shield and have been very happy with the results. The grip makes drawing from a conceal IWB much easier. I feel better control of the weapon when firing. The butt is also much more comfortable against bare skin. I highly recommend the rubberized grip. Thanks Talon!

They fit perfect, like if they came on from the factory and texture is great.

The Talon grip gives me a much better grip on my M&P Shield. I have shown it to 3 other Shield owners who have all bought the grips.

Very happy with the fit and finish of the grips.I own a set for my XDS too, Will buy again.

The grips make the gun much easier to grip in my oversized, arthritic hands.

I order the blank rubberized Talon grips for my newly purchased M&P Shiels 9mm pistol. Having already purchased 3 other Talon grips for other pistols I had no worries this set would be fantastic. Installation was simple following the printed instructions. Once again I can say I was overly pleased with the fit and feel of the grips. I took the pistol to my friend's reloading shop to show them and demonstrate. Needless to say I sold more than a few shooters on Talon grips. I know of four shooting friends who purchased a set or more for their firearms. KUDOs to Talon for the best grips on the market. I'll be buying more as the pistols come in.

Great grips, big difference with the recoil control.

Love the feel. Made me fall in love with my gun all over again!

It turns a sub compact into something you can comfortably hold on to without adding any real size to it

Love the way these grips feel! Exact fit and installs easily. Great quality and worth every penny.

Easy to install, and very tacky grip!

I didn't know what to expect when I ordered the product for my shield. The precision and fit along with the texture far exceeded my expectation's.Every thing lined up perfectly and has not moved since I installed them. The grip is a huge upgrade from the factory grip. I have recommended it to all of my friends. Thanks Talon!

Excellent grip texture for drawing from iwb or owb holsters. Comfortable shooting and fits my shooting grip very well. The mag grip is a nice to have but don't see myself using it.

Always great ordering from a company that cares about the customer. And by the way you put out a great product.

Grip fits well and was easy to install. Makes a big difference in gun handling.

Great holster, the casing could be a little stronger against side compression .

I love the feel of Shield but the Talon Grips just make the grips feel like a glove.

Love these grips! Easy to install. Gives me great purchase on this subcompact handgun. Actually makes it comfortable to shoot. I recommend their rubber grip if you are going to be carrying the gun concealed in a holster. I originally purchased the granulated grip, which is like sandpaper in texture. The granulated is actually wonderful stuff, but in the concealed carry mode, it will scratch your holster and your body, whereas the rubber grips do not.

the back part of the grip were the meet, peels off i have to keep pushing down to re stick

not real happy with the one on my Shield.. the back sections (along the backside of the grip) near the mag keep lifting and I had to cut them away.. seems like it could have been designed better.. This is a carry gun so that area does get push on during carry.

I bought the rubber grips for my Shield 9mm. The factory grips were slippery but now they are great. Talon is awesome--easy to order, quick shipping, easy to install, and great results! Ordering a set for my Ruger.

I have to admit when I received the envelope in the mail and it felt like there wasn't anything in it, I was a little skeptical. Just installed them on my S&W Shield 40 and all I can say is WOW!!! What a difference in how my gun feels in my hand. Makes a person wonder why it didn't just come with grips like this from the Smith & Wesson factory. Great product, simple install. Thanx

I highly recommend the Talon grips for the S&W Shield. I was surprise how thin the rubber actually was and it didn't add any noticeable thickness to the thin Shield grip. I love the S&W Shield and how thin it is and I like it even more with the Talon grips. The Shield has a pretty decent texture right out of the box but adding the Talon grips certainly improved the grip texture immensely for a more consistant grip and helped with accuracy. Being accurate is of coarse being consistant. Try them, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Highly recommended. I bought the rubber grips.

Fits perfectly. Not difficult to install if you take your time and follow the simple instructions. I love the way the grip improves the handling of my M&P Shield.

Easy to apply. Looks and feels great. A nice addition to the pistol, especially for the price.

Went on easy! They look like they came from the factory. Even better they made my S&W Shield feel like its glued to my hand.


A big difference on gripping power with my S&W .40 Shield. Now I'll buy one for my Glock 23.

I did not like the grip on my M&P Shield, bought the Talon Grips. Easy to apply and I like the way it feels. Would buy again.

Great grip, I will recommend this to my friends!

Outstanding grip performance with sweaty hands! Makes this already docile gun even more manageable. Will definitely purchase again for my other handguns!

Best grips I've ever had. easy to install. amazed at how well they fit. like how well the adhesive sticks. feels like they were actually made on the gun.

Great product . easy installation

Didn't stay intact for a month of use

Great addition to my M&P Shields. Makes a good feeling gun feel great. I recommend rubberized grips if you plan to pocket carry. The granulate is great but has a tendency to stick to clothing. My preference is granulate on large guns rubberized on the carry guns.

fitted well, very happy with them. Good customer service

Great product. Excellent fit.

i like them comfortable

Great product I am very pleased. Plan on ordering another in the future.



great fit love the way it looks and feels

The rubber grip fits perfectly, was easy to apply (with care to align it properly), looks "OEM," and I can feel the improvement to my M&P Shield grip. 'Completely happy with it.

depends on what ones I bought from you, the black ones are great the pink ones are in the trash. wasted money down the toilet. I would never recommend them to anyone. They don't stick at all.

depends on what ones I bought from you, the black ones are great the pink ones are in the trash. wasted money down the toilet. I would never recommend them to anyone. They don't stick at all.

The granular is too "sticky" to put under any type of clothing. I wish I had gone with the rubberized.

The grips fit perfectly and adhesion couldn't be better.

TALON grips are wonderful! I would recommend to anyone looking for easy application and great feeling grips!

TALON grips are wonderful! I would recommend to anyone looking for easy application and great feeling grips!

After installing grips as instructed the rubber grip area fell off magazine and I have had to repeat heating grip itself with heat gun since until install

The grips I ordered for my Shield are fantastic. My Shield feels great in my hands and I just have that perfect grip now. Hopefully I get the chance to put more of the granulated grips on other pistols and even try out the rubberized grips as well. Thanks again for the great product!

Ease of installation and the feel of the grip is second to none!!

Great looks and feel. Easy to apply.

Feels amazing! Great product!!

I added the Talon grip to my M&P Shield and the difference is amazing. It provides a sure grip every time; no chance of slipping out of place. I wouldn't carry a Shield without a Talon grip.

Two thumbs up! I always enjoyed carrying my Shield but felt like it lacked something, but now I love it! It feels awesome with the rubber grips and now looks custom.

I was afraid the course granulate would be a little much for my girlfriend so I got her the rubberized Talon grips on her Shield. They still do a very nice job of providing a solid grip. For a carry size pistol they are probably the best balance between grip friction and not wanting to scrap up on things upon draw. While I prefer the rough granulate these are still a step up and well worthwhile.

Perfect Fit and rubberized grips so much better than granulated.

To bad I can only go with five stars, the grips and customer service deserve at least a TEN. The improvement on my shield is nothing short of phenomenal, thanks for a great product !!!!!

These grips are a must for the m&p shield!

Really great fit, and great new look!

Love It very much a improvement
to this weapon.

Great fit.I bought rubberized type. Feels amazing even in zubzero temps. Its the first thing people notice when handling my firearm. They always say it feels so nice and assume it's stock. 100% satisfied.

I was afraid this would start to peel off or get slippery with use, but they stayed nice and "grippy" the whole time. Definitely worth the $20, I feel I got more improvement out of the grips than $20 could have gotten me on any other part.

Very happy with the Talon Grips.Excellent product.

