Glock 29, 30, 29SF, 30SF, 30S, 36

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Grips for Glock 29, 30, 29SF, 30SF, 30S, 36



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TALON Grips for Glock Model 29, 30, and 36 models. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures. This grip provides full coverage on the side panels including above the thumb rest, ample coverage on the backstrap, and two finger wraps for the finger groves under the trigger guard. This grip has a logo cutout for the Glock emblem on the left side of the handle. This grip sticks extremely well even with the Rough Textured Frame (RTF). The medium backstrap will fit both the medium and the medium beavertail backstrap. The large backstrap will fit both the large and the large beavertail backstrap. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

So far work perfectly, I have excellent grip with your product.

Perfect fit as always. Will continue to buy as long as they make them.

Great product, I've ordered 4 for different guns.Easy install,firm. A+ company to deal with if you ordered wrong and fast shipping. Will always choose this as my primary grip an will recommend to friends.

Another Talon Grip that fits like a glove. I love the fact that all my pistols have the same feel.

Grips feel good but the cutout for the Glock emblem doesn’t line up right. The emblem is partially covered.

Use these on all of my Glocks. Much easier to handle.

Best grip you can add to make shooting a better experience.

Awesome materials

Owned a Glock 36 for a lot of years and started with
decal grip. The sandpaper texture will grind lovehandles off if you carry IWB ! Got the rubber Talon Grips on it now and I'm back to carrying it again. Great grips, if it gets dirty, alcohol swab it and you're good-to-go! Good instruction, just follow them!!! This should be put on any poly frame gun!

Great product! I’ll never buy any othe grip for my Glocks.

Great product makes grip feel comfortable and snug

I've had the rubber grips on my 30s and 9mm Shield for over 3 yrs and still holding. Just replaced 30s with granulate as well as my P320 and XD-E .45. Satisfied customer here.

Fit perfectly on my G30sf, high quality grip! Greatly improve grip on all my firearms!

Nice feeling on the grip, talon always puts out a great product

It gives a much needed grip on the Glock 30s.

Great product. Will be buying more for other pistols. With full loads the G29 can be difficult, but this grip really helps.

I have Talon grips on most of my pistols that have poor grips and they all have fit perfectly and make shooting much more pleasurable. The grip for my Glock G30SF would not line up allowing the Glock emblem to show thru the cutout and still center in the palm. Other than that high quality grip on lays and will continue purchasing them when needed!

Put the granular texture grips on my Glock 30S and all I can say is WOW!!Perfect!!

Grips worked great, I put them on a New Glock 30 Gen 4 gun and they worked great and they shipped fast, next day! I have them on all my Firearms and the staff are so easy to work with. Great company to work with

Talon grips are the best ever. Perfect fit, affordable priced, and even a personal thank you note. I will continue to do business with Talon on all my guns

Love the gritty texture grips. Easy to install and feel very good.

Very nice addition to any handgun
Makes a differnce,,,you can feel

These really help lock the Glock 36 into your hand, a lot better than anything else I've tried.

Great product. Easy installation. Will definitely buy again for other pistols.

Talon grip looks great, fits great and vastly improved the grip on my Gen 3 G30SF.

Once again, the fit is excellent and application easy.Thanks.

I have Talon grips on all my pistols. A great product. Easy to install. I am always amazed at how I get a true custom job just using a hair dryer. The best.

Fits perfectly on the G36.

Love these grips, I am a repeat customer!

Great product!!!

Great product , easy to install , and makes the hand gun feel nice in my hands.

Bang for your buck on these grips .

Great product. Great fit. Great company to do business with. Super fast shipping !!!!

Love Talon grips! Great price and easy to install. I've had em on my Glocks for a few years now and they hold up well!

Grips look good, fit well and feel great. They provide a secure grip and better control.

Fit was great. Feel was really good and comfortable. Less shock on recoil. Friends thought they felt really good. Makes for a better and firmer grip.

Great feel great look

I have 3 Glocks and all 3 have Talon Grips on them. Enough said?

It changes the whole feel of the gun in the best way possible

These grips turn a relatively good grip into an excellant grip! I learned this first with my Glock 19 which always seemed hard to get a positive grip on until I found and installed Talon rubber grips. This is now the fifth gun I've installed them on, all with great results! Thanks for a terrific product.

I got my rubber grips for my 29SF gen 3 I think about two days after I ordered them and I was pleased to see a handwritten "thanks Justin" on the order once it arrived. I was impressed that someone took the time to do that. The grips went on easy enough and felt fairly grippy, just not quite as grippy as I had expected. The grips obviously eliminate the small channels and grooves in the finger area and back of the grips on my pistol by covering them; this wasn't unexpected, I knew the grip tape wouldn't be pliable enough to sink down into each channel in the grip. I really like the way the Gen 3 grips feel from the factory. The rough grooves in the finger area and the back of the grip seem to be easier to hold on to than when covered up with the Talon, especially if my hands are wet at all, so I ended up peeling the Talons back off. I really like the idea and the company, the grips just didn't do it for me. I may try the granulated grips in the future.

