Click for Talon 360 ViewTALON Grips for Canik TP9SA (Rubber Texture)

Grips for Canik TP9SA, TP9V2, TP9DA, TP9SF, TP9SFX, and TP9SFL



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TALON Grips for Canik TP9SA, TP9V2, TP9DA, TP9SF, TP9SFX, and TP9SFL models. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip has graphic cutouts for the Canik emblem on each side of the firearm. This grip fits either size backstrap, but the Canik emblem will be slightly off center on the larger size backstrap. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

these fit my canik tp9sf to a tee as I had no doubt that they wouldn't. I have the def on this pistol and the Talon black rubber looks assume. Thank you again for another fine product. I now have 16 different brands of mix cal. pistols all have Talon grips on, that's how much I believe in your other out there for this dud. five stars 16 times. lol.

They're nothing but a piece of 200 grit sandpaper. I never even bothered to install it. Total waste of money.

Awesome must have for canik. This one is a bit aggressive. Just keep that in mind. But doesnt bother me at all

Grips are great just the right amount of tackiness and easy to put on ,service was fast Thanks for a Great product

This is the fourth handgun I put talons on and like all the others they fit perfect. Happy customer again!

This was probably my 8th set of grips I have purchased from you guys... And as always the experience was top-notch. The grips fit perfectly and really make my TP9sfx feel so much better in my hand. I will continue to purchase Talon grips.

Great fit, Has a great feel in your hand and allows for a much better grip on the gun.

I bought the Granulated Grips for my SFX for competition use and they are Awesome. The grip level is insane just total complete control of the gun in any situation. Installation was a breeze and Talon's customer service is top notch.

My Talon Grip for my new Canik TP9-FX fits perfectly - as has the Talon Grip for my Walther PPQ M2 - and Glock 20. Take your time applying it - and it will last a long time!

This is my second set of Talon grips! They are awesome! I use the granulated version and the grip texture is amazing! Gives me total confidence in keeping my grip during competition.

Easy to install, and they grip well. Fit is good and color is consistent all over. Overall great feel and worth the purchase price.

Awesome grips. I have Talon rubberized grips on my self defense Glock 19 and on my match shooting gun TP9SFX and these are great.. grips are rugged, Comfortable and just feel greatz

Shipping was fast. Fitment was good w/ easy to follow instructions if needed. I used Talon for most of my pistols and couldn’t be happier with the result(s).

I got the rubbery-squishy grips for my Canik TP9SFX. I have the larger grip insert in my pistol, the Talon grip fits well and feels good. I haven’t done any competition shoots with the grip yet so I don’t know about the long term durability.

Absolutely love this product but will definitely be going. With the rubberized grips next time. There is no chance of slipping tho. Just not the most comfortable when conceal carrying. Would recommend this to anyone any time.

No change, as always a great product and fast shipping. Couldn't be happier with their grips and excellent service. I'm a repeat, repeat, repeat customer. Great job guys.

Very happy with grip and service. Will buy more of your products.

Great feel...looks grips on desert sand Canik.

The Telon Grip is a awesome product, fits to the T" and looks great. Shipping was right on time....considering ordering another one for my SIG P220.

Love the grip wraps. Will be ordering more for other toys.

Reliabilty, high capacity, optics ready, extra magazines, light weight, inexpensive,... great package.Holster needs adjustable retention device and compatibility to other systems. Also durability is an issue. Flimsy and sloppy.

Fits perfect on my TP9SFX. I will have more Talon grips on my other firearms in the near future. Thanks for a quality product.

Excellent grip! Wonderful feel. Would highly recommend the rubber grip. With this on my EDC it is extremely comfortable.

Feels good on the TP9sfx.

5 stars ! I have so many Talon grips I lost count. All of them have fit and worked perfect and the Canniik TP9sf is no different. I have the desert colored Cannik and the color match of this grip is very close.....highly recommended.

Easy to install and was a perfect fit on my Canik TP9 SF 9mm.

Great grip...great service...all my guns have these...wouldn't use anything else!!!

Great grips. I got the rubberized because the rougher texture bothers my hand. I love it. Give it a wipe with an alcohol pad and let it dry and it gets really tacky. Has held up well through a couple of range sessions.

