Glock 19, 23, 25, 32, 38

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Grips for Glock 19, 23, 25, 32, 38



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TALON Grips for Glock Model 19, 23, 25, 32, and 38 models. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures. This grip provides full coverage on the side panels including above the thumb rest and ample coverage on the backstrap. Under the trigger guard the Gen 1/2/3/4 grips have three finger wraps for the finger grooves. Under the trigger guard the Gen 5 grips have complete coverage from the trigger guard to the bottom of the magwell. This grip has a logo cutout for the Glock emblem on the left side of the handle. This grip sticks extremely well even with the Rough Textured Frame (RTF). The medium backstrap will fit both the medium and the medium beavertail backstrap. The large backstrap will fit both the large and the large beavertail backstrap. FREE SHIPPING!*

The Glock 19M has the same handle as the Glock 19 Gen5 and also has the same backstrap options. These Gen5 grips will also fit the Glock 19 Gen5 MOS.

Gen4 & Gen5 Glocks come from the factory with the smallest (No Backstrap) version out of the box. The medium backstrap (2MM) will fit both the medium and the medium beavertail backstrap. The large backstrap (4MM) will fit both the large and the large beavertail backstrap.

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Good grips for polymer pistols.


Fits perfectly. A must have for any polymer gun, especially a Glock.

I was referred by a friend of mine and these grips are the best!

I Have some reservations on sending my gun out for a stipple job. Heard about these for a while so thought I’d give them a try. Couldn’t be happier. Great product and well thought out. Thanks!

Great grips

These were my first talon grips. I purchased the rubberized. They are awesome. They won’t be my last. I was considering stippling if I didn’t like the talons. But no way. The talons are so grippy and easy to install. If you’re on the fence, go ahead and buy them. You wont be disappointed.

Ordered the ggranulated grip first which was awsome as far as the grip goes but, carrying concealed it irratated my skin to aggressive so i removed it and ordered the rubber grip absolutely love it much better for me. Would absolutely recommend Talon grips will be ordering more for several more of my firearms.

Completely satisfied with my purchase. Fast shipping. Great buy.

The 3 Talon Grips on my Glocks have made a huge difference on my accuracy and control. These are great.

Great fit, easy to apply, a must upgrade to your glock.

The rubber grip fit perfectly,went to the range that weekend O Ya Awesome a lot better, more control. Just remember to put some heat on it with a hair dryer to adjust the fit Thanks Talon

I used a Talon grip on a second gun to improve my shooting . Yes, a comfortable grip does help in my quest to shoot better groups. Talon is easy to and quick to apply. Additionally, each Talon is cut for each model of gun. At more than 2,000 rounds they still look and feel new. Thanks Talon for your quality.

I've put TALONs on every hand gun I own except Springfield MOD 2 with Grip Zone which has the best grip out there in my opinion. Thanks TALON for being there for all the others, which are many. Night and day!!!


These grips made a huge difference. For me, the standard Glock texture is not enough. I had played around with the different backstraps and no matter what I couldn’t get comfortable with it. The Talon grip just makes it feel like it’s connected to my hand and my shot placement improved a lot. I would recommend these to anyone.

Great product,comfortable in your hand wouldnt think of ordering any other product,keep up the good work and plan on ordering more for future gyns.

Ordered one for my gen4 23 never received the first one .Gave the guys a talon a call and received a replacement in the mail in a few days.Install was straight forward and simple .Gives my glock a whole different grip love it!!!

Very nice! Great service! Took care of my pulling low left, very satisfied customer.

Totally a game changer for me and my pistol! Just when I thought no way to improve it these grips did HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Perfect fit. Perfect grip.

High quality. I would buy again

The item arrived quickly and in great shape. Instructions were easy to follow and this item fit my pistol perfectly. Well Done Talon.

wow ! what an improvement. love the grip now

A must have for any gen 3 Glock.

Bought for my Glock 19 Gen 4 no backstrap and I can’t say how amazing these feel in the hand. Got the rubberized for concealed carry and honestly can’t say enough good things. Shipped to my house in 3 days with free shipping! What a great deal. 10/10

Perfect fit, feels great and seems to have improved my accuracy. At least the wespon feels secure in my hand.

purchased my glock 40 cal from a brother at church. An earlier generation older gun it needed something to give it a little "pizzazz". Talon grips gave me more bang for the buck they added the pizzazz and a practical functionality that makes this big piece a breeze to handle. Thanks Talon grips. I have them on all my guns.

You guys rock!!!

If you own a handgun, you need Talons, plain and simple. Love them

Talon grips are awesome. I have them on all my Glocks and My Sig P365, Thank you for a great product. Regards, Fred

Absolutely fantastic, wouldn't imagine any guns without it

The grips fit just like advertised. I would buys talon grips again.

great product!

Received my new grips for my G-19 gen 4. Had installed a different pair on this gun but realized (after shooting for a bit) that the Backstrap I originally put on was too large and changing my grip and accuracy. Grips came right off with Blowdryer and cleaned up nicely. New grips installed and much better feel!!! Great Product! Have them on every gun I have and love them!! Great Job!!!

I have never liked the way a Glock felt in my hand but I love the guns. The Talon grips make a huge difference without spending a lot of money. I’ve purchased four grips and have two more to go before all my glocks are fully dressed. I’ve had talons on two guns for about two years and they have held up great, no peeling and still grippy.

Nice grips

Comfortable grip without adding bulk to the grip. Non-slip. Great pre-formed grip that goes on easy, quickly, and stays on. Definitely recommend this grip to improve grip on the Glock 23.

Great product and easy to install. I’ve purchased talon grips multiple times and have never been disappointed. My only complaint is I’d like the backstrap area to come up higher but that’s just my preference.

I really like the grip. It goes on fairly easy and stays put.

Vast improvement in grip on both my Gen 3 Glocks and my S&W Shield. These grips are the first thing I order after buying a new gun.

Excellent product. improves the grip tremendously. Easy to install.

Fits perfectly on my Glock 19. These grips make an already fantastic handgun even better. I have Talon grips on every polymer framed handgun that I own.

I have talon grips almost all of my polymer pistols. When I hear gun reviewers say a pistol doesn't have an aggressive grip. My reaction is, first thing I'll do is put Talon grips on it anyway!

Very quick delivery grips been installed an just what i was expecting when delivered. Thank you Talon grips

Wife, daughter, and I have Talon Rubber grips on two Glock 19’s, one 26, three 42’s, and three 43’s. Very, very good product and worth the investment. If you follow the directions and take your time, installation is easy. Fit is perfect. I recommend these grips to everyone.

I have a set on all 4 of my M&P's. Just got this set for my G19. Have to say as usual the fit is flawless. And sooo easy to install. I particularly like how they curve around the finger grooves on a gen 4. This is my 5th set and will not be my last. These are a must have for me!

I got the rubber grip instead of the sand paper style. Oh man is it sweat! It was nice and grippy like the magpul moe + rubberized grips and helps the hard glock front and rear agressive stippling. Only reason I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars is because the right top side of the grip where the thumb indentation had a cut relief that's too close to the edge ripped when I tried to reposition it. Followed the instructions and it worked like a charm. The grip adhered into place pefectly. Very good product. I'll probably pick a few up for my glock 17, 22, and 23. Also loved their hand written thank you signatures. It showed that they value us.

Hard for me to pick up a gun without your grips on it! Great product!

My hand feels like it is taped to the frame! Great grip for the cost. Wish it was pure black and not a grey tint but very satisfied with feel

I really enjoy The Talon grip I ordered for my Glock 23 gen 4.Talon grips should include with all new guns from the manufacturers.They are Great.

Just like every other Talon grip I’ve ordered ( this is my 4th one ) fast delivery , great price & excellent fit. Will order more.

Easy to install...Great Fit!!! Use a heat gun, and you will have a much better grip than the standard Glock grip texture.

Great product! Multiple guys on my special forces team are thinking about putting them on their work guns as well for our up coming rotation. Keep putting out these awesome grips!

I recommend Talon to every Glock owner I know

Lasted 6 months before the finger grip area started to peal up and slowly over the next 3 months more and more started to peal before I just removed it completely. When originally applying the grip, I took every precaution that I could, even going as far as wearing rubber gloves.

Fits perfect! And adds that extra badass feel


Fit perfect, great grip for the price.

You can’t go wrong with these grips. They fit perfectly. And, if you want to save more money, you can get the non pre-cut grips. The non cut out strip is perfect for making a better sized grip for a G19. I will get more.

As advertised good product and very easy to install

These are the shit

Awesome product didn't add width easy to install stays put and adds character to my Glock.

I ordered the Talon Grips for my Glock 19 and prior for a Glock 43, I’m happy with my grips and they perform as expected! I recommend the product and surely buy from them again.

I have put the slim grips on everything in my inventory. I can’t imagine a gun life without talon grips. Awesome product.

Awesome Product

Provided me with a more comfortable grip without increasing the effective size. Like the rubber as the coarser grip does not work as well with concealed carry.

I wanted more grip on my Glock 19. These Talon grips really were exactly what I was looking for! Nice grip, easy to apply, and didn't break the bank. I would definitely buy again.

Have Talon grips on every pistol I own, they just make a great long lasting product. Thanks again.

I wanted to amend my previous review and state that the most important part of getting the most out of your Talon grips is weapon PREP. Use the alcohol pad! If it still isn’t completely free of oils or lube, use denatured alcohol. This will make your grips last a lifetime of use and abuse. I promise anyone having any kind of problem from these grips have not properly prepped and/or installed them.

These grips are always one of the first things I buy whenever a new gun is added to my collection. I’ve purchased Talon grips for anything from countless Glocks to an AUG, Tacor X95, Kriss vector, etc. every gun that I own that Talon makes grips for has a set installed. They are without a doubt the best grips available. High quality and adds a great, secure feel to any firearm. Worth every penny. Shipping is always reasonably quick and everything needed to install is included. You guys rock!

This day in age, when customer service is dead, Talon stands out above the rest. I ordered a set of rubber grips. Didn't like them. Didn't work out for me. After Talon got wind of this, they immediately contacted me and arranged to send a replacement of the sandpaper type. For my style...these were much better than the rubbers. Made a BIG difference after 100 rounds and getting a little sweaty/clammy hands ! I'll try Talons again when I get a different model firearm too. Any consumer should have confidence in Talon. They stand behind their products.

Simply put, all my guns have Talon grips on them and all my future guns will as well. Great product guys.....

Amazing product. The best products are simple and effective, and Talon grips are perfect in that regard. You simply can’t beat the price for what it gives you. It’s a no-brainer purchase for any glock or gun they make them for.

Was exactly what I was looking for. I'm glad to have found your company. Will tell everybody I know about you.

These are by far the best grips I have ever had. Instlation is very easy just read and follow the directions. Will be ordering more.

Great grips, and I will be putting them in all my pistols.

Talon grips are great, I have them on all my pistols.

Must have for any semi auto pistol!!!

Talon grips always fit perfectly and improve the grip of the pistol 100%. The ones for my Glock 19 were no different. I use Talon grips every time, ALL the time.

By far the best investment I’ve made for my everyday/ duty carry weapon !!

just switched from granulate to rubber and love it! Like always Talon perfection fit and finish matched like a puzzle piece.All my guns are wrapped with Talon.

Fantastic grips and company, great price, support, and fast shipping! Highly recommend Talon Grips!Jim B,Repeat Customer.

Easy application, aesthetically appealing and improves grip when shooting.

Extremely comfortable and permits a better grip. This is my 3rd grip from Talon

Great product, great service.I would highly recommend!!!Keep it up, Talon

These grips have improved my accuracy at the range .Also note , that if you only use the gun for target practice- range the sandpaper talon grips are fantastic, but if you carry concealed you will need to buy the rubberized grips ( they don’t stick to your shirt)

Like all I've used in the past. Awesome!! Everything about Talon Grips is awesome!!



ordered the rubberized grip, and the Talon grips are a vast improvement to the feel of my Glock19.

I have the sandpaper type grips for my 43, 36 and 19.They are a aggressive grip. They may not be right for everyone, but I really like them.

Great product, easy to follow instructions and a great fit. I went with the rubber texture grip for my Glock 19 having removed a Slip-On Hogue. The Hogue has a better tackiness, but makes a handful of grip. The Talon grip offers a good compromise with a better slimmer grip for a positive grip.

I've purchased at least 20 grips for Glock, HK, for myself and for friends. Great service and a perfect fit. Every time!

Talon grips are exactly what I was looking for! The texture and ease of application make them a must have for all of my Glocks. I can’t recommend these enough.

Love this grip!! I was a little trebidacios as far as the install was concerned, because I tend to be a perfectionist and cannot stand little imprecations or lack of symmetry. But, these went on very easily and accurately. They feel amazing and are extremely functional for EDC.

I put these Talon GRIPS on my Glock 23, and I love them. Thanks Talon

Great product. If it my Glock 19 perfectly. Be sure to use a hair dryer when applying the grips.

Have Talon grips on all my pistols and magazines they feel great I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a better grip

Awasome product...

Fits great and definitely will be installed on all my guns and recommend to others

Great grips for my Gen 3 Glock 19. Highly recommend.

Great glue adhesion after heat and pressure along the edges was applied, provides very secure grip in any condition. One satisfied customer here!

I just recently replaced my Talon grips on my Glock 23 after three years of using them. I own a number of hand guns and everyone has Talon (Rubber) grips on them. They are awesome. Just don't set your gun in the sun when it hot out. Unfortunately the adhesive re actives and you will mess them up. Best grips on the market and improves our purchase on the grip.

Easy install and perfect fit. Will definitely order again.

Juste one thing very good product I love it

Went on easy, looks and feels great, nothing bad to say.

Awesome grips gave me that stability i was looking forGreat price and fast shipping

As usual Talon grips came through! Turned my so so feel of my Gluck into a great feeling Glock! Thank you Talon!

Good product but took 10 days to go from CO to TX and envelop.was not sealed and tore lucky the grips were still in the envelop.

Ich habe mir den 2. Grip bestellt. Mit dem 1. an meiner Glock 17 war ich sehr zufrieden. Jetzt kommt der Grip an eine Glock 19 Gen 5.

Last review was supposed to say purchase again not office again, lol

Love the textured, super aggressive grips. I have them on 4 different guns and they all work great. I love these and I will office again for sure.

Installed on a Glock 19 Gen5. Didn't know if this would work with the cutout on the front of the grip but turned out to fit perfect. The ergonomics and feel are much better than the stock grip.

great product...

Always a great product! Never any difficulty applying the grip and it always works! Ive never held a firearm and didnt think it could use a Talon Grip! Thanks Talon!

Granulated is a bit rough, but I knocked down a bit with some 120 grit an it’s a nice firm grip. Love it.

So far so good !! Easy to install and adds that extra grip needed on my glock. A great alternative to stippling at a super affordable price.

This is my second purchase from Talon, these grips simply work great! The instructions and process is simple and atrait forward, and they're always cut perfectly.