The product is definitely outstanding. My only complaint is that the grip started to unglue a bit at the base as well as on the magazine. However, I believe this is because I didn't heat the grip long enough towards the bottom. Besides that, fantastic!

Shipment was sent quickly, grip works great.

Talon Grips are, hands-down, one of the most effective upgrades I have made to my pistol. The grips, which did not add any noticeable width, improved my positive-hold in a tremendous way, allowing for more accurate follow-up shots despite my Shield being such a small frame.

I highly recommend these grips to any and all who are considering improving upon the lackluster factory stippling.

Love the grips; makes my little Shield easy to hang on to. I am having some issues with adhesion on the edges. I followed the directions and made sure I cleaned applied heat. However, the texture on the stock grips doesn't allow optimal bonding in certain sections. Couldn't imagine shooting this handgun without them; thank you!

I absolutely love having Talon Grips on my M&P Shield. The stock grips always felt a bit slippery to me and made it difficult to shoot the gun well. With Talon Black Rubber Grips that is no longer a problem. I also put them on my extended magazines, they were super easy to install, fit flawlessly and work like a charm. Thanks Talon Grips, my EDC is my new favorite

Great product, Great application video, Great feel

Can only give you the best consumer comment necessary - it worked as advertised!

I bought these grips for my daughter's M&P Shield .40 cal backup pistol. She says they really made a difference in the firmness with which she can grip the pistol! Got all "thumbs up!" for this buy! Now I'm going to buy a set for my wife's Shield 9mm CCW firearm!


Followed instructions exactly and grips started coming off within 3 days. They are on the gun but the edges are loose.

Followed instructions exactly and grips started coming off within 3 days. They are on the gun but the edges are loose.

Love the factory look with the improved grip!

Great fit and perfect texture for what I was looking for in a concealed carry grip.

Highly recommended.

Easy to order and even easier to install. Rubberized grips give me a firm handle but don't chew up my hand like some stippling jobs.

Significantly enhances the firearm in terms of grip and texture. These grips make my Shield more fun to shoot

Outstanding! Perfect fit, excellent engineering. Highly recommend. I've purchased these for every handgun that I own.

excellent product and service

Fit my shield perfectly! just had to cut a little off the edge on back where they meet so they wouldn't over lap. I really like them, will help with traction on the somewhat slick grip, will get them again when needed.
Thanks for making such a inexpensive well made product.

Excellent fit. Easy to install. Very satisfied. Thanks. Huge upgrade to this handgun.

Perfect fit! Looks completely factory and has an awesome feel.

Grips fit perfectly. Easy to install. Just take your time. The feel of the grips is ideal for the slim M&P Shield. It's all good.

Great fit and feel. Very easy to install.

Can't be leave how well Talon grips made my M&P Shield fill and shoot , I got a replacement pair for free just because I called about a concern I had with how I installed my grips Thanks Talon Grips

Awesome grips, installed easily and a perfect fit. I bought the rubber grips and they really complete my gun. I will purchase more in the future. Thanks for making a great product !!!!

I have had the Talon Grip for the Shield for about 8 months now and I am glad I waited a little bit to review. Install was not bad and first time holding it, it was impressive how different the feel was.

Shooting it with the grip adds a lot of grip and feels good. My critique for the grip is that the one piece starts under the trigger guard and wraps to the rear... leaving the back of the grip as the joint. I have had the consistent problem of the lower right of the grip sliding forward since it does not "attach" at all at the rear. Yes, it was cleaned and installed correctly. I feel like it would have been better to make the back one solid piece and the joint at the front under the trigger guard. I still have not found a good solution. All in all, it is a very good grip but not perfect.

I recommend buying some extra and adding some traction grip to the underneath of the trigger guard as well. I have fairly large hands and tend to wrap my left pointer around the trigger guard for better control. I may try a strip around the bottom to sort of lock the sliding part in place. We'll see.

Also, I would not bother even putting the small grip piece on the bottom of the larger magazine extension piece. It does nothing and just slides around. I removed mine. Hope this helps. Overall, it is good. Just wish the joint was not in one of the most high stress areas (says me).

I bought the granular grips.

Pros - fit well and improved the grip

BIG CON!!! Adhesive did not last more than a month. The grip began to peal off the back. They were installed exactly as directed. This really needs to be corrected.

great fit, really improves the feel of the gun, make sure to review the instruction to install, i was trying to do it the way my glock installs, and its opposite. My second gun to install, will put them on all my pistols.

Waited after a few shoots with the grips to give a thorough review. First, I would say take your time adhering the grips to your weapon. I used the alcohol pads included, then dried with a hair dryer. I also warmed the grips with the dryer also to make them more pliable. I originally had the grittier grips, but for my purpose switched to the later. They work well with oily, dirty, and wet hands. I have not tried them in a stress shoot yet, but have great hopes. Thanks Talon for the quick turn around when I changed my order. Customer service is excellent and so are the grips!!!

These grips are awesome! I got the rubberized grip for my M&P Shield 9.
I did have to trim about 1mm off each side of the backstrap then it fit perfectly!
Great product guys! I will buy Talon Grips again!

I got the rubber variant. It was fairly easy to install. The stock grip does not have much traction, and this rubber variant adds a little more and it's very nice.

I bought the grips for my S&D M&P40 Shield on recommendation from a friend. I absolutely love them. They fit perfectly and feel amazing.

My daily carry. M&P grips are slick plastic. These help a bunch. I am a little concerned about the back strap wrap coming off. I running this in IDPA this year.

These grips completed my gun. Only thing I don't like is it's a little rough on your skin but as long as you have something between the grip and your skin (shirt, holster ...) you'll be fine. Definitely recommend buying it, I bought another set for another small pistol I own (Glock 42)

Excellent product! This product made my M&P shield a better gun. Customer service is amazing. I have recommended Talon Grips to everyone I know that own hand guns.

Not installed yet.

My grip my S&W Shield was easily assembled and gave me better control of gun at range... This is my second purchase and I have been satified and will purchase other grips.

I absolutely love the grips...the texture is exactly what I was hoping for. The fitment (and this is probably my fault) seem to be just a bit off but nothing substantial. My only issue is (again my fault) that on my first outing I was camping with the gun holstered on my hip and while I was hiking my ruck sack was hitting the hilt of the gun. I thought nothing of it until I discovered it had torn up/right through the talon grips at the back of the hilt where all the pieces meet. Besides that I think they're great!

They fit poorly and did not stick. I cleaned the gun twice with alcohol. I won't purchase again.

Great product! I will be ordering Talon grips for all my pistols!

Nice product!...provides a very firm and positive feel to the firearm!...its a little costly for what it is but it does help with your grip and does the trick!

100% satisfied. Installed with no troubles, and just tested on the range. Rubberized finish gives the perfect retention for concealment.

The rubberized grips are awesome for concealed carry! Not only do they feel great in your hand but they are non-abrasive on skin or clothes. Thanks for making a great product at a fair price.

Excellent product, both in performance and installation.
Worth twice what I paid.
Ordered on a Sunday and received on a Wednesday.

Great! Fits excellent, grip really feels good when shooting. Installed easily and used hair dryer to heat the grip up to be properly installed. Great.

I highly recommend the Talon Grips. I have them for several guns and they fit perfectly and make for a more comfortable grip!

Love the grips!

I am very satisfied!!!

the grip fit perfectly, and improved the feel in my hand, and
improved the appearance of my shield.
It is rare to see a hand written thank you on the invoice.

