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TALON Grips for Beretta PX4 Storm Compact 9mm and .40. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip has graphic cutouts for the Beretta emblem on each side of the firearm. This grip is designed to fit the backstrap(s) selected. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

I initially ordered and installed the granular grip and found it uncomfortable.
I requested a replacement, the on-phone conversation was prompt, pleasant and to the point. I received my textured grips, with a customer loyalty discount-which was unexpected. Installed the textured grip and am seeing the improvement in accuracy.
Thank you,

I didn't like the fit, I followed directions and the weren't very well stuck to the pistol. Didn't think the rubber texture grip was as grippy as the stock grip. I took it off and threw it away 20 minutes after I put it on. I've had better results with grip tape from the hardware store. I was very disappointed, I heard great stuff about talon grips, my experience was that it was a waste of money for me.


Grip fit well and went on very easy. I would buy from Talon again.

Big improvement over original OEM grip. I have these on all my pistols

It fits like a glove, Huge difference in the feel and grip. Only been to the range once with these on and have no complaints at this time. Only concern I have is with cleaning the gun after shooting and using solvent, have to be extra careful not to soften the adhesion on the grips.

Has been a blessing by improving the grip and feel of a already great gun. Highly recommend these grips. Will be ordering more very shortly for a few others that I own.

Love these groups so much to meet my Garfield totaling you just the way I expected it will be putting them on all my guns just one slight problem I ordered it with a small grip on my PX4 Storm it looks like they did not get that memo it seems that I have a standard one it would be nice if they sent me the right grip size for my gun

Beautiful fit as usual. Easy to install. Only problem is color, looks like baby poop!


Totally transformed the grip and how PX4 feels and handles.

Great advantage over the slick factory grips!

Wasn't sure what I was going to get since I have never seen one, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. I thought I would get something sort of rubbery, but this is very similar to skateboard grip-tape. Wasn't sure I would like it, but I actually kindof do. I may order the other style as well tho.

Talon grips are the best. I had a rubber sleeve on the grip but it somehow took away the original feel of the gun. I was really aware that it was added on. The Talons feel like original equipment in that you don't notice any change in the shape of the grip, just a better one. Great product.

The grips feel a lot better than the regular ones. I don't feel like I'm going to loose my grip when I fire a few rounds

Love it. Exact fit and it looks good too. It made my favorite gun feel even better. Easy to install

Great grip. Applied easily to my px4 storm. Made the ability to grip the gun much better. Night & day. A much need addition to the PX4. Would highly recommended.

Great grip. Applied easily to my px4 storm. Made the ability to grip the gun much better. Night & day. A much need addition to the PX4. Would highly recommended.

The grips have turned a handgun that was good into one that is great. It has improved the feeling of control dramatically, and while not as important the looks as well. I highly recommend this product, easy to install. How well it holds up remains to be seen.

I have used Talon grips on three other pistols and love them.When I ordered my PX storm compact carry that is modified by Earnest Langdon and the Robar team, was so happy they were including the Talong grips.
Perfect grip every time and would recommend them to all.Thank you Talon team

What a "basic" idea and so effective! The sense of hold is greatly improved, comfortable and nice and thin. The untreated grip, though not bad, I did not realize I was compensating for the slickness in my hold. Now it's a much, much more solid feel. I'm a little wary of any product that sticks and has to endure handling, but I read a review by a carrying gun owner. After 6-months he wrote that the Talons still looked new and no unsticking; so I thought it was worth a try. Very much worth the try. Thanks for a super product!

What can I say about Talon? They are clearly the best grips on the market. Best customer service. Fastest shipping times. I have them currently on 7 pistols. I don't recommend you do this, but I even placed them in an ultrasonic cleaner filled with pistol cleaner for 10 minutes. Still holding after 90 days of use. Awesome product guys.

Fit perfect. 10 minute install. Will see how they hold up. Great improvement over original polymer.

Put it on the grips before I went to the range for the first time. They're a big help. I have talon grips on each handgun I own. I'd definitely recommend it.

This is the second handgun I have bought Talon grips for and the results with both are awesome. Great product!

These have made my storm so much better to grip. The original grip is smooth and the texture on these grips has changed all that easy to install as well

Helps to control recoil for more accurate shooting.

So far things are look good. Easy to install and feels great to my hand.

