TALON Grips Cyber Monday Sale 2018

Our Cyber Monday sale is happening November 26, 2018 so set a reminder in your smart phone or put that yellow sticky note on your computer screen.

  • The sale is from 12am to 11:59pm November 26th, 2017 MST
  • Gun and phone grips will be $5 off each. Rubber-Black and Granulate-Black Grips will be $12.99 and Rubber Moss Grips will be $14.99.
  • No coupon code needed, just place your order and $5 will be taken off each grip.

TALON Grips Adds FedEx 2 Day Air Shipping Option

We are always looking for ways to improve. Our latest move to provide better service is partnering with FedEx to provide 2 Day Air shipping. FedEx 2 Day Air is available to all 50 states. Delivery times are by 4:30 p.m. in 2 business days to most areas (by 8 p.m. to residences).

When you select FedEx 2 day shipping at checkout at talongungrips.com a tracking number will be emailed when your order ships. The cost of the expedited shipping service is $8.




Just in time for the holidays!

Things We Like- onX Hunting and Fishing Mapping App

If you like spending time exploring the great outdoors check out the onX mapping App. onX can be purchased for your cell phone or GPS.  The App has maps that can be loaded instantaneously if you have data service. If you don’t have service, no problem, download a map of the area you are going and you can pull the map up at any time, track yourself, and find out details about the area that you are in.

onX shows property boundaries, GMUs, and points of interest




























There are several tools on onX that we find especially useful.

  • Mark My Location- Mark your camp or car so you can find your way home. If you find something you want to get back to or that you want to mark its location, simply mark it.
  • Line distance- Determine the distance from point A to point B.
  • Track me- Track your journey.
  • Mark Waypoint- Want to get somewhere on the map and the visibility isn’t great? Add a waypoint and use the onX to guide you there.

The map has multiple layers that you can use to show public and private land boundaries. You can also switch between seeing just topo, satellite, and a combination satellite/topo view.

onX shows Wilderness Boundaries, Topo lines, trails

We’ve found the App invaluable. It’s increased our knowledge of where we hunt, fish, hike, and camp.

I wouldn’t advocate anyone to rely solely on any App to navigate the great outdoors.  Always carry a compass, a map of the area you are in, and pay attention to landmarks so if you lose power you will still be able to find your way home.

Learn more about onX

A Key To Accurate Shooting: Establishing Your Grip

As a firearms instructor, I ask my students a series of questions to get them thinking. One of the first questions I ask is, “which one of the seven shooting fundamentals is the most important?” This is certainly a loaded question, and one could argue that they are all important for different reasons. However, if you were to ask which one of the fundamentals is the most misunderstood or the one shooting fundamental that is applied incorrectly most often, the answer would be simple…the grip.

Establishing proper hand placement and proper grip pressure sounds simple enough, but it is one of the more difficult fundamentals for shooters to master. The hands need to be in the right position and the shooter needs to create enough grip pressure to help manage the gun as it recoils. One of the biggest issues that instructors see with grip pressure is not that the shooter struggles to create enough pressure to control the gun, it’s when they apply that pressure and are unable to sustain it consistently throughout the entire string of fire. The primary hand grip and grip pressure need to be established when the pistol is still in the holster. If the shooter can’t establish a proper grip, they need to eliminate whatever is preventing them from getting that proper grip while the gun is still in the holster. This can be an issue more so with IWB holsters that are not set up correctly or carried in the wrong position, but I also see it with poorly designed Kydex holsters or leather holsters that have a retention adjustment which blocks the fingers from getting a good grip.

Good, firm grip pressure also needs to be established for defensive and retention reasons. Once the proper grip pressure is established it needs to be maintained through out the course of fire, being careful not to increase the pressure. Maintaining consistent pressure is very difficult when the pistol’s surface is slippery.  Increasing the grip pressure with the primary hand is usually done by trying to squeeze the entire hand around the grip. Our hands are naturally made to wrap around things when we grip them however, increasing the primary hand’s grip pressure while shooting tends to wrap the hand around the gun more and will result in a twisting motion. When the pistol twists in a right-handed shooter’s hand it will usually turn to the left causing rounds to impact left of the point of aim. The opposite is true for left- handed shooters. The support hand is also extremely important in this process. Even though very little of that hand touches the pistol surface, it is wrapped around the fingers of the shooter’s primary hand and can impact the overall grip if not placed properly.

