Kahr CW380 and P380

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Grips for Kahr Arms CW380, P380



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TALON Grips for Kahr CW380 and P380 model. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip has graphic cut outs on each side of the firearm around the Kahr emblem as well as a cutout on the left side panel for the serial number. This grip helps with the aggressive stippling common on Kahr firearms. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

You have no idea what you were missing until you put them on.

Talon Grips fit like a glove on my order had issues and talon handled it like a pro what a great company!

applied to p380 model, perfect fit, follow installation instructions and take your p380 feels great in the hand with the talon rubberized texture grip tape.

Easy to put on and made a world of difference to the grip.

These grips are amazing and fit perfectly!!! They are a must buy for the Kahr CW380...what a difference!

Fit my pistol perfectly. Easy installation.

When I ordered it was not clear about ordering for pistol with CT laser.What I received was not cut for the laser. BUT with a little trimming the grip went on and I am very happy wit it.

Y’all do a great job with each grip. Fits perfect

Grip tape fit great , feels great too , would definitely buy from them again , and fast shipping !

My new Talon Kahr CW380 grips were Talon perfect just like the last 2 grips I bought for my CM40 and CM45..... I give them a 5 star all day everyday....

Thank you guys at Talon!!!

Fit so well I ordered for 2 more weapons I own. Enough said.

Excellent product. It fit perfectly and greatly improves grip. I have them on all of my pistols.

Excellent add on for an already excellent pocket rocket. Definitely better than the factory slick finish.

All of my handguns get Talon Grips. Great product at a great price!

I got the rubber grips for my pistol and what I was most satisfied about right out of the box is the prescision of the cuts. I was easily able to line up the talon grip with the grip on my pistol and simply press it on and heat it up. The grip made the small grip on the KAHR CW380 feel very firm in my hand with a professional appearance.

Great fit, no added thickness. Thanks!

I'm thrilled with these grips. Put them on a Kahr P380 (small pistol) - they were easy to install and they fit perfectly. Plus I'm more accurate in rapid fire because the pistol is easier to grip and control. Highly recommended

Nothing but the best!!! All my grips will always be purchased threw talon

I put this on all my guns. The best.

Fast shipping. Easy application - even for me. My second purchase. Certainly provides more grip and is a must have on your pocket pistols.

The granulate option is most definitely the way to go. To be honest, I bought a set of these sticky grips for my Glock 32, after realizing the factory grip enhancers didn't work. After every round I had to re-adjust. Once I bought the granulate Talon grips, I could shoot magazine after magazine, and not once did I have to worry about firearm movement and grip adjustment.I then noticed my Kahr P380 likes to move in my hand a bit. So I ordered a set of Talon Grips for it. I haven't fired the gun yet, but I can say there is enough room for mistakes built into the tape. Almost too much. When I first started applying the grip, I noticed I placed the cut out for the gun logo a little too far forward, but not enough to cause much concern. So I thought, keep going and see what happens and adjust from there. After wrapping around, I had too much room in the safe direction. Not sure if it was planned this way, as I just called it good and finished applying the product, and was happy. The uber perfectionist won't like that it's not a perfect lineup like some guns are, but this is my only complaint, and this will never stop me from buying a Talon Grip when I think it's needed. Excellent product and I will buy more when the situation calls for it.

I'm hooked! Talon grips are a must for all my polymer framed pistols. Put the rubber style on Glocks, M&P's, and Kahrs so far. They always improve the grip and always fit like they should.

Just like I expected fit was perfect and the grip worked out great love the feel. A+A+A_ What will be next ? Not sure but they will be wearing Talon Grips Thank again David Breakfield

Grips fit fine. Happy and service was great

I use the rubber Talon grips on all my handguns. I wouldn't have them any other way.

Wonderful and useful product. Thanks!!

This grip fits like a dream to my P380 (fits a CW380 also, both pistols being identical in dimensions). That shouldn't surprise you however, as I've never seen a Talon not be a good fit to a gun.I can't state enough how advantageous these grips are on such a compact pistol. I believe Talon Grips actually improve the reliability of your smaller pistols, as a good solid grip is necessary to prevent any limp-wristing that can easily occur when your hand doesn't have enough purchase on the frame.

These Talon grips are great. A really big improvement over the regular Kahr grips. I purchased the rubber ones and they are nice and grippy, don't slip at all. The original Kahr grips are to aggressive and really chew up your hands. Talon are easy on the hands yet grip better.

These are great, I have the rubber grips on all of my pistols and wouldn't want to be without them. They improve the grip and the overall feel of the pistol in my hand. I get an all around better grip on my pistols on the draw with these applied, and it's simple and easy to do. I highly recommend them to everyone, you won't be disappointed.

The rubber grip for the Kahr CW380 fits beautifully as all Talon grips do and is very easy to install. The rubber texture gives the grip a superior feel over the stock texture with zero added bulk. Thank you again, Talon

You need these grips on this handgun. Prior to installing the grips I was getting a blister on my palm during range time. Not anymore! Fit great and easy install.

These grips are perfect. I have them for my Shield M&P; Glock 43; and Khar CW 380. All fit perfectly, were super easy to finish w/hair dryer. Best addition to each!F

have your rubber grips on my kahr cw380, cm9 and glock 42. they really are easy to install and enhance the handling of these small frame pistols

The rubber texture grips fit my Kahr cw380 perfectly!

The Kahr cw380 is a very small gun and the talon grips really helps fill my hand giving me a much better purchase on the gun. I really love talon grips!

The grips fit perfectly! They remove the problem that appears common on all these CW380 pistols, being checkering that is really uncomfortable, without changing the concealment size of the weapon.

I've tried them all and Talon is absolutely the best. I have them on ALL my firearms. Just got a new P380 and as usual its perfection:)

Love these grips on my CW380. They make a poor grip a great grip.

