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Grips for FN FNS9, FNS40



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TALON Grips for FNS9 and FNS40. This grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and full coverage on the backstrap. This grip also has cutouts for the FNH logo. Confirm backstrap size installed on firearm prior to ordering. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Talon is the best grip company PERIOD!

Talon grips are the greatest, too bad I can't say the same about the FNS. The grips went on very easily and really helped with the feel of the pistol. IF (big IF) I ever own another plastic will have Talon grips.

I accidentally ordered the wrong grip. I emailed Talon and they said to mail it back and they would send me the correct item. The correct item was quickly shipped and communication was great. These grips are amazing and the experience was a pleasure. Thanks Talon.

perfect as allways 5 stars again keep them coming.*****

Feels great

I really like the Talon grip on the FNS the original grip is aggresive, the Talon grip are great grip and easier on the hand making control and comfort much better

I asked Talon earlier if the FNS9 would fit the FNS9L. I was told you didn't know. The Longslide uses the same lower as the FNS9. So they are a perfect fit and you can advertise as such.

Talon Grips once again exceed my expectations! I have the 'rough' grips on most of my firearms, this time I thought I would try the rubberized. Man, I have a huge problem now...which one to get going forward! Both of the grip textures are excellent additions to your firearm. I personally now consider Talon Grips a must buy after purchasing a new firearm.

I really enjoyed my FNS 9 prior to installing this grip, but the texturing was just too aggressive for my liking. This is my first time using a Talon grip and it’s easily the best add on I’ve done to this pistol. It was very easy to install and it fits perfectly. The feel of the gun is much better and is now far more comfortable at the range. I will without doubt be installing Talon grips on all of my pistols going forward. Their customer service is great and very appreciated.

Easy installation, great fit, sure grip . . . Good product.

Have these on most of my pistols. Easy to install. Grip is so much better with out changing the size or egromlcs.


These grips are awesome. Fits my FNS9 and 40 like a glove. Just follow the instructions and you can't go Wrong.

Great product, have on three different FN’s and Love it.

Made all the difference in the world. I can shoot all day without gloves if I want to now. Highly recommend. Have no issues with slippage. Just a great product.

Does all I wanted, great grip

Shot with the Talons on my favorite gun. The P-10C. Liked them so much I put them on my own gun. Night & day difference. I will be ordering more once my own P-10C comes in.

Didn't like the texture on my FNS-40 grips - it was too aggressive. I decided to try the Talon Grips and oh what a difference! They are relatively easy to install, they fit like a glove and the feel is just what I wanted. A great product.

Love the grip I am able to secure. Also, have on my XDS and XDE.

Work perfect...

Grips went on easily, cut to a perfect size. Rubber grip helps cut down on the aggressive stippling without being too spongy. Not sure how they'll be under wet/sweaty palms, but overall much more comfortable to shoot.

Love the way this grip feels

The texture was great. There wasn’t enough material over lap in the handle to cover it.

Talon Grips took the bite out the aggressive stippling on the FNS 40 and 9c. Shipped fast and free! Perfect fit. Awesome feel. Gotta buy some more guns so I can buy some more Talon Grips. Thank you for an outstanding product.

As always, a great fit, and great service!. My Talon Grips shipped in much less than the 10 days that was advertized.

Love Talon Grips. Have them on all of my pistols. Helps me get a good purchase on the firearm. The TGs on my FNS9 REALLY help tame the aggressive OEM stippling.

Bought two new FNH handguns but couldn't shoot more than two mags before I had such deep imprints on my hands from the very aggressive texture of the backstraps. It was extremely uncomfortable. The rubber Talon grips took all that away and I can shoot fairly long sessions without any discomfort. What a great product. Highly recommended

I LOVE TALON GRIPS!!! They are a must have for the modern handgun in my opinion. With out them my sweaty palms alow the gun to move around. With them I am on target faster and longer. I have them on all 5 of my polymer handguns. It is the best money you can spend to put on a gun.