ALL my Walthers (PPQ M2) and Glocks (19 and 32 Gen 4's) have Talon grips installed! I wouldn't leave home with-out them!

This is the second grip I've purchased from Talon for my G19. I use/carry this gun everyday and I use it in my "rec league" competitions. I appreciate the innovation that Talon has brought with the newest version. My last one was worn and falling off. It's nice to have that grip back. Thanks.

Perfect as usual. Have talon grips on all my guns. Help my grip tremendously.

Excellent product. I have bought Talon grips for all my handguns, including G19, 26 gen 4. They are easy to install, long lasting and incredibly confortable - plus they look great!

very secure grip on gun-especially in wet conditions.A Keeper-Thanks

I recently put the talon grip on my Glock 19. I will be going to the range this week. I do like the way the grip feels and hopefully it will perform as advertised. I do wish that a piece was included to place on the front portion of the lower receiver where my thumb rests when a grip the weapon.

Feels good looks good

best grips on the market!!!


Grip is great, but it didn't stay on as long as I would have liked.

Purchased rubberized grip for glock 19 gen 5 and it definitely improves the grip and look of my glock. Easy to install and will purchase again for next handgun.

I put these on a Gen 5 Glock 19 and they work great. Easy to install as well.

Excellent product and outstanding customer service.

Great fit to the firearm. Heating the grip post application really molds the grip. Satisfied with the purchase.

Amazing grips! I bought both the sandpaper and the original rubber for my glock 19 gen 4 and hot damn do they do there job. I went with the rubber on my 19 because I appendix carry and it’ll tear your gut up with the sandpaper. Rubber adds to the gen 4 finger grooves and improves the overall feel of the gun. It’s definitely a must have for any shooter. The sandpaper is an amazing grip for if you’re out in the woods or rain or have sweaty hands or are going to side holster only. No chance on dropping them if you put that bad boy on. Overall, 100% satisfied. When and if the rubber wears off, I’ll come a knocking for another.

Like the feel and texture. The grip is very secure in the hands

Great product

I love these grips! I've tried others but these are the only ones I can count on not to tear, spin, or fail! They're easy to install and significantly improve my grip. I don't go on duty without them!

I went with the textured grips. These are a MUST have imo. The only issue I’ve encountered is carrying against body.... not recommended lol kinda makes a tender spot, that said, layers. A tucked in shirt with a cover shirt. Otherwise take a little material using sandpaper under trigger guard by where your middle knuckle sits, sand cautiously, keep checking how your grip feels & this by far is a perfect grip for a “Real World” firearm. Meaning if you have a everyday or Combat pistol these are a must have.

Excellent product. Great feel! Will outfit other trips.

I know there is a skeptical quantity of 5 star reviews on here but these grips are amazing. I bought the granulate textured grips for my Glock 19 (which is used as a duty firearm) and I could not be happier with the results. Installation takes less than 10 minutes. I was also worried that the texture would be too rough but it was actually perfect for my hands. If I decide to buy any other pistols after this I will definitely be buying another set of Talon Grips.

This grip Tape gives you so much more grip to the pistol.Great product and easy to install.

Great grip, installed on my Glock 23 gen 4, I carry it on duty in all kinds of weather, holding up great, purchase with confidence. Very easy installation on the pistol, just need a heat gun or hair dryer to finish up.

Best grip on the market

Love it. This is my second purchase and it works great!


Works great. Would buy again.

Great grips as always. I have them riding on all my firearms.

I love the talon grips! They work great on all my Glocks!

Went on easy and fits great.

Excellent fit. Easy to install.

Great product. Not expensive at all for the amount of handling feel you get. And removable too if you’re over it. Then get another one! Would be cool though if they had a happy medium between the rubber and the granulate.

Excellent product for grip enhancement, I baught end for my G-19 and my son liked it so much I baught him one for his G-32, easy installation and looks great.

Easy to install

I just took off "Gen 1" Talon grips. That was over four years (those were tough years) ago. These are even better looking with more coverage. Looking forward to another 4+ years.

This is my first talon grip and I could not be any more impressed. All around amazing product. I will not own another pistol without one of these grips on it. Improved grip, improved group, improved accuracy at longer distance. Extremely simple to install and it looks great!!

Great grips! They provide a nice amount of extra grip that makes holding and shooting my Glock better. I would definitely recommend them!

Great texture with the rubberized textured grip. The wife and I both have them on our carry guns and home defense weapons.

Quick shipping, great product with an easy install! So far so good!

awesome grip, this is my second gun and will purchase Talon for any future guns!

Great product. I was able to increase my grip on my Glock 19. I will purchase grips for other arms in the future.

This is my second Talon grip purchase. They are so easy to install and the ergo improvement is unbelievable. I plan on purchasing one for all my handguns. Makes all grips SEXAYYYY One thing to mention is to make sure you are happy with backstrap selection before purchasing, as the grip won't fit if you change your set up after your grip order.

This is my second Talon grip purchase. They are so easy to install and the ergo improvement is unbelievable. I plan on purchasing one for all my handguns. Makes all grips SEXAYYYY One thing to mention is to make sure you are happy with backstrap selection before purchasing, as the grip won't fit if you change your set up after your grip order.

Couldnt make it work

I purchase talon grips for all my pistols I am never dissapointed with quality and durability of their products. They look great feel great. Get it.

I have always been more than satisfied with your product! The grips on this gun dramatically improve the fit and feel ergo the accuracy of the gun.

Perfect fit and feel, beats any rubber slip on grip. Love my new Talon grip!! Awesome product, Thanks.

Awesome product!! The grips should have come this way from the factory. I wasn’t sure if I would like them but now I will look into outting them on the rest of my firearms. Great job Talon!

Fit great

Added to my Glock 19 duty weapon. Provides me with the extra grip I like on my Gen4 without adding an ugly bulky grip or permanently stippling the frame. Will buy for all my firearms. Keep up the great work!

Great product and very easy to install. Looks Great - Thanks

Such an amazing productI was sceptical at first but after using the granulated grip on my g19 I'm forever a fan. I shoot concealed action pistol comps and have absolute positive grip and control of my gun when I'm drawing from my holster and shooting. I live in the pacific north west and it rains a lot here and never worry about being able to grip my gun. To add to all this I use my gun alot way more than the average shooter will in there life time.My grip wore out in 5 months* (remember my gun see's a lot of use and abuse) I contacted talon and with no hesitation they warranted and sent me a new grip even thought I was way out of my 90 day warrenty. There costumer service was on Point and by far the best ive ever experienced.Great job talon I'm forever a customer.P.s. if you come up with new product feel free to seen them to me for testing

Really awesome inexpensive product! Slapped these bad boys on my Glock 19 as soon they came in! Really satisfied with how they look and feel on my pistol!

Always the best. I have them on every firearm including the duty gun

Bought these for my CZ P10c and deciding to just try one for the Glock while I was at glad I did. My Gen 4 Glock texture is fine, but the Talon grips just make it feel amazing. Installation was super easy, I’m using the medium backstrap and this fit perfect, whereas the CZ fit a little tighter. I like them so much I ordered one for my Glock 43!

Best grips ever, would never use anything else!

Great company, fantastic product !!!

Excellent product. They are on all of my polymer guns. Talon Grips are superior to any brand on the market today. Barring stippling this is the best product out there to get a better purchase on your gun.

I would give them a 10 star if I could amazing product excellent price easy installation I definitely will be doing some of my other firearms

The Talon grips have really helped during these hot summer months when the temperature soars into the upper 90s with high humidity. Before installing the grips I was having to readjust my grip every 3 or 4 shots because of the sweat. The Talon grips provide a very effective non-slip surface.

best thing since the glock first appeared. No block should be with out it.

Love the grip. Easy to install. Thanks

Better than advertised. Easy to install, great feel and fit. Makes a good gun even better. Arrived quick with good instructions. I still can't hit a target, but I'm getting closer. Great job!!

Great product! Easy to install and gives the gun a whole different look and feel!

The grips are exactly the color advertised. The grip texture significantly improved handling. I have Talon grips on all my SA handguns.

Awesome product in my opinion! I have them on all my edc and have Never had a problem with them. I prefer the rubberized one. Trick is to clean the grip really good with there supplied wipe and heat set it with a hair dryer or heat gun. Easy install just follow directions.

Love the grip.

I have carried my G23 almost every day for about 10 years. They desperately needed the extra grip provided by these. Thank you.

Simply the best product on the market for pistol grips.Very high quality friction surface. Easy to put on. The adhesive does an incredible job, even over long periods of time.I've never had a talking grip that didn't fit perfectly. Their performance has been top notch.Consistently the only product I put on ALL my pistols. Customer for life.

Provides a secure grip,well crafted. Very good instructions for installation. Have used these grips for years with good service

Great product at a great price

Installed these on a clients three G19's one in each color. They improved the handling 10 fold. plus the grey looks awesome!

Another great grip! Just ran the grip for a Covert Carry Class and loved them! Keep up the great work!

The grips i got for my glock 19 fit like shit on the left side of the gun where they over lap they don’t have a smooth feel so I removed them and bought a rubber grip sleeve it fits perfect and feels smooth all the way around the gun the grips i got from you for my xds fit perfect fit like shit on a glock sorry no more talon grips for me rubber grip sleeves from now on would not recommend talon grips

I've put a set of Talon rubber grips on 4 different pistols that I have had... I hate the plastic grips that are on guns now... These grips make it so you can actually hold on to the gun. When I buy another pistol, Ill be buying another set.

Amazing product! Best feeling grip and it doesn’t move with sweat!

The talon grips I found to be very effective...until your hands get a little sweaty...than they don’t seem to help and they actually seem to make the gun kind of slippery but as long as your not sweating to bad they work great. I wish they would have come with the small piece for the side of my frame...left side for my left thumb...but overall not bad until you get your have wet or sweaty.

outstanding product, second to none.

Excellent product! Great pricing fast shipping!

Grips were easy to apply and stuck on great. Very excited to have them on my new G19

Great grips, was qualifying last week in high 90 and 100 degree temps and my Talon grips never slipped. For a new shooter these grips are a must. Confidence builder because my grip was consistent.

They went on easier and fit better than I expected. Very satisfied with the feel of the grips.

The talon grip fit perfectly, had no issues putting it on . It’s night n day with the grip on verses the stock grip. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a better grip on there gun.

These grips are awesome!! Can not believe i have not installed these sooner!

Easy to install, feel great and help give a firm grip in the heat of summer in East Texas.

Easy to apply and helps a lot when drawing the firearm from the holster. Would recommend for all hand guns that don’t come with a factory grip on them.

I installed these on a glock 26 and loved it. So, when I purchased a glock 19 that was my first upgrade. Works great! thanks

Great stuff!!! Perfect fitment!!! Easy install!!!

I love these new grips.

I am really pleased with this grip. Very easy to install. I will be purchasing additional grips for my other guns.

Easy installation. Perfect fit.

Love the Talon Grip, and the way it feels in the hand. Great texture, and well worth the price. Very easy to install, and required no special tools, other than a hairdryer if one is not already owned. Will definitely itely be recommending to fellow gun owners!

I had purchased these before for my Glock 23, with the granular texture, I took my time to install them perfectly, still in like new condition and feels so good in my hands, ordered for my LE trade ins Glock 19, and Glock 22 ... fixing to order for my Glock 20 ... great product

Amazing product. Bought the rubber grips for my Glock 19. Made a few adjustments so I could still change out the backstraps if needed. But all in all I love it, great grip for a great price.

I put these on almost every pistol I own. I’ve never had one peel off and I’m fairly rough on the firearms. You can not beat these for the price.

Every grip I have ordered fit precisely. The rubber texture provides excellent purchase on the handguns and is a major improvement over the polymer-framed grips. Application has been simple on each grip, especially for the Springfield XD45.

I got one of these for a friend's G19 after he tried them on my Walther P99. He normally shoots with gloves, but now he says he can shoot just fine without gloves too.

As expected, great fit and quality. Love the rubber texture for cc. These go on all my pistols as soon as I purchase them.

Outstanding product. I put talon grips on every gun I own.

Grips came as ordered, prompt delivery, and instructions for installation were good and easy ro follow. The grips have a great feel, making my grip on the gun more secure. Good product.

Worked great on my Glock 19X and my sig P365 Will buy more when I get more pistols

Just finished installing the Talon Grip. What an improvement. And so easy!

I have seen this product around for a long time and finally took the chance to order it. The only reason I say "chance" is because I never physically tried the material out. I was super impressed with it. To the point where I reordered material to to put on other areas of my Glock 19. I was impressed on how well it integrated to the actual frame.

Put rubberized grips on 4 of mine. They all fit great and made me feel good, when you do something and it comes out better than you expected. It gives the guns of more consistent feel.

I bought the Talon rubber grips for my M&P Shield and my Glock 19 they are awesome can't say enough for them.

They fit perfect as excpected as they do on all of my weapon. Thanks once again great product. Stay safe

Love them. Add lots of grip but no thickness to gun.

Easy to install, positive grip. Great product at a great price

This is my second set of grips...i bought a set for my lc9 a few years ago and they still look new and now i have them on my glock and i like the why the feel and look...i recommend these to anyone who wamts a good set of grips for thier gun...

Perfect fit. Very comfortable and made the Glock 19 so much better. Plan on more purchases the rest of the family.

Better grip on my Glock Gen5 19. They work great!!

This is my fourth set of Talon grips because I just purchased a Glock 19 Gen 5 firearm. I have them on my Glock 17, 26, and 43 and they are the best. They fit perfectly and feel great in my hands. I highly recommend anyone to put Talon grips on their firearms!

I love my grip it fits perfectly and feels great.

Have these Grips on all of my handguns and they are AWESOME!!! Great Product, Great Price, Great Service!!

I like the grips, 3rd set I have installed. Had to do some small trimming on a gen 1 around the mag well but other than that it fits great.

Awesome grip

I have now ordered 3 talon grips. The first wore out a little sooner than I wanted, but like I said, I have now ordered 3. I replaced the first and bought another for a different pistol. I’m sure that I will continue to purchase from this company.

Made my gen5 Glock 19 way more comfortable in my hands and I swear I shot better with it.

I ordered the granulate grips for a gen3 19 through a program at work. The shipping was super fast, and the grips are super rough (in a good way!)I definitely will be ordering these again if I ever change my carry gun.

These things are awesome! Easy to install, and make the gun so comfortable in my hand. 400 rounds downrange, in the heat of the desert, and the grip was solid. Can;t recommend these enough!

Comes with instructions that are easy to follow and they make it easy to install. Your hand actually sticks to your gun!

At first they shipped my order without sending the product ... it happens lol but they made it right with one phone call. Then it arrived in two days after that call. It’s an amazing product but even better customer service. Everyone makes mistakes but it’s how you handle those mistakes that keeps customers. Thank you guys

Love your products!

