Grip for Pearce Magazine Extender Grip Glock 42 & 43

TALON Grips for Glock 42 & 43 Pearce Grip Extention (PG-42) (Rubber Texture)

Grip for Pearce Magazine Extender Grip for Glock 42 & 43



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TALON Grips for Glock 42 & 43 Pearce Grip Extention (PG-42, PG-43+1). This grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures. The Plastic Pearce Grip model is not included with this grip purchase. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

great product

If you are using the Pierce +1, such a little thing like this grip to the extension makes a HUGE difference, both in shooting and aesthetics. Easy ordering process, great customer service, and in my mailbox in under a week...what more can you say.

Great feel. Actually put them on Strike Industries extended mag plates instead of Pearce's.

After putting g on the 43+1 extension .It looks and has the
right feel .

Flawless fit. Talon grips hold up extremely well. I have one on all of my pistols.

I have a Glock 42. I installed the Pearce 42+1 extender grip on my 3 Glock magazines. When I originally ordered these Talon Grips, I ordered the Glock 42/43 model since the only other choice was for a Pearce 43+1 and I don't have a Glock 43. The 42/43 model was wrong for me (way too small), so I exchanged them for the 43+1 model. They fit much better, but they were of course too long for me since a .380 cartridge is much shorter than a 9 mm cartridge. However once installed they were easy enough to trim to the correct length and otherwise they fit quite nicely. I would suggest either creating a 42+1 model Talon Grip or add a note explaining what to do for a Glock 42 with the Pearce 42+1 extender grips.

Great product, great price. Grips do exactly what they're supposed to do. They go on easy and hold tight. So far I use them on my G43 body and mag extensions. Will start spreading out to my other weapons. No regrets. Love 'em!

The fit and price are excellent.

Helps me hold onto my pistol for more comfortable shooting. Highly recommend.

Love them

Great products as always. Thank you

Perfect fit

Worked Great!!!

bought the grip and extenders easy to install adds comfort to my grip Highly recommend

I installed this on a glock 43 extended mag. I would give a solid 5 but the length was a little short on the sides. But the front where my little finger rests feels great. I will buy another one this week.Great Product!

I installed this on a glock 43 extended mag. I would give a solid 5 but the length was a little short on the sides. But the front where my little finger rests feels great. I will buy another one this week.Great Product!

Nice addition to the grip and easy to install.

you can't go wrong with pinky grips

Awesome purchase

The grip installed easily and fits the Pearce G43+1 magazine extension perfectly!

Customer service was Excellent, Had to order G43, but trimming was not a problem, looks great !!

The grips are an excellent addition to any handgun. Easy to install and they perform. The service this company provides is the best in the business.

I carry the G43 for my everyday carry and so far I have no complaints about the rubber Talon system. The installation process was easy and the adhesive seems very well bonded. Having the pierce pinky extension with the Talon tape makes a huge difference with making my grip feel complete and secure. The true test is how this little piece of tape will hold up to EDC use while being exposed to different temperatures throughout the year and being constantly rubbed against while IWB. We’ll see, but considering the cost of stippling is 5 times what the Talon grips cost, I found this was a very economical alternative, and in my opinion, it feels better, I have a better grip, and it doesn’t permanently alter my pistol. I recommend the Talon grip system.

Fit, finish, and feel are excellent. It's nice to purchase something that is good or better than advertised.

Great product

I put Talon on EVERYTHING. Hands down the best for any firearm!

highly recommended, if you have the frame grip this is a no brainer .. buy it

highly recommended, if you have the frame grip this is a no brainer .. buy it

Products, excellent. Customer services, first class.
A lot of shooter use those and all them like it. Congrats.

This mag grip coupled with the G43 grip in the rubber texture is the perfect concealed carry grip improvement option. Highly recommend talon grips

Great item to make the little finger feel like the rest of the shooting hand. No slippage here!

the added grip extension works great for comfort and control

Looks great, easy to apply - Great customer service!

Love talon grips, thank you!!!

Excellent fit - absolutely love the rubber grip texture.

Love my Talon grips! Fit perfectly on my Pearce mag extensions for my Glock 42!

Were a perfect fit and exact match for grips. A must for Pearce extenders when you already have the matching grips.

I ordered a glock 43 grip and the pierce extention grip. The gun grip was a perfect fit. No issues and love it. The pierce extention grip did not fit almost like it was misscut and I was forced to throw it away. But for 1.99 it was not a big deal.

Empty mag - - Cleaning/Prep of extension - - install per instructions - - heat and cool 3 times with dryer/fan and finger compression

Simple if follow directions patiently and thoroughly for such a small piece of rubber - - no 'real' difference than other product extensions, just better product by Talon imo

The Rubber is my favorite

Great addition to my Glock 43 that I already have the Talon grips on!!!!

Matches perfectly

I love Talon grips, I have them on both my Glock 17 and Glock 43, and all my magazine extensions.

the fit and performance of these extension grips was just what i expected for Talon grips QUALITY.

Great product

I've installed the Talon grips on my G43 and two magazine extenders. Installation was pretty easy and I am very happy with the results, and so far very happy with the performance of the grips.

Great fit! Customer service was great, will defently let my friends and family know what a great product you have!

didn't work out on this glock (42)

Great product!

Great addition to the grips for the Glock 43

These are a must have for your glock 43 pinky extensions.

The products shipped quickly and worked just as promoted. Fit and finish is great. Just ordered the magazine filler cap!

I bought these for the grip extensions on my Kahr CM9 mags. at first I thought they may be too smooth, but after they were on they were just right. slight trimming with a razor blade made them perfecto. well done!

