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Grips for Glock 42



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TALON Grips for Glock model 42. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures. This grip has full coverage on the side panels including above the thumb rest, high coverage on the backstrap, and full coverage under the trigger guard. This grip includes the graphic "GLOCK" cutout on the shooter's left and the TALON "T" on the shooter's right as well as relief cuts for the thumb rest on each side. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

perfect fit, easy to install , nice job

Wonderful product

Repeat customer, due to the quality and fit of the end item (the grips). These grips are perfect in size and fit, not too big, just right. The install of the grips allow me to move my hand for better trigger control when rapid firing, without fear of losing control of weapon. When firing accurately, allow me to better thigthen my grip, for pin point accuracy shots... Well done talon!

Easy to install when following the instructions. Even the smaller pistols feel much secure in your hand. Great addition to your comfort and control.

These new grips are awesome. Really easy to install and work very well. The standard Glock grip is narrow and these added that little extra width I was looking for. The gun fits better in my hand and easier to control. Would highly recommend these grips.

The Talon rubber grips for my Glock 42 fit perfectly. After putting them on and setting them in with the heat from a hair dryer it really is hard to tell they aren’t originally part of the gun. They feel fantastic and give me a firm grip on such a tiny gun. I highly recommend them. Already bought another pair for my wife’s Walter PK380.

Excellent product. Provides a much more secure grip on small pistols such as a Glock 42 and 43. Excellent fit and very easy to make fine adjustments during installation.

Just what my fiancee needed for her 42. Gives her some extra confidence when holding. Perfect fit. She now loves talon grips as much as I do

This is my second purchase of talon grips and am very happy with them. They are easy to install and of good quality.

I have made several purchases of Talon Grips over the last few years. I have always been well satisfied with the quality, fit and grip enhancement of may weapons. I highly recommend Talon's quality Grips.

Grip was easy to put on and the gun feels perfect in my hand now. Great product

As always, quick shipping. Easy installation. A great addition to any gun. I ordered the mossy color this time (to easily tell difference between 42 & 43) its a nice contrast.

Perfect fit as usual! Much better grip on pistol for my wife. Thanks Talon Grips

Talon grips are awesome. I have ordered for Glock 21, 19, 43, and 42. They’re very easy to install and provide great grip, without changing the natural feel of the pistol. Product always arrives in a timely manner.

Very easy to install. And perfect fit. Fast shipping and perfect grip feeling

My first one was for the GLOCK 17, so I knew that it would go on with no problems. I really like these grips

Got the rubber textured grips. They have a great feel, gives you a secure gip, is only slightly larger feel than without. However gives a much more solid positive feel when holding firearm. Follow directions adheres most reliably. 5 Stars

Fast shipping and excellent product!! I will recommend

Excellent fit and form! My wife loves them and can't wait to go back to the range to try it out!

Great grip with no added bulk. A must for small guns with stock short and narrow grips.

Love these grips, not only are they very functional, but the moss color enhances the appearance of the weapon. Now I know what Hickok is always talking about concerning Talon.

Excellent fit. Easy to apply and really helps with my grip.

awesome product!!! has a great feel and was super easy to put on!!

Perfect fit!!!!
Very comfortable to hold and carry as EDC.
I purchased the Rubber grip. You won’t be disappointed. High quality grip!

These are great, they add just enough extra texture for better control, without adding any bulk, I've added these to a number of my pistols.

Simply amazing

Easy to put on and I really like the grip on it.

Second grip I’ve ordered .Great product and great service! Thanks Team Talon

at age 78 and with osteo and rheumatoid arthritis in both hand/wrist but especially my dominant one, shooting my .40 was too much for it. I switched to the Glock 42 in.380. The talon grips make holding and firing the pistol much more tolerable.

Fit perfect and make a huge difference.

Great grips as usual. I have talon grips on all my Glock pistols.

Best thing since sliced bread. Will be oredering for all my other guns.

Glock 42 is super slick from the factory. With sweaty hands it’s kind of a bear to deal with. These grips were a HUGE and cheap AND super easy solution. It’s only been a few weeks and a few range sessions so I have no idea how they will hold up over time but the grip is sweet so far.

great fit and great product. can hold gun much better

fit and work perfect makes a fanatic grip

Love Talon grips, I have them on about ten guns and counting. This time I tried the gray and they look great! Thanks Talon!