Awesome grip! Follow the directions and everything will so smooth.

Awesome grip, easy install, great fit.....highly recommended

Love the Talon grips!

I recently purchased a Talon grip for my Kahr CW380. This pistol has a very narrow grip which made it difficult to hold on to being a small 380. The new rubber textured grip has made all the difference in the way the pistol handles and shots.Great product.

Great product. Installs perfectly makes the fire arm better without changing the original ergonomics.

Bought this as a gift for my friend's cw380(used to be mine but I sold it to him) He loves it. I put them on a few of my pistols. Fantastic grips. I have all rubberized texture grips.

Didn't think these 100% necessary on my CW380 but ordered them anyways since I was buying sets for my Glock and XDS and I'm super glad I did! Really secures the gun in my grip and I'm not sure why I was shooting it without them! 10/10 Talon hits it out of the park again! Glad that they have such a wide offering re: model selection

Very easy to install on my Kahr P380, with excellent fit-n-finish. These grips gave this little firearm a much better purchase and feel when griping it. I really love this product, and I'll be putting them on my all of my Glocks. Talon is a very customer friendly, with great customer communication and service. Shipping was fast too. Thanks Talon Grips!

Exceiient fit, easy instillation.

Huge improvement

Perfect for the gun.

I have the rubberized version on all my Glocks that don't have custom stippling and they are awesome. They give you a lot firmer grip on the pistol especially these smaller 380 Kahrs. I'm not sure about the sandpaper type for concealed carry but I have no experience with them either. Definitely worth the money.

Great product! Great service. Will order another another for my G19

Very east to apply. Looks and feels great!

Bought these for both my Kahr CW380 and XDS.Good product

Very well made & comfortable.

Great Products.....have used them before on other pistols,Really improves grip. Easily applied.

A perfect fit to the Kahr CW 380. It made a pleasant to shoot pistol is better.

Easy to apply feels great carried 24-7 no problems so far may order for my Kahr pm9 and glock 32

These were fine But after these I got for Springfield xds which are very rough. Emailed Talon and reply said maybe sent wrong one....and then didn't hear back ????

Talon Grips....? Ya wanna review.? Simple. New DAO HandGun...? New Talon Grip. Must have, No questions asked.

This is my second set of Talon grips, and they have yet to disappoint. The rubber texture is just right for keeping a hand hold on my firearm. Great product!

Has made the gun much more comfortable to shoot and has given it one heck of a grip, even with sweaty hands. Highly recommended!

I love these grips and now have them on four different guns. I recently put them on the Kahr P380. I am a big guy and these grips seem to give me a better grip on such a small pistol. I love these grips and they are very easy to put on.

Grips installed easily. A small gun like this needs help to holdwhen handling. Talon Grips help do just that.

Well designed and crafted grip for my P380. Really pleased!

Purchased the Talon rubber grips for my Kahr CW380 recently. I have the same for my Glock 23 & S&W Shield in 40 S&W. I have always felt like this "cute" little thing was missing something; after putting the Talon grip on I now know why. I have gained a whole new level of control & confidence from its addition. Went to the range with a friend of mine that "felt the Talon" for his first time. His immediate reaction was " Where did you get this?". He has since ordered one for his Ruger LC9 & is also 100% satisfied. These things sell themselves. If you haven't already, buy one for each of your pistols.

No matter how hard or soft the recoil is, wood and plastic grips can become slippery from excessive handling and firing. The Kahr CW380 has superb ergonomics out of the box, but as my EDC backup, I take no chances. Talon Grips adds confidence in both carrying and firing, and considering the role this handgun plays, would be worth 10x what the accessory cost.

I installed the Talon rubber grip on my CW380. Very impressed with the fit and amount of added grip to this small pistol. I highly recommend this product on any firearm you have. Thank you Talon!

Surprisingly grippy!

These guys make the best grips

Best grips you buy! It's like the gun is glued to your hand.

Words cant explain enough about this product. Such a good product, improved my technique drawing from holster and my shooting wich has become 91% more accurate.

talon is greater then the others. I switched to talon on all my guns.

This grip is awesome!

Works great. Have them on all my pistols.

great product,feel and grip much improved!

I have a set of Talon rubberized grips on EVERY carry gun in my collection and most guns that just see range time. They make the gun so much more comfortable and easy to control regardless of the weather or temperature outside. I recommend then highly

Talon grips provides a serious amount of control of a small pistol without increasing the difficulty of concealing the pistol. An excellent product, I would recommend Talon grips to anyone!!

The Kahr CW380 is a very small concealed carry firearm. The talon rubberized texture grip greatly improves the handling and doesn't affect the draw when you pocket carry. Every firearm I have has a talon grip. Don't recommend the sand texture for conceal carry since it can rub up against you. Great product and easy to apply.

Love the extra grip with very little bulk, easy to install. Great quality.

Yet another great set of grips.

Went on easy and fit perfectly. I use these grips on most of my pistols and have always been more than satisfied. Quick delivery is added bonus

Easy installation of grips, very secure grip around pistol now. I would highly recommend your grips.

The P380 is a two finger gun, and Talon grips improve everything about the weapon, for me. Better control, better grip, and improved confidence, meaning more rounds on target.

Fits well, easy to install, and does the job!

Completely satisfied. Good instruction, works well, easy to install.

Your grips are perfect on the Kahr on the CW380. The weapon is a COMPLETE PIECE OF SHIT!!

Great fit. Easy instalation

For my big paws, which can palm a basketball, gripping a little revolver handle is like trying to get a solid grip on a pencil.These sandpaper-like grips allow me to get enough purchase on these pocket pistols to shoot comfortably and precisely.Now, like Hickok45, I