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How to Identify Your Glock’s Generation

Glock has been around since 1963 and in 1981 Glock handguns as we know them were born. Glock categorizes their guns as Generation 1, Generation 2, Generation 3, Generation 4, and recently Generation 5. On top of that, there have been changes to the line between full generations, for instance the glock 26 is available in a generation 2.5.

Telling the difference between the Generations (we’ll can then Gens from here on) may seem daunting at first however if you know what you’re looking for it’s not hard at all. We’ll break down the aesthetic differences in the Gens to help you easily determine what you Gen you have so you can get the right TALON Grip for your Glock pistol.

Gen 1 Glocks (1982-1988)

17, 17L, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23


  • Flat front strap (no finger grooves)
  • Subtle pebble grip texture on the entire pistol grip area
  • No thumb rests
Gen 1 Glock 17

Gen 2 Glocks (1988-1997)

17, 17L, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23, 24, 31, 32


  • Flat front strap (no finger grooves)
  • Subtle Pebble grip texture on the side panels
  • Checkering on the front strap and backstrap
  • No thumb rests
Gen 2 Glock 17

Gen 3 Glocks (1995-2010)

17, 17L, 19, 19C, 20, 20SF, 21, 21C, 21SF, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 36, 39


  • Finger grooves on front strap
  • Thumb rests
  • Ambidextrous magazine release on some models
  • A rail is molded into the frame
  • Addition of Rough Textured Finish (RTF) in Gen 3.5
Gen 3 Glock 17

Gen 4 Glocks (2010-Present)

17, 17L, 19, 19C, 20, 20SF, 21, 21C, 21SF, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 30S, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 39, 41, 42, 43


  • Finger grooves on front strap
  • Thumb rests
  • Additional backstraps on all models except the 42 and 43
  • Addition of Gen 4 on the slide
Gen 4 Glock 17

Gen 5 Glocks (2017-Present)

17, 19, 19X, 26, 34, 43X, 45, 48

  • No finger grooves
  • Thumb rests
  • Flared magwell
  • Ambidextrous slide stop
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Additional backstraps on all models except the 43X and 48
  • Gen 5 on the slide
Gen 5 Glock 17

About TALON Grips

Utilizing the latest design and production technologies, TALON Grips produces the most innovative functional pistol grips available.  Never resting on what is considered good enough TALON Grips provides superior products that make a difference at an affordable price.

The result is an unparalleled interface between users and their firearm in all conditions. Performance benefits include improved weapon retention, quicker target acquisition, more accurate follow up shots and better recoil mitigation.

TALON Grips was founded in 2009 by a law enforcement officer, competitive shooter, firearms instructor, and armorer to enhance shooter comfort, consistency, and weapon retention.  The patented TALON Grips provide maximum grip coverage in custom designs for over 300 firearms.  The precisely cut gun grips are available in rubber-black, rubber-moss, and granulate-black materials for different applications and user preferences.

Headquartered in Steamboat Springs, CO, TALON Grips are 100% made in USA. TALON Grips are used by the US military, law enforcement, competitive shooters, and firearms enthusiasts. TALON Grips are available at select retailers or direct at talongungrips.com.


YouTubers to Follow

By Jay Chambers

YouTube is a huge platform that has gained a lot of traction over the years. More and more people are using YouTube as their source for product reviews, how to’s, and diverse entertainment.

Are you ready to venture into the “shooting range” of YouTube? Here are our top choices to consider following.

  1. Hickok45

With over 4 million subscribers, Hickok45 is the biggest shooting channel on the platform. The channel is run by a father and son. The channel is drama-free and family-friendly. Hickok45 videos are truly enjoyable, and you always learn something new from them.

With a vast knowledge about guns, the videos are always made in such a way that it makes you feel like you’re actually there, next to him.

His content consists of gun reviews, having fun at the range, and a personal favorite, Shooting the Breeze. Firearms reviewed include the latest offerings to classic long guns.

Due to his deep knowledge about the art of shooting, you can rest assured that the tips he’s offering will prove to be helpful. In addition, he makes sure to sprinkle some humor here and there, maintaining a light mood throughout his videos.

Are you up for some gun lessons with an intelligent and humorous teacher? If your answer is “yes”, then check out Colion Noir. Besides being an attorney, he’s also a gun lover and NRA TV personality. He’s also very charismatic, so it’s not too difficult to become a fan.

His channel consists of gun-related videos and political opinions. He has a lot of content that you may find useful. When he’s doing shooting videos, they are usually reviews of specific gun models, but he doesn’t stop there – he also makes shooting challenge videos. In these, multiple competition shooters gather and pair as teams. They go through a series of challenges, and only one team will be on top in the end. It’s very entertaining and offers some lessons at the same time in regard to shooting techniques.