Talon grips are awesome I buy them for all my glocks

I love these grips. I’ve used both rubberized and sandpaper, both give great hold and increase my confidence while shooting. Wonderful products.

Very easy to apply. They fit perfectly. For an addition that is so inexpensive, it looks like it was there from the factory.

Makes the handle feel so much better will not slip in your hand I’ll use these from now on and easy to install

Rubber grip for 30s, with grip for mag also....very easy install, just the right amount of grip added
Appearance looks awesome too!

I purchased the rubber grips for my g30sf and it really made quite a difference in the feel and seemingly better control. I recommend you try them.

Not much to say. Perfect fit and feel. Don’t hesitate to buy these products.

I tried these several years back, and now they are on all my glocks. I really like the rubber texture feel, and installation is quick and easy.

I believe this is my 7th purchase for the company and they always amaze me with all of the options they offer.

I first purchased a set of the black rubber grips for my Glock 21. As soon as I finished putting them on, I realized that I needed to order a set for my Glock 36. What a difference they make with grip and feel on both the Glocks. Very easy to install. I highly recommend Talon Grips to finish off Gaston's polymer creations.

This was my second purchase of Talon Grips for my G36 from my initial purchase 2+ years ago. I was surprised that it lasted that long! The feel of handling my gun with the rubberized grip is on a different spectrum without it!
Don’t think about buying, just do it! Quality is top-notch!

My second set of Talon grips and like the first, they were very easy to install, look good and feel good. Highly recommend.

Just like my other Talon grips for my other pistols the Glock 30S fit perfect. And the Moss color looked even better than I thought it would.

The Talon grips for my G36 fit perfectly and very easy to install.
Follow the instructions and use a heat gun on low to finish installation. It adhered great and so far with CCW and many times in and out of a leather OWB holster there are no problems and still works great. Greatly enhances the grip, especially on the small G36. I will use these in the future and well worth the money.

I opted for the Granulate-Black grip for my G29SF. With the smaller frame, the recoil of the powerful G29SF can be a bit "snappy". The Granulate grips affords me comfortable/safe purchase of the 10mm frame. I, highly, suggest using Talon Grips for any gun....large or small.

I use the rubber Talon grips on every gun!!!!!

I have an early Glock 30. I think it's considered a Gen 2.5. I've had a number of Talon grips and this installation was a little trickier in terms of alignment. Nevertheless, I still love the feel of the granular grips.

Great addition to standard Glock frame.

Perfect fit every time.

Absolutely love them. Rubber grip texture is just what my Glock 29 10mm needed. Very secure

Great product

I have always bought my Talon Grips at my local gun store, but they were out of them for my G36, so I ordered direct from the factory. I am very happy to support a Colorado company and use Talon Grips on all of my Glocks.

I purchased the granular black Talon grip for my Glock 30S. The fit and feel are superior to Glock's factory grip. My hands are large and these grips allow me to have a secure purchase of the small framed .45 caliber gun. I love them.....Keep up the great work...

One of the best things I've ever done to my pistol, it gets real hot in Texas this eliminates slippage when firing my firearm.

this grip fits my g36 perfectly excellent buy

I have the rubber on my XDs and I just put the granulated on my M&P .45. Now I can't decide which one to order for my G30. They're both great products.

I got the rubber grips instead of the granulate grips and love them. At first before I put them on, I thought that it wouldn't be aggressive enough in both texture and feeling. Wrong!! It was just enough tack and bite I wanted. It definitely would have been a mistake to get the granulate grip. It's way too Aggressive, my brother has them on his firearms. They are great to shoot with but you have to figure it's going to be on you hip or other places making contact with your body and clothes when you bend or crouch. So it's abrasive to the skin and clothes. Thus the rubber grips!! Also, the rubber grips DO have a tackiness and a positive grip to them. I Highly Recommend these to anyone Serious about how their firearm feels in their hands!! Grip has tons to do with your accuracy and confidence in your firearm. Also if they make a magazine grip for your gun (Mine did Glock 30S) get it. It less than $2.00 so finish your grip completely. It not only compliments it well it seals the deal and finishes the job 100% complete. Do it the right way and no regrets later.

Seem to have a nice feel. Like the way they wrap.

Have them on all my pistols and love them

This is the 4th set of Talon grips that I've installed. As always, great product at a reasonable price. Will likely order more for some of my other handguns.

Applied the grips last night per the instructions, easy and perfect fit! I spent a little time pre-molding the rubber model to the grips and have a snug clean fit with a grippy feel.Haven't taken them to the range yet.

Love Talon grips, I put that S--T on everything.