I purchased the rubber grip for my s&w shield .40 cal. The texture is perfect!! Gives a better than factory grip without being too tacky. The instructions were clear and it was very easy to put on. I love my shield and now I love it that much more. Customer service was great with fast shipping. I will be buying more talon grips in the near future. Thanks for a great product!!!

Love the grips!

Makes the grip of the gun so much better.

I have TALON grips on all of my polymer pistols. These grips are a major enhancement to all my pistols, without adding bulk to the grip or changing the ergonomics. I choose my pistols by how they fit my hand, so I don't want to add bulk to the grips but I find that the polymer pistol can be slippery under many conditions and the TALON PRODUCT give me an extra bit of grip in those conditions.

Amazing grips! The M&P shield is so snappy I wouldn't want to carry it without Talon Grips, the rubberized grips mold perfectly to the gun.

My M&P Shield is much more comfortable to grip and shoot. Once again, I'm very satisfied with Talon Grips.

Couldn't be happier, grips showed up and the fit was perfect, just what my pistol needed.. thank you for a excellent product.

easy install, quick delivery - excellent customer experience. Grip feels just like a natural part of the gun.

I put a Talon grip on my M&P Shield last fall and two weeks ago it began coming off! Two of the "tabs" have lifted up and are sliding around. I am so disappointed. I rarely shoot this gun, so it certainly isn't from overuse!

Makes for a sure grip, without adding size.

This is a vast improvement over the slip on grip sleeve I was using. My M&P Shield no longer squirms in my hand while using.

Highly recommend TALON Grips to everyone, I have noticed as dramatic improvement in my M&P Shield grip thanks to TALON Grips! They add the grip you are looking for without changing the look or width of the pistol. Just remember to finish the install of the grips by applying heat

Amazing product. Make them for everything, get rich and take my money; tools, doors, heck anything with a handle will benefit with one of these grips!

Amazing product. Make them for everything, get rich and take my money; tools, doors, heck anything with a handle will benefit with one of these grips!

Installing the grips was straightforward. The fit was as near perfect as I could have hoped. I used a blowdryer to "cure' the grips, and they seem to be stuck as well as anything could be stuck.

I carry my Shield IWB so opted for the rubber grips, and they are awesome. Definitely improves the grip of the gun in hand, and may even make carrying it a bit more comfortable next to skin. And as a bonus, I have found that when my hands are wet, the grips seem to become grip-ier (if that's a word).

Very happy with the grips thus far and have already been recommending them to all my friends.

By far the best bang for your buck upgrade....

I ordered the rubber version for a m&p shield and a xd sub compact. Simply brilliant easy to install and cut perfectly.

A couple suggestions for the future. The groves on the slide id actually like to see an option for those for little extra grip. The biggest thing I wouldn't mind seen added is a grip version for a ar-15 magpul mag. Some color options available other then pink. Black is good until you have a DE, foliage, tan or camo colored scheme weapon

Thx for the great addition for my m&p shield. It really looks sharp. I have more confidence in my handling the weapon.

Thx for the great addition for my m&p shield. It really looks sharp. I have more confidence in my handling the weapon.

These grips have a very precise fit. Looks like they are factory installed. They feel absolutely amazing and provide a very comfortable grip. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Awesome, much better feel than the rubber band Hogue grip I had before. May have even improved my accuracy. I have big hands and now this little grip feels great!

Awesome, much better feel than the rubber band Hogue grip I had before. May have even improved my accuracy. I have big hands and now this little grip feels great!

Fits perfectly. It looks and feels like it came with the gun. The rubber texture is comfortable for EDC and gives excellent grip when drawing. Because of the quality and fit of this grip, I ordered them for my other pistols. I recommend without hesitation to anyone with a M&P Shield!

Thanks for the nice product. A good solution for the excellent, but slippery, polymer, short-gripped, semi-auto pistol.

Thanks for the nice product. A good solution for the excellent, but slippery, polymer, short-gripped, semi-auto pistol.

This is the first Talon Grip that I have ordered. I purchased it for my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. I had watched a Youtube video on how to put a Talon Grip onto a pistol. Very clear instructions came with the grip. The whole process; cleaning the application area with alcohol swabs (provided), applying the grip, and the heating process with a blow dryer or, as I used, a heat gun, took only about 25 minutes. The Talon Grip gives a very solid feel to my grip now. It is a solid rubbery feel that when I grip my gun I feel that I have a solid hold on the weapon. I would highly recommend the Talon Grips for any weapon or other of their applications.

Love my grips although not a perfect fit

A most excellent addition to my Shield. Its usefulness is contrasted by its incredibly low cost. They were incredibly easy to install. Aside from a good holster it was the only thing my Shield needed. Seriously guys, this is such an ingenious product because of the cost, simplicity and usefulness. I wish I could high five you guys.

The products are great. I first heard of talon grips through hikock45 on YouTube. I customize guns and I really like the look and feel that talon grips add to a gun. The only issue I had was that the grips for my glock 42 overlapped so I had to trim a bit off. However the grips for on my shield fit perfect. Again thanks so much for making such a great product available.

great product but the fit was a little off. Could be due to my installation.

Love the grip it fits my shield perfectly! Could be a little more adhesive though

Looks good, feels great and works even better now with TALON grips on my S&W M&P Shield.

Talon grips are the best grips I've ever put on a pistol. I've serve 29 years in the military, been around guns for along time. These grips are awesome.

Putting this grip on my new Shield just completes this entirely new package. I can't wait to get to the range to do some more shooting. Thank you for a very well detailed add-on.

Definitely gives the grip a better feel. Started coming off by the palm area. Might have to get a replacement. But thumbs up from me!

Like my Shield, I never leave home without my Talon grips.

the one I had for the grip it became unstuck and I had to rip off most of it and then it just wasn't sticking I might have got a bad one with not good glue on it and it came unstuck after a couple of weeks

Great grips, I purchase these for all of my firearms.

Great product. I will use it for other firearms I own. Thank you!

I really did not think I would like the grip, but after install I love it!

Put this on my M&P Shield 9. Made a huge difference, once again a satisfied Talon customer!

Like the grips , but on this particular gun, the back of the grip would be a lot better if the material overlapped each other. As it is now, the grip material shifts under use An overlap of at least 1/2" would probably cure this. I have Talon grips on several other guns, and havent had this issue. JMHO .

Just love my Talon grips on my Shield and so does everyone that has tried it.

Transformed the feel of the gun. Had an issue with the first set. A replacement set was sent out free of charge the next day. Along with some excellent email support for the re-installation. Outstanding customer service!

Great product ! Well worth the money. Works extremely well and looks like it came on the gun from the factory !

Makes a huge improvement in the grip. I have the rubber grips on all of my handguns now.

the grip feels awesome as soon as my local range opens back up I can see how my grip is shooting it but so far I like it.

There is nothing not to like about these grips. Application is easy, just take your time, and the texture of the grips is perfect.

If you have Shield these grips are a must have.

I have TALON Grips on all of my Polymer Pistols! I have Ruger, Beretta, S&W pistols and these Grips have improved every one of these guns! I highly recommend these grips for anyone who, like me, finds a polymer gun to be slippery on occasion. This is a well made product and each of my grip purchases has been most satisfactory! The fit and manufacture is second to none. Follow the instructions for cleaning, take your time and use your heat gun as directed and you cannot go wrong. Make sure you get all the oil out of the crevices in the frame. This product cannot be beat!

Ordered and put the black rubber textured grips on my M&P Shield .40. Just like all the other Talon Grips I have bought they were a perfect fit. The increased purchase and grip control was noticeable from the first round fired! Thanks again.

