Glock 17, 22, 24, 31, 34, 35, 37

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Grips for Glock 17, 22, 24, 31, 34, 35, 37



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TALON Grips for Glock Model 17, 22, 24, 31, 34, 35, and 37 models. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures. This grip provides full coverage on the side panels including above the thumb rest, ample coverage on the backstrap, and three finger wraps for the finger groves under the trigger guard. This grip has a logo cutout for the Glock emblem on the left side of the handle. This grip sticks extremely well even with the Rough Textured Frame (RTF). The medium backstrap will fit both the medium and the medium beavertail backstrap. The large backstrap will fit both the large and the large beavertail backstrap. FREE SHIPPING!*

360 video of Gen 5 Glock grip here

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Your grips are on my duty weapon, Glick 23 Gen 3. Previously I had a slip on grip. Your grips totally changed the way my gun lines up in my hand and point of aim, will take some extra training. Feels great in my hand.

Haven’t used them very not crazy about the granulated, as soon as I get my 35 from the Smith I’m switching to the rubber one. Installation is simple if removing them is as easy I would say a great product.

Great grips not the first time using them and will keep using talon grips . Good for the regular civilian use or for working use .

The grips work great, in the rain I can still hit center mass from 25 yards.

Fantastic product!
Would recommend it anytime.

I had thought about buying grip tape for my competition Glock 17 but am very glad I bought these instead. There is no way I could have matched the lines of the grip like the Talon tape does, especially for the price. They look awesome as well.

I love the grip

Best grips I found so far. When they go on, they stay on.

Very very cool grip

Amazing texturing, great fit on the firearm and lasted for a long time of abuse!!!

Fits my G22 perfectly, they really help me keep a firm grip on my Glock with the 40 s&w snappy recoil!

Perfect fit. Great feel. Only suggestion is to provide an opening for the grip backstrap "Butt-hole" of the Glock 17.

what a great idea put into motion and offered to the public

somewhat expensive

I would buy more of them for all my glocks , But they are a luxury

I have installed these on my 6 competition Glocks and have been very please with the difference it has made in my ability to maintain a firm grips from shot to shot. Excellent product and very easy for anyone to install.

This product is truly amazing. I’m a new law enforcement k-9 handler. I was struggling with my grouping on one handed shooting. With the Talon grip I was able to bring my grouping in and enhance my shooting. Not only does this product enhance my shooting it is also surprisingly comfortable in my hand. I recommend this product to anyone looking for some extra grip and trying to enhance their shooting.

I use the rubber grips on my 29 and 30SF, and the granulate grips on my 31; reason being choice of carry and texture against clothing/skin vs. holster. I love my talon grips, have only found one defect and I manage to get around it, excellent product, a must for any Glock or XD IMO!

The grip is fantastic. I have both the rubber type and the sandpaper type. I use the sandpaper for my work gun and the rubber one for my concealed one (the sandpaper destroys the clothes). The sandpaper version is my favorite. The adhesive is way better than board tape (not even in the same ball park). I shoot both guns several times a week and it shows zero signs of pealing. I will purchase again.

Best aftermarket grips on the market

Great product and service. Have the rubber grip on my g17 edc and the granulate grip on my g34 comp pistol. Easy to install and have found you can remove and reinstall them a few times with no problem. Just follow the instructions and your good to go.

I've been using the sand grip tape in my last two careers and the rubberized on my personal guns. The sand lasts for over a year with frequent use between training and field work. Bare handed the grip gives you exactly that in austere conditions and if you have the time before hand to get gloves on the is little chance the gun will move. Great product and it I keep coming back.

Great product. I have them on both my duty guns.

Great product , easy to install, I purchased the sanded grips, the gun becomes part of your hand even when your palm sweats. Now so easy to grip. Talon extend the 3 finger groves so that a little more folds under the left side.

I have Talon Grips on several Glocks, one S&W pistol, and one Remington Tac 14. I am very pleased with how easy they go on and how comfortable they make the firearms feel. I have recommended them to several friends. Well worth the small amount of money to purchase and very helpful staff.

Put on my Walther pps and my Glock 34. Love them on both

Bought a set for my G-22, was very easy to put on and I’m interested in how good they perform, great gripping texture but not to the point of being painful,,, get set you won’t be disappointed

Easy install, perfect fit, works as designed. Love it.

Feels good. Extra grip is awesome. Let's see if it holds up & for how long. It's going to get a workout.

A perfect fit for my Gen 5 Glock 17. Very easy to fit just press onto the gun and after heating with a hair drier will not move. Follow the instructions and you can`t go wrong. The rubber gives you a good grip but will not slip, without being too abrasive. an excellent product.

Fast delivery to Australia and excellent fit on my Gen 4 G17

Great product, high quality, easy to install. The directions are easy to follow, making it easy to the precut grip. Didn't have to worry about applying it a little off because once you use the heat gun to activate the adheasive, you can make minor corrections and really fit it to the gun.

Awesome grips

Was easy to install definitely help with grip and feel customer support was also very knowledgeable.

The cut is very accurate and fit is superb.
I prepped with 91% isopropyl and a toothbrush, followed by 2 scrubbings with the alcohol on a cotton rag.
I am not sure how much heat was enough.
For the G34, gen 3, I cut off the finger groove tabs, and made a separate cover for the front strap, the edges butting the front edges of the side panels, and slits cut for the tops of the finger groove bumps. It fits very well, and with the seamless fit, should hold up. You might consider a separate piece for the front strap.

The G42 was a perfect fit, although instead of the overlap on the grip wraparound, I chose to trim and butt the two edges.

Thanks for the quality product and fast delivery.

The grip works great. It has a tacky feel and is comfortable in my hand. It does add a little girth to the grip but not too much. My only suggestion would be to have the back strap part separate from the sides in the event the use needs to remove or add a back strap of a different size. Currently if I put it on with one back strap, I can't change it out without losing the grip tape.

Use the granulated grips on my carry and competition guns. Application is easy and they have yet to have an issue in over a year of abuse.

I'm really satisfied with this product.
The process to bring it on the gun was really simple and the instructions were easy to understand.
The feeling of the grip is good and I can already tell, there is a improvement in my shooting.
Even the shipping to Switzerland were no problem at all.
The only downside is, you can tell it is not a solution for many years. Especially if you shoot a lot.
But everything else 9/10
Would buy again.

This Grip is fantastic and very easy to put on. Highly recommended

Perfect Fit on my Glock 17 Gen

Returning customer and always satisfied with Talon grips. It’s always one of my first purchases after purchasing a new firearm.

Helps you hold on to your gun,Duh. Buy them now! You'll be glad you did.

These grips are exactly what I was looking for. Perfect fit for my gen3 17. I couldn’t justify sending out for a custom stipple job, and I’m too nervous to try it myself. My Talon grips saved me all the worry, and trouble, and money $$$

Great overall and easy to apply. I will be using for my other firearms for sure.



Love the grip the only issue I have is it gets a little bit slick after working in rainy or snowy conditions.

Perfect fit and great feel.... shipping to Canada was prompted and notifications was great ... TY

Have them on all my Glocks. Won’t buy anything else. Service is outstanding. Delivery is quick.

Great product. Works like a charm

This latest iteration of Talon Grips is better than ever. The hairdryer heat cycle really is the ticket.
This is not only a super near permanent grip, but is a great value as well.

Great fit and feel,I have this product on several of my weapons.customer service second to none.

Would not shoot it without it for comps.
Great product

Better than stippling.

I cannot believe the difference with these grips. It made my groups A lot tighter. With both my GLOCK 17 and my 42. I am satisfied with them. And told my friends about them, they are awesome. Thanks again.

love them

Extremely satisfied with this product! Installation instruction was pretty spot on, took me roughly around 10 minutes to complete the whole process; including the use of hair dryer to further promote the adhesion. Product promotes a more positive grip hence better control on trigger, especially for a stock trigger pull.

A very minor room for improvement: The grip covers the port/hole on the lower portion of the back strap; though this can be solved by cutting a small hole on the area to accommodate said hole.


Extremely pleased with my Talon grip for my Glock 17. It was simple to install and provides great traction on my grip.

I have been using them for years; great product.

Great product put on all my glocks!

Was surprised on how well the fitted on my guns. But can not decide if I like the rubber or gritted grips

Had this grip for my Glock 17 Gen4 for about a month. Just didn't have time to put it on, until today. Went on real easy and fit better than a glove. Watch the various videos on how to install these grips and you won't go wrong!
Have one for another pistol and will be installing it soon.

Love the feel, application process, and cost

Ordered a rubberized Talon grip in black for my glock. Extremely fast shipping, went on easy, and could not be happier with the way it feels. Gives me a great purchase on the gun and improved my shooting at the range. Excellent product and would recommend to a friend 10/10.

They good

They good

I can't count the number of grips I've purchased from Talon. I can tell you that every one has fit perfectly and has improved my grip on my weapons. I highly recommend them.

As always perfect fit,easy application..a standard on all my guns cause I actually shoot them..

I ordered the green rubber grip for my G22. The order arrived very quickly and with clear instructions for installation. It went on easily and making slight location adjustments was a piece of cake. The fit and feel make a big difference in comfort from the factory nubs, and the contrast dress the piece up nicely. Definitely worth the extra two bucks.

Excellent grip

These are AA. Absolutely. Awesome.

highly recomended

Talon grips is one Product i rely heavily on my training and carry guns rather getting them Stippled and been using past 3 yrs without failing me in any manner,Customer Service is Commendable for any questions and need.
Thankyou Talon for making me shoot better !!!

Talon grips make all the difference in the way my guns feel, nothing else like them, try them, you won’t be disappointed

The Talon Grips have always been addition to my gun, It's important that I have one on my Glock 17 to get the feel of the gun in my hand with complete confidence to shoot with accuracy.

As always, great product and fast shipping. I highly recommend this product!

Excellent product. Definitely a major grip enhancement. Also looks great the way it wraps around the whole grip of the new Gen 5s!

This is my third from Talon grip wraps.
If you follow the instructions as written you will have no problems with this grip staying in place. I have three Glocks and all three have a Talon Grip. That is how much I like them.

I use talon granual grips on all my match guns and the rubber on my carry guns. Love the product.

Easy installation, the rubber texture is comfortable but at the same time adds a whole new level of grip. Very pleased with this purchase and will be running more of these on my other firearms!

Perfect fit....perfect grip! Just a product you can count on every time.

Great product! Helps your grip and retain a firm grasp on this pistol when your hand are wet or sweaty.

Have them on a Glock 23,34,35. Helps me acquire and stay on target faster with multiple shots. Considering talon rubber texture if they would send me a sample for my Glock 34 when I shoot IDPA. Good Stuff / LAST LONG!

Awesome product! Great feel and easy to install!

Great fit. Easy install. Made my 34 feel so much better.

Great grips the skateboard tape grips are amazing. Living in FLA means heat and humidity, Talon grips are up any task.

Great product easy to apply to your gun I bought the rubber grips it feels amazing in my hand definitely better grip great comfort while shooting

I have these on all of my polymer framed handguns and rifles. Thank you talon for making a great product!!