Great fit and quality as usual!!

easy peasey Nice product I would buy more

I ordered the rubber grips and did not need them. I say that due to the fact I already had rubberized TALON grips on my GLOCK 42 I had a black set and I wanted to change them to the grey TALON grips. They look great and they were extremely easy to put on, follow the instructions to the letter and you will be good to go. Like I said I did not need new grips I had the old ones on the weapon for a couple years if not longer. I just wanted to see what the grey grips look like and they are AWESOME. BUY SOME YOU WILL BE HAPPY YOU DID.... that is all good bye

Talon grips have added that extra firmness and security of my gun handling,

Previously applied one on my SD9, and as expected, this for perfect. Very helpful customer service, and with my smaller hands, noticeable improvement in feel, now if they can improve my aim !!! Have and will recommend to friends

Awesome As Always!

The Talon fit the Glock 42 like a glove. Haven’t shot it with the rubber texture yet but no doubt it will be better then stock.

This grip is everything I had hoped for. It drastically changes the grip and feel for the weapon, all while keeping the slim profile on my Glock 42. When drawing my pistol from the holster, this a grip allows me to have a much better purchase on the pistol. Overall you can't beat the quality and price of this product and I will definitely order it again.

Way better than stippling your gun. You get great grip texture that is not too harsh on your hand and looks good too.

Bought the rubber style based on previous reviews. They were easy to apply and work great. Definitely worth it.

Excellent! I can't imagine having a gun without them.

Great grip. Perfect fit and easy to apply.

This product is very easy to install anyone who can put on a bandaid can apply this to there firearm ! Will be getting a set for every gun I own

This grip is all around great. I thought it was going to rub off in my tulster holster but it is very rugged and after 2 weeks of carrying it has passed my test

Best thing I’ve gotten for my gun so far. After putting the grip on I could feel the difference. Helped a lot while qualifying for my CWP.

Makes a world of difference! Sweaty hands effecting grip, is a thing in the past.

The granulate are great grips making the gun stick in my hand so I can have a more firm grip with no slipping

Love the grips on my Glock 42. Easy to install. Feel great. I first bought the granulated grips which were great also but a little to rough for me, Replaced them with the rubberized grips.Could not be happier.


I've had my grips for about 3 weeks now and they have significantly reduced the amount of movement during firing. They have completely erased all grip issues normally associated with a sub compact pistol. I highly recommend these grips and this company. Great product and service.

works great good feel

Nice grip cover.

Ordered my 5th set for my Glocks from you guys! My CCW asked who did it for me thinking it was from a shop! Everyone that shoots my guns are intrigued. Great product!

This grip greatly improves the feel in hand with the G42. I am am pleased I added this. During the really hot months here in FL, wearing shorts, and being sweaty, I carry this firearm often. Usually pocket carry with a Recluse holster.These grips are holding up very well. You can get a more reliable and better grip with wet hands for a draw from your holster with these grips installed on your G42.

Love the Rubber Talon Grips. They are easy to apply and would recommend them to anyone that carrys. Keep up the good work.

Perfect fit, very comfortable.

Just installed on my wife's Glock 42 with the pads for an extended mag (previously installed on a Gen 2 20). Simple to apply, looks great and my wife loves the new feel of the grip. Won't be my last purchase from Talon.

Bought this for my Glock 42 because of the small size of the gun and difficulty I was having keeping shots centered on target. The Talon grips are super easy to install and have made the 42 easier to handle and keep centered on target. I also added the Talon grip strips to both of my extended grips. I'm thinking about getting a Glock 43 and will definitely add the Talon grip for that gun.

I love this grip. It makes an already great gun feel awesome in my meaty palm. The design is flawless in my opinion. This is way better than a slip on grip, and it cost less than a stippling job.

My large hands now have better 2nd & 3rd shot response since installing the TALON gripsExcellent product & I will repeat the purchase for my other firearms..

Really makes the gun more comfortable to shoot

Can't say enough about Talon. Again....thank you for your superior and awesome products!

It does not slip at all when my hands are sweaty in the heat. Great product.

I recently purchased my first set of Talon Grips for my wife's Glock 42 (due to the small frame of the gun) and I am very impressed by the quality of the grip. The grip tape surface is the perfect grit for a firm hold without being overbearing. I am planning on purchasing more for my Glock 19 and 17, because of the drastic difference it made for me and my wife at the range.

These grips are great. Got 'em for both my m&p shield and my wifes glock 42. They feel awesome in the hand and are easy to apply if you take your time and do it right. I highly recommend this product.

Fantastic. Easy to install. Looks and feels great.

This is the 3rd time I have ordered grips from Talon Grips. The product itself is second to none. However, the time it takes to actually get the product in hand is pathetic. (It took a long time to recieve with all of the orders I've placed) This last one I ordered was shipped on May 31st. I did not get it until a week after an inquiry call toTalon Grips which makes me wonder if it was ever shipped in the first place.

Yup. That's what the G42 needed. Couple with the Hyve +1 it's perfect now. Very impressed-simple to apply as well.

Great grips!! Will buy for any future Glock handguns I might buy later on!

