TALON Does A 360

If you’ve looked at the Glock pictures on our website within the past week you may have noticed something different, they rotate 360 degrees. The 360 rotation consists of 72 still images linked together into an almost seamless view of our grips installed on a firearm. You can click through all 72 images using the forward and back buttons or watch a short video by clicking the play button at the bottom of the image. A ultra close up of the grips can be seen by clicking the magnifying glass at the bottom of the picture. The 360 view works on computers and mobile devices.

Incorporating the 360 image view functionality on Glocks is the first step. We are working our way through approximately 250 more products with 3 grip options each; Rubber-Black, Rubber-Moss, and Granulate-Black. We have a sobering 750 more products that need to be photographed. Keep checking back, maybe your firearms will be the next to go 360.

We hope this makes your shopping experience at TALON Grips even better.

Below is a video of how the 360 view is created



TALON Sponsored Team- On Point Shooting Team

TALON Grips is proud to sponsor all levels of competitive shooter from weekend warriors to the top competitive shooters in the country. We sponsor not just great shooters but people that do a great job representing the sport of competitive shooting. The On Point Shooting Team does an outstanding job of representing TALON Grips and several other brands in the sport of competitive shooting.

The On Point Shooting Team was formed in early 2016 and consists of 4 competitive shooters in North Carolina that travel the east cost competing in IDPA, USPSA, and 3 Gun. Their focus is on becoming better shooters and being excellent ambassadors of competitive shooting sports.

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Robb Annechiarico accepting 2nd Place SSP-EX

Choosing Your First Concealed Carry Firearm

You’ve made the decision to get your license/permit to carry a concealed firearm, so … what do you do now? The next logical step would be to decide which gun is right for you (unless you’ve done so, already). We’ve put together some guidelines to help you pick out your first concealed carry handgun so you are better prepared to navigate this purchase.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind whenever you’re in the market to buy a new gun:

Beretta PX4 Storm Compact Langdon Tactical Edition

Shoot As Many Guns As Possible:

The first thing you’re going to want to do, is shoot as many different guns as you can to find out what works best for you. There are a couple reasons why you should shoot as many different guns as you can before you decide. First, there are hundreds of different firearms for you to choose from, and you need to know which one works best for you. From the way it fits in your hand to the ease of operation, your gun needs to fit you.

Second, there are a lot of things going on with the operation of a firearm that you need to be able to do correctly if you are to ever use your gun in self-defense. If you cannot operate your chosen concealed carry handgun, you won’t be proficient to stop an attack. Let’s take a look at some of what you need to be able to do with your chosen gun, before you buy it:

— Pulling back the slide on a semi-auto:

Did you know that some firearms are easier to rack than others? If you have weak or small hands, you may find that some semi-automatic pistols won’t work for you because they can be difficult to operate. If you cannot pull back the slide (and lock it open), it’s not going to work for you. There are some out there that are easier to operate than others, so keep testing them out until you find one that works.

— Pulling the trigger:

I actually like to use the term “squeeze” the trigger, but we can get to that in a future article. For now, you need to be able to actually fire the gun, accurately. Some of the worst advice I’ve ever heard given was to buy a double action only (DAO) revolver for a woman who has never before fired a gun. Do you know what the result was for that husband? He carries that snubby .38 special now because his wife cannot manipulate the trigger properly. She lacks the finger strength.

Glock 26 and 19 with Grip Force Adapter and Apex Triggers

— Recoil management:

There is a lot that can go into this one, which I suppose will also be covered at some point in the future. But for now, what you need to know is, can you manage the recoil for the firearm you are about to trust your life to in the event of a critical incident where your firearm is needed for self-defense? If you cannot handle the recoil and muzzle rise enough to shoot accurately, then you may need to look at a different handgun.

— Safety:

Many newer shooters want to buy guns that have a manually operated thumb safety. There is nothing inherently wrong with this as long as you train with your gun, flipping off the safety before you fire. More than that, though, some safeties are easier to get to than others are. Some are low-profile or hard to reach, others stick out and can rub into your skin. If you pick a gun with a thumb safety, make sure you can easily swipe it on and off before you bring it home.

I do want to say here, however, that the best safety isn’t one that flips on or off. It’s one that is always on, and it’s called your brain. You are the safety tool every time you handle a gun. Always pay attention and follow the rules.

Conduct some research:

The next thing you’re going to want to do, is research the guns you liked from your time shooting them. What you want to do is find out if each gun is actually a reputable firearm in the industry. In other words, not all guns are made the same. While it would be great if you could pull a gun out of the box and have it run flawlessly, it may not.