Better grip, Better purchase began shooting better groups more accurately and consistently well worth the money. Also easy to install and secure. A+

Bought the rubber moss for my glock 19 gen 4. Easy to install. Looks good after finished., added quite a bit of grip for me. Really pleased with the added grip and quality. This was a good buy.

Textured rubber grip went on very easy on my 2nd Generation Glock. I should have bought them a long time ago instead of my Hogue grip.

Perfect grip and perfect fit on my G19. Highly recommended! Can’t beat the price and fast shipping. Have them on my G26 also

Excellent grip. I had concerns that it would rub my hand raw. After 150 rounds my hand felt great. Never did the firearm move in my hand. I'd buy this product with full confidence in the future for other firearms! Very happy!

This is the first purchase I make for all of my hand guns and have recommended it to many friends. Love talon grips!

Fits my G19 gen 3 perfectly. Time and patience and it will line up perfectly with your Glock logo.

There is now quicker way to increase the traction on your pistol than Talon Grips.

Fits my G19 well. Allow to maintain perfect grip without squeezing like crazy. Good stuff.A.

Great product absolutely love these grips. I bought this grip to put on my EDC Glock. Now after a few days of training with it I will be purchasing more for my Duty Glock and all my other firearms.

Superb as always. Have them on most of our firearms.

I feel this is one of the best grip products out on the market. I have them on all my handguns. It was easy to install and took no time. They are a company that stands behind what they make with honor and integrity.

I love the texture of the rubber grip. It was easy to put on and the cut was surprisingly accurate to the lines of the pistol. There was even a relief cut for the thumb rest area that lined up perfectly. Time will tell how long it will stay on the pistol, as I have only been carrying it for a couple weeks and haven't put many rounds downrange yet. So far I am quite happy.

Talon grips are a must have on every firearm I own. I also keep a Large Rubber Material Sheet on hand for alternative applications.

These are great grips. Have them on almost all my handguns.

I absolutely love Talon grips. I have them installed on 5 of my handguns. I just put this set on a Gen5 G19, and they make the grip feel so much better. They provide a firm, solid grip surface. They are also very easy to install.

nice product, easy to install.

I am very impressed with this product! It is definitely worth the money. After I took my gun out to the range with the new grips, I was shocked how comfortable and how well it really did grip your hand. Highly recommend Talon Grips!

Item as described. Perfect !! Super fast shipping.

Very happy with this product easy to install shipping was fast can’t complain GREAT work Talon I will be buying more of your products

Awesome! Have them for the 43 and 23. Love them!

Huge improvement on gen 4 Glock 19

Instructions were clear and made application easy. I would recommend wearing latex gloves while putting the grips on. Lining up the grips initially was difficult because it wasn't level when wrapping around the gun. Lastly, the strips that go into the finger grooves were about half an inch too long so I just cut them down so it met the other side square. Initially impression is that it is well worth the money, the texture makes holding onto the firearm feel firm and regardless of what's on your hands it will feel glued to your hands.

Easy to apply, comfortable to grip, an awesome upgrade to my Glock 19 Gen 5. Would recommend to purchase.

I've been using Talon Grips (Rubber Granulate) since they first were introduced. They're on all my weapons....they don't feel right unless they're fitted with Talons !!

Perfect fit & finish for my Glock 19. 1000x’s better grip than stock. No longer worried about loosing my grip or gun not feeling secure in my hands. Great product! Thanks!

Fits perfectly. Also bought one last year for my .40 M&P Shield. Love these things!

Fits perfectly. Also bought one last year for my .40 M&P Shield. Love these things!

These grips are great! My shooting went from low left of center to dead center. I have ordered them for my other hand guns and have seen similar improvements as well as a better overall grip feel. Great product!!!

I am very happy. I lové it.

Delivered as promised, fit as promised and feels fantastic - one of the best/least expensive upgrades you can do you your Glock 19...note: was a perfect fit for the Gen5

I have only used the new grips for a few weeks so I’ll give a review on that. I purchased the granulated grips for a Glock 19 which is carried daily and shot ALOT! Shipping was right on time. The product it self was quality. Alplacation was simple. The fit and finish is spot on, looks like it came from the factory. The grips didn’t disappoint whatsoever and it feels like the gun is glued to my hand. I couldn’t be anymore happy. So, I carry appendix and the only thing I have noticed is the grip is so “grippy” it will hang up on my under shirt( not a big deal). Also if your worried the granulated will hurt your hands? Don’t be a tinker bell and buy them! I am purchasing a set for every Glock I own!

I believe these are my 8th set. Both duty and private use. Won't leave home without them.

Very nice product, fit well, shipped fast. Over all very happy with the purchase, if you want to get a grip on things, start here, you won't regret it.

I have purchased Talon grips for XD 40 and my g19 both times the grips were a welcomed modification to my frames simply put it doesn't change the way I hold my pistols and allows for a much more secure purchase. H

Great product. My third set.

Tried both rubber and sand paper grips for sweaty hands sand paper grip works amazing!!

Rubber mat excellent great custome service.

I wasn’t sure my Glock Gen 5 even needed Tacky Grips because the grip surface was fairly aggressive already. But as soon as I installed them my scores were better. Less movement in my hand from shot to shot.

I love the Talon Grips for my Gen 5 GLOCK 19. I am still feeling out my gun and wasn’t quite sold on stippling my gun just yet, so this was a great alternative. I’ve had my gun on me while in the rain hunting to working on the farm and I love knowing no matter what I’ve been into I can draw and I will always have the same consistent grip on my firearm. Easy to install and no signs of them peeling around the edges or bubbling. FIVE STARS for sure!

Have used the Talon Grips for about a month and they are performing beautifully. Great product.

Bought talon grips for my new glock 19 gen 5. Highly impressed. Will be putting talons on every hand i ever own.

Fits great. Feels great. Looks great. Adheared perfectly with secure edges and exact fit.

I ordered six sets of rubberized grips for various Glock models, and could not be happier. First I tried one, was so hay I bought another five. Some had the Crimson Trace hand grips with the pressure button on the back. Taking the grips off, installing them, and putting the grips on were a snap. Then I used a couple of the Talon Strips strips to cover the laser grips as well. Outstanding product and looks highly customized. Would give them my highest rating !!!! John

Excellent products, have put granulate grips & trigger index points on 6 Glocks.

I have Talon Grips on all my Glocks now and a Walther PPQ Q4 Tac... I am using both the sandpaper type and the rubber type...both serve a specific need and work very well. The fit and overall quality is outstanding.

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Best $18 I have spent since buying the Glock. I have naturally sweaty hands, and live in Florida. Once I put the granular grips on, my grip was perfect, no slipping, huge confidence booster, and no fear of slipping or dropping because it doesn't move in my hands anymore. Great product!

Excellent product! Made my Gen 3 Glock 23 feel like a completely different gun. Fast shipping and installation was a breeze. Just follow the directions and take your time. Very pleased!

Awesome grip for my Glock 23. Depending on how you would carry the granulate might not be best. But I think the added grip might outweigh any discomfort. Might try the rubber grip on my Glock 27.

They fit perfectly! The only reason its not getting a 5 star is because it doesn't work that great when they are wet. but when my hands are dry its a great comfortable grip and works well

Returning customer and always satisfied with Talon grips. It’s always one of my first purchases after purchasing a new firearm.

Perfect fit and great feel.

Very well made, easily applied, Fanta feel.A blow dryer is key to final bonding


I have the granular grips on all of my carry guns. They give you such a firm grip on your firearm. Talon Grips and night sights are necessities on all of my guns!

Purchased a gen3 Glock 23 police trade in. The pistols finish was a bit slippery on a hot day but the Talon granulated grip solved all grip problems! Outstanding grip adhesion! Highly recommend these grips!

Love the Talon rubber style grips! Why pay for expensive and destructive modifications to a gun when these grips provide great feel and control for such low price. I'm adding them to all my guns with grip. Thanks for a great product!

Love these grips. I put these on all my pistols as soon as I get them. They last forever and never lose grip. Talon grips have superior adhesive and fit like a glove. I used to use the rubber slip on grips and they would last about one year before cracking and losing grip from everyday dirt and hand oil. I recommend talon grips for all applications. God bless America.

Purchased the Talon grips for my model 19 gen2 glock. Easy install, great grip.

3rd set I've purchased. Really stick to your hand. If they're to rough hit them with some 150 or buck up for a couple of weeks. They're outstanding!

There are only 2 guns that I own without Talon grips and if I could I would dress them with one. I love that all my grips have a very familiar feeling due to the grips. I highly recommend Talon grips for every handgun.

Really love the Grey color and as always love how much this improves your grip even when you're a little sweaty. I have one on all of my pistols and will put one on any new pistol I buy. The only complaint I have is the shipping is really slow. With free 2 day shipping becoming popular it should never take 2 weeks to receive a package. Other than that talon grips is one of the first things I buy for a new pistol.

I'm a big fan of Talon Grips. I have them on the vast majority of my handguns. They are precision cut, durable, and easy to install. I picked up a Gen 5 G19, so of course my next move was to order a Talon rubber grip for it. As per usual, the fit was perfect, the installation was easy, and the gun handled and felt better once it was installed. Follow the directions (clean the grip area with alcohol, attach grip, heat it up, apply some firm pressure,and it will stay put.) Talon grips are a must-have product for me.

Talon is the only place I buy grips from. Their product is by far the best available and is highly touted from professional shooters to everyday citizens. If you are reading this, stop putting skateboard tape on your guns like a jackass and get a Talon Grip.

Fantastic product! Will be ordering another for my FN 45 soon!

Delivery was quick item was as promised. Installed was very easy!

My third purchase of Talon Grips. Love them ! I am running them on all of my Glocks. I even got the chief of my department to authorize them on duty handguns !

Just love this product!!

Just love this product!!

This is my second set of grips I’ve bought for my own guns, and I also recently bought a set for a friend. I love these grips, and will put a set on all of my pistols from here on out. Love the rubberized texture.

Love the gray rubberized grips on my G23. Definitely an upgrade from stock. Arrived super fast as well. Thanks!

Easy to install, great product. I'll have them on all my pistols.

Like always these grips fit perfect on my LCP 2 i run them on lots of my handguns best on the market hands down

I received my grips quickly. A breeze to put on. I've carried concealed over 40 years and can't get over how much better my pistol feels with your grips. If you're thinking about buying them, quit wasting time and order them. You won't be sorry.

Such a wonderful improvement. I should have done this years ago.

My Talon Grip (Granulate Black) for my Glock 19 Gen4 arrived in the mail ahead of time and was as described on Talon's website. I have now put 300+ rounds through my Glock since installing the grip and have been very impressed with the fit and feel. I highly recommend these grips. There's no reason to look elsewhere.

All my pistols have one, first mod I always do. Never disappointed with this product been a fan for years

I put Talon grips on all my semi-auto handguns the day I acquire them. The quality, fit, price and ease of installation make the process painless. And, using the rubber Talon grips on all my handguns make them all feel the same in my hand. Can't beat 'em!

Great product with great service. I carry concealed everyday, and the grip has shown 0 wear. They ever personalized the invoice by hand writing thank you Dan on it. I will continue to purchase for all my guns.

Excellent product.Enjoy it from France

These are so nice. It's crazy how affordable they are. I don't think I will ever need stipling. Most bang for your buck.

I have Talon Grips on my Glock 43 and my Gen5 Glock 19. I used the rubberized texture and it makes the grip so comfortable and easy to hold. It make a world of difference in the control and handling of the two Glocks.

The fir was perfect for my G23 and the rubber grip really helps the gun to stay fit and snug while shooting

Bought these grips for my Glock 23 & 43 after a fellow firearms instructor showed them to me. I have been shooting guns for over 36 years. The quality and fit are outstanding and really fits the hand great, thanks for making a great product. Will be ordering another set for my Glock 19 soon.

Great grips, amazing price and easy to install

These work perfect! I've put them on 4 guns now ant it gets easier every time. I've gone back and reheated the first ones and they've only gotten better. As far as the granulated grip for glock 19 it has made the biggest difference on this gun. It really sucks your hand down and the gun feels really solid and sturdy.

Love the rubber grips. They're on all my guns.

Installation was simple and the grips really enhance the weapon

These were better then expected. Great product.

I ordered granulate grips for 4 different pistols and they fit perfectly. I had a question about another grip and customer service was wonderful.

I love these grips and they have never failed to disappoint. I've used them on all Ruger and Glock pistols.

Great Product. Easy to apply.

Grip is easy to apply and durable. I have had the same Talon Grips on my CCW gun for a number years, still no issue. Helps me keep a good grip on my gun. Works as advertised.

Great product, Shipped fast, very satisfied.

Looks as good as it works

Good company but I wasted my money buying the rubberized grip texture. I find them to slip badly in my hands even more so than the bare frame on my P10c or G19. If you are buying them to enhance your grip on the firearm then stay away from the rubber texture.

Fit is perfect and adheres well to the RTF.

Super fast delivery great grips. MAGA

I have talons on all my guns and clips - They are great.

The grips are awesome. One of the first things I do after getting a new sidearm is get online and order Talon grips. I have them on all my handguns.

Great Purchase. Improve my group and control on the weapon. Extremely comfortable feel

Great product and very easy installation.

I ordered the Gen 5 grip for my Gen 2 glock as an experiment. I went with the medium size thinking that it would fit best, but it was a bit of a guess. The grip is a little big for Gen 2 Glock 19's. The medium size has a potential to interfere with the magazine release, as a result, I installed my grip in the reverse order of the factory recommended directions. Doing so allowed me to prevent interference with the mag release but it did cause the window cut out for the Glock symbol to be misaligned. I care more about function than looks so the misalignment does not bother me. I previously had a Gen3 grip on my Gen2 and it fit perfect, but I wanted more front grip face coverage and I got that with the Gen5 grip. I would make the suggestion to try the small grip instead of medium.

They look great feel great my grip is much better and shoot a much better group glad i tryed them great product thank you

Great product. Extremely fast shipping. Easy installation following the included instructions. I went with the rubber grips and am happy with them so far.

Amazing product. Gives my Gen3 G19 the enhancement it needed. Fits perfectly and was very, very easy to apply.

Fit perfectly on my glock 19! Thx again

Grip fit perfectly.

Adds great feel to my Glock 19 and was really easy to install. I plan on adding Talon grips to my 23 and 43 as well.

A company that puts out a outstanding product at a consumer-friendly price, along with outstanding customer service. What more can you ask for?

Night and day difference

I use to have the sand paper grips,I recently switched to rubberized and they are awesome. Just what I was looking for

Got my Talon Grips (rubber texture) in mail today for my Glock 19 Gen5. I installed them, and they felt great, awesome grip on the gun. Went to the range to shoot and test - awesome! Highly recommend them - do not bother with stippling.

Great company and products. I had trouble with this version for the Gen5 Glock19. Didn't seem to have enough clearance around the mag release area on the right side of firearm. Not as easy to line up correctly as other pistols i have used these grips on.( Glock 27,22 and M&P Shield) I tried trimming it more but it was firearm already and did not work well so i ended up taking it off as i didn't want to gouge my firearm trimming it while on the gun then wouldn't stay stuck down properly. I am good at lining these up but just didn't work out for this newer model as well as i wanted it.

