PX4 Storm Full Size

TALON Grips for Beretta PX4 Storm Full Size 9mm, .40 and .45 models (Rubber Texture)

Grips for Beretta PX4 Storm Full Size



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TALON Grips for Beretta PX4 Storm Full Size 9mm, .40 and .45 models. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip has graphic cutouts for the Beretta emblem on each side of the firearm. FREE SHIPPING!*
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

So we picked up the STORM fir the wife. And hell can she drive them home. Today on mother's day I put the TALON over lay on her fun. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. She loves the look the feel and now all we have to do is have her shoot. Nice job talon. My next purchase will be for my REMINGTON 1911........Got to keep that sucker all black. And I hope TALON has a set for it.

Excellent fit and such a good grip

Excellent fit and feel. And a decent price. The only question is how long they will last. Time will tell.

Fits like a glove, Customer service was more than helpful. Couldn't ask for anything better

I got the granulated grips for my full size Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm. 20x better than a rubber grip sleeve, and 100x better than the factory setup (no grips). Take your time installing, follow the directions, and you shall be rewarded.

Perfect fit, love it. Few days ago bought another one for my Walther Pk380. Haven't installed it yet but when I do let you know. Thanks for the service.

Great fit. Love the texture of the grips. Improves the feel of the gun.

I find the PX4 Storm to be one of the finest polymer firearms around. The only problem was the frame always felt slick. Enter Talon grips! The fit was perfect and the slip is gone. After applying some heat, they look like part of the gun.

Talon grips on each of my guns and recommended for the PX4 Storm.

Perfect fit when applied correctly.

Bought one for my gun and one for my husbands gun. We love them major improvement.

Love the factory aggressive grip on my sig sp2022, was very disappointed in Beretta when I got my PX4. Added the Talon granulated grips to it and now it's as good as my sig with MUCH softer recoil. For anyone wondering, the granulated grips feel like sand paper and give you an awesome purchase on the firearm. A friend of mine has the rubber on an IWI Jericho and it feels slippery to me since I have sweaty hands.

Nice fit. Easy install. Great improvement to the grip.

Highly recommend.

Love the rubber grips. The feel is a lot different when put on the gun handle. Highly recommend

I just received one of the black rubber grips for my PX4 full size for Christmas. For reference I have the large back strap installed on the Beretta. followed the installation instructions and it fits perfectly. These grips really do look factory installed if you take your time and follow steps 1-5 as directed. All the factory emblems lined up perfectly! Great job Talon!

Great fit..feels great in my hand.

Bought the rubberized grip for px4 storm full size. It’s pretty tacky, however I wish it would have a more rubber feel and a tad tackier.
I also would like to have talon grip to consider having a cut on the px4 to allow us to have access to the pins on the grips.

great product!

Be Advised: If you use the large grip and buy the med/large talon grip it will not fit correctly. You will have it being off by just over an 1/8 on the right side once you set the left side on perfectly. It will somewhat cover the right side beretta logo which will make the right side look off. However, it still functions perfectly but if you are OCD like me, it will bother you when you look at the pistol. Talon should have made one specific size for large grips instead of one size for both med and large.

DRASTICALLY improves the grip compared to the polymer scallops used on the stock grip. I used the Med sized backstrap and had about 1/8" overlap. Excellent fit and finish.

It sure give the grip more traction. I gots the rubberized texture, however when there a little perspiration on the hands, it is still a bit slippery. Obviously not as bad as if it was just the plastic grip.

i use the med back strap, the grip only overlapped a 1/8 inch,would not if you use the large

first grip I ever put on my px4 storm and its great. love the texture and feel in my hand

I use these grips in competitive shooting and conceal carry. The grips are a good balance between aggressive but not irritating for carry purposes.

Talon Grips are fantastic! The only obvious improvement are holes cutout for removing the pin that the grip covers up for later disassembly of the gun.

I purchased the *Talon Grips for My Beretta Storm PX4 and HK VP9. This is my first time and so far so good. I trimmed the cut outs a little to fit just right. I am extremely particular about minor details and *TG did not disappoint. I will keep you updated as I start a safe shooting spree at your local gun range.


Went on easy. Great improvement in grip as my hands sweat a lot. The granular texture makes it to where I don't even think about it now. Excellent fit as well.

I love Talon Grips. I love my Storm, but have always found the plastic grips slippery.