I would recommend this product.

Marine Corps taught me how to shoot 27 years ago... do yourself a favor and buy these Talon Grips for your handgun. I purchased the Talon Grips for my recent purchase of a Beretta Px4 Storm Compact. These Talon Grips are my first grips for any handgun that I have owned and although I was skeptical at first after installing them on the weapon it was absolutely an improvement. The handgun felt great in my hand, fit perfectly, and also looks GREAT on the Px4 Storm Compact. It looks natural. Glad I made the purchase. Reason I decided to try these Grips is because I felt like the Px4 Storm was just a little bit slippery in my hand than what I was used to from my ownership of the Beretta 92FS.

Perfect as always. The only product I have found that is high quality, dependable, and perfect every time. Thanks for making a product shooters can depend on.

Talon Gun Grips are superior to any other grips on the market. The fit is perfect and they provide a significantly better purchase on the gun. I use Talon Grips on all my hand guns and recommend them highly. If one is thinking about purchasing them my advice is to purchase them, you will not be disappointed.

As usual the grips fit well,and provide a good purchase on my Berette PX4 allowing faster follow up shots. I also have them on my Ruger SR 9 & 40 and they also help improve the pistols from sliding in my hand.

new brown color like desert storm awesome thanks fit perfect like always keep getting these for my storms

This was my second order of Talon grips for the Beretta Px4 Compact. I cut the first set w/ an Exacto blade in order to replace the hammer spring. A little squeezing & the old grips are fine, so I'll save this set as a spare.

Great product & highly recommended.

When I bought my Beretta PX4 Storm Compact, it had every feature I was looking for in a firearm, save one: the grip was a little too slippery, which could be a huge issue given I had chosen it for my EDC. After noticing my exact firearm on with the Talon grip installed, I bought one. All I can say is wow! It went right on, fits like a glove, and makes my already great Beretta truly exceptional! Highly recommended!

Great Grips at a great price. I purchased the rubber textured model and couldn't be happier with this purchase. In addition, they were easy to install. Thanks TALON!

I'm amazed at the improvement the granulate grips made to my PX4 Compact. The factory feel is slippery IMHO, and these grips make it feel welded to my hand. Great product!

Ordered the sand paper style for my PX4 compact, fits great works well at the range. Ordered another for my G2w.

Just follow the directions.

Fits like a glove as usual

Gives me more confidence, huge improvement

I have Talon Grips installed on my Beretta Nano so when I recently purchased a PX4 Compact I ordered a set for it, too. The grips are simple to apple and they really improve the overall feel and control of the gun. They arrived very quickly and are simple to apply to the gun. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for something to give you better feel for any polymer frame pistol.

Grip shipped fast and on time. The granulate version does an amazing job of increasing firing grip.

Great product! Simple to install and makes the PX4 Compact an even better choice for ccw.

First time to use Talon Grips. Placed on my Beretta PX4 Storm Compact EDC. Absolutely a great product. Very easy to apply. I normally do not leave reviews but Talon impressed me so much, I ordered 2 more sets for other handguns. I would recommend Talon to anyone.

I finally received my grips today (10/11) after I ordered them on September 18th (23 days later). I understand they may have been lost in the mail after contacting TG concerning my order, after waiting the approx. 10 business days to receive my grips. Customer service was good, other than myself having to pay for the tracking of the package for the reorder of my grips (which I'm now wondering why they didn't step up to the plate on that..), they were extremely helpful. The grips were easy to install and fit perfectly! I plan on taking care of everything so I'm hoping they'll last a while.

I'm always satisfied with my talon grips. I put them on almost all of my guns and have never had a problem. Shipping time was less than a week from order to delivery. You've got my business.

I ordered the grit texture grip for px4 storm compact. Installing this grip gave was easy but the grip was not cut for a perfect fit. I had to trim to make the grip look decent. It would be nice if they could make them in seperate pieces so you can just cover where you want the most grip. But all in all it is so far a great product and this is a very aggressive sturdy grip, gives your gun a whole new feeling.

Hi I ordered my Talongrip on the 26th of August to be delivered to South Africa, the ordering process was so easy and even with the huge time difference between countries I have a swift reply to my question over email.

My only concern is that I haven't received my grip yet and I'm not sure when I can expect to get it.