'Assume' you're asking about grips for 42 and and the mag grips on the magazine... look great, and, they all work

Love the product. Makes a huge improvement in grip.

Love it!

I have a FDE Glock 42. I ordered the Moss Rubber and it matches the FDE pretty close. This is my second Talon grip, the first is on my G43. They really improve the grip. I've had the 43 Talon on my daily carry over two years and it's still going strong.

I love the grip. The original grip on the gun just wasn't enough if your hands sweat at all on the range.

I purchased this grip for my wifes Glock 42. She loves it. She tends to sweat a bit during shooting and this grip has completely solved the problem of slippage. I also have an older version of your grip for my Gen 3 Glock 27. Love it as well! Thank You!

Excellent fitment and grip

This product is an easy install. Its grip to the hand is solid. I give it a 9/10 because it hasnt proved itself over time yet.

The texture is more abrasive than I imagined. Makes it a little uncomfortable to carry concealed. The grips grab at my knit shirts. Not a deal killer just didn't think about that possibility.

Excellent fit and much better feel than what is on factory Glock! Pinky extension grip makes even better. Like a GLOVE !!!

First thing I do when I purchase a handgun is order takin grip. Need I say more.

Perfect! Fast shipping and awesome fit! Got a set for me and my grandfather who also has a 42!

I could not be more satisfied with this whole transaction. The grip fit perfect, the instructions were immaculate, shipping was crazy fast.. I'm VERY HAPPY! Thanks Talon Grips!!! xoxo

Fits great, feels great

Fit is great. Perhaps the best of the 7 really good Talon grips I've had previously.

Excellent grips. Feels good.

Great product

Great Product

Switched from granulated to rubberized for daily carry and was a little weary about losing grip texture at first, but the granulated and the rubberized are both absolutely incredible. Big thanks to Talon Grips for keeping my little baby gun firmly in my hands.


I've been using Talon grips for years, I purchase them every time I get a new pistol. Hickok45 is the reason I found out about your grips. Thanks for a great product that really works!Dave

I buy the rubber grips for all of my handguns. These are awesome! They fit great, they are functional, and oh so comfortable. They are highly recommended.

Fit perfect on my 42. Like the way they feel. Great product.

these made a great little gun a greater larger gun in your hand. you feel the difference these fantastic grips make, you got to try them this company is #1 in gun grips

Easy to install. Grip much improved. Would recommend this product.

Just installed the rubber grip for my Glock 42. Very easy installation and maps perfectly to the contours of the factory grip! Can't wait to shoot it and see how it feels! Super fast shipping by the way (two days)!

Very good grip. Easy to install. Will use on other weapons.

Love Talon Grips. I have them on a few of my firearms and they feel great in my hand.

Clear instructions lead to easy installation. Love the way they feel compared to original stock. They almost feel like they warm up from the palm of your hand and fuse to your grip hold making handling easier and more confident when shooting. Will buy Talon grips again.

Excellent product. Installs easily. Keeps the firearm securely in the hand.

I use the rubber grips on most of my guns. I would recommend them.


Awesome addition to my Glock.Super fast shipping.

Easy application, great feel

Excellent product, shipped on time

Take your time, follow the instructions, even watch a Youtube video of how to do it and you will have no regrets.Mine went on with no problems and makes a noticeable positive difference when firing.The only real question is how long they will last? Assuming I did my part in applying the grip correctly, I would expect to get years of service from it.If you are on the fence about these, time to jump off and get yourself a grip. You will be glad you did.This is a quality company and they care about their customers. :-)

I'm very happy I ordered. The grip has exceeded my expectations.

Very nice secure grips , excellent for target shooting , kinda of a problem for conceal carry

what can I say? The grips work.

Easy to install,and fit was perfect!

Like the way it fit and the feels

Have these for my Glock 19 and 42. Love the feel of the rubberized grip. Perfect for concealed carry. Will order again!!

Great grip feeling. Must have product

Perfect for my Glock 42. Doesn't get any better. I have them on my M&P Shield 40 as well.

Grip was as expected, the Moss color matched my FDE very well. Installation was easy, I used the hair dryer 3 times to get it nice and soft and mold to the handle.

Great fit, and it enhances the looks an the feel as well.

This grip is great, excellent feel while shooting.

As good as it gets

Great product and perfect fitment

Best grips on the market! I have tried others and none of them compare to Talon.

Amazing service, ordered one week receive product in the same week. Fits like a glove easy to install. No need for long review get your computer and order it you will not be sorry.

Husband has on Glock 19. I liked the feel so we put them on my 42. Every day carry for past year and two day pistol training at Valor Ridge (1000 rnds). Still holding up.

Very happy with my grips! And you can't beat the low price! Highly recommended!