Much improved grip surface and a little more meat to grab onto as I have large hands.

Installed it two weeks ago. Sandpaper version.Applies easily and looks custom fitted (cause it is).Use plenty of heat and pressing to make it adhere well.Feels fine. Used on my EDC carry pistol, OWB.Does not seem to damage clothing, or anything else.Have not fired pistol since installing. Can't comment on that.

I have tried a number of grips but to my satisfaction Talon grips are "head and shoulders" above them all. I admit when you first see how to apply the grip it might be a bit intimidating. As long as you place the grip stencil in the logo and mag lock holes and only peal back about 1/4 of the grip at a time as you apply it I have never had an issue or a problem. As a matter of fact I changed the back strap on my Springfield and had to peal back a part of the Talon grip but had no problem re-applying the small section by just pressing it back on and using the hair dryer again. Concerning the feel, I prefer the rubberized texture and the fact the Talon grip adds very little if anything to the dimension of the base grip of the fire arm. I have the Talon grips on Springfield's, Glock's and Rueger's.

I have put the rubberized Talon's on all of my carry pistols. I really like the feel of them. I have not tried the granulate.

Purchased Talons for my Glock 30s and couldn't be happier. As a subcompact .45 it can be a bit snappy. Talons really help to seat the grip on my hand, offering a more confident purchase. I made sure to dry fit the grip several times before securing permanently. Highly recommended.

Great product! Gives me a good grip. And it is comfortable.

I was ready to sell my glock 36, because it was never comfortable and was very slick to hold on to. I decided to take a shot with Talon grips rubberized version, and I just want say, These grips made my gun feel like a new version. the feel and texture is just perfect. I thank you Talon grips, you saved me a lot of grief of selling my glock and spending hundreds on a new one. Top notch quality and easy install. A+ rating

I feel my 30s grip confortable and more smaller

Very good product. I like it very much feel good in the hands


Talon Grips are the best assessory to add to any handgun. I have them on all of my handguns. Great Product!

This rubberized grip makes my Glock 30 so much more comfortable to shoot. It's a perfect match.

I was a little hesitant to purchase any type of grip for my Glock 30 Gen 4. But I found the Talon easy to install and improved my grip. The Talon had one additional benefit. I carry concealed next to my skin in the southern heat. The Talon grip softened the stippeling on my Glock pistol handle and stopped the irritation.

The texture is more abrasive than I imagined. Makes it a little uncomfortable to carry concealed. The grips grab at my knit shirts. Not a deal killer just didn't think about that possibility.

Comfortable firm grip in rubber!! Looks almost factory for my Glock 30s.

These grips give a secure feel on the gun. I highly recommend them.

Talon Grips are the best. I was glad to see they were finally available for the Glock 36. Keep up the great work!

There really is NO better grip made for a Glock anywhere. I have one of these on every Glock that I own. Best damned grip in the business, hands down.

I have talon grips on all my handguns. They are awesome!

Love them! That's it

It is always great to have this in your gun feels and looks great.

easy application , looks good installed, my glock 36 was difficult to get a solid grip on when drawn from a iwb holster. The talon rubber texture grip solved this problem with out permanently altering the grip. Will buy again .

All I can say is wow! What a difference a simple design can make to how a handgun feels and functions. I got the rubberized grip for my 30s and for the bottom of the 2 magazines that came with it. If you follow the directions with a heat gun or hair dryer to seal the edges, it won't peel off, no matter how much sweat, oil & dirt you have on your hands. Try it! You won't be disappointed.

I wouldn't have believed that such a thin material and its texture would make a difference, but it does. Grip from shot to shot is far more consistent and is actually more comfortable. Simply a great product.

I love the feeling of these grips , I put them on all of my Glocks .

The Talon Grips fit perfectly, very easy to install and provide excellent grip and feel. Great product!!

When I decided to buy a Glock 29 I thought it might be a little bit hard to hold on to with the heavier recoil of the compact 10mm. I decided to order Talon rubber grips for it. What a difference. I've used Talon grips on some of my other striker fired pistols and couldn't be happier. Great product!!!!

Would recommend in a heartbeat! Great grips.

Love these Grips, A Must for serious glock hand gunners!! It"s a Winner!!

I might be alone in saying this but my glock grip sucked. I purchased the talon rubberized grips and they fit perfectly and changed the feel of the grip completely. Definitely will purchase again for the rest of my pistols.

I'd like to see some other design for the bottom section of the back of the grip. The vertical split creates two flaps and since there is so much pressure absorbed in that area the flaps (especially the right side) tend to slide toward the outside of the grip. After a few times of it sliding and re-positioning it no longer sticks and I have to cut it off. I think a separate piece to cover that lower area that was applied before the rest of the Talon grip would be better.

Like a lot !!!

Easy too prep an install and the feeling an texture are incredible! Who needs stipplin with talon? Not me thanks for a great product!

