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Grips for 1911 Front Strap for 1911



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TALON Grips for 1911 Front Strap. This front wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full coverage under the trigger guard to the magazine well. To install this grip, you have to remove the side panels, install the front strap, and re-install the side panels. This grip is designed to fit Mil-Spec 1911 models with no modifications but can be cut down to fit the various other models of 1911. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

This is my 3rd grip from Talon grips. I went with the granulated front strap for my Ruger SR1911 and it's perfect! It really adds a lot of texture to get a firm purchase on the gun. I couldn't be happier. It's a pleasure to do business with Mike and Gillian and I'll definitely buy more from them.

I've seen these around for a while but didn't think much of them. Decided to give them a try on my officer sized 1911 and all I have to say is WOW! What a world of difference they really do make, especially for only a few bucks.

Great product good instructions easy to apply perfect fit

My 1911 did not have any texture on the front strap whatsoever. After a while of shooting, I would lose grip on the smooth texture-less steel so I finally decided to do something about it. I got the granulated version and man oh man, it's a whole new world!! It was super easy to install and results are great! I'll definitely be a repeat customer

Nice product, fair price. Gives that extra tacky grip needed with smooth grips on a 1911

Highly recommend. Absolutely love me front grip.

Had to trim to fit Mirco EMP, but was a snap to do for perfect fit. Easy to install, looks & feels great.

Awesome fit and finish. Feels great!

Works as advertised

excellent product and customer service.

Have the sandpaper grips for my g23 and my walther pps and love them! I also have a front strap for my 1911 love that too!

excellant product and superlative service

Awesome! Feels like a million bucks. Best $4.99 upgrade to my Colt I ever made. I've recommended it to a couple of my buddies. I'll be getting a couple for my Glocks as well.

The fit is perfect and clean looking .

Awesome product!!!

Why isn't there a rating in the drop down box higher than excellent? I rate this product better than outstanding! Yes, I could've bought some adhesive tape and did it myself, but I had already bought a set of Talon Rubberized Grips for my Glock 19 and they were amazing; so I said what the heck $5 plus free shipping, can't beat that!!! (Yes I know, run-on sentence) Those rubberized Glock 19 grips and the granulated 1911 grip both dramatically improved the handling and lack of muzzle flip of both firearms. Both weapons just felt better. Especially the Kimber Warrior SOC which came without front strap checkering, the granulated texture was a major upgrade. Have to say you definitely feel the nonslip difference of the rubberized textured version as well. Extremely satisfied; will recommend and purchase again in the future...

I have small hands, so this front grip strap allowed me to grip my Ruger SR1911 more securely. Great product! I have Talon Grips on all of my pistols.

Fits perfectly, excelent grip

Just what my SR1911 CMD needed.

Exactly what i ordered

Worked perfect on my Para Expert Commander 45ACP. The front of the grip is smooth on the Expert Commander and the Talon granular was a perfect fit for that part of the grip.

installed on Springfield loaded parkerized 1911. fit just fine. feels great. best way to add grip to 1911 without much cost. get one and you'll see.

The front strap tape is a great way to get more grip while saving the expense of checkering the metal. It's a great product.

Perfect feel and fit !!! Easy to install.. Great quality

Great products easy to install

Easy to apply and significantly improved the feel of the grip

If your 1911 front strap isn't checkered then the Talon Front Strap Grip is the answer. I am more than happy with this product. It is fantastic and so simple to install. Do yourself a favor and get one, you won't regret it. Thanks Talon for such an awesome product.

I tend to buy Bulk material and make my own Frontstrap Covering. The adhesive works so well that it doesn't come off cleanly; have to use adhesive remover. Because there are no Indentations in a bald frontstrap the grip tends to peel at top and bottom requiring replacement Esp on an EDC Firearm

Installation was a snap, looks great, feels great, a great grip improvement.

Wasn't sure how well the front grip texture would feel on my Ruger SR1911, but what a difference. I bought the rubber front strap grip and glad I did! I get a better purchase on the gun and reduces gun movement during firing. Easy to install and for only $5.00 and free shipping it's a no brainer!!