All my guns have these grips and I will add to any new ones that I purchase.Great company, product and service.

Excellent grip, I have them on my wife's Glock 42, my XDM and XDS. Much better feel than the stock grips on each of the handguns.

Great fit and easy to install. Definite grip improvement.

Nice grips for the G42. Fits great, feels great! Bought the rubber Talons for my Shield also and couldn't be happier. Try 'em, you'll like 'em!

Awesome grip!! And excellent customer service! Will definetly buy from them again!!

I absolutely love these grips! I have them on my 42 and 43. They are a must have. Definitely give a feeling of more control.

Grips are great. Keep up the good work

I can't believe I waited this long to try the rubber Talon grips. They completely changed the feel of the G42. In a VERY good way. Super easy to put on. The feel is just amazing!Thanks Talon!

Just what I expected

I have Talon Grips on all of my pistols and I love them. Having the grips on this small Glock makes it much easier to hold onto and is comfortable in my hand.

It was very nice to hold on my glock42.

Great product! Easy to install and feels great!

Just don't get in a hurry and use a heatgun on a lower setting or a hair dryer.

These grips are awesome, they help a lot with how the gun feels in the hand, without making it harder to conceal. I got the rubber version, so I can't speak for how the granulate version would impact on carrying. These are pretty much a must if you have a weapon as small as a Glock 42, they make a huge difference.

I purchased the rubber grip and somehow it was changed to the granulate on the order. Not sure how that happened. The granulate looks like a good product; just not what I expected. :(

Great texture and grip for the Glock 42. Easy to install and quality is excellent. I would recommend without hesitation.

You sent the wrong texture should be stipple not sandy.Both the pistol gun grips and + 2 extensions (qty. 2) ! !!How do resolve this issue asap...209.988.1592

Awesome! Really helped my grip and getting better results at the range!

This is my second set of grips from Talon. the first rubberized grips. made a huge difference

I have three sets and two of the three are superb. The one on my P320SC slips on one side when I carry it in my Alien Gear holster.

This grip is GREAT. I ordered it, came very quick, installed it fairly easily. Looks nice and helps with the feel of my Glock 42

The grips were very easy to install and have given my Glock an even better feel to the hand.

Easy to put on, great feel. A must have for a G42 owner. I had a Hogue grip before, which I liked, but it keep turning around. Not a problem with the Talon.

Great product. Improves the grip and looks as if it come from Glock this way

Great grip, just what I expected. thank you!

Tried it and now I can't imagine having anything without these now.

Was easy to install. A good improvement on establishing and maintaining grip on a compact 42. Was a good choice to get.

Fantastic!!! so easy to put on. I feel like I have a new gun. I can't believe how much better grip I have, Plus they look great. I'll be getting these for all my hand guns.

prompt service. fit my glock 42 perfect. have a set on my kahr cm9 also

Awesome grips! Fits the glock 42 very nicely and has a great feel. Very satisfied. I highly recommend this product to anyone. Thank you Talon!

Easy installation in a few minutes. Makes this compact pistol much easier to grip. Shipping took 10 days. Overall I am very pleased and highly recommend.

Great product! Extremely easy installation, feels great, and makes it a snap to get a hold of and control such a small firearm (glock 42) with limited grip length. The rubberized grips are a great asset during the Texas summers.

The addition of the Talon soft grips tape made a very positive difference versus the stock G-42 grips. The soft tape allows for a more positive grip which gave me better control when firing. A worthwhile addition for any GLOCK.

I got the rubber texture and was so thrilled with them I order these grips for a 18,17,22, 34 and for a 41 that is on order. It makes a world of difference in the feel of the grip.You cannot go wrong with these. I had tried the skate board tape but did not like it. This is the way to go.

As with any of the other grips I have ordered from Talon (this is my seventh order) the fit was not was perfect. I amazed by the precision every time I have applied these grips to one of my pistols. What a quality product.

Great product- great company..

excellent grip and fit. This is the gun I carry most often and the grip feels much better with the Talon grip added.

As anyone knows who shoots several rounds in a session your hands get weaker and sweaty making it harder to stay accurate and rapid fire. The Talon grips will significantly reduce this. I use the rubber style an can only imagine the granulate would be even better though wouldn't recommend for a ccw.

I love my new Glock 42 and 43, but was bother by the stock Glock grip because it makes it difficult to hold when you shoot for prolonged periods of time. So Talon grips was the solution to the problem. Excellent product, it performs as described and their customer service is on grips. Keep the excellent performance guys. Really love your product

Very happy with these grips. Have them on all of my carry pistols and recommend them to anyone who will listen.