I have them on my Glock 19 and Glock 30sf, for my M&P Shield, and I just ordered for my Glock 26! They are great!

repeat customer; excellent product and perfectly fitted pattern. used on earlier glock 43, liked it and just now ordered and put the same rubber grip on my glock 30... easy to install and fits perfect... will be getting same for my glock 19 soon. Good company service and quick delivery... Thanks Talon!

Best mod one can do to any pistol bar none!!! And for the price? Can't beat it love talon grips!

One of the first things I order for all my pistols!!! Always great and feel it's a needed first mod. Thanks!!!

Recieved and installed the black rubber grip on my Glock 30s. Quick shipping and great product. I have had numerous people comment about how much they like the grip as well. Make sure to follow directions to seal grip and edges. Again, great product and definitely will purchase more in future. Personalized Thank You on receipt was nice- you don't see that very often anymore!

Talon makes a great product, easy to install,great fit, I wouldn't run a glock without them.

The fit was perfect installation was very easy I would purchase these grips again that's

Great product and fast shipping.

I absolutely love your rubber Talon grips!!!! I have them on 6 of my handguns now! I won't buy anything else and I'm not just blowing smoke up your butt! I'm glad your now making them in FDE, but it would be great if you also had different colors as well. Just my thought and opinion. Thanks for a great product#

I have massive hands so it is hard for me to comfortably shoot a ccw size pistol. The rubber grips along with the Pearce extension grips make my glock 30sf very comfortable to shoot. Go with rubber for iwb and granulated for owb.

Excellent grips, easy application

A must have! The feel is fantastic and easy to install

Just received my re-supply of the granulated grips for my competition guns (G-17, G-41, M&P 45 & P320). I love these grips. They make recoil control effortless and give me a firm and secure grip. I have one on all of my guns. Wouldn't be without them.

It feels Fanfuckingtastic!!

It was easy to install if you take your time and read the instructions. Gun feels great in my hand, and looksg good too.

Great grips. Easy installation look great and feel even better. A must for the Gen 3 Glocks!

I love Talon gripsI put them on all my gunsBest thing since sliced bread

Love the grips. I have them on all my pistols. Gotta start putting them on my rifles now!

great quality as always

Makes grip more secure without add width. Great product

Received my first pair of grips to help with a solution to sweaty hands. Goes on easy and feels very comfortable in the hand.


Excellent product. Fast shipping.

Great addition to my Glock. Love the grips and my friends are ordering also now. Quality product.

Seems to mostly stick so far except two corners I had to put a drop of glue on to keep down.

Great product

Fits very well and very easy to install

Fits perfect. Helps with the poly-grip on the Glocks.

Easy install, fits and feels great!

Love these grips. Had the rubber on my Glock 30s, ordered another for my Glock 30. Easy application and a low price make for a great product. Thanks Talon!

My fault, I should of picked the rubberized grip. I went with the other style, way to rough (sandpaper) my bad.

All my Glocks wear Talon Grips. They make a world of difference. Shipping is great. Have had several friends order theirs after touching mine.

Awesome product...solid grip. Ordered them for all my handguns. Sandpaper grips here

Talon rubber grips are the BOMB! Couple buddies at the club had them, so I ordered some for my G36. They arrived within the week and I was really impressed with the manufacturing. Applying them was easy and they work great at enhancing the grip. Plus they look cool. Have already referred them to some friends.

Best stick on grips for my Glock 30 that I ever used. The quality can't be beat.

I have these on all my guns. I use the granulate for guns used for competition and the rubber for EDC.

Good grips

The best grips thanks Trent

I love the Talon Rubber grips and use them on every polymer frame pistol that I have. They give a good hold and provide a slight cushion around the grip frame. Top shelf stuff!

I personally need a better grip on 95% of the polymer handled pistols. The slick composition of the plastic handles need assistance.

Excellent quality and fit as always.

The reason that I continue to order from this company is because of quick service and there customer service, and the quality of products. In my opinion they make the best grip panels on the market.

Great Customer Service, I had recently purchased the Talon rubber style grip for my CCW Glock 30S. I received a message stating that they had shipped and to please allow 10 business days for delivery. Well the 10 days had passed and I hadn't received them (I believe they were lost in the mail). I had called them and notified them that I had not received them yet, and they immediately sent another grip out right away, no questions asked. Great Customer Service. My grip fit perfect, simple directions and easy to align. Thank you Talon Grip

The glock 30 needs a little more grip out of the box. I was thinking of a stipple job but then learned about this talon grip for the 30. I prefer the rubber texture over the skateboard feel of the other option offered. Instalation of the talon grip is easy and pain free from my experience.

First thing i ordered for my 36...have talon grips on this gun, my 27 and my kahr cw40. Absolute best thing you can do to a handgun!!!