This is a great channel for you if you want an amazing mix of entertainment, knowledge, and advice.

Another popular figure on YouTube, Sootch00. has over 800,000 subscribers. The channel is very useful for those looking to receive some shooting advice and learn more about particular firearm models.

The channel offers a lot of content that is helpful for people who love shooting, such as gun reviews, shooting advice, discussions, and more. Sootch00 provides a variety in the content he delivers, and you always receive insightful information. The length of the videos varies, depending on the type – while reviews can last for around 15-20 minutes, a Q&A can be an hour long. 

If you’re looking for reviews and advice from a professional, Sootch00 will give you what you need.

This channel is very popular, and it comes as no surprise considering the versatility it provides. Apart from the gun-related content, you will also find a lot of videos that involve tips about living in a van, knife reviews, and survival.

Although he doesn’t mention it that much, there’s one thing you should know about Nutnfancy – he’s a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Air Force. Therefore, he knows many details about survival. He’s well-aware about what firearms can protect you, or help you protect other people in case of danger.

He posts gun reviews, as well as life philosophy videos, and advice on the best tactical accessories you can find. This is a great channel if you want to find out how to use guns for survival.

Justin Opinion is a smaller channel, having a following of over 43,000. His videos are very insightful, and you can learn a great deal from his videos. If you enjoy target shooting and you want to see how certain firearm models perform, Justin Opinion’s channel is a must follow.

Justin’s reviews are thorough, straight forward, and educational. Let him do the work testing and comparing various models to help you decide which gun you like most. Justin also takes frequently asked questions about guns and provides comprehensive answers to them. His tone is very calm and relaxed, and it will almost feel like he’s your personal teacher. You can tell he really enjoys shooting and reviewing guns.

If you want someone with lots of knowledge to help you know which firearm to spend your cash on, he’s the guy.

Military Arms Channel provides quality in depth content on a wide range of firearms ranging from vintage military weapons to the latest firearms and technologies to hit the market.

They really do an excellent job of running new firearms through the ringer. If you want to see how firearms perform under adverse conditions Military Arms will reveal a lot about the firearm being reviewed.

They also provide fun content and answer questions that you may have always wondered about but haven’t tried such as Will a 40SW work in a 10mm?

Final Thoughts

With the rise of YouTubers nowadays, it’s easy to find channels that create content suitable for your likes and hobbies. As such, there are many channels revolving around guns and shooting, and some of our favorites have been presented in this article. If they sound like the real deal for you, make sure to click the subscribe button and join their subscriber list.

There are many great YouTubers we failed to mention. Please share your favorites in the comments below.

101+ Uses of TALON Grip Material

We know TALON Grips are difference makers on firearms.

Have you ever thought about how else that simple but effective gripping material can be used? Many of you know that we venture out of the firearm segment, making grips for iPhones, coasters for travel mugs, and sell DIY material sheets for projects.

One of the coolest things about talking to customers who buy our DIY sheets is finding out how they are using the material. The ideas and uses of the gripping material are are as diverse as the life in the amazon jungle. Following are some of our favorite material uses:

Grip panels used on aircraft

Grip panels used on the KITTYHAWK Aero Flyer personal aircraft

Joystick for Ophthalmic Photodisruptor aka laser eye surgery machine

Gaming Controller grips from GamLokR

Xbox One Controller grip

Bait Puck Grip

Bait puck used to keep bait from freezing when ice fishing

Grips for cattle RFID Scanners

RFID Scanners are used to track cattle and convey information on the animal via Bluetooth to a handheld device

Grip for watch bezel

Enables rotating of the bezel to track time underwater

A TALON Grips user’s Chevelle

**TALON Grips are not used on this car… but it’s such a cool picture we had to include it**

Please share your uses of TALON Grips material in the comments section.

SHOT Show 2019- The Big Dance

We bring a diverse assortment of guns to SHOT Show

Tis the season when the firearms industry gathers in Las Vegas for the annual SHOT Show Convention from January 22nd – 25th at the Sands Convention Center. There are over 350 exhibiting companies with products ranging from million dollar infrared scanning technology to hunting scents. SHOT Show enables retailers to find the latest widgets and meet with suppliers to find out what’s new and trending.  There is never a shortage of innovative products to drool over.

Disarmed and ready for SHOT

For us, SHOT Show is an opportunity to meet new retail customers, work with existing customers, and develop relationships with the firearm manufacturers whose guns we wrap in TALON Grips.