Grips are easy to apply. My grip is now a vice ! Thanks Talon Grips!

Took about 2 minutes to throw it on and man was I impressed it changed the entire look of the gun while putting a cushion and more grip on it. I’m so happy with it I’ll definitely be buying more for future guns.

Install was incredibly easy. After shooting a new M&P 2.0 with the incredibly rough textured grip, I had to upgrade my stock Gen 4 Glock 17 MOS. I elected to go with the rough sandpaper like texture. Shooting with this grip allows me to relax my grip as I do not feel the gun is going to slip out of my hand. Highly recommended.

I am 100% satisfied so far with my new Talon grip. It was very easy to install because the product was designed and cut so well. I really like the way it enhances the grip on my Glock 17.

Best grips around period ...........

The Talon Grips work great for the Glock 17. I have become a big fan of Talon Grips and have used them on several guns in the past couple years and have always felt a big improvement each and every time. Amazing how well they are fit to each and every gun and the fast & free shipping is a plus. They are highly recommended, great job to everyone at Talon Grips!

Love my Talon grips. Installed them on a G17 and G34. These grips provide great contact in FLA's heat and humidity. Great product.

Excellent product. Fits well and is easy to apply. Vastly improved the grip on my Gen 5 G34.

Great grips...the best I've felt after 30 years in law enforcement. All my duty and off-duty guns have talon grips now.

Excellent fit. Very aggressive texture. Great for outdoors or inclement weather. Would highly recommend,

Awesome product providing additional texture without adding width to your grip.

Great product I have them on all my Glocks

And again these grips made it to another one of my pistols. Nothing short of a perfect grip for recoil control and mag dumps

Talon Grips are the best grips I've ever tried. My hands are a little small for the grips on my Glock, Talon grips give me a better grip than I've gotten from other grips. I will be using these grips for as long as I use my Glock 17

Excellent grips - opted for the grittier "sandpaper" grips. I was wondering if they might be too rough, but after applying them to the gun (Glock 34), they felt great in the hand! A very positive purchase on the gun -- highly recommended!

I have these on several pistols. They make a big difference and I would recommend them to anyone thinking about purchasing.

The Talon rubber wraparound grips makes my Glock 17 so much more comfortable to hold, fire, with positive non-slip grip and gives you more control.

fit perfect, much better grip.

I have your grips on 4 handguns I would not have a polymer hand
gun without them. I love the easy Installation and if they have to be removed they leave no residue on the pistol at all. Great job Talon !

I was suprised at how easy the installation went and how well the talon grip adhered to the textured glock exterior surface. Excellent upgrade!

Great fit, very easy to install.

Absolutely love these grips. I went with the rubber grips. Totally changes they grip of the gun. As a police officer I put this grip on my duty Glock 22 and my 27 that I use a my backup. These grips give a consistent feel with and without gloves. Absolutely recommend these grips and will buy more as needed!!

I'm a returning customer. I have carried a Glock everyday since 1992 when my department transitioned from revolvers to the Glock Model 22. I have been a law enforcement Officer for 37 years and am an NY State Certified Law Enforcement firearms instructor and NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor. I have tried a lot of different grips for this gun and these are the best. This will make 5 of my Glocks that have Talon grips. They work great. Thank you for making such a fine product.

The grips are absolutely fantastic. At 27 yards (thats the distance for precision competitions over here in Europe), they make all the difference to control a Glock and get good groups. Especially for the .40S&W (G35), I don't see how I could live without them. Found out about you via Hickok45! Cheers from Berlin!

The grip is great, a little rougher than I expected. I thought it would be a little thicker and a bit more rubbery but after shooting with it the texture and grip were just fine and better than the stock grip.

Always a great product.

These grips are very easy to apply and are a great addition to my weapon. Communication with the Talon staff was excellent!

4th set of grips. Excellent as always!!

Please see my comments sent to you via e-mail contact form. Feel free to use them on your website.


These are the best grips out there!!

Excellent product.

I am a police officer and absolulty love these grips. They alow for a solid firm grip. They were easy to put on. I watched a couple YouTube videos to make sure I knew what I was doing before I put the new grips on. All in all they are a great product and I highly recommend them!

Great product. Really improved the fit and feel on my Glock 34.

Purchased the granulated grips for a Glock 17 gen 5. So far I really like them. The pistol doesn't move around at all. The wrap is just a little to big and it needs to be tucked under the side where you started. It talks about it in the instructions. Overall I highly recommend them.

First of all, I'm leaving in France, and the delivery was perfect.
Thanks for the video who really help me to install the Talon Grip on my new Glock 17 Gen5.
Essential for a perfect feeling

Great product easy to install, feels good on hand

So far it's the best money I spent on my G17. I like the rubber texture over custom stippling. I also put on my G43 and will be ordering some for a custom G17 I'm building. Great product !!!

Been using this product for a few years now, excellent grip. Great price too.

Add another dimension of feel & grip to pistols. Talon has set the standard, I put them on every grip possible.

Great Fit easy to install

Great grip

Great fit, feel great, and super simple to apply to the frame of your glock. I will buy another set for my G43

Great product, highly recommend it.

I love the rubberized texture. Have it on several firearms.
Put the gray on. Looks great, feels better on my 34 gen 3 for
limited 10. Need to come out with gray for my p09.
Great product.

Great product! Made my Glock 22 Gen 4 look 100x better and is a solid upgrade over bone stock! Will be purchasing more soon! Thanks guys!

Great improvement.

Work perfect for the range, or daily concealment. My grips see alot of use and are as good as the day I put them on.
Get these for your Glock!!

Amazing company. Amazing support. Best products and truly help make the extra difference. As a competitive shooter I will always use talon grips on all my guns.

I have tried other less expensive stick-on grips and had always shyed away from your grips because they were twice the price of the competition. Once I bought a Talon for my wife's gun and held it... I immediately ordered one for my gun and I tore the less expensive stick-on grip off!

Perfect fit on my Gen 4 G34 and a much better grip than stock. Install over the stock texture just fine with a heat gun.

I bought a sheet of ur grip material and put some of it on my Hoffman Richter where it was kind of slick was easy to put on and looks great tried to add a picture but couldn’t get it to paste thanks.

Texture is a big improvement over the Glock gen 4 & 5. Follows instructions, mold into place after heating with a hair dryer and it stays in place. My Glocks all wear Talons.

Returning customer. As always great product at a great price

Love the grips--they smooth out the feeling but keep the security of the grip!! I have them on my Gl 17 and 19.
Great Job Talon!!

I only use Talon grips on my firearms. You’ve got a customer for life.

Best Grip for the money...

absolutely love these grips, I have them on several guns. Great product!

Great grips I have them on my duty weapon and they work great

I use Talon Grips on the majority of my firearms and the consistent fit and feel across multiple firearms is fantastic. I have these on all of my Glocks

Very nice product and comfortable!

as always quality , shipped quick, even caught them on sale

Love these grips. Use them all the time on everything.

All products have a excellent fit , Rubber texture which I prefer has fantastic grip . Customer service very helpful and orders arrived Couple days early. Recommend to all my friends

These are great. I have them in all my glocks, And trust me I have a lot of them.

As a return buyer, I’m always impressed with talon grips.

Excellent fit and grip.

These are my Second Pair Of Grips And I love em.There just the Best Grips our there.

I've got a glock 22 gen 1 and it doesn't have a strong grip pattern so I put the Talon grips on it and Wow what s difference, it's like a totally different gun. if you're on the fence about getting these grips do yourself a favor and go ahead and get them, you'll love them

Got the sandpaper grips for my duty weapon. This thing rocks. Very solid purchase on the weapon. Feels like it’s stuck to my hand. Love it. I was talking it up to the rest of my team.

Sixth or seventh pair I have ordered from these folks absolutely love putting them on my handguns as it improves my shooting.

Easy application; I installed mine with a hotel room hair dryer. Excellent product! Applied to my G34 the night before I shot the Hard as Hell 3-gun match. It definitely improved my handling, accuracy, and speed because I wasn't constantly re-gripping with each shot. Conditions at the match were very dusty (think baby-powder) and the Talons hung in there perfectly (no peeling, slippage, etc.).
Had to trim about a 1/32 off the bottom because I'm running a Zev magazine well that fits very tightly against the grip so it couldn't accommodate the Talon Grip. Also had to make a very small hole in the grip so the mag well screw could get into the backstrap. It trimmed very easily and went on as advertised (follow the directions and don't stretch it!).

Two (rubber) sets are working well for me, on a Gen2 G17 and a Gen3 G32. Grippy without being too sticky.

Great grips with an awesome look I would recommend them without a doubt.

Great product easy to apply great grip !

I’ve been running TALON grips on my G34 for about a year now for USPSA. They really help maintain a solid grip on hot summer days and wet rainy days outside. They lasted about 9 months before I ordered a new set but I’m shooting about 1000 rounds a month plus an hour of dry fire almost daily. So they’re fairly durable and you don’t have to permanently modify your gun.

It was easy to put on. I like the fell of it too. It keeps my gen 3 Glock from moving around in my hand. I will be getting a few more for my other Glocks.

Good product, fits perfectly. Follow the directions and they will work good for you.

Best product on the market

Love the grips .! I have received my 2$ refund though

Same grip as hogues minus the bulk. Good product & easy to install.

Gen 5 17 with moss rubber fits great and spices up the austere contours of a Glock. All of my Glocks have Talon grips.

I like these talon grips. My handgun looks good and I have good grip on now

I haven’t put these on yet but they will be just as awesome as the ones on my 1911, I just hate I’m just now discovering Talon Grips. I highly recommend them!

Didn’t match color as good as black but I do like them

It was what I was looking for. Glock already has a large grip. The Talon increased it minimally. Can't wait to test it. Grip is much more than I had without being able to put on a true rubber grip system.

Love the way your grips improve the feel. Easy to put on. So glad I found your product.

Fast delivery and easy to install. Enhances the grip.

I have got positive feedback from the officers testing this product. I personally installed them to make sure they were properly installed and as of now they are holding up perfect. They really like the granular texture for duty use. The wide variety of back strap choices on the glocks makes it difficult in selecting this product for a large number of officers but I think the benefit of this product is well worth it.

Best grips ever !

bought for my duty weapon. bought for all my guns.

Loving this grip and I feel more in control!

fit good , good nonslip grip& looks great!!

Great product! I place them on all my handguns and shotguns. Worth every penny. Strong work Talon..

Great product fits perfect. Easy to install. Would of loved more grip, but it’s perfect.

As always, another set of Talon grips that do not disappoint. They fit perfect, easy to install and keep my hand from slipping. Would highly recommend.

My 16 yr old Glock 17 Gen 3 has been one of my favorite Glocks w/ one exception. The grips. Don’t know why I waited so long but glad I ordered these. Took all of 5 minutes to put on and the difference is amazing! Bring new life and improved groupings to your Gen 3’s w/ affordable upgrade.