I put these on a Glock 36 and the difference is amazing! Extremely positive grip compared to the standard gen 3. Would recommend to anyone unless you carry IWB. I think it would be too aggressive to be inside the waistband

Took me just a minute to install and heat. Great feel and improves the look of the gun. I will get them for all of my pistols

Talon grips are the way to go with Glocks, I have them on all my Glock pistols

So easy to install great solid it grips thanks


I really enjoy these grips! Saw them on some you tube videos with good words spoken. Decided to try them out on my Glock 22. As soon as the grip fell in my hands during install I knew these were going to be great! I recently ordered a new Glock 30S, before the pistol even arrived I had a set of these ordered. Once again great fitment on the 30S just like experienced with the glock 22. I love the grip these provide without aggressive knurling. Once positioned in your hand the grip stays there. Easy improvement to repeat shots on target. The gun stays in my hand were I place it, no need to readjust grip after each shot.

Very easy to put on my Glock 30 and the four magazines that go along with it. Even though there aren't any specific Pearce mag strips for the Glock 30, the regular ones worked just fine. Overall, it's a bit more grippy than what it was before. For the price, they're hard to beat!

Have a set on my XDS nothing better for a sure grio

Love the grips, easy to put on.

Easy to install feels great looks great

Have these on my G29, G30, and Walther PPS. Great fit on all pistols, guns feel excellent now with grips on. Have only fired the G29 since I've added the grips, much better feel when firing.


Awesome grips!

Fit and feel is excellent.Installation was easy.

I have been using Talon grips since 2009, bought my first set for my G27 which are still on today. I have Talon grips on almost all my guns. And have recommended them to several friends who have also bought several sets. I can't Imagine shooting my guns without these grips.

I have a Glock originally bought the Sandpaper Talon grips I like him very much but I replaced it with the rubber ones which I absolutely love you can't go wrong either way

If you havent tried these yet, you are missing out. I use the rubber texture on every gun I own. They make your gun fit your hand as if it was build just for you. Something Ive found out is the longer you have them the better they feel. The almost feel like your guns grip is leather. Buy some for all your guns now and save the extra shipping.

I love it, bought the rubber I had a houge grip on before and will never buy anything else now that I found you guys. Nice and sleek, gives a lil tackiness and I like the look too. Great addition thanks again

No need for excessive verbiage. The grips are easy to apply, work flawlessly and come at a fair price. Nuff said.

Great product. Very easy to put on and the improvement in grip is immediately noticed.

I put Talon rubberized grips on all of my handguns. Great product!

I ordered the Talon grips for my Glock 30sf and I am very pleased with how well the added grip performs, exactly what I was looking for and looks great on my pistol. Excellent value and fast shipping. I will purchase all future grips from Talon!

Nothing to say but OUTSTANDING!!!!!!

Ruberized grip fro glock 30s perfect fit awsome feel very easy install helps make the 30s much more controlable.

Awesome! Easy to install and feel great!

This are by far the best grip enhancement for the money by far. All my hand guns have this product applied, thank you for a superior product at an affordable price!! Can't recommend this product enough!! Great job !!!!

Probably the best thing I've done to my Glocks. Mandatory addition and cost makes it worth every penny.

These are 100% outstanding grips. I ordered the rubberized Talon Grips for my Glock 30s and have had them on my pistol for a few weeks now and can honestly say I cant imagine my pistol without them now they make a world of difference as far as grip and comfort go. I will be ordering these for EVERY new handgun I purchase in the future. Also outstanding customer service and delivery time. Thanks a lot Talon!! You have a new customer for life.

Great customer service and fast shipping. If your not sure which of the 2 styles to order, definitely go with the granulated grips. I got both and I don't like the rubber at all. The rubber is actually terrible. I would highly recommend the granulated thou. Good stuff


Talon grips should be required equipment on every Glock. The improvement in feel and comfort when shooting is amazing. My 43 and my 36 are sporting Talons and will forever. The installation is easy and the fit is perfect. One of the best handgun accessories I have ever discovered.

Works great! I am able to get a much better grip and hold more secure. Great improvement during live fire. I would recommend Talon grips to anyone. Well worth the 20 bucks.

It makes the firearm much more easy to hold, especially in situations where sweat becomes a factor. If you're thinking of buying it then do it, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another set

I purchased Talon grips for (3) different Glocks, 23, 30 and 37. Every one of them were a perfect fit for that particular model and made a tremendous difference in the grip on the gun without adding bulk. I would highly recommend Talon Grips.

Fits perfect on my Glock 36.

I purchased this for my glock 30sf and it was very easy to install. After blowdrying it and taking it out to range. I was able to grip and handle the recoil a little better. It feels comfortable and like the instructions say press all outer edges because if you dont some edges might not stick and will want to rise back up. Overall, excellent product and customer service from the talon team. Great job guys!

Great grips and easy to put on glock SF30.

