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TALON Grips for Beretta Nano model (Rubber Texture)

Grips for Beretta Nano



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TALON Grips for Beretta Nano model. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip has graphic cutout for the Beretta emblem on each side of the firearm. Extended magazine grips are available for the 8 round magazine for this model (sold separately). FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Great fit. Good color match

Talon Grips are awesome! Never had any issues. I've put them on over 6 guns. I will only use Talon Grips

Had ordered the granulated for my glock thought i would try the rubber for my berreta. Hated it wouldnt buy the rubber. Will reorder the granulated. Contacted talon wouldnt help me out. Granulated is the only way to go. Tough hands.

Easy to follow instructions and install great grip for the nano bu9

Again, great product. looks good, works good. Every one that I have purchased has fit perfect. Very comfortable when worn inside the waist ban. Keeps the weapon from rubbing you raw. I will have Talon grips on all my hand guns before its over. By the way great price to.
Thanks again John B

Great grip addition for the Beretta Nano

Outstanding grips and easy to apply, they make the a world of difference in the hot summer Florida climate. I have used Talon Grips for 3 of my carry pistols, Pico, Nano and Bersa Thunder and have no complaints, Follow the easy instructions and they look and feel like original equipment.

Perfect in every way. Great fit, easy to install, ordered 3 more sets for other guns

I've had black rubberized Talon grips on my Nano for over 4 years and love them. I recently purchased a FDE grip and Trijicon night sites for the Nano. I learned that the new "moss" Talon grips were available and now the familiar comfortable and controllable grips are once again a part of my Nano. The color matche the FDE frame perfectly. If I have any complaint, I wish they could be had for the same price as some of their competitors. That said, I guess I did buy Talons and not the "other brand".

Great product! Easy to install and outstanding customer service. Refund on the first set of grips was fast and ‘painless’.

I love these grips. Highly recommended. Very easy to install. Will be ordering more for my other guns.

I purchaced the grip with the grit texture for my nano. The grip fit the gun perfectly and it really allows you to control the weapon.

Easy to install. Only trouble was where the two edges came together but using a heat gun seemed to help. I love the grip though- definitely makes a world of difference keeping a hold of a small pistol especially with the 6 round magazine.

As always, the grip was a perfect fit and made a huge difference in the overall feel and handling of the subcompact Nano. I have purchased several grips from Talon Grips and as usual, I am not disappointed.

Although I haven't taken my Nano to the range since adding the rubber texture grip it has enhanced the grip considerably. The installation was uneventful thanks to the clear concise illustrated instructions. There is only one intentional overlap in an area at the tips of my fingers, Heating the grip allowed it to form perfectly to the gun leaving perfect contact in all areas. I think I'm going to love this thing. I would have given it 5 stars but not until I've been to the range.

Fit the Nano perfectly. Gripping the pistol is much better and has more control. No peeling.

Great grips! You can’t get any better for the price! They are pretty easy to install and make a big difference in the feel of the whole gun! I will definitely be adding these to more of my firearms... highly recommended for the price!

Love feel of grips,makes for much better control of Nano pistol. Easy to install.

Love the grips. This is my second gun that I've put Talon Grips on. Love them! My grip on the gun is greatly improved with the added Talon grips. Great product! You won't be disappointed!

Love the grips for my BU-9! The Moss brown contrasts so well and the fit is perfect as always. Thanks for a great accessory for my daily carry.

First time user. Easy installation, great feel. I got the rubberized grips and it makes the Nano feel incredible.

great item, I will order more soon. THANK YOU

Very good fit and finish. Easy to install. Would suggest regular hair dryer NOT industrial heat gun for final fitting. Great customer service. Highly recommend

Amazing products, perfect fit, easy installation, excellent grip, Super fast shipping to Puerto Rico A++.

Good product. I took my Beretta Nano to the range the other day and they helped me get a better and firmer grip on the pistol.

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Made the nano a completely different gun a great upgrade

Perfect fit. Five minutes and you got a good grip on your pistol.

Fits like a glove and really helps this sawed off cannon stay under control

Fit my Beretta Nano perfectly. First time I installed a Talon grip and it was simple, easy, and turned out perfect.

