Glock 26, 27, 28, 33, 39

Click for Talon 360 ViewTALON Grips for Glock Model 26, 27, 28, 33, 39 (Rubber Texture Gen4 Medium Backstrap Shown)

Grips for Glock 26, 27, 28, 33, 39



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TALON Grips for Glock Model 26, 27, 28, 33, and 39 models. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures. This grip provides full coverage on the side panels including above the thumb rest, ample coverage on the backstrap, and two finger wraps for the finger grooves under the trigger guard. This grip has a logo cutout for the Glock emblem on the left side of the handle. This grip sticks extremely well even with the Rough Textured Frame (RTF). The medium backstrap will fit both the medium and the medium beavertail backstrap. The large backstrap will fit both the large and the large beavertail backstrap. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Fit great looks great

Fits and feels really good on the hand

Love my Talon grips. Easy to install and instantly adds to the usability of my Glock. I will definitely be getting more.

I put Talon grips on all 5 of my Glock pistols. Fits like a glove!

These grips are awesome I love the way they feel in my hand soon getting one for my ar15

Great product! Easy to install! Provides perfect grip on the Glock 26! Highly recommend!

Awesome product. Easy to place on firearm, easy instructions and took less than 10 minutes with an outstanding finish. Easy to replace over time.

This is an excellent product that I have on my Glock handguns. I will continue to purchase these for future pistol purchases. Thank you for a great product. Regards, Fred

This is my 2nd Talon Grip purchase.My new Gen 4 G26 stock grip isn't the most comfortable to draw & shoot.With the rubberized Talon Grip it is night & day better.I installed it perfectly unlike my G17 grip that was just slightly off.It's only been on a month so I cant speak on longevity so far.Love my Talon Grips.

I have put Talon Grips on several Glock pistols, including my duty weapons. I love the extra grip they provide, and the fact that they are cut perfectly to fit each pistol. This time I got the moss-colored grip for my Glock 27, and I love the new look.

These worked very well on my Gen 3 Glock and provided a very secure grip on this weapon.

Great product simple install !

Love these. I have them on all of my Glock’s.

Thought the grip would be a little more aggressive as far as how tacky it is. Was expecting a rubber coating that would grip to your hand a little more. Install was a breeze and seems like it’ll last a long time

Works and feel great, will buy again

Fits great on my G26, love the gritty grip. I have the rubberized grit on my XD9sc. You can't go wrong with a Talon grip!

Talon grips are the best!

Ordered my Glock 33 Grips and they got to me quickly. The ease of putting them on with the enclosed straightforward directions makes it a breeze to turn your nasty grip into a perfect one! Thanks Talon, for a quality, durable product!

These grips are great, I've got them on several Glocks, again a great product. I've had these on all my gen 3 Glocks because I was happy with the texture on the gen 4's, but decided to put some black ones on an FDE 26 mainly for looks, and turns out I like it better on the gen 4s as well.

Perfect fit!

Comfortable, feels great in hand. Provides fantastic grip. Rubber is perfect for IWB holster.

Great product! Fits perfectly without adding any bulk to the firearm.

I initially ordered the gritty grips for my Glock 22. As soon as I installed them and felt the difference in grip I immediately ordered a set for my Glock 26. These things are amazing. I would definitely recommend and will order more as soon as I get another pistol.

Love the grips amazing how much control u have over the gun while shooting

Awesome product, even better customer service. Easy install and they feel great in your hand. I have had them on my EDC for 2 years now and its still in great shape. I currently have Talon Grips on 2 of my pistols and will be adding them to a few others.

Easy to install. Great grip on my Glock 26. Worth every penny.

I ordered this for Baby GLOCK after ordering one for GLOCK 43 and loving the the grip. However, the baby Glock grip looks like it should have been cut to fit my Gen 4. Didn’t want to exchange so I placed it and applied the heat and it does go in place except for one wrinkle I could not get out. I did not want to make the needed cut and don’t wish to remove this until I actually get a chance to use it. Otherwise, very pleased with all Talon products I have used.

Like always you guys make a great product. This will be my second Talon for my Glock 26.

These grips are the best. This is my 4th set. The gun feels naked with them. They are a must have.

Awesome product, exactly what I ordered

Bought these recently and they look, feel, and function wonderfully. Will return again

Worked great and very easy to install. Wouldn’t have a pistol without it

This is my 4th set of talon gun grips. I ordered my latest pair for my 74 year old father who daily carries a Glock 26. He loved them!!! He was able to ge a much better purchase on the pistol when we practiced at the range. I have talons on both my Glock 33’s and my Glock 32! Fantastic product, ships fast and perfect fit!!!

Perfect fit gen 3 Glock 27. Fast free shipping.

U know that I love talon grips .... 5 stars !

I can’t imagine not having a set on a hand gun I own. Game changer

Top notch quality as always

Great product! Easy install. Purchased the rubber textured grip for my glock 26 gen 5 which I carry and it grips tight in my hand and no abrasion on skin when I draw or holster gun. I would definitely recommend Talon grips!

I ended up buying the black rubber grip for my Glock 26.... It makes a huge difference and really like it! I would like to purchase one for my 19, but I think it’s very expensive for what it is!

Great grips at a great price!! Super easy to install. Rubber grips makes firearm feel much better against bare skin!!

Absolutely love this product! I highly recommend Talon Grips for all hand gun owners!!

all 5 of my glocks have new talon grips would not do without them !!

I used houge gripps for years on my G23C, tried out talon grips on it and was sold. just installed them on my G26 and love it!!!!

Fits and looks great. Much improved feel of the gun and no issues installing. Very nice!

Talon grips fit like factory. Properly installed they are extremely durable. Tackiness is just right. Have them on a Kahr PM-9 and Glock 43 plus mag extensions. Perfect!

Grips are outstanding! If your familiar with the small Glocks you can only get a two, may be if you have very small hands a three finger grip. These rubber Talon grips keep the pistol from slipping in your hand, additionally helps improve accuracy on follow up shots.

Talon grips are a must have accessory for any Glock. They fit like a glove and improve my grip, especially when my hands start to sweat. I always go with the rubber grips as they are nicer to my under shirts. I choose Talon over the competition, because of the fitted one piece design and the great customer service. Keep up the good work guys.

Perfect fit, easy to install, a little more secure feeling grip than stock grip. Good.

They good

The reason I always go for Talon Grips is simple. It fits perfect everytime and the quality is phenomenal for the price. Won’t use any other grips.

They fit great as usual, love them, second set

I love my new Glock 26 Talon rubberized grip and pierce grip extention rubberized grip. The feel is secure and comfortable in the most natural and non-intrusive way. I have the same rubberized Talon grips on my XDS9 pistol and will be putting them on all my Glocks. Inexpensive and easy to install. Make sure you follow the directions fully and heat it with a hair drier for complete curing and finish.

I have Talon on every hand gun I own, First thing I do when getting new gun...Great feel and look.............

Great grip easy to insta ll a little overlapping of grip but other than that a solid product

Great grip and easy to install.

Grips work well. Customer service is great. Good company, good product.

Great products and excellent customer service!

I really like the feel of the Rubber Grips & may put a set on my other Glocks

As always perfect fit!

Great product.i will buy again

Quality fit as usual,I put them on my wife's gen4 26 and she loves them. All 5 of our glocks have the rubber grips and two have had them on 2+ years and still look new. Great product, I'm a returning customer and will be for life. Thanks Talon.

I love my rubberized Talon Grips. They were easy to install and I love that uou have colors (I chose moss). Now I have a two toned Glock 27. Keep up the good work. I recommend Talon to everyone

Thanks I have not installed yet but watched YouTube videos on installing I know I will be happy with my talons! Thanks for a great product that will make my Glock feel so much better !!

Perfect fit on medium size. Improved feel. Off to shoot it tomorrow.

Absolute great feel to the rubber grip. Took approximately 15 minutes to clean and prep, install and heat the grip. No problems with instal and has held up great taking in and out of IMB holster. Would definitely buy for more of my guns

Fit perfect, feels great. Nice grip.

I would like a bit more tack but otherwise pleased!

Your product is fantastic... Thank you

Good product. All perfect. Will buy again and recommend. Tks

Have always had glock guns and wondered about the rough texture of the grip on the frame. It wasn't until a friend showed me his glock with Talon grips that I knew I had to have it on mine! It was much more comfortable to hold. I ordered mine and it was delivered in a very timely manner. The directions were user friendly and I installed them with ease. Great product.

Great product. Easy to apply.

The fit on these rubbery texture grips was very precise, user needs to take their time on installation and get it right. They feel great in the hand and so far no adhesion release at all and I carry often.

Easy to apply, attractive,functional, and fairly priced. Tan grips look good on both black and dark earth Glocks.