Always loved FN handguns but never liked the pyramid texture grips they have, got this to cover it up and it works great, If anything looking back I should have gotten the more aggressive talon grip but this is a definite improvement over the aggressive FN grip

The Talon grips turned my FNS long slide from a really good gun to a truly great gun. Well done Talon! FNS9 plus Talon Grips equals an unbeatable combination!

I got these great grips on my 2 fns .40s and on my Fnx .45 they work really good on the fn guns cause they can be a little obnoxious so put non the talon grips makes it a lot more enjoyable to shoot

Perfect fit, perfect product. Today's aggressive polymer grips are hard on the hands. The Talon grip resolves that problem. It is the most comfortable, functional grip on the market.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to better my firearm and myself as a shooter with your product. Excellent fit and finish at a great price, so thank you.

This is my second Talon grip purchase and it was in the plans when I first decided to buy this gun. I love the quality and the way they make my guns feel more controlled in my hands. These grips will be under consideration on each gun I purchase from now on.

Perfect fit easy to install and made the grip feel perfect

Easily installed fit as promised. Very nice simple product that gives great results. Someone has already commented they thought they were factory order grips.

The Talon grips really "tamed" the very aggressive grip profile of the FNS-9 and made it considerably more comfortable for range practice. Did not impact the ability to carry the weapon strong side hip - highly recommend the Talon grips.

Perfect fit.Good grab.

Very easy to apply! Great price and fast delivery. I liked the first one enough to buy another set for my AR.

I love talon grips. I have them on all of my pistols. And will put them on all my future pistols. Provide great grip. They are comfortable, don't add any extra size, and add grip to areas of the grip that don't have anything. They calm the too aggressive grip on my fns while still providing excellent grip. They added grip to my too smooth M&P shield. Just all around awesome. I showed them to my nephew and he is ordering them for all his guns.

The grips arrived sooner than expected. They are a great fit for the FNS-9. I have the large back strap installed and ordered the matching granulated grips. They fit perfectly and was extremely easy to install using only the instructions provided.I can say that these grips vastly improved the way the pistol feels in my hands. I have tested them at the range and am very pleased with the results. I have large hands and even with the large back strap the grip was feeling a little thin. After installing the Talon grips the grips size feels just right. Great grips - Great service

Not as easy an install as all the others I have done but that is because of the factory stippling on the grip. This is my first granulated set and man what a grip. Great stuff by Talon once again.

Fits gun perfectly feels very nice in the hands

As usual.......outstanding. Will continue to purchase and preach Talon grips. Fit the FNS9 perfectly. Make a great firearm even better

This is so simple. Order, receive, follow instruction. Go slow, place on weapon as decscribed. Check alignment, refit if necessary. Once applied, slowly press into material. Take a small hair drier, hold 8-10" away and blow low heat all over your grip. Let it rest, maybe 10-20 minutes. Press with a small smooth tool. I used the back of finger holes in a pair of small scissors, following the contours of my pistols grip.I applied heat, press, heat, until i was happy. They look fantastic, feel perfect.My next pistol will get the same treatment

I got an FNS-40 recently and love it and generally liked the stock grips but did decide to give Talon grips a try. I like them very much, they went on beautifully and I found the rubberized grips more comfortable to my hands that the stock grips. The Talon product is excellent.

This is my third set of grips for various types of duty carry firearms. My primary weapon is an FN product with an aggressive grip. This a daily carry gun. I shoot the weapon in pistol matches on weekends. I like the feel and function of the talon grips. I have reccomended and installed around 20 sets for my fellow workers. The grips stay in place after installation and don't come off.

Totally changed the whole feel of the gun. I ordered the granulated edition and even though it won't be good for concealed carry, it still is unbeatable in terms of grip. I love it, best mod I've done to my gun by far.

Easy to install if you take your time and read the instructions. The gun feels great in my hand with the rubberized grip.