Great grips, it really makes a huge difference imo with overall control and handling. Using the rubber versions on the PX4 and am very satisfied with the function.

One of the best products I've used. Did do a little trimming but that's to be expected on a pistol with different size back straps. Will be buying them for all of my handguns!

The rubber textured black Talon grips for my Beretta px4 storm compact feel fantastic and were simple to install. Definitely added a more secure grip than the existing stock grip. I would highly recommend them!

Order arrived very fast. Grips were not difficult to install, the included instructions are a must. Definately follow the instructions, don’t trim grip like some videos show. I have not had a chance to fire the gun yet, but the rubber grips feel great .

I highly recommend these grips.

These are the only grips i use on my handguns. Very easy to apply makes a huge difference on the grip of my guns.

Makes a world of difference. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Great product....I will never go with out it!! Thanks Talon gun grips!

I used the grips on my sub compact It works very wellE

I've got talons on all my handguns. Easy to put on and they feel great.

I had heard great things about Talon grips from a friend who puts them on his Glocks. I was very happy to see the grips being made for the PX4 Storm Compact. I was even happier to see my grouping sizes decrease after installing the grip.

Excellent fit and finish, matched the gun perfectly.

I love my PX4 Compact 9mm. The only issue is that it is a little "slippery". I purchased the rubber grip. Easy install and they feel great. Highly recommended this product.

never had a bad one. have a grit grip on PPQ for over 3 years lots of use still good

The Talon rubber grip feels awesome and was not difficult to install. I use the smallest handle insert on my PX4 Storm Compact so needed the small size Talon Grip. Took about 30 minutes to install. Rubber doesn't snag as much as the sandpaper. Awesome product!

I love the sandpaper grips!!!!

All my guns have these best grip out there

Excellent product perfect fit.!!!
Btw do you have one specific for M&P 22 compact?

Grip is nice and tacky but solid. It fit about as perfect as it can get. It's been on my edc for a while now and is holding up very well. I'm tough on my gun and it has held up very good to bumps and scrapes with no markings or gouges. I'm very happy with it. I will be getting grips for my other guns as well.

Great product, made my grip better and slip resistant. Comfortable feel and simple to apply and install.

I just received my Talon Grips for my Beretta PX4.
They arrived in just 4 days. Everything was as advertised. Application took less than 10 minutes and the grip is wonderful.
Better in every way for all round operation: mag release, safety etc. with one hand. Super grip, super product. Now to the range.


David E. Prestridge

Found something better that stays longer and holds up to solvent better with a more perfect fit.

C J Bufalino

Thank you for this great product. I have and will continue to recommend these grips. However, nothing is perfect yet we strive for perfection to make us better. Saying that, in my opinion the directions on heating the grips could be better. I have two small areas that I need to fix that bubbled up on the edge of the grip. I didn't not want to over heat the grips so maybe I didn't not hear them enough with the hair dryer. It would be nice to have a better description of the amount of time needed for both applications (hair dryer and heat gun) since both take different about or time to heat.

Thank you again for a great product.

No question those who purchased along with myself feel there the best on the market. Hopefully in the future we will be able to have choices in color or graphic prints, can you imagine !

I was worried about the the sizings and there is no info in the product description about why there are other sizes. Alas I figured they must be for the different back straps. Other than my worry that I ordered the wrong size (which I miraculously didn't) these groups are everything everyone told me they would be. I shoot night and day more accurately now. I was beginning to think I was just meant to shoot a rifle. But now I love shooting my pistol. These will go on every handgun I buy in the future.

As always the rubberized grips arrived before the due date. I put them on my Beretta PX4 Compact and what a difference they make. I can see why Beretta has decided to include a set with each new PX4 Compact Carry when released. A truly great product.

The storm is slick gripped by design. Talons are super thin and grip amazingly. Fantastic product. I bought for 3 handguns and 100% will not use anything else. Thx

Very good feel, adds much needed grip on the PX4 and it also looks good too. I recommend the rubber but have not tried the granulated.

This is my 3rd Talon grip - Love them! Perfect fit on each of my handguns. The PX4 has a large grip, this rubber grip from Talon provides a superior feel and greater control while handling. Each of my polymer pistols will have a Talon grip.

