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Grips for Glock 20, 21, 40, 41



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TALON Grips for Glock Model 20, 21, 40, and 41 models. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures. This grip provides full coverage on the side panels including above the thumb rest, ample coverage on the backstrap, and three finger wraps for the finger groves under the trigger guard. This grip has a logo cutout for the Glock emblem on the left side of the handle. This grip sticks extremely well even with the Rough Textured Frame (RTF). The medium backstrap will fit both the medium and the medium beavertail backstrap. The large backstrap will fit both the large and the large beavertail backstrap. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Have T grips on a Glock 21 & a 30. They're really nice on hot days here in the desert, hands get sweaty, not a problem. I have arthritis in both hands, maintaining a firm grip can be difficult, T grips help with that.

I recently purchased my 3rd set of Talon Grips, no not for the same gun, for my 3rd gun. I won’t go without them, ever. Fit is perfect, feel is great. 5 star product.

Super fast shipping on a very high quality product. I highly recommend these grips if you have a G20!

The grip is cut perfectly to fit. The texture is very aggressive and makes recoil a little easier to control for a trigger reset. My only complaint is that I had to cut an inch off the top on both side so that the sandpaper grip would stop rubbing on the inside of my duty safariland holster. It provided enough resistance to effect my fast / smooth draw. Being a police officer I cannot have any factor that effects my draw in anyway possible. Other than that I am pretty pleased with the grip , how it adhered etc.

Glock feels much better in my hands with a talon grip.

I initially tried both rubber and granulate grips on my Glocks. For me, I strongly prefer the granulate grips, so much so I replaced the rubber with granulate. It truly makes a difference to me. I’ve never had a problem with the application process or the fit. It is a small investment to make the Glock handle even better.

Super fast shipping and great product with instructions. A+++

Working great on my Glock 21 so far. Much better than the factory grip.

always great service and product fits perfect

I had the grain version before and it was amazing. Superior grip. Just stuck to anything it touched and scratched my phone. The rubber grip is amazing in itself as well. Much more comfortable for concealed carry. I love talon grips. Thanks guys

Giving 5 star review because Quality/fit is 100% as usual. I usually order the Sandpaper Texture, thought I’d try Rubber Texture for my Gen4 G20. The Rubber doesn’t have the “stick” to it, like the Sandpaper grips. You guys that didn’t try either yet, go with the Sandpaper Texture, you won’t be sorry!

Bought these for my glock 21 45acp. Very easy to put on. Follow instructions and yours will turn out great.

Really like these talon grips to supplement the glock style polymer grips to stick in your hand like the original just never would. Much better than stippling. Not permanent. Very happy with this product, I have them on all my glocks and even my mp shield.

Great product as always. I have them on all of my handguns.

Love them! Only complaint is when used in a Safariland duty holster. On the left side of the gun above the mag release part of the holster rubs it and pulls the tape off.

Excellent product, I have this on my glock 17 as well and love it!

These rubber grips are a great product. Great price and fast shipping made this a five star deal. I will be buying more grips for my other guns here.

Awesome, great texture, improved grip dramatically. Very easy to install. Will buy for every Glock.

They good

They good

Excellent grip, great price and fast shipping. I like it so much I ordered one for my Sig P320

Great grip very easy to install no tools required very cheap for great quality....Although the upper part of the grip (above index finger) seems like extra grip so I ended up cutting them off trimmed them a little to perfectly fit both sides on upper slide so now when I cock I have grip on my slide as well which I always wanted so im 100% happy with product

What a great addition to a glock, makes the gun feel glued to your hand and fits great!

Great grips


The granulated grip is perfect on my G20, especially with stout loads !

Got talon grips on all 3 glocks I own. Great product and great price.

Simply amazing

This is a great product. I would recommend these grips to anyone. Installation is easy and they look great. I have the rubber grips on several of my hand guns.

Love the grip. Fit perfectly. Went on easily. Would have been nice to get two of the alcohol wipes. My gun was very dirty.

I have the Glock 21SF Gen 3 handgun (upgraded to 45 Super) and could not have been happier with this incredible firearm expect with it's awful grip. I tried skateboard tape and the H brand rubber. I was ready to dump it before I tried one last ditch. I order 2 Talon "Grips" incase I buggered one up. Perfect fit and you'd think the grippy rubber was part of the gun. I can't recommend these more to anyone who has a Glock, it will transform your gun and shooting. I can now do one handed strong and weak. I love that these are 100% American made also.