In our 18 ft by 10 ft booth we will be displaying over 26 firearms from 7 different manufacturers clad in our Rubber-Black, Rubber- Moss, and Granulate grips.

If you’re attending, stop by our booth #6603 which is in the Law Enforcement Ballroom.

While at SHOT we will be updating our Social Media channels regularly with the latest happenings and unique things we find. You can find us on the following Social Media channels:

Facebook: facebook.com/TalonGripsInc

Instagram: @talongrips

Twitter: @TalonGrips

We fit a lot in our 18 ft by 10 ft booth at SHOT Show



As we reach our 100th Newsletter it’s fun to look back on some of our ads and team pictures from the past.

The Original! We now make grips for over 300 different firearms in 3 grip textures.

The TALON Team- Summer 2014

The TALON SHOT Show Team with Instructor Zero- January 2016.

The TALON Staff- Summer 2016.














Team Building Summer 2016.

TALON Grips: On Duty

History of Service
To fully understand how Talon Grips plays a critical role in defending the homeland we have to go back to the beginning. In 2009 TALON Grips was started out of a desire to improve comfort and safety for use on duty by founder and career law enforcement officer Derik Losinger. Instead of using traditional skateboard tape wrapped around the grip of his service pistol, a Glock 21, Derik envisioned a single sheet of adhesive backed material to provide extra grip. Upon execution of this design other officers within Derik’s department asked for the same upgrade to be made to their weapons, and so became the first templates of what has come to be known as Talon Grips.

But it didn’t stop there, for over 10 years TALON Grips have been serving defenders of freedom both at home and abroad. What started as a bright idea that helped a few deputies at a local sheriff’s office quickly became a staple amongst LEO’s nationwide.

Advantage On Duty
Everyday thousands of armed professionals will deal with violent or chaotic situations that may potentially require deadly force, in such dire circumstances it’s imperative that these heroes have every advantage possible when it comes to winning the fight and saving lives. No matter how much you train or how experienced you are you can’t outrun weather conditions and human physiology. In a fight or flight situation the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated, one symptom of this that we all notice is that our palms get sweaty, making it harder to grip things. If you think this doesn’t happen to you, try gripping a brand new iPhone without a case the next time you go on a roller coaster. When your hands get sweaty or moisture builds up due to weather or water it’s no secret that it can be difficult to grip things, and what’s more important to grip in an austere situation than your service pistol? That’s one of the main reasons TALON Grips is such a crucial addition to a duty weapon.


Things To Consider
It’s important to train how you fight, especially if your job requires you to carry a gun. So if you’re practicing with a weapon that has extra grip off duty, but carrying a totally bare gun on duty this could create a small disadvantage when put under pressure.

A firearm, when needed, may be your most valuable tool. An officer, or any carrier, needs to be comfortable with his/her firearm, and having options for individual preferences is a TALON Grips advantage.  The granulate texture appeals to those who prefer an aggressive texture while the rubber texture is more versatile and preferred by the concealed carrier or individual with less tolerance of a rough texture.

Often times LEO’s aren’t allowed to make permanent modifications to their service weapons. This potentially can become a major disadvantage to a LEO. TALON Grips help address this potential disadvantage. Our grips do not permanently alter firearms, they can be easily removed should you have to turn in your gun for maintenance or exchange it at the armory.

Continuing To Serve
We were founded by a Law Enforcement Officer and we grew through the support of other first responders, and that’s something we’ll never forget.

As we move into 2019 we are honored to continue to be able to serve the Law Enforcement and Military communities of both the United States and our allies overseas. Thank you for all that you do, be safe!

Cool Stuff: Source to HEX Shot Timer for Apple Watch

The old adage goes “Practice makes perfect” but what if you are practicing wrong? How would you even know? Practice is only beneficial if you correct your shortcomings, and you can only correct the problems you are aware of. This was the inspiration for Shot Trainer.

Source to HEX  aims to solve the problem of ineffective practice through software and hardware tools that enable our users to receive real time relevant feedback about what they are doing. Their flagship product is Shot Trainer, a shot timer and analysis app for the Apple Watch. Shot Trainer is available as a free download for iOS.

Shot Trainer, unlike other shot timer apps and dedicated timers, utilizes the motion capture capabilities of the Apple Watch to enable additional functionality. This data allows Shot Trainer to filter out nearby shooters, pick up the shots from suppressed firearms, and report how long it took the user to recover from recoil after each shot. Additionally, Shot Trainer keeps a history of all previous shooting sessions. This lets you focus on training while at the range and review your results later.





What Is Self Defense Ammunition and Who Should Buy It?