No cutout where the words "PX4 Storm" are on frame. This makes the decal not fit as flat as it should. Other guns models have a cutout for the name, such as Springfield XDM.
Grip doesn't give as much traction as I'd hoped. I chose rubber, for concealed carry.

Easy to install, cut to fit precisely and extremely grippy. Exactly what this shooter ordered!

Lo mejor!! Muy buen producto.

I've tried many many different grips. These TALON Grips are the best by far.

Started using the rubber texture on my Px4 Compact and liked it so much I use it on all my Px4s now. Great product!!

If you want the best grip available for your gun, get the Talons!!! Do it now, you won't be sorry!!!

Feels great - simple application to firearm ; quite pleased.

I would recommend these for any gun they make them for a wonderful upgrade for any firearm

Very easy to install made Beretta px4 grip easier to hang on to. Took away that slight movement which I had without the grips that made me reset my grip. Excellent product I've recommended to everybody I've come into contact with that ask me about it. Great job talon keep up the excellent work!!!!!!

Got the green rubber, looks cool on my PX4 .45. Haven't had a chance to shot yet but I purchased for my PPQ M2 at the same time and the gun felt great in my hands. No reason not to expect the same with this. Easy to install and highly recommend.

Perfect fit, grip much improved, easy to put on. Worth the $.


I almost decided to not add these grips to my PX4 Storm 45 since the grip is slightly bigger, but I am glad I did add Talon Grips (rubber). These grips make a world of difference on the polymer frames.

Perfect for the PX4. I liked so much that I put a Talon grip on my M&P Shield.

Has been a blessing by improving the grip and feel of a already great gun. Highly recommend these grips. Will be ordering more very shortly for a few others that I own.

Love your product, put them on every polymer gun I have

My new Talon grips are perfect! It really makes a ton of difference when I grip. Additionally, I ordered the wrong grips by accident. Called Talon, They told me to just send the unused one back, and they will ship the correct one, I did, next day, I had the correct ones. Quickly installed it, love it. Talon... your company rocks! Thanks!.

Grips fit as they should and greatly increased traction! I liked the color (moss) as well.

Awesome product it changes the feel of the gun increases the grip dramatically and ultimately improves shooting. I highly recommend Talon grips

My PX4 Full size is a 45. I put Talon grips on my PX4 9mm compact and I am over the moon with how it fits and feels. My full size isn't quite as spot on. The cutout circles for the Berreta logo are off (to short to center both sides) a little bit. But I still installed them because of how good the grips feel on my 9mm. The fact the grips make a great gun feel better trumps my OCD needs to be perfect. The gun is better with than with out.

Love it!

My Px4 felt a bit slippery in my hand, even with the adjustable grips. Once the Talon grips were installed, it was a whole different gun! Better grip, better performance. Couldn't e any happier, thanks!!

Love the way the Grip looks, fits and feels. Very happy with the purchase.

Awesome grip for my storm. Works great and loos good too.

I couldn't get both cut-outs for Beretta igsignia to line up even with back-strap section aligned perfectly, but the grip is vastly improved. A matter of aesthetics, not function. Nice work.

I got the rubber coated grips and they are outstanding. They fit great on my Px4 and increase the comfort and gripability of this gun ten fold.

This is one of the easiest upgrades you can put on a gun.

I put Talons on all my handguns, and really like the way they change the feel and handling of the weapon. This is the only one that gave me a tiny bit of trouble. There's just s little too much material on the back of the grip when the PX4 has the smallest blackstrap mounted. Required some custom trimming of the excess. Otherwise, love them.

The grip fits perfectly and was very easy to instal

Great product.Awsome grips

Perfect fit!!! Stays put.

Great, use on all my pistols, great feel. Even used on iPhone.

Very easy to install. Fit was great. Has a great feel. Instructions were fairly easy to follow. Love the grips.

My second set of Talon Grips. They fit great and are easy to install. Great product!

work great, just follow directions

best think after slice bread just perfect fit and feel

I really like the fit and feel of my Talon grip on my PX4 Storm. The Talon grip ensures that I have the most optimal contact with my handgrip. The fit & finish is second to none. By following the included instructions closely, my Talon grip fits & molds perfectly to my PX4 - could easily pass as an OEM part by the manufacturer! I will definitely purchase another Talon grip for my next fire arm.

Grips go on easier than I thought they would. The grips stay stuck on even when spraying Rem oil on the carriage (You know that stuff goes everywhere). Very nice feel. I like them a lot.