Fits great. Nice grip.

Love these grips! Easy install, secure rubber grip texture. This is the second purchase for me. I wrapped them on a HK VP40 and really liked those so much that I did my Glock 19 right away.

I got my talon grips and it was easy to apply, now my glock 19 is so much more comfortable and enjoyable to shoot or just grip in the hand.

This is exactly what I was looking for. I found the stock grip a little slippery when shooting and this resolved this issue. On top of that the grip insert I initially installed this on was not the right size, so I cut the decal where the grip insert was, heated, removed and reinstalled it onto the new grip size with zero issues. I haven't seen any degradation in it's ability to remain stuck to the new grip insert after 4 range sessions and 1500rds. I will be buying more of these for my other handguns!

I add your grips to all of my handguns. Excellent product and perfect fit every time. Your personalized service is refreshing.Thank You

I just love this stuff. I've been purchasing products from this company for a while now and I've always been impressed . Down too the little notes that the guys leave on the order sheet funny but great , more companies should follow your business ethics "great customer service" ......... Thanks guys

The only accessory a Glock needs to be perfect; Talons.

The material is great, grip went on perfectly for me on my Glock 19 Gen 5, no issues at all and feels great and comfortable. Will purchase again for my next pistol definitely.

awesome product!! was really easy to put on and feels great!!!

Best grips I’ve used for Glocks. I Would highly recommend this product rubber or grit.

Great grips


Wonderful product, I have bought one for all of my glocks.

Great fit, easy to install. Does not essentially change the size of the grip. Improves hand-gun adhesion.

Simply stated, Talon offers great product. Minimize your slip with Talon grips.

What can I say? Talon grips are amazing! They fit perfectly. I have them on all of my lead farming equipment. I highly recommended them. You will not be disappointed.

I am 100% satisfied so far with my new Talon grip. It was very easy to install because the product was designed and cut so well. I really like the way it enhances the grip on my Glock 19.

Excellent, be using Talon Grips for years, I have them on most of my pistols

New G23 owner, and these are must! These will get you through until you save for a stipple job! I have the granulate texture on my XD and it does blister my hand up pretty good. The rubbers are just for me! I have the same strong grip as I do with my granulate Talon grips. It says something if these are my second set and probably wont be my last.

I love the rubber version on glocks. I installed a pair 5 years ago and are still like new. The fit is always perfection.

I purchased the granulate black texture. I love the grip so much. I always hated grabbing a pistol because I wouldnt be able to get the grip I wanted without minipulating the gun. Now I get the perfect grip eveytime.

Grips fit perfect and are so comfortable ..

Awesome grip and awesome customer service. Will recommend to everyone I know

Love the grips ! Super easy to apply and grate way to enhance without permanent alteration !

Great pricing and fits just as stated. I will be ordering more for some of my other guns. I can grip my gun without any worries of it slipping in my hand.

Product is great, will be putting on the my guns from now on

Love em!!!

Great purchase. Worth every. Will be receiving future buisness from me and my coworkers!!

Talon Grips are easy to install and definitely improve feel and grip. Well worth the price and an excellent upgrade to any pistol.

Talon grips are amazing. I use the granular texture on all of my carry guns. The give you a rock solid grip like nothing else can. Try these. You will not be disappointed.

Good product. All perfect. Will buy again and recommend. Tks

Just a good grip feel in any gun any size

Grip was very easy to apply, provides a nice feel. I've only shot a couple hundred rounds since installing the grip but it is an obvious improvement.


Needed the finger grooves on my G19 filled in a little. The grips did exactly what I wanted.

These grips are awesome

Great fit, design, stick and most importantly grip.

I'm a returning customer. I have carried a Glock everyday since 1992 when my department transitioned from revolvers to the Glock Model 22. I have been a law enforcement Officer for 37 years and am an NY State Certified Law Enforcement firearms instructor and NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor. I have tried a lot of different grips for this gun and these are the best. This will make 5 of my Glocks that have Talon grips. They work great. Thank you for making such a fine product.

Fast delivery. Very easy installation and it does exactly what it's suppose to do.

Very grippy and look great in the brown coloration. They also fit perfect.

Love them, they feel great

I really like these grips. They really help with slip polymer grips.

Great product, east to install and use. Great great without being too aggressive (I use the rubberized grip) and not permanent if you change your mind. I purchased one set of grips and after using them have gone back and purchased a set for every glock I own as well as my magazine extenders. I use it on my carry gun as well as my range guns. For the price they cannot be beat.

Great product! I’ve used Hogue grips on 3 other handguns, but I decided to check out Talon Grips after reading other positive reviews. These grips certainly do not disappoint! I don’t have one negative thing to say about them. Easy installation, provides superb control while firing. This won’t be the last Talon Grip added to my handguns.

I installed talon grips on all of my Glock guns. The feel and control the talon grips provide is best. Makes my Glock guns even better.

I have put Talon Grips on all of my Glock pistols. They are easy to install and they make the gun feel much better in your hand. I am sold on Talon Grips

Tremendous improvement in "gripability" over the stock Gen 3 texture. "Gripability"translates to greater control and more rounds precisely on target.Some care is required to apply the grip precisely. Once the Talon is in place and heated per the instructions, it blends well and feels permanent.

The Talon grip fit my Glock 19 perfectly. It was easy to install, and greatly improves the feel of this pistol. I recommend it highly.

Love the grips on my new gen 5

Excellent product , Easy to install. I will be ordering another one of the same for my G23.Customer service is friendly and very helpful...

I purchased three sets of grips and placed them on two Glock 23’s and one Glock 27. You can’t beat how easy they are to put on and how well they perform. I highly recommend these grips to anyone looking to upgrade their firearm.

I had a Talon on another G23. Got two other G23 and wanted them to all have the same grip. The newer Talon rubberized grip goes up above the mag release, The older style does not. No practical difference and now all my G23 and G43 have the same grip surface without increasing the girth of the grip frame.

As always Talon grips are the best. Grip fits to the tee and shipping is super fast !!! Perfect !

Fantastic product, for a great price. Talon grips offer the feel that people spend hundreds to get by stippling their guns. This is a quick inexpensive method to get a more secure grip on your gun as you draw, whether it's for duty use, or concealed carry. Love them. Great customer service. Thanks Talon.

Great addition to my glock 19... the best!!!

Absolutely brilliant upgrade to the Glock 19 Gen 4 if you find the rough texture on the back to be uncomfortable. Installs easy, and there's no loss of functionality; mag release is kept clear, still fits your hand neatly, and the weapon's handling characteristics don't change at all.

Best grip at this price. Fit perfectly my Glock 23. Very resistant and stable. Thanks talongrips’s team.

I love these grips!!! They are on everything!!!!!!!

Turns the workhorse into a shooters pistol. Simple to install and fits the grip perfectly. Was about to get the grip stippled but didn't want to spend the money, went this route and thrilled with the result.

My second purchase. Once again it is perfect. G19 this time. One for my G22 coming up. Great product at a great price. No brainer.

I ordered the granular for my Glock 32, and the rubberized for my Glock 33. Though I prefer the granular, both are fantastic. Forget expensive and time consuming stypling, order a pair of talon gun grips. Perfect fit, easy to install. Will eventually order a set for all my Glocks!!!

I placed the rubber grip on my Glock 23. Highly recommend, I will get more in the near future for my other gun.

I have talon grips on all my polymer pistols - they seem to work and fit well.. highly recommend them

As usual great fit, easy application best accessory for any pistol.

Bought the rubber texture for my glock 19. This is the 4th gun of mine to get talon grips. Highly recommend these, it improves the grip tremendously.

I placed the rubber grip on my Glock 19. The grip fits perfectly and adds a finished look while increasing handling at the range. I highly recommend this product to anyone. It is the best one out there and easy to put on with the detailed instructions.

Excellent product highly recommended very easy installation

Easy application easy instructions. Rubber grip feels good on glock 19. Wish the grip was a little more grippy but overall nice. 1 problem is it kinda looks like it might peel on 1 of the edges after having it less then a month and I was very careful in application to seal edges. Would recommend talon grips overall

G19. Got the sandpaper grips first. Very grippy. But, yes, irritated my skin and wore at the fabric of my shirt. So, replaced it with the rubber version I should have gotten. Which I like quite a bit more.For carry, pick the soft rubber version.

Ordered this grip for my grey Glock 23 Gen 4. Figured the grey grip would match the grey on the pistol but that wasn’t the case. But the best part about that is that is the only negative about it. Fit great just wish I got black. Just purchased a Glock 30 gen 4 that I will be buying a grip for soon.

If you’re thinking about aftermarket grips. Look no further. These are the only grips you need for your current and future gun purchases

I purchased three sets of grips and placed them on two Glock 23’s and one Glock 27. You can’t beat how easy they are to put on and how well they perform. I highly recommend these grips to anyone looking to upgrade their firearm.

Excellent product! Easy instructions to apply and makes the grip so much better on my Glock 19.

Great grips, great product overall, improves the grip on my G32 efficiently

After purchasing a gen 5 glock 19 I really hesitated to stipple a brand new gun. I have used talon in the past on my M and P shield and the feel of the gun was perfect. So I went ahead and ordered a rubberized grip for my 19 and again Talon delivered.thank you guys for creating products that perform another satisfied customer

Grip went on easy and straight first attempt. Feels like the grips are on for the long haul. Rubber texture helps me with dry hands on a G19 grip. Happy with this affordable mod!

I am a police officer. Great product. I have larger hands and I feel that this grip allows me to have a much better grasp and control of my glock 23. Just be aware of clothing rubbing against the grip, it will get chaffed. And definitely don’t wear inside the pants against bare skin.

Great product. It was sent to me by international shipping and it did work! Thanks.

My 7th purchase from Talon Grips. Great product. Perfect fit


Great grip, feels really good in my hand. Overall great product, excellent work.

Great product, Bought a used 19 Gen3 with a horrible homemade stipple job. Talon Grip not only covered it but also gave me a nice comfortable grip. Awesome!! Highly recommend

I put the talon grips on my Glock 43/19 and its an amazing product. I highly recommend this product for all glock models.

Used the granulate on a well worn Gen 2 19 that I was thinking about getting rid of, it was so slick. Very pleased with it now. Very good "lock" on the grip. Did have to trim a little to clear the stupid Gen2 mag cutout on the front lower of the grip. I also have the rubber on a PPQ and love it.

I was torn between which grip to get, either the rubber or the granulated, I chose the granulated due to glove wear and environmental considerations. This grip is spot on! I have no slippage and have a much better grip than I ever have.

Bought this for my husband's new Glock 19 Gen 5 and he loves it. Pretty easy to apply.

Fast shipping, easy install, great feel, love the “moss” color.

I’ve ordered a lot of these grips, and I couldn’t be happier.

The grip for my glock 19 made a good gun great and it fits my hand precisely. The gray grip is an excellent touch.

The grip was a positive addition to the G19. It perfectly and definitely made handling the pistol better. Keep up the good work.....

This is the third set of Talon grips we've bought, 2 for a pair of Glock 23s & 1 for a Ruger LC9s, with each fitting perfectly and significantly improving the grip of the guns.

My sixth set of Talons. 3 for work and 3 personal. Won't leave home without them.

Love them

As usual grips fit perfect and the rubber texture changes the feel of the gun. It’s a “must get” in my opinion for any glock. I have these for my 43 and 19 gen 5. Great product!

Ever since a friend introduced me to the rubber talon grips I've had them installed on each of my handguns. The fit and feel makes a world of difference when shooting. So far I've tried them on my M&P Shield, XD9, XDS and now the Glock 19 Gen5. Wishing there was one available for the Sub2000 Gen2!

By far the best grip I have ever used. I purchased Talon Grips for both my Glock19 and 43. I spent about a half hour each heating the grip and working it into the guns handle. By the time I was finished with each one the factory Glock stippling started to come through. I liked this because it added to the rubberized finish of the talon grips. Now both guns almost sticks in your hand. I love the feel of the rubberized finish and feel of these grips. Each of them came perfectly sized and fit the handles of each gun perfectly. I really like how the factory Glock stamp is cut out of the grip. This perfect design gives the finish product a "factory" appearance but a feel that is far from it. I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone looking to upgrade your stock handles.

Exactly what we expected. Perfect

These grips are awesome . The fit is perfect and so comfortable . Very easy to apply to your firearm. Worth every penny.

Less than a month in and just as advertised. My hands tend to sweat after prolonged range sessions and this grip doesn’t slip anymore

Was expecting something a little better quality but for the price it’s decent

Awesome product. Fast processing, and easy to install. I recommend to everyone!!

Love the grips. If you are one to get sweaty hands highly recommend

I purchased the granulate grips for my G19. The installation was easy and the grip fit perfectly. I went to the range the next day and the difference in my ability to grip the gun firmly was significant, improving my accuracy. I would rate this product at 5 stars, but want to see how it holds up, especially in the summer heat of Florida. Excellent product.

Have your grips a on all my Glocks and one Smith and Wesson. Great product.

Great product easy to use.


Great grips, ordered the ruff textured for my gen 5 glock 19. Fast shipping, easy installation.

Always satisfied with Talon Grips , it amazes me the difference of feeling right away on that grip after putting them on. I recommend them to family and friends.

I love these grips easy to install and feel great

Perfect add on!

I have the granular grips on my Glock 19 Gen 4, and they are outstanding!! It gives me the most solid grip possible on my firearm. Follow up shots are faster and more accurate because the gun hardly moves when it recoils. The granular grips are even comfortable while carrying in the appendix position inside the waistband. I am extremely happy with these, and highly recommend these grips.

Excellent grips

I have Talon grips on all my Glocks I like the sandpaper textured for my non EDCs but the rubber texture rocks for IWB carry on my EDC 19 and Talons shipping is fast and free Perfect I buy an extra set when theyre on sale just to have on hand

Best grips on the market !!

The rubber grip for my glock 19 gen 5 fits great! Never have a problem with talon grip. Great products

Amazing as always

Grips are great for my cause my hands are always sweaty. Delivery is fast with is always a plus for me. I will definitely be placing another order soon

PHENOMENAL PRODUCT - I have several talon grips and they all fit FANTASTIC.

I have talon grips on 4 of my pistols now and plan to put them on the rest on my handguns. Very comfortable and look good too.

Fantastic product and fast shipping!!!!

I have these grips on my other Glocks and the ease of installation and the consistent fit and feel between all of them is exceptional.

I have tried several grip enhancer products and yours are the best.

Rubberized grips made my G23 perfect... Thanks!!!

Outstanding. I bought these for my GEN two Glock 19. Working in the outdoors (rain, snow, sweltering heat) these give me a very secure grip. Very easy to put on and look good too

A great product, even better when you catch them on sale. I have the rubberized on my Glock 19, in addition to my other hand guns.