The service and delivery is prompt. I love these grips. I have them on all three of my FNS handguns. I ordered the "rubber" texture and love the solid feel of the grip. I highly recommend the grips. Easy install and the heat up of the rubber expands very well into the "dimples" of the grip.

My wife did not like the texture of her FNS 9mm Long Slide and I told her I had the solution. She loves her gun now, and I like to borrow it when I shoot IDPA.We really like it, and how it adds traction high on the grip!!Should work great on my FNX 45T also.

Fantastic Grip! I was a bit skeptical about how it would adhere to the factory stippling on the FNS, but after 200 rounds every edge is tight and perfect. I'll be putting the rubberized talons on all my pistols from now on.Thanks!

This is my third set of talon grips. I personally like the rubbery style grips. Make holding and recoil much more manageable. As always received product easily and in a timely fashion.Thanks

Easy to follow instructions, grip feels great. Was a little disappointed in the 16th inch gap in the back using the curved backstrap. Other than that I am very satisfied.

I tried all after market hand grips including pachmyr and hogue. The talon grips with the best option to get a factory feel without increasing the size of the grip

I used a hair dryer on hi. Went over it 3 times with special attention to all edges-took about 15 minutes start to finish. I have had it applied to my FNS for 2 weeks with zero complaints, and it's my daily CCW!

Great addition to the existing FN grip. Fairly easy to apply. Feels good in my hand. Have not had it in long enough to see if it peels or how it holds up to daily use.

Using the rubber grip on my FNS 9. Fits perfectly.

Easy to put on. Much more comfortable grip. Looks good. Fit perfectly. Have not taken to the range yet but I do like the difference they make.

This is the second set I've ordered from Talon. Th first was for a new Sig P2022 .40 few months back and this set for my new FNH FN40 along with the two 2'x6" strips so i can custom cut the back slide grip serrations and my support thumb on the left slide. Everything went on beautifully and looks just as good on the gun and it truly makes you feel like you have so much more control of the weapon when the grips are on regardless of today's manufactures efforts with new serrations and factory grip textures. I'd order another Talon product without hesitation. If i could leave a message with the folks at Talon, it would be keep up the outstanding work. Next new gun purchase I can assure you Talon grips will be the first thing ordered.

It is amazing how well these Talon Grips work on my FNS 9mm. For everyone with the FNS9, you know how aggressive the grips are. It makes it very uncomfortable. So I filed them down and still didn't like it and even made them look a little bad. So I got these Talon Grips and it fixed both problems. It feels great and it also looks great. I could not be more pleased. Do not hesitate to buy these if you have an FNS9mm. I got the rubberized ones btw.

Looks and feels great! Easy to install. Doesn't add width to grip. Highly recommend if you don't like the FN standard stipple grip

I use the rubberized grips on all of my pistols. I had an extra set for the FNX model versus the FNS that I used the grips on. The only "issue" was the FNH logo cutout hole didn't line up perfectly. They still positively changed the feel of the gun, and they perform exceptionally well. I recommend them to everyone I know.

These grips arrived quickly and are great to get better grip on polymer framed pistols. They fit the FNS9 perfectly and look great on the gun.

The fit is great and easy to install. This is my second talon grip . And I will buy more for future guns.

I have Talon grips on my Glock 21 and my FNS 9. Both firearms have excellent grips. Talon takes from from very good to excellent. I have the rubberized on both. I shoot one-handed to to my MS. Talon grips give a real sense of security and a great slip-free feeling of security. I highly recommend them to all firearm owners.

Best grips ever! My FNS used to be painful to shoot with the factory cheese grater grip. Now it feels amazing!

Picked the FNS40 up at a local dealer in SC. Never thought much of the 40cal. Gun fits my had great and shoots fine. Ordered Talon grips for my FNS and now it fits my hand wonderful and shoots great.

Seems to be holding up great.

the product works great, make sure you follow instructions. one thing that would be nice is after i have ordered 7 sets of grips i would get a discount code, that was the reason they asked for my email which was for promotions news letter and discounts

These grips fit my FNS-9 perfectly. Installation was super easy, they feel great, and they're an amazing value.