This is my second pair of talon grips, I have some for my nano. They are one of the best and we'll priced upgrades for your gun you can get. As long as you follow the instruction they will last a long time. I did notice thought that the one for the compact was a little big, assuming this is because they also fit the larger back for the px4, so it bunched up a little. Other than that I recommend these to everyone that has grips like that

Got these today, easy to install and after taking a trip to the range I am very satisfied.

I did take a razor to cut away the front and rear portions. I only wanted the grip tape on the sides of the pistol grip. The only complaint I have with the Storm Compact is the slippery grip, these Talons solved that problem instantly.

As I have small hands the installed a very secure grip on the pistol. My accuracy has very much improved.
The install went as advertised. A perfect fit.

I also ordered a sheet of talon for my Ruger MK III 22/45. After careful measurements and paper template I cut and installed the material on my target pistol. My scores have also improved greatly. I will recommend the grips to all that ask about them.

Until the next pistol, Thank You

With the addition of the Talon grips, my Storm is much easier to grip, easier to draw from holster, just a better feel in my hand. Great adfition!

The grips were easy to put on and feel good! Will get more for the rest of my weapons.

The instructions were very clear and the fit was excellent. I can't prove it, but I think the Talon Grip may have improved my accuracy with the PX4. I really like the texture this grip provides.

Great fit and a real improvement over the hard plastic feel of the PX4 grip.

Very excellent service

I bought these for my PX4 Storm Compact and it was a pretty big improvement. The gun used to get a little slippery once you started sweating, but this has solved that problem. Good fit and a very easy installation process.

I love these grips. I have installed them on 3 different models that I have. They feel great and add control for some of the smaller grips if you have large hands. Next purchase I will order these to fit during my 72 hr hold.

I purchased this grip after the excellent results I got from the rubber grip I use on my S&W 22. compact.

perfect fit fells great in the hand. makes gun easier to control even with sweaty hands

Both me and my two son's really like the Talon grips. We just shot hundreds of rounds at an outdoor range on a warm July day. I can see why you always receive excellent reviews on your product. I will be purchasing another handgun soon and will absolutely be ordering Talon Grips for that gun to.
Thank you for making a great product.
D. Serdar

I put the rubber grip wraps on my Beretta every day carry and absolutely love them. My grip and control of my pistol was improved dramatically. It was like night and day. I highly recommend them and when buying another pistol, I will buy these grip wraps as my first upgrade. Thanks for the great product!

The grips have a very pleasing texture. The pattern used for Beretta PX4 Storm Compact may need to be tweaked a bit to provide a slightly better fit. The end of the grips began peeling up fairly quickly, maybe a month, due to the end of the pattern separation being on the textured portion of the PX4 grip. Possibly using a thick double sided tape could work better for the backing of the grips on this model pistol to better adhere to the textured plastic.

I mistakenly ordered a grip for a PX4 Compact instead of a full size. Was able to return the incorrect grip with no hassle and quickly received the correct one. Great customer service. The rubber grip fits well on my full size PX4, are easy to install and greatly enhance the ability to maintain weapon control.

Easy to put on. Feels great. Very pleased.

I originally put granulated on my px4. But after getting a new holster for conceal carry I decided to switch to rubber. Only because my shirts would stick to the granular and I was afraid of wear. I was concerned the rubber would not stack up to the excellence of the granular, but I was so wrong. They actually add to the looks of the gun. Also the service is exceptional! I usually receive order 2 days after placement!

I have absolutely no complaints about my Px4 compact grips. They added so much more grip and it greatly improved my handling of it when I shoot.

Simple to install and now i have the best grip in Europe.

These grips take this firearm to a new level. These are going on every gun I own.

Great Product !!Was having shot pattern problems using my PX4 Storm Compact and Sub Compact. Patterns were always worst on the Subcompact). And weren't that great on the Compact, either. Earlier had installed manfacturer's included backstrap replacements to no avail. Even tried rubber grip additions. Hands too big or grips too small !! Installed Talon Grips and am realizing vast improvements in my shot patterns ... overgripping problem solved !! All guns feel great and shot patterns are vastly improved. Thanks for again for great products !!

Did not fit my gun and did not stick to my gun.

Love The Grips! Increased My Grouping Dramatically!

Was able to install with no problem. My PX4 Storm feels like a completely different pistol. Really like it.