Great product, Easy to install and feels great.

Every firearm I carry, 5 different firearms, all have Talon Grips. This grip for a 1911 is the second I've ordered. It gives a good grip on the front, without digging into your fingers. One is on a Ruger LW CMD 45, the other on a Ruger LW CMD 9mm. Absolutely love the Talon Grips.

Fit perfect.
Really feel good in your hand.
They do add grip.

Easy to install. Perfect fit. Feels great.

Bought these for my Springfield Armory EMP so knew they would have to be modified a bit. Made a simple paper template, cut it down as required, installed as directed and it looks/feels great. In combination with VZ grips, the grip is secure and comfortable. If it stays in place, and I trust it will, I anticipate enjoying sending many rounds down range.

Talon Grips over all are great products.
The 1911 front strap makes the fell very controllable.
I have Talon Grips on Rugers; RIA,&Glocks. there
make the guns complete.

Must have if your 1911 doesnt have checkering on the front. Great product.

Ordered 1 of each, granulate & rubber. Love the feel and extra grip, even with sweaty hands. As good as checkering as long as the adhesive have holds. Like the enclosed alcohol prep pads. Use them! Also, pre measure & .make light pencil marks so grip is applied exactly centered.

Great fit easy to install.

Good feel and great fit.

Fitz very good feels good and excellent product and very comfortable

For those of us that have a 1911 without a checkered frontstrap, the granulated TALON grip is an excellent remedy. Easy to install, this grip makes your 1911 feel like its a part of your hand providing absolute confidence when pointing, aiming and firing. This is it. THE FIX.

this is a great addition for those who don't have or want aggressive checkering or grooved grips. I installed on a Rock Island and didn't want anything to interfere with the VZ grips and still have some extra grip security; these totally did the trick! Fantastic product!

Clean look and precise fit.

If this granulated grip-strip for the 1911 was a tad less aggressive this product would be perfect for me. The instructions did say you may sand it down before mounting but I did not want to damage its appearance from the get-go. I'm sure it will smooth down some with use. Regardless, this is an excellent product, simple to apply, did not alter the grip side panels look or feel and is very effective in providing a firm hold if your 1911 has a smooth front strap. At the asking price you can not go wrong.

Perfect, inexpensive and does the job. It now offers much better gun control.

Great performance at affordable cost.
In a few minutes you will get an excellent texture on your 1911 front grip.
A perfect fitting combined with most standard grips on the market.

Installed front strap on my early model S&W 1911. along with the factory rubber grips. Made a huge improvement in control and muzzle rise. I would recommend it to anyone.

Great grip for ccw for my wife's ATI Titan .45, keeps gun tight in the hand ,, without adding bulk like large rubber grips.

Oh I forgot to review this....i LOVE these grips! I installed the front strap and bam insta grip like no other! I also bought the larger sheet to so I can cut them and install them on my gun slide (yes on the slide, my kimber master carry pro has a self lube slide so it's really hard to rack the slide so after I installed the grips I can now rack the slide without slip! I totally recommend these grips!

Great product. Added the grip that I was looking for. Easy to install.

Customer Service stated no direct kit/fit for a Browning Hi-Power; so they suggested this as a substitute. Decent job of covering the front and rear grip strap surfaces with careful placement and cutting; more material needed really.

Great product. I used the rubber texture on my Springfield EMP since it has no front strap treatment. It works great and is much cheaper than checkering.

Fast shipping and just what I needed to give the extra grip on the front of my 1911. My next order will be for the rubber grips.

Veramente ottimo

My 1911 doesn't have any texture on the front strap. I added the Talon sandpaper texture front strap grip. It's outstanding, adds a super positive grip and is well worth the money. Will continue to use Talon grips.

Rubber Front Strap for my Springfield Armory works great. I have a bad right hand and this helps me grip the gun much better.

Another Quality Product. Looks and Feels great on my 1911.
I'll be a return customer...

Love your grips I have now installed them on everything I own that you make a pattern for. My wife is a bit jealous that I'm spending so much time with these projects.