I had a small concern with some grips I ordered several months ago for a pps and opted to not have them send me another grip due to deciding to selling the the gun. I emailed a few months later and asked if I could warranty the grip for a different gun and they did it for me with little hesitation. I believe I was emailing with the owner of the company who took very good care to insure my satisfaction with the company and the grips. I am very appreciative for his efforts as he didn’t have to do anything for me. I intern bought another set for another pistol. I really like the grips, they allow you to really lock on to your pistol and keep control through sustained strings of fire. They stand behind the product and do right by the customers I hope they are around for a long time. Trent thank you for everything you did for me.

I love you guys every gun I buy I have talon on it love this product

Rubberized grips rock, I’ve used grit grips but needed something for CCW. They worked out great improved my grip on glock 26

5th time I've utilized Talon grips on a variety of semi-auto pistols. Super easy to place accurately. I you make a mistake in placement it is immediately easy to correct. It only takes 5 to10 minutes from beginning to end to complete the project. Hint, read the instructions the 1st time to make it an easy job. I like that they also make a rubber texture as well as a sand texture for match and target application. The new desert tan and ODG colored Talon grips are great for ceracoated firearms. Really like what Talon Grips has to offer pistol shooter here in the USA.

Love Talon grips. Im able to maintain a firm grip during follow shots which consistently puts rounds on target

Fit perfectly. Awesome product!!!

These are the best grips I have ever had!!!!! They are on everything and they are great. I will be buying more!!!!!

Fast shipping Perfect fit

I got a talon grip for my Glock 26 gen 4. My 26 is green and I put the black rubber grip on there and I couldn’t be happier. Feels great looks great and very easy to install. Hopefully it holds up as well as I think it will. Great job

The best Period! I’ve had these on my Glock 23 for 10 years and still on perfectly. I shot over 2000 rounds and it’s hasn’t came off, I chose the rubber version

My second set of Talon Grips for my G27. I tried the ‘granuate’ texture first. The grip was excellent but rather abrasive. Would have been OK for a competition gun but this is my concealed carry gun. I tried the rubber texture and it is just right. Great added grippy-ness for my hands but does not hang up on my shirt.

Very nice grips. Easy to apply in just a few minutes. Makes holding onto the pistol much more secure, especially in the wet Pacific Northwest Weather.

When I buy a pistol I automatically purchase Talon grips. Up to 6 now. Need I say more?!

These grips are ideal for compacts i will start putting them on all my guns

Grips are awesome. Highly recommend. Customer service is awesome as well. Company is a small business in Colorado. Very friendly!!!

Awesome product. I purchased and installed the rubber grips on my glock 26. You can “lock-in” with a firm grip which gives you better shot placements even at distances beyond what is considered close quarters.I intend to purchase Talon grips for my M&P shield next.Thank you for a great product.

I have grips forGlock 27Ruger LCPKahr cm9And I bought my dad grips for his glock 27. I love the grips and put them on all my carry guns. They install easy and stay on. They work well in hot humid climates and really change the grip on small conceal carry guns. I will always have a set on my guns.I researched several different grips and this company makes the best grip for a great price. They also give the gun a nice custom look.

Great purchase for better grip.

I love these grips perfect fit and great performance

Awesome company, awesome product. All businesses should operate like Talon grips. Great company to do business with. I will be back for more !!!!!Merry Christmas everybody !!

Love the new GRAY! Same great grips, nice new color! AAA+++

Excellent quality as usual. Have Talon Grips on all my firearms. Love it!

I love the Talon grip product, the installation is simple, it looks good and feels better. It almost looks like it came from the factory. I changed from the granulate surface to the rubber, I think this will work better in concealed carry application as the granulate worked great, but were a bit abrasive against my side.

Top notch product as I've come to expect from Talon. Keep up the great work.

Love these grips. Use them all the time on everything, particularly on compacts.

Love these. Have had family members and friends shoot my pistol and all have commented on the positive feel of these grips. Get some!

Great product

awesome grip fits perfect with my large backstraps and very nice texture to get a nice handle on your gun!

Great product with a good fit and easy to apply!

Excellent product as always! All my glock have the Talon grips. Is a must have !!!

I first purchased a set of rubberized grips for an HK45c. I was so pleased with the ease of application and the improved feeling of the grip that I ordered a set each for a Glock 22 and Glock 27. Application was a snap and greatly improved the feeling of the factory grips. The grips all shipped the day I ordered. By far, the least amount of money I have ever spent to achieve such a positive result for a firearm. I have not had them sufficient time to comment on durability but at this price that is not a great concern. I think this is a quality product at a great price.

Haven't had time to hit the range since getting these grips but the better feel of the grip is 100% better on the G27. Only 4 stars instead of 5 because I haven't hit the range yet.

Haven't had time to hit the range since getting these grips but the better feel of the grip is 100% better on the G27. Only 4 stars instead of 5 because I haven't hit the range yet.

Talon grips was very easy to put on. Made a huge difference in the feel of the gun. Very proud of the product.Will do other pistols I purchase down the road.

I Ordered 3 of these but I forgot one was a Gen 4. I contacted Talon Grips and explained the situation. I ordered a correct size and returned the wrong one. The replacement came in quickly as usual and my credit card was credited as soon as they received the return. Great customer service that goes with the great grips!

Talon grips are the best low cost upgrade you can do to your hand gun. I have yet to try the granular but the rubber have been awesome. great product, great company. The hand written thank you goes a long way with me! I will buy many more

Just ok but I don't it anymore. The grip on my 26 is better for me than the talon grip.

I LOVE Talon grips. I have Talon grips on ALL my Glocks. They are a perfect fit and I have not had one of them come off yet. Really adds a great feel to the gun and gives me a more secure grip on the gun. I will always buy Talon grips for any gun I buy. Thanks Talon team for a great product.

The rubberized grips are fantastic! A must have for the 26.

I now have Talon Grips on my G26, G22, G35, PPQ, Q5 Match and VP9. These grips are easy to apply, hold up under extensive wear, and feel great!! I use these for 3GN, USPSA, IDPA, and carry.

A MUST HAVE for the Glock 26. It was awkward to hold and shoot until I added the Talon grips. MUCH more comfortable and more importantly...CONTROLLABLE. Thanks Talon!

I've lost count how many of these grips I have used, never ever a problem or concern. No adhesive concerns and always fit! Thanks!

Awesome product!

Great product with perfect fit as is the case for all Talon produces I have purchased. Grips for my XDM and PPS M2 fit very well too. These are easy to apply and are a very reasonable cost so if you don’t like them you can easily remove.

Great product with perfect fit as is the case for all Talon produces I have purchased. Grips for my XDM and PPS M2 fit very well too. These are easy to apply and are a very reasonable cost so if you don’t like them you can easily remove.

The best grip available!

Best grip out there for composite firearms. I have them on all of my Glocks. I wish they were available for the Kriss Vector. Very secure, durable and extremely easy to install. Gives firearm a whole new feel in the hand, better and more secure. I was a law enforcement officer for 37 years (retired 1.5 years), I only wish these were available earlier in my career instead of the old slip on grips.

I picked up friends pistol with your grips and could not believe how well it improved my grip and my confidence in my ability to retain my pistol. I have tried both textures and love both of them. I will NOT carry anything now without your grips.

Firstly, i like the grips. The install was easy, just used a little heat to ensure final touches. As for use, the 27 is short in the grip, so needed something to be able to give me a better grip without an extra long magazine, as that would be pointless due to the reason most folks buy the 27 (concealment)... The slight advantage of the tacky grip offset the lack of grip, enough to give me confidence while firing a volley down range... As for price. All I can say is what a steal, with great service to boot! Well done Talon!

Grippy AF. It shreds my clothes but gun feels like glued to my hand. 110% of control. Recomend it. Greatings from Poland!!

My Glock 26 is my EDC pistol and thought that getting Talon grips for it would improve my grip just like the Talon grips I put on my Kahr PM9 about a year ago. Applying the grips took about 5 minutes, they look great and they actually improve my purchase when drawing from my IWB holster. The baby Glock grip is short and I wanted to keep it that way for concealability. Talon grips are the perfect solution for Baby Glocks!

My Glock 26 is my EDC pistol and thought that getting Talon grips for it would improve my grip just like the Talon grips I put on my Kahr PM9 about a year ago. Applying the grips took about 5 minutes, they look great and they actually improve my purchase when drawing from my IWB holster. The baby Glock grip is short and I wanted to keep it that way for concealability. Talon grips are the perfect solution for Baby Glocks!

Just what I wanted to add a little more grip on my Glock 26. All my Glock's have Talon grips because they're the best in my opinion.

Best product ever.

Very fast shipping and great service. I got the rubber grips for my Glock 27 and I’m very happy with them. Installation is a breeze and took no time at all. I have a Glock 30S on its way and that will receive the same. Thanks shins talon grips


I really like these rubber grips,it feels like a different gun.Would buy these again

I have these grips on three of my handguns and am very pleased with the grip and comfort while shooting. very comfortable for concealed carry.