I ordered new Talon Grips for my Nano and had them in about 2 days or 3 days. I thought the shipping was very quick. I watched some videos on installation of the Talon Grips so I knew what to expect. Cleaned off my Nano with the supplied wipe and installed my new grip. I think it took me all but about 2 minutes to get a perfect fit. Hit the grip with the hair dryer and that was all it took. The new grips not only look good but its amazing how much that thin rubber grip makes my Nano feel so much better that it already felt. Very happy with my Talon Grip.

Talon black rubber grips feel great on my Nano and also look great!

Easy install, great fit and perfect feel.

Good and easy to apply. Feels good in my hands. Only down side is that it can catch on your shirt because of its grip

Easy installation and fits like a glove, my wife loves her nano even more now. Nice product talon grips.

I decided to take the granulate grips I installed a year ago off to see how the rubber ones work for me. First of all, if you install these as directed, they work very well- my granulate grips were still 100% firmly in place. If you want to know which style you should choose- I can't help you- I like them both.

I like the feel of these grips.

A breeze to apply. Very well made. Would highly recommend for all levels of shooters.

Every bit as good as advertised, really helped with control of the short grip, really good with my IWB holster.

Great fit, Nice addition to my Beretta Nano.

Fine fit. Nice addition to my nano.

Beretta Nano, just got a little better wearing Talon Grips now perfect fit and you just can't beat that Grip. Thanks again Talon A+A+A+ Dave Breakfield

Beretta BU9 (Nano) - Absolutely love what this product has done to my pistol! I was skeptical at first, but was willing to give it a try due to the affordability. The grips were SUPER EASY to install, and fit perfectly - no cutting or readjusting, just lay it on. Not to mention the extra grip has improved my accuracy, and confidence, with this subcompact. The customer service is bar none with Talon Grips. My shipment had a hand written note, saying "Thank you Stuart!" I am glad to see they add the "little things" that most companies overlook nowadays. 100% satisfied customer - THANK YOU TALON GRIPS!!!

Perfect fit for my wife's nanotechnology. Looks good on the cancer pink.

Fit like a glove.

Outstanding product. My 2nd purchase from Talon...does not disappoint! Thanks again!!

Quality, fit,instructions and ease of installation are the best.

Here is an example of "why" the engineer(s) get the big bucks!
Whomever thought of the black-rubber material and took the time to cut it to an exact fitting layout, needs to be applauded.
After receiving the material kit for our Beretta Nano 9mm gun, 2 extended magazines and 1 pinky extension, all that was left for me to do was apply it properly. Following the already thought out instructions, gave me perfect fitting, very good looking and extremely practical results.
I have "tamed" this Nano-Nine!

Wish I could attach some pictures..........

it is very important that you follow the directions 100% otherwise the grip will not even resist normal wear from daily carry. It seems that If you follow the directions, the grip should last at least six - eight months if you shoot once a month.

Grip is everything with small handguns . Talon Grips made the difference between the decision to Nano or not to Nano. Because of Talon Grips I Nano.

Great fit with easy installation. Definitely improves the grip on the Nano. Especially useful when you have the floating pinky on the grip. Highly recommended!

I haven't applied the grips because I am concerned about damaging my firearm and the process is more consuming than I expected - trimming / time requirement , etc. I will most likely attempt on a day I have plenty of time. I came to this conclusion after watching online videos of folks who are more experienced than myself. what happens to my gun if I have to take the decals off?

Excellent fit! Granulate texture affords very positive grip.
Well worth the price.

nice perfectly

Very easy to apply and durable. Good grip without any stickiness. Forms to your gun very well.

I added the Talon grip to my Nano and found it to be better than expected.

I shoot my XD 9 weekly at the range. I had a Hogue grip that never seemed to stay in place. I switched to the Talon grip and am really happy with it.

I really like the look and feel these grips put on this gun. Great product

Outstanding grips. All my handguns are outfitted with Talon grips !!!

Talon grips, I use the granular, are simply the best grips on the market. I'd like to try the rubber but can't get past how well the granular grips work. Additionally these grips fit like a glove and are easy to install.

have used Talon grips on all my pistols and when i seen they had for the Nano i had to get them. As allways they fit great and make my pistols feel perfect such a good product highly recomend them

Greatly improves the handling of the Nano. I bought the rubber granulated grip.