It is a very good grip! I would not recommend it for a concealed carry. It is VERY rough if you are carrying IWB holster. I carry mine when I run, and it is a little tough getting it in and out of my Pistol Wear band. I think it would be great for a rifle grip, which I might do for mine.

Second pair. I ruined my first set with an overzealous use of solvent, I absolutely need another set!

Can't say enough about how well this product perfoms. I have added talon rubber grips to all of my polymer weapons. Think I will buy a couple of sheets as well to apply to my d cell flash light and maybe a few knives, thanks and the new products coming.

Great product.

best grips out there ... BAR NONE!!!

makes a world of difference

I bought these for my 30s and the first time I shot them in a match was at GSSF in Sioux Falls this year. It was hot out and these grips kept me locked on to my pistol and on target. I will be ordering for other models soon!

Work great. Awesome grip. No bulk. I had Packmayr before and they were HORRIBLE! Not a custom fit. They slid around and added lots of bulk/thickness to the grip.

Great instructions, great fit. Fast delivery.

I'm terrible with anything technical. And these were super easy to install. And I love them on my glock

Great product by them for every handgun super impressed

The grips went on easy and look good,they improve the grip.My only complaint and I attribute it to the SF,is that the alignment of the cut outs don't match the logo on the grip.I purchased the grips for the Glock30s

The rubber grip tape leaves something to be desired in my opinion. I have used other brands before that gave a more positive purchase to the grip of the pistol. I was also irked that Talon Grips can justify not adding the magazine extension portion to the package. I advised them of this and instead of just sending me the darn thing I got a pompous justified response about cost. Well, this cost them my business in the future. So there! lol

Perfect make a difference

I now have talon grips on my glock 21, 36, and a tarus tcp. Best upgrade for the money! Keep up the good work

Excellent fit

Very efficient product...thank you

I have 3 Glocks and they all have Talon grips. They make a big difference and I recommend them to everyone I talk to about guns.

Great addition! Instant upgrade ! Get yours now.

Not only do i love the grips customer service will keep you doing good things. I could not find my order for my Glock G30s contacted CS,they answered with a positive message which was if you did not get it we will ship it again,period. I can think of a bunch of things that could happen with other companies. This is what keeps you in business and keeps your life blood happy. By the way I did find the shipment and you did not have to reship but knowing you were willing and ready to accommodate makes you the good guys. thanks again.

After my first Talon grip for a 30S, I have purchased six more for various pistols that I own. They work great! I have them on four different brands of pistols and they work equally well on all of them. I can highly recommend this product.

Much better grip on the Glock now. Never again will I stipple the grip

Installation was easy and it stays on the gun even after 3+ months. Definitely provides a better grip of my G30. So basically it works as advertised.

Best, least expensive modification you make to improve your shooting.

I have three G23's and two G30's, with rubberized grips, these grips give me a good secure feel.

I have the highest praise for these grips, they fit perfect, have exactly the feel I was looking for. I will be using your products again, it is great to have a USA company that sends you what you ordered in a timely fashion and the product does as advertised. Jim Potvin

Love this Grip, and so does my 30 s .45The best yet, Will be getting one for the 26 Real soon

Really pleased with Talon Grips. Bought one for my glock 30. After 4 months and numerous trips to the range they look like were just installed. Helps provide excellent weapon control. Would definitely recommend and would use again.

Very nice feel and positive control.

I was having some difficulty keeping a good solid trip on my Glock 30S because of its snappy recoil. Bought some rubber Talon grips and can tell 100% difference! Thanks Talon!

Awesome product and it works perfect. No issues at all

Keep up the good work

I run all my Glocks (43, 26, 19, 17, 30, 30s, 36) with these grips. Love them.

I purchased the Talon Rubber grip for my Glock 30s. I have Talons on all of my Glocks, as well as an SR9c, and Front Strap Talons on a couple of 1911s. They are easy to apply, and increase control and retention without adding bulk or weight. They make all of my handguns easier to shoot, and as far as I am concerned, are a must have.

Just Installed the rubberized version on my 36. Was looking for something that gIves great gripping capabilities plus comfort since this is my concealed carry.Couldn't be happier with the finished product! Easy to install and feels very comfortable with tons of grip.

For a Glock 30s. I could not imagine using the gun without them!

I just finished putting the rubber grip on my Glock 30SF. Was very easy to accomplish. I replaced my "Decalgrip" due to a lost panel. The wrap around design and good reviews were why I chose this grip. It's not as thick as the previously used grip, but feels more "tacky" without leaving any residue on my hand. When the time comes, I will be purchasing the same style grip for my duty gun, a Glock 22. Very pleased with the grip so far.

I installed the rubberized grips on my Glock 30-It was a perfect fit and enhanced the feel and perceived felt recoil! Excellent product! I personally didn't care for the sand paper type-just me!

put the Talon grips on my 10mm glock 29 and love them. nice grips for any gun - including my AR15's

Improved grip for any and all conditions. Easy to put on, well-made, and fairly priced. Well worth the money!