Great fit. Easy to apply. Stays in place! Have Talon's on all my Glocks!

I’ve purchased a total of 7 Talon grips, absolutely love them on my polymer pistols. I prefer the rubber texture, greatly improves grip surface without the significant bulk of other products.I give them 10 out of 10 stars.

As advertised, great product.

Bought the rubber grips for my Glock 26. Applying the grips took all of 10 minutes. Bravo to talon !! I have talon rubber grips on my Glock 42 also. Go for it .

A must have . I use the rubber texture grips on all of my carry guns. The first thing I do after adding night sights to my Glocks is add a set of talon grips. P

I have used talon grips on several handguns and have never had a problem . I get them quick ,they are easy to install, they hold up. Keep up the good work

Best grips I've ever bought I have them on all my glocks my 26, my g41 g19 g42 g43 g23 g34 and my g20 like I said on all my glocks they are great with no problem great feel when you have to grab your weapon fast with out losing your grip keeping you from dropping your side arm .will buy again soon.

Bought for Gen. 4 G27Love them, but had to remove. Not good for CC. Shirt grabs to much. Have not tried the rubber ones yet.

Clean the area well, I use alcohol and a toothbrush. Apply as instructed and you will have a superior grip surface. I use this not only on the G26 but also my Shield 45. Stuff is awesome!


Perfect fit. Easy to install.

Love the Talon grips. Have them on all my blocks.

Awesome grips

I have these on both of my edc's. great product Keeps it slim.

Once again, Talon Grips delivers! The rubber textured grips perfectly fit my Glock 26 and enable me to get a firm yet comfortable purchase on the handle. Talon's products are first-rate, no question about it, and my family and I will continue to be dedicated customers. P.S. I hope Talon one day offers grips in OD, matte gray, camo and other tactical colors.

If I plan to carry a pistol, I order Talon Grips for it. These grips are awesome. The last grips I ordered were for a Glock 26. They fit perfectly and felt great. I truly love these grips.

Fast service,quality product and easy to apply..Great tactile feel.

Great product like always

These grips are the best out there by far.

The grips are exactly as advertised. Could not ask for a better product. Fast shipping and great customer service!

These new rubberized grips are a great improvement over the old ones that I installed on my G26/27 several years ago. More coverage, and received a good deal too.

Just enough tacky make the gun more secure in your grip. Doesn't add bulk. Great product. On all my pistols.

Lovely people to do business with. I got all my gun grips from them.

I ordered two sets for my two Glock 19, G4's as well as one for my Glock 26, G4. The Grips are comfortable and an excellent addition to my weapons.

Was having a problem with s back strap on my Glock 26 becoming loose.Installing a Talon Grip solved the problem as well as providing additional gripping surface.The Talon Grip went on easily, looks and works great!

Nice grips, easy installation. Great customer service and product.

One of a few products that I order consistently since the Talon grip came out, and one of the few products in 53 years of hand gunning that I have never needed to question or complain about. Great product marketed by great people, and top customer service. Always.

Glock 27 all FDE ordered your Moss I like the look the bummer is on your mag skins only fit pinky rest you should keep up with demand and make a decal for the pearce + 2 I know Im not the only one out there that would like to see these comeout

Great grips. Have them on all my guns. Improve grip without adding volume. Great for carry guns, rubber ones are perfect. The grit ones can be a little harsh and harder to carry because they can rub on you too much.

Talon grips are wonderful, this was probably my 10th order from them. They also ship very quickly.

work great. fit well. no complaints.

This is an excellent product. I highly recommend these grips for you guns. They feel great and they are super easy to put on. Thank you Talon for making an awesome product!

Great product! Will be buying more.

Love the Talon grips on my Glock 26 and all of my other polymer handguns I own! Order a set for every new gun I pick up!

Easy to install! Great feel! 2nd grips, also have them for my glock 43

They feel great! I'm glad I did it

I love these grips! I am in the process of ordering them for all my Glocks. Recommend!

Very good products

Improved grip, easy to install.

Love this grip for my Glock. It was easy to put on, looks and feels great.


Bought these for my gen3 G26. Makes a world of difference. I just love them.

I just bought a Glock 26 Gen4. I ordered a Talon Grip the day I bought the gun. I shot the Glock before I got the grip. My large hands made it hard to get a good secure grip. I installed the Talon Grip (rubber in "Moss" - how cool is that?!) the day I got it. I shot the Glock the next day and it made a big difference on my ability to have a secure grip and greatly improved my accuracy. I have Talon Grips on all my handguns and will put them on any other guns I buy. I have sold a couple of guns with Talon Grips to people who had never used Talon Grips before - the Talon Grips are still on the guns! If you want to improve your shooting skill install Talon Grips on your guns.

Excellent product. Precision made.

These grips got rid of the cheap plastic feeling that my Glock had before I installed them.. I can grip my subcompact with confidence.

Great producr

I have this excellent product on all my semi-automatic pistols. Does not add any additional bulk to the weapon and helps with the grip. I have teenagers who appreciate it as well when they shoot.

Perfect hold

Love the rubber grip. Not too aggressive, but definitely gives me an edge as far as grip and control go. Easy to apply and looks sharp too!

Simple, they are Number 1. love the Talon Grips perfect fit

Great product !! Have Talon Grips on all 11 of my guns

Best grips on the market

I put the talon grip on my gen IV Glock 27, the grip was a perfect fit and was very easy to install.

A simple solution for a better grip, giving the shooter a much better grip on the firearm , for a good price. Highly recommended.

I ordered the moss rubber grip for my Gen 4 26 and love it. It was easy to install and fit perfectly. I appreciate the hand written thank you and the free shipping was relatively quick.Warning for men with wives: my wife almost threw mine away unknowingly as the tan, windowed envelope looks like it would contain junk mail hahaHappy shooting folks!

I just received my Talon grips for my Glock 27 (which I have a Bar-Stow barrel in .357sig) today in the mail. The envelope was so thin I thought the contents was just a letter. But the grip panels were in there. Carefully following instructions and cleaning the grip of the gun first the Talon grips were easily applied. The Talon grip definitely improves the ability to grip the gun. I am looking forward to going to the range and trying them out. They are so thin that I don't believe they will reduce he felt recoil but because of the controllability I believe it may reduce the perceived recoil. As an NRA firearms instructor I believe this to be a great product. I have already ordered the Talons for my Glock 43 and Boberg XR9.

G26 Gen4 is now perfect. I had a G19 and got rid of it because the grip was just a smidge to big. Got a G34 and the grip reduced and it is perfect. Got a G26 and put Talon Grips on it and it is PERFECT. Also have them on my P99; also perfect. Also have them on my AR; also perfect. STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!

I purchased the Talon grips for my Glock26. They arrived quickly, were easy to apply, and improve the overall feel and grip. I highly recommend Talon Grips.b

Love the product!!

If you have problems gripping the Glock 26-27 or 33 at the range or while shooting it. Talon grips are a must ! They also improve accuracy !

Hi, I never revived my grip I ordered 2/25/2017 Here's my purchased order # 265621 what's going on.

Ordered the moss grips for my FDE gen 3 glock 26. Color isn't a perfect match but it's close and I like the contrast. Grips are great!

Fast shipping easy install feel great.

Fits exactly as designed. Rubber is very comfortable for all day carry against the skin. Would recommend these to anyone.

Talon granular grips provide firmer grasp of the handgun, even on gen4 glocks. Grips are easy to put on. In 4 years I have not had one come off.

I ordered and received the grit type. Putting them on was no problem and I like the feel a lot. It might be too rough for some but I feel very confident it won't be slipping out of my hand.

I used to use Decal GripsTalon Grips are far superior. They have full coverage including the finger Grips & backstrap areaWith a little heat they stick like glue! Get some today You will not be sorry

Awesome grips, will not use any others!!

Excellent grips. Easy and quick to apply. This is my 4th gun with Talon Grips and I couldn't be happier.

Talon grips are an excellent product. They improve grip on your firearm yet don't increase the size as most thicker grips do. Because they maintain grip size, they allow for accessory attachment such as a laser without interference. I have them on all of my handguns. You cannot beat them for price and functionality.

The grip I purchased for my pistol looks great and feels great. It was very easy to apply. I received it within a couple of days of ordering it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for grip for their pistol.

Easy to install. Makes a big difference to how the pistol feels in the hand without adding any girth.

Straightforward to apply to the gun. I bought the rubber texture, and it feels MUCH more comfortable to grip than the factory gen 4 grip on my g26. It's everything I was hoping it would be. Thanks for this great product. Must-have mod for the gen 4.