Easy application even over stippling instead of a heat gun I use my oven for just under 1 min at 125 degrees and it worked great!

I got the rubber one, great for cc
have the granules on another gun,great grip but not great for cc

Perfect fit on my Gen 4 21. Grips look great and feel good in the hand. Highly recommend

I think this is my 11th Talon order! This is Chef Mike and I've just installed Talons on my Glock G40. A perfect Talon fit... a perfect Talon addition... as always!

Thank you for sending my grips as promised n the fit was awesome, the grips is for my G20 gen4 n after putting them on I have a better purchased on the gun. I also ordered another set for my G19 gen3.. Thank you!!!

Very well designed layout. Good idea with the glue that does not become aggressive until heated. That feature allows for repositioning the grip until you are satisfied. Found it really requires two sets of hands to quickly do a good job. With the sandpaper grip the amount of friction realized is amazing. Excellent retrofit idea/product!

Excellent product very good texture easy installation well-made fast delivery no complaints highly recommended

Third one I bought! I love talon grips they are the best at increasing the grip on polymer guns! I got this one for my glock 21.

First of all, i'm leaving in France, and the delivery was perfect.
Thanks for the video who really help me to install the Talon Grip on my new Glock 21 Gen4
Essential for a perfect feeling, because i don't like the Gen4 grip with the fingers grip, with the Talon grip it's perfect for me.

Very nice addition !

My husband has TALON grips on my xd 40 and his xd 45 and love them. So he was not very happy with the feel of the grip of his glock 20 after the MASSIVE improvement to the xd`s that he wanted to try them on the glock. WOW---another winner for TALON !

Was a bit tricky to get aligned, but overall I am very impressed. Cut perfectly, durable, and comfortable in the hand.

Great feeling grips very easy to install I will use these from now on

These made a huge difference to my G21 Gen 2.

Great product. Rubber makes a great addition to the grip.

Perfect fit and function for my G40

Excellent grips and a worthy upgrade to my GEN 3 G20 and G21. I ordered the FDE Rubber grips, and they work well. Very easy to apply if you heat them as instructed. The only change I would make would be to add a slightly rougher finish to the rubber grips (sand?), otherwise, EXCELLENT upgrade.

Went on easy and feels great

Fits like a glove and feels perfect in the hand.
Thanks to Hickok45 for the tip!

I put a (rubber) set on my Gen2 G21 and really notice an improvement. Just the right groppyness, without being too sticky.

Very easy to put on and has stayed on so far. I've shot about 300 rounds since it's been on. I have the rubber grip and I am very pleased with the feel of the texture.

Perfect fit perfect grip and durable

Easy installation on my Glock 21. What a difference it makes! Grip contact is amazing. As soon as I put these grips on my full size Glock and felt the difference they made, I ordered a set for my Glock 36. I'm sold.

I replaced the rubber slip on grip on my Glock 21 with the Talon Black-Rubber grip. This was my first purchase Talon fit perfectly and was easy to apply. I will be purchasing additional sets for some of my other guns. Great product!

Easy to put on, and grip feels great! Does not add thickness and guns feels much more secure in hand. Nice upgrade to your gun.

Excelent product!! Thanks!

works great on recoil taming,get the rubber grips when shooting hot 10mm loads out of 10mm glock,sandpaper grips are too rughf!!

First and best upgrade I make!

Have the rubber talon grips on all of my Glocks. Makes handling them so much better. I will always get them for any polymer gun I own.

Awesome grip and far exceeds that over the original factory grip. Looks nice with a tactical look. I have the black rubber type and it works great. The only thing I would change is for it to fit better at the butt of the grip as it leaves space between either side and not a continues seamless surface cover.

Easy to apply. Looks and feels great

Added a Talon grip to my Glock 20 in rubberized texture in Moss Green color. Fit is perfect and the Moss Green makes a nice color contrast to the big black Glock. This is my third set of Talons and love them. The others I have are on my carry guns and are holding up excellent,no peeling or wear even in my kydex holsters. Highly recommended.