I got the granulate black for my Glock 34 gen 3. The grip is ten times better then the original grip. It’s almost like it just sticks to your hand. Very easy to apply the new grip on the gun also. Extremely happy with my purchase. Definetly recommend, especially if you have a gen 3.

I have the Talon rubber grips on my carry Glocks. They are easy to put on, durable and give a great firm grip. The granular grips go on all my competition Glocks and are fantastic. You wouldn't want it rubbing your back on a carry pistol but for the best grip while rapid firing a 10mm in competition they can't be beat. Don't leave your pistol naked. Get a grip. Get a Talon.

Excellent! I can't imagine having a gun without them.

I have the granulate Talon grips on my Glock 17L, 19C, and 43. Fantastic product, easy to install, and very durable. I especially appreciate the super fast shipping times.

Excellent tackiness for softer hands. Allows you to have positive control in all environments.

Not my first order! I have it on multiple guns both agency and personal

Big improvement

I love these grips. I have them on all of my guns. I would highly recommend these to anyone. Great customer service as well!

It’s the best grip that you could ever buy.

I love the feel of the Talon grips. I currently have them on 11 different Glock's, 2 M&P's and 1 Walther. Great product.

Kinda reluctant about buying these for my gun. But thought, what the hell. $18 isn't bad. Put these on my Glock 22. O. M. G. Absolutely amazing difference in feel and the way the gun handles. I liked it so much I actually ordered several more for all my other guns. Thanks Talon Grips for making good feeling guns even better.

Absolutely love talon grips. Super easy to install and extremely comfortable. Would definitely recommend

Excellent product ! From package to replacing the slide and the TLR-1 HL, less than 20 min. I opted for the granulated model, I knew the sec. I held it in my hand I made the correct choice. Even my Wife was surprised when I showed Her. If I can do it, anyone can.

Have the sandpaper grip on all but one of my pistols . Love it. Easy install and very durable as far as normal use goes. I'll continue to put them on future firearms. Keep up the awesome work.

Awesome product!! Awesome service! Thanks

Love these grips. No better improvement for my guns especially for the price.

I have Talon grips on several of my guns. I enjoy them and they are durable. Fast shipping and a good price.

This is my 10th grip from you guys, love all your products I renceantly got a sand paper grip for my gen 5 glock 17 and the back of the material was discolored on the butt of the grip, as I added heat is shrunk...... all my other grips from you perfect...

Was worried about texture being to rough. No problem once on gun. Excellent grip and stays in place with sweaty hands. Easy and correct installation and fit.

Just as described. Always reliable, and easy to install.

went on just like it was suppose to. perfect fit on my g17. gives the grip that was missing.

Perfect alternative for my Gen3 31 DC.Exceptional product.Just take your time and install properly and it will last. Very courteous people and knowledgeability about product with prompt delivery that had a hand written THANK YOU on invoice. Will be doing more business with this company for sure.

Amazing product. I bought the rubber grips for my G17, it's easy to put on and functions well. Will be purchasing more in the future!!!

Product was perfect! However, some hiccup on the delivery, but was immediately resolved. Thanks Talon Grips!

I have been using Talon Grips for some time now and I cannot say anything bad about them. The grips are made with quality in mind especially since I work in Southern AZ were the temps can be extreme at times.

Perfect number 8 from Talon. !!

Amazing product. it really improves the way you grip the gun.

Have bought several of your grips and love them and would buy again

Awesome product!!! Perfectly made!!!

Got this for my G17. Took my time and installation went smoothly. Feels great. Just ordered another one for my XD in Rubber-Moss.

I use talons on most all my auto's. A great product!!!

I plan on ordering more Talon grips for my other sidearms. I even have it on my duty pistol.

Your Talon rubberized grips are great. I have them on five of my guns ( three Glocks & two Smith M&Ps), my .45 Glock for over four years. With no signs of slippage or deterioration. Good job Talon.

Great fit and a great feel I think it's a must buy A+++++

Fit perfect! Love it!

Grip on a Gen 3,sucks. These grips make a high differencc

Give a great grip with wet hands.

I started shooting IDPA this summer and what a difference Talon grips make!

Best grips for the Glock Model 22, 40 caliber I have tried. They don't move or spin around the grip like other rubber slip on types. They stay where you put them and work great at keeping a good firm grip on the gun..

Great grip. Wish I would have ordered them earlier.

Very very excellent GRIP for my glock!!Highly recommend.

Talon grips are great. I got the moss and the black rubber grips. The moss isn't as comfortable as the black. It looks great but it's thicker so you can feel were it starts and stops. The black color is so thin you can't feel the seems. I really recommend the black.

This is possibly my fifth or so Talon grip for a good reason, they are very well made specifically for each gun. Once applied you might think that it is a factory option!

Excellent Grip!!! Outstanding company with a quality product!!!

Absolutely AMAZING grips!!! I got the one that are like sandpaper for my Glock 17 and I couldn't be happier. Very low profile and extremely east to install. You grip WILL NOT SLIP or even move with these best boys attached. HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!! Any you absolutely can not beat the price.

Got a set just to try, went with the grit. It's like the gun is glued to my hand, simply does not move. Install wasn't too bad took a little doing to get the lined up just right and a number of passes with the heat gun to get them contoured, but through a lot of dryfire and two matches in 90+° they haven't moved.

I have one for my kahr pm45 and one for my glock 17, both are very helpful for grip.

I have Talon Grips, both Rubber and granulate on all of my Glocks. The products are great quality and the fit is flawless!

Love these grips. Had to order another one yesterday. Forgot about one Glock

Top product. Easy to fit, great performance and long lasting. Talon customer service is second to none. Thanks Talon.

The last talon grips lasted almost two years on my G34 competition gun. Probably would still have them on but I wanted to change the backstrap, so make sure your gun is configured how you want it before applying the grips. Fit is great, take your time and use a hair dryer.

Great product! It enhances your grip for a more comfortable, secure grip.

I got the rubberized grip i have not put much action on the grip yet but initial opinion is I Love It ..easy install and feels great in the hand ..Definitely a must have if you dont want to make any permanent changes to your grip. Already purchased a second one . Thanks

I have 5 Glocks all with Talon grips. Why use tape or slip-ons when you can cover safety and comfort with Talon.

Always a solid product!

Great part and great customer service

Over the years, I have used Talon rubberized grips on approx 30 handguns. I personally think Talon Grips are the best product on the market to improve handgun stability, which makes for more proficient shooters. I have only had to replace one set, those were on a police issue Glock 22 duty weapon used by a motorcycle officer who spends a lot of time outside in extreme weather conditions year long. I've recommended Talon rubberized grips to dozens of friends who have never voiced a complaint.

Grip performs as advertised. There is one spot on side where it rubs against my duty holster and as such has torn away. Otherwise its a great product!


Your Grips are amazing! The entire team is using your grips on all our Glocks and M&Ps for competition and carry. We would not use a firearm without Taoln Gun Grips affixed! On behalf of On Point Shooting Team (Wilton Deets, Rob Annechiarico, Todd Barber, Mark Yandell), we truly appreciate your sponsorship and support!

Grips work great.

I keep Talon on all my side arms both duty and EDC. Best $18.00 upgrade you can make to a carry gun.

Definitely happy with my purchase. The texture is perfect for my hands and really gets me the grip I want. Will 100% buy products in the future as my collection grows

These give a whole new feel to the pistol, a much better grip, outstanding product.

Awesome grips, use the granulated for my duty weapon and I don't have to worry about losing my grip from weather or sweat. Very slim grips which I prefer over hogue type thickness. Easy to apply as well. At 18 bucks well worth the purchase.

Love it! Would recommend it to anyone looking for a grip.

I've heard a lot of great things about Talon grips so I figured why not give it a try?! I use it on my Glock 31 and it feels absolutely great!!!I definitely recommend this item to any gun owner!Super easy to put on also.

Awesome product. Very aggressive texture, easy to install, and it fit my glock 22 perfectly.

I have purchased Talon grips for a number of handguns, they are very comfortable and priced right. I will be purchasing more in the future. Thanks for a great product.

Nice feel. Big improvement.

They look and feel great! My buddy at the range said they look like factory.

Excellent Grip, 100% recommeded. I like the moss color on the black background.

At our GSSF match Patti Norton recommend your grips. I received my grips for a Glock 17 long gen3. I love them. Shot a indoor match had the best score I've shot. Two of my shooting friends tried my 17 L and they bought a set for their Glocks. The set I have are the rubber texture. If your pistol moves in you grip then buy a set of Talon!!!

I am impressed with the precision cut and the fit of the Talon grip. Installation instructions were well written and made for an easy and great looking addition to my G34. The texture feels great. It really makes the gun feel like part of the hand. I will be ordering these grips for other guns in my collection.

Bought the granulated one for a range shooting Glock 17. They went on perfect and no problems so far. Works as promoted and they cured my monkey paw syndrome, resulting in improved accuracy. Will be upgrading the remaining firearms with these grips..

They work great! They went right on and I feel they will stay there for a long time. They have a very positive feel to them and have a ton of texture on there that will last a long time. Definatly would recommend them without a doubt!!

Ferry good grips and I will buy more

As a guy who sweats while thinking about doing work, these grips are a lifesaver. I can maintain the same purchase on the firearm grip from draw to trigger press. And the gun doesn't rotate in my hands while doing drills.Absolutely great.

Awesome texture with the granulated ones I ordered having a few stick issues though. They have been on for only 2-3weeks now and already noticing peeling after having them proffesoinally installed heat gun and all

Very easy to put on. Love them.

Your grips are the best......2nd to none

I was so happy with my Talon Grip, I got a 2nd one!

Seems to have applied just fine. No issues. I love the aggressive texture.

Great product, the pre cut grip was a perfect fit and took a couple minutes to install. Only way it could have been easier is to have you guys do it.

I use this grip on my Glock 34 for competition shooting. This grip is absolutely amazing! I love the feel in my had, especially on those hot summer days when my hands sweat a lot. This grip really does tighten everything up and is much needed when it comes to competing!

Grips are as advertised, fits like a glove. The delivery was fast, will order for other hand guns. I recommend these grips for anyone.

Works great. Easy to apply and the included instructions were spot on. Used them during during a 3 day USPSA training class and was able to maintain an excellent grip on the handgun. I'll definitely buy more for other guns.

I love Talon grips. I have them on all of my main handguns. I don't care as much for the sand paper ones I have on my Walther, but I do all the others. There is no doubt in my mind that they are the best on the market!!

As with all talon grips I have purchased, the fit was perfect. Texture of the granulated grip is positive and adds to the stability of the firearm. The only improvement I would like to see is a stronger adhesive. Areas of the grip near the base of the palm tend to slide from position due to heat of the palm, perspiration, and the shock of recoil. This occurs in areas that have been cut to fold properly around the base of the grip of Glocks.

I have Talon grips on several guns and could not be more pleased with them. They are durable. I highly recommend them, don't hesitate to try them.

I bought these grips for my Glock 22 Gen 2. I was skeptical at first since the Gen 2 does not have finger grooves. The fit was perfect and it took about 5 minutes to put on then another 5 minutes to heat the grips up. Very satisfied since this is my duty weapon.