Makes a great pistol (30sf) feel even better! Thanks!Joe

I put Talon grips on all my guns....there just the BEST

The Talon Grip totally transformed my Glock 30S (.45 ACP). It no longer twists in recoil & follow up shots are much faster. I immediately ordered a grip for my S&W Shield & love that one just as much.

I've bought Talon Grips for all my guns, they are awesome! Made great, the service is fast, & very durable whether you like the skate board material or the grippy soft material.. I have both & they both feel good.

As always-easy to install and a perfect surface for a secure grip.

Great grippy feel, and easy to install. Just take your time installing, and it will come out perfectly.

I wasn't sure what to expect. The Glock 30s has a snappy recoil. The Talons helps with grip and control.

if it weren't the upper grip on the backstrap coming loose and had to cut it off i love the grips

I use talon grips on all of my glock pistols. I shoot block competition events and appreciate both their extra control and the recoil reduction they add. I would not own a glock without talon grips now! I will be ordering new grips when my next glock pistol arrives!

These grips kick ass. Period.

It's better than nothing.. Could be much stronger with more coverage based on other sized models. Can't please everyone.

Great product! Gives greater grip, even when wet, but does not change the grip-feel of the weapon. Pay close attention to alignment when installing, and use a hair dryer, firmly pressing grip while hot 'til it cools. If you install correctly, there is no better grip on the market. I use Talon grips on all my Glocks.

Great product! Gives greater grip, even when wet, but does not change the grip-feel of the weapon. Pay close attention to alignment when installing, and use a hair dryer, firmly pressing grip while hot 'til it cools. If you install correctly, there is no better grip on the market. I use Talon grips on all my Glocks.

I have Talon grips on all of my semi-autos. They are a wonderful product produced by a great company to do business with. I wish the rest of the business world could be this straightforward.

As always Talon grips go on every new pistol I buy. Why because Talon grips fit perfect and Talon stands behind every grip they sell.

Purchased for a Glock 36, the rubber grips are excellent. Would recommend.

I have owned more than one set of grips. They fit good. The adhesive they use is excellent. My last set lasted over two years on my everyday carry G30sf in the Florida heat. I have tried other manufacturers and they fell apart within a few months. You get what you pay for. Talons best on the market.

Great addition to my G30SF I was surprised atHow much it enhanced the feeling and fit. Improved controllability


Flicks don't feel that great guns. I smoothed out the finger groves and took off some of the bottom of the trigger guard. The G 46 is slim and now feels great.

Very happy with these. They are grippy without being too rough to carry against your skin. Install was easy and the fit was perfect as usual.

Anyone who owns a Glock 29 knows the definition of recoil. I shoot my own hot loads through this gun. It has the stock beefy frame. I bought the rubber grips and they fit perfectly. Made the gun much easier to hang onto and greatly decreased fatigue at the range when I go through 100+ rounds. Will get some for the G23 soon.

Fit was perfect on my Glock 36.Made a huge difference in the grip .Great product and great price .

Easily installed using my wife's hairdryer, just take your time . Gun is a Glock model 30S and is my every day carry gun in an inside the waistband holster. Very hot humid summer in my area. These grips did not slip even when my hands were dripping with sweat. Grips have held up very well with over 700 rounds being fired with them on the gun. I will be buying them for other carry guns.

Really love this product.

Great comfortable grip and easy to install. Makes the gun stick to your hand like glue!

You have got to have these

Purchased Talon Grips for a S&W Shield and after feeling the difference of the grip and handling, I ordered the grips for my Glock 26 and Glock 30s. Best investment I ever made for my hand guns. Well worth the cost to gain so much control when drawing from holster or holding your grip when shooting.

Easy to install, really improved recoil control.

Tried the rubberized product this time. Great fit and feel

Performs as advertised. Grippy, durable, fit my g36 perfectly. (Rubberized version)

I have several poly framed firearms with Talon grips installed, absolutely the most comfortable stick on grip you can buy, american made and excellent customer service to boot, highly recommended

The G30 has a small grip and the Talons give it that perfect 'stick' that you need to tame the .45 ACP. The magazine grips make it that much better. I will always choose Talon over slide-on and/or after market grips.

Love the rubber grip feel! Great product

The fit on the Glock 30s was a tad off, in that the grip didn't line up perfectly on one side with the logo. Not a deal breaker. My hand can't tell the difference.

I wouldn't have a Glock without one.. It makes a world of difference in the feel

Great product!

I like the Talon grips. I have the sandpaper textured version and the give the surest grip of any aftermarket grip i have ever tried. I have had a small problem with the edges lifting and not sticking well especially as time goes on.

Love the grip. Easy to install. FIRM grip.