I did have a little problem putting them on,so there was a couple of places that did not lay flat.I do like the way they feel.I have not shot the gun yet

I could not believe the transformation these grips made to my Glock 21. The feel is remarkable, they make the grip of the pistol feel solid in the hand. Recoil with my gen 4 has never been a problem because of the recoil spring but these grips make it even easier. They are simply remarkable.

Certainly worth it, if you do not prefer the default grips on the glock. I used a heat gun to get mine installed and it was a very simple process. I tried using Hogue grips for the glock and they made the grip way too bulky.

I've been using Talon products for years. The Glock 21 grip fit perfectly and was easy to put on.

Fit like a glove, can't beat the prices

Have gone through Talon grips since it was just for pistols. Just got my most recent grips in granulated, for my G41. Wonderful non permanent option, for any weapons needs. Great price, and great products, as always. I enjoy still seeing the hand written "Thank you," on the invoice. Makes for a more personal touch. Keep up the great work, y'all!!

I ordered the rubberized set for the G-20 as that's what my wife likes. I got it in Moss color (FDE) for me. feels good and the FDE and Black seems a good visual treatment.

Glock 43 and 21 gen4. You can't find a better product on the market. I elected to go with the rubber grip. Precisely made fits perfect with different sizes of back straps. Added the mag extensions (aftermarket), for my 43.Don't waste your time on anything else.Stay in control of your firearms.

I strongly urge you go with the granulate grips, I love how easy it is to control the weapon. I did the rubber grip on my S&W M&P shield and now wish I had done the granulate on both.

After doing a grip reduction on a gen 3 Glock 21, the grip was in need of something to make it look and feel better. The short frame Talon grip "rubberized' did the trick. I opted for the tan grip color and probably should have gotten black, but the tan is growing on me I guess. The material is not as continuous as I would have hoped for and has some slits in the back. That is why the black would look better on a black gun, but overall I'm pleased.

Nice grip cover.

Absolutely love them. Great fit and feel

Great as always. I love the rubber talon grips. I put them on all of my pistols. Been buying them for 3 years now and still not any problems :)

Purchased these grips for my Glock 20sf. Piece of cake to install , very comfortable, a definite improvement. I highly recommend.

I have put these on 3 of my pistols with polymer grips and I love them. They give a very positive grip that feels better than any other grips I have tried.

Great product. Easy to install. I now have them on several of my handguns and will eventually have them on all.

As an older shooter of a Glock 21SF, I don't have the grip on my shooting hand that I once had. The Talon grips make the gun much more controllable and comfortable. I recommend them highly.

Good grip,fit the gun great,logo cut out was off.

perfect fit and feels so much better

Great product and service

Best product and awesome service....Thanks guys!!!!

Granulate grip is very good. Customer service great

Love them, easy to install. This is my second purchase (5th and 6th guns), fit the Glock 40 very well.

Bought these for a glock 21,20,17,19,and a smith and wesson m&p shield, Love them,wouldn't be without them. Thanks for a great product that really holds up, never a problem of any kind, thank you.

The Talon grips for my Walther .40 and Glock .10 fit perfectly. The material is easy on my hand and the compound eases the recoil felt. Excellent engineering. I'll be buying more of these. Bryan Oesterreich

Great grips. Great service.

Great product, I've been using it for years. Still a better and more secure grip than stippling the grip. Plus you don't damage your gun, just buy a new talon grip when it wears out.

These grips are perfect! Whether you go with the granulated or rubberized they work great. I currently have the granulated grips on my Glock 21 at first the texture was a little much, but after a few trips to the range they have broken in perfectly. Another one of my co workers put the rubber grips on his duty weapon Glock 21 and he said that he loves them and they are the best grips he has ever used. In our jobs as Police Officers these grips have given us the confidence that no matter what the environment is like or what we might happen to get our hands covered with we will always have a slip free grip on our firearms when needed.

Magnificent grip, provides excellent purchase without added thickness. Highly recommend.

Great grips. Excellent option to stippling, especially on a work gun! I have only used them for a few weeks, so far so good!

The Talon grip takes away the rough feel on my Glock 21, making the grip much more comfortable. I also purchased a Talon grip for my Glock 43 and LC9.

Talon always provides an outstanding product!

Great replacement. Very easy to apply.