I use the textured rubber Talon grips on my Nano and other compacts and subcompacts. When they applied as directed they hold up very well to most use. Talon does a great job at shaping and cutting relief lines so the grip applies with no bulges or stretching. I do like the sand paper type grips they offer but have found the to be a bit too aggressive and grippy from everyday use, as they tend to wear holes in items near the grip. However I would find the aggressive sand paper/skater tape grips to be more ideal on a long arm/AR/Tavor type weapon . As for now the textured rubber grips are ideal for my EDC firearms. My wife would really like to see the textured rubber come in different colors.... she'd put that s*** on everything lol.

I have a Beretta Nano that I use for shooting and to carry. Because of the size of the Nano, every time I'd shoot, it'd feel like the gun was slightly jumping and shifting in my hand. Causing my spread to be somewhat sporadic.

I was watching some videos on YouTube and Hickock45, and several others, mentioned that grip is very important when shooting. And they mentioned how much they liked the Talon Grips. So I figured I'd give them a shot and ordered them.

First off, the website is very user friendly and it's easy to find what you need. Secondly, the price is incredibly reasonable! For me, the grips shipped out the next day and I received them a few days later in the regular mail.

Once I received them, installation went really smooth and easy. Once they were on, the gun felt great. Man, did it make a world of difference when it came to shooting. My spread got tighter and my accuracy improved dramatically.
The Nano no longer shifted or jumped in my hands, and it just felt great.

I already have, and will continue to, recommend Talon Grips to anyone looking for a simple way to improve their shooting. Also for carrying I carry IWB. And the rubber grips have never bothered or irritated my skin. Fantastic product!!!

Positive feel but may be a little over aggressive.

Perfect addition to the Nano. Drawing and shooting with the Talon grips inspires confidence without the unwanted bulk of typical slip-on grips. Worth every penny.

Nice grip addition

Exchanged the Nano grips for Glock 42 grips. Glock 42 grips worked well.

The rubberized grips fit perfectly and allow a more comfortable feel when shooting.

Fit was perfect. Aesthetically pleasing. Outstanding function. Sticks in my hand like glue, but able to carry IWB or pocket holster comfortably.

Easy to install. Fit perfect on my beretta nano. Nice firm grip.
love it.

Easy to install. Fit perfect on my beretta nano. Nice firm grip.
love it.

See my review above which should actually go here I guess! The only problem I have experienced is some very premature wearing down near the bottom of the magazine well? Not sure why this happening... Otherwise I am duly impressed with your product. Any chance you'll create an iPhone 6 grip soon?


I put these on my Nano and what a difference, gun feels more secure in my hand, and feels good. I got the black granulated.

Awesome product, I love the way it feels in my hand. It give you very good control. Gun stays planted in your hand.

Fantastic product!

excellent !

Outstanding product!!!

What an enhanced grip. Beretta should have consulted with Talon when the Nano was on the drawing board. Don't leave home with out them. Before I purchased my Nano I rented one with the extended mag without the grips. My groupings were not pretty but I purchased the Nano anyway with the mindset of having Talon grips on MY gun. Next trip to the range, I took the bullseye out. My grip improved and so did my groups. This rubber grip is the best and I do tell my friends. Thanks TALON for a great product, as advertised. I will be back as my wife is deciding what carry gun she wants.

The rubber grips were easy to install, look great and feel great on my nano!

Quick Delivery and easy install. The grip on my Nano was good, but it is perfect with the Talon Grips added. I have larger hands and it gave me a much better grip.

What can I say... Talon grips rock!

Perfect fit. Looks great. Helps keep better grip. Love it.

Fit well and looks good.

Fit well and looks good.

perfect fit

Facorty markings left uncovered and the grips fit perfect!

Facorty markings left uncovered and the grips fit perfect!

Facorty markings left uncovered and the grips fit perfect!

The Talon grips made a big difference in the feel, style and handling of my nano. They make it easier to grab from my holster. The grip's aid in getting a good grip and maintaining it shot for shot. The grips fit and finish add to the looks of my nano also. I recommend them too everyone. Thank you!!

High quality product that exceeded my expectations. Thanks Talon.

Very nice product --adds to the appearance of the gun as well a more secure hand grip. Would like to see an addition for the magazine extension for the 8 rd mag.

Excellent product. Makes the small grip of a Nano stick to you hand. Super quick shipping. Happy customer.