Best aftermarket grip enhancement application on the market

rubber grips for glock 26 are great take your time putting them on and they look like OEM

Very good product! And I really like the HANDWRITTEN thank you on the order form! That's first class right there!! Will highly recommend and will buy again!

when i first received the and applied them to my g-27, they felt very grainy. no problem so i thought i'll just use some very fine sandpaper and sand around til it felt comfortable. got to a point were they did feel good handling and shooting was pretty good. but after awhile they got to a point where it just didn't feel right to me anymore. this has nothing to do with your company, or the product itself. it was just a personally thing with me.first of all it was a great idea to come up with the concept of talon grips for many different ideas. it just wasn't comfortable for me.i do wish your company the very best in the future and pass on a great ide for better grip control. it just wasn't right for myself.


Excellent grip for my g-26Fast shipping to Norway

My G26 looked like a kids gun with the bits of die cut skateboard tape I bought on ebay a while back. Living in a pocket holster was hard on the tape and in time, it shifted and looked a sight. I had a Talon wrap on my PM9 that did a great job so I bit the big one and bought Talons for all three Glocks. Very happy !

Easy to apply, shot with it right away and was immediately impressed, staff was extremely responsive when i called with a question. I ended up buying grips for all my guns.

This is my 2nd purchase, Makes my compact Glock feel 10 times better, specially being a compact. Very satisfied with Talon.

Have both the Granulate and rubber. They are awesome!

Had to reheat it on both guns twice , both were clean and dry when it was applied.

I have purchased rubberized Talon Grips for a Gen 3 Glock 26, a Gen 4 Glock 26, and a S&W 9mm Shield. All were easy to install and look great. The texture has given a much improved grip. I am very pleased with Talon Grips, much more than the rubber sleeves I tried before.

Good grip tape. Doesn't lay down completely flat on the back plate, but still very good

Ordered the "sandpaper" grip for my 27...perfect fit....easy installation....fired atleast 300 rds with em.....Hockok was right....great grips!

I have now put Talons on my Glock 26, M&P Shield & Glock 42. Perfect fit and function on each pistol. I absolutely love the Talon Grips, you will too!! Next up, Glock 19 & M&P Bodyguard!

Reviews of Talon products are boring to write. I own several grips and all of them are perfect. Perfect fit. Perfect feel. Perfect function. Perfect shipping. Perfect communication. Boring!

I love these gripsThey really improve my control on the gunI have them on all my handgunsMy wife has them on her gunsThe customer service from Talon is greatTry a pair you won't be sorry

I originally ordered the granular grip for a glock 27, which is my carry gun. The grip is great but not at all conducive to CCW due to skin abrasion and clothing snags/tears. I had to order the rubber grips as replacement.

Ordered the new Moss colored rubber grips for my Glock26 in FDE,Great color match can't beat talon grips in my opinion

Nice fit very happy.

This product is made perfectly to fit my glock 26, It completly changed the way the gun feels in my hand for the better, I first thought it was a bit over priced, but after I installed it on my gun and seen and felt the excellent quallity, it didn't seam overpriced anymore. I would most definatly recomend them to anyone with a hand gun.

I have used on several of my guns an the Talon grips work great. I purchased the new tan color that only comes in the rubber version. I would like the option to get in a darker color or OD green an in the more grittier version. The fit is perfect an I recommend.

Grip for my Glock 27 arrived in record time! A huge improvement over the stock grip - it will be a pleasure to recommend your product to others!

Great product at great price, Much better than any of the comparable type products I have tried including "stippling". Moderate use over last three months (2000 rds,) No peeling or edges coming loose. Grip remains comfortable and works as advertised for no slip, better grip even when wet and muddy. Fitment is perfect when installed per instructions. I have the rubber type texture grips on two different weapons, have not tried the sand type so can't speak to that finish. I am 33 years LE and heavy recreational shooter. Love the grips.

Great product

The perfect grip and fit .

I have talong grips on all my pistols, ordered one for my son, we both love them.

The rubberized grip for the G26 is very nice and seems to have adhered very well. It provides a very nice feel in your hand and against your side if you conceal carry. My only concern would be longevity. I am unsure how long it will last on my pistol since it is more or less a thick sticker. So far it has stayed on very well with no peeling.

Easy to apply, forgivable installation, fits very well. One by one, all my Glocks will eventually wear these grips. This is a great product.

Great product and easy to install. Improves the grip 1000%

I have Talon Grips on all of my handguns and this one does not disappoint ... Due to the complex shapes and textures of the Golck 26 Gen 3 I was unsure how it would turn out? ... Let me tell you it was perfect as usual from Talon ... Keep up the good work Talon!!!! ...

Got turned on to Talon Grips from Hickok45 and I am HOOKED. I don't have a gun without them on it and will continue to put them on every gun I keep. I started out with the sandpaper but it was rough on my side and abrasive to my clothing, so I went with the rubber which gives me 70-80% of the friction but none of the drawbacks. The new tan rubber material also looks AWESOME. No longer have the urge to go out and get an FDE framed gun now that these are an option (I actually think having the tan grip on a black frame looks better than the full FDE treatment). Great personable folks at Talon Grips and the product is - in my opinion - second to none in quality; both overall and at the price point. A+ stuff!

This was easily the BEST purchase I have ever made for my Glock 26. These grips are SO comfortable and work SO well with how sweaty my hands get! I will NEVER buy another gun without putting Talon Grips on it! Beyond impressed!

Love Talon grip tape for the fit, looks good but isn't made to last more than a year or so for EDC, I'll try another one and probably go to skateboard tape cheaper

If you're wanting a better more comfortable grip for you glock look no further as far as I'm concerned this gun should come from the factory with these amazingly low priced grips. This has by far been the best upgrade I've made on my firearm a must have in my book

Exceeded our expectations. Great product!

Perfected my glock's grip. Highly recommended.

Excellent Grips , Makes getting a positive purchase on gun every time !!

Easy to install and gives a firm grip on my Glock 26

The Talon Grips exceeded my expectations. The fit was precision, really complimented my Glock 26, and installation was very easy following the included instructions. The Talon rubber grip provided just the right amount of extra security without being to aggressive for IWB or pocket carry. Great product!were easily installed and provided just the right amount of

the install could not be any easier and the fit was perfect.

This is my 5th grip from Talon. It fit perfectly, and didn't interfere with the Crimson Trace Laserguard Instinctive Activation. Minor trimming on the finger groove wraps. I will buy one for every pistol I purchase.

Truley a great grip

The Talon grip make the glock better. I have them on every pistol. Thank you

I like them a lot, easy to install and use.. rubber grips are very comfortable

Well one way to sum it up these are not my first nor my last set. I think that they were a great low cost improvement to both of my Glocks. Great addition to the grip without getting too aggressive.

Great products! I no longer mess around with skate board tape.

Have used Talon on my everyday carry for over a year. No problems here. Purchased more as gifts for my brothers.

The two most important changes I made to my Glock 26 were upgraded sights and Talon granulated grips. I have larger hands which can overwhelm a smaller gun and make it difficult to handle. The Talon granulated grips give me a firm purchase on the gun and, I am convinced, have helped me lower my scores in competitive matches during the past 2 years. I give them 5 stars!

Got the rubberized grip for my G26. Great fit! Love these grips.

Love these grips. Tried others, always came back to these. Have them on 4 of my flocks.

Love these, I put them on all my handguns that are my carry guns as well as some range guns. Very simple to apply, have put them to several years of hard use and still look great and do the job.

Makes a huge difference, and extremely easy to apply.

Great product would buy again!

I put Talon rubberized grips on all my pistols and love how they feel. On especially the smaller framed guns like the shield it drastically changes the feel of the gun. If you take time with the installation they will last for a long time.

Great price and product

These grips are easy to install and are so good, that I have put them on all my pistols and my AR 15

Perfect fit comfortable texture for great handling

Ordered a set of the rubber grips for my glock 26. Must say they went on very easy. I've carried it everyday for about 3 weeks with no sign of wear at all. My only problem with them is I didn't order them sooner and will be placing an order for my glock 19 very soon. Love them!

All my pistols have Talon grips so when I pic one up I have same feel and control. Buying diff color in just a few minutes. Love them !

So glad I found these on Hickok45! On my smaller handguns these really make the gun! I really like how solid the sand paper/granulate is when shooting it but for carry it's rubber hands down! Still super grippy but doesn't tear up clothing or bare skin. Great stuff!

Love the product. The fit & quality is excellent. 84D

These are the best grips I have used. Easy to apply, and well made. Adheres perfectly to your weapon. Highly recommended. I orderd three more for my other Glocks!

I liked these so well on my 26 that I also purchased one for my 43, and intend to continue to do so on future polymer frame handguns.

The Glock 26 has a short handle. That makes it nice for concealed carry. Not so much for secure grip. The Talon grip does certainly help.

Talon Grips are the best. Same day shipping!

