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TALON Grips for FNX-45 Small Backstrap (Granulate Texture)

Grips for FN FNX-45, FNP-45



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TALON Grips for FNX-45 and FNP-45. This grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and full coverage on the backstrap. This grip has specific graphic cutouts for the FNH logo. Confirm the backstrap size installed on the firearm prior to ordering. The Large is also called the Curved backstrap and the Medium is also called the Straight. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Nice fit, easy to apply. The "apply heat" tip made it even easier. I've got a Talon on ALL my firearms.

Huge difference in texture compared to the aggressive stock FNX 45T. I can conceal carry comfortably without the chafing. As always, super fast shipping

Easy application and feels great in the hand!

feels great on the fnx 45, factory grip is ok, talon grip is much better. I now have six pistols with talon grips, with the latest hk p30 and p30sk . I'm a believer. just wish ya'll made one for my old ruger p345. great product, every grip fits perfectly, thanks

fits great, looks great, feels great

This is a great product. Fits great, feels great, and looks great. Top notch.

I can now be the person giving the recommendation instead of the person asking the question. Takin grips doesn't cut ANY corners when it comes to making a quality product at a reasonable price. Shipping was as close to the speed of light you can get. Would like to see a grip that looks like a stippling. Hopefully I'm the near future. Zero complaints would deff recommend and buy again! Thanks Talon Grips

1st and farmost, “I love your grips!” When ordering from your site it did not give me the option to order for a large backstrap (but I needed that brown) So the fit and look is not Talon sexy but functional.

This is a very good product. Installation was easy. The gun has a very aggressive grip texture. The rubber Talon grip made it much more comfortable.

very nice and useful product. make sure you have a hair dryer on hand before ordering though.

This is my 4th grip I have purchased from Talon, all on 4 different guns. I love them! They fit perfect and add a very nice custom look. My latest one, on my fnx-45 tactical looks nearly perfect. As if the grip was part of the pistol. I am very impressed with this company’s customer service and products and will continue to do business with them in the future.

That FNX grip is pretty aggressive. Unless your going to be wearing gloves all the time, this is a great upgrade. Shipping was fast and installation was a breeze.

Perfect fit and adds to function and tactical look.

Highly recommend. Extremely easy to install and make a world of difference and cant beat the price.Buying a set for each of my handguns.

"Built it and they will come" says it all. Professionaly crafted product. 3rd time returning customer. These grips will give your firearm a new feel - one you can not negiate away.

Fits and matches like a glove. Providing the signature Talon 'stick with no slip' grip, making my FNX look great!

Great fit and easy to apply.

Perfect grips. I purchased the rubberized grips. Great investment!

Tamed the aggressive texture of the end grip; especially, for bare handed shooting.

Just installed on my FNX-45 and they are great. Easy to install, and feels like it is part of the frame. Had one on my Glock 30sf and it was the same, easy to install and worked like a charm. Would highly recommend Talon grips.

Put the black rubber on FN tactical .45. Took my time, got it lined up perfect. Worked it in for a while with hair dryer. Formed to the molded in grip like it belonged there. Very impressed. Love it.

Although the contour of the FNX handle was a good fit for me, the stencilling was quite painful and left indentions in my hand after shooting. After installing the Talon grip there was a 100% improvement in the feel and grip of the pistol. My groups tightened, and shooting in general became more comfortable. There is not a better upgradable improvement (for the cost and value) you can add to your pistol than a Talon grip.

The rubber feels great. Moss is a great color match if you want that, as I did, rather than the contrasting black. Easy to fit.

As always, Talon Grips knocks it out of the park. Now granted the FNX 45 grip is meant for you to be wearing gloves with the expanded trigger guard and aggressive grip texture. But with the rubberized Talon grip, once heated just melts into texture for great, comfortable handling without gloves.

Just went to the range for the first time with these on my FNX-45. Love these grips! Original are, how would I say, " pokey". Little spikes on the grips. The only thing that bothered me on an otherwise awesome firearm. The rubbery/tacky feel of the Talon grip is way better! And it didn't make the grip feel thicker because it's so thin! Going to buy another for my EDC soon!

