Good Practices: The Correct Trigger Index Point

Practice makes better. In the world of firearms it makes you better and safer. A study of all firearms discharges in Federal Agencies (FBI, DEA, ATF) from 2000-2003 found that out of 267 total discharges, 102 of them were accidental discharges! One often overlooked practice is correct placement of the trigger finger when it’s not on the trigger. Incorrect trigger finger placement can resulting accidental misfires under stressful situations.  Think about what your hands do under stressful situations, you clench them. If your trigger finger is resting on the trigger guard where does that finger go if you clench your hand?

An article on Active Response Training does a great job explaining the reasoning behind correct index finger placement. Read the article here- Trigger Finger Positioning, Hand Clenches, and Accidental Discharges

We are now offering 7/16″ by 1/2″ patches of material that are ideal to help you develop a correct Trigger Finger Index Reference Points. In short we call them “TIPs” (Trigger Index Points).  They are available in Black Rubber, Moss Rubber, and Black Granulate for the nominal cost of $0.50 each. Purchase Trigger Index Points.

TALON Grips Are Available Around The World And Near You

Recently we have seen a big increase in business from overseas with new dealers in Sweden, Norway, Austria, and Israel coming on board.  Our products are sold in over 14 countries worldwide.

If you are looking for a dealer use our Dealer Locator to find a retailer nearby. Currently there are over 400 stocking TALON Grips retailers in the US.

Dealer Locator

If you cannot find a retailer nearby we can ship to you via USPS anywhere in the US and to over 200 countries worldwide.


TALON Grips Newsletter Hits 72,000 Subscribers

The TALON Grips newsletter has been around since September 13, 2013. It is hard to believe that we have published 55 newsletters.

We do our best to provide you, our subscribers with the latest TALON Grips product releases, firearms related industry news, and educational content.  Our subscribers are 100% homegrown and we are product of that.

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Quarterly Donation- Green Beret Foundation

TALON Grips is proud to donate a percentage of sales to the Green Beret Foundation in Q1 of 2017

  • They  have provided support to more than 800 Green Berets.
  • They have assisted over a thousand families as they continue to navigate the challenges of their new lives.
  • They have spent over $6M supporting our community.
  • They spend 90% of our operating expenses on our programs.

Please visit the Green Beret Foundation for more information, to donate or for support.


The Michigan State Shooting Team Uses TALON Grips

We are proud to announce that the Michigan State Shooting Team will be using TALON Grips.

The MSU Shooting Sports Club started in 2013 as a registered student organization for MSU students of all levels to learn and enjoy shooting sports. If you are a shooting enthusiast who is looking for a place to keep up your practice while at school, a seasoned competitor, or even a student with no experience shooting but looking to learn a new sport, come check out one of our practices. We have experienced coaches who can start you from the ground up or if you’re a little more knowledgeable, give you tips as you’d like.

Learn more about the Michigan State Shooting Team

TALON Grips is a Cover Girl?

We don’t think of ourselves as a covergirl, we view ourselves as a utilitarian hard worker that gets the job done.  When we got the news that TALON Grips made the 2017 Glock calendar not once but 5 times, including the cover we were thrilled, honored and humbled.

Thank you Glock!

Here are the pictures:

TALON Grips Attends SHOT Show 2017

It’s that time of the year, the holidays are over and the firearms industry travels from all over the world to Las Vegas, NV to meet for SHOT Show.

We will be showing our products to retailers, law enforcement agencies, military, and the media. The show is not only a good time to meet new business partners but to strengthen the relationships with existing partners.

One caveat is SHOT Show is only open to manufacturers, retailers, and the media. If you want to attend a firearms tradeshow open to the public consider the NRA Annual Meetings in Georgia April 27-30. 

For the latest updates from SHOT Show follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

TALON Grips SHOT Show Booth 2017

Holster Grips?

Kydex IWB holsters are the most popular holsters for many reasons; they are durable, fairly simple to make (with experience), and reasonably priced. One drawback is they are made of slippery plastic which has a tendency to move around when concealed.  Many people using Kydex IWB holsters have dealt with the holster slipping down and an undershirt riding up.

A solution to holster and undershirt movement is adding a patch of TALON Grip material on the inside of the holster. The grip material will increase the friction between the holster and the undershirt preventing the holster from slipping down and the undershirt from riding up. We prefer to use the rubber grip material because it is not as abrasive as granulate material and it’s more user friendly, it won’t wear a hole in your shirt of skin.

If you have any other ideas on how to use TALON Grip material please leave a comment below.

One of the many uses of TALON Grip material

Featured TALON Grips Retailer- Tulster

We are featuring a different TALON Grips retailer each month. Tulster is the first retailer to be featured in the series.

Tulster started out like many successful business, out of a garage. Their roots are in custom holsters but they have branched out into many other accessories.

It’s okay to make mistakes, experiments can lead to awesome products!
It’s hard to imagine, but at one time Tulster was just a hobby. It all begin with an interest in making a custom holster. After months of research and preparation, the first holster produced was for a Sig P938 in November of 2012. Although a complete failure, it laid the foundation for something much better. Through trial, error, and lots of kydex the Profile Holster was born.

Interest in our holsters started on Facebook and spread by word of mouth. Tulster took on new territory when it published its very first website in the Fall of 2013.
By 2014, Tulster had grown steadily and become overwhelming for one person to handle out of a 2-car garage. Tulster’s operations were moved to a shop building in Jenks, Oklahoma in the Spring of 2015 and hired its first employee. From that point forward Tulster has grown exponentially.
In the humble beginnings, all of our holster products were made using older methods of foam presses, bandsaws and sanders. With efficiency and consistency in mind, Tulster implemented vacuum formers and CNC machining for all of it’s holster production in 2016.
Today we are proud of the business that we have been blessed to manage. We can’t ever leave God out of the picture. Living out our faith in business is one of our personal convictions and we will not compromise on His direction for our lives and business.
For Tulster – we will continue to cultivate a fun working environment – allowing for mistakes, inviting new ideas, and embracing change to continue developing and sourcing great concealed carry products.
Tulster Owners

TALON Grips Mug and Grip Package

We like our hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold so when a friend gave us a sample of a new travel mug to try we were skeptical, it couldn’t be better than the Yeti mugs we’ve been using. The mug was used, abused, washed, dropped, and used for things it wasn’t intended. We came away impressed,  it not only looked great but performed. So we decided to put our logo on the mug and offer it to our customers. We feel it stands up to the TALON Grips reputation.

Here are the details:

  • Comes with a free TALON Gripster coaster
  • 20 oz
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Double walled
  • Copper coated inner wall
  • Vacuum sealed
  • Closeable lid
  • Available in black now and silver (coming soon)

The mugs have the TALON Grips logo on one side and “Get A Grip” on the other. The black mug has yellow logos and the soon to be introduced silver mug will have black logos.

Special Offer!

If you purchase a Mug and a TALON Grip you will gt $5 off the combination and free standard shipping. The offer is good from now though Dec 31st, 2016.

Buy a TALON Grips Mug


mug-black-1 mug-black-2