Had an issue with part of tape not adhering to the gun very well. Ended up ripping small piece off. The rest is on good and feels great.

I like the grips very much. The Ext. Mag Grip keeps trying got peel away form the mag.

I would have rated this item excellent if it was not for one major issue. I am not sure if the grip I received for my s&w shield was one of the few with defects but I followed all instructions which was pretty simple. The issue was that the grip tape did not over lap on the back bottom of the hand grip to prevent peeling while shooting the firearm. After about approximately 30 minutes of shoot, I noticed that the tape began to lift. I am not sure if this is an isolated incident but I do not feel comfortable purchasing another one to find out if it will happen again. This is unfortunate because the rubberized tape feels extremely comfortable and looks like it comes original on the firearm, except where it is now peeling. I am not sure I would recommend this to friends and family unless this issue is resolved.

Great Grips very pleased

They make a huge difference. Professionally made. Easier then I thought to put on the gun.

Got the rubberized grips and absolutely love them! I'm picking up the bodyguard in about a week and plan on getting grips for it as well!

The M&P Shield is a fantastic weapon out of the box but I always felt that the purchase was never quite right for any size hand. I installed my rubberized Talon Grip, which arrived quickly, and it has been transformed. Installation was a snap using the instructions provided on the site. Besides the function being improved, it looks outstanding. This is a must have for this firearm. Period. Thanks from a new loyalist!

Feels good in the hand I really like the grip!

My M&P Shield 9m/m felt slippery after a few rounds. This grip was easy to install and is incredibly "grippy" without feeling tacky. I did not want to install the sandpaper texture grip due to fear of raw skin from C/C.

Pros - enhanced grip as promised, easy application.

Con - Use M&P shield as pocked carry part time, Rubber grip inhibits hand sliding into pocket easily to get a good grip. Minor peeling, easy to reset.

Just love the feel,

I was watching a Youtube review of the S&W Shield by a well respected gun reviewer and he mentioned how well he liked Talon grips. I decided to purchase a set of the granulated for my .40 Shield. The Shield is a small pistol, and while the grip doesn't present a problem in 9mm, the .40 can be a little difficult.

Received the grips very promptly by mail. Installed per the instructions. Took about half an hour to install - not difficult but you need to follow the instructions. The grips fit the gun perfectly and look good.

Took it out for some target shooting and was very impressed. Very comfortable and they dramatically improved the grip. Highly recommend. Good work Talon.

Very good fit and has remained where applied.

awesome grip for my CC! great product

Great communications about the status of my order and arrived as stated.
Nice product, feels like a grip should.

love them went on easy and feel great

I ordered the rubberized grip as it was recommended to me by a friend, and to be honest, rather liked the plastic feel already. Once I got them on and using a heat gun to set it in, it felt very nice. When shooting, it does grip more and I needed to firm my grip a bit more, but the gun didn't wiggle in my hands. The mag extension grip,because of the extended mag design helps to hold the mag together better, but has since loosened up. So for this gun and extended mag, don't expect the talon grip to forever hold the extended mag shim on forever unless you are delicate with it.

This was my first set of Talon Grips. I was worried that the rubberized grips wouldn't provide enough grip. I was blown away by the difference in the feel the second I put the grips on. These are an absolute must for any Shield. In my opinion the grips look great on the gun. The rubberized grips match the design and the color of the gun perfectly.

I've been carrying the M&P Shield holstered IWB and OWB for about 6 weeks with the Talon grip. No issues with peeling or shifting. It is milder fall weather though. I read one review that suggested a little super glue at the seams to keep the grip from separating in hot environs. Sounds like a good idea. For the money, it provides a much improved grip. Application went just as the instructions indicated. It took a few attempts to get the alignment right. But the heat gun brought the grip material warm to the touch and set it nicely. The hardest part was deciding between the rubberized grip, or the Granulate grip.

The grips fit my S&W shield like a glove.

I have talon grips on every pistol i own i think its the best performance enhancement you put on your gun

Why do people stipple their guns?! It can't grip any better than Talon's granulate grip. And with these, you don't permanently disfigure your firearm. I ordered a set for my M&P shield and FS. The fit is impressively accurate, they were easy to install, and the weapon feels like it's velcro'd to my hand. Awesome!

I just purchased the rubberized grips for my Sheild after reading countless good reviews online. For one, the price is very reasonable, they shipped very quickly and the go on easy. Lastly they for and feel great! My grip is perfect now. Great product!

Excellent says it all

Excellent says it all

Perfect fit. The extra grip makes it feel secure in hand without adding bulk. Instructions make it so anyone can install without a problem. Great product 10/10.

These are great. I would recommend them to anybody with a Shield.

Love these grips. I purchased the rubberized grip so that it won't wear on my Clothing. I am on our Tactical Response Team and let some of the other members try them out. I think you will be getting several orders from the guys at my department. Thank you for the great product.

WOW! What an amazing product! I am blown away with what a difference these grips make. I bought a M&P Shield about a year ago. One of the things I did not like from the start was the thin smooth grip. I recently ordered my very first Talon Grip for this gun. My grip/Control of this gun now has improved 200%.

I will be purchasing more Talon grips for my other handguns.

Made my 40 Shield easier to handle.

Excellent fit...

Really like the fit - PERFECT! No sloppy cuts or edges. Absolutely perfect! Thanks!!

I have these on all of my pistols and they are simply the best! They work so well, I want to go buy another pistol just so I can buy these grips! I love them and I'll never use anything else. Thanks TALON.


Great product. Great company.

Looks Great. Easy enough to install. Feels really good. I am well satisfied.
One minor issue is the piece that covers the extended magazine looks great, but does not allow the magazine to be disassembled for cleaning and must be removed.

Great product and great customer service. I didn't receive my order for some reason, and upon contacting Talon grips, they were quick to resend the order. Great customer service. The rubber grips for th Shield are awesome.

big improvement on my m&p shield. easy to put on and stays in place if you do your part in putting it on correctly

Great product. I highly recommend using Talon Grips.

The rubberized grip for the S&W Shield fits great. I have one on a M&P 9c, and will be back for more.

Great fit and great feel. Would definitely buy again

Surprised my wife with the talon rubber grips. She put them on and said it works great for her grip and accuracy. She also liked it better then the skate board tape on her inside carry. I immediately got on her good side ha ha.

I love these grips. They make the Shield a perfect, solid, fit. I have them on my Glock 42 also. I think they are the best grips on the market. I highly recommend.

My experience with Talon Grips has been very good and this follow up e-mail from you is completely in line with a company that practices excellence. Although a product like grips are a fairly straight forward item the attention to detail and the use of quality material was evident and as a result it actually improved the look of my gun. My order arrived quickly and the product proved easy to install. My only observation is that the rough grips I ordered are exactly that, very rough. I will reserve my final opinion when I’ve had a chance to get to the range and fully test them out, however, from other reviews I’ve read the “rough” grip actually becomes a plus in terms of control for smaller guns like my M&P shield. Again, very happy with my experience and would recommend Talon Grips.

Peter Doyle

Awesome!!! I can now get a really solid grip on my s&w mp shield and easy to install !

Talon grips make a good grip a great grip. I put them on everything and it always helps my accuracy. Excellent product.

Excellent product. Well made with extremely accurate fit. I highly recommend Talon Grips to anyone who desires a better grip on their handgun.