An absolute MUST HAVE for any FNX 45 user unless you're in a combat zone and constantly wearing gloves lol. When the rubber grip is heated as instructed it will perfectly melt into the side texture for a secure hold. This made me fall in love with my firearm all over again.

Easy to install with great detailed instructions.Haven't shot the pistol yet since I've installed it but it's a drastic improvement to the stock grip.

These are a great value. Beats stippling any day. They fixed my only real gripe with my FNX 45T. I've already gotten two other friends on-board. 10/10 will buy again.

I love it great product so easy to install I put this on my FNX .45 cause the stock grips are so agrresive

feels good on the grip, good quality

Pleased with the fit, finish and durability on EDC XDS 45. Equally satisfied with The Talon Grip for FNX 45.

Excellent! Color match on the moss grips is great. Overall very satisfied.

Excellent product,makes my FNX .45 Tactical look and Feel So much better.

Very awesome product does what it is designed to do and better

Great product / price, shipped fast, exactly as described, and, easy to apply. I like the fact that the application enhances the grip without adding to the overall width. Absolutely recommend !! Thx Talon !

Absolutely love them! Not only is the feel great but the fit is right on and they look tough on fde!

Fit perfectly! Highly recommend!

Awesome product, easy install and just feels good in the hand with a solid feel to it, gonna order one for my H&K USP 45. You guys nailed it with this product. Thanks again Talon grips!!!

My Talon grip made my FNX-45 my favorite weapon. For some reason they made this firearm with the worst textured grip surface I have ever experienced. Other than that it is an excellent service weapon. With my Talon in place, I cant wait to get to the range and have confidence when I carry.

I have put Talon rubber textured grips on 15 of my handguns as well as my Tavor, needless to say I'm a big fan. Most of the comments I get are "I didn't know (Glock, Springfield, S&W) had this grip option available"? I tell them they don't, they are Talon grips and I installed them myself in minutes. Once installed they look totally factory and actually improve the looks, they provide a custom feel and better grip without adding bulk and would be a bargain at twice the price!

Great product as usual! Love the new moss color guys! Will be getting more for future guns.E2F56

First time using Talon grips. Excellent fit, really liked that I could peel up and reposition prior to final heat application for prefect alignment. Everyone that holds the FNX loves the positive grip feel. Will be buying for all my polymer pistols.

Purchased the Moss-Rubber grip for my FNX-45 and although they improved the overall grip of the pistol I can only give it 4 stars. The Moss-Rubber was not as grippy as my previously 4 Black-Rubber grips that I have purchased for my other firearms. Not sure because of the coloring or paint that was used but it has a slight smoothness to it. It does look great but I would choose the Black-Rubber next time.

Fits like a glove and looks phenomenal on my Fnx.

Very impressed with these grips. Used the rubber grip on my recently purchased FNX-45. The stock grips have a very sharp texture that I found uncomfortable. The Talon grip went on smooth as could be and fit perfectly. Very easy to apply - the directions were excellent. I used a heat gun sparingly and the grips formed to the gun like a second skin. I then put 300 rounds through the gun and nothing moved or shifted in any way. These are outstanding grips that I would highly recomend. The price point is more than reasonable. Time to expand the line into non-polymer handguns!

I received your product promptly. The grips fit my FNX-45 perfectly. Installation was easy. I was very pleased with the outcome.

The texturing of the grips on the FNX-45 Tactical are very aggressive, as they should be for a weapon made specifically for combat and wearing gloves. However, my days in the sandbox in full battle rattle are over and I wanted to tone down the cheese grater effects on my ungloved hand when shooting hot loaded, high pressure 230gr all day. I've used both the rubberized and the high grit Talons on many weapons and they are simply perfect for what they were made for. They fit excellent as long as you take the time to clean and apply them and then heat them up a little and squeeze the shit out of them afterwards. You can even tightly wrap the grips with 550 chord and leave it on overnight to really mash them down. Don't buy anything else, go with the Talons and you'll be good to go!