Very easy installation. Love how cheap and easy it is to use this upgrade for your gun. If you watch the video on there youtube page you will have a perfect and fast install time.

Great girp, very easy to install and improves the grip of the gun a lot. I have it in other pistols and I love them.

My first purchase was for my G-17. I was so impressed by them that I've purchased sets for two other pistols (so far).. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. I used to shy away from carrying my SCCY pistol but since adding Talon grips to it, it's back to being one of my daily carry pistols again! Two thumbs up Talon Grips!

I've ordered Talon rubberized grips for my Glock 17, 19, 20, 23, 26, 27, 30 & 43. They're great.

Perfect fitting,Perfect grip of the gun, massive improvement to normal grip!Second Talon I own, and very pleased

Very good product

These grips ROCK! first set was the rubber version, just put on a set of grit! Love them! I shoot a Glock 34 in IDPA comp. can't wait for my next match...

I use your grips on all my firearms because they are the best. I love them thanks

I have this product on 5 of my pistols love it

Excellent product. I shoot more than 1,000 rounds per month on my Glock 17 and these grips hold up to the pressure. Easy to install and great service; I recommend them to everyone.

A great product and works as advertised.

The Talon grips are the great. They fit myGlock 17 and 22 perfect. Will buy more in the near future.

After putting themy on my 34 and realizing how amazing they are, I ordered them for my 17, and 23. Every Glock I own from now on will have a set of Talons on them!!! Great product

My 3rd Time ordering the rubberized Grips. Highly Recommended, worth every penny! Great Customer Service btw!

Very cool upgrade to my glock. I really like the texture it adds to my firearm. I am very satisfied with thier product! I have recommended this to my family and friends.

Very pleased with your grips will be ordering more in the future thanks for the great service

Definitely the best thing I've ever done. This winter my hands of been so dry, my 17 would slide all over the place, this changed everything brought the group right back to being tight again!

EXCELLENT way to improve the look and feel of any polymer pistol!

Fast shipping. Very easy installation. Grip is awesome!

Best grip out there. I'm a USPSA Shooter and retired FD Arson investigator. Certainly the best to be had.

Love these grips! Hard to put gun down now! Carefully follow instructions about cleaning and applying heat with hair dryer and they'll work and look great. I use on all my poly frame pistols now. Excellent product!

Put the rubber grip on my Gen4 G34. What a difference!!! Took it to the range the other day and put 600 rounds through it. Gun stays in you hand and doesn't move or tear up your hand. Awesome product and the shipping was very fast!!!

Since using talon grips. I could never go back to factory polymer no matter how they factory texture a gun, Its never as good as these grips are.

Fits like a glove. excellent grip even when my hands are sweaty. Easy install on Glock 34

Perfect fit for my Glock 34 Gen 4. Very simple application and enhances the usage and looks of the pistol. Great product!

Love them will be adding them to the rest of my polymer guns

Love the grips fro gen 4s! Absorbs energy and takes what little sting there is.

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I have been a policeman in Colorado for 20 years and have carried every gen of Glock 17 or 22 since I started. The gen 4 has the best grip I have seen so far from Glock, but the Talon grip has exceeded my expectations so far, for such an inexpensive addition. I have tried the skateboard grip tape, and the Talon material is much friendlier on the hands and allows me to hold a much better grip than anything else I have tried, including Hogue. Hoping it lasts longer than Hogue also! SHOP LOCAL, FELLOW COLORADOANS!

Perfect fit...rubberized grip increases ergonomics and shooting performance 100%

Granulate is great. Moss rubber looks great, but not an improvement over the gen 3 stock grip when your palms get sweaty.

Recently ordered the rubber grips for my wife's G17 and she loves them. The fit was excellent and enhances your grip especially when your hands are sweaty. This make the fifth time I have ordered from Talon, all for different model handguns. Always have quick shipping. Every handgun we own has Talon grips on it!

I got the sandpaper type for my glock 17. They fit perfect. Way better grip when shooting. Will be ordering another set for my glock 26

Love them. Easy to install

Fits well, delivery via post was good. Grips are nice to handle and we have several tor various models. Would recommend this company.

Great grip

Excellent fit on my Glock 17. Shipping was fast even though standard shipping was selected.

Have added these to my G19, 17, XD and 1911. great fit. Haven;t shot with them yet but the feel is much more "grippy"

These are hands-down the best grips on the market. I have used the granulated version on all of my handguns for the past 3 years. I have them on my primary competition handgun, my Glock 34, and I truly believe they have helped me bump to a higher classification by securing my purchase which facilitates my accuracy. I would not think about carrying or competing without Talon grips on my gun. 5 STARS!!!

This is the 3rd glock that I've used Talon grips on. It love the feel of them, they have just the right 'tackiness" to them.

This the second set of Talon grips that I have ordered. Shopping was lightning fast both times and the grips are a great improvement over factory grips. If you're looking for a little more control of your handgun you can't beat Talon grips.

I'am very pleased with this Takon grip and it is very good product!

The best upgrade for a Glock period. And at a price of under $20.00. Try them!!!

I installed a Talon grip on my Glock 17 G4 in 10 minutes over a large Glock beavertail back strap. It is much easier to hold the pistol now and I am shooting smaller groups more rapidly as a result. Thanks, Talon!

These grips are the best out there, hands down. As a gunsmith, dealing with customer with grip issue all the time, I have many Talon Grips in-stock, and I have heard nothing but great reviews from my customers. I also have the on all of my handguns, so if its good enough for a gunsmith, it will be for the shooting public !

I ordered rubber grips to my Glock 17 gen3 and gen4. Fit and finish is second to none. Excellent grip now and did not add much thickeness to handle. Highly recommended! :DGreetings from Finland

Gives me just the right amount of grip, I love them. I have them on 3 of my guns and would definitely recommend them.

Grips fit perfect, Customer service was great! Will defiantly let my friends and family know what a great product you have!

I have the rubberized grips on all 5 of my glocks. They make a huge improvement in feel and comfort when i carry next to my skin. Im glad i tried them. Now a lifetime customer

I followed the installation instructions and I'm extremely happy with the outcome! All I can say is: "you get what you pay for". I will definitely purchase again when necessary.

I have these on all my glock and xdm pistols. Work great.

I've installed the rubber Talon grips on my gen 4 Glock 17 & 26. Love the way the grip makes both guns feel!

These grips feel so good and customer service is always good about getting orders out quick

I added rubber Talon Grips on all my Glock's. 42, 43, 19, 21, and 34. Fit and feel is great...and they look awesome. Wouldn't buy anywhere else. Customer service is also fantastic. Very friendly and professional.

Just as easy to put on as stated. Make sure you follow the instructions they unclose in with your grips. Also it doesn't hurt to watch Talon's instruction video they put in the email they send to you with your tracking number. I ordered the black rubber for my Glock 43 Gen4 and right after putting them on I ordered another one for my Glock 34 Gen4. The grip is improved emmensly and well worth the price they charge for them! Shipping is included in the price and a hand written "Thank You" was a nice touch!!

Really great grip. I felt it helped mitigate recoil and improved my grip on my g22z

Perfect, perfect, perfect. I put these on my competition gun and they give it the perfect feel.

Great product, it sure improves the grip of the handgun contributing to an overall performance gain.

The usual crisp, exact cut for precise fitment on my G17. Easy on and make the handgun much more comfortable to shoot.

Easy to install, lots of gripability


Fits great. Easy install. Really improves the grip on the Gen 3 Glocks.

Very easy and very grippy. I recommend the rubber over the granulated. Be sure to use a heatgun or hair dryer to apply it.Semper Fi

I applied Talon rubber grips to my G34 and immediately noticed better retention after recoil. This made target re-acquisition a snap. The grips were simple to install, and added virtually no thickness to the firearm.

Followed the installation steps and was pleased with how the grips looked and felt. But 5 days into my duty week the back grip started slipping to one side, the left side of the back grips which are split, and the left side had to be trimmed. Still functions but wished the grip held up better.

Talon grips are a great and inexpensive way to produce a great grip on your Glock or other weapon without doing any permanent change to the grip. I have the rubber texture on all three of my Glocks and I love the way they lock the gun into your hand.

The talon grip worked as advertised and provided me with a firm grip of my Glock 17.

Excellent grip for my G-17 Also fast shipping to NorwayThanks Talon

i treated all three of my Glocks to rubber Talon grip wraps after getting my first one for my PM9.that should be enough of a positive review and endorsement. i'm very happy .

This is my third grip and they are awesome.

I started to put these on all my glocks! Huge improvement and should be on every Glock.

I love it this grip. It arrived within a couple days and fits perfect. The instalation takes just a few minutes and feel it adds during shooting is incredible. All future hand guns I own will get Talon Grips.

It was exactly what i was looking for. I love the feedback i get from the gun. It feels way more secure in my hands.

Just received my re-supply of the granulated grips for my competition guns (G-17, G-41, M&P 45 & P320). I love these grips. They make recoil control effortless and give me a firm and secure grip. I have one on all of my guns. Wouldn't be without them.

Great service, awesome product. Will buy again!

Fits perfekt!!!Will buy again!!

Takes a good gun and makes it your favorite . I have installed them on close to 20 of my pistols. They are like a Lays potato chip . You can not buy just one.

I was a little hesitant at first. I wasn't sure if they would add width, or come off easy, or if they would make my gun look ugly and I just didn't know if they were worth the money! After installing them on my Glock 17 I fell in love immediately! The fit and feel was perfect, it went on super easy! I went with the rubber grip and I love it, I also picked up the same grip for my smith and wesson sd9ve! Great product, totally worth the money!! I will put these grips on every pistol I own! Very smart and innovative for coming out with these, Thank You Talon Grips for a great product!

Grips do as they're designed to do! Much like sand paper! Made for a working man's hand

Great fit and grip even with wet hands

Got these for my Glock 22 Gen 4 and I love them! Took them to the range today and felt like I had more control while firing. Will definitely buy again!

Love the Talon Grips. I use the "gritty" version for competition shooting. I've put them on all my glocks, and can't imagine not having them on them.

These are great grip enhancements. improved accuracy can be achieved because the grip reduces hand movement during recoil

My wife and I shoot competitions with our Glock 34. The Moss grip is the perfect texture to cut down the abrasive edge of the OEM Glock texture for her, while still providing me a solid purchase on the grip!

The granulate texture gives me an amazing hold on my glock 22. I love how these grips are thin, making it feel as if it's part of the gun. I have recommended these grips to my handgun owning friends and family. These are great!

Feels great wish I had them sooner.

Item was received as advertised , Quick turn around would use again

Very happy with this product. Have ordered one for my glock and my sig. helps combat sweaty hands at a long range session.

I have been very satisfied with these grips plus the other ones I have purchased. The front straps for 1911s are excelland as well. A good company to deal with.

Applied the rubberized grip to my Glock 22.I really love how it feels and the extra grip I get. Very nice!Easy instruction, easy to apply.