Received the rubber ones saturday, went to the range sunday.What a difference in handling my 9mm sheild. I love it.. Gonna get 1 for my sd9ve next.. thank you talon vrips for a vreat product

Received the rubber ones saturday, went to the range sunday.What a difference in handling my 9mm sheild. I love it.. Gonna get 1 for my sd9ve next.. thank you talon vrips for a vreat product

I ordered the granulate grips for my S&W Shield 9mm. The installation was simple, and they look and feel great.

I only have two complaints:

1) I should have done more research and bought the rubberized grips instead. I carry only IWB, so the texture can be a bit irritating to my skin. I sanded the grips with 180 grit sandpaper and they are now bearable. But they still snag my clothing.

2) The grips have started peeling in two separate places. One is on the extended magazine, and the other is on the back-strap. I followed all of the installation instructions cleaning the gun with alcohol and heating the grips after application, but they keep peeling.

I installed these in the rubberized version on my Shield 9mm. They just make and already great shooting gun better. This is one mod that is easy to do, and makes the Shield hold perfectly. I used the little piece that goes around the bottom of the mag in a different place, though. I didn't want to cover up the sliding piece on the bottom of the mag, so I cut a small piece of the material and put it on the side of the frame right in front of the take down lever where your left thumb contacts the pistol when shooting two handed. I then took another small strip and put it on the front of the trigger guard because I place my first finger on the front of the trigger guard when shooting two handed. All of this molds your hands to the gun perfectly. Talons are the best grips on the market and I have them on my Glock 42 also.

Awesome! Pretty easy to put on. Grips like a tiger to a tree! Also, you put "Thanks, Kevin!" on the order sheet in the package I received. That is too cool! Thanks, guys and gals!


A great addition to an already great gun. The rubberized texture is advised for concealed carry.

This one is a gift that I have not installed yet.

Talon's black rubber grips look really good on my S&W Shield and they give me a secure grip. Very easy to install. Just follow the enclosed instructions.

Love these grips!!

Feel great and really add to the over all feel of the gun. I found them to be pretty easy to install as well.

Grip was easy to install and worked well.

Talons are on all my carry pistols.

The grip was easy to install and fits great. It doesn't add any bulk to the grip, but it does give it a much better feel. I would definitely purchase again.

Some trimming needed, but it worked as expected

very easy to install with simple instructions. feels good in the hand and haven't noticed any kind of peeling off so far. i would like to see the rubber grips come in pink or even OD green or a sand color. i was looking for some for my wife but all you had was the sand paper in pink. thanks for the fast delivery and what seems to be great customer support.

I LOVE MY TALON GRIPS. What a breeze to install. Makes my shield feel like a completely different firearm. I AM IMPRESSED. Best Investment for anyone looking for comfort and control in their favorite gun. THANKS TALON GRIPS!

Wonderful product, easy to install and completely improved the feel of my m&p shield. I love my Talon grips (rubberized)

Wonderful product, easy to install and completely improved the feel of my m&p shield. I love my Talon grips (rubberized)

The rubber talon grip for the shield is excellent quality just like all the others,And the customer service is 2nd to none,But i have to question the design putting the seam on the backstrap where most of the friction and movement occurs,But that's just my opinion

Great grip, really changes the feel of the firearm!

Fit was great. Easy to install

Easy to install and what a difference they make

After reading your long list of reviews I see no need in adding another to the bunch. Mine were just as excellent as the others. I will be using them again on another gun..Thanks for your product

This grip is much better than I thought it would be. It really made the gun much easier for me to control. Awesome product, thank you.

love the grips. makes a huge difference on my shields thin handle. thanks don jesus saves!

Did S&W ShieldsX4 2 rubber,2 grit, and an FNMK2 All fit so well that they appear to have come that way.
After I got the first grip put on under my belt, the rest were easier to do.
Excellent customer service also!

Excellent grips. The best buy there is. Those complaining that it came loose probably didn't clean the grips first. I cleaned my grips, put them on, warmed them with a hair dryer and let them cool. I did this three times. Have carried them every day since and still a tight fit. I highly recommend these.

Best product of its kind on the market, unbelievably perfect fit.

Fit is amazing and grip is all that Hickok45 said it was. I would buy again....

Everything you promised was exactly correct. The fit was perfect and I really like the way they feel. Now I wouldn't want a Shield without them. Good job and not expensive.

Love these grips

Purchased the M&P Shield grip. Arrived within days of the order. I followed the full instructions (including hair dryer) and the grips were on within 10 minutes. Perfect fit. Perfect feel. I also have a crimson trace laser that fits over the grips with ease and functions perfectly (no issues with installing over the grip). Can't say enough good things about these grips.

Perfect Fit And Easy To install

Bought for my Shield and my XDS. Both grips have started to peel within one month of use in
Florida heat.

Love the product. These are on all of my pistols

Amazing grip

Great product

This grip makes my Shield feel like a full size pistol. It is perfectly fit to the grip and stays true to S&W's design. Grippy and secure, but not tacky. In addition, I used a product to clean my gun that deactivited the adhesive. I simply asked how to repair it. Not only did I receive advice on cleaning my grip. I also received a brand new grip within a week. Great product, outstanding service, worth much more than you pay for it. I will seriously consider Talon for all of my guns.

The attention to detail on the Talon grips for my Shield was amazing. They were easy to put on and they fit perfectly. They give the added grip needed for such a narrow grip. I would reccomend these grips to anyone looking for the soft feel the rubberized grips provide.

I love the grip. A couple of things though. The grip at the seam does move and peel up after a long hot day of shooting. And if you are going to concealed carry, think about getting the rubberized instead of the granulated. It can be painful without a undershirt.

Awesome, Love the feel. Thanks Talon!

A little tricky to put on but a good solid product. Maybe a bit on the pricey side.

The Talon Grips are awesome. I bought a set of the rubber grips for two M&P guns, full size and shield. The fit on the gun is perfect. I can keep a good grip on the gun while sweating in the hot summer heat. This grip system is very important for me to have on the small M&P shield. Thank you for making a great product.

Grips were installed easily and feel good. Great grips.

I cant imagine even owning a gun WITHOUT these grips now.

The Talon Grip resolves the only issue I had /w my M&P Shield. From the factory the grip is just too slick. The Talon grip makes it perfect.

Great fit and feel and a snap to install.

I am overly pleased with my grips for my shield I ordered!!! They went one so easily, talon took care when designing these and it shows. There is details in the shield they took to keep and not cover over, like the lines in the hand grip, the s&w markings. Which one might not think was a big deal at first, but it so adds to the talon grips style. They made these so easily to put on, I was impressed! Just take your time, watch your lines. Helped me to do a dry run. Now the feel... Nothing sort of amazing. They don't add a lot of thickness but tons of grip. I've ran couple hundreds rounds with them one.. No an issue with the grips from them.. In fact, I shoot better now!! I've recommend these to several ppl now, and will continue to.

I am overly pleased with my grips for my shield I ordered!!! They went one so easily, talon took care when designing these and it shows. There is details in the shield they took to keep and not cover over, like the lines in the hand grip, the s&w markings. Which one might not think was a big deal at first, but it so adds to the talon grips style. They made these so easily to put on, I was impressed! Just take your time, watch your lines. Helped me to do a dry run. Now the feel... Nothing sort of amazing. They don't add a lot of thickness but tons of grip. I've ran couple hundreds rounds with them one.. No an issue with the grips from them.. In fact, I shoot better now!! I've recommend these to several ppl now, and will continue to.

Perfect fit. You can actually take it off and reapply.


Grip needs to be continuously readjusted in the back where the two ends meet. This happens whenever I manually lock the slide back. I'll probably just remove the grip since it requires so much frequent adjustment.

Excellent as always. All my carry guns get Talon Grips.