It’s absolutely imperative that you find out what the best firearms available, are. That way, you don’t end up coming home with a lemon. That doesn’t mean that you read a list of the best 9mm handguns and run to the gun store to buy one. Instead, take the knowledge it has given you and compare it to what you’ve learned at the range so far with your various favorite guns.

And, if for some reason you haven’t fired any of the guns mentioned in the research you conducted, make sure you go rent any that you haven’t tried at the local range to see if they meet your expectations.

Also try to keep in mind that if you happen to land on one of those “best gun lists” that they aren’t tailored for everyone, but are more of a set of guidelines to help you on your way. Remember, the goal here is to make sure the guns you’ve chosen from your time shooting are, in fact, reputable guns that are generally reliable.

Take what you hear at the gun shop with a grain of salt:

I may offend some well-intentioned gun store employees and that’s not my goal. But, I’ve heard some pretty bad advice given from the guys behind the gun store counter. While that person may or may not have more gun-knowledge than you, never under any circumstances believe that the person you’re talking to is an expert on guns.

In fact, anyone who tells you that they are an expert on guns is likely full of crap and you should run for the hills because I can tell you with certainty that anyone worth anything in this industry will tell you they are a student.

Anyway, I digress …

Also try to keep in mind that the guy behind the counter is going to try and sell you a totally different gun than the one you came in for unless he has the one you’re looking for in stock. If you’ve already made up your mind and know what that gun is supposed to cost, don’t budge on it. You’ve made up your mind based on research you’ve done and actual test firing, and you should stick with your plan.

He’s just trying to sell you a gun he has in stock because he wants to make a sale on something he already has. However, this is your first concealed carry handgun that you’ve been to the range to test, and have conducted hours of tireless research to reach the conclusion you have.

Don’t let him sway you.
I’ve seen it many times … A guy or gal walks into the store with one thing in mind, and walks out with something totally different. You won’t know if you like it or not until you fire it, and most gun stores don’t allow returns on guns. It’s your choice, and trust me when I say that they would rather order you the gun you ask for than let you walk out of the store and into someone else’s.

Don’t buy a gun because you like its look:

This is one area where I tend to stand at odds with some people. Guns are not meant to look like toys. When they do look like toys, they are more enticing to little kids who don’t know any better (because their parents don’t teach them). And, let’s face it, kids should know better.

I know it sounds like I’m talking just to you ladies, but I’m not. There are plenty of fellas out there who are lining up to buy guns that look like toys, with multi-colored inserts and frames. It’s not the best idea, unless you never have kids around or only have highly trained children.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield with Crimson Trace Laser Guard

Get training:

One thing that you need to do is at least take a basic pistol class from a local instructor. Now, not all instructors are created equal, but most of them are decent. Look for one in your area and vet him/her to the best of your ability.

How? Look at reviews online, ask around, etc. Don’t just take the instructor’s word that he can teach, because he might not be able to. Also, look at credentials. Having more than one credential is usually a good indicator that he/she is at least a lifelong learner. And, lifelong learners often make the best instructors because they are constantly learning new techniques.


That about does it this time around. What did you look for when you bought your first concealed carry handgun? Let us know, below.

For more quality content about firearms and the self defense lifestyle visit our friends at Down Range Daily.


TALON Grips Sig Sauer P320 Grips Fit 9mm/.357/.40 and .45 Modules

TALON Grips for the Sig Sauer P320 9mm/.357/.40 have been modified to fit the P320 .45 ACP Modules. The difference between the 9mm/.357/.40 modules and .45 modules is so subtle we were able to make 1 grip that fits all caliber sizes. The grip is slightly stretched to accommodate larger .45 modules. The updated grips are functional and aesthetically pleasing, exactly what you’d expect from TALON Grips.

With the exception of the caliber, TALON Grips P320 grips are module and firearm size specific.

Sig Sauer P320 Compact Medium Module in Rubber
Sig Sauer P320 Full Size Carry Medium Module in Granulate
Sig Sauer P320 Subcompact Small Module in Rubber




The Process Of Designing A New Grip

Currently we make grip for over 300 different firearms. We’re constantly working on ways to improve our new grip designs and our exiting grips. Experience solving problems presented by different shaped grips drives our designs to be the best in the industry.

Our design goal is to create grips that are aesthetically pleasing, provide extensive grip area coverage that will perform in harsh real world conditions.