Wasn't sure if this grip would improve my FNS9, but by golly, it did! The pistol feels more comfortable and controllable. The grip went on easy enough and remains intake. Great product.

Fit perfectly, now it looka perfect too! No complaints whatsoever. Good product, good company, good wuick shipping. Ill be ordering another, just have to buy another gun first.

I'm not much on writing product reviews, but, in this instance, I will say, "I am a huge fan of TALON grips!" It is difficult to quantify the difference in the purchase on the weapon with these grips from the purchase on the weapon without these grips, so I will sum it up in one word: Incomparable

I got the grips for my FNS and they are awesome you get a very tight purchase on the grip not that the FNS has a problem with that because they are very aggressive from the factory the only problem I've had is that the grips do not stay in place very well they kind of bunch up I think because of the agressive grip because I've not had this problem on my glock which has a much smoother grip from factory over all I'm still very pleased with them

Put these on my FNS 40. I love shooting that gun but after 200 rounds, meaty side of my thumb/palm got some checkering from the back strap. I put these on and wow what a difference! They go on reverse of how they go on my glocks. That is, the 'wings' go around the back strap whereas on the glock they go around the front strap. Overall I'm super happy with Talon Grips (have them on ALL of my guns). One thing I would recommend to Talon: I would extend the length of the wings on the backstrap so that they overlap and 'tuck under' each other like the Glock wings on the front strap. They meet up *perfectly* on the FNS like an exact line up so that's an amazing cut!Love the looks too! I don't hesitate to recommend these to all my friends. These guys are the best and CS is top notch!

The grips fit nicely on my fns40 and are much more comfortable Than traditional grip tape grips! They really add to the grip and the appearance.

The FNS 9 grip is very aggressive, especially the side grips. I have small hands and have two other pistols with Talon grips installed, so I did not hesitate to order a grip for my FNS 9 after taking it to the range one timelse (about 150 rounds). I prefer the rubberized texture. The Talon grip has turned my FNS 9 from a good gun I want to like, to a good gun I think I will love once I get used to it.The grip is not difficult to install; just be patient. Line it up with the FNS logo cutouts (light touch) and reposition until you have it exactly where you want it. Then, use a blow dryer to heat it up, starting with the back strap ribs. Heat it up, smooth it out. Heat it up, smooth it out. Repeat over and over until you have all of the edges smoothed until there is no visible or sensible ridge. I think I repeated each area - back and each side - four or five times each. Be patient.The grips I installed on my M&P Shield a year ago, following the same patient process, are as good as new. No complaints. Everyone that holds the pistol comments on the great grip.

The FNS 9 grip is very aggressive, especially the side grips. I have small hands and have two other pistols with Talon grips installed, so I did not hesitate to order a grip for my FNS 9 after taking it to the range one timelse (about 150 rounds). I prefer the rubberized texture. The Talon grip has turned my FNS 9 from a good gun I want to like, to a good gun I think I will love once I get used to it.

My wife liked her new FNS 9 long slide, but she did not like the texture on the grip. The Talon grips worked perfectly, friendly yet strong grip surface. And it extended up on to the smooth area just below the slide. I think I might want to use it myself for some IDPA.Hmmm which pistol next?

As everyone knows The FNS 9'S are very aggressive grips on them. With me too aggressive but love the gun. Well easy fix, as all my other guns have Talon grips , these had to have them also. Put rubberized Talon's on them like my other's have.Now my FNS 9 AND MY FNS 9C both have them. Happy ending. Ordered my Talon grip's before i ordered my FN S 9'S.Taking Plavix for heart and this let's me still shoot in comfort. Thank's guy and girl's ,as usual now i can shoot in comfort.

I love my FNS-9, but found the grip pattern too aggressive for me. The Talon rubber grips fixed that. They are very "grippy", giving a secure feel that doesn't move around during recoil. They feel great. They even make the gun look better.