Awesome grips. Feels very great in the hands and very fast shipping. I would highly recommend these grips if you don't plan on stipling your handle.

Absolutely AMAZING Grips. Customer service is fantastic. Will definitely by again...

Grip arrived promptly, applied easily, and improved my control and target reacquisition tremendously! Great product.

Does what it says... Much better than stock grip.

Extremely satisfied. Received my order quickly . Came with very clear and easy to understand instructions. Fitment of the grips is on the money perfect . Like I said , I am very satisfied with Talon Grips . Definitely improved my grip on the pistol. Highly recommend!!!!! Oh ya, Super EASY to apply .

I just purchased the "aggressive tread" for my Glock 20, actually shrunk my group sizes :) Also have the less aggressive tread on my M&P them both!!R

I love these new grips.

Very well for fitting. Easy to apply The comfort is unreal. I have very large hands and this product make a tremendace difference.

After much online research I ordered the Talon "granulate" grip for my gen3 glock 21sf. I chose granulated over rubber as this is my woods carry in the wet pacific nw and I wanted maximum grip. As other reviewers have stated the texture is close to 80 grit sandpaper and provides an excellent grip feel which seems to give me more confidence in my shots.The product arrived as ordered in a mailbox sized envelope and works as advertised, with the excellent instructions the install was simple. Everything that I read on the inter web prior to purchasing the talon grip was very positive and I have to agree, it seems to be a great product from a great company.

Absolutely fantastic! Having spent over 25 years in the military and law enforcement, most of that as a marksmanship instructor, Talon Grips are by far the absolute BEST grip enhancement I have come across. I highly recommend them to all of my officers. My Glock 21 feels like a new weapon and never shits in my hands, even when shooting one-handed with my support hand. Awesome product, incredible customer service, and I could not be happier! Put a set of Talon Grips on your firearm, you will not be disappointed!! Thank You Talon Grip Team!!

Great product!

Very cool upgrade to my glock. I really like the texture it adds to my firearm. I am very satisfied with thier product! I have recommended this to my family and friends.

Fit perfectly. Huge improvement over factory grip

Love them! That's it

Installed Black Rubber Grips to all my Glock's pistols and Colt Rifles. All install very easily. Grip feel very good.

Makes shooting in any circumstance great.

Game Changing! By far, the best upgrade to my glock. Hated how just after a couple mags at the range, my hands would become sweaty and shooting accurately was no longer possible. These grips now make shooting consistently at the range very easy. You guys rock!

Awesome grips. Tightened up my shots by keeping the pistol locked in. Can't wait till summer time to see the improvements when dealing with hand sweat.

The primary advantage to Talon grips is that they do not add any appreciable thickness to the area your hands touch as they add significant grip improvement and tactile control over the weapons position and control-ability. They are easily applied and very well designed. I plan on adding these to all my handguns.

I ordered the grip for my G21 with no backstrap. The grip arrived very fast and the install went perfectly. The provided installation instructions are thorough and easy to follow. I took the pistol to the range the day after install and it performed above my expectations. I look forward to purchasing more Talon products in the future.

Ordered for my Glock 41 MOS. As always fit perfectly with large beaver tail hand grip. I have Talons on all my handguns. Great and inexpensive upgrade to your weapon system.

Changed my comfort level with the firearm. Great grip without the bulk

Perfect Fit, easy Install, great Quality! I have Installed on 2 Mod 17s and a 21.

Talons...I put that ish on everything.

Third grip and perfect as the first two. Looks like it came from the factory this way. Awesome product!

Received my order pretty quickly. The grips were easy to apply and have had zero issues so far

Great grip. Easy installation, great fit. A "must" on Gen 3 Glocks, in my opinion.

Fit perfectly awesome product I will buy again and again.

Very good product, easy to install.Great fit. Have been using them for years.

I got the rubberized grips for my Gen 3 20SF. I didn't know if granulated would be too aggressive for 10mm shooting. The rubberized ended up working just fine. Good fit and finish all around, and easy to apply the grip. 100% recommended.

This is my fifth Talon Grip. It wraps my Glock 40 MOS perfectly. It drastically enhances the grip and the look of the gun. I have used my gun for hunting exposing the grip to humid and dirty conditions with no problems. Easy to install, fast and free delivery. No complaints.