Fits my Springfield MilSpc perfectly.
Easy to install and does the job. Well worth it

Easy to install and does provide extra purchase when gripping your 1911 pistol. Does the job it is intended to do.

The missing link for my 1911! Trimmed just a hair off both sides with my scissors and it fits perfect. Well worth the minimal cost and free USPS postage too. Will be buying for my other pistols.

Front strap fit on my Dan Wesson Patriot as if it were a stock item. Enhanses my grip which improves accuracy!

Fit is great and help with keeping gun from moving around in my hand.

I had been trying to rationalize spending a good bit of money for some Checkering on my 1911's but decided I had to try the Talon grip for the front strap. Am glad i did. I got two of both the grit and the granule and settled on the granule. It is good for no-snag on clothing in IWB holster and gives me that little bit more solid grip that I was wanting and saved me a lot of bucks. The granule is a good tactile texture rubber. The grit is a sandpaper type.

Nice enhancement to my Ruger 1911, great fit.

This is an excellent product. It's inexpensive, quick and simple to install and most importantly, it's very functional. Does exactly what it's designed to do.

I have installed Talon front straps on three 1911's...excellent.

I have talon grips on 4 of my guns and love the difference it makes. Great product, I have introduced you grips to friends and family and they also have talon on there guns too. Thanks for the great product and great price.

Installed front strap on my Remington 1911. Great price and the gun feels good, love shooting that gun. I have talon grips on most of my guns

If your 1911 front strap doesn't have any checkering, you need this Talon grip. Excelant addition to my Range Officer.

I use Talon gun grips on all of my pistols that they make them for and some of the Talon material on some that they do not. I am planning on using some on the back strap of a 1911 hand grip I put on an AR pistol I'm building. These things are great.

Worked very well on my Colt commander

Easy to install, haven't seen any wear or degradation so far. Have over 200+ rounds with them on. I imagine it will last quite awhile. Nice solution for some grip on the front strap without having to pay the expense to have custom checkering done.

The final touch for my R1 1911 Enhanced. Makes holding it a lot nicer.

The 1911 front straps fit s well it looks like the gun was made tha way. Adhesive is excellent.

An excellent produce. Works well.

excellent ! Really helps to provide a positive grip..
Highly recommend it...

Immediately upon grasping the pistol and extending my arm, I can feel the texture of the front strap on the firearm. It is a positive and reassuring feeling in that it gives me a feeling of complete control of the pistol, much moreso than prior to installation.

It's amazing! I carry my 1911 cross-draw, iwb. The front strap has a tendency to ride on my belt and a bit of it just under your logo started to tear and lift. I immediately dabbed a smidgeon of super glue on it and have put between 100 to 200 rounds through it since then. It's amazing to me how your adhesive can hold this piece of rubber to the front strap through everyday carry & use.
Well done, Talon Grips!

The front strap of my Kimber Pro Carry II was just to slick for my liking. There's only a few options to correct the problem, send the gun away, have the front strap checkered, then pay to have the frame refinished, put on grips with the rubber finger grooves, or find a product like Talon. For $4.99, it was a no brainer. The Talon grip fit where I needed it and provides a great purchase on the firearm. I wanted to improve this gun, not buy it a second time, Talon filled the bill, as it has so many times before. Great product and great service, Thanks Talon!

Very nice, less aggressive than the granulate, but still able to hold on.

Works great on the front strap of my Ruger 1911.

Really keeps the gun from slipping when drawing from the holster making it easier to set your grip. Talon always make quality products.

Used on an aluminum frame compact that did not have checkering on its front strap. This was an easy and effective way of providing excellent grip. Before it was quite slippery. I've tried both the grit and the rubber grip on the front strap. I like them both but for my purposes the rubber gets the nod

Improved the grip noticeably on my R11 Enhanced. I'd recommend it.

Interesting product. Material less aggressive texture looks like Gun Tape. The more aggressive textured product looks/feels like skateboard tape. I look forward to trying both products on my compact 1911s.