The granulated version really assists me in maintaining a strong grip on my G27 gen4, improving my accuracy. I just bought my second talon grip for this pistol. The first one I bought lasted over a year carrying it every day. I have the rubberized version for my G19 gen4. While I like the rubberized version more than the stock gen4 grips, the granulated version ismy favorite

What a great product!! I have them on all my pistols. Great company to deal with very professional!!

Great product. It's the least expensive and most useful upgrade to a Glock. I have them on all my Glocks. I use the granulate for competition and the rubber for carry.

Love the talon grip I have for the G27 gen 4.

Great grips. They fit perfectly and are super easy to put on. The sandpaper really feels good in the hand.

Great product

Service and product is very good I will shop for other products

Just try them!! Order 1 set of Talon grips to see the difference it makes in your gun. I ordered a set for all my guns after the first set. I am now in the Talon club!! Will always use them!!! Cheapest investment you can make for your gun !!! Love them!!

Great product. Couldn't be happier. Really improved the feel of my Glock 26. Good price, perfect fit and straight forward directions.

Just received and installed on my Gen 4 G27. I love these grips. I now have them on all six of my Glocks; 2 - G43s; 2 - G27s and 2 - G23s. Originally liked the rubber but I've done granulate on the last three and really like them the best now. Also wrapped the extended grips on the G43s & G27s. The only way to go.I screwed up my most recent order and the Customer Service folks at Talon got me handled with no problem. In particular want to thank Trent and Adam.

Best mod I have done to my pistols.

Make a bid difference the grip on your gun

Put Talon Grips with the rubber texture on my Glocks 26,19 & 17. The Talon Grips are a perfect fit and very easy to apply to the pistols. Thank you Talon Grips!

Thank you for having an excellent product and an outstanding customer service!

Awesome... buy it!!!

I bought these in the rubber style for my Glock 27, and they are absolutely fantastic!! The directions were easy to follow and installation was fast and simple!! I actually ordered the rubber grips for my Springfirld XDS and they are perfect as well !! Keep up the good work !!

The New Talon style grips are Amazing! Perfectly cut for easy installation. These grips are the closest you can get to having stippling work on your firearm! My favorite grips by far, Highly Recommend Talon Grips!

I ordered these for my Glock 26 and they are outstanding.

Love this product! I use the sand paper grip and ccw with it it can rub but minor adjustments and works awesome. Highly recommended.

If you are thinking about buying a set of talon grips, Do it! They fit perfectly and it is unbelievable how easy they are to install.

Great product! Easy to install and great quality

These grips are 100 percent worth every penny. They are super simple to put on and if you take the required 5 minutes to do it correctly you will have extraordinary results. There are YouTube videos demonstrating the simple process for the visual learners like myself.

Buying Talon grips is a no-brainer.Kicks any pistol up a notch.

Great product, easy to put on and love the way how the grip feels. The price is also not bad. I would recommend this to anyone.

Excellent product!

Have previously put Talon grips on a Glock 43 and Kahr CW45 and been very happy with the result , so I put a granulated Talon grip on my Glock 26 and am happy with the difference in grip , also put one on my Ruger LC9S Pro .

Very pleased with this product.

Ordered the rubber grip for my 27, easy to install, feel great on and my hand and when concealed everyday. Will be buying a set for my 23.

This grip creates a less hard surface than the polymer grip of the Glock 26 Gen 3. It increases the comfort and confidence of holding the pistol significantly. It is well worth the price.

Amazing grip fits perfect and will not peel off unless you make it. Highly recommend it for any gun but not good for concealing it will tear up bare skin.

Just installed my first set of rubberized grips on my Glock 27. Product is high quality, easy to install, and made in USA. Take your time and clean frame well, will buy again!!

My Gen 4 G26 now has the grip feel of my wife's Gen 3 RTF G19. I love it.

Great product!

I had been looking into aftermarket grips for my Gen 3 27. I even looked at stippling. After a co-worker's husband demonstrated the Talon Grips for me I was sold. The grip is great and I carry it every day. I took it to the range the other day for qualification and it exceeded my expectations. Cost effective, easy to mount and they don't slip. I will be ordering another set for my 22. The grip looks great too!

Ordered the rubber talon grip for my Glock 26. It instantly improved my overall grip, especially when shooting consistently over a long period of time. I would definitely recommend purchasing this product.

Easy install. Only had onfor about a month so can't comment on durability. Do like the improvement on establishing and maintaining grip. No regrets in purchasing.

These are the BEST!! How did I go this long with them.

Awesome product as advertised! Easy installation clean look. The feel of these grips is top notch makes the gun feel so much better. The grips look stock and exactly made for my glock. Highly recommended upgrade for any gun. Will buy from again in the future.

Excellent grip....I used the rubber and after I headed and worked ititjustbecame part of the made my Gen 4 26 an awesome feeling carry gun...

Easy to put on, no mess, makes a difference in how I shoot

I put the rubber texture Talon grips on my Glock 27 and am very pleased with them. The pistol is much more easily controlled now when using the flush magazine. Easy install and the gun carries more comfortably since I put these grips on it. The gen four grips were not comfortable against my skin. Liked them enough to buy more for my other pistols.

I received my grips(granular) in the mail after just a few days. Couldn't wait to put it on but first chance was 4 this morning. Was very impressed at the ease of putting it on.looks like the gun came like this stock. Do think it's a bit grainy for me though so after some fine paper and a little elbow grease, should be just about perfect. Can't wait to try it out at the range.sorry so long but question for those of you who have used both materials. Is there one you would prefer over the other and why.thank you talangrips for the nice addition to my g-27.

Easy to put on. Great Instructions. Feels great, very satisfied.

Awesome. Plan on ordering for mag extensions and for my duty 22.

I love the texture and the new look of my FDE Glock 27

The Talon grips for my Glock 27 it really makes a difference Thanks

I bought both the granular and rubber both are fantastic. I prefer the rubberized for ccw and granular for hot range days.

perfect as usual for my 26. Use them on my SA Mod 2,too. Night and day difference. Thanks guys!

excellent product!! greatly improves the grip on the gun. In addition the weapon is with a magnificent appearance. I recommend without doubt. The service Talon Grip is also great !!

I've bought Talon Grips for several firearms (LCP, LC9S, Sig p290, Glock 26) and love them. I prefer the rubber grips; they really help me get a nice grip without it being too sticky. Very easy to install and reasonably priced. Keep making them just as they are and I'll keep buying them!

These are great. On my gen 4 gun the grip is a little rough against my skin when carrying. The Talon makes it much more comfortable while still maintaining excellent tactile grip.

I put this grip on my EDC Glock 27, installation was a breeze no problems at all. I went to the range and put 300 rounds through the gun, mainly practicing holstering and re-holstering 2-4 round bursts. The grip felt great, and helped pulling the gun out much better. I highly recommend this grip if for any reason the stock grip does not satisfy you.

I have been using Talon grips for years. Love them ... Just wish they came in different colors.

Greatly improves grip and feel of the gun. Much more comfortable against skin when in wast carry then the gen 4 surface. Only down side is a weak point near the butt of the blackstrap were the covering slips away on the strong side after shooting for a while and needs to be repositioned and heated again.

Fantastic product. Inexpensive, easy to install. Big improvement.

Fits and feels fine. I have not shot with it yet. I did have the same grip tape in L and decided to go down to M. I was happy with the grip performance when shooting in the L size. I just decide to go down a size to improve my grip purchase on my G27.

Great product. Provides a great texture to the grip

Absolutely love it. Great product. Durable, I thought the edges would start peeling away after the weapon being holstered and unholstered, but it has not. Just as tight and clean as the first day I put it on. And to top off this great product, they have great service and fast shipping.

Ordered the rubber grips. Installed easily and adheres perfectly. Directions were great,

Bought these for my gen 4 because the factory grip texture was uncomfortable when carrying iwb. The texture of the rubber talon grips is not only more comfortable when carrying but also feel better in hand as well. All around much more comfortable than the factory texture

I love it I will be back for sure !!!!!!!!

I wasn't sure if I needed Talon Grips, however I have seen so many others with Talon Grips that I decided it was worth a shot (pun intended).Installing the grips was way easier than I expected and they look absolutely perfect. I feel much more comfortable handling my weapon than I ever did before. My improved grip has helped while shooting as well because I feel like I can grip a little higher without my hand sliding downwards and I can control recoil slightly better.It's safe to say that I will be installing Talon Grips on every weapon that I own that I can. If you have doubts if you need, or want these grips, then I would just recommend giving it a shot because chances are you'll like them, and they won't bother you at all.

We all hear other people saying, "this product is the best out there", and when you try Talon Grips, you can honestly say with confidence that their is only one grip for the gun industry and it is Talon Grips. Even the removal of my old grips when worn out is a super easy clean up and prep for the new grips. If you don't believe the hipe, just give Talon Grips a try and you too will be spending the time writing a review on them. By the way the Grips for the Yeti cups and lowboys are awesome too. Should we expect anything else.