Your grips are great, bought some for my Glock 43 and 42.

fit was great

These grips our the bomb, I have them on all my glock's, theirthe first modification a make to any gun I buy and I tell every-one I know how easy they are to order, and how easy they areto install ! Just follow the instructions and you can't go wrong!

The granulate grips are my go to when I want that extra grip. They worked great for all my other Glocks so why not get it for the 42 also.

Excellent product at a fair price. I now have the grips on my Glock 43 and 42. Picked up a Glock 17 today and plan to add the grips to it.

Awesome groups. Happy customer as always. Got a love talon grips.

I really like how the Talon grigs make it easier to grip the gun, without adding a lot of bulk to the grips.

I love these grips. I have them on 9 of my firearms. i will put them on every gun that I can!!

Excellent product. Perfect fit. Great feel. Highly recommend.

Ordered the rubber grip for my Glock 42 and it is awesome just enough grip and feels great in my hand. An my order came so fast thanks againAwesome!

These talon grips are ergonomicly correct in texture and look perfect on my Glock 42, will definitely buy another pair for my g19.

love these on my shield.

Best thing to happen to my Glock 42. Feels much more secure in the hand.

the talon grip really adds to the shooters comfort and confidence because of the great grip and feel

Order this grip for my wifes G42 and she loves them. Thanks Guys

My accuracy has significantly increased after installing the Talon grip on my Glock 42. The front site of the Glock is now rock steady due entirely to the grip preventing the Glock from moving in my hand. Installation was simple and easy.

Having new sights put on my on my glock 42 and then the new rubber grips are going on. I put them on my S&W Shield and they made all the difference in the world. Excellent product. Can't wait till they come out in glock FDE color.

The "sandpaper" grips (granular) rip your clothing and your skin if you carry iwb and aren't wearing an undershirt.

Easy on and great feel!

great grips will order again

The third Talon Grip ordered! Have on my Glock 19, 42, 43. Really makes a big difference for me. Wouldn't go without having these grips on my pistols. Great product.

If you got a grip, you've got to have a Talon rapped around it. These are a must.

Your product is awesome, I have the grips for my Glock 27,23,21sf, Tavor and last my Glock 42. I just love the feel and it made me more acurate !

Love my grips I bought for my Glock 42. I plan on buying grips for my new Glock 43 I just purchased today. These grips are inexpensive and easy to apply I would recommend them to anyone who's interested in this product.

Awesome product

This was my first Talon Grips purchase. The installation was easier than expected and the grips made my G42 much more comfortable in my hands.

Easy to install! Makes the grip feel great!

Awesome grips, I plan to get one for another glock42 and saw m&p full size. Great product at a great price. Mr. Carr

Great grips! Received and function as advertised. Easy installation -- if you are particular and like to do things correctly!I believe a bit more volume and cushioning would make this very good product better!

What a great product and your customer service is the very best!Thanks


Quick and easy to install. Gives me a solid purchase when I go to draw and helps with grip. 10/10

Recieved grip very quickly. Works very well. Going to order mag extension grips too.


Easy to apply. Installed on G19, G43 and Two G42's. All of these weapons went through an intense two day Pistol Craft I course 6+ months ago at Valor Ridge and the grips are still doing well. My wife, daughter and I love the way these grips enhance the feel of the pistol.

very easy to put grip on and a great product to help control your firearm

Got the rubberized Talon grip for my G42 and I am amazed how perfect it fits the gun and how much better the grip is now. By far the best one in the market. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Great enhancement to the factory grips! Extremely happy with the purchase of these grips for my Glock 42!

The grip was easy tp attach and greatly improved control.

Great Product I have it on all my Glocks. Easy to use and install.

I have the rubberized Talon grip on my Glock 42. I have large hands and the Talon just locks the gun in my hand. It's worth every cent for the custom cut grip.

What a great product! Easy to install. Perfect fit. The gun feels so much better now with the Talon grip. Wonderful product.

The talon grips that I have on the flock 42 are a perfect fit, and that is not surprising. I have yet to purchase talons for a handgun that haven't been an absolute factory fit. They give the glock 42 a durable, comfortable grip that can be relied on to stay put and I wouldn't go without them,

I took the G42 to the range and shot three groupings at 7 yards. All three were 5-inch groups. I applied the Talon grips at the range and shot three more groups. Two were 1-inch groups and the third was a 2-inch group. YMMV but I was very pleased. I purchased Talon grips for my G34, G20, G21, and G22 and will do so on all my pistols.

You owe it to yourself to get the Talon Grips!

This grip is excellent gives much better control with such a small frame gun

Had the granulate originally and went to the rubberized grip as it offered a better grip and comfort, also changed to the rubberized grip on my competition Glock 34 open pistol

I installed Talon grips on my Glock 42 and 19.It's a great product and adds great comfort, and an awesome grippy texture.