All of my pistols have Talon Grips and so do my Tavors. So easy to apply it is ridiculous. Instructions are simple but thorough. Practical improvement to your pistol grip without permanent, invasive stippling. Durable. Seems pricey but compared to a stippling job it's a deal plus no need to replace a grip grip from a crappy stippling job. I highly recommend Talon Grips!

Easy to apply. Feels comfortable in my hands. Just the right texture.

Very high quality, fits exactly as advertised. These grips ttansform a unacceptable texture to a pleasant experience when shooting my pistols.

after trying one set on my PM9 I wanting some extra grip on my 3 Glocks as well. I ordered and installed all 3 and couldn't be happier. I chose the rubber version. The 21SF is pretty large and I like how the Talon adds grip without extra size.

Great fit and easy to install. Big improvement in grip.

Just purchased Glock Model 40mos The aggressive stippling on the factory grips was biting my hands after firing 50 of the potent 10mm rounds. The Talon wraps not only protected my hands from the sharp plastic, it gave me a better grip . I watched the install video and 10 mins. PROBLEM SOLVED.

This is my 5th set of Talon grips they are with out a doubt the best grip I have every used. They do not add anything to the size of the grip and I think it makes the gun feel and handle better.

I have a Glock 20SB (10 mm) but the cover I received was larger so it's not a perfect fit so it is about and inch longer and also I have to heat it up (as instruction said ) after wrapping it around the grip, so I consider it a poor product and it sits on my gun bench.

Excellent fit! Great product.

real good grips easy to install and looks great!

I have been a satisfied TGG customer for over 4 years, and I have installed the rubber grips on all my polymer framed guns. My most recent purchase was for my Gen 4 G21, and the fit was spot on. The most important step is in the cleaning. I use a bottle of alcohol and a toothbrush to thoroghly clean the frame, then wipe it down with a cotton cloth and more alcohol. Let it dry completely. Toss the little alcohol wipe.Thanks TGG for a great product.

Easy to apply. Excellent, affordable upgrade to my pistol.

Large improvement to the slippery stock grip!

Talon are quality grips. I have applied 2 sets and love the way they feel and grip. Installation is very easy and anyone can install in minutes. They improve the comfort of your grip making your shots more accurate...just saying

Excellent product. I ordered this set for my duty weapon after using a set on my Glock 27 over the past year. Very low profile design and grippy, but not overly tacky like some other grips. Highly recommend.

Man Up Outdoors is extremely happy with our rubber Talon Grips for our MagNaPort custom Glock G40 MOS 10mm. We will order more !!!

easy to apply, great fit and feel. Nice touch with the hand written thank you on the invoice!

A very nice natural looking fit and feel. Talons are great !!

Best grip on the market! I've replaced all mine with Talon. Smooth install looks like part of the gun.

Grips are great and now I have to have them on every pistol!

Love these grips on all my Glocks. Easy install and seem to hold up well.

Put the Talon rubberized grips on 2 different Glocks so far and will put the Talon grips on anything they are made for, that I may purchase in the future. My wife & myself love the feel of the rubberized grips and the fact that we don't have to grip our large caliber, smaller frame Glocks as tight as before, for controllability. On a scale of 1 - 10, I give Talon a 10.

Better than expected!!!!

Great grip! Very easy to apply. Have them on all my Glocks.

Great addition to the feel of the gun easy to install.

Very easy install, and fantastic texture.

I love the Talon Rubber grips and use them on every polymer frame pistol that I have. They give a good hold and provide a slight cushion around the grip frame. Top shelf stuff!

Unfortunately these grips are peeling off and this was a brand new gun that never had oil on them. This is also my fifth time putting talon grips on my firearms but for some reason this set of grips just wouldn't stick even after heating them like I'm supposed too. All my other guns are fine and no problem with the other four but these grips just won't stick. They are the right fit and I never peeled them off or anything and the grips are the same rubber feeling as all my other grips, but for some reason they just won't stick... I will still buy more from you guys but I wasn't happy this one time with these grips and they won't stay on. Like I said a brand new gun never oiled and I did use a lot off 99 percent running alcohol before applying the grips just incase any debree was there. Anyways this is my goth pair I have bought and plan to buy more I just pray that the next set has better adhesive then this pair. I threw them in the trash out of frustration. I'm very upset Bc I love your grips and wanted them on all my guns. I have them on four of my guns and wish the fifth pair would of there anything that can be done?