This product helps to provide a better fit for different hand sizes while providing a better texture for weapon retention and handling. This is especially true of Glocks with finger molded frames.

easy to install feel good

This is the third set of talon grips I have purchased. They range from the s&w shield, glock 43, glock 19. I wont carry a pistol without talon grips. Great Product!!

Great product, I have them on the majority of my handguns!!!!

Love these grips. Use them all the time on everything.

Fit absolutely perfect and easy to put on. Love them.

Love the feel,have on multiple handguns. Highly recommend the rubber ones......

Fantastic. Comfortable and superior grip.

Great quality and customer service as always use Talon on all my handguns!

Great grips for my Glock 19. It’s my second pair. I have a sure grip on the handle for easy holster removal and target acquisition. I will not have a handgun without a Talon grip was on it. I will be purchasing a Glock 43 in the near future and at the same time ordering a Talon grip for it. You have a great product.

I love Talon grips....I put these on every pistol I slip, just grip!

I have put Talon rubber grips on Glock 42, 19, 43 and 21. I think they’re great. Each of these weapons feels better, more secure in my grip with Talons installed.

My Talon grips are the best!! I purchased my grips for my Glock 19 cuz of past experience I had with Beretta px4 storm compact. They give me a firm grip even then if my hand is wet which makes for a sure fire when I need it most. Keep up the great work!!

GREAT GRIPS!!!! I like the granulate better.

They go on easy and they feel fantastic

They go on easy and they feel fantastic

I added Talon grips to my new Glock 19 Gen 5, just as I've done to my two other Glocks, an M&P 9, and tbree Rugers. All have significantly improved my grip. I can't imagine owning a handgun without them.

This is a quality product. Precise fit for my Glock 23 makes for a good look and feel. Texture on grip is perfect balance between sticky and rough. I recommend using these grips on all handguns.

Talon Grips simply the best way. Factory grips are good, but some are too aggressive and some are not. For my style I want a consistent grip across all my fire arms. Talon gun grips provide just that. When firing, my hand senses the same feeling across all platforms; slightly tacky, comfortable, and sure grip that gets back on target every time. If you are a golfer think Golf Pride tour grip for your guns.

This is my 5th Talon Grip. I have the Rubberized style on all of my carry self loaders. It's the first thing I do, even before the first range trip. I wouldn't carry without my Talon Grip. Highly recommend.

Talon always delivers a quality, high performance product

Easy to do and look great if you follow the directions. Have Talon grips on all my Glocks and Smith and Wessons

Great feel. great look. Easy to install. Looks like a fine stipple job for much less.Got one for my 23 and 42

Great product, just follow the included instructions and they work wonderfully. I will definitely be purchasing for other pistols in the future.

Excellent product love the grips. Have them on all my pistols. Great to deal with fast shipping. Thanks!!


Great Grips... love the look & feel. My gun doesn't jump out of my hands now with vigor!

Fast shipping easy to install these talon grips make a huge difference than the stock grip highly recommended

THE BEST GRIPS BAR NONE!! I fell in love with these on my Glock 43, and now have them on all my pistols. Significantly better gripping surface, much steadier no matter how I hold the firearm. AWESOME.

Three of my Glocks have these rubber grips. Have tried several other brands over the years but these are my favorite. Thanks!!

Excellent grip and very easy to install. I had a Hogue previously and it worked fine until it started to twist after some time. This one is a keeper so far.

Great product

These grips are great. Only thing better to grip is a hot babe!

A handgun without a Talon grip is like trying to handle a greased pig. Unless you like handling greased pigs, buy a Talon and be happy.

For me Talon Grips are the bees knees. It's the first thing I do to any gun I get.

As with all of the Talon products, they soften an overly aggressive grip or provide a comfortable non-slip surface where traction is lacking; and this is available for all my favorite arms. The Talon grips also dress-up my guns.

Easy to apply, excellent fit. Not my first set, won't be my last.

Awesome product, easy to install, seems like it’s gonna last a long while. I installed mine around 3 weeks ago I carry everyday at 4 o’clock and I haven’t seen any wear or peeling so far. Top notch product

I had not planned on putting on any grip on my new Gen 5 G19, but after experiencing the Talon grip, I will not be shooting a Glock without it again. Great product!

Very nice product. Looks great and adds the correct amount of grip.

Love the tackyness (sp?)

Works great

Thanks again and I love it

Glock 18 Gen 5, have Talon on several other Glocks but the Gen 5 has some interesting contours. The Talon Grip fit like a glove. I first bought the granular grip and found it too rough for tactical work on the range. I then put the rubberized grip on and love it. With constant draw and holster work on the range I get a positive grip on the firearm and a solid hold. I have small hands and the Talon Grips don't add much to the grip. Great fit and Great product! Thanks to Talon for rolling out the Gen 5 so fast.

As always Trent the grips r spot on

Great fit on pistol,great feel on hands,will buy again

Best grips ever.

Purchased the tan rubberized grip for my Glock 19. As always the grip was a perfect fit and seems to be holding up well. This is my carry gun so I didn't want a very aggressive texture that would hang up on clothing while drawing or holstering. This texture works fine.

Best upgrade to my G19 I could have done. I now have Talon Grips on both of my Glock’s, this is a superior product at a very reasonable price. Thanks.

awesome. bought for all my guns.

5 stars. Thanks

Awesome product- happy with the texture- like a solid grip surface- Nice!

Fit is perfect! Love the feel of the grip without too much size.

Love them they are awesome and I got them quick

I’m a fan of Talon grips so when I bought a Gen 5 Glock 19, I ordered grips from Talon for it. They fit perfectly and feel great.

Recently I had purchased a talon grip for my G19 gen3 and was very surprised with the item because I was refer by a friend n the turn around time was fast so I will be back in the future n will recommend to other friends..thank you..

Excellent product, found fitting quite easy and straightforward if a little care and attention is paid with no interruptions.The feel and control of the weapon (Glockenspiel 19 gen4 model) improved greatly especially on the indoor range here in Kenya with temperatures in the high 80's f (28+c) meaning that no sweaty palms resulting in a feeling of security all round.Have no hesitation in recommending this product with a big 10* and thumbs up too Talon.

Great product, ordered them for all my weapons

Great product, ordered them for all my weapons

Great product, ordered them for all my weapons

Nice rubber grip for my Glocks 23,26

Feels great

Great fit

Talon grips are the best grips of the planet. These things fit perfect, are comfortable and very inexpensive. I've had them on every Glock I've ever owned.

Helped me cure my "low and left" tendencies. Great!

Great product. Perfect fit on my Gen 5 19.

I love Talon Grips!

Best grips on the market! They gave me a better feel on my firearm. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!

By now I have ordered at least a dozen or more Talon grip plates, and as with all the other's I am very pleased with this product, and any time I can I tell folks about your amazing product. There just are no better grip plates out there regardless the type of finish. They just plain work!!!! Thank you Talon Grip's!!!Leighton Pharr

Great product. Easy to install and feels great!

Great fit. Great grip. G19 gen5

Installed these on my Glock 19. Outstanding product. Enhances grip and comfort for those long, but awesome range sessions.


Got Talon grip for my Gen 2 Glock 23 liked them so well I bought some for my Gen 4 23. Will never own another Glock without them.

Fit perfectly on my gen 5 19

great grip!

Grip texture is perfect! Not as thick as skateboard grip tape but comfortable while holding my Glock 19. Definitely recommend for those that have sweaty hands like myself. Thanks!

I have talon grips on every glock I own. Great fit and finish, also feels good. I would recommend these to anyone.

Bought one to tryout for my G19 and ended up buying the Talon Grips for all my pistols. Very easy to install and the rubber grips feels perfect in my hand. I highly recommend them! You will be glad you did!

Best after market grip enhancement out there. I use the rubberized ones and have them on all my Glocks. I highly recommend them.

Great product - works exactly as described, and great, fast customer service.

There is really nothing to talk about talon grip, there the best aftermarket grip out there i have them almost every gun i have ...handguns and rifle. I would definitely recommend this....thanks talon grips!

I got this for my Gen 5 19 and this was amazing fit! I’ve bought from them on all my pistols! Customer for life!

The best option I've found apart from stippling for a secure grip in bad conditions. It's significantly cheaper and doesn't cause a permanent alternation to the pistol. Thanks!!

After putting the moss green rubber talon grip on my Gen 4 26, I had to get one for my Gen 3 23. Both fit perfectly and the extra tackiness adds zero noticeable increase in size. These are a must on any polymer frame gun!

Awesome grips! I have them on almost every gun. Both types, granulate and rubber are functional. Thanks for a great product.

I read positive reviews on the TALON grip and can confirm the reviews are correct. Quality product, very reasonably priced, easy to install with instructions provided. I purchased the black rubber for my Glock 19, what an excellent asset to my handgun. I highly recommend to anyone considering this purchase.

excellent product! fitment was perfect! adhesive was top quality, installation was a breeze with a hair dryer.made my od green g19 look like a superstar!

excellent product! fitment and adhesive quality is top notch!

Perfect alternative to the grit..Grippy texture even while wet with no rash to my side when in deep cover. Perfect for my Gen3 32 EDC. Outstanding product that will last if installed correctly.Professional courteous staff that are knowledgeable about their product line. Fast delivery with a hand written THANK YOU on invoice.These are good people to do business with.

Great product. Application is very easy. I have sweaty hands in general but this product provides me with a consistently secure and comfortable grip

Talon grips really help by covering the excessively rough grip texturing of gen 4 glocks and provide a realizable grip surface. I own 6 handguns and talon grips are on all of them.

I bought a Beretta PX4 Storm Compact Carry that came with these, and I decided they were nice enough to install them on an old slippery Glock Gen 2, G19 and my Glock 43. So far so good. I bought a blank sheet of this stuff to add to spots on other parts of the guns, backstraps on guns like Daewoo DP51s, CZ 75s and other guns that I don't have problems with getting slippery, or sliding around as I shoot. The slippery grip was Glock's biggest downfall after they got their other myriad problems fixed after 1992. This fixes it, more or less, so far so good, anyway. Extreme heat can make the adhesive a bit slimy. I try to never leave guns in the car.

Excellent product that greatly enhances the grip on my Glock. I got the roughest texture available. I had heard that the rough texture would be annoying with concealed carry, but wearing a T-shirt eliminates that problem completely. Easy to apply; only took a few minutes. Very happy with Talon.

Great product. Easy to install. Makes it easy to hold on to your gun.

The rubber grip is great for concealed carry.

It went on much less complicated than anticipated, I have yet to use the weapon as I have been traveling. At first glance I was expecting a little more abrasive touch but with out shooting the weapon hard to say. Will give more feedback after use

Fits perfect and gives a very good grip.

The grip fit great, no problems installing. Love the feel of it. Improves grip while shooting.

I have used Talon grips before and really liked them. I got these for my Glock 19 gen 3, I like the feel of the rubber grips over the hard plastic grips on the Glock. I have them on a S&W shield 9mm. My hand feels better on these guns and I believe with the better feel that I will have better accuracy.

My 3rd purchase and not my last. Been using your product since 2014. Have it on my SA XDS, SA Mod2, and now my new Glock 19. Thanks guys.

Dont waste your time with anything else. Best change I've ever made to my glock 19. Easy purchase and easy to put on.

A must for any Glock owner. Excellent product, quick shipping and easy installation.

Great grips. My second set for my carry pistols. Need to try the more aggressive texture some time soon.

Talon grips are by far the best option a person can add to their firearms (along with good night sights!). I have Talon grips on all my weapons and can't be more satisfied. They make the weapon fit my hand better, improve my grip, and makes drawing and sighting very easy. Much better control. I've tried several grip options over the years, and Talon far surpasses them all. I carry every day, and will be a Talon customer for life.

Tame the recoil with Talon grips

Grips are fine but a bit too slippery for my EDC. I prefer the granulate. Great grips. Just not for me.

What a great product! I installed mine and a few days later took my g23 to my first IDPA match. It was the first time I ever shot this gun without having to adjust my grip! I will be ordering more for my other guns.

Watched Hickok45 for years talk about the grips. Finally got them and i love them, this is way better for the gun instead of the changing of factory grip with stippling. This keeps the gun worth money instead of ruining it in my opinion.

They are great....were easy to apply. ..made a 100%difference. ...great product made my grip so much better

Talon Grips are amazing for Poly frame guns especially the Glocks. I bought the sandy grip finish and love them. I will but them for my HK VP45 and VP 9 and my CZ when I get it. Customer service and returns are really fast, I had to exchange the first set because I forgot I put the Beavertail medium backstaps, and they refunded the money right away.

Great product. Quick delivery. Perfect fit

Have them on all my Glocks! No problems at all, thanks!

Bought the rubber moss for my Glock GEN 3 23 absolutely love the color and my buddies are going crazy over it We love it !

Excellent experience with Talon. My first order was lost by USPS and it was immediately replaced by Talon at no cost. The product is also great. I absolutely love it.

Great product! Love it on my Glock. Fits great, and feels great. Would highly recommend it.

Nice fit

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I heard about you guys through an LEO friend of mine and I have nothing bad to say at all works great with gloved hand, bare hand, wet, or whatever the case I ordered these for a test run on two guns and I'm happy I did.

Best grips for the Glock Model 23, 40 caliber I have tried. They don't move or spin around the grip like other rubber slip on types. They stay where you put them and work great at keeping a good firm grip on the gun..

The talon grip adds to my accuracy & consistency in competition. Shooting on the move & from the draw is challenging enough, the grip assists in these skills

These are awesome!! I got the rubber grips and absolutely love them! I have a glock 19 gen4 and the stippling on it is pretty aggressive. When I had to wear it against my skin it was uncomfortable. Now, it is supper grippy and much easier to wear. After applying, I heated with a hair dryer per the instructions and it sank into the grooves perfectly and you wouldn't know that it's not part of the gun. The picture in the display doesn't do it justice. Highly recommended. I will be ordering for my Dad and recommending to all my friends.

I only needed to replace my existing Talon grip because I put the gun in a steel locking box and the locking lug damaged my grip. I recommend these grips to every person I shoot with and to the cops I'm a volunteer with

Great grips as usual. Went on easy and fit perfectly. I will definitely recommend Talon Grips to all my friends.

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I have these grips on multiple handguns and I love the way they provide a more secure and comfortable grip.

I am a Gunsmith and Firearms Instructor and this was my second set of Talon grips. I have both the rubber on my G19 and granulated on my XD (m) .45 4.5". I have another set from a different company on a XD Duty .45 to see what was the best. Talon won hands down. I can't make up my mind on the rubber or granulated, both are fantastic. I think I might try stocking some.

This is the third set of grips that I have ordered for my Glock's. The rubberized grip works perfect for me, the fit is excellent, and I highly recommend these for anybody who is considering a grip. For their handgun. They are very thin and durable.