Love the feel of the gun with the Talon grips on it. have ordered more and will be ordering more for remaining guns as well. Great product and recommend to everyone. I have shown and talked 4 more friends to order as well. Thanks Talon

Just got mine on the 42 and love them already. The gun feels awesome in your hand. Dont even think about it,buy them and put them on. Simple to put on and look great and the feel is even better. Thanks Talon

Fit the gun perfectly and really made handling and shooting it a lot better.

Wanted to shoot a couple of hundred rounds before responding.Being a small pistol (glk. 42) they give you much better purchase but if ordering again I would order the textured instead of the sand paper because the latter sticks to clothing.I don't use my shooting gloves because I think the grips would wear the finish off of the leather. I plan to purchase another pistol (9mil.) in the near future and will order the textured grips for said pistol.

great product. makes gun feel much better.

Love the talon grips. They make a great gun feel better in your hand. I have them on all my guns.

This was my first attempt at installing any kind of grip enhancements. The directions were clear and simple. The results were excellent. I love the way the gun feels with the Talon grips.

The new Glocks like the 42 don't have the usual good grip so you need Talon to keep from dropping the firearm in a life and death situation. I use them and highly recommend them!

easy too install and improved grip comfort .I would recommend this.

This is another very fine addition to the 42. I have Talon rubber grips on all my Glocks. Wouldn't have a Glock without them.

These Grips exceeded my expectations. They are fantastic. One reason I like them so much is that they don't add any thickness to the grip. I have small hands and the width remains virtually the same. Also, the texture allows for a solid grip on the pistol. Every handgun owner should put this grip on his/her gun. Simply Great!

Grips are Excellent. Very easy to put on. Directions were user friendly and easy to follow. If you carry IWB and dont have an under shirt, grips could be a little abrasive on skin. Bur worth it for the grip it gives you.

My Glock 42 now feels like a weapon. 5 Stars

Excellent product as always!! Thanks again for having such a superior product

Worth every penny!

Great fit!

Searching for that 'ultimate' Talon review, I came to a simpleconclusion: having Talons on Glock, Kahr, S&W, Springfield, Walther, and FNS pistols...partial to the rubber texture..theyare a CLEAR enhancement to EVERY model I have them much so that they're good enough to be considered as thestandard grip! I don't think that's too far-fetched!

Great product

Everything is good

These sandpaper-like grips make this comfortable shooter even more comfortable, controllable ... and precise.I'd do these, again, in a heartbeat.

Can the grip thickness be increased or can the grip be layered!

Really improves the grip on the Glock G42

The grips fit perfectly and dramatically improve the shootability of the G42

This is the 2nd set of Talon grips that I have installed on my Springfield XDS-9 and now my Glock 42. They were very easy to install and significantly improved the factory grips on both guns. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to improve the factory grips on their firearms too. They are so thin that the extra thickness isn't noticeable..

Great grip.

Great product! Easy to put on and it stays on. Have them on 2 guns so far and all mag extensions. Really changes feel of the gun for the better. Will be using on all guns in the future.

Great product. I've been using this product for a while and given them as gifts.

Great product. Easy to install.

Fit great. Feel good and have nice cut out to fit grip really good. Very happy with them

Excellent product is one way to describe it.

Fantastic products and services! ! Always buy these and get super fast deliveries and the grips are sweet. This is my 5th set now and will always come back for more when I get another gun.

These grips take an already comfortable gun to a new level. The Glock 42 Talon grips were my first. Since then, I've put them on all my Glocks. They survive heat, sweat, and the general wear and tear of concealed carry, and never peel. The quality, fit, and feel are outstanding.

gives better grip easier to hold onto

I got my G42 Talon grip before I ordered the G42. I new how it helped my G27 & G23, so I new it would do the same for the G42;

Great product! I prefer the "rubber like" grip as opposed to the sand paper type. The cut of the grip fit my glock 42 absolutely perfectly. The enhanced feel of the gun in my hand has really made a difference at the range. I will surely recommend Talon grips to my friends and associates anytime!

Didnt stick but about 6 weeks....followed direction to a tee

Great product! I have Talon Grips on all of my polymer stricker fired pistols and on the grips of my ARs .

MUST HAVE Especially on small frame guns!!!

Shooting a small framed pistol with my larger hands, the pistol tended to swim around a bit. With the Talon Grips on, its much easy to control my follow up shots. Thanks!!.

Grips are awsome. Wish I wojld have found them sooner. Fit is amazing and feel is great. I have recommended to many people. Will be buying more soon for other applications.

Great addition, money well spent.

simple product that makes a world of a difference. These grips are great!