Best grip by far

This is the "cat's meow" for getting a grip on the Shield when my hands are sweaty or wet. I did find it necessary to sand down the texture some so that they did not "sand" my clothing. Love the Talon grips and have fit them to my other small pistols.

Fit Perfect & really enhanced the fit and function of my gun! I love them!

Fit great and easy to install.

Perfect fit! I love the way the grips feel in my hand and feel like it is a very positive grip for me. It might be mind over matter, but I was shooting better at the range too.

Great quality and fit! If you take your time, it will look like a factory grip.

The tip of the tape on the backside peeled off frequently when heated and when the sweat got it wet, but after applying small amount of super glue to it, it has became virtually immovable and the grip is truly performing well! I love it!

Makes the fantastic grip on the shield even better.

They went on very easy. The fitment was near perfect. I'm very happy with my purchase.

very happy.

very happy.

Poor design. Started to peel from back of grip when warm.

Grips installed easy. Great feel in hands. Handgun does not slip while shooting. Purchasing a set for my father-in-law's Ruger LC9.

Fit was good, but after a warm spell, the back started to peel off. Just took the whole thing off. Not recommended.

Perfect fit and provides a more comfortable grip.

Easily installed, The fit was perfect. Very good addition to the pistol. Makes for secure grasp to the pistol butt. Highly recommend over other types of grip, and I have tried them all

The grips are a perfect application for the S&W Shield - could not have done better.

Big difference, Big improvement on any gun but makes a huge change to one as thin as the Shield. Slightly enlarges what's in your hand and adds a lot more control, better grouping on targets and a better overall shooting experience.

Easy to put on. Works and looks great. Gives me a reliable and comfortable grip.

Great fit and finish, I recommend the rubber grip to a couple friends.

Grip was easy to install and fit perfectly. I am very pleased with the purchase and have recommended your product to friends.

Was not as sticky as the glock one and shifted around on the gun. I applied it just like the directions said but it kept sliding. Unacceptable

Fits like a custom made glove!

The new grip feels a lot better and makes it easier to handle the weapon. Very easy to install!

Great product

I like the Skate grip, but I'm not a fan of where the wrap meets on the backstrap. I always seem to push the tape apart when doing dry fire practice and at the range.I don't know why the grip doesn't come together on the front strap.

Love these grips, the rubber doesn't agitate the skin yet makes it grippy enough for slippery conditions. Easy on the install, everything you need except a hairdryer is included.

Great fit.. adhered well.

a little difficult to get om perfect. I have one small lump. I love the way this grip feels in my m&p sheild

Fits good, feels great!

Awesome product. I purchased the rubber grip. Easy install, everything lined up perfectly. Feels good in the hand. Will definitely purchase for my future weapons.

Easy to install & fit great. What a difference.

Amazing grips...that is all I can say.

I love the rubber a Talon grip for my M & P Shield 9mm. The grip of the gun feels great in my hands and definitely gives me better control without any slippery surfaces. Thank you Talon Grips! I am very happy with the product!

Love the grips, great putchase

Great grips!!!

Bought the rubber grip and love it! This product made a great gun even better!

Great customer service, and I continue to be a return customer because of that.The next handgun I purchase will also be fitted with the Talon rubber grips.The precision cut grips make them well worth the money!!!

The grips are really nice, however, I have had some peeling issues on the back of the grip due to the Texas heat.

Haven't put it on the weapon yet. But seeing it on my XDM and how its perform, I have no doubt about it.

Much easier to grab and remove from holster. Fits perfectly in the grip. I highly recommend this for the M&P Shield.

I could not stop holding my S&W Shield after installing this!! The Shield already fit my hand like a glove; these grips make it feel like an extension of my freakin' hand!! Absolutely recommend these to everyone, will be buying some for every single firearm I have that they make them for.

I put them on all my guns. Most recently the rubberized on a new M&P shield. Best grip around.Eric

These grips are great, almost a must for any compact and sub-compact gun. originally I purchased for my M&P 40c; at first I was skeptical about the price, but now I am sold. I just purchased another set for the sub-compact M&P Shield. These grips really make the feel much better and more comfortable to shoot. Also as a plus the grips make the M&P 40c way more controllable for my girlfriend, and for hanging out with the guys at the range its an easy and inexpensive way to customize my firearms look cool and feel good.

These grips are great, almost a must for any compact and sub-compact gun. originally I purchased for my M&P 40c; at first I was skeptical about the price, but now I am sold. I just purchased another set for the sub-compact M&P Shield. These grips really make the feel much better and more comfortable to shoot. Also as a plus the grips make the M&P 40c way more controllable for my girlfriend, and for hanging out with the guys at the range its an easy and inexpensive way to customize my firearms look cool and feel good.

very happy , helps put some stick on the shield grips, my hands sweat all the time.thank you

Love the rubber grips on my Shield. It's a world of difference.

Perfect fit again! I think this grip really enhances the Shield grip, especially since the Shield is so slim in the first place.

Awesome grips! Great quality.

They fit great! No complaints

Thry do have a tendency to occasionally lose their adhesion on a corner if you do lots of moving around and sweating. Besides that these are the absolute best grips avaliable period.

After hearing about Talon Grips I had to try them. The polymer guns have always felt somewhat slippery to me either at the range or pulling from my holster. The Talon Grips added the perfect amount of grip to the gun without adding any bulk. They we're cut precisely and very simple to install. After seeing and using mine I then had to order and install a couple sets for some friends. Great product and great company! Thanks.

I bought this grip along with an extended mag grip and they are great. Install was easy and you can't even tell these are after market pieces. I am very happy with these grips as they feel great and look great. Very much worth anyone's money if they are looking for any sort of gripping advantage.

Talon Grips make enough of a difference, if I own a pistol Talon makes a grip for, I would not think of not having them. Top priority!

Perfect fit - makes a huge difference.

Recently put Talon Grips on my G19, Springfield XDsub, and my S&W MP Shield. All I can say is wow. Now I just can't figure out why I didn't buy these sooner.

Works great. Have it on my 9mm and 40 cal.

Purchased the first rubberized grip a couple of month ago. Fit was absolutely perfect. Looks like it is actually a part of the gun and feels good in the hand. Have ordered 3 more since for friends.Dave

Better then the bare Shield grip, much more control.

Installed easily, great instructions online. Grip is very positive. Thanks for the awesome grips Talon.

Installed easily, great instructions online. Grip is very positive. Thanks for the awesome grips Talon.

These are the best and easiest to install grips I have ever used.

This product works great and is just what I was expecting! I think all my guns will have Talon grips in the future! Thanks!

Went on easy and feels great! I put them on all my guns.

I love these grips

I was very impressed with the way your product looks and feels. It added a very nice touch to my gun and gave me more confidence as I shot it knowing it wouldn't slip out of my hands. The application was quick and simple and the quality is great. Thank you for this wonderful addition to my gun.

Made my M&P Shield feel like a whole new gun.

Thought i would be different and buy the competitors brand.. After two weeks they were filled with lint,and peeling off. Then I got the Talons and couldn't be happier. feel great on my bare skin and no lint pick up. mold excellent to my shield, make a huge difference without adding bulk. Save yourself time and money and make Talon grips your first choice.

Super easy to install. Heated with a hairdryer several times and pressed in between to ensure adhesion. Feels and looks great. Extended grip not used as it will require removal if I ever have to adjust springs.

Easy application, matches up perfect. Great Grips!!

Totally awesome grips, the best aftermarket grip I have ever used.

Feels a lot better in hand with the talon grips, recommended to friends and family!!