I love these grips, I will be buying a set for my G19 also

As a Police Lieutenant, I'm disappointed that I didn't know that these existed. I'll never own a weapon that does not have these. They are a must for any shooter.

Great product! Love the feel and have had a couple on for about a year with no visible wear and seems to be very long lasting.

Talon rubberized grips are on every Glock I own. Excellent product, long lasting, reasonably priced.

I have Talon grips on 6 firearms. Excellent products and great service. Try Talon grips, you won't regret it.

These grips helped me take the bite out of the sharp angles on my G20. Makes the gun ten times more comfortable to shoot! Love the Talon grips!

Had a set on G34, put immediately on my G41. Outstanding, easy upgrade!

This is my third time ordering from Talon. The Talon Grips are essential to having when your life is in jeopardy and you have to resort to self defense. I highly recommend Talon Grips for this purpose. They don't leave a residue on your gun when you take them off. And the grips will stay strong for years without wear. This product isn't cutout skateboard tape or bicycle rubber tire cut outs for Talon Grips have a stronger adhesive backing then skateboard tape and rubber look alikes on the market Talon Gun Grips use laser technology for the best available coverage, it's also highly sought after for reliability by professionals and enthusiast for having a long lasting finish and providing a Hercules grip with time proven ability to stay in place and enhance your grip ability like a super hero when you need it most. Having Talon grip allows a quicker draw time and less recoil leading to a tighter grouping patrern. Thank you Talon for helping me get a grip when I need it most. After owning Talon grips for one gun, I went ahead and put them on all my guns. Some of my guns like the desert eagle you guys don't make a set for. Instead, I bought the cut out sheets and made my own pattern and found it was very easy to do. It's easy to trace a pattern with a pen on the protective backing then cut it out and peel off the backing and heat to form fit and voila. After using Talon one time, I would never resort to skate tape again. Heating skate tape becomes a hot mess. With Talon sheets it's easy to form with heat to the gun and just as reliable as the precision sets you offer for the glocks.

I had talon grips before. Wonderful product. Waiting for one for my ar15.

I ordered the typical granulate grips after accidentally ordering the rubberized version, and I was much happier. Glad I got to try both though. The rubberized version has little if any more grip than the stock Glock grips.

I have been ordering fronot talon grips for years love it - a must have

Nothing better than the Talon Granulate Grip when shooting a Glock 17 at a meet in a driving rain

Great them in the mail in just a few days and they improved my groups tremendously

I have 6 guns that I have installed Talon Grips on. All preform excellently! I definitely would recommend them to all who need to get a grip!

Nice grips very comfortable, look cool and I have good firm grip.nice product well worth the money.

Best grips ever! I now have Talon grips on all 6 of my glocks.

Good day while it lasted. After 5 years my talon grips.warranty completely lost all of its stickiness to stick to the gun. Contacted customer service and they said I was lucky, their grips are only designed to stick for 1 to 3 years. It would be nice if you guys mentioned that. I will be buying from somewhere else with a lifetime warranty.

All my Glocks have Talon grips. Perfect fit, easy, quick installation. Totally satisfied.

I used the to replace the sandpaper grips. I like much better.

Outstanding grips top marks for quality

I put these grips on four of my pistols. My bedside 21 and three carry pistols.Really like these grips.

Outstanding !!!!!

Good grip. However, it is beginning to slip off on the bottom of both sides of the handle. Hope it will last awhile.

Fantastic grips. I am using them on the majority of my pistols and they make a difference.

Great fit will order for my shield

Big fan of these grips, put it on a Glock 27 1st (CCW) which has a short grip and just put one on a Glock 20 which has larger diameter grip. Works great on both, recommend highly.

I would like to thank you guys for your excellent support. I had the talon grips on my Glock 21 I use as my duty weapon. Somehow my tape started to come off after it was jamed by an unknown object. I contacted them and explained to them what had happened. This excellent company sent me out a new set of grips. Thank you guys again

Got the gritty grip for the large back strap. Perfect fit, easy to do. Feels like a million bucks but sure didn't cost it. Highly recommended.