Great fit and feel, would recommend to anyone.

Fits great. Easy application. So far no issues. Nice feeling grip

Made a nice grip on the PX4 even better. Putting Talon Grips on all my handguns.

Amazing Grip & Custom Fit! ... I cannot say enough good things about this product ... From fit to finish to customer service it is absolutely the best!!!! ... I am so happy that I was turned on to this product and I love the rubber-black ... I am a customer for life

I have Talon grips on several of my firearms,including
my Tavor.
Love Them !

fit perfectly new color is desert storm make it look great fit prefect like always keep getting them for all my storms berettas px4 thanks

Did not rcv my order: order #248069

Amazing Grip! ... Easy Install and what a difference having this grip on my Beretta PX4 Storm ... The grip on this gun is poor but with this grip I feel like a professional target shooter when I pick up the gun ... Great Work TALON!!!!!!

Fits like a glove and feels great love it

This product is just down right perfect. I first ordered the granulate. It it highly abrasive, similar to course sand paper. But, I was able to achieve the desired texture by sanding the grip. I had to remove this set of grips to do some work on my Beretta. I chose the rubber this time. It is very comfortable as is, and provides a great grip.
Let me emphasize the need to warm the grip after installation. For lack of a better term, it sucks the grip material to the gun and creates a perfect fit.

These grips (black rubber) really make a huge difference in keeping a good grip on the gun.

The Talon grip is great! I like it way better than stock and install was easy.Thanks for for fast shipping!

Definite improvement on the feel of my gun!

Nice product

Excellent product and fit will recommend your company to friends and will buy again in future

Love the grips! They fit well, are easy to install & greatly increase my grip on the pistol while using it so it's not slipping in my hand. I have them on all of my polymer pistols and as I purchase more I will put Talon Grips on them.

These are fantastic. I will put these on all my guns.

I have Talon Grips on almost all of my pistols now. They have all improved the purchase that my hand has on the grip and give a more comfortable feel to the shooting experience. The Talon Grips on my Beretta have made the pistol perfect in my opinion.

Very pleased with this product. The logo alignments made it very easy to apply the grip correctly. Feels like a new gun in my hand.

I purchased the granulate for my full size Storm. It is EXTREMELY aggressive, too much for me. But, in five minutes with a small sheet of medium sandpaper, I removed enough texture to make the grip perfect. This process allows you to adjust the grip texture exactly as you like.

The grip adds a whole new dimension of comfort and style to my PX4 Storm. Doesn't interfere at all with any of my holsters. I can't recommend this product enough.

Awsome grip fast servive!

Great product and easy to install

Best accessory ever

Great fit - looks like a stock grip. The improved feel was immediate- the rubber grip more than compensates for my small hands. Installation was quick and easy as advertised.

I love it. It adds a whole other dimension of grip to my weapon. I always recommend this product to my friends and colleagues. Awesome grip thank you.

The Talon grips were easy to apply and added that last touch to make my PX4 the perfect pistol. Highly recommend.

Great fit easy to install. Great service, will purchase from them again.

Fit and finish is very good

Awsome grips. Will buy for all my firearms.

Talon Grips are the best. They provide more comfort and stabilty while not adding additional bulk to the pistol.

I have had these on my px4 storm compact for a couple years and they are still great. I just got them for my px4 storm full size and they feel great also. Talon grips are a major improvement for a polymer framed handgun.

Follow the instructions and enjoy one of the most solid feeling, comfortable grips ever. I was a little leary, but couldn't be happier. The original grips on the PX4 are very slippery, but this very thin adhesive wrap gives the grips excellent traction without bulk. Just do it!

They work grea!!! Talon grips really help give you a solid purchase on your firearm. It really helps when you are sweating and the grip stays tacky and doesn't slip. I highly recommend.

When I bought the Storm, I felt the front of the grip was unnecessarily rough. I had already used a set of rubber grips on my Sig SP2202, I knew that I had to order some for the Storm. Well, they lived up to my expectations and made my newest pistol a pleasure to shoot. Thank You Talon!

Forma perfetta e ottimo grip, da verificare durata nel tempo.

Factory grips are a bit slick, the Talon grips make a big

My 5th set of Talon Grips, use then on all my Polymer Frame pistols. Very Pleased

Excellent product. Highly recommend it.

Fit is perfect, feels great. Haven't had the chance to put many rounds through the gun but so far so good. These are on my duty pistol so it gets handles almost daily and seems to be holding up just fine.