Excellent addition to my FNX, extremely recommended...

Another perfect talon grip fit. I have these on several of my handguns. Well worth the $. Thanks guys keep up the good work

Fit perfectly a little difficult to figure out but it works great so much more comfortable and my acurracy increased because of it!

I got the rubber black version for my FNX-45 Tactical. The fit was near perfect, to close to ever complain. I have shot a couple hundred rounds with the grips now and have zero complaints. The edges are staying put with no hint of separation. The texture is very good compared the the abrasive factory grip. The black on FDE look is superb. The change in size of the grip is not noticeable. I also followed the install instructions exactly and have a FLUKE temp gun to use. I highly recommend this product if you have the FNX-45 Tactical.

Not only is the product amazing, the service is as well. I was so pleased with them, that I left an image on Facebook. Evidently I improperly installed them and they contacted me & shipped new grips. Hands down best experience I've ever had!

I use my FNX 45 for duty carry. it was important for me to be able to maintain a good grip through all outdoor weather conditions. these talon grips definitely do the job and they look fantastic compared to any other rubber grips

Very nice feel for the FNX-45 I got the rubber grips fit is great use caution when installing take your time I would wait to cut the back part if needed at end of instal. I heated it up with a hair dryer after instal pressed down and rubbed it into the groves for a better fit. Rally helps with the grip. The stipple that FN has isn't for everybody it can be both rough and slick but this grip really make it more comfortable and provides a better perch. I can not speak for how long it will hold up. Also when installing watch the safety lever on both sides for a proper nice fit. I would recommend this for the FNX-45

The grips slid on easily and have not moved at all. They feel rather nice on the FNX and now i dont hear complaints from people with girly hands when they shoot it. Good product.

First time installation was a bit nerve-racking but would be easy next time. Great improvement of the comfort over the factory's grip with little increase in diameter of the handle. The long-term durability remains to be seen, but so far, so good.

Excellent grip. Cut is very precise to grip contours. I am 100% satisfied.

I found when I shot this gun (or any fn pistol) that it was uncomfortable to shoot because the stippling was so aggressive. I put the rubber talon grips on my FNP-45 tactical and it took away that aggressiveness that made it uncomfortable, yet it gave me a better address to the gun. It seriously feels like different gun now. I will not own an FN without these grips on it ever again!

The FN 45 Tactical comes with very aggressive factory grips. I liked that in the store and if you shoot with gloves it is fine. I shoot mostly in practice. The rubberized Talon grip makes practice much more comfortable and they are attractive. Good addition to a great pistol.

As always, Talon Grips has delivered another amazing product! Money well spent!

Great product bought both the sand and rubber for my fnp 45 usg. Installed the sand in a matter of minutes. The sand is not too rough and adds the right amount of grit to any situation. The rubber grips seem excellent also. The grips seem durable it will be interesting how long the sand grips last but that being said I will buy new ones if they were to wear at any rate. 10 out of 10 all my buddies are getting some for various handguns.

Great product bought both the sand and rubber for my fnp 45 usg. Installed the sand in a matter of minutes. The sand is not too rough and adds the right amount of grit to any situation. The rubber grips seem excellent also. The grips seem durable it will be interesting how long the sand grips last but that being said I will buy new ones if they were to wear at any rate. 10 out of 10 all my buddies are getting some for various handguns.

The TALON GRIP made the FNX-45 feel and control the way I think it was meant to feel. I also did use the extra blackstrap ( large grip) insertion. The back sections still met. I used a hair dryer and it locked on the TALON RUBBER GRIP. The FNX 45 is about 2lbs 11 ozs and really needed this add-on.

Excellent! Easy to apply well, and work great.

I really like these grips and the only reason I didn't rate them excellent is that in hot temps the grips move some. The adhesive gets spongy. Other wise they are the only way to go!

Fit perfect. Easy install. Makes the gun look how it should.