The Glock 19 always seemed just about perfect to me,caliber,# rounds, size. The Talon grips add justthat small element of comfort that does make it feelmore secure in my hand. Great product and first classhandling of the order. NWB

Fit perfectly, easy to install and feel great on my pistol. Makes it easier to grip when I go to the range!

I have Talon Grips, both Rubber and granulate on all of my Glocks. These grips are great quality and the fit is flawless!

I love Talon Grips. I have them on all my carry guns. The advantage is far more than the cost. Excellent product!!!

These grips are great. They totally change the feel and look of the gun. I have ordered 3 different sets of these to put on all of my guns with polymer grips. They fit perfect and they feel perfect.

Great Product, have used Talon grips several times on various guns. Only used one I didn't like, all the others were great. ThanksJerry Parks

Talon grips are one of the easiest most useful additions you can do to your hand gun.

Fit nicely, and feel great. I ordered the sage and they look great on the battlefield green Glock 19

I love these grips. I had one on my M&P Shield and decided to get one for my Glock 19. I prefer the rubber style and what I really like is they do not change the size or shape of the original grip but give you the added security of better grip.

I had already put them on my 43 and they made a huge difference, so I decided to dress up my 23. Fit and finish were perfect.

Have the rubber grips and there great

Great product!! Easy to install!!! This is my third set and haven't had any problems!!!

Ordered the griptape ones...Best grip ever! (if you don´t count a very good stippling job)I have them on IWB EDC G19 and i don´t get it why everybody wants to use rubber for IWB. okey, it´s definitely more comfy, but you can´t get any better with the granulate one. will buy again.

The grips are fantastic, I no longer need to have a tight grip as the rubberized grip allows no slippage, allowing a more relaxed trigger pull... Great product.

Easy installation. Looks great for those who care about aesthetics. Held up perfectly in a 6 hour pistol class in 105 degree weather after firing a couple hundred rounds. I would definitely recommend Talon Grips over stippling a frame. Much cheaper and easier option for added grip.

This is the second set of Talon grips I have purchased and installed. This set for a Glock 23 was a lot trickier than the set installed on a Walter PPS M1. This set has some "darts" cut near the thumb rests on each side of the grip. If you find you must peel the Talon back off the right side of the grip to recenter, be very careful not to tear the portion of the tape covering the thumb rest. It parts VERY easily due to the cut darts.

Love the grips on my glock 19, my hands sweat sometimes so these are perfect! Easy to install, exactly what I was looking for!

Excellent product.. have it on all my Glocks.

Once again , great service , super fast shipping and awesome product !!!!

Absolutely love the grips. Feels great and looks awesome!

got'm, put'm on, what's not to like. i have 3 pistols sporting awesome talon grip products. glock 19, s&w shield 9mm, kimber procarryII. get some!!!

All of my C&C pistols I have I put Talon grips on. They give a comfortable non-slip feel to the pistol. I've had Talon grips on one pistol for three years and it's good as day one. Just follow the instructions.

Talon grips are the best in the market would recommend too anyone I love them.

Love both the rubber and textured Talon grips. I have them on both my competition guns and they work great!

Way better than expected. Followed the directions. Just as described. Perfect.

I have put these grips on every thing I shoot. I have even shown friends how well these grips work. They a convenced on the first shot.These Grips should come standard !

Works good vary happy

Grips work great.

Fantastic upgrade to my EDC. Best $18.00 upgrade you can make!

Have these on my 19 and I absolutely love them. Well made and easy to put on just takes a little time. Going to get some for my Springfield.

When I received my talon grip in the mail, it had a crease on two of the finger groove parts of the grip. I didn't think much of it and installed the grip. After installing it and very light use, the creases seem to be getting bigger. Overall I'm happy with the grip. I know the grip was most likely damaged during shipping, so I don't blame talon for the product I received. Overall, good grip.

Excellent product. The grip is definitely going to keep the gun from slipping out of my hands, it's not going anywhere ! Installation was a breeze. Fits perfectly. I will order again for other guns.

Awesome grip, still can shoot without being rough on your hands.

I currently use Talon grips on 4 pistols, I 110% recommend and on a side note customer service as far as response and courtesy is a 10.

It fit my Glock 19 Gen1 pretty good except on the very bottom at the magwell. I had to cut a little off.

These feel great, and the fit is excellent. You cannot replicate this at a better value. The transaction was seamless and shipping prompt!

Great quality and very fast shipping. The grips make a significant difference from stock. I will be recommending these to friends and family.

I have Talon grips on all my pistols. Very high quality, easy to install. Would definitely recommend their product, will definitely buy their grips again.

I can't believe I waited so long to get these for my Glock. Previous to these I had a sip on grip that, while nice, added bulk to the grip. These grips give a firm purchase on the gun without adding bulk. Take your time applying these and read ALL instructions first. I failed to do so and did not tuck the final edge under the initial edge. They still feel great and after using a heat gun on them 5 or 6 timesthey molded perfectly like they are part of the gun

Just what I was looking for to improve the grip on my G-19

I have the rubber grips on my 19 and 21. Love them. Made a big difference for me.

I bought the rubber talon grips for my G23 and I'm super happy with the quality and feel, I'm not surprised though because I also bought talon grips for my XD previously and they are just quality grips all around. Also shipping to my home was really fast. I'll only buy talon grips from now on and recommend them to any one wanting quality firearm grips at an affordable price.

Grips were as expected. Very easy install, professional looking result. Would purchase again.

I have had these on all of my Glocks for years and really like the Granulated ones best. The grit is a bit too aggressive so I always sand them lightly with 120 grit sand paper before I install them, that makes them perfect for me. I have tried the rubber ones and although they are good I found that I prefer the Granulated.

Went on easy, feels great !

Love the product, on all my pistols

Awesome product! Made my G-19 that much better!

Fast shipping, great product. I loved the way it improved the grip on my Glock. It was a great sign of appreciation to hand sign the thank you on the reciept.

They work great. I now have them on my 43, 21,22, 23,17 & 19

Excellent fit as always. I like the texture of this grip better then the Glock gen 4 grip.

I love Talon Grips! I put them on all my firearms

I put Talon grips on almost everything I have with polymer grips. They complete the gun.

Awesome product! Great fit and an even better grip

I was skeptical at first, but after the range test it worked perfectly. My hands were sweaty and the weapon never slipped from my hands. I would recommend to anyone. Very easy instillation as well.

Great product will definitely get them again.

Awesome grips. Feels very great in the hands and very fast shipping.

These Talon Rubberized Grips are almost perfect! I applied them to 4 Glocks, (19, 23, 17, & 22) for myself and a Springfield XD SC 9mm for my wife. and they definitely improve my purchase on each of these handguns. I do wish the right side of the grip panel was slightly more coarse as the grit & sweat from might right palm tends to effect my grip on these guns somewhat, (Right handed) . The left side is fine as it is the side that rides against me in concealed carry mode. Overall, a great improvement at an affordable price! Thanks Talon!

I purchased the rubberized grips because I'd heard great things about them and felt them first hand on another gun. They are an excellent fit, a great value and I would personally highly recommend them.

Great product, easy to instal.

Great product and fast shipping! Easy install and a noticeable difference with my sweaty palms after a few hundred rounds lol. Well worth the money! I carry IWB at 4 or 5oclock, crossbreed super tuck and it rubbed my side a bit at first but I hardly notice it now. Another thing if you CC is that the rough texture kinda helps to keep your shirt in a covered position over the weapon

The rating says it all.. Priced a little high for some rubber grips but can't complain performance is above and beyond.

Amazing Product, If you think at all that you would like a better grip for your Glock that's easy to install, look no further.

Easy to install and perform well!

You can always count on Talon. Great grips!

Great product. Fits perfectly

One of the best upgrades to my Glock 19. I had issues with my grip because of sweaty palms. I would constantly have to wipe my hands on my shirt, causing me to lose my mental focus, or constantly adjust my grip between shots. I did some research on stippling and I didn't want to send off my frame to get work done, not to mention the price it would cost for the work. I also appendix carry daily so the aggressive stippling would definitely cause some irritation. I chose the rubberized Talon Grip because it allowed me to get a better grip on the gun without causing irritation from aggressive stippling.

Second pistol I've ordered these for, absolutely love this product!

First purchase was a grip set for my Glock43. Loved it so much I got a set for my Glock 19 and a gift set for my sons Walther PPS. What a great product from a great customer oriented company. Also used a sheet to repair and improve the grip on an expensive kitchen knife we were ready to throw away! Just use your imagination it's not just for handguns.

Best handgun grips on the market.

Easy to install. Feels great; just what I wanted!

These grips are so awesome I need them for every single gun I have. Purchased a second set for another gun, and plan on outfitting one weapon a month until they all have Talon grips.

I was a little doubtful when I first opened the package because I thought these grips seemed too much like sandpaper until I took my Glock to the range. They really make a huge difference! My hands just seem to stay put which has greatly improved my shooting. Oh and they don't feel anything like sandpaper. They actually feel great in my hands. Great product. I plan on getting some for my Glock 26.

Easy instal, great fit and feel. Better groups at the range on my first trip!

Excellent affordable upgrade. Follow the detailed easy to follow instructions and install is a breeze.

The best Grips for my Glock 19! Very comfortable

Great grips, easy to apply.

Easy to install and great to use!

Talon Grips have become a standard accessory for all of my handguns and AR's. The fit of the Glock Gen 4 grips is perfect. These grips went on with ease and feel great.

It's the iceing on your cake

Purchased the granulated grip for Glock 19. Easy to install if you take your time. Big improvement in the feel of the grip. Looks great. Adds minimal thickness to the grip. Have also purchased for my XD mod2.

I can't say enough about Talon. More order did not arrive so I wrote to Talon and informed them. They sent another grip and I had them in 3 days. The grips are super easy to put on and feel great!! Excellent product, excellent grips!!

I love this product it was easy to install and feels great in my hand.

Best grips available!!!

I have these grips on all my handguns.They are a very awesome product.

This is a great addition for may Glock 19. It gives it a more secure and comfortable grip.

Once again, quality well fitting product shipped fast. Thanks!

Outstanding product. Easy to install and makes carrying a lot more comfortable.

Very good product and even better service.

The cure that ails the Glock factory grip. I have an ongoing love/tolerate relationship with my G19 Gen 3. One of the things that always frustrated me about the Glock is the grip; the shape and texture. Always felt uncomfortable in my hand. Talon grips (rubber texture) fixed that for me. It's one of those items that you feel like you don't need until you try it, and once you do, you realize how bad it was before it. Talon grips are going on all my pistols from here on. Adds perfect texture for secure grip and the rubber material gives the grip a firm but soft feeling, and subdues the pressure points that I didn't like before. Totally changed the gun for me.

I put the granulated rubber on my second Glock 19. It really saves the hands from getting tore up.

Feel great, look great.

I put the Talon Grips on my Glock 19 Gen 4, my Glock 23 Gen 4 & my Glock 43. These are over the top comfortable and I will put them on any gun purchase I make!!!!

I was very pleased with the grips. I put them on almost every handgun that I own. Rubber grip clings to your hand. Very nice.

I received these grips in 3 business days and I opened up the envelope they came in and was impressed with how they include everything you need to apply your grips(except the hair dryer). They applied easily and feel fantastic. Excellent grips. And they do not snag your clothing or anything like that during everyday carry. This is a phenomenal product! Will definitely be ordering more for all my other handguns!

After getting the grip and installing it I was very impressed and happy with the fitment and quality of these grips. Already ordered 2 more for other guns.

Easy to install, fit great, very comfortable to shoot with.

Easy to install. Very well made. Not bulky. Comfortable and still grips well to hand. Excellent product!

I am very satisfied with my rubber talon grips. It is an instant upgrade to my Glock 19 and it feels and looks great!

Was not pleased with this grip at all

Talon Grips are great! Very easy to apply for a novice. Great feel and super fit. If you were thinking about trying them you won't regret it. Get the rubber version for daily carry.

Fast service and a good product i rely love them on my glocks.

Easy to apply!! Great product!! Hickok45 with another great recommendation!

The grips went on very easy and after the blow dryer I was sold on these grips. Very well thought out and good quality.

The rubber is slightly tacky if kept clean. Good improvement for just about any grip.

Rubber grips were easy to apply to my Glock 19, Gen 4 the first time I tried. It was a simple as dirt. Once they were firmly pressed down, I used my wife's hair dryer set on low heat and the job was complete. They feel great on the gun even with me having modified the grip by previously grinding off all of the finger groove humps.

I really like the textured rubber grip! It looks great on the glock 19.

Great product love it !

I would highly recommend getting a Talon Grip for your firearm. They look and feel amazing, and increase comfort and "shootability" of the gun. All-around beneficial product. I have the black rubber grip for Glock 23 Gen4 with medium backstrap with beaver tail, and love it. My dad now has a grip for his Walther PPS and both guns look and feel excellent with the Talons.

I think the grip is great and easy to install.

Saw these in Hickok45 video years ago and I gave them a try. Glad I did. Rubber or granulate, these things give me a positive grip on all my polymer guns, a must in the humid south.. And they hold up over time too.

Great product!

perfect fit

Every Talon grip I have purchased fits like a glove! Just take your time.

Works awesome , wet or dry !! Way better than stimpling.

Great product. The service was excellent and delivered on time. Very happy with this purchase

Excellent product! Highly recommend for any Glock owner. Highly recommend their products!

Awesome grips I've had them on my springfield XD ,sheild and now my glock 23 best grips out there hands down

Stellar product. My only advice would be to eliminate the pre-cut slits that are placed on the thumb rests on the gun. I think the product is strong enough that it would not rip without the slits. The slits just hurt the appearance of the grip a bit.

Love them both. Now my whole family has them or wants them.

I love this grip! I have small hands and was looking for something that would give me improved grip without making the handle too big. This is perfect.

Fit perfect on glock 19 gen 2 just like with all other grips I've bought from them. Fantastic product and awesome customer service!

Bought grips for G23 & G43. I am very happy with both. Just take your time installing them. Louis

I purchased a set for my son and he installed them on his Glock. He says he loves them and they fit very well. Easy to install and improved his grip. I liked them so much, installed them on my M & P. A++

I purchased a set for my son and he installed them on his Glock. He says he loves them and they fit well. Easy to install.

I put one on my Glock 23 it was so easy to install and really enhances a secure grip of the pistol while not increasing the grips diameter like rubber sleeves that other manufactures make. I got one for my Ruger American 45 also.

Very awesome product to have and so easy to apply. Had it on my Glock 19 and what a huge difference. I got the rubber since I carry and feels great. Range wise with the humid at times and still holds its grip. Highly recommended. Customer service is A1, my package got lost and within the next day shippes out a new one to me. Thank you guys.

Love my Talon Grips! Have purchased several. All fit perfectly and easy to apply! Highly Recommend!

Got the Talon grip for my Gock19 pretty quick and really enjoy ! Adds a good feel & look to it!