I love talon grips.

All the Talon Grips are NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING!!! They are on all my pistols and have been a perfect fit every time. I've tried other model specific textured grips and they don't even line up. Talon grips, there's no denying the quality and detail that make them second to none! Keep up the great product, and you'll have a lifelong customer!

This grip fit perfectly to my tp9sa. feels great in my hand. More positive feel. Only one drawback is if you carry inside the waste band and have love handles it will sandpaper your skin.

Have Talon Grips on all my pistols. They are great. Easy to install, great customer service. Fast shipping and delivery!!Well done.

Love the Talon grips on my Canik TP9SF. Easy to install and give you a secure grip even in muggy conditions.

The left side grip needs to be a bit longer to allow for easier hiding of the return wrap. If it wasn't for that minor issue and the fact it stuck so good I would give it 5stars. Partially my fault for assuming it was exactly like the other 5-6 I already installed.

These grips are going to go on every gun I own they are amazingly easy to install, fit perfectly and offer the best grip. I get sweaty hands when I shoot and these really help me keep a good solid grip. I went with the granulated grip, which basically feels like sandpaper it's awesome.

Talons work as advertised, turning my Canik TP9SFx grips from slippery to, well, grippy. Would be unthinkable to use this pistol in IPSC without them. May be unthinkable to use it anyway, but that's another story...

Great. Went on easy and feel great. I did order for a Cannik TP9 SFX and SF Elite. All the positive feedback is well deserved and accurate. Would buy again.

Good quality product, we dont have product like this in Turkey and received it no problems. Excellent fit, and wasnt too difficult to fit either, did it in about 10 mins. Only used my gun twice and did made a difference. If it was available here in Turkish market and advertised it could do well. As remember this pistol is service pistol in Turkey! I ll be interested in business offers :)Arkadaslar guzel kalite. Istanbul a siparis ettim 12 gunde felan geldi. Takma si zor olur diye dusunmustum ama 10 dk ya hallettim. Deger mi deger. Tavsiye ederim

5 stars. Such a great product with quick delivery .

Great product. Granulate texture will beat up patrol/Uniform duty shirts so just be aware going into the purchase. 5 stars all the way!

I ordered the Talon grip for my Canik TP9sfx. Texture is perfectApplication was pretty easyThe adhesive isn't greatFitment was ok, the Talon grip was a little big for the grip itsself.Great concept, needs some tweeki my on fitment

Fit was right on but next time i will try the abrasive one thought that the texture one would have been stickery

I have put Talon Rubberized grips on everything from my S&W 22 C to my Sig P320 the most recent being my Canik. The fit is always perfect and ease of installation is such that taking your time anyone can do it. Just follow the directions and take your time.

Great Product! Comfortable when shooting. Highly recommended to others.


Loved them easy to use. Now can enjoy shooting my Canik again!

Love talon grips! Fit great at as usual on the canik tp9sfx

Got the abrasive grips for my canik tp9sfx. Works great! No slippage at all. Fast shipping. Will buy again.

Great fit and comfortable

When i get a polymer handgun the grip always feels plasticky,Talon grips gets rid of that feeling. Thanks Talon.

Canik tp9sfx has some texture on grips but not enough.....talon grips are worth every pennie!

Perfect fitment as always. I went with the granulated. When I first opened the package i thought i made a mistake, since it seemed so aggressive (like 120 grit sandpaper). But at the range, it works perfectly. My grip stays placed exactly where I want, and i feel like the pistol is an extension of my hand it is so securely held in place with this grip. I may change all mine to the granulated, i'm that happy with it.

Absolutely love the addition of the Talon grip. It really took the worse thing about the firearm and made it my favorite. It's even more comfortable than I could have imagined.

I got the rubber ones, and it fits ,great as usually .I like the other ones better ,but I wear rings ,and they scratch the shit out of them.

Easy to put on. Arrived very quick and the grip tape feels real good on my Canik TP9 SFx. Great product !

Just the best . I love them .