This is a must have addition to a Glock 26 especially if you have regular sized hands. This pistol is small and it's difficult to gain a good purchase on the grip. This grip takes care of that. A+ product all the way.

Fit my Gen 4 without back straps as expected.

Nothing quite like Talon Grips to give you a secure, non-slip grip for any pistol. Even the gen4 thumb rest is slippery and hard to maintain until you add these grips. Best ever grip without bulk! Thank You Talon!

I put them on my Glockenspiel 27 Gen 1, and took it to my local Shooting range. And I shot the IROCC for conceased carry. I found that my score was better than when I qualified with my larger Glock 23. I think that my better score was due to my Talon grips which greatly improved the recoil of the smaller gun. Thank You.

I get a much better purchase on my G26 with a Talon aggressive grip on it. I had planned on using my Kimber 1911 .45 to shoot IDPA this month and went out for some range time prior to the match. My Kimber has some nice aggressive carbon fiber grips but the weapon was still slipping around in my hand, due to the heat, humidity and very sweaty hands. Decided to switch to my G19 w/ the aggressive Talon grip and problem solved, rock solid confident grip. Normally I get a year or two of service out of the Talon grip on my Glocks before they need replacement. But that is due to the stippling and texture of the grip, greatly reducing the area of adhesive contact. This is a good product that I highly recommend.

Very easy to install, Installed them on my Glock 26 Gen 4. Feels very comfortable in my hands and gives me a nice grip. Also feels comfortable IWB from the stock stippling. Now my Glock 27 Gen 3 feels naked and slick so I had to make another purchase!

Just what I was looking for. Great grip with no added bulk. Went on easy and so far hasn't moved or unpealed from daily wear and the summer heat. Would highly recommend to anyone that wants a little added purchase of their firearm and doesn't want to sacrifice added bulk of a slip on sleeve.

YouTube's Justin Opinion was right, these really are a no brainer. It made the grip on my Glock 26 Gen 4 feel so much better and I'm glad I got the grip for the +2 magazine extension as well. It makes the gun easier to grab and control without being too grabby on clothing. I'll definitely be buying these again.

My Glocks don't feel right with out Talon Grips

Superb fit. I first got the sandpaper on for my xd45. Then I chose the rubber one for my g23 & love it. The same goes for the g26. Great product!! Keep it up

Wow these are amazing. I ordered the rubber talon grips for my Glock 26. I'm able to get a nice firm grip on my gun and able to control better and shoot better. These exceeded my expectations. Installment process was easier than I expected as well. Also looked better than I expected. Overall great product.

Great grips. Easy to install. Great product.

I love your grips for my Glocks. In the summer time they can be slippery in the hand, and your grips really help. I have used both the sandpaper, and rubber grips. I love them both! Currently I am using the rubber grips on my G26 & G34. Thanks for a great product!

Get the grip you need on your G26 . They are Great!

Haha, wow, you guys really should be thanking your lucky stars for ol Hickok45. That man has sent an absolute avalanche of business your way. Rightfully so I'd say, but still, amazing PR machine.

Love the Talon grips

Awesome. Easy to apply and working great.

Excellent fit and easy to install. I like the fact that it's thin but still provides a good rubber grip feel. I plan to install on other weapons. Works as advertised.

Love the Talon grip on my gen 4 Glock 26, I use the rubber granulate. Perfect fit and high quality grip that really improved how it felt to me. Great customer service, they really care about their customers and products. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Got them on all my Glocks

Very comfortable and gives the gun a very secure grip

I recently installed Talon Grips on my Glock 27 Gen 4 and 30S. They were delivered promptly and were easy to install. If I were only going to make one upgrade to a handgun it would be Talon Grips. Very impressed!

Nice grips. Makes for better grip on Glock products

Great product and great company!

Just received another grip from Talon for my Glock 26. I already have Talon grips on my Glock 27, 30S, 23 and 19. Excellent grips, best I've ever tried!! I prefer the rubberized style, gives the firearm a good solid handhold and provides a steady firing base. Is especially helpful during the summer months when my hands are a little sweaty. I've been very pleased with these grips and will continue to put them on my firearms.jim

Can't say enough. Love Talon grips. Very comfortable and very slime line. Gives you a great grip without the bulk. Already done 2 pistols next I will be doing my AR. Thank You Talon!!!!!

Simply the best!!! Love Talon grips. I recommend for any application.

Good grips

Helps greatly with gripping the pistol !

Ordered the Talon rubber grips for my Glock 23 and was very impressed. Like it so much that I ordered a rubber grip for my Glock 26 and M&P Shield 9. Very comfortable and feels great in hand. Very easy to apply to the gun grip. Highly recommend Talon rubber grips.

Instructions were easy to follow and installation was simple. Provides an amazing amount of grip that equates to increased control of the firearm. Would defiantly purchase again for other range guns. Would recommend the rubber version for EDC due to the aggressiveness of the textured on clothing or holsters (just my two cents).

These make a great pistol even better. Great fit!

Fast shipping. Very Clear Instructions. Easy to follow. Installation was a flawless. Great fit. Perfect for my G-27.

The only thing my Glock27 needed...great!

2nd talon grip purchased and intend on purchasing more. Love em

The Talon Grips for the Glocks are awesome. I have done a lot of shooting with absolutely no issues

Hard to improve on perfection. Love my Talon Grips. Sorry I missed out on the sale you had on the fourth of July forgot to order got busy on the holiday. Are you going to have any similar sales in the near future? I need to dress up my other handguns, they are jealous of the baby Glock's new look.Thanks

These Talong grips fit my Glock 26 like a glove. I had the G-26 for quite a few years and used it as my off duty gun but purchased a G-43 instead because of better concealment. Oh I also put Talong grips on that gun too.

I was really impressed with the grip improvement and will be adding talon grips to my other pistols. Installation was a breeze.

I finally had the chance to use my Glock 27 with the Talon Grip installed. It was excellent, felt an improved grip with the gun, slightly less recoil also. Would definitely buy this product again.I plan on purchasing a couple more pieces for my Pierce extensions.

I purchased the rubber grips for a Glock 26. The fit is superb. The instructions were simple to follow. I've had the grips for a few months now. I've run one thousand rounds through the pistol. It's also my EDC (and I actually carry it every day). The grips feel like when I first applied them. I can't find anything bad to say about them. Fine product.

Been using Talon Grips for a couple of years now. Great product. Really improves the grip on your firearm. I have Talon Grips on all of my firearms

Great product..actually fun to install..great customer service

Love the grip and the customer service, thank you

The sandpaper grip feels great on both hands of my Glocks. Even after a long period of time, the feel is still there. It just feels like the gun is locked in the palm of your hand.

I purchased Talon Grips for my XDS and was very pleased. I have never used the rubber finish only the grit. Love it. It provides a superior grip surface. Decided to put it on this Glock and will add it to my VP9 once I work out what grip panels I will use. Very prompt service, received product quickly.

Perfect gift fory sons birthday and his G27

Great grips for my off duty weapon. Love the good grip without the roughness that snags - these grips are the rubberized texture.

I bought the rubberized grip for my glock 27. The fit and finish is excellent. I use the stock nine round clips that came with the gun with no pinky extensions. After shooting the gun with this new grip I feel much more confident and in control. I carry mine with a MIC holster in the Mexican style. It doesn't feel uncomfortable against my skin nor is it catchy on my clothing. I have even been sweating all over it so far this summer and dragging it in and out of the front of my pants and it hasn't even budged. This is the perfect grip for the glock 27 and it doesn't add any bulk to the grip either. I am very satisfied with this purchase. Great product Talon. Thanks.

I ordered the rubberized grip tape for my G27. It has a nice gummy texture that is not sticky feeling. It definitely improved my grip control especially if I am sweating out on an outdoor range. And it is great improvement in comfort over the aggressive stippling of the GEN 4 pistols.

Absolutely perfect fit. No Glock should be without these grips.

I have black-rubber Talon Grips on both of my Glocks and, let me tell you, they have become part of my must have accessories on all my handguns. Well worth every penny. I highly recommend Talon Grips to my family, friends and fellow competition shooters. Keep up the great work!

Great grips as far asholding onto they wont slip... very aggresive..... the down side if you carry concealed they will snag on all your clothing and very uncomfortable on the skin

One of the best grips I've purchased!!

Great product and excellent customer service, use the rubberized grips on all my carry pistols(IWB)'and the granulized grips on the others, the best alternative without adding bulk to the grip..

I love grip for my glock 26 Streamley comfortable and great can't wait to order for rest my Guns ... Very grippy yet comfortable ..

These are great! Well worth it and fast delivery.

I did not have any extra grip material on the G26. I put the grip on my G19 and it worked so well I ordered the one for the G26. Excellent product.

Installation was quick and easy, I couldn't be happier. A must have for your Glock!!

I love this grip. It's perfect for adding grip without the added thickness of slip on grips. Plus you don't ruin or harm your pistol's value by stippling.