Very comfortable compared to stock grip, gives a really good purchase on grip. Highly recommend!

The rubber grips are great. However I didn't order one for the firearm stated above.

Great product. I put talon grips on all my guns now. I recomend the rubber over the grit personally.

All my platforms get your grip installed first thing!

Fit perfectly and was easy to install. My G21SF feels great in my hand and my wife is far more confident with her grip on it.

Very nice improvement!

Perfect for my Glocks!!

HiI'm very happy with the rubber grips I ordered from you.l will recommend your products to my friends.Best regards Daniel Viktorsson

it applies easy and gives good positive traction for handling with gloves or sweaty palms. The talon grip is the first thing I add to my pistols and rifles

Amazing product, amazing customer service! This grip is perfect! Doesn't make the gun bulky in any way. 5 stars!

Awesome grip. Easy to install and gives you a healthy handgrip rain or shine. I ordered another one for another pistol and need to order a couple more.

Installed the Talon rubber grips on my Glock 20 & 21. What a great improvement to overall grip and shooting control. I highly recommend the addition of Talon grips.

Great product and service. Once you install the grips (Which is easy) it actually looks like it is part of the gun. Great feel without any bulky thickness because they're so thin! Really increases your grip giving you better confidence. I bragged so much about them I had to install them on all my families guns!Thanks Talon.

Great product! Fast shipping, easy installation on my Glock 21. Couldn't be happier with the end result.

On patrol my grips takes a lot of knocks and nicks. To apply it is easy, and replacement is just as easy. Thanks for a first rate product!

I love these grips. I have them on every one of my carry guns. I am very pleased with the quality and ease of installation. I am also very pleased with the speed in which I received them in the mail. I recommend them to all of my friends.

Great product. Just what I wanted. A secure grip on my bad asz 45... How do I add an immage? You'd be drooling.

great stuff. i've read on some sites that talon grips are needlessly expensive for what's basically stair tape, but that ignores the fact that they are cut and contoured to fit perfectly - that work ain't free, people.

Really helps keeping a grip with the recoil of the 10mm. Glocks have always been slick to me and the rubber that Talon uses is great.

Works great !!!

I removed all old grips and put on Talon on all my hand guns best product out there.when I had to call them with questions they were as kind and cool as could be and helpful knowledgeable.if you tried similar ones,give it a shot and try Talon grips I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

I have a big hand but when I shoot my Glock21,it almost feel to big for my hand, but the Talon grips I got "sandpaper grit" actually help and give me more control when firing.

I absolutely love my Talon Grip on my Glock. It feels much nicer and cleaner in my hand than the stock grip texturing on the G41. I loved the way the product felt so I naturally had to add one to my Mossberg 500. Both grips were super easy to install and will recommend Talon Grips to any gun owner.

The recent purchase of your grips is my second time accessorizing a handgun of mine. I have thoroughly enjoyed the grip on the weapon previously outfitted that it was natural to do it again. I have the gritty sandpaper style on the first handgun for specific reasons. In my choice this time, I selected the rubberized style for my CCW. There is no better a handgun grip choice than Talon Grips! One of my sons recommended your product to me and I've referred friends to them. I particularly like the helpful information and fitting aids at your site. It was definitely user-friendly!

The best grips money can buy. My accuracy has improved two fold. My draw time has improved. High recommended to any Glock owner,

Very simple to install, gives a great grip on the firearm. I've found that the lower back strap portion seems to start to peel, so if I cut that lower inch off before installing - problem solved.

Wouldn't think of not having these on all of my guns. Exception would be 1911's with wood grips. Otherwise all my others have a set on them.

They're great!

Nice fit, easy to install, feel great!!!

Perfection for the Glock perfection!

Excellent product yet once again, top notch! Buy again and again!

This grips are very durable and have improved the grip on the weapon system. Highly recommended.

Talon Grips can not be beat and I have them on all 3 of my pistols. This set on my Glock 20 is nothing short of outstanding.

Awesome grip for my glock 21 will be getting one for my xdm! Very impressed!

I have talon grips on my 3 M&P and 3 Glock pistols love the feel of these grips.

I am thoroughly pleased with my new Talon Grips. I use them on all my handguns and would not shoot without them. Thanks for making such a fantastic product to enhance shooting!