Talons new moss color is great on black. Of course it always adds in handling of pistol.

I had both on my service weapon. Glock 22. The rubberized ones are better in my opinion for carrying. The other is a little too abrasive for carrying where it runs your arm or any skin. Both are great. I personally just prefer the more rubber one.

I love talon grips! I've ordered them for a few handguns the rubberized texture feels great and I would strongly recommend them over stippling. I've also had the grit grip and actually didn't mind it I did notice that it has worn down more.

Have them on Glock 17 & 19 and love them. Easy to install and the feel is excellent.

I've purchased many different grips from Talon and have always been very happy. The installation is simple and the grips are very well made. I will continue to use Talon grips!

Have the rubber texture on all my handguns. Great gripping ability in all weather and fills the void with smaller guns.

Very nice grips, easy to install and they form a nice handweld to the handgun

Fine product, easy to install.

The best add on to a Glock. I have 9 Glocks and all wear Talon Grips. Excellent product and fast shipping.

If Talon makes a grip for anything I own its on there. Great addition to any polymer framed pistol.

Just got the grips for my Glock 17. Amazing product. Will be buying more for ny other pistols.

I think I could cover the grip and my hand in motor oil and still have ample friction to shoot and control the firearm. If you have tender skin, these grips aren't for you. They are exceptional grips in my opinion though.

Great product. I will be using your grip on all of my future firearms!

These Talon grips fit my glock 34 perfectly. It's an excellent product. I highly recommend it!!!

Have used both the granulate and the rubber texture and while my wife prefers the rubber texture, I like the granulate texture. We are using the grips on our competition guns and feel the grips allow us to better secure our Glocks without increasing grip pressure, even allowing for a slight easing of grip pressure. I compare the granulate texture to the RTF2 grip on my G17 and find it to be slightly less aggressive while still accomplishing what I need it to do. We will both be looking forward to getting more of the Talon grips as our arsenal grows. I'd recommend either style grip to anyone.

Keep up the good work, an excellent addition to my grip.

Awesome grips,highly recommend them!Thank you Respectfully Randy

Great grips! Thank you.

These are my first pair of Talon Grips. These grips are great, like they were made with the gun. I thought they might be hard to put on, but very easy application. The grip texture makes you always want to hold your gun. I got the rubber ones, and I love it fits my Glock 17 Gen 4 like a glove. They really do look like they came with the gun. I will get one for my Glock 20 Gen 4 next.

I like the feel of the rubber grips. I use them on my XDM too. Installation was no problem, just FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.

The very first thing I do, for each and every handgun I buy, is immediately purchase a Talon Grip for it. The confidence I get from such a positive purchase on the gun as helped me tremendously in competitive matches. The granulated grip on my Glock 34 is absolutely fantastic! It is far better, in my opinion, than stippled grips. It has my highest recommendation.

Totally changes the feel of the gun....excellent purchase....

Great product. Having already installed on my G17C the previous version of your grips, it was a natural thing to upgrade it to the latest model - it just keeps getting better.

Fantastic grip. MyGlock feels like a different gun. This gripSolves the crappy feel of The Glock

I wished I specified the granular grip. I didn't realize they had rubber grips. Well I give the a try. So far so good.

Great product, company and customer service. Have several Talon grips on my Glock's and S&W's and absolutely love them, and nothing else close for the money. I recently ordered some for my Glock 34 and they were lost in the great big "black hole" of the USPO. I called Talon customer service and they sent me another pair immediately! Thanks Talon!

Everyone knows Talon grips rock. They accidentally sent me the wrong grip and made it right ASAP.

I've had a set on my duty gun for 3 years now. I ordered another grip because mine is finally starting to show wear. It's not worn enough to change yet, however. The grips are very durable if you take the time to install properly.

My experience was satisfactory even though I had no prior experience.

I purchased these grips after checking out a friends glock pistol that had them. I couldn't believe the difference after I put them on. Its night and day difference. And the cost, you can't beat it.

Same great grip feeling. Can be modified to change back straps easily.

I have been using Talon Grips for several years now on multiple firearms and couldn't be happier with the feel and longevity they offer. If your on the fence about buying them, what are you waiting for? They are all they are advertised to be and more!

I had tried a few rubber grips on my guns for a better grip but always had trouble with him staying in place till I heard about Talon grips These grips are amazing and the fit and finish is excellent one of those purchases that you make where your expectations are far exceeded Great job great customer service on an excellent product

Great job, the order was sent very quickly in France. The grip is very nice, it's simple and easy to install. I will order again.Thanks

I have used Talon grips for ten years. I love these grips and will use them from Talon. As long as your making them. Both the grit and rubber.

Great product. Put it on all my guns.


Love these!! Got them for several of my handguns..a couple of them twice...

I purchased the rubber Style for my Glock 34 it works better than I thought. I know stippling is the big thing right now but I have used both and your Talon grip works the same without messing up your gun. Took about 5 minutes to apply I trimmed mine alittle for my mag well . Looks great works well

Great product for holding on to your Glock Gen.3 Same day shipping excellent service!

Talon grips allow me to enhance the grips on my Glock 17 and Glock 34 without permanent stippling so the firearm can be returned to "stock" status. These grips have allowed me to better grip the firearm in all conditions, especially, with the sweaty hands that Summer brings. Easy to apply and easy on the eyes and pocketbook.

I bought the rubberized grips for my 43 and the granulated for my 17. The delivery was quick, there was a slight hick up, one of the extended grip pieces for my 43 was not in the package, I emailed Talon and they had it to me in a few days. Great customer service, and an all around solid company to use, I recommend these grips to everyone I know. With my active job I couldn't afford the time to send my frame out to have it stippled, these grips are the next best thing at 1/3 the price!

I have the granulate grips on every Glock I own. I use the guns in IDPA competition and rely on the sandpaper like texture to maintain a sold grip. My G34 has over 10,000 rds downrange in competitions in all weather conditions and is still on the first set of TALOLN Grips. They are AWESOME!

Easy install and I like the feel

Great quality, easy to understand instructions and easy to put on weapon,

It is my preference but I just like the feel. I think it is more secure and helps me not have to grip to hard. Probably won't be too long before manufactures start doing this from the factory but until then buy Talon grips. You will not understand how much better it is until you try them!

Great grips for my Glock 17, it is my second set.

These grips are great. Second pair I purchasedGreat grips, great company.

Customer service is awesome great grips I will continue to buy nothing but Talon grips

I purchased the talon rubber grips for my glock 17 gen 4 and they are awesome! Great grip profile, sticky when hands are sweaty, adds just the right amount of thickness to the grip and lastly at a great price. The first day after shooting my 17 with the Talon grips I purchased a set for each of my glocks. I cant imagine shooting without them now. Bottom line: Excellent upgrade for a reasonable price.

Get the rubber unless you'll be wearing gloves. The granular is very aggressive, but it's awesome. Sticks to your palm very well.

With just a little patience it was easy to install and the results are excellent. Looks and performs great.

Was skeptical on how much difference these rubber grips would help. Totally pleased so far. Haven't had a chance to use it yet. However, I followed the enclosed instructions and it looks like these grips should stay on well. Wish I bought them sooner; can't wait for some range time.

Great product. Really helps in gripping weapon.

Improved my groups by 25%. Will be ordering grips for all my GLOCKS. Easy to install. Fast shipping.

Absolutely love these things. I put them on two of my Glocks and they both feel great. I don't get any slipping now like I did before on the stock grips. I even took my Gen 4 17 MOS to a gun show to look at some accessories, and the police officer that checked me in was excited to see that someone else used them too. He used them on his issued weapon which tells you a lot about the product. Easy to install and a treat to use. Get some today!

I was hesitant at first to add Hesse to my Glocks, I went ahead an ordered at set though. Man oh man am I am glad I got them ! I got the rubberized version, wow !!!I really feel like I have a much, much better grip on my pistol. They were easy to apply and I like the "look" they give my Glock. Two thumbs up guys !!!! I loved the hand written " thank you for your order John" On my packing slip , nice personal touchWill definitely recommend and order again !

These grips were just what I needed to get that perfect grip on my G34. They feel really rough to the touch but give you a good grip without hurting your hands and they look great on my Glock.

Easy to install great upgrade

Very good no slip grip without being too rough. Fit my Glock 17 perfectly. Really helps maintain positive control. I'll buy more.

Great grip panels! I've used them on Sig, SAI, and now Glock. Great fit and function, and I highly recommend their product and great customer service.

I love the Talon Rubber grips and use them on every polymer frame pistol that I have. They give a good hold and provide a slight cushion around the grip frame. Top shelf stuff!

All around control and grip greatly improved. I get sweaty palms after shooting for a while and this talon grip makes me feel confident I will always have a grip on the tool that could save my life.

Outstanding customer service. I had a defective grip that was replaced with no hassle. Thank you!

Grips are great!

Best way to upgrade your clock for under 20.00. Really makes the grip feel a 100 % better. I replace my talon grips about once a year on my main shooters.

Best gun upgrade for the money out there! Night and day difference and on the subcompacts it helps even more. Bought my first set last year and ill be a lifetime customer.

Best grit grips I have ever used. They are even better than a frame that I had stippled. When this pair wears out I will buy again.

Way better than the stock, helps get rid of the cheapo plastic feel.

perfect as usual,but will not fit glock 17 style 80% spectre lower. all other grips I have purchased fit perfect.Thanks for a great product Jack

The grips were easy to install and make a very positive difference. I was actually surprised to feel how much better the gun feels and how much more secure the gun was in my grip. So far they appear to be very durable after a week of wearing the gun.I've already ordered more.

Fits great, exactly what I wanted because I didn't want to stipple! Would recommend!

Bought for my Polymer80 lower receiver. Since this isn't a true Glock 17 I had to modify the grip to fit. Not the fault of Talon. I have their grips on my Glock 19 and M&P Shield and that's why I bought again.

The Talon grip made a huge difference in my qualification score at the range. No more slippery, sweaty grip on the glock. Super easy install...

Fit and finish are perfect. Definitely worth the money.

The grip arrived quickly and I watched the video to see how best to put it on. Product fit well on the gun and was easy to apply and set in place. I worried about the abrasive scratching my arm as I moved around at work with it on, but there have been no issues. Takes a little getting used to, but provides for excellent grip when handling the weapon.

Love the grip

Stabilizes My grip very securely. Not too rough on the hands!

Definitely added grip when at a hot range and palms are sweating. Will order another set once I purchase my next firearm.

I just put this model (Glock 17) on my Next Level Training SIRT pistol and WOW -- what an incredible improvement!! I have used Talon Grips on my firearms, but neglected to put them on the SIRT -- boy did it need them! The SIRT was based on the G17, so the fit was pretty good, but you could improve it with a few cuts to reveal logo, etc., if that's important to you. The SIRT training pistol is extremely slick and the plastic shaping is not a comfortable grip, so even you have a tight grip it does not feel like a real pistol in the hand--the Talon grip changes that and makes it feel like gripping your firearm! Practicing draws becomes easier and more realistic and the better purchase makes the SIRT perform better in your training drills, too. Don't forget to het a Talon Grip for your SIRT pistol--you won't regret it!