The G30 has good grip characteristics on its own, but the Talon Grips add an extra layer of tackiness that helps with sweaty hands or humid/rainy conditions. Easy to install.

I had seen a youtube of this product by Hickock45. The positive solid grip you get is great. The short length on the G30 is not an issue with these grips. The grit starts to come off when new but later stops and you still have a great hold on the firearm. The instructions are easy to follow and they had a perfect custom fit. If I get a new firearm would put Talon grip if it is available.

These grips feel great without added bulk. I am a return customer!

Perfect!!! Easy to put on and works great on my Glock 30s.

I really enjoy your product on my glock and think it adds a lot of comfort to an already comfortable gun. I recommend it

The grips were very easy to apply end they provide a comfortable gripping surface for the user. I would definitely buy these again and recommend them to friends.

Absolutely love your product but have stopped using them on my M&P pistols. They just don't work well with them. Always coming off no matter what I do. Thank you

These grip panels have worked extremely well! You MUST do your part, however, to clean the surface before application or you'll run into problems later.

I have Talon Grips on several handguns, and love them all! You must clean the grip area of your handgun with alcohol before apply these grips, or you'll have problems with them sticking or staying on.

With the mag plate grip added, The Glock 30S is so much fun to shoot. No movement and great feel, Awesome!!

a must have for any polymer firearm.

Very easy to apply. I don't care for the new grip style on the Gen4 Glocks and these grips made a world of difference. I would recommend these to anyone who would like a better grip and a more comfortable grip as well.

With the compact grip on my Glock 30 it could feel like you didn't have a good solid grip on it. Now it does.

Having a gen 4 Glock and going to a Glock 30s with a gen 3 frame really had me worried with getting a good grip on the weapon. Talon Grips gave me a confident feeling and positive hold every draw. Thank you for your product, excellent job!

Having a gen 4 Glock and going to a Glock 30s with a gen 3 frame really had me worried with getting a good grip on the weapon. Talon Grips gave me a confident feeling and positive hold every draw. Thank you for your product, excellent job!

check your files, Derik - I sent you a beauty already!

These grips are the best thing you can do to your Glock without permanent modifications. The rough texture provides an amazing positive purchase. Everyone knows blocks have terrible texture grips, this is the Answer!!!!

Added traction without added bulk, the G30 is bulky enough!Pleased I am, Buy more I will !

Glock grips are very good. The Smith and Wesson M&P grips are a poor design. They would not stick in the rear of the grip after 2 or 3 range sessions.

I LOVED my GLOCK 30sf already as it was. After putting on these Talon beasts, I love my firearm even more! I've already gotten used to it and will order them for all my GLOCKS! There's no other way.

Very Nice. Love them.

Very Nice. Love them.

I have these on both my 30S and 26. The rubber Talon grips are the only way to go. I shake my head when I see people taking drastic measures/melting/sanding down their grips, thereby ruining the gun's resale value. Wrap your grips in Talon products and it's all you need for your Glocks.

Great fit and finish. Very positive grip

Cant own a gun without Talon Grips, just ordered for my 32

This grip is exactly as described, easy install, fast shipping, best grip for the money. I have Talon on 8 of my guns, various models of grips depending on the purpose of the gun. But I prefer thin rubber and granulated. Most people I show, buy them. Keep making good products!!!

Fantastic Product. Easy to apply and stays on great. Greatly improves the grip on the gun and the fit is very, very good.

The Talon grips that I ordered was a perfect easy fit. I was very surprised how the grip texture felt in my hand. It has a soft tacky feel. I'm also impressed how the Talon grip gives me more control of my firearm when shooting. Keep up the good work!

The Talon grips that I ordered was a perfect easy fit. I was very surprised how the grip texture felt in my hand. It has a soft tacky feel. I'm also impressed how the Talon grip gives me more control of my firearm when shooting. Keep up the good work!

Did not seem to fit the Glock 36 the way the grips fit my Glock 23...still like the feel!

3-5 min and done

Best grips on the market, and best company to deal with ! I'm a repeat customer and will continue !!!

I put these on my Glock 36 45 Acp, just what it needed! easy to put on, fit great I used the rubber grips. I never have liked those slip on's these are much nicer. Almost forgot, thanks Hickok 45.

I bought the Talon Rubber grip for my subcompact Glock 30S (.45 ACP). While the grip on this 'subcompact' did allow my pinky to grab for a firmer hold, after 150+ rounds I noticed I was getting a little fatigued from really having to grip this frame due to recoil and the slick polymer frame. The Talon rubber grips solved this perfectly. I can now shoot with a comfortable grip and not feel fatigue at all. I originally was looking at the standard style grip tape but chose the rubber since this will be my concealed carry and it may run against my skin. I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. I may choose the standard sandpaper style grip on my next pistol purchase just to try it out as it will be my home defense gun, but regardless-- GREAT PRODUCT. Thank you!