My Son put the soft rubber grip on his M&P Shield .40 cal and they are awesome! I put them on my FNP .45 and my HK 45C and they are both AWESOME! I ordered them for my Walther P22 they are so great! I wouldn't hesitate to put these on any handgun! GREAT JOB TALON!

These grips went on very easy and have held on great! For me i did not like the cheese shredder like texture of the stock grips on the FNX (my only knock on the other wise awesome firearm) and these grips take care of that for me and give a much better grip and feel while shooting.

Best product on the market. Overtime I buy another firearm I place a Talon Grip on it!

This was my 10th or so talon grip for various handguns. Extremely well made and work as advertised. Will continue to buy these in the future. Outstanding customer service.

They work great!!! Talon grips really help give you a solid purchase on your firearm. It really helps when you are sweating and the grip stays tacky and doesn't slip. I highly recommend.

While I Love my FN FNX.45 Pistol, I Never liked the feel of the hard plastic, checkered grips. Your Product Changed all of that, and Now I Love The Entire Package. The transformation from hard Plastic to the pebbled rubber Talon Grips is simply Amazing! My wife is ordering a set for her S&W M&P.40, and I am letting all my friends with polymer framed pistols know about your Product. I would add that a Warning to keep Gun oils and cleaning solutions off the grips may help keep the adhesive from letting go and maintaining the grip panels for longer. Thanks for a Simple, yet Effective Modification that anyone can do to make their pistol a perfect Fit!...

I own the FNX-45, a gun which has extremely aggressive stippling. Unfortunately, I like to shoot a lot of rounds through my gun, and when doing so, I'd always get blisters after about 300 rounds or so. Talon Grips did an extremely good job designing this to fit my pistol's grip, and not only that, but it is extremely comfortable and very easy to install. If you're reading this, get it. It's a quick, easy, and inexpensive solution to improving your pistol's grip.

Love the new grips, makes the pistol feel much better on my hand.

Love the rougher grip on this larger duty gun. It keeps it firmly in your hand for a follow up shot. I've had others use this firearm and they thought the Talon grip helped out as well.

These rubber grips exceeded my expectations and I and extremely happy with the purchase... If the fnp/fnx grip stipling is too aggressive for bare hand use I suggest these 100%... I was disappointed with my FN at first because I couldnt shoot bare hand without aggregating my skin.. A

Fits the gun really well. Even with all the edges on the back. Just make sure to definitely heat the grip tape and firmly press into all the grooves and cuts in the pistol's grip. Will buy again/10

Grip cover kit was easy to install, and was a perfect fit. Excellent product, much easier to shoot with the Talon grip addition.

The best grips ever

Made a great difference in the grip feel

This is a big handgun and these grips made a huge difference in controlability.

Great fit I have Talon grips on all my pistols. Highly recommend.

I have never been more satisfied with anything I have ever purchased... The FNX has a rather aggressive stippling on the polymer grip from the factory. It's great until about 150 rnds and then its somewhat unpleasant. I ordered the rubber grips and was worried that they would thinken up the grip and the I would be underwhelmed with the product (bit of pessimism leaking out I guess). This was NOT the case guys! Grip is exceptionally thin and the rubber is a perfect consistency. Very little trimming needed and after a quick wipe with the provided alcohol patch and a little more with a paper towel and alcohol I was sticking them on. They semi conform the the factory grip below as you press it down. Using a hair dryer to heat them up and press own more be careful. Grip only needs 130 degrees, hair dryer gets MUCH hotter at close range!All in all, VERY happy with the rubber grip, it feels like a totally different gun! I will be purchasing one for every firearm... (10 total).. Cheers

Fixes the only issue with the FNX-45, over-aggressive grip texture. Very happy. Buy with confidence.

peeled...didnt stay on ridged grip underneath..

The grip on the FNX was a little too aggressive for my taste, and my hand would be sore after about 100-120 rounds. This was the perfect fix, and it looks great too.