I have Talon Grips on both my pistols.. wouldnt have anything else.. Great products and service

The rubber Talon grips on my Glock 23 are great! I punched a hole to go over the hole in the back-strap. This gun is a Gen. 2. I really like the feel and the look! I will get more.

great product, and yes I will buy again

this is my first bad grips from Talon. The color is great but put this on my gen4 g19 and the grip did not stay on very well.I prepped the frame as I have done on my other 4 guns with Talon grips but these would not work.After a week on my pistol I pulled them off and tossed in garbage can.

Fits my G19 perfectly. The rubber really makes the gun grippy. Great product! Wish they made one for my G26.

Great grips love the feel .

Fantastic product as always. A must for all my handguns!!

An effortless improvement to any Glock.

Great product. Changed the way it felt. I recommend it very much.

Very easy installation and great grip. Helps a lot when my hands start to sweat after shooting a few boxes.

Thanks to youtubes hickok45 for recommending this great product. I have the granular version on my G27 and G19 and the rubberized version on my G26.Doesn't feel right without Talon grips.

The G19 one works and fits better than the previous xD version I had.

Purchased two sets for my Glock 19, Gen 4's. Really like the grips now as they guns are easier on my hands.

These grips are really badass. They give you all the extra grip you need!!

Best upgrade for your Glock, or any other semi-auto pistol you have!!

Excellent customer service and fast, timeley shipment. I ordered 2, one for a large handgrip and the other without, but mistakenly ordered a Med vice a Lrg. TG made the swap without any issues. Installation was easy and the grips have enhanced my weapons handling and performace. Highly recommend as one of the first mods.

Great customer service!!Ordered grip and never received it,called and another was sent.was willing to repurchase but was told it was not addition to any gun, period!

Excellent. I love your products

Quick shipping. Easy to understand installation. Very pleased with the grip.

All the grips I've ordered have fit all myWeapons perfectly.THANKYOU for the great service and quality grips!

Thought I would give it a try. Best decision I ever made and will order them for my glock 40 10mm

I have clamy hands that get very sweaty really quick. I use the granulate grip and I love it. I get a better overall grip in hot conditions, even after 3 mags in a row. The grip fits like a glove on my glock 19, even though I kinda bunched apart of it up by accident, it still serves it purpose.

Every Glock I own has Talon grips, great grip in a thin non bulky rubber presentation!

Very happy with the product; it was easy to order, priced reasonably, instructions were clear and installation easy.

3 Rd set of Talon Grips and as usual fantastic fit and finish

Awesome grips,looks professional when done,easy to apply,fast shipping.Great product,priced right.

Awesome as always... ty

Could not be better. Love it

These are the best grips money can buy for any polymer firearm. The only way of holding on to your firearm more sucerly is to super glue your hand to it. The choice of textures are great, I chose the sand paper. I prefer a more aggressive texture. Great that there is a variety. This won't be last talon grips.

Awesome produce, great price and customer service. Definitely will be back!

Feels great while drawing and shooting.

Great purchase, gives excellent grip

Thanks for offering an excellent product. I have been using Talon grips on my Glock 34 and 27 for 7 years now. Still have the first set one. Just sent a set to my son in the military for his Glock 19. He loves them.

Simply the best!

It's my second one ! So... yea I like em!

Awesome product! Must have for all gun owners!

Easy installation, great fit. Much better grip and control after installing Talon grips.

A real help on the slippery polymer grips on the gen 3 glocks. No more slipping, with the rubber Talon's, while shooting the G19 or G23.

I just installed my rubber Talon grip on my Glock 19. It looks and feels great. I had no trouble at all installing it. I can hardly wait to go to the range and try it our. I've have the Glock 19 for three years, but it feels better than when I first bought it. I highly recommend Talon grips.

Awesome product! I'll be buying the granulate grips for my OWB duty gun in the near future.

Great grip bought the leather for my g19 it fits like a glove makes ur gun look better turns the grip from just a polymer grip to a grip that feels like it's well made and looks great believe it or not I get multiple compliments a day on my grip it's my duty weapon and I love it great product I will be coming to order more !!!

Love my new grips for the glock 23

I just bought a Glock 19 and was having a bit of trouble keeping the gun gripped efficiently. I recently had an elbow injury and have diminished grip strength in my dominant hand, so I figured Talon Grips would help me. It was an easy install with everything included. It was easy to apply and the instructions were great. Now I can work on my grip strength and continue using the Talon Grip for my Everyday Day Carry pistol. Thank you for a great product. The rubber grip is perfect and will not snag your clothing in your holster.

First time I've used the grips, they came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Went on good and also look good.

Fit my 19 perfect....great product....

Not my first purchase and not my last. As usual it just works and that's what I want out of it.

I use these on all of my pistols, great product for everyday carry and or for competition. Will always use these on my firearms. The fit has always been spot on, have never had any problems.

I have been using Talon grips for several years. I currently have them on five Glocks. The grips all look like I put them on yesterday, even though most have been subjected to thousands of rounds and lots of wear. I can shoot fine without them, but I can shoot better with them.They feel good, look good, and fit perfectly. The company has always been extremely nice to deal with, and I intend to keep doing business with them for as long as I shoot, which I hope will be until the day I leave this world.

As an everyday shooter of handguns, the talon grips give me the lock up of the gun I prefer for quick sight acquisition and sending out rounds on target without any worries. I shot for years without Talon grips and I can attest the drastic positive difference using them will keep me ordering them in the future!!

My advice would be to order a small strip of the granular and the rubber texture, so that you can get a feel for each. For me(I have really sweaty hands) the rubber grips were more comfortable, but had less friction than the factory Glock 19 gen 4 grips. The granular on the other hand I'm pretty sure would stick to the wall, but is very uncomfortable against my side for concealed carry although it's not a problem with a holster that has material between you and the grip (I.E. N82 tactical or alien gear)

Awesome products!! Have them on 5 different guns now. They fit flawlessly. Take your time and follow instructions exactly. Best to position on gun VERY lightly until positioned correctly. Then work outwards on product pressing down and air outwards towards edges. Heat as directed and continue pressing to form to grip with ninja precision. LOVE THEM!! Thank you.

These are wonderful! I have seen an improvement in my groupings, makes the gun a lot easier to hold. You don't have to give it a death grip now.

Feel great fast shipping fast install.

Easy to install, but take your time on your first install. Have these on my G43 and put them on my G19. Really improved the feel, and more grip.


This Talon Grips for my Glock 19 was easy as 1,2,3. With so many Youtube videos on how to put it on the pistol, you can't go wrong. I took it out to the shooting range and noticed an improved difference...I have more control of the pistol. It doesn't slide of the hands with the recoil.

Grips feel and look great in my Glock 23

Talon granular grips provide firmer grasp of the handgun, even on gen4 glocks. Grips are easy to put on. In 4 years I have not had one come off.

Love these grips! I will be buying for all my Glocks!

Excellent product!

Love the product and the ease of installation. Will be ordering one for my XD/M in the future.

Talon grips are awesome. Easy to install and feel great. I've orders several sets for different pistols. Ordering today for my G17 and G34.

Excellent product, makes me more confident with my grip !!

Excellent grip for my Smith & Wesson MP Shield 9 as well as my Glock 19.

I know a guy that immediately following a new car/truck purchase, he takes the vehicle from the dealer directly to the tire shop. He said, his vehicle is not complete until it drives and feels right. That is exactly how I feel about Talon! My pistol is not complete until it has a Talon grip on it. If Talon makes it and I have that firearm in my safe, it has a Talon on it. AMAZING product!

Great product. Easy to install

I have Talon Grips on 6 Glocks. These grips are the least expensive and most productive aftermarket item you can purchase for any gun!

Just got these soft grips, they give a positive hold on my Glock 19. I prefer these over the sandpaper grips, which I had previously on this gun.

This is my 8th Talon Grip and its for a Kel Tec 2000 G22. After having the Talon Rubber Grip on my Carry Gun(G23 gen3) for almost 3 years it still is as Tight and Tacky as it was on day one. The most impressive part is being an Outdoorsman the amount of abuse this firearm has been exposed to. From Sleet, Snow and Freezing Rain of Ohios harsh Winters to the Humid,Muddy, Salty Unforgiving Environment of Floridas Gulf Coast. My Talon Grip is a Catalyst for a Confident Feel when gripping my gun under any condition. This Talon Grip(G23) has withstood every type of adverse condition that I have and still provides that bit of "Tackiness" to the touch and shows No Signs of "Peeling". Talon Rubber Grips on my G21sf, G30sf, G23, G27, G32, G35(all gen 3s) a XDs 45 and now a Kel Tec 2000 G22. I'm certain this Grip will provide the same type of Dependable Quality Craftsmanship that goes into making Simply The Best Grip Available in my opinion. Thanks Again!!

Great product from a great company!! Should have bought this a long time ago. Will be getting these for every pistol. Thank you,

Easy to apply, although my alcohol swab pack that came with grips was bone dry. Not a problem because I have bottle of rubbing alcohol handy for first aid care. Used a commercial grade heat gun on low. Re heated and pressed in place 3 times. Looks great and fit n finish is slick. Chose without back straps. Will use again for future firearms. Reasonably priced.

True to form, Talon grips are excellent...I am so glad they supply these on almost everything! I have on all my guns.My Glock 23 feels great!!

Just can't beet the fit and feel the Talon grip provides

Received my Talon grips for Glock models 43, 23, and 41 along with three different magazine extension for the Glock 43 . Everything was a excellent fit along with easy to follow instructions. The staff was very friendly and helpful when placing my order they also kept me informed about the order by text message until I receive it. only took four days by regular mail . Will order products as needed for other guns and highly recommend to everyone

Good fit and feelWatch back to of gun grip to make sure centered and all dimples are covered

Excellent fit! Been on for only a couple of weeks but no signs of trying to come off!

Love the non slip texture.

Grips are perfect for my block 19. Makes the pistol very secure in the hands. Perfect for combat shooting.

Easy to install and a perfect fit!!!

Great product!..tough as nails, the way I like it!

Won't have a Glock without the rubberized Talon grip. Perfect fit!

Grips are a perfect fit..And feel Awesome !!

I installed the granular type grip on my G23 and love it!The instructions were followed carefully and the results are completely satisfactory.I'll try to comment further after there is a year of use on the grip.

Very glad I purchased these grips love the following and texture

The grips fit perfect and really feel comfortable while shooting

This is my third set , there is nothing better on the market. Love the way they fill in the hand . Slows you to maintain a good grip on the gun in all conditions.

Great product. Easy application and adds a definite better grip.

Was up in the air about this or doing a custom grip job. After about every Hickok45 video that he mentions them I decided to go ahead and get them. Bottom line is if that man recommends something then buy it!!I have turned on several people who have used my Glock to them and they now have them on as well.Excellent product, easy to install and oem feel.

Very easy to install, I love the fit and feel.

Talon Grips are a must for gen 3 Glocks.... Thanks Talon for making a great product at a reasonable price. All my Gen 3 Glocks wear Talon Rubber grips.....

Da shit!

This is my 2nd gun I've put talon grips on. Best upgrade for the money! Plus it took care of the rough texture on the gen 4 that I didn't care for.

The Talon Grips are awesome as always. I bought the new Moss colored rubberized grips for my G19, looks great and feels great. They are so easy to install and last until you peel them off. Talon Grips are my go to grip for any gun.

I have these on all of my hand guns, best thing since sliced bread!!!!

Wow! One of the best, least expensive and easiest mods you can do to your pistol. Installation was a breeze. I followed the instructions explicitly and now have a firearm that is easier to grip in all conditions. Keep up the great work!

I picked up the granulated for my Glock 19 Gen 4. The grip texture is aggressive but not too abrasive. Very positive grip now. I like that it doesn't add much to the diameter of the grip like some aftermarket products.I used the one that fits the large back strap, since I run the beaver tail on it. The fit is perfect, and the application process was simple.All in all, I 100% recommend picking up some of these grips. It's the best bang for your buck as far as cheap handgun upgrades go.

After purchasing my first Glock 19, the first upgrade I did to my pistol was a Talon grip. This grip is very comfortable and have once felt the need to readjust my grip while firing my pistol. Definitely worth the money if you ask me.

Great feel. Easy application. Fast shipment.

Great grip. It's very easy to apply and it fits like a glove. I'll be anxious to see how long it last.

I will have to say Talon Grips is absolutely the best upgrade you could possibly do to a firearm for grip I have the granular and rubber on many different Glock's and they are awesome I will put Talon grips on every single firearm I'll ever buy in the future they give you the most excellent grip ever once you grab the gun with a Talon grip installed your locked in and I promise you that gun isn't going anywheres I wouldn't own a firearm with out a set I even have them on my ruger ar556 there amazing buy you a set or 2 or 3 you want be disappointed trust me.!! Keep up the good work Talon Grips team you guys are awesome.!!!

I would not own a polymer gun without Talongrips installed. It simply make the pistol right.

Works great feels wounderful I have a set on every gun I own

I have these on every firearm I own. They just feel amazing. As I carry concealed every day, the rubberized version makes these grips extremely comfortable. In addition, the customer service is unsurpassed! I have ordered in error a couple of times, and customer service was spot on, when calling for replacement grips, and they arrived promptly. I will continue to use Talon Grips in the future

Easy install with blow dryer. Fit and feel is great.

Makes my G-19 so much nicer to shoot

Amazing product! A must have for any glock owner!

Have the rubber grips on my glock 23 gen 4. I absolutely love them. Easy to put on. Great product!

Love em. Not sure that there is any room for improvement! Well done!

The best! All my pistols wear Talon Grips

The best grips available

Great addition to my hand gun

The Glock 19 Talon grip fit perfectly and feels great.

I ordered the rubber version. Improved feel of the firearm tremendously and helped me become more accurate since I have a better grip.Shipped promptly and install was a breeze. Easy to install.

Awesome! so solid of a feel i feel like i could crush the grip in my hand. Prefer over stippling %100.

Nothing greater to say than what hasn't already been posted. Great add on to enhance the grip of the pistol for just a few dollars more. Excellent product and attaching it was straight forward.

Great grips. Putting them on all my firearms

I was debating between DIY grip tape or these rubber grips, I opted to buy the rubbers for my EDC. But the bullet and ordered a set I installed them really easy and the fit and finish is excellent. I saved the backing incase I want to change I can use it as a stencil. Great product guys worth the skrill.

Great smooth grip that allows me to have more control of my G19 when firing love it def will purchase more for future handguns!

Awesome grips!

Excellent and easy to apply. I wouldnt use anything else but Talon.

Very comfortable easy install fast shipping. Whats not to love

I have previously purchased several grips (rubber) for different models. Very pleased with your product and the prompt handling. Your product secures the weapon in the hand without any discomfort and was easy to install. I also appreciate the handwritten "Thank You" on each order. Very reasonably priced.

Great grips. Tried the rubber this time and love them. Got them in their tan which is almost exactly Brownells FDE and the cut outs are exact...

I have Talon on my G19 and it, makes a difference

Very easy to install, comfortable and efficient!! Great product!

My Gen3 G19 has never felt better in my hand. Fit and finish is second to none!