RUBBER GRIPSI was a little concerned about how the slight overlap at the end of the grip would hold up. I have had NO problems with it what-so-ever! (Pearce extender grip also) Great product, instructions and rock solid quality! Extremely easy to install! Thanks TALON!

Talon (Rubber) purchased for G42. Fit perfect, no complaints.

Easy to install, very comfortable, will by again and recommend! Thanks for a Great product!

Easy to install, very comfortable, will by again and recommend! Thanks for a Great product!

great grip, love it!

Great grips I have ordered 3 grips for myself and two other Deputy's that have the glock 42 really makes the gun much more easy to grip and just feels good in the hangAlso have put the covering on all my Pearce Mag extensions to help with the griping of the small frame of the 42

Rubberized Talon Grips have become a staple on all of my defensive handguns. Every set has fit perfectly on the gun I ordered it for and the cutouts are designed to be effective and aesthetically pleasing. The rubberized grips give you a solid purchase on the handgun, but do not stick to clothing or other items when concealed carrying. Will buy again for sure.

$$ well spent. The grips install super easy and lock on tight and flush. You'd never suspect they were an aftermarket accessory even close up, they look that good. i went with the rubber variety and they really let you get s solid grasp on the gun. tye price is more than reasonable for what you get.

Really make a difference on your ability to hold the pistol.

I am very pleased with my Talon Grip. It was very easy to apply, and fits on my Glock 42 perfectly. I love the extra stabilization it gives me on the slim grip of the 42. I also get a lot of compliments on the way it looks. I would recommend Talon Grips to anyone.

With the short grip of the G42, every little bit helps. These are super simple to install and provide just the right amount of extra grip. Will be installing on all of my Glocks.

Very satisfied with product.

Talon grips are the best grips money can buy. I've put them on every gun in my arsenal. Easy to apply and extremely durable.

Excellent product. Easy to install. Improves the grip tremendously.

Perfect fit for the Glock 42, gives the just the right amount of grip and no bulk.

It started with my LCP which I put Talon rubber grips on, then my XD, then my Glock 42 and I just ordered a set for my new Ruger LC9s. Makes the grip so much better than the hard plastic grips. If the product wasn't good shooters would not by again and again. Try them you'll like them.

Perfect fit

Good quality material. The feel of the grip is perfect. The installation was easy. And the grip looks like it came on the gun. So glad I chose this one.


Worth every cent my 42 feels 1000 times better

Love the feel of these grips. Really helps with a smaller frame pistol like the G42. Plan on putting them on my 9mm.

Very Nice Grips! Plan on Adding these to every gun I own

I have talon grips on almost all of my pistols. The G42 grip arrived in the mail today, and it fits perfectly. It greatly improved the feel of this tiny pistol making me like it even more. This simple accessory is awesome and I recommend it to everyone. If you carry, you have to have these.

I love it.

Received my Talon Grips today, very easy to apply, looks great and feels great. What a difference a Talon Grip makes!!

Best on the market

I was quite pleased with my experience with my order, installation, and usage of Talon grips. . In fact, I've recommended these grips to many friends who are also pleased with the grips. Well done, Talon.Clarence Shay

I was quite pleased with my experience with my order, installation, and usage of Talon grips. . In fact, I've recommended these grips to many friends who are also pleased with the grips. Well done, Talon.Clarence Shay

Very cool product! Would like to be able to purchase by the sheet in order to customize and add grip tape to other surfaces on gun (ie: sides of slide). BTW - genius product, you guys must be making a killing in profits. :)

Bought these for a friend of mine who's a cop. She loves them...says they're better than anything else she's tried.

great grips for this gun, just what the doctor ordered.. this gun was slipping in my hand on the range until i put these on...

Easy to install, looks factory installed. Excellent feel with complete control. I would recommend these grips to anyone who asks.

These grips completed my gun. Only thing I don't like is it's a little rough on your skin but as long as you have something between the grip and your skin (shirt, holster ...) you'll be fine. Definitely recommend buying it, I bought another set for another small pistol I own (M&P Shield)

Easy install, excellent product!

very easy to install, looks and feels great

Excellent grip. Easy to install. Feels like a new gun. Easier to handle smaller Glock. Feels much better in my hand. Put the rubber grip on the G-42 and I have sandpaper on my G-20 and G-21.

Fits well. Really helps to hold the small grip.

Great product

These are hands down the best grips out there.

A must have add on to any firearm!

Applies easily. Excellent feeling.

2nd set ordered. Great fit and a fine product!

Excellent product.

Could be a sliver shaved off of the size. Slight overlap once completely wrapped around that hopefully won't create a point that will peel with time.

Perfect fit, easy to apply, great feel and awesome value. 5 stars

Just installed the granulate on my Glock 42 and man what a difference it makes!

easy to install, fast shipping.very good product.