I run Talon Grips on everyone of my pistols. I use the rubber grip for my EDC guns and the sand paper grit on all my competion pistols. This is a must have for anyone wanting better control for faster follow up shots. Great product from a great company.

Talon grips are a great addition to an any pistol grip. Company is great, shipping is fast, and they support LEO. Appreciate the brand and the people.

I bought the grips after a Google search and I have to say these are hands down the best grips I've ever used.

I recently purchased a Gen 3 Glock 22 which is awesome, but the grip is a little slick. The Talon Grip fits the pistol perfectly and is easy to install. I took it out shooting afterwards and the improvement was very noticeable. I will put Talon Grips on all of my guns!

Easy to put on and they work great.

Got the granulated version for my gen3 Glock 17. Excellent fit and provides unbeatable grip. However, when I tried to conceal my weapon inside the waistband, the grip is painful and rubs skin right off of my body and tears up my clothing. Do not recommend for CCW. This is for duty use with an OWB holster, or for competition use. I need to switch to the rubber style grip because I frequently need to switch from OWB to IWB when conducting undercover operations or covert surveillance. Have the rubber grips on my gen 4 Glock 19 and my CZ P-07. Huge fan!

Money well spent. Glock 34 with full trigger kit. The rubber textured Talon is exactly what it needed. Ordered one for my SCCY also. Liked them so much I ordered a pair for my Tavor and couple of them for my buddy's Tavor and another friend's XDs 45.

Such an easy modification, such a big improvement. The added control is huge!

Not my first, and not my last. G19, G17, and M&P shield9.....all worked perfectly. Install was about as easy as you could hope for, and have a couple thousand rounds down range between the three without any issues. Next best thing to stippling

Best grips out there. Perfect fit.....perfect feel. Makes a huge difference. Glocks tend to be a bit slippery.

Ordered the rubber grip for my wife, and the granulate for myself. Each of them are fantastic add-ons. The granulate is similar to a skateboard grip tape / sandpaper. And the rubber grip adds a very good amount of grip without going overboard. Highly recommend getting these grips on all of your firearms!!!

I put the rubberized grip on my Glock 34 USPSA Carry Optics gun, easy to put on, very good fit and they are secure. Great grip, 100% better than Gen4 texturing.

Ordered the granulate grip and love it. The grip was easy to install and it improves the hold on a slippery Glock more than I thought possible. The verdict is still out on how long it lasts, but so far I am very, very happy and will be ordering more for some of my other shooters.

Very satisfied with the grips as I have them on both Glock 43 and Glock 34.

This grip is awesome. The grip adds stability without adding bulk.

Amazing grips - my support hand can now do it's job really well!

I have them on my Glock and my Walther's and love the fell of them. I tried the rubberized but I refer the more agressive ones

great fit, easy to install and the gritty surface areas are all in the right contact points on my hand. if I drop it now, my hand will have to be detached from my wrist. thanks for a great product.

I have Talon Grips on almost every polymer framed handgun I own (Glocks, XDs, Shield) as well as an AR or two. It is the single most effective modification, both in cost and function, I have done. And I am prone to make modifications. I stippled the grip of one of my G 17s recently as it seems to be the newest thing. It works fine, but I prefer the Talon treatment. So if it's polymer, it's getting covered in Talon. Period.

Really like the talon grips. Makes my Glock feel like a totally different and new gun. Better grip, better confidence in shooting.

Love the new Talon grip for my Glock .40! Much more comfortable!

Bought for my Glock 22. Very impressed with how much better the gun felt after installation. Applying grip was easy and fitment is perfect. I Highly Recommend!

So I first want to thank TALON for such amazing customer service and product. I ordered the wrong grip and I emailed support and they immediately switched my order for my glock 22.2nd: I love these grips. If you own a Glock or any polymer pistol, you know how they can get slippery and loose fitting when shooting for a good period of time. So after putting these baby's on. Wow!!! Blew my mind with how.much better I can control my firearm. I went to requal for my firearm permit and even my instructor was amazed with how the grip felt. Lol I can't even make this is review make sense because of what I want to say. Once again talon thank you so much.

Awesome grips great price fast shipping friendly people talked to over the phone will buy again

Great grips!

Had a new shooter class today. She had fired 7 shots before class. Long story good story.Asked her to shoot my Glock 17 with TALON grips. She is ordering a set for her pistol. Thank you for a quality product.NRA training counselor and instructor.

I have Talon Grips on my g26, g19, g17 and g34mos and I wouldn't have it any other way! What you get for the price is outstanding! The added grip and comfort is exactly what I've been searching for. I did have to remove one of the grips because I got a plug and I needed to remove the blackstrap but the grip came off easily and cleaned up well. I am a certified Talon Grips fanboy! Thank you Talon Grips!!!

Better than expected. The perfect edition to a Glock 22. Love the product.

There is really only one thing I can say, and that is that l absolutely love talon grips, they are so practical and functional. First thing I do when I buy a new pistol , is put my choice of sights and talon grips on said pistol even the ones that may have a solid grip, all my pistols have them, I won't rock without them? They always fit perfectly, last very long and easy to install, and remove and replace when needed. I actually like both, I use both versions about equally. Also great customer service always. Love my talon grips!!!

Best grips ever! I now have Talon grips on all 6 of my glocks.

Purchase granulate black for Gen 3 Glock 22 and they are simply amazing. Also have same product for Smith and Wesson Shield and feel the same way. Now that I like my Glock grip, I'm going to shift to it as my IDPA gun. Well worth the money spent.

Great addition to pistol. Great fit. High quality

Incredibly easy to fit clear instructions and very fast postage Thanks guys!

Great product but the finger groove material had to be cut off. It adds too much bulk in my opinion.

I now have Talon Grips on all of my Glocks. The difference in control is amazing. I use the rubberized type, but will try the granular version when one needs to be replaced. I highly recommend Talon Grips, you will not be disappointed.

Love the grips. I will be buying them for all of my guns.

Best grips I've ever had on a Glock I wish I had them a year ago. You will like them.

Very easy to install. Works great. Would like to have 2 small sections for the fwd memory points on the glock 34 as well.

I purchased a Talon rubber style grip for my glock 22 gen. 4 I am very happy with the grip. It was easy to apply and functions very well. The gen. 4 factory grip felt fairly abrasive after a few hundred rounds. The Talon grip felt very comfortable. I like it so much that I bought another for my glock 43. I would highly recommend this product.

Great grips, adds much needed grit to my Glock 17. Does not add any bulk to the grip! Wraps around perfectly if done right! Thanks Talon Grips!

This is a great product! This is a definite upgrade for a Glock 22 Gen 3. Worth every penny.

Great grips. The hot weather in Florida makes them wear quicker but still the best

Love the grips!!! I use the granulated on my completion guns and the rubber on my carry guns. I wouldn't shoot my guns without these fine grips.

Looks great and feels great on my Glock model 22 ,40 caliber.

The product is great . The handling of the weapon is perfect . The weapon is with Talon Grips a part of the hand . purchase recommendation

This is my 5th Talon Grip(G21sf,G30sf,G23,G27 and G35All Gen 3). My experience is only with the Rubber Grips and have had them on my daily carry (IWB)G23 for over 3 years with no signs of needing replaced! For $18 you owe it to yourself to get a better grip on your favorite firearm. Go Talon!

These are great

Actually I rate this as "Outstanding" and not excellent. I have 3 Glocks, a 17, 26, and a 43, and I purchased 3 rubber Talon grips for each of them. It fits and feels great and when several of my co-workers at the PD saw and felt the grips they too ordered them. Absolutely enhanced the look too!

Works very well. I got the granular surface, which is something like sandpaper and something like sharkskin. It's extremely effective; I feel my G17 wouldn't slip out of my hand even if it were wet, say with sweat or blood. I like it as it came, with maximum granularity, but it can be sanded down if you prefer less pick.

What's to says except they work dependably. Facilitates a better grip & takes some of the bite out of heavier calibers. Easy to install and the fit is precise.

The grip tape is nice. I don't notice a great difference in comfort or grip vs. The stand ad grip on the glock gen 4. I'll keep it on the gun cause I paid for it. All in all, a good product and of you have grip issues, I highly recommend the talon grip tape grip.

Love the grips, what a difference! should've gotten them long ago.

I have had several sets for multiple Glocks since Talon was founded - excellent and they continue to refine the product and make it better. Get them!

I've used many slip on and skate board tape style grips, but Talon is all I buy now. Try it and you'll also be convinced it's the best.

Stop now - you have found the grips you need!

Excellent quality. I have talons on all my pistols. They help you get a good grip and keep it. Highly recommended

The new Talon grip I installed on my Glock 17 G2 made a significant improvement in maintaining control over the gun. It also made the Glock a lot more comfortable to hold.

Great product, great value! A must have easy upgrade!

Great product. Great service.

Excellent quality and fit

Been using them for years. Same quality. just wish they were a little cheaper and came in bulk. Good product.

Gives me an excellent purchase on my pistol

Grips installed with ease and greatly enhanced the feel of the firearm. I highly recommend them.

Excellent product and very easy to install.

Purchased for my duty weapon, Glock 22. Excellent grip. Easy application. Since I purchased, several deputies in my department fell in love with them & also bought. I wished I would have purchased sooner. Thanks.

Rubber grip is amazing!!

Provides an excellent feel and fit to my hand.

The grips are awesome and the after market service is just as great! what a great product backed up by a bunch of great people! I have already recommended it to some of my shooting buddies and I will most probably order more for the rest of my Glocks. 2 thumbs up all around! Thank you Talon Grips!

I have the rubberized on my Glock 27,23 & 35 and would highly recommend for anyone looking for a great feeling grip addition. Follow the instructions and take your time.

This product was recommended, and he did right by me on this product. It fits and works great. Thanks.

I put the rubber grips on my gen 3 g22 and it's a world of difference, these are a must have in my opinion.

Awesome products. I have them on my Glock 17 and as well my 26 and 42. And I plan on adding a few more Glocks so I will definitely be buying more Talon grips in the future.

Great product!!! Use these grips for my on duty weapon and the grip is enhanced greatly. Have shown my co-workers and they to have purchased Talon Grips for their on duty guns.

I have put Talon grips on a variety of pistol grips, including friend's new pistols, and when I sent my Sig 229 to the factory for a tune up, they returned it without my Talon grips, and the pistol seemed naked. I also put them on a Tavor rifle- they really make a BIG difference, and really make the grip "mold" to your hand. Once tried, they're hard to do without!

I recently purchased a new Glock 43 and wanted to get the extra grip for a small frame weapon. The rubber texture were the perfect touch. I have always used skate tape on my duty weapon, a Glock 22, but after trying the Talon Grips on my off-duty weapon, I have them on everything I carry. They make a huge difference and I recommend them to everyone that I work with.

I'm a 22 year Police Sergeant and these grips go on every Glock I carry. Can't recommend them enough. Grit for duty and range/comp, rubbery ones on anything I carry concealed against skin.