Excellent fit and finish very easy to apply! Very happy with end results

This is the third grip I've ordered from Talon. All of what I've ordered, and what my friends have ordered, have been fantastic. I have the granulated tape (it's like skateboard tape) for my SFX (USPSA) and now the rubber for my SF (EDC). The fit is perfect and your grip becomes much better than with the polymer frames. I use a heat gun on low to adhere the grip tape on. I feel that works better than a hair dryer.

I put Talongrips on and wear gloves with all my competitive pistols, as it directly aids in controlling shot placements.Highly recommended.

This is my third order for 3 different weapons. All fit very well, and with continuous use has not peeled loose at edges. I highly recommend this product! The value received is far greater than the expense of the product, which is minimal.

Ordered for my Canik TP9 SFX. Install was easy peasy. Love the way it feels in my hand. Highly recommend Talon Grips.

Easy to install and the fit is perfect. I put grips on all my handguns, some rubber some granular, both provide an excellent grip. I installed granular grips and rubber grips on multiple Canik handguns. Excellent products

I've got two of these installed on my pistols. You wont find a better non-slip grip and it feels good in the hands. They fit my guns perfect and can't beat the price. Nice job Talon!!

A talon grip the the canik is a must. It really changes the cheap feel and enhances the grip and comfort.

Fits quite well on my TP9 SFX, got the granular rough grip texture and I think it allows me to have a tighter and more retained grip. Only issue was that there is a small cutout hole toward the back near the mag-well which I think is back-strap pin that is partially exposed and the grip tape didn't have a cutout for that part so I had to make one that looks kinda roughly cut. The frame is very similar if not the same as a Walther PPQ, so I wonder if that could be an improvement to a future batch of these grip tapes.

Great product ! Perfect fit on my tp9sa and tp9sfx! Improved a lot from the original grip !

Excellent fit-easy to put on-went with the rubberized grip over the granulated

I have these on both my Canik SF & SFX. You get a nice firm grip with these and the fit is perfect!! I wouldn't think twice about getting these.

Amazing job only issue was there was a bit to much material and I had to cut it so it didn't wrap around itself.

Love the sand paper style texture i feel a much better grip on the gun

The Talon grips for my Canik TP9SF were a perfect color match in Moss to the flat dark earth of the gun. The fit was exact and as usual as on my other guns, installation was a snap. These change the grip of the gun for a more secure grip when firing. GREAT PRODUCT!Thanks,Bill

Really liked them for the 2 days they were on. Gun cleaner gut underneath and bubbled them up really bad. Fit was perfect.

Fit was perfect. Grip texture excellent.

Talon Grips are simply the best, they fit and they last.

Great fit and finish. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to make your grip secure, this is it. They don't change the grip size and look pretty cool.

Very nice product. Got 500rds so far and still sticks. No peeling. Great improvement on my TP9SF. The moss color looks more FDE which was great, as my ARs have the black and tan scheme. Great folks to deal with. Fast shipping. Only desires... To have more complete coverage on the back strap and the overlap moved to to the center. Overall, very happy and will buy again.

Absolutely the best fitting grip solution for this firearm. I tried a few Hogue grip sleeves before I purchased the Talon Grip but the always slip. The Talon fits perfectly, even with the large size back strap installed. Great grip surface, easy application, custom fit, and the best part, they are a Colorado based company, love to support the locals. Long live Talon Grips!

great product, could not be more satisfied

The product is awesome but the customer service is poor to say the least. This is my third grip from talon and One of my rubberized grips is starting to separate. No warranty or customer service.

I bought the black rubber grips for the TP9SF. Followed the instructions and watched a couple of youtube videos before installing. Went on smoothly and adhered very well. Used a blow dryer for the heating and it worked fine. Highly recommended! Really makes the pistol feel much better in the hand.

I purchased the black rubber texture. Fitting was easy, as usual. For anyone having trouble with the grips fitting the curves of the TP9 grip frame, pay careful attention to the instructions about heating the grips. I used a heat gun on low setting and got excellent adhesion and a good fit.

Excellent Grip, I got 2 sets and are very pleased with the color and the fit, Perfect!!! I got the rubberized for both my SA and SFx. No issues with the installation, Apply a little heat and they lay down Perfectly! The feel is very positive in the hand.