Another factor may be the external temperature and skin surface. The skin’s surface may not play a role when dry, but on hot, humid days it can become very slippery, making the portion of the support hand that is in contact with the pistol much more important. If this little bit of surface is slippery, the support hand could slide around easier and when the support hand slides around, the shooter’s tendency is to increase the grip pressure to help secure the pistol. The problem arises when the grip pressure is increased. The pistol will twist in the direction of the support hand causing rounds to impact left or right of the shooters point of aim, depending on which hand is the support hand. When the surface of the gun is slippery the likelihood of grip issues increases, making point of aim/point of impact shots much more difficult for most shooters.

When a shooter can’t properly manage recoil with their grip, most will try to manage the recoil by pushing forward into the gun as the trigger breaks, often resulting in anticipation breaks or “flinching.” This action will cause rounds to impact much lower than the desired point of aim. Flinching is one of the harder habits to break, mostly because shooters don’t realize they are doing it and the anticipation is so engrained in their neuromotor pathway that breaking the habit can take a good amount of time and practice. With proper hand placement and the proper amount of grip pressure, shooters can effectively manage recoil.

If you are having issues with your point of impact in relation to your point of aim you may have grip issues. It’s always best to seek out a qualified instructor to help you develop and maintain consistent grip position and give a set of TALON GRIPS a try.

Ben Morgan


A good safe or gun locker is vital if you have firearms. In many cases the location of a safe isn’t ideal for home defense. Our friends at The Gun Box have a solution for those who want a secure gun in a more convenient location whether it be in the living room, on a bedside stand, or in the office. They have several options that fit most needs. We have a GUNBOX 2.0, it can be quickly opened with a Fingerprint, Keypad, and RFiD Unlock. It is stylish enough so that it doesn’t look out of place regardless of the location. The gun box 2.0 is slim enough that it fits easily in a kitchen drawer or bedside stand.

If The GUNBOX is something that would make your life a little easier and more secure use discount code “talon10” to get 10% off your purchase at thegunbox.com.

See The GUNBOX 2.0 open with fingerprint recognition- Gun Box 2.0










$4 Off On The 4th Of July!

TALON Grips 4th of July Sale is happening July 4th, 2018.

  • The sale is from 12am to 11:59pm July 4th, 2018 MST
  • Gun, Taser, and phone grips will be $13.99 each
  • No coupon code is needed

Go to TalonGunGrips.com on July 4th place your order and $4 will be automatically deducted from each gun, Taser, and iPhone grip you purchase. We will still be offering free standard shipping.

Thank you for your loyalty,

The TALON Team

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TALON Hat and T-Shirt Sale

From June 15th to June 22nd all our apparel will be 25% off with free standard shipping. Get them while they last!

Hats and T-Shirts that are regularly $19.99 will be $14.99.

Trucker Hats– One size fits most snap back. Available in Black Charcoal Low, Black/Charcoal, Navy/Red, and Royal/White.

Logo Hats– One size fits most with velcro closure. Available in Black, Khaki, and Olive Drab.






Logo Camo Hats– One size fits most with velcro closure. Available in Realtree Xtra Camo.






Uncle Sam Get A Grip T-Shirt– Hanes Beefy T 100% cotton. Available in Black






Logo T-Shirts– Hanes Beefy T 100% cotton. Available in Black, Khaki, and Olive Drab.






Gun Control @ Hands and a TALON Grip T-Shirts– Hanes Beefy T 100% cotton. Available in Black and Khaki.

Why Are Our Top Selling Grips Our Top Selling Grips?

We compiled a list of the top selling grips in our line and provide a couple of our thoughts as to whey they are so popular.

Time Tested Sellers

Glock 43– Glock’s offering in 9mm Single stack arena. There’s not much to dislike, it’s reliable, priced right and it’s a Glock! There are a ton of accessories available should you want to trick out this gun. Read more about the Glock 43.

M&P Shield (classic)- The Shield is arguably the most popular CCW in America because it is a trustworthy CCW that is time proven and widely available.  Like the 43 it has an almost endless list of available aftermarket accessories. Read more about the Shield. 

Glock 19– One of most popular all around handguns in the world. It has greater capacity, is concealable,  fun to shoot at the range, and very reliable. The Glock 19 is an industry standard. Read more about the Glock 19.

Glock 42– A shade smaller and a little bit friendlier to shoot than the Glock 43.  Read more about the Glock 42. 