Installation is easy if you follow the directions. Well thought out design. Feels great and looks fantastic.

I have Talon's installed on all my plastic handheld firearms. Good fit, good durability, don't leave home without them!

Perfect texture, the gun is a little too slick by itself. Talon grips make it a whole new gun.

Just received grips for my new M&P Shield! Fast delivery and awesome grips. I put Talon grips on all my guns. They make a huge difference. Keep up the good work guys!

Great product! Really improves control on the slick grip of the M&P Shield.

Great product! Really improves control on the slick grip of the M&P Shield.

The grips are great fit perfect the only thing is I live in Texas and I conceal carry and with sweat and all grips starting to come off gun

Great grips. Have them on all my pistols.

U-Tubed installation and followed instructions. Result: Grips looked good, felt good. I was pleased. However after a few days in my IWB holster the grips began to peel off. This was not acceptable. I removed the remaining grip. I think this is a good non-carry product.

Love the fit and finish. Just what the m&p shield needed to be perfect. Very happy also like how personable Talon Grips was as a company with the hand written thanks for ordering on the instructions just shows pride.

Don't waste your time with any other upgrade for your shield, just buy these! Huge difference on the purchase of the gun. Feels like a totally different firearm. I highly recommend this product! I loved it so much I immediately purchased a set for my SD40VE. Thanks again Talon!

The gun feels even better now. just shot 200 rounds through it and the grips bite comfortably into my hand, reduced the muzzle flip. thanx

Really improves the grip on my Shield40 and help manage recoil. A must have for this size gun in .40 S&W.

Really improves the grip on my Shield40 and help manage recoil. A must have for this size gun in .40 S&W.

Awesome products and customer service

Amazing product!!! I will definitely buy more for my future firearms!

These are an awesome addition to my M&P Shield. They give just the perfect amount of grip on the gun. I carry this gun daily and due to the heat sweat quite a bit. The grips have held up exceptionally well. I would not own a gun without them. They are the first accessory I put on any gun now.

I had the sandpaper grips on my M&P Shield but they were a bit rough, so I added the rubberized set on top and now it's the perfect combination of soft and grippy!

This is a very good product. I wish they last a bit longer than they do on my everyday carry gun (less than two years). But all in all a good deal even with the price increase.

talon grips help with the snappy recoil of my m&p 40 cal shield.

Easy install, Feels great. Great Product!

Perfect fit. I will be ordering a set for my sig 226

Love my new TALON rubber grips. They look great, are easy to install, and I like the feel very much. Very happy with my purchase and will buy more for others pistols I own.

Would like to give feedback but I have not received my order.

Would like to give feedback but I have not received my order.

Awesome product, would definitely recommend.

the product was very good but the back of the handle is peeling away. I watch the video and applied heat just enough not to hot. The rest of the grip is on well so if you can tell me what to do with that edge would be appreciated.thank youSam

the product was very good but the back of the handle is peeling away. I watch the video and applied heat just enough not to hot. The rest of the grip is on well so if you can tell me what to do with that edge would be appreciated.thank youSam

The grip fit perfectly and was just what I expected. It peeled off and was and exact fit then I used a blow drier for the heat. I notice on the back of the grip on the handle was coming off a little. can you tell me what I should do to adhere it to the handle.Thank youSam

Amazing grip's. I purchased the rubber grip's and these feel amazing. The gun just does not move in my hand. Love these and highly recommend.

Love the grips, in fact, I was putting rounds in the extended mag, hand slipped and the grip on the mag was all messed up, I fixed and used a hair dryer and its perfect once again. Gotta say any hand gun I buy will always have talon grips on them!!

Terrific product, very fast shipping and extremely simple to install. Makes the factory shield grips much better with no noticeable increase in thickness like large, slip on rubber style! Definitely worth the small investment.

Absolutely fantastic! Fits perfectly, no trimming needed, quick and easy install! YouTube video was perfect and well done, fills in all the gaps left by the written directions. Would recommend and purchase again (just need more guns now! :-)

I'm very pleased with the quality of the grip and how it improves my hold on the gun.From reading the reviews I expected top quality, but the grips exceeded my expectations. Thanks for a great product!

i purchased the rubber grips and they are better than expected.they made shooting the M&P Shield .40 a night and day difference. plus it is still very comfortable wearing the gun with the grips inside the waistband against the skin. the only issue is i should have bought them much sooner and should for all my guns!!!

These grips really make the Shield feel like it should have felt from the factory. I like them so much I purchased them for some of my other guns. AWESOME!

Fast shipping, easy installation, great product, can't ask for any thing better. Thanks Talon Grips

Feels excellent.

Feels excellent.

Fit perfectly.

I bought the rubber grip. Very easy to install, and comfortable. Really makes a difference in the grip and frame contour.

Product arrived promptly. Custom cut for my S&W Shield 9mm. Easy install. Helps grip and to cushion recoil. Very pleased with my purchase.

One of the first things to get for an accessory for your pistol. Amazing product!

Wanted a slim grip because adding mass would defeat the purpose of getting the shield so I tried these and was very impressed. they work great and fit perfect. Its like a Hogue grip without the added thickness. It just makes the gun stick to your hand a little bit better especially good when your going to shoot large amounts of ammo

Grips were easy to install and work very well. Provides positive grip for your firearm no matter what the situation.

The grips were very easy to install and the fit was perfect for my Shield 9. I purchased the rubberized grip and it added just the right amount of thickness to make the pistol fit my hand better and offered a much improved gripping surface. Great product!

Exactly what I was looking for. Provides for a more stable grip on the firearm and increased my accuracy. I highly recommend this "upgrade".

love em' thank you !

Gives the gun much better grip than the stock grips provide. Was the only thing missing on the shield (besides laser). Would buy again easy.

really happy w/grippiness. bought extra material to extend coverage forward of take down level and trigger on both sides of frame. Looking forward to getting to range to try it out. Might suggest adding coverage for the Shield to bottome of slide and forward of trigger due to small size of the weapon. Jack

Absolutely love my grips!My groups tightened to one jagged hole! Perfect fit, easy to install, and the feel / control of my Shield are unbelievable - THANKS !

I haven't had a chance to put the grips on yet, but the delivery time and customer service were both fantastic!

fits good, feels good, easy to put on!!!

I do enjoy the feel of these grips and their aggressiveness, I like the feedback that this is in my hand. I was able to install them and to fit is exact on the Firearm. Very pleased with this product.

Fit great, easy to install and best of all looks great.

Fit great, easy to install and best of all looks great.

Have the rubber ones on my M&P Shield 9mm and I have to say they vastly improve the grip feel and handling performance of the gun. They were easy to put on and make the gun look awesome, if you only do one upgrade to your shield make this the one! Customer service is outstanding with Talon Grips!

Love them. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to increase grip without adding size to the grip. Awesome product!!!

I have one for my shield and one for my m&p 40. Both are excellent. I tell everyone to try them.

Works and feels great. I had doubts about something that was peel and stick, but after using the hair dryer to help it set it feels like it is part of the gun. There isn't a single piece that feels like it will peel and has continued to hold up after a month of IWB concealed carry. Great product.

Very disapointed should not peel after shooting.

very easy to install.

Very easy to install.

Like them

Fits very nicely. It greatly improves how the gun feels and makes the grip feel very secure.

With a little patience the grip is easy to install. Once it's in place it is an excellent addition to my M&P shield. My hands are large and it improves my grip substantially.

I like the grips and they were easy to apply. I will be ordering another set of the rubber grips next.