The Chanik TP 9sfx rubberized grip tape fit perfectly and stays put.

My initial thoughts are very positive. I purchased the granulated for myself and the rubber for my gf for our USPSA competition guns. Upon initial usage, the granulated are fantastic and will help when competing is summer weather. I'm not sure about the rubber grips however. Now we will see how long they hold up. I'd also suggest heating he grips with a hair dryer or a heat gun on low.

Awesome product, a lot easier than stippling.

Having hands on the smaller side I often find my weak hand palm slipping off it starting position after a few shots. I use the granulate grips as I did on the TP9Sfx and they work perfectly. Definitely improved my grip consistently throughout the sequence.I'm usually impatient applying the grips and often find that they start to slip under my weak hand grip. This time I was determined to take my time, heat and press, tuck in the overlapping areas and much to my satisfaction appear to be holding just fine. The grips are in a work "great"!

Increased overall performance of firearm due to greater control... I will be putting Talon Grips on all of my firearms.

These grips complete this pistol. The factory grips are decent, but lack the "traction" that is particularly helpful with a full length barrel. Good all around design and fit.

Once again... TALON comes through with a perfect fitting grip for my TP9DA! My TP9SA grip fits just as well... You cannot go wrong with TALON Grips!

It feels like a new gun. Just make sure you have a hair dryer to really get it to stick, and properly form to your gun.

Always pleased. Great fit as usual

I was surprised that they fit as well as they did. They were exactly what was looking for. Thank you for a product that works like it's supposed too.AD558

Had an issue with the first set of grips and customer service was on top of it. Their response was quick and their help was tremendous. I have purchased a number of different grips from Talon and will be ordering more in the future.

Fits really nice, second grips, I get the grit. Works perfect for me. Will continue to fit all non conceal carry pistols with these.

Excellent product. Watched a YouTube video on how to apply the talon grips. It was easy and simple. I would recommend them to anyone

These by far are the best grip wraps out there. Makes the firearm fit my hand like a glove. Have another set coming for my S&K!

Very happy with the quality ,the rubberized wrap fit perfectly and improved my control of my Canik fsx!

As usual, product is outstanding. So far every firearm I own is fitted with Talon Grips and perform exactly as they have always. Perfect texture and give the perfect grip no matter what type or caliber weapon I put them on. Helps keep the firearm in your hand as it should. Will always use Talon Grips on everything I purchase.

My 4th purchase and never disappointed these are the rubber and provide excellent feel and purchase as this is a larger firearm controlling muzzle flip and staying on target is greatly aided by the texture provided without increasing size of the grip

I simply love Talon grips and consider them to be the best upgrade for any pistol. My only issue with the ones I bought for the Canik TP9 is how it goes on if you are using anything other than the small stock backstrap. If the grip size has been increased, you will have an issue with fitting it around the grip. The only way around this would be to cut the Talon grip and make it a three piece. This may be an issue with other pistols that come with replaceable backstraps.

The grip were a good fit for my Canik TP9SFX.

This is my seventh or eighth talon grip and just like the others the fit is perfect. I really like the granulated grips for steel challenge guns. The grip is super positive. It fit my TP9SFX perfect

I run Talon Grips on all of my pistols. Prior to purchasing my TP9SFX I ordered a set of grips knowing they would be the first item to be installed. I do have to say that out of all the other Talon Grips I've installed, the set for my TP9SFX were certainly the most complex (but this is only due to the various shapes etc of the grip on the TP9SFX).I prefer the rubber version over the gritty and I have to say it feels great - even during competition shooting. Highly recommended!

I really like the comfort and stickiness of the grips. Love the Moss green color on a black pistol. Only slight issue is I wish it would fit better on my SFX with large back strap. It is a little off.

Best aftermarmet product out there for the canik series of handguns.

Great product. Have it on 2 handguns.

Just great , easy installation , looks great , i got rubberized one , great feel , i love this talon grip , Excellent product 2 thumbs up.

Love the grips. Got the rubberized version and they feel great in the hand. Makes the backstraps on the TP9 feel much less aggressive without losing grip. Easy to put on too. Will definitely get these for all my handguns.