Wonderful grip. Went on easy, looks great, doesn't add a lot of bulk and does the job. Have Talon grips on my Nano and Glock 19 Gen4.

Fit like a glove! Very easy to install. I have had mine on the Nano for 2 months now with no problems. This is the first pistol I have installed Talon grips on but it will not be my last.

Very effective, it really improved the handling of my Nano. I find it slightly overpriced, though...

Looks and feels!Thanks

So far so good. I was worried about them coming off, but after a few weeks use and lots of dry-draw practice, I have yet to see any peeling. The grip is definitely improved and no appreciable thickness added to grip. I have stippled a grip before and this is better to me. Cheap, fast and easy to apply and removable in case I decide to sell the pistol.

Perfect fit, much better feel then stock. Talon has the best service, I called to adjust my order and there was no charge. Thanks Team Talon

Just got mine in. Fast shipping, and easy installation. The Nano felt good in the hand before, but these grips (rubber) make it feel so much better. Highly recommend these grips. Went with rubber because of the method I carry, did not want the rougher "sandpaper" grips rubbing against bare skin. Tried the other style on a buddy's glock 26 and I do like the other grips better for range shooting though.

Just got the rubber grips for my Nano. First, ordered and delivered to the house in three days, nice quick service and they took the time to ad a signed thank you. Included instructions, alcohol swab, grips, and a cool sticker for the truck window. Grips were very easy to install, and feel great. The Nano bare already felt good in the hand, but with the addition of Talon grips it feels great! Thank you!!!

They went on easily. They fit precisely. The instructions were clearly written. I'm a happy camper and would highly recommend them.Ray

Great fit, easy to install and gives my Beretta Nano a fantastic feel.

Great Product !!Kudos to Hickok45 for recommendation.

very easy to put on

Love the grips!

I love these grips! My Beretta Nano has such a stubby and slick handle that without a good grip, I would have little confidence to shoot it. The grip has enabled to shoot the pistol with greater accuracy. I wonder why Beretta doesn't offer all their Nanos with this grip as standard.

These grips look amazing on my pistol. I have the pink version and the grips complete the look of the pistol. Very easy to put on as well. Recommend to anyone

Awesoms service!! I forgot to order my extension grip after i ordered my gun wrap and i emailed to add it to my order and it was put in the order for free, great buainess and product, very easy to apply

Great product

Very nice grips.First stick-on grips I've ever owned. They give you a better feel of the pistol.

Very good product. Provides that extra grip that makes all the difference.

Fit great ,made a big difference when drawing out of my pocket holster, and i feel i have a lot better control of my firearm when shooting.... way more secure as far as grip goes

Fit great ,made a big difference when drawing out of my pocket holster, and i feel i have a lot better control of my firearm when shooting.... way more secure as far as grip goes

It's an excellent grip and it is also esthetically appealing. My only complaint is that I normal carry in my purse and I noticed that after about a week the grip started pealing away from the overlap area. I followed the directions as written and used a blow dryer to set the grip and let it sit out for 8 hours to make sure it hardened properly. Other than that I absolutely love this grip, it feels awesome in my hand and on the range.

Great on my Nano. Love 'em.By the way, I volunteered to be in the loaner program with my SIG P226. So call me so I can sent it to you, and then buy grips for my 226!

This rubberized grip is just what this pistol needs to assure a firm, confident grip. Very easy to put onto the gun. A Kansas Concealed Carry Instructor

Makes the gun feel secure in my hand and it adds to the beauty of the gun.

Excellent grip, nice customer service, plus looks amazing with the cutouts showing the beretta logo. Great job talon grips I will be ordering one for my glock

I have these on my Nano, and these things are like pine tree sap. This made a snappy little Beretta, almost surrealistic in grip. I couldn't be happier.

So I finally applied my talon grips and followed the instructions by heating the grips onto my firearm using my extremely hot dashboard, since I don't have a hair-dryer. Anyhow, I waited to review until after I went to the range, and from what I can tell there's a marked improvement in recoil control and follow-up shot.I noticed that drawing from my holster was markedly easier given the 'stick' the grips gave my fingers. I no longer have to firmly grip the lower in order to draw, which is actually quite nice.Overall, I'm rather impressed with the grips and plan on purchasing another set with my next firearms purchase.CG