Perfect fit - easy to apply - great feel

Excellent product., have ordered twice by phone. Customer service very professional, grips arrived quickly and very easy to install. Several people have made comments that the grips look like the came on my glock 43, magazine extension and Glock 19. Excellent product, grips feel so much better than stock ones.

These are great, I have them on both of my extenders, and other than trimming a bit off the ends to get them how *I* like them, they are awesome! Very good grip for the hands, but do not cling to clothing. Easy to install as well, took me a total of 5 minutes, and that is with my super OCD it must be "juuuuuuust right" trimming and fitting. They look like something that could be OEM, and feel like OEM should. Talon's customer service is great, and I was very impressed that even though I only bought $4 worth of products, then took the time to include a personalized handwritten thank you with the packing slip.

I will be a repeat customer.

Great Fit

I hav a P380 and emailed Talon, as they don't make one for the Pearce extension for P380. They were awesome and steered me toward the G43+1. With just minimal cutting it looks like it was made for the Kahr. Love it!

The 135 Rubber grips for the magazine extensions I use make my pinky finger happy and secure in place.

Perfect fit, very easy installation. Included instructions walk you through each step. Get some today - they look and feel great!

Excellent fit and easy to apply. Nice grip for my pinky finger! Feels more complete with them on.

This was a nice addition to help keep my grip the same throughout. Will get more if I get new mags and extensions. Put on less then a minute.

Perfect fit. High quality like all of Talon products. Will buy again!

This was a gift for my fiance' and he absolutely loves it!

I've tried them all Talon is the best hands down. They don't have the pinky extension grip for Pearce Kahr extensions but the Glock 42/43 works so close that I am happy!

Went good with the grip

Very nice and would buy again. One complaint is the ends lose grip and annoyingly fray after prolonged use.

Absolutely outstanding product as expected from Talon. Liked it so much I bought another. Great people and great service as always!

Typical High Quality fit and finish found in the Talon brand... Highly Recommend...


Rubber grips BETTER than advertised. Ordered one for my glock 42, then 43 and 36. So good I see glock is now selling a spin-off of this product. Easy to apply. Just love 'em.

Excellent Product! I purchased some of these along with the rubber grip for the G43. The Talon solution makes for a real feel. It's like I now have full purchase on the firearm.

Very happy with this purchase very Timely

Glocks grips suck balls so on a recommendation of a member at a shooting range I got these.

Very easy and quick to install. And a much better grip than stock. A must have for glocks.

A necessary addition. A great product!

Typical perfect fit for the application... should be standard issue for all Glocks

Great fit, easy to install and very effective. Thank you Talon

This is the finishing touch to a 42 with an extended mag grip. This grip has great fitment and feel. Makes it very comfortable to hold and shoot. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

This was an excellent way to finish up the grip upgrade, really made a seamless grip from top to bottom. You have an amazing product that has changed the entire feel of the gun, thanks!

The picture does not represent the product I received accurately. Mine were much thinner and didn't cover the extensions well. BUT they do perform as intended and advertised. I Like Talon and will continue to use their products.

We bought two G43's and put rubber on my girlfriend's and granulate on mine. Also bought extra mags for both and ended up with four mags for each with the pearce +1 extensions with matching talon overcoats. Really makes a big difference with the grip and to top it off makes both guns look really sharp.

The pinky grip extension is a must have for the glock 42 , great product- great company...

A perfect fit and looks awesome.. It's the only way to go

Hands down the best grips I have ever used on a pistol and trust me Ive tried them all. If your looking for quality percision cut grips then you've found them. Make the order you will not regret it!!

I made a mistake and ordered the wrong type of wraps for my
Pierce grip extension's and called and described to brad what
they looked like and he told me that I had ordered the wrong
part number. He then proceeded to order me the correct part
number at no charge! Now that's customer service at its best!

Blends well with my Talon grips. Bought 2 for both magazines. Work as they are suppose too.

Fantastic product, perfect fit.

Perfect mate to the perfect grips.

I added this little Talon piece to finish off my Pearce Grip, and now the whole package looks factory. I love every item that I've purchased from Talon!

great grips and extender for pearce works very good

Great product

Great grips...use them for the Strike Industries extensions and they work well...

Talon, make them for the Strike Extensions!

Could have covered more of the exstention 9358

This grip extender made a huge difference in my firing accuracy. Without it the Glock 42 would bounce around everytime I fire.

Perfect fit for the Pearce Extension on my Glock 43.Thanks Talon!

Awesome purchase... A must have!

never disappiont...Talon all the way...

Love the rubber grips

It would not stay in place and did not appear to fit very well.

The coverage not as complete as pictured, but blends nice with the grip tape and is functional.

Great fit!!

Everything is good

Excellent is one way to describe you product.

Starting to peel up after a few months but still works great

The fit for the Pearce pinky extension on the G42 is perfect, and stays put.

Just as I expected its fit is perfect. Just the addition needed to make the grip feel bettwr.Great products for the $$.

Just as I expected its fit is perfect. Just the addition needed to make the grip feel bettwr.Great products for the $$.

love these grip extensions they allow my hand to get a stable grip

great grip, love it!

Helps get my little finger on the pistol.

This fits perfectly. Installation was easy. The pearce grip is a necessary item for the 42. The pistol grip and this grip on the magazine look like they came with the gun. Perfect fit and feel.


very easy to install, looks and feels great. Need to provide one for the Ghost G42 MAGAZINE EXTENSION DEVICE

Really finished off the Pearce extenders, and kept my pinky from slipping off and getting "bitten" during rapid follow-up shots.

These small pieces were easy to install, and fit and finished off the magazine extensions for a great feel in the hand. My strong hand pinky does not slip, and this also prevents pinky bite that had occurred before installation.

Easy to install and work great

Love it

Perfect fit

Absolutely great product. Easy to install and really helps to create a better grip surface on my weapon.

Like them