I have several guns with these grips them all! Super fast shipping as always!

Talon grips work great. The fit is always perfect.

I put them on every pistol I possibly can I recommend the sandpaper ones.

Great product, the rubber grips feel great in my hand and look good on the gun. Good price as well. Look forward to future business with talon.

I absolutely love these grips, second pair I bought .first pair I bought was for the elite, it was the rubber ones. for my V2 I purchased the granulate. Read the directions carefully and make sure you tuck the excess under where you started and make sure where you start leave a little flap so you can tuck the excess. finally put up to a space heater or infrared heater warm up and press to final fit.

The grip tape was exactly as advertised extremely easy to install. I ordered the grip texture which was a little too rough for me but its a great product

I purchased the rubberized grips for my Canik TP9V2. They fit perfectly and cover the annoying pyramids on the front and back straps. I feel my grip on the firearm is better than ever.

Perfect fit. Makes any pistol better. Have them on all my of my handguns,...excellent!

I ordered the rubberized grips for my Canik TP9V2. They went on with no problem. They add just the right amount of "stickiness" and cushion to make shooting very comfortable. I have just ordered a similar set for my SCCY CPX2. Great product.

Like the "sandpaper" Talon grips on my Canik TP9v2. They're a little scratchy, but that's worth it because it provides such great additional grip. I'd say it definitely improves the feel and stability when shooting. The grips went on relatively easy and fit the contours of the gun perfectly.

I love these grips. Have them on every gun and for my tp9sf it just adds to the awesomeness of that gun

Great custom fit, easy to install. Look like factory grips. I would recommend to anyone who likes extra grip without increasing the size of your pistol grip frame. Very fast delivery. Thank you

Installing the grip was straight forward, but it may take a little while longer if you're a perfectionist. Once installed, the grip perfectly and provided the extra girth and feel that was needed over the stock grip. A very nice addition indeed. I purchased Talon grips for all my pistols and I will continue to do so for future purchases. Thank you for a great product.

Talon Grips totally changed the way my pistol shoots. I highly recommend the granular grips...they are awesome.

This is my 3rd set of Talon Grips, here are a few adjectives:Great Product, Great Service, Fast Shipping,Love the new color (Moss)

The grips fit perfectly and added a lot of tactile grip to the pistol.

Fits perfect on my TP9v2 without any modification. Adds aesthetic appeal, better feeling grip, and is easy to apply. The free Talon logo sticker is awesome as well!

Great product. It was delivered very fast, as was exactly what I was looking for. Thankyou

These grips always seem to perfect my pistols.

Fit my Canik tp9SF perfectly!

I had a bit of trouble putting them on with the hair dryer and such and didn't get to apply it on both sides evenly but I am wronghanded and the left side is mostly correct. I love the grippy, sandpaper like feel of the granulate, it has no play in my hands or gloves. Love it. The TP9sf/sa pattern is great.

Read the instructions, and they went on in a snap. Beautiful fit, great feel. I would recommend these to anyone. A friend has these in his XDs .45, and it makes the little cannon actually fun to shoot.Just take it slow, read the directions, and you will love them too.

I love my Canik TP9SF but it is a full sized hand gun. In other words, it's a handful. But these grips bring it under control and make a world of difference. A must have.

Quick Delivery! Vgood Quality of fit. Good instructions.

Better than expected! The TP9SF grip was great to begin with and I was a bit skeptical of how it could be improved. However, the Talon grip proved to be a tremendous improvement. I am very pleased. I recommend Talon to every shooter. Fantastic product!!

As always, a great product!. I've used Talons on all of my firearms. Perfect fit every time. Adds to the ergonomics, smooth handling, and the price can't be matched, anywhere. I will continue to use Talons on all of my future handguns, and recommend them to my friends. Keep up the good work, guys!

Grip provides excellent traction, especially with long durations of fire. I would highly recommend theses grips to anyone with a Canik TP9SF.

Great grip. Makes your feel 100% better! Would definitely recommend

It truly is a pleasure doing business with a company that hasnt forgot the lost art of customer service!