The grips arrived fast and we easy to install. I've purchased a set for every handgun I own. The gun will not slip in your hand giving you better grip which in turn gives much better aim.

I decided to buy these because the smooth grip of most polymer pistols where your thumb and web of thumb ride just let the gun move too much between shots for me. I also didn't want to stipple the grip as I can just remove these grips should I ever decide to sell the pistol. They have held up to 1500 rounds so far with no peeling, or color change. I wish they were a touch more aggresive in the texture, but they do work to provide better grip of the gun. I highly recomend them

I ordered these for both my FNS 9 and FNS 9c with the rubber texture. They grip well and are very comfortable. They are also extremely thin adding no noticeable bulk to the grip and stick very well. I highly recommend getting a set of these.

Installation of the rubberized grip was pretty easy. Back straps didn't line up perfectly, but as long as they stay put this won't matter. Rubberized grip feels solid and allows for a great grip with no slip.

I ordered these for both my FNS 9 and FNS 9c with the rubber texture. They grip well and are very comfortable. They are also extremely thin adding no noticeable bulk to the grip and stick very well. I highly recommend getting a set of these.

I found the installation and removal to be difficult. Found the Hogue to be much more comfortable. The Hogue grip was also about 1/3 lower in price.

A great addition to my FNS9. I will definitely order from you in the future.

Awesome grip for the price. Cant wait to get out to the range and give it a go.

Turned the cheese grader type grip of FNS into a nicer experience.

Fit like a glove...improves appearance and feel of my FNH pistol

Love this grip. The fit was great and it was easy to apply. Really changes the feel of the gun.

Take your time with this one, especially if you have the large backstrap on. The pointed ends have more of a tendency to come off since there are in a "high traffic" area when holstering and re-holstering, but overall a good product.

Great addition to my FNS. Fit and install went very well... Highly recomend this product...

Great addition to my FNS. Fit and install went very well... Highly recomend this product...

Your grips were fine, except for at the very bottom rear of the grips where to to sides meet; did not stick after 500 rnds. of shooting. I had to apply some tape to hold it together. otherwise they're fine.Mike

Very good fit.

Eliminates cheese grater feel and makes maintaining proper control beyond easy

Excellent Grip, easy to install. I got the rubberized grip and it has a great feel. Probably the cheapest upgrade you can do to any gun, I recommend them!!

Love these grips. Got them on my FNS 9 and XDm 45. Very Pleased.

Works exactly as advertised. Very comfortable.

Well this is my first set of talon grips, I really like the texture they have on them. I went with the rubberized style. The feel on the grip of the gun is phenomenal. Now here are my two complaints, the first is the lack of colors to choose from, " just black" really what is this a 1930's model T. Second the fit was pretty nice but where the two ends meet up they don't match or lay together very well. I wish they were a little longer and actually over lapped each other. Other then that I think it is a solid grip enhancement.

Perfect fit makes a fine firearm even better.

Perfect fit makes a fine firearm even better.

Perfect fit makes a fine firearm even better.

Great product!....Will use on all my firearms. wife loves them too#

Awesome fit and very easy to apply. Will be purchasing more grips for other handguns. Outstanding shipping, and thank you for the sticker.

Perfect Fit! Returned sandpaper-like suface for rubber. Perfect!

Great product! Was easy to put on the holes lined up perfectly and the make my pistol feel great in my name. This was the best aftermarket purchase I have made for any gun. Gives a great custom look! Have shot over 500 rounds with them on no issues at all!

Great price, very fast shipping, easy to install. What's not to like? This grip looks like it came that way from the factory and it is a vast improvement over the standard grip. I would gladly use Talon again in the future!

Easy install and great fit/finish. Cannot wait to shoot with these grips installed.

The hole for the FN logo did not line up, but since the grips were for the newer FNS, that's fine. Otherwise the grips fit my FNP40 perfectly.

Great product. Will not go back to shooting without a Talon grip. Helps in a multitude of ways and really enhances the shooting experience. Will purchase more in the future. Thanks Talon Grips!