Springfield XD-S– Springfield’s entry into the very competitive single stack  arena. The XD-S comes in 3 great calibers: 9mm, .40, and .45 ACP. Read more about the XD-S. 

Trending Grips

Shockwave Technologies Raptor Grip for Mossberg 590 Shockwave Remington TAC 14 – These guns allow you to feel like Al Capone or one of the bad guys in Miami Vice, they are pretty darn cool looking while staying legal. If you want to keep these guns in your hands when shooting, a TALON Grip will help. Read more about the Mossberg 590 Shockwave.

CZ P10C– A great gun that is a direct competitor to the Glock 19.  A TALON Grip tames the aggressive polymer texture. Read more about the CZ P10C. 

Sig Sauer P320 X-Five, X-Carry, and X-VTAC– A high performance full size coming in several variants from the company that won the Army’s Modular Handgun competition. Read more about the Sig Sauer P320 X-Carry. 

Sig Sauer P365– A newly launched modified single stack 9mm with a magazine option that allows the gun to hold up to 12 rds. This is a gun that is breaking the rules of what a CCW is supposed to be. Read more about the Sig Sauer P365.



Dry Fire Practice With Morgan Timing Systems

Our Friend Ben Morgan with Morgan Timing Systems shares his experiences on dry-fire training.

Dry- firing is one of the most important things a shooter can do to improve their speed as well as their accuracy. Being that I make a dry fire training device that records and displays a shooters time from when the app on the phone beeps to when the shooter breaks their trigger, I get a lot of questions and comments about dry firing.

The most common question or comment is about recoil. “Why waste time dry firing if there is no actual recoil?” The simple answer is, when dry firing you focus on the fundamentals that help you manage recoil including, stance, grip and grip pressure. The second you pull the trigger, it’s too late to try and manage the recoil. If you are trying to manage recoil while pulling the trigger, you are going to tighten your grip and twist the gun left or right depending on which hand you are using (usually it’s the non-dominate hand). This twist results in rounds going to the left or right of your desired POA/POI (point of aim/point of impact). That or the shooter tries to counter act the recoil by pushing forward into the gun. This push results in the gun being forced low and creates an impact lower than the desired POA/POI. By dry firing and evaluating yourself after each shot, you can check your stance, check your grip, and check your grip pressure. With the timer, you can see exactly how long it takes you to apply your fundamentals and break that trigger. Once you are comfortable dry firing at a certain speed, you can go a little faster and see how well your fundamentals hold up.

The other question I get a lot is about accuracy. “How can I tell where the bullet would go when I dry fire?” You can tell where your bullet would go when you are dry firing, you just need to be focused on your sights, primarily your front sight. Many shooters are looking at their sights but are not truly focused on them. A simple drill to help you focus on your front sight is to dry fire with no target in your backdrop. This shows your eyes and brain what front sight focus should look like, since there is no target to distract your vision. Your eyes can’t focus on two thigs at the same time. If you try to focus on your target and your front sight at the same time you will get a blurry target and a blurry front sight. That blurry front sight makes shot placement unpredictable. The more you practice dry firing and get better and better at picking up that front sight, you will not only be able to break that first shot faster, you will see your shot groups tighten up dramatically. Holding yourself to a high standard when it comes to accuracy is important because those shot groups on the range will grow three and four times bigger under extreme stress, when targets are moving or in low light conditions.

Dry firing gives us everything we need to improve our speed and accuracy, without having to go to the range and shoot thousands and thousands of rounds of expensive ammo.

For more information take a look at:

Website- Morgan Timing Systems

Instagram- @morgantiming


Sig P320 Modules… What size?

Handgun enthusiasts today have more options than ever before when it comes to the size and fit. Users of the Sig Sauer P320 are no exception. The Sig P320 comes in four different sizes (Full Size, Carry, Compact and Sub Compact) and each size has either two or three grip module sizes available. Each grip module has a two or three letter designation on the lower part of the backstrap. Below is a table showing all possible letter combinations for the eleven grip module options. The black box denotes the size module that comes with the firearm from the factory.

This image shows several models and location of the model/size designation on the lower portion of the backstrap.
Here is a zoomed image showing a Compact-Large (left) and Compact-Small (right)
Newer modules have the model and size designated on the right side of the rail assembly


We hope this helps shed a little light on which P320 model and size you have.

Click here to order P320 grips

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