These are an excellent addition to my FNX-45. They make grip easier when wet over the plastic.

Talon rubber grips are my go to grips for any gun purchase. I recommend them to all my friends.

Very happy with these grips. Easy to apply and made my FNX 45 much more comfortable to shoot and carry.

The grip on the FNX 45 Tactical is very aggressive. Too aggressive for me. The Talon grip was the perfect solution. Reasonable cost, easy to install, good fit and still provides a stable grip on the gun. This is a great low cost enhancement.

Nice grips. Easy installation. Will purchase more.

Best grips of this style. Basically tape them on and heat them. Love em

Great grips , very easy to install. Will fit all of my guns with these grips.

Great grip. Would recommend...

Excellent. I've purchased 2 of these for my fnx45 tacticals. Love em. Easy to put on and comfortable.

Easy install, another excellent product from Talon!

good fit and gripping surface

Better coverage than the grip I purchased for my Glock 22. Nice fit after heating it up. Dresses up the gun.

Awesome is all you need to know to make this purchase. I bought the grip tape to try to solve a problem I was having with my shooting... The FNX is a great side arm and with what some would call aggressive texturing. Although the texturing in some areas is aggressive it wasn't in the right spots for me. I could shoot the gun accurately, but one or two shot and I would have to re-position my hand. My hands are huge, and my thumb is possibly the biggest thumb a person could have. My hands are just naturally greasy, I don't know. I could literally squeeze the gun and it would work back and forth in my grip.Problem Solved! I got the grip tape and installed it in under 5 minutes. No trimming, no reapplying. I was worried how the tape would stick to the "aggressive textured" FNX but after a second that worry was gone and I can easily say this is the best thing I have put on a firearm for me. I don't want to put the gun down now. I hope it holds up, but I can honestly say that if I had to replace the grip tape every month I wouldn't care. I will %100 be putting these on every firearm I can.AWESOME that's all I can say

Best Grips in the business and customer service is Awesome!

Thanks so much for a great product! Your grip wrap is a perfect fit. My hands are secure, even when wet and slippery. I would recommend your product to anyone.

There awesome 9 lyrics gripe is rat there a little to ruff when first put on the gun. But after a few round at the range they wear in nicely

Grip ripped off first time I drew the gun out of my holster. Pretty disappointed.

Love my FNX45, but the only thing I didnt like was how sharp the grips were. After a 100 rounds or so it really starts to dig into your hand. Bought the rubber grip after seeing these grips on the "Hickock45" youtube channel. Can't say enough good things about Talon grips. Supperior comfort and going to put them on all my handguns.

I didn't think that the FNX-45 Tactical could feel any better in the hand but, the "Talon" grip really secures the pistol. The Grip is very comfortable and after handling for a bit, the sandpaper is not too rough.

Superb product. Vast improvement over stock. I love this grip. The service was great, thank you Talon!

I put these on with minimum effort on my FNX 45 tactical. It enhances the grip nicely, only concern is around the edges to see if the adhesives hold up.

Trimming was a little off but with some work it turned out great!!

After very meticulous installation the grips pulled away after two weeks leave a large amount of adhesive residue on the grip. This required an hour and a half of clean up. Very disappointed.

Installed them very easily.......may have to add a layer of Line of Fire tap on certain sections to enhance the grip when wearing LOF's Scout Gloves with TEGS technology!!!

Installed in moments and made an immediate improvement. Firearm was more pleasurable to hold and is easier to control while firing. It is now automatic: new firearm = new Talon grips

Makes my FNX-45 a much better gun Thanks

These grips are awesome, they really have a nice feel, they're reasonably priced and easy to install.

AMAZING! Grips went on perfectly and easily. They dont fray, they dont peel. The company/customer service was as good as it gets. Thanks again!

All I can say is Wow...Huge improvement in grip on my FNX45..great grip from a great company!

Got mine today. My FNX Tactical is all black and the grips are GREAT!!!

Thanks to Talon Grips for producing this grip. I love the grip. Looks great on my FNH FNX 9mm.