Put these grips on my glock 17 & 19.....Love them! I have small hands and the glock style pistols are a bit cumbersome. But, put these grips on, they grip and dont add extra thickness.

I will not fire a new handgun until I put Talon Grips on it. They feel that good!

I put a set on a Glock 17 Gen. 3. I really like the improvement in the grip. I got the more rubberized surface and it's comfortable and can get a great purchase on the weapon. Would recommend and would buy again.

Love my Talon grips. I have 2 Glocks and the grips are the first thing I bought for them.

Have Talon grips on most of my pistols. Easy to put on, and an unbelievable feel ! I would recommend these to anyone that is looking to improve their shooting skills !

Excellent product. A must have for any Glock. I have one on my 22 and 43. The grip provides amazing follow up shots without any readjustment of hand grip.

It works very well this far.

Been an officer for 20 yrs. I wish I had these years ago. Very easy to put on and cut to a perfect fit. I can't say enough about the grips.

Tried another brand first, grip would not stick and fit was poor. Thought I would give Talon a try. Wow, what a difference. Great fit and feel, but maybe most important is the grip actually sticks like it is part of the frame to my Glock Gen 4. Talon gets an excellent rating for the above reasons..

I can't believe I didn't get these sooner. Holding the handgun feels so much better. In fact, my accuracy has improved. Must buy!

Easy to install. Great aftermarket grip for slippery Glock factory grip. Will buy more for my other Glocks.

Talon grips are awesome. The rubberized version is perfect for getting extra grip without tearing your hands up. Will buy them for all of my glocks!

Always order these for my pistols. Feels great and looks smahing baby

Arrived quickly, fit perfect and feel great!

Great grips. No slipping even when shooting in hot or humid weather. Also extremely easy to install. Will definitely install on all of my guns.

I followed instructions very meticulously with alcohol to clean gun and even wore medical gloves as to not get any skin oils on tacky side. I shoot with gloves and I'm on a tactical unit. A quarter sized piece came off the backstrap and ripped around within first 2 hours. Was disappointed and was glad I was only out $20. I might look into getting gun stippled. More expensive but atleast it's done once. I dunno, maybe a bad batch! Or maybe I just don't grip my gun like a Nancy! So maybe another one would tear. 2 stars

Great Grips

I recently installed the granulated grips on my Glock 34 that I am using for 3 gun. I am just getting started in competition, but I love how these grips feel, especially since I am in Texas and I sweat very easily. I had installed the Taran Tactical Brass magazine well, so I had to do a slight modification to the grip, but everything went very smoothly. I would definitely recommend Talon as I have their product on 5 handguns and 2 Yeti's.

I have been shooting IDPA for about two years now. I am constantly trying to improve my skills as well as accuracy. There is much to be said about basics. Grip and sights. I have never been comfortable with my weak hand being on the backstrap. Talon Grips solved that for me. With my weak hand firmly on the backstrap, it has driven my sights up and made recoil more manageable. Thanks. Going to test them out in Iowa in July.

Great product!..I have them on all my handguns.I bought a G43 and will be ordering a set for it also.

Receive them in the mail very quickly they mounted very easily makes it a lot easier to hold on to the gun excellent product

The product fit perfectly. Great fit. Great price. Thank you.

Really liked the grip. Great product!

Excellent product, adds additional stability to my Glock 22. I put Talon grips on nearly all of my handguns!!


Very nice grips, great texture and feels good in the hand. Would recommend to anyone looking to get better grip on their gun.

The fit is perfect. Very pleased with product as always

Easy to install. Drastically improves grip. I was concerned how it would hold up and wondered if it would peel, nope. Looks as good as the day I put it in after 40 hour a week carry for the past 6 months. I would definitely recommend.

Tackiness of the tape was poor. Gun was cleaned with alcohol prior to application. Wear of tape was average at most. When brushed against seatbelt or other objects, tape had tendencies to tear.

Excellent product!! Fits perfectly, extremely easy to install and super durable. Currently ordering more for my other guns.

Really like the feel of these grips.

Great grip and instant upgrade! Love it

Absolutely love it. Makes it much easier to grip the gun in any condition and also feels really good in your hand. I wouldn't change a thing about this product.

I have been using this product on my G34 gen 3. I really like this grip texture but it can become very slick after any moister gets on it. It works better if you are using gloves. I would and do differently recommend this to a friend or anyone looking for a no permanent grip texture on their gun. i do work in the shooting industry and i am a competition shooter (USPSA).

Your grips are great. I have the sandpaper grip on my 17.The only thing I have had to add to the gun is a half inch strip of deck tape around the front of the trigger guard. The plastic is very slippery. I was really surprised how perfectly they fit the gun.

No more slip on the grip! Debated on doing stippling, but glad I went this route instead. Fast shipping and affordable products. Will be doing business again.

Added these to my Glock 35 last fall. all i can say is that they improved my shooting. My hands never slip when wet from rain or sweat. They have also improved my target shooting. Talon Grips...."they just work"

I'm not the biggest fan of rough textured grips for guns, so these rubber grips are perfect for me. Even with my "clammy" hands they allow me to get a good grip on the gun. I also find that the glock "hump" doesn't bother me as much as it did without the grips on.

The grips are working well. I have them on a dept. issued Glock 17 and 26. They are making my transition to the weapons much easier.

I use the product on all my Glocks. Easy to use and install.

I put these on my duty carry G17 gen 3 and could not be happier! There is no slipping, the grip does not rotate like a slip-on style and it also fills in the finger grooves a slight bit for a better grip. Absolutely love this product, just wish they were made in Glock FDE to match my off-duty carry.

Amazing product and Amazing service!! Will make you wonder why you waited so long to purchase.

Love the grips

Performs exactly as advertised! Fit was perfect, improved grip feel, and made in USA!

There amazing

Very pleased with the fit and quality!I will be buying Talon Grips again in the near future.

The talon grip on my duty Glock 17 makes a great gun better! It makes the grip less abrasive while maintaining an excellent grip in all conditions!


Talon grips provide a much more solid grasp on the polymer frame without adding size or altering the weapon. I highly recommend Talon Grips.

These are the best grips , Period .

Love the grip tape for my Glock! It was easy to apply and allows for less slippage due to a sweaty grip during competition. thanks for a great product.

Very good product. I recommend it for everyone.This product made the grip on my Glocks so much better. Difference between night and day in my grip purchase.

Worth every penny.Thanks for a great product


I have these on both of my glocks and it makes a world of difference on the gen 4 glocks. Everyone I know that shoots I recommend these to them.

Good fit, grip doesn't wear down, definitely will buy more

Not as rough on the hands and offers at least for me a more comfortable and secure grip

TalonGrips work very well. I bought the granulate for my Glock 17 and the rubberized for my Shield, and both help enormously.

I have Talon grips on my G17 and my G34. These grips make the brick-like grip of the Glock more comfortable and so much easier to hang onto in tense situations. On or off duty, these grips make any gun a better platform in any weather or during any events.

Enhanced grip in the worst of weather. Have bought both grip versions. Would have to say I prefer the gritty version overall but rubber is a close second

Bought theses for gen 2 17, made world of difference! Best mod you could make I think.

I have had the 17 grip cover for about 5 months. I absolutely love them. With wet or sweaty hands, my grip is sure. The pistol feels the same as it did before I added the Talon grips, but I have more confidence in my hold on the pistol.

I've waited my whole career for a product like this. As an officer I needed something that would work under extreme conditions while using gloves. This product adds all the grip needed to ensure my weapon stays in my hands when retention counts. All this while not adding the bulk that slip on grips do. Also without the permanent damage of taking a wood burner creates. Thank you Talon grips for that piece of mind.

Great product, put them on a G22 and a G35, better than the RTF on my G22.

Great grips! I have them on 5 different glocks now and a M&P shield. Highly recommended for a great no-slip grip and they are molded very well to the specific gun they are installed on

I really like the way my 17 feels after putting the Talon Grip on. It feels like I have a much better grip when I shoot. I have told my friends about Talon Grips and will put them on other Glocks when and if I get more.

I ordered these grips during a police academy for several different people. They were put on prior to any shooting. After about 2,000 rounds through the gun and many more draws from the holster, the grip held up quite well. There was one hot spot on the grips where the grip lost it's adhesive. I cut that portion off and continued on. The rubber texture feels great in my hand. The grip will have to been changed soon. Overall, I give this product a 8.5 out of 10 and would recommend it to any law enforcement or competitive shooter.

Love these grips. Got the rubber ones for my G17. Installation was easy and used a hair dryer to make the grips snug. They stay in place and feel great over the rough plastic factory grip.

Excellent product. Installation was simple and there holding up quite well

First bought these grips for my duty weapon and liked them so much I got some for my personal Glock 22 and got a set for my brothers Glock 22 and he loved them too.

love it, replaced another grip that I was using that started coming apart

Installed these on a Glock 34. Makes the gun shine! Awesome sticky grip!

The G17 gen 4 grips were extremely uncomfortable out of the box. My wife could only put a few mags through it before her hands started to hurt, the obvious fix to that problem was the Talon grip, now she can shoot it as long as her little heart desires without the grips digging into her hand. I also use it on my SIRT pistols, the fit isn't exact but it's good enough.

Great product for my competition guns and accessories, I am using them on all my guns now. Thanks for a great product.

This grip makes a huge difference! Love my talon grip. A must have for a glock

Absolutely love these grips!! Have a set of rubberized for my glock 22 duty pistol also! I put these on my 34 and they make it just that more awesome!!! Keep up the good work guys...

Have these on my Glock 26 carry and Glock 34 competition, and on my Ruger AR. Wish I known about these years ago, they're great!

After 90 days of testing the Talon Grips in the various configurations we tested for GLOCK pistols. We are pleased with the reliability, ease of installation, look, function and feel of the grips as a supplement to the factory grip of the pistols. They have held up through daily carry, law enforcement training, and exposure to all types of weather and situations.

Awesome grips

I use the granulated texture grips on all of my handguns. They give me the control that I need to manage recoil for a fast followup shot. Don't leave home without them.

I have Talons on my Glock 17,19,21,22,26 as well as my M&P 45, Ruger LC9s and Springfield XDM the only handguns in my safe without Talons are revovlers.

I have Talon Grips on all of my striker fired pistols, my Taser, and I used the sheet for additional gripping on my straight baton. The product is durable and does not add undue bulk to whatever it's applied to. The wear on it from everyday use is negligible. Several officers I work with have also gone to Talon Grips and are very satisfied. Keep up the great work!!

Love the grip it provides while shooting!!

We put them on our glock 17 and they are perfect!

We'll worth it. Easy to install with just rubbing alcohol and a hair dryer. Make sure the frame is absolutely dry before applying the grips.

I've had the granulate grip on 3 different guns now and I still love it! The granulate texture does wear off but it takes a while before it needs to be replaced. I'm fixing to order one of the rubber grips to see how I like it.