Fits great, grip feels great, a must for any polymer pistol!

I use these on all my pistols.

I have relatively small hands and maintaining sufficient grip on full size pistols was always challenging and tiring. The sandpaper style Talon grips have provided a 100% complete solution to that problem for me. I now have them on my 9mm and 45 Beretta PX4s and my wife insists that they be installed on her Glocks for the same reason. We would not want to be without them. Great product!

Takes a little patience to get the tape to line up just right, but once in place it does hold. I've shot about 400 rounds and the tape shows no signs of peeling or pulling. I do recommend watching the video before installing. Happy shooting.

Put Talons on my Beretta PX4 full size in .45 ACP. What a significant difference! I shot with better accuracy, and the pistol felt much better in my hands. Highly rated!

Over time the to ends meeting on the grip begin to pull away from each other. Looks of the talons are excellent. Helps alot holding a gun. This was my second pair in doing it on a gun. I try to follow your guidelines by clean it with alcohol and applying the hot air from a hair dryer but felt I should get more than 6 months out of it. Thanks, John

Fit and finish, premium ,ergonomic , durable
and functional with value like we used to know, "old school!"

I have a few sets for several Berettas that I own and I cannot say enough how much these increase the controllability of my pistols. Makes follow up shots with my Nano much more accurate than before. I highly recommend them.

Great feel great product. Towards the bottom of the handle of the firearm the Talon Grips seems to come unglued I have had to super glue it back on on multiple firearms. Other than that great product. I continue to purchase talon grips.

Grip was exactly as advertised, great fit, great look, and great feel! I will be purchasing from Talon Grips again.

Great grips. I'll probably get some for my USP Compact soon.

I have your grips on almost all of my semi-auto's, and they make them fit like a glove. I would advise every shooter to put them on their handguns. You have a good product and shipping was fast.

love these excellent product

The TALON grip is not just a great addition to my PX4 Storm but Ifeel more of necessity. I felt before the TALON grip I felt thePX4 Grip was to smooth and felt slippery in my hand but the TALON grip with the texture gave me a secure feel on the PX4. It was fast and easy to install.

Fit great but had to ad glue to get it to hold

These fit the PX4 Storm FS great and really improve the grip, adding quite a bit more solid feel to the grip area.

easy to install and won't have a handgun without them

It went on very easy with only a slight modification. I love this grip. The px4 had a very harsh checkering on the back strap and it's much more enjoyable to shoot now

Purchased because wife thought stock texture on pistol was too aggressive. Was easy to apply and she likes the pistol now. Can't say anything durability yet.

Fits well and makes the weapon more enjoyable to shoot.

I put the rubberized Talon Grips on all of my pistols. They always fit great, feel even better. Takes a bit of that "polymer feel" off the plastic grips. The one for my full size PX4 was no exception. Thanks for a great product.

Great tutotrial, a sbcejut i've always wondered about. I have to say thank you,as i've always thought the Intuos pen was a little too thick for my hands,your tutorial showed me I could safely remove that rubber grip and voila! My tablet makes more sense than its ever done isince I got it! really don't know why wacom makes their like markers instead of true pencils. That grip is cumbersome in my opinion. Thanks again!

The Talon grip for Px4 Stirm was exactly what I needed. Whst great cost effective product,

These grips are VERY grippy allowing for a firm, consistent grip even with wet, muddy, or sweaty hands. Installation is straight forward as long as you follow the simple instructions. A+ all the way.

These grips are VERY grippy allowing for a firm, consistent grip even with wet, muddy, or sweaty hands. Installation is straight forward as long as you follow the simple instructions. A+ all the way.

After researching after market grip option available for the PX4 I settled on the Talon due to the overall excellent reviews here and elsewhere. During longer sessions at the range my grips would get a little greasy. I'm happy to say Not any more!!! outstanding performance and a great value too!!!

Love the grip fits perfectly and you guys are wonderful


Great fit and easy to apply. Very easy to customize to individual grip preferences. Fast shipping, great hands-on application videos, and customer service is the best. You won't be disappointed with any Talon products.

The gun's stock grip works well with dry hands but when extended fire or stress starts the perspiration the Talon grips keep the grip and gun consistent shot to shot. I bought the some extra material to apply to other areas of contact like under the trigger guard. Well worth the price.

I like these grips a lot. However I wish I had purchased the more aggressive grips instead. These grips are good but with excessive use and sweat they can become slick.