Using theses grips on my IDPA - CDP Glock 21 Gen 4. They make a huge difference in recoil management.

I have Talon Grips on all of my Glocks - G21, G19, G23, G30S, and G43. I prefer the granular texture on my home defense pistols and the rubber texture for my EDCs. A great product at a great price!

Overall I love the feel of the new fills the hand better, it has more friction, and it wears the skin less. My only issue is that the adhesive seems to be a bit weak, even when heated and installed as specified. I had to reheat the bit at the bottom back of the grip repeatedly and finally it just kinda melted into the grip.

Super grip for my glock 21...great service too!

Added these to my gen 4 Glock 21. Grips fit perfectly and were easy to install. Greatly improved the grip of the gun, now it almost sticks to your hand. After about 300 rounds since the install, no issues with the grips moving of falling off.

On our 34 the grips are great,but on the 41 they are coming loose and off at the edges. They where installed correctly. I like the feel of the tape but I think the glue on the grips could be stronger.

These grips are exactly what I've been looking for. They add no bulk and keep the Glock pistol from slipping in a hand that is cold, wet or sweaty. They are very easy to apply and the texture is not too aggressive. After daily wear for in an IWB holster for approximately 4 months the grip shows no signs of wear. Excellent product!

Talon Grips are the best on the market! I got the rubberized grips for my Glock 21 Gen 4! They were a perfect fit and they feel great! I couldn't be more pleased with this product! If you haven't tried talon grips, buy them right now, they are outstanding!

Great grip easy to put on will be purchasing more for other firearms

Great product at first, then coating wears away quickly and makes gun look terrible.


Good fit and feel. Best of all grip products I've tried

They fit perfect has a nice texture feel no slipping great grips

great product. Firearm feels secure in my hand. Highly recommend

Night and day difference with the Talon grips

Really like the rough grips I put on my Glock 21. They really improve the grip and were easy to install. Only problem I have is that a section on the back of the grip lost its adhesive and has to be pressed down every once in awhile to make it stick. I followed the directions the same as I did on my Glock 30 which has not had any issues. Other than that they are great grips.

Talon grips for both my 20 and 21. As soon as I get a new gun it's time to order a Talon grip. The best for a solid grip on the big Glocks

When I first fired my Glock 21, I had issues with my off-hand losing its grip. I was very aware of it and I had to readjust my grip for follow up shots. After I installed the granulate texture Talon grips, I don't have this problem anymore and it has improved my groupings.

Purchased this product for my duty weapon. A week after I went to Firearms Instructor school and the product performed perfectly. Weapon system felt as if it were glued to my hand. Highly recommend to any shooter of any skill level.

Purchased this product for my duty weapon. A week after I went to Firearms Instructor school and the product performed perfectly. Weapon system felt as if it were glued to my hand. Highly recommend to any shooter of any skill level.

Purchased this product for my duty weapon. A week after I went to Firearms Instructor school and the product performed perfectly. Weapon system felt as if it were glued to my hand. Highly recommend to any shooter of any skill level.

Fits my Glock 21 perfectly. I would recommend this to anyone interested in great grips.

Makes the gun manageableGood product

I am, and continue to be very impressed by the Talon grip. I put it on my duty weapon (Glock 21) which is in great shape, but 8 years of car seat, and general wear had worn down the purchase on the grip. For less than $20 shipped, I found my work pistol had a new found secure grip, and I was very pleased to find that it also wears very well. Better than stock, easy to install, and very reliable. I'm very happy with with my Talon, and recommend it to everyone.

Just put my first set of grips on my gen 3. Great product, its a night and day difference.

My go to guys for wrap-on grips. Great product!


I love the grip they give you, but it's very uncomfortable to CC! Good grip equals abrasive on your skin!

The Glock 21 gen 4 grip is much better in regards to sticking and not moving/sliding as compared to the gen 3 model.

Simply Awesome. I strongly recommend these for every Glock owner

Talon grips, I use the granular, are simply the best grips on the market. I'd like to try the rubber but can't get past how well the granular grips work. Additionally these grips fit like a glove and are easy to install.

The difference I feel when I hold my G20 with and without the Talon Grips is like night and day. Awesome upgrade!

Absolutely a must have for any Glock owner.

Best grips going, a must have on all my Automatic Handguns


3-5 min and done