Great Grips

The Talon grips fit very well. The tabs that meet are a mite long and need to be trimmed about 1/16". I uses an Xacto knife and it worked fine. The instructions are easy to follow. The part about heating them after installation with a hair dryer was fine. I'd like to see a little better description of just how hot to make them. I bought the rubber Talon grips and like them a lot.

The rubberized Talon grips make a world of difference on my G27. Besides the enhanced grip, they also seem to have a slight cushion effect.

The gentleman whom I spoke about my order was truly professional and able to rectify to the problem Thank you again Anthony

With the abbreviated grip of the Glock 33 the rubber Talon grip is a must for me. Glocks are slick in my hands but with the rubber grip it is great.

These grips are amazing. They go on real easy and fast. They fit perfect and the feel of the grip is just right. I will buying more for may other guns. Totally recommend Talon Grips.

These grips are amazing. They go on real easy and fast. They fit perfect and the feel of the grip is just right. I will buying more for may other guns. Totally recommend Talon Grips.

Easy to install, worked great with my 1st generation Glock 27.

Their awesome and this is my second set for my Glock 27. I shot 15,000 rounds in the first set and carried my gun every day for 10-12 hours per day. They are so good when you apply them correctly! Make sure you heat the grips after first applying!!

Great product ! Gives very good grip on the plastic framed weapons and install was extremely easy. The fit and finish is top rated.

I purchased two of these Talon grips for both my G19 (a year ago) and my G26 ( my most recent purchase). Both firearms being gen 3s, I really hated that the serrations on the stock grips would always dig into my fingers after prolonged use at the range.Looking for recommendations on Youtube, Hickok45 and Scootch00 both recommended Talon for easy Glock grips and took them on their word.Using them, I feel a consistent grip after a long day at the range. I no longer get serration holes in my fingers and I no longer lose grip from the sweat buildup on my heads after about an hour.Overall, I recommend Talon grips for any Glock user just from the reliability and sustainability that they give.Also, they hand write a "thank you (your name here)" when they send it to you which I really appreciate over any photocopied generic gratitude. Makes it feel more meaningful!

I have ordered several Talon Grips for my collection and magazines. They provide a comfortable solid grip on the firearm making them easier to hit with. Talon has a "hit" with their product and I will continue to buy them.

My boyfriend is very happy! They work great! Would absolutely recommend. Good job, Talon grips

Talon grips added a whole new level of grip to my Glock 26. The cut of the grip fit perfectly and the rubber texture allows me to handle the gun with increased confidence.

The grips were easily applied and helped improve my shots in the X-Zone!

Softer hands in my old age were not happy with stock Glock grips and put the Talon rubber grips onto my Glock 27 - which is now a joy to shoot. Never tried the sandpaper ones, but just might just as a comparison. Note: get a bottle of alcohol and a rag, really clean the grips, let dry and dry-fit first to get the proper starting point before peeling paper. Do NOT cut off the tabs, but put under the beginning edge as specified. You won't be sorry.

I picked up a set for my G26 based on recommendation of others and I am very happy with my purchase. Product fits well, stays adhered to weapon and certainly provides a more positive grip in my hand. Love it and will buy others.

Hands down the best grips you can buy awesome love them on my glock 26 I carry every day

I have the rubber grip on this gun and it is great. The only thing I added was a half inch wide piece of deck tape to wrap around the front of the trigger guard , because it is slippery when trying to hold with your secondary hand. Being short barreled it tends to jump more than the longer guns.

It gives me a much better grip and feel of the gun.

Excellent product I would recommend them

I would highly recommend the Talon grips. I put them on a Glock 26.

Went with the Rubber-Black, would recommend this to any one, especially those with dry hands.

G26 / Excellent Product! Perfect Fit & Superior Feel. Thanks, Talon.

Talon Grips rule! It's the first thing I buy after I purchase a new gun. They look great and they make the grip really secure. I love 'em on my Glock 27

The Talon grip on my Glock 26 will give me a nice firm grip and won't cause my handgun to turm in my hand like my Glock 27 did without the Talon grip.

Great grips have them on all of my Glocks


Great Product!

I ordered the grip due to a friend having one on his gun. I really like the grip. Feels a lot better when shooting.

Awesome. Works great!

Great product, greatly improves the texture of the factory grip on all my polymer pistols. Great customer service!

I got talon grips for my Glock 26, very easy to install, looks great and feels even better. Best grips you can buy! Will be buying these for all my guns!! Love them!

Precision cut with an outstanding grip. The best alternative if you want your weapon to be intact from porous treatment.

Awesome product. Works wonderfully and amazing for grip

outstanding grip easy to install great feel, will never use anything different...

great grip easy to install will never use anything different...

Excellent product. I will never use anything else.

I originally purchased the Talon Grips for my Springfield XDS...but have since added them to my Gocks 19 & 26. Excellent feel and durability. Makes a good grip better.

great grips cant go wrong

This is my 2nd Talon grip I've installed on my Glock 27 Makes a Subcompact feel like a full size gun! I was not forced to replace it because the one I had on my weapon had been on for over 3 years and I carry that gun EVERY day! Talon grips ARE THE BEST GRIPS ON THE MARKET!!!

Perfect fit great feel

These grip enhancers make the Glock grip a lot more comfortable and help with ergonomics in my opinion. Great upgrade for 20 bucks!

Outstanding addition to the baby Glock. I have big hands and holding a small gun is sometimes a pain. The grips surface of the Talon grips makes even shooting this gun comfortable. I carry my baby Glock off-duty with the utmost of confidence. Best grips on the market!

Excellent products. Have it on all my guns

They fit great. They are a little to ruff for me. I'll have to reorder the rubber style.

Live in warm area, Grip texture, just right. also purchase holster, from you for weapon, works excellent.

Love these grips!! A must of anyone who is carrying.

I really love the grips, I saw them on Hickock45 on YouTube and decided to try them. I'll be putting them on all my guns from now on. Keep doing what you do and I'll br a customer for life.

Coming off

Wonderful grips

Great product!! Fit beautifully and provides firm purchase on the firearm. Highly recommended!!

I put Talon grips on every gun I own. Excellent product. Great grip.

Good grip without bulk , looks factory.

Love the grips that I have purchased. The wife likes the feel of the grips also. Will be needing to get grip extention grips for the magazines for the Glock that was purchased for xmas. Will wait on getting these until I have a larger order.

I am 75 years old and the Talon Grips allowed me to shoot and control my G26 with ease. They are easy to install. In my opinion the Talon Grips are the best.

My G26 was going to be a safe queen I would only shoot when I had to, such was my dislike of the Gen4 grip. Now I gladly take it shooting and it's back in my carry rotation. Very comfortable w/ excellent grip quality, sold by a terrific company.

Purchasing the Talon grips for my Glock 26 was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love both the feel of the grip and the functionality. It does exactly what it was designed to do. Thank you for a great product!

Love them!

Save the $250 stipple job & the ruined glock frame for the next guy… Talon grips on the way to go! The rubber grips are perfect for concealed carry.

I have ordered grips and extended mag grips for my Glocks and they are what the Dr. ordered. If you have a plastic gun this what you need.

talon grips holds good in my G27 and when firing my hands do not hurt as much before. It was an excellent invention.Love it.

My experience with Talon Grips has been great both with the product itself and the timely delivery of my product. I love the added grip and assurance that a Talon Grip provides me with. Nothing but good things to say about this company!

Installed the rubberized version on a Glock 26 Gen4. I really like the updated cut. One thing I did that really seemed to help with adhesion, after wiping the grip down with the provided alcohol pads I went over the grip again with rubbing alcohol and several Q-Tips. I then applied the grip per the instructions and it went on great and has never budged !

Fits great!

Excellent Product used with EDC for 6 months and shows no sign of wear!! Highly recommend this product!

After placing this set on my baby Glock 27 off-duty gun, I ordered a set for my Glock 23 duty gun! Feels solid in my hand and qualification scores are up! Adheres well and no issues putting it on if you clean and you take your time. I used an ultrasonic cleaner and denatured alcohol to pre-clean the gun.

I like these grip over the standard grip on this gun

This is my 3rd talon and never disappointed. Great feel, and quality. Will def buy more in the future.

Perfect grip for my glock 26. If contemplating buying, don't worry...they are awesome!

This was the third firearm that ive purchased a talon grip for. Extremely easy to apply with easy to follow instructions. I will do business with talon grips again

I am very pleased with the grips. I got the rubber grip for my gen 4 G26. Love it on there. Very easy to install and feels like it will last.

Great fit for my EDC!

Great product. It fit great, the install video was very helpful. I would order again for sure.

Love these grips. Very comfortable to shoot with. Easy to put on. Looks great feels great. Sometimes uncomfortable when carried concealed with a mic holster and no undershirt it can be ruff on your side but that's to be expected. Will definitely use these grips again on future guns

Grips work perfect. Easy to put on and improves the grip on my Glock 42 100%. Great product!