TALON Grips is unique in that we design, manufacture, market, package, sell, provide customer service, and ship  all out of our Steamboat Springs, CO facility. The vertical structure of TALON enables us to make quick decisions, have efficient communication between all aspects of business, and efficiently address industry trends.

There are many steps we take to insure the products we offer stand up to the TALON Grips reputation. You can see the new product introduction flow here:

New Grip Introduction Flow


The TALON Grips design team creating new grips



Unicorns In The Shop- Gun Grips You Didn’t Think We Made

Sure we make grips for every Glock, most popular Smith & Wessons, Springfields, Sigs, H&Ks, Kahrs, iPhones, and a relationship saving coaster for the bottom of your Yeti Travel mug, but did you know that we also make grips for Bobergs, Tasers, the EAA Witness, the Bersa RAMI, and Mossberg Shotguns?

Periodically we get swept up in  the enthusiasm that accompanies a barrage of requests to make a grip for a rare gun. So, yes you can manipulate us if you get a bunch of friends to send us passionate grip requests telling us how much you need a grip for that rare unicorn. Maybe a grip for the H&K P7 and Desert Eagle .50 will be available next week (no, not really).

My daughter tells me unicorns exist and I believe. 

H&K Mark 23


Boberg XR9
EAA Witness Compact
Canik TP9

Quarterly Donation: ROWAN-Rural Orphans and Widows AIDS Network

There are so many great causes, we do our best to be diverse in selecting where we are going to donate quarterly.  For Q2 2017 we are proud to support ROWAN (Rural Orphans and Widows AIDS Network).

Rowan is based in Mawanga, Uganda and was founded in 2006. The organization is dedicated to the recovery and development of  those that have been affected by AIDS.  Rowan’s goal is to help orphans and widows become self reliant. Education, medical care, and business training are central to ROWAN’s efforts.

Good Summits, which TALON Grips is supporting is a climb up 19, 340 ft Kilimanjaro to raise funds to purchase a school bus that will provide transportation for hundreds of children to and from school. Currently orphans in rural Uganda walk 10 hours to get to and from school every day.

Support and find out more about ROWAN

Chad Cheung- TALON Grips Ambassador

We are thrilled to welcome Chad Cheung to the TALON Grips Ambassador team. Chad has been using our products for years, he has played an integral role in helping us make our products better.

I can’t think of a better representative for competitive shooting sports.

Chad started shooting competitively in 2011 when he competed in his first GSSF match. He began to get more serious about competition in 2012, and in 2013 was selected to lead California’s Premier Online Shooting Community Shooting Team (Calguns.net Shooting Team). He continues to compete in various competitions throughout the country including GSSF, IDPA, USPSA, 3-Gun, and even the occasional NRA High Power Service Rifle match. He first found out about Talon Grips while watching videos of Hickok45 on YouTube, and has been using them ever since. Prior to shooting competitively, he served honorably for eight years in the U.S. Army Ordinance Corps. Chad lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife, and their dog. You can learn more about Chad and Calguns.net by visiting their forum at Calguns.

Read  more about our brand ambassadors Here.

Good Practices: The Correct Trigger Index Point

Practice makes better. In the world of firearms it makes you better and safer. A study of all firearms discharges in Federal Agencies (FBI, DEA, ATF) from 2000-2003 found that out of 267 total discharges, 102 of them were accidental discharges! One often overlooked practice is correct placement of the trigger finger when it’s not on the trigger. Incorrect trigger finger placement can resulting accidental misfires under stressful situations.  Think about what your hands do under stressful situations, you clench them. If your trigger finger is resting on the trigger guard where does that finger go if you clench your hand?

An article on Active Response Training does a great job explaining the reasoning behind correct index finger placement. Read the article here- Trigger Finger Positioning, Hand Clenches, and Accidental Discharges

We are now offering 7/16″ by 1/2″ patches of material that are ideal to help you develop a correct Trigger Finger Index Reference Points. In short we call them “TIPs” (Trigger Index Points).  They are available in Black Rubber, Moss Rubber, and Black Granulate for the nominal cost of $0.50 each. Purchase Trigger Index Points.

TALON Grips Are Available Around The World And Near You

Recently we have seen a big increase in business from overseas with new dealers in Sweden, Norway, Austria, and Israel coming on board.  Our products are sold in over 14 countries worldwide.

If you are looking for a dealer use our Dealer Locator to find a retailer nearby. Currently there are over 400 stocking TALON Grips retailers in the US.

Dealer Locator

If you cannot find a retailer nearby we can ship to you via USPS anywhere in the US and to over 200 countries worldwide.