Wonderful product! ! I will put talon grips on every handgun I buy!!

Great service, great product

These grips made a huge improvement in the handling of my pistol!

Awesome product ! installation was a cinch it fit my G42 perfectly and they feel good in your hand .

Awesome product! I bought the rubber version for myself and the pink granulated for my wife. ..we both absolutely love these grips! It makes the already fun Glock 42 even more fun to shoot!

Awesome product! I bought the rubber version for myself and the pink granulated for my wife. ..we both absolutely love these grips! It makes the already fun Glock 42 even more fun to shoot!

I love this product and company this is a must upgrade for all firearms. And customer service is second to none I once ordered grips for the wrong gun and still was able to fabricate it to my gun and looked professional!

Great fit, easy application, feels great in the hands

Very good grip. Makes the gun feel much more sturdy in your hand.

The instructions were simple, the grip applied perfectly, and I was impressed that even the alcohol wipe was included. At the range, my Glock 42 was comfortable in my hand and I didn't find myself constantly having to adjust my grip as before. I'd say this is an essential upgrade.

Easy installation.Grip is much improved.Would recommend for warm or humid environment.

I don't know what to say other than I love these grips.. I now have them for my shield and all 3 of my glocks...

Awesome product.. will not buy another gun without ordering Talon Grips for it! Makes any weapon feel better in your hand.

Excellent product on Glock 42. Stops torque and improves grip with large hands on a small pistol.

Great product, easy to install, enhances the grip nicely.

She loves it.

Love the fit and the feel.

A great solution to the GRIP problem on fire arms - and they LOOK great too.

Perfect fit and an excellent level of tackiness.

This is my 5th Talon grip. I would not have a gun without one. And the customer service is outstanding. I actually ordered the wrong one by mistake one time, and they sent me the correct one as well as a stamped envelope. They really do work. A great company to deal with for a change.

Great product. Use on all my hand guns

I put these on all of my guns. The rubber version is my favorite. It provides a secure grip, but is still comfortable against the skin.

The best add in grips I have found fir my Glocks. They increase grip 100% but add almost no bulk, which I'd great for those of us with small hands. Highly recommend the grips, and customer service is great, too.

Works great. I would recommend to anyone.

This was for a friend of mine. He has bought several Talon's however and has been impressed enough that he recommended them to me.

Great fit and function.

So with all Talon grips, this one fits my Glock 42 like a glove and affords great purchase Great job!

all Glocks need these, otherwise they are relatively slick plastic grips

Great fit...very pleased.

Fit great easy to put on feels good in hand

I've been a long time user/fan of Talon Grips both for my M&P and Glocks. I always purchase the granular model for my personal firearms and those of my clients. The G42 grip is fantastic and even more detailed and fitted than others. It really adds 'purchase' to a very small grip. Add one to yours.

Great Product. Really helps keep the GLock 42 in the hand tightly.

I have Talon rubberized grips on 3 Glocks now and love them. I recommend them 100%.

Excellent product as always from talon. Perfect fit.

QUICK service - personal note on invoice was appreciated.

My brother had purchased this grip for his G42 and after seeing and the feel of the grip, I ordered one for mine. I love how easy it is to install and the fit. GREAT Grip!!

Perfect fit for my G42. Love the tiny sqaure cut for the logo. Wish you do the same for G27 gen 4.

Rubber grip for Glock 42 fit perfectly. Instead of tucking the overlap, I trimmed the grip with a razor and there is a perfectly smooth seam. Very simple install and greatly improved grip. Hassle free order with fast shipping. Thank you!


First time trying out Talon grips... Love them! Purchased for new glock 42 .380 and fit perfect. Talon was also the first company to offer grips for this new glock model!

These are excellent you can't bet them. Let's get different colors now!

These are excellent you can't bet them. Let's get different colors now!

liked these grips so much ordered a grip for a springfield xd also great product easy to install and they stay put I HIGHLY RECOMEND THESE GRIPS

I run these grips on all of my guns. It feels weird not to have them.

I purchased the Talon grips for my Glock 27 and Glock 42. I am very pleased with them. Really makes a difference in stability of the firearm if you have larger hands like me. Well worth it for the price.

Perfect fit as always.:)

Fits perfectly. The rubberized version provides very good purchase, yet is comfortable against the skin, great for use on a concealed carry weapon.

I have installed them on every Glock I own and I could not be happier !!

New Glock 42 purchased, grip a bit slippery. Purchased the rubber Talon, it did not fit very well around the upper section, by the thumb rest. Overall it was a very good purchase and improved my grip tremendously. I highly recommend it for any firearm with a slippery grip, especially if you need to grab your pistol fast !

Just got my talon grip for my g21sf night and day awsome! Thanks talon grip.