Great product

much better grip, especially when firing multiple rounds.

Best of the Best...I have them on all my pistols!

Made my g26 grip feel perfect

This grips rock! I purchased the rubberized version and matching grips for my pearce grip mag extension PG-26G4. These grips have taken "Glock Perfection" and perfected it. These will be my grip of choice for all future handgun purchaces. Great product, Talon Grips!

A must for ANY Glock. Non abrasive with IWB carry. Just enough texture to ensure a firm grip.

This gun is rather small but the recoil can be a bit of a handful, this grip makes a huge difference, I love it

This worked great on my Glock 26. It made the grip better. I am completely satisfied.

Great feel great fit lm very happy with the improvement

Good fit and feel. Very easy to inatall.

Best grips for any gun. Love the rubberized for carry comfort, and the sand paper for larger guns. Highly recommended!

I love it love it!!!

Excellent feel during a very hot and humid range session. Found Talon grips to be all it claims to be.

So far so good. Had the granular on for about 5 months now and have shot over a thousand rounds and carried everyday. Grip is holding up very well. I actually had to knock the "edge" off the side that's against my skin, was a little much. They're skateboard grip tape that is patterned to fit your gun to exact measurements. A little pricey for what it is but not bad considering how long they last before needing replacement.

Time & time again perfect fit perfect feel. Will always use Talon.

I did everything in the structures for this elation of the talon grips to my Glock 26 fourth GEN within three days of Cacillo on my farm the handgrips were falling off

Love my Talon grips. Have them on my glock 23 & 27 and Springfield XDS. Wouldn't shoot without them

Great product, have roughed it up and their still in tact! You have to try them to believe it!

Gives firm grip without harshnessHelps control recoil in short grip pistols

I have these grips on my 23,26,19 and Bodyguard 380 lots of grip. They improved everything that I do with these guns. Also these people are the best in the business to deal with and super fast delivery. Thank you, Talon

Great grips - fit perfect! I have Talon Grips on every pistol I own.

Awesome grips.

Great grips for the money.

Great product

As good as always! Almost all my carry guns have Talon grips on them.

Great, but I forgot the mag pinky grips !

Awesome product! Even with the Gen 4 textured grips, Talon is still a great improvement.

these gripes made a good handling gun, even feel better. If hands start sweating at the range these grips will help keep control. Highly recommended

I cant be happier with this purchase. Excellent grips!

EXCELLENT product. What an amazing improvement. Very easy to install and great customer service. I recommended Talon Grips to my brother and he loves them. Thank you for a great product!

I have one on every pistol I own and a "must have" on any new guns I buy. Great company! Owner sent me another grip free of charge when I had a slight concern for a Glock gen4 grip. Superb customer service as that makes me want to do business with this company!I have noticed I get better groupings and have a confident grip on the weapon that is unmatched!

Great addition to the Glock models. Rubber is what I prefer. Improved girlfriends accuracy tremendously. She has outstanding control now on her Glock 33.

Love this grip on my G-26

They Are GREAT!

Works great!

No gun is complete until this grip is installed, Thumbs up Team Talon

Got the rubber grips for my Glock 26. Simple easy instructions and they look and feel great. Will buy for my next gun.

These Grips are awesome!!! I have them on my Glock 30S, Glock 26 gen 4 and Wifes S&W .22 compact. They make a huge difference in the feel and accuracy of the handguns. I love them. I installed them wrong on my G30S (didn't pay really good attention to video) and they started to come off. Got in touch with Talon and they clued me in on what I did wrong and sent me a new one, at no charge. How can you beat that. I highly recommend them!!!!!

Well made, well designed, and easy to put on. I used a heat gun but a hair dryer would work just as well. Very simple and easy to do. For 20 minutes of my time (and I'm a perfectionist) this grip greatly improved my weapon. This is a very good and inexpensive way to make more useable whatever weapon you have.

Best money that you will ever spend on your Glock. I have highly recommended these grips to everyone that I know. I have Talons on my G26 & G19.

I love these grips! I have them on my glock 27 and my glock 30s. I purchased the rubberized grips. Super easy install. Thank you for an amazing product!!!!!!!

Not for concealed carry! Even after sanding, the grip ate a hole in my favorite vest. I'll try the rubber grips next time.

The order for my glock 27 was sent wrong the first time from the information I sent but was corrected after a phone call was made.

Great product, put them on all of my Glocks.

What a difference over the factory grips. Their just plain Awesome!

I have rubber Talons on all my GLOCKS

I have them on all (6) of my guns!

Police Officer Just the right amount of stickiness, awesome product

One of the best upgrades for my G26..


Perfect fit and feel for the G26!

I've put these rubber grips on all my glocks this one was for my wifes g26 gen 3 she loves them. Easily installed and gives the gun a great feel.

Great product = rubber grip

Best grips made! I recommend them to all my customers.Scott GibsonPresidentUnderground Guns

I THINK THESE GRIPS ARE ONE OF THE BEST PURCHASES I HAVE EVER MADE AS FAR AS AFTERMARKET FIREARMS ACCESORIES GO THE ONLY THING THAT I noticed is that when carring my glock 27 in a vanguard 2 holster is that the spot on the thumb relief gets worn away very quickly.

Second pair I just ordered.. Within a month.. First one is starting to peal off in spots and tear.. Hopefully this new one will hold up better..

Excellent product.

Have bought multiple grips and have been happy with all of them!

Best money that you will ever spend on your gun. Makes it feel like a different gun !

Love the grips but I bought for two glock 33s and each one wehad issues with had a lot left over on one and came up short on another but we ended up making them work and very comfortable and go with rubber the sand paper is horrible idea unless it's a range gun full size it eats your hand alive ....would recommend over and over (military & law enforcement)

Love the grips but I bought for two glock 33s and each one wehad issues with had a lot left over on one and came up short on another but we ended up making them work and very comfortable and go with rubber the sand paper is horrible idea unless it's a range gun full size it eats your hand alive ....would recommend over and over (military & law enforcement)

Very satisfied with the product.

AWESOME! Night and Day difference with the Sandpaper Texture for G26!

fit nice feel good.

Fantastic Product. Easy to apply and stays on great. Greatly improves the grip on the gun and the fit is very, very good.

Great product easy to install and definitely helps the grip feel!


Very nice product. Fit perfect and was a nice enhancement. Improved the grip on my Glock 26.

It's amazing how much more shoot able my 26 is with these grips. Easy to apply and follow up shots improved 75%. Great product !!!

Got this product for my 27 works great, really keeps the gun under control in you hand while firing this smaller gun. Just ordered it for my 23 gen 3, it's a must have for my gen 3 glocks. Great product!

Got this product for my 27 works great, really keeps the gun under control in you hand while firing this smaller gun. Just ordered it for my 23 gen 3, it's a must have for my gen 3 glocks. Great product!

Been using Talon Grips for several years now and I've become so accustomed to them that there's no gun I'd purchase anymore without adding Talon Grips.

Got this product for my 27 works great, really keeps the gun under control in you hand while firing this smaller gun. Just ordered it for my 23 gen 3, it's a must have for my gen 3 glocks. Great product!

So far so good. We'll wait and see how they last.

Awesome grips. Really helps to get a firm grip on my 27. I got one for my 23 too...same results.

Perfect Product, East Application. Exactly what I expected.

Perfect Product, East Application. Exactly what I expected.

My 2nd set of Talon Grips. Just bought a new Gen 4 Glock 26 and immediately ordered a set of Talon Grips. These really help control the baby Glock. Best money you will ever spend on your weapon.

My 2nd set of Talon Grips. Just bought a new Gen 4 Glock 26 and immediately ordered a set of Talon Grips. These really help control the baby Glock. Best money you will ever spend on your weapon.

Grip Zone for Glocks! lol Excellent product. I saw Hikock45 using these on his Glocks and after a warm/humid day at the range I decided to try a set on my 26/factory mag extensions. So far I'm very pleased with the rubber variant of this products. Big improvement in hand traction versus the bare plastic on my Gen 2.5 G26. Carries fine both IWB/OWB as well as a shoulder holster. Sticky without being overly abrasive. Give these a try if you're a Glock user.

Went with the rubber grip for Glock 26 and this is a great product! Comfortable for carry and the hand "sticks" when shooting.

Great grips, easy to install, the grip looks like original equipment, love the feel of the Glock 26 with the grips installed. Also great customer service with update of shopping status. Thank you Talon Grips

I've bought three pairs of Talon grips for my subcompact Glocks. While the rubberized grip is nice, I've gone entirely to the granulate for my OWB and concealed carry. They handle excellent and do not stick to my clothes, yet provide excellent purchase on the short grips of these firearms. Kudos to Talon for creating such a great product!