I have the black granulate grips on my M&P Shield 9, Springfield XDm 3.8 Compact 9 and Kahr PM40 - I love the way it gives me a secure grip without being so course it's uncomfortable.My wife prefers the black rubber on her M&P Shield 9, and I have to admit that it works almost as well as the granulate, but it even nicer for tender hands.

At first I loved my grips on my M&P Shield 9mm, but I had to remove them after a week since this is my concealed gun and the grit of the grips was snagging my clothes. The other things that bugged me is that since the grips joined together in the back of the handle, as the gun would kick a little when shot,where the gun handle touch the palm of my hand, it caused the tab at the bottom of the back of the handle to push downward, not keeping the nice alignment of join.Also, for my wife and daughter-in-law the grit of the grips was too gritty for them.This all said, I did enjoy the sturdiness that the grips provided my weapon.

This version for the m&p shield is good but since it wraps around the handle and meets in the back of the grip the teeth that meet each other on the bottom are not staying in place and the rubberized ones are not to be over laped I even heated before and after applying

This version for the m&p shield is good but since it wraps around the handle and meets in the back of the grip the teeth that meet each other on the bottom are not staying in place and the rubberized ones are not to be over laped I even heated before and after applying

Great product Ive bought them for both my weapons.I can advise customers to buy the rubbery textured ones for concealed carry weapons since the sand paper ones can irritate skin . But for non concealed carry duty or range type weapons, the sandpaper surface cant be beat .

Easy to put on, great enhancement of grip, looks OEM

They are excellent. Feels great easy to apply and have yet to let go even though I keep my gun in the kitchen where it's 108 and 80 percent humidity

I am very happy with this grip highly recomended

The gun doesn't jump around in my hand anymore. Accuracy immediately improved by a huge margin. Great product!

I'm a rookie and still found the grip easy to apply. Looks like it is going to stay on a long time too. My grip definitely feels improved now. Thanks!

Great feeling grip, helps secure hold on weapon and helps with accuracy.

the cut fits very well, and i installed it with a proper fit & finish at the beck, where the 2 pieces meet; heated it proper with a heat gun (not a hair dryer) However when i gripped it, it started to creep. i ended up fixing it with a little crazy all is well, thanks

the cut fits very well, and i installed it with a proper fit & finish at the beck, where the 2 pieces meet; heated it proper with a heat gun (not a hair dryer) However when i gripped it, it started to creep. i ended up fixing it with a little crazy all is well, thanks

I cannot believe the difference this has made. Super grip and no extra size. Just plain awesome.

Great product Ive bought them for both my weapons.I can advise customers to buy the rubbery textured ones for concealed carry weapons since the sand paper ones can irritate skin . But for non concealed carry duty or range type weapons, the sandpaper surface cant be beat .

Great product, great price! Dramatically improves grip on a polymer gun, the rubber is great for IWB carry and/or if the gun is against your skin. Be careful with heating it on installation, its easy to overheat the grip to melt the design (more than 2 seconds held on one spot), however they gave me a replacement even when I told them it was my fault. If you research you'll find many other reports of great service as well.Feedback - Make it more clear how easy it is to melt it (it does say dont overheat but I did the same time of heating as video, keep it moving is key), and put lines on the edges so you can cut the grip if its too long, at the right angle. It fit 90% perfectly for my shield, just shaved a small bit off on one part for perfect fit.Definitely a must-have accessory for only $20.

I love them!! I will definitely buy this product for other guns.

Talon Grips Not only improve the looks, but more importantly, the feel of the Shield.I HIGHLY recommend these grips to any M&P Shield owner! They are well designed for a perfect fit and finish

Easy to follow instructions and a great product! Love it.

Excellent grips. A little beyond my skills to install, but my better half made short work of it. The feel and control of my 9mm Shield is greatly improved with the rubberized grips.

Perfect fit! Love them!

I love the fit, I loved the feel. But had to remove the grip because it kept catching on my shirt and exposing the gun due to the grippy texture of the grip

Excellent service, Excellent product easy to install improved my shooting at once no more Gun slip.

Great grips. Easy to install. Great company.

Absolutely love these grips! The quality is fantastic and they are engineered to fit perfectly. I will always have a Talon grip on my guns from now on!

I've used your product on my M&P shield 40 cal. and it gives me a better grip. I've also used on my 4595 ts & 45JHP's. Thank you for a fantastic product.

I've used your product on my M&P shield 40 cal. and it gives me a better grip. I've also used on my 4595 ts & 45JHP's. Thank you for a fantastic product.

The grips seemed very good, they were exactly as advertised and fit well. I ended up removing them very quickly, however, as they were irritating my bare skin when carrying concealed without an undershirt. Perhaps another texture would have suited me better.

Great grips !! Easy to install, seem to be holding up very well. Based on the cost, my favourite upgrade I have added to any firearm.

Ever since trying Talon grips there isnt a pistol i shoot that doesnt have them on it. A great addition to my Shield as my EDC.

Awesome product with excellent service. The rubber really improves grip and still is comfortable in IWB carry. I will be purchasing grips for my other handguns soon!

Great grips, installation is very simple, great quality product.

Awesome customer service and a great product are true to Talon. Thanks again

Perfect! Especially for concealed carry. I had purchased both types of grips for my shield. I prefer the rubber ones over the sand paper like ones. They were a little uncomfortable when rubbing against my waist. Much better for competitive use. Outstanding product.

This is an awesome product. This was my first Talon Grips and it was pretty straightforward to install.Minus one star for the extended magazine grip, though. The grip secures the base plate to the finger grip, thus, preventing you from taking the base plate off!

Excellent product (rubberized grips). Easy to install. Fast delivery.They look and feel great. Major improvement over factory grips.Thanks, Talon.

I am very pleased with this Talon Rubberized Grip. A positive grip with no slippage even in hot, humid east Texas weather. The fit is perfect with no trimming required. No catch or grabbing of clothing for unfettered concealed carry. I will now buy the same for my other pistols.

Was thinking about trading in my Shield when I was talked into trying these grips...Looks like I'm holding onto both the Shield and the Talon grips. Thanks guys, awesome product!!

Watched a lot of video about these grips and had 2 buy it for my m&p shield. Very satisfied with the purchased. Deff the money. If u haven't got it or thinking of getting it. DO IT!!! Great product.

Installed the black rubber grips on my new Shield and 4 extended mags. They look and feel great, plus were easy to install.

Bought the black granulate for my M&P Shield. Increased purchase when drawing or handling, but I absolutely must wear an undershirt when IWB CC. If there's no undershirt, you'll end up with a massive raw patch of skin. That's the only negative part.

I have the rubber grip on my Shield 9mm and I couldn't be happier with. A HUGE improvement over the stock grip surface.

I bought the rubberized grip. It adds just the right amount of grip that I need. Easy to install. I am ordering more talon grips for my other hand guns! I recommend these to everyone!!!

Got the rubberized grip and mag ext grip. Excellent feel and is made to last. Easy to install and if you have any questions about installation just watch their videos.

Absolutely Awesome. They were inexpensive enough to try and now I'm sold. Ordering for my other firearm as well (Walther PPQ).Way to go!

Great grip. Not to sticky, not to loose. If you want stability this is it!.

These rubberized grips are a vast improvement over the slick plastic grips on the Shield. They don't add any bulk either. Very easy to install. I just ordered another set for my XDm.

I have this grip on my M&P Shield it installed easily, looks & performs great!

This is for the rubber grips...Couldn't be happier! The grip even covers the bottom of the eight round magazine! Excellent product! Will continue to purchase Talon Gun Grips