Installing Talon grips ,greatly increased my control at the range. I strongly recommended talon grips to other Glock shooters.

Great mold excellent grip overall amazing product

Great grips. Easy installation look great and feel even better. A must for the Gen 3 Glocks!

Excellent fit. Great price and live the feel of the grips. Put them on all of my pistols!

This is my second purchase, I got the glock 19 rubber grip. Great product and customer service as usual. Will buy more grips in the future!Man I sound like a robot, lol.

I have Talon Grips on all my Glocks. I like the rubber ones. I have had compliments on how professional they look. The lowest price upgrade ever for your gun!

Absolutely the best grip. Solid hold and seals into your hand without any risk to slipping.

This is my second one I have purchased and they both fit nicely. Easy to install.

Perfect fit, perfect texture. Done. Thank you for a great product.

Talon Gun Grips truly change the name of the game! These grips allow a consistent grip on the gun and reduce the slip by a lot! I never go to a competition without Talon Grips on my guns!

Quality products and fast shipping!

Bought grips for my Glock 43,loved them so much I bought some for my 23 as well.Love them!

This is my second Talon Grip. I previously ordered one for my G43. Both fit perfect and were easy to install. The make extended range time much more enjoyable. Thanks for a great product!

Excellent fit. Greatly improves the grip on my G19

Have these grips on all of my pistols. All I can say is, try one ! You won't regret it ! Unbelievable feel !!

Grip for my Glock 23 arrived in record time! A huge improvement over the stock grip - it will be a pleasure to recommend your product to others!

I bought the granulate grips for my gen4 Glock23. I liked them so much I purchased the same for my Glock19 & XD40. Outstanding grips really adhere to my shooting hand.Have not tried the rubberized grips yet but love the granulates! Give them a try!

Great product makes the grip more secure....I use these on all my pistols.

Great product great fit have them on all my Glocks.

I bought two Talon grips for a couple of my Glocks and am very satisfied. Looking to buy a few more.

great grips. i've gone the diy route, but you can't beat the precision cut of these grips.

A one, it makes a real difference

Good quality, the service are remarkable my order arrived early than expected. Definitely I will recommend to my friends and buy more. Thanks you

Bought these for my Glock 23 Gen 4. Took 5mins to put on and have loved it ever since! Not quite sure how I've survived so long without them. Sweaty hands? No problem. Literally no more re adjusting grip. Love them. Will buy more for other guns!

Ordered the rubber Talon Grips for my gen3 G19. Followed the enclosed directions to the letter and installation went flawlessly. Excellent fit. Huge difference in the hand feel of the G19. Liked it so much I ordered a set for my son's G19.

Great fit, easy to apply and functions beautifully. Can't ask for anymore than that.

I love the Talon grips.....all my Glocks have the granulated ones for the range...switched the concealed carry ones to the rubber grips just because the others were a little rough on the skin or clothing....both are great grips!!

Fits well, looks good, feels good. Time will tell how they stick, but so far so good.

I have Talon grips on my Glock 43, and recently got more for my Glock 19. Fits flawlessly, and seems to be able to hold up to constant carrying, and weather with no problems to date. Very satisfied. If it wasn't for YouTube's Hickok45, I would have never known what I would have been missing! Only one complaint, I wish I would have got more decal stickers. I love advertising what I like and use! Other than that, great product.

Very good product and grip upgrade for my Glock 19. Rubberized texture gives just the right amount of tack.

I ordered the sandpaper type, awesome grip enhancement. Simple to apply, works great.

Keep exceeding our (the customer) expectations!

Great product fit my 19 like it was from factory !!

Easy installation, great fit.Will order more!!

Awesome grips returning customer !

Very positive grip, like much!

As usual great fit, about the sixth set I've purchased . Always right on spot sand or rubber.

Ordered the grip the day I purchased my Glock 19. Very easy install !!!

Easy to install and the grip is great! Highly recommend or any Glock owner. It goes make the grip feel a bit larger simply because you are adding a layer to the grip, but it is hardly noticeable. Must have for a Glock, imo.

Have Talon grips on all my Glocks and they are excellent and make a big difference.

Arrived quickly went on easy, makes the gun feel "stuck" to your hand, and with a handgun your grip is everything. Pleased with the quality. Get them and you'll want them on every gun you own

Great fit and easy install.

Absolutely Love this Grip.Great Job Talon.Easy to fit just take your time, make sure you warm it up after and push the edges down.Great feel Great shipping Great instructions.One of the best upgrades to my Glock, and I say upgrade because even for its simplicity it is an upgrade.Very happy will be buying more for all my new guns.Oh yes there will be more guns!

easy to put onfeels good looks goodamen

Easy install, great fit and perfect feel.

love these. Putting on all my firearms.

I just put these on my Glock 23 and I love them! They have a awesome feel and grip. I put the rubber ones on mine cause I didn't want the sandpaper grip to be scratching me when concealing. The grip is strong and fits like a charm. Awesome product!

Excellent grips even under adverse conditions. Easy to apply and stay on very well.

I put Talon grips on all my guns. I was vey pleased to see the new Moss color, it looks great on my Glock 19 in FDE.

Great product, works perfectly

I purchased these groups for a Glock 23 GEN three these are awesome grips very good feel an fit I would definitely recommend these !

I carry my Glock 19 all the time. The talon grips make me feel so much more in control and safe

Love the feel of these grips! Thank you

really improves in gripping my glock

The grip fits as advertised. The texture is really aggressive but I will sand as advised to tone it down a bit. Easy application. Great job on the product.

So far so good. Easy to put on, feel great, and seem durable. Time will tell the rest.

Very happy with the grips, thank you!

I received my grip and it was extremely easy to apply to my Glock 19. So far I really enjoy it. I have recommended it to several other persons in my agency!!

The grip cutout was spot on for placement on the glock handle . I covered my glock 19 and my 43 with the sandpaper grip and would highly recommend them !

Made my G23 so much more user friendly. Not being too much of a Glock fan, these grips have made me think much differently. Definitely would recommend to anyone.

Thank u , the many times I have brought the grips ...there is still , two things needed ...stronger glue, n more material on the back of glocks pistol.. the extra material u had sent to me works greatly

Amazing product!! As an engineer, I value solid engineering, and the work you have done in creating this product is wonderful. Your passion for excellence definitely shows. We purchased the rubberized grips for the Glock 19, 43, and extended 43 magazine with the pinky grip. They were all easy to install and feel great!!! I highly recommend this product! In fact, I also ordered the velcro patch for my range bag so I can advertise for you. I hope y'all have an incredible 2017!!

I have Talon grips on all my Glocks. Fully functional and visually appealing grip!

Loved my first set so much I bought another for my G43.

I purchased another Talon Oversized backstrap grip for my Glock 19 Gen 4. I shoot my G19 more than my other guns and simply wanted one on hand in the event I needed it. I always put Talon Grips on all my pistols. The provide a great feel and additional confidence. I wouldn't use any other grip.

I love Talon Grips. I had one on my Glock 19. I used it for a year and changed it for another. Somehow I tore a little piece off the bottom of the grip. It did not affect the grip function, but I replaced it with a new grip. I have put a Talon Grip on every gun I own. Talon Grips give me confidence in handling every gun I own! They provide an awesome feel!

Great grips!!

Awesome feel and easy to apply.

Love it. Fits perfectly.

Every day carry for past year and two day pistol training at Valor Ridge (1000 rnds). Still holding up. Love the feel. Bought a spare set because they were on sale but don't need them yet.

Getting them for all my guns. Fantastic product

Quality product , easy install, fair price. I'll definitely use in the future.

I bought the grips for a glock 19, 4th gen, and loved it. Easy to install and works great. Definitely recommend!

Your handgun isn't complete until you add a Talon grip. They fit great and look like they were factory original. They're easy to install and stay in place. Get a grip and shoot better!

I don't put talon grips on all my pistols, just the ones I want to hold on to. I would trust anything else.

Nice grip without stippling the gun

Got the sandpaper grip for a G23 and G30S, GREAT!!!

Bought my first grip for my 43 and loved it so much I ordered one for my 19. Improves the grip and feel of the gun. I'm so used to them on my guns it's hard for me shoot with out them. Great product.

Same great grip feeling as my others. Can be easily modified for changing backstarps

I have Talon grips on my Clock 19 and find they provide a better grip surface than the stock grips. The do not add bulk, are easy to install and stay in place during use.

Great company to order from. Very fast delivery

These grips are awesome. They feel and look great on your gun. If you have any questions or concerns about them just call or email them and they'll get right back with you. I know this from experience.

Great feel to the grips and super easy to install.

I've put Talon Grip's on my S&W M&P 9mm, Springfield XD-9 Mod 2, S&W Bodyguard 380, 1911, AR' grips for the G19 haven't been installed yet, it's still on order. These grips are simply the best investment, period

Excellent fit and feel. Only regret is not buying the sandpaper textured one also.

Own many Talon grips for different firearms all are excellent.

The grips don't stick quite as well as I'd like - but they usually readjust just fine. I believe they make the gum much easier to draw under stress.

Bought the rubber grips for my g19. Installation was easy. I have put a few hundred rounds through the gun since I installed the grips and they feel great. Also no issues with clothing since I always carry iwb. Great product!

I initially bought a set for my G43. The quality was outstanding so I bought another set for the G19 as a gift. The performance, texture, durability, and overall feel is exceptional and outperforms any others I've felt. Talon is the real deal and I wouldn't waste your time with other brands. Incredible customer service and shipping is fast. Even wrote me a personal thank you! If you were on the fence, buy them. They will definitely have my business again.

I have used Talon grips for ten years. I love these grips and will use them from Talon. As long as your making them. Both the grit and rubber.

Fits and feels very good. Remember your smarter then the grip material so go ahead and follow the direction and apply. After the application of the grip......hit it all over with hair dryer while massaging the material (the entire area) few more times with the hair dryer paying close attention to all the edges and where the finger tabs fit under the material. I like using the alcohol to get the feel . Enjoy and God Bless!

I have talon grips on all of my pistols. They are a well made and durable product. I highly recommend them.

Great product with excellent fast shipping!

Best grip on the market

I love the granulate textured Talon grips. Definitely a must have for any firearm. HIGHLY recommended.

I have Talon grips on all of my ccw firearms Glock 19- XDS 45 acp - Beretta Nano and just tried the rubber grips for the first time on my new Bodyguard easy to apply and the best for a sure grip.

Fits like a glove on my Glock 19.

Love the granulate texture for range shooting and the rubber for carry. These fit perfectly and I had them installed in less than 5 minutes.

Makes it tolerable to handle a GLOCK

Makes it tolerable to hold a GLOCK

Great product, great service, great company.

Great product, easy to affix to the grip, following the provided instructions. Thanks.

Love these grips added to most of my carry guns

Installed the rubber grip and rubber mag bases on my Glock19Gen4 and am very happy. Fits great, great feel compared to stock polymer. I also purchased a few of the grip mag bases to see what that texture was like, I ended up cutting two of them down and using them on the side of the gun where your fingers go, has a great feel to it now.

Great product. A must have for any polymer carry gun.

I put one on a G42 first, it crinkled on the blackstrap.I bought a second wrap for my G19, I used the blow dryer like on the first install.It will not adhere along the bottom of the back strap.I plan to cut away the lowest portion to stop the peel off.Sorry but I won't be buying a third Talon grip.

Got the rubberized grips for my Glock 19 as I use it for conceal carry, feels great, looks great, and very easy to install. Highly recommend.

Love love love these grips. Perfect on the G19 Gen 4.

Excellent gripsEasy install Great feel on Glock 19

Impressive product! Easy to install, just follow the instructions. I didn't tuck in the three strips that wrapped around the front of the grip I carefully cut them to line up perfectly with the portion of the grip that adheres to the side to give it a seamless connection. This grip is a must have and I will purchase again from Talon for any future pistols I may own.

I rarely do reviews but I must say....Talon grips are awesome! Feel great, easy to apply, and made a huge difference in my control of the gun. Got grips for Glock 19 & 26. Will also order for 22 and M&P Shield. I highly recommend these grips.

easy to put on and improves grip tremendously.

I was shocked at the difference that Talon grips made in my gun After watching Hickok 45 thought I would try them and I am glad I did. I have ordered them for all my guns and will put them on all of my guns from now own. They are Awesome!!

At first was not sure about the Talon grips after watching Hickok 45 use and talk about them so I thought I would give them a try. WOW!! I couldn't get over the amazing grip difference and now I'm a Talon grip fan and recommend them to everyone I see!!! Love them!!!!

Awesome product. Do not hesitate to buy several!

Nice grip for my nice gun!! Thanks for all!

Just bought a granulate grip for my new G19. Texture was a lot rougher than I thought. I got Talon grips for my other handguns, with rubber texture. And loved them. Will have to get a rubber grip for my G19 later. My shirt get caught on the grip when CWC.

Talon Grips go on EVERY firearm I own. I use the rubber texture on all. I especially love the positive grip that the grips give on our Glocks. I recommend Talon Grips to everyone !

These grips are amazing, I got the rubberized and love them. I put them on my Glock 19, Glock 43 and S&W SW99. I will never use another grip!

Excellent quality would definitely recommend it to all of my friends.

Rubber grip was nice and felt good in the hand, however when shooting indoors I found that the grip wasn't aggressive enough. I purchased the other option grip (skate board tape) like for my ppq and it was perfect.

Very easy to install using your How To video. Feels great and gives much better purchase on my Glock 19, which is a fairly small semi-auto. Quicker to draw and easier to rack the slide. Great customer service also, as I had initially ordered the granular surface instead of the rubber-type I had thought I was ordering. I mailed my first one back and got return in 1 week.

Great grip, easy installment, great customer service.

Amazing grip! Just what I needed to add some comfort and it cuts down on my hand getting sore from extended shooting.

I have now purchased the granular grips for my M&P Shield and my Glocks. These grips exceptional and perfect for my hand.

Fit like a charm and have showed them to quite a few friends who love them as well. Will be getting a couple more for others I have as well. Very impressed!

Slapped these on my G19 and their amazing, grip level and comfort are amazing. Easy to install and they stay put.

Great product, made my glock19 fit my hand like a glove. Must have for your pistol.

Absolutely love these things. I put them on two of my Glocks and they both feel great. I don't get any slipping now like I did before on the stock grips. I even took my Gen 4 17 MOS to a gun show to look at some accessories, and the police officer that checked me in was excited to see that someone else used them too. He used them on his issued weapon which tells you a lot about the product. Easy to install and a treat to use. Get some today!

Thank you. The fit perfect. In my hand perfect. 100percent satisfied. Thank you again

These grip enhancements are excellent. Easy to install and very durable!!

Just put on Talon Grips on my G19 and G43. WOW! Great product, great service. I would recommend this, if you are looking to improve your grip and aim. Looking forward to doing more business with Talon

Top notch gear. Best grips for duty or CCW. Have them on all 3 of my Glocks.