By Jay Chambers

We live in a time where almost anyone can own a gun – provided they are in the right state of mind and do not have any prior criminal record. If someone living in a dangerous neighborhood would feel safer with a gun in their safe or their bag, there is no reason why they should not be granted concealed carry permit.

Still, when you are buying a gun for self-defense – and not just as a hobby – the chances are that you will not know exactly what type of ammo to choose for your gun. Granted, while every type of ammo can lead to heavy damage once it hits the target, they all leave a different kind of damage.

If you are looking to purchase a gun for self-defense, then this article will walk you through the basics of self-defense ammunition.

Practice vs. Target vs. Self-Defense Ammo

To understand what self-defense ammo is, you need to understand the other types of ammo as well.

  • Practice and Target Ammunition

First things first, practice ammunition (or “dummy rounds”) is the type of ammo that you use during gun practice. The anatomy of such a bullet is simple: obviously, it has to go with a bang – but practically, all it needs to do is to make a few holes on a target and maybe make some noise when it hits.

This is why manufacturers don’t use anything but the basic, inexpensive stuff when creating the bullet. This ammo will use cheap powder, bras, alternative metal cases – in a manner that is as simplistic as possible.

Since their only purpose is to make a hole in a paper, they won’t be doing anything fancy upon hitting a live target. The result? If you try to shoot an attacker with this type of bullet, they may just pass through and not cause any fight-stopping damage. Even worse, if that bullet passes through, you might just risk shooting someone that you don’t want to.

Target ammunition is based on the same principle as practice ammunition – only that the materials used are not that cheap. Their purpose is to hit a target and cause fighting-stopping damage. However, this kind of ammo can also pass through the target – and unless the gun owner is a very good shooter, the chances are that you might miss the vital organs – or any other point that you are aiming at.

  • Self-Defense Ammunition

Unlike target ammo, the one designed for self-defense will get bigger once it hits the target – and therefore causing more damage that will stop your attacker. This type of ammo is designed to work every time it hits the target – and it should hold up for years even in a humid environment, without losing its efficiency. This type of ammo also has hollow points, which will further allow the bullet to expand once it hits the target and will create more damage.

So as to retain these qualities, manufacturers of self-defense ammo need to pay special attention to the components of such a cartridge:

  • Cartridge Case: In order for the self-defense ammo to be effective, most manufacturers use nickel-plated casing so that the ammo can resist in humid conditions. This cartridge also gives the bullet more visibility in the dark.
  • Powder: When creating self-defense ammo, the manufacturer needs to make sure that the bullet does not only go “bang;” it also needs to have velocity in every shot. This is why the powder receives chemical treatment in order to provide low-flash burn and improve visibility for the shooter.
  • Projectile: The rate at which the bullet expands is also of great importance. If it over-expands, the chances are that it will not do much damage to the target. If it under-expands, it can go right through – therefore putting your life in danger when the bullet does not stop your attacker.

To put it plainly, self-defense ammo can cause harm to your target, even if you are not the best of shooters. They are appropriate for close-range shooting, proving visibility to the gun owner and causing enough damage so that they can escape.

Self-defense ammo is more expensive than the other types – so anyone who would pick this type of ammo would need to make a small investment. However, it is a small price to pay when you are in a situation where your life is on the line.

Choosing Self-Defense Ammo

So, aside from the basics mentioned above, how do you choose self-defense ammunition? The easiest, surefire way (pun intended) would be to learn about what your local law-enforcement institutions use. Generally, they also use self-defense ammo – mostly for its ability to bring down a target.

Furthermore, it is safe to say that before committing themselves to such a great responsibility, they have done a lot of research for it. Plus, they have been trained in this respect – so you can say that they know what they are doing.

Last but not least, you should steer yourself towards ammo brands that have a strong reputation – such as Remington, Federal, Winchester, or Sig Sauer. This way, you will have fewer risks of damaging your gun or injuring yourself by mistake.

Who Should Buy Self-Defense Ammo?

Needless to say, those who buy self-defense ammunition are those who have reason to fear for their safety. This type of ammo is good for people who are not that good shooters since it can expand and penetrate a target more efficiently.

Self-defense ammo is a good option for those who do not use their gun on a regular basis – since it is more resistant to humid temperatures. However, you will have to shoot the gun every few months to ensure that the gun doesn’t get “rusty” with the bullets inside.

Final Thoughts

Self-defense ammo is a good option for those that do not have superior target abilities. However, while they may be a good option for “newbies,” you may still want to invest in some practice ammo as well and shoot some rounds. If you are ever forced to use your gun for self-defense, you might want to get used to the feeling first.