Bought this product for my G22 and love them. I was kicking around the idea of stimpling my grips but opted for Talon Grips instead. Smart choice on my part. Easy install, great fit and no hassle shipping.

great shipping....great company...

Ive never used this product or knew much about it. After using it I'd highly recommend it

Nothing but the best!

Major improvement to the stock grip. Only it snags on clothes... But overall a solid addition to any pistol.

I put Talon Grips on my competition Glock to help with the hot days in Texas and sweating hands, I used to wear gloves to help but don't need to with Talon Grips on my Glock.

Makes my G17 Fit even better!

Talon Grips are a Must on ALL my firearms.

You guys are by far the best !!!!

Easily installed on my competition G34 greatly improved my grip and recovery shots. Highly recommend Easily trimmed to allow for blackstrap removal and change

I've had the Talon grips on my Glock 22 for about 3+ months now and must say I'm a little disappointed. The grip over the finger grooves began wearing off and coming apart within a couple of months. That's with rarely pulling and using my weapon. Don't expect me to buy another Talon grip, I'm going to look at Hogue grips.

Great product

I have Talon grips on all of my polymer guns, Glocks,S&W,Kahr, and Kel Tec. Fit and feel are excellent, shipping is prompt, great product from great company, would highly recommend.

I have been very happy with the granulate version for my 3rd gen G17 (duty pistol). I followed the instructions and it has adhered very well. I like that the newest version covers higher on the frame. I was also able to re-install my Grip Force Adapter directly over top of the Talon Grip without any modification to either product.

Great product!

Very happy with the Talon Grips, make a huge difference in the handling of my Glock 34.

Amazing product. Law enforcement officer for 5 1/2 years and the rubber grip makes a huge difference on my department issued G17.

I buy these for every gun I can. They're a great yet affordable enhancement. I even put them on my AR15.

I have Talon Grips on most of my Polymer pistols. They make a world of difference. My Gen 2 GLOCK 22 is a different gun with the Talon Grip installed. Perfect fit, easy to install, GREAT VALUE!

Got the rubber grip for my carry gun, a Glock 26 gen4. Improves the gripping surface 100%, plus adds just a bit more bulk to the handle, which fits well for big hands.

I like your product so much, I insisted our company start stocking them. Atlantic Tactical is now proud to bring Talon Grips to our customers.

I bought Talon Granulated grips for my Glock 22 RTF which I did not care for, the Talion grips completely covered the Rough Texture Finish and gives me a very secure grip. I had thought about having the grip stippled for $100 or more but Talon Grips saved me. Great product, ease of installation, great company to do business with! Highly reccommended.

The grip has absolutely changed the look of my glock 22 gen 4 in a good way ,I chose the rubber grip and it is so comfortable,it took my glock from my least favorite grip comforts,to one of my favorite and most comfortable in my collection.I will without a doubt be purchasing more Talon grips.

Great product

Everything I hoped talon grips would be ! Easy to install fantastic grip! I installed the granulated grips on my 17 much easier to grip as my hands tend to get a little sweaty after a extended day at the range. Would not hesitate to recommend them . Will probably install the them on my 19 as well.

Very satisfied with the grips. They really improve your grip without creating extra width. Bought grips for 2 Glocks and 1 M&P Shield.

Amazing product. Very simple to apply to your weapon and stays on firm. Thanks!

These are great grips! They fit wonderfully, and were really easy to apply. The ONLY cons I would say they have are (1) they are obviously too aggressive to have under most clothes, and (2) they get in the way of my Safariland ALS holster, so I have to file down the holster a bit to fit properly.

OUTSTANDING. Best thing you can get for your Glock. I have the rubber-texture for under shirt carry and my G17 is now my EDC gun. No extra bulk, improves the grip 100%. Get one!

good alternative tostippling.

I purchased one grip for my Glock 26 and after I installed it and shot with it I purchased Talon grips for my other two Glock pistols. I would have bought one for my Sig Sauer P220 but the company doesn't offer grips for this model. Overall Talon grips are excellent products.

Excellent product and extremely fast delivery! These grips feel great and despite my concerns of how well they would adhere to a daily duty weapon, these grips have stayed on with no problems! I would definitely recommend then to others.

I've purchased numerous rubber textured grips for various pistols from you folks and have yet to experience any issues with your products. Excellent product, excellent service...keep up the good work!!

Love it!

I have put on all my glocks, making them feel perfect in the hand. I highly recommend.

I love Talon grips. I have them on all my Glocks. Talon grips and night sights are must haves for me.

Fit my Glock 34 like a glove. Application was easy.


Love Talon grips and have them on all my handguns! I recommend them to everyone and would use nothing else! When ordered, they ship quickly and stay on when applied to the gun! You guys ROCK!!

I rarely take time to give product feedback. I can't help but say how awesome the Talon Grips are!!! I put them on my GLOCK 17 and they feel and function without any flaws. I would highly recommend a shooter to use these grips for the little extra everyone looks for in gun handling. I want to get some for my G43!

The service was great and the grip fit perfect.... I plain on ordering them for all my guns.

A great product that really enhances the feel of my Glocks. I use Talon grips on my 17, 19, 30, and 33.

Both the rubberized or the granulated models are great. You really can't go wrong with either one. It just comes down to tactile preference for on duty carry. But if you conceal carry the rubberized one is the way to go hands down. And you can trim them to your desire if you want. There are several companies that make "grip tape" (as we call them) out here & Talon Grips is one that is also very good, easy to install, does not increase grip dimension bulk in your hand. I very much do recommend Talon Grips.

Great grips. Easy to apply. They stick well.

great product and just as important great service...thank you

I love these grips. I have them on several guns. I put them on my duty gun that I carry every day and I am more confident in my shooting ability now that I have an excellent grip even when my hands are sweaty. Love this product, I have recommended it to fellow officers and will continue to purchase for myself in the future.

When your gun isn't feeling quiet right, Talon makes it feel nice and tight.

Very good as well, I am very happy with the product. Thank you. I recommended everyone who has a firearm Thank you.

The service you provided was excellent.. i like the personal note attached to the product when it was delivered. find it really cool.. the people who recomended your product and delivery service were all on the spot in saying you guys or great. The grip i got was perfect. although it's slowly peeling off from the grip now.. one part of it. maybe i just installed it wrong.. particullary on that part.. the product as a whole is GREAT! Thanks guys and more power! hooyah!!

Thought I was on top of my G34 and G26, I wasn't. Now both feel so much more a part of me with these grips. I love them. Will never go back.

I first started using Talon "sandpaper" grips on my Gen 3 Glocks as they felt very slick to me. I then found that I liked the feel so much that I use them on my Gen 4's even though I don't think I really "need" them. Thanks to Hickock 45 for making me aware of Talons.

The granulate grips folded a little on themselves and are not as nice as the rubber grips I got for my LC9S

Amazing product. Very durable.

I use them on my G19 and G26, and I'm ordering one for my G17! I used the heat gun and haven't had any problems!

Good grip not too agressive, just good enough, even on duty!

I highly recommend Talon Grips. Best alternative to stippling your firearm. Made my G34 feel like a whole different gun. The rubberized texture gives you a good grip, yet not too aggressive.

Ordered the rubberized grips, and they made my Glock 34 feel completely different. I highly recommend Talon Grips. Best alternative to stippling.

Ordered the rubberized grips, and they made my Glock 34 feel completely different. I highly recommend Talon Grips. Best alternative to stippling.

Perfect fit, easy application, really improved the grip on my Glock 34.

I have Talon grips on my Glock 17, two M&P Shields, and my M&P9. I love them all. I prefer the granulate for target use and the rubberized for concealed carry, especially IWB concealed carry where it may contact the body. With these grips the firearm is as locked in as it can be.

Hickok 45's right! MUST HAVE for ANY Glock!

Hickok 45's right! MUST HAVE for ANY Glock!

PLEASE make grips available in a TAN or FDE or similar color for all the models that these would look better on than the black grips.

Love these grips, gives way more control for people with small hands like me.

The granulate ones feel better to me but can be irritating against the skin if you put it on a gun that is going to be an IWB carry. The rubber ones are good too and would recommend them for IWB carry guns but the granulate feels like a more firm grip to me if you carry OWB.

Fit is great Love these grips envy of my colleagues!

Really like them a lot....Watched a you-tube installation demo, but the instructions that came with the grips would have been sufficient to install them...

Bought the grip for a Glock 22 gen 2. The fit was off slightly but close enough. I love the Talon grip on all my semi autos.

What a difference these grips make. Easy to put on and my accuracy improved by leaps and bounds.

Mine got here today,I put it on right away. Completely revamped my worn out Gen 3 g22 feels brand new and then better.

Talon grips, I use the granular, are simply the best grips on the market. I'd like to try the rubber but can't get past how well the granular grips work. Additionally these grips fit like a glove and are easy to install.

Great product! Allows me better control while shooting with my strong and weak hand. Thanks

I love your grips!! I was a little worried when I bought them that they wouldn't sick but I have shot my G22 a lot and have had no issue. Great product!!

Great fit and coverage. Easy install

Super nice

Installation is much easier with a heat gun. The hair dryer method doesn't work as well.

I have always found the grip on my G 17 Gen 2 too slippery. I tried the Hogue slip on but it make the grip too big and began sliding around. These are fantastic. I chose the rubber over the sand paper. Highly recommended!

Got exactly what I ordered. Extremely happy and easy to use.

Very impressed with the product. Easy to install and I can feel a definitely grip improvement at the range.

Excellent product.

Great product, I am really impressed with the ability to retain the weapon

Great concept. I was careful to follow the installation instructions. Unfortunately, it did not stand up to a weekly regimen of dry and live fire. It started to slide forward at the base of my thumb and continues to do so. I keep trimming the excess off. The lower finger band came off and I glued it back on. I'll stick to skate tape in the future.

Excellent product all around. The rubberized version is pretty much perfection.

Amazing grip difference from standard Glock 17 Gen3, must have for all my glocks.

Use the rubber grips on both duty and back up weapons. Can't beat them. Will definitely use on all my hand guns.

Use the rubber grips on both duty and back up weapons. Can't beat them. Will definitely use on all my hand guns.


Awesome Grip... makes a world of difference Easy to applyBest money spent

Talon grips on the Glock, as with any firearm where I've used these grips, is just outstanding. This improves the feel of the gun quite a lot, which improves control and leads to better accuracy and consistency. Install is easy, fit is very good, and quality is exceptional. Highly recommended upgrade.

Great fit and feel. I will choose Talon for all of my handguns.

Very easy install and thee look and feel are superb.

Love these grips. Have the granulated one for my G22 and it helps so much since I tend to get sweaty hands. I have the rubberized grip for my G27, which is my daily carry weapon, so it won't irritate my skin when I carry IWB. Easy installation for both and they seem to bond really well with the polymer.

ordered grips last Thursday, received them today, installed them easy , feel to pistol improved ,100% fine product

Great fit and feel on my Gen 2 Glock 17. Very easy to apply after watching the video. Great product!

Great fit and feel on my Gen 2 Glock 17. Very easy application after watching the video. Great product!

easy install, looks great, feels great