I am an RSO at a gun range and so, I have recommended your product to everyone. I think it's a great inexpensive alternative to stippling. I have it on all of my polymer firearms.

Very easy to install with excellent fit and finish. This grip improves tactile feel and comfort without significantly changing the ergonomics of the handgun. I have greater confidence and repeated accuracy with this grip on my Canik TP9SA

Sliced bread ain't got nothing on Talon grips!

Order two sets of grips for my Canik TP9 pistols. Can't believe the difference in gun control after installation of these grips. I have three Caniks and now all three are sporting the Talon Grips. I now have at least ten pistols with these grips attached to them. I can't say enough good things about the Talon Grips. They fit perfectly, are solid once installed and give so much better gripping service to the pistols. Great job!! Mike Wightman


Very pleased with the rubber talon grips for my tp9sa. My purchase on the pistol is world's better than it came stock. Well worth the price. They also shipped to eastern Canada really fast. Great product, go on easily and look and feel amazing.

Love the fit & feel. Better than others I've tried.

So far I've ordered Talon grips for three of my pistols... Canik TP9SF, H&K VPN, and Walther PPX. I should've ordered them a lot sooner. They just make my guns' grips feel so much better which especially helps when my hands get sweaty in hot weather. It also doesn't hurt that they make my guns look so much more tacticool :)

Excellent product as usual! I expect nothing less from these guys! My Canik no longer slides in my hand when I sweat. Also, there was a nice personalized thank you note written on the packaging slip in the envelope. Nice touch!

I will start by saying, this is not my first purchase from Talon. I make that statement to emphasize that I am a returning customer for a reason. Their. Products. Are. Awesome! These grips are cut correctly and made from durable, long lasting material. They are American made. The price is very reasonable considering the craftsmanship that is built into each item. I do not recommend the granulate grip for concealed carry weapons that reside against bare flesh as they are quite abrasive when worn for any length of time. Otherwise, the granulates are excellent for positive control.

This is the second one I've bought. And I love them the added grip texture is wonderful and I don't have to alter my firearm with stippling. Keep up the good work. I'll be buying another for the CZ I'm about to purchase.

The fit was perfect on my canik tp9sa

I have had Talons on all of my pistols and they improve your grip as advertised! The grips for the Canik are a little more difficult to place than an M&P or Glock, but that's because of the dimples in the Canik's grip. Once you get it placed, it stays put! I will always be a Talon user!!!

I liked the canik I tried at the range, a little loose in my hand.That was a east fix ordered a set of the (sand paper) talon grips,there great just as they are on my sheild. Best fix.Bill

I have 3 of these grips for different pistols. I love the rubber textured grips. I put these on a sand colored TP9SA. The black on sand looks freaking awesome.

Exceptional fit, very easy installation, will be buying more in the future!

Perfect fit just like the others. A+

I would like to thank you first and foremost for making such a great product. I actually ran a gambit of my of test once I recieved the grip. And it performed flawlessly! Wet, dry, grease, oil, sweat, weak hand, strong hand, upside down..... Mud, soap..... Grip was always spot on and positive..! So good that, I just purchased the TP9V2 yesterday, so I will be ordering a new grip for that one as well.... And I RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE! Talon grips are the way to Go!

Best grips available. I have Talon grips on all of my pistols.

Fit the pistol perfectly. I use the normal back strap. Not sure if installing on the larger insert would make a difference.

The best grip tape money can buy. The pre-cut tape fit the gun perfectly and substantially increases grip. Just be aware that this is a very abrasive grip tape (sandpaper) and not ideal for concealed carry, look into the soft (rubber) talon grips for that.

Works great on this slim grip.

I put the rubberized grips on my Canik TP9SA and they really enhance the feel of the pistol. I have Talon grips on all of my pistols because of the way they feel.

The installation was very easy and these grips are a great addition to our TP9-SA. The material that Talon use is so nice and grippy, I've actually used it to create an alternative for forward cocking serrations on my gun ( I cut pieces off of a Talon grip set from another gun) I have yet to see how it holds up to the heat on the slide but for the price, this can't be beat. Great product and shipped fast.

same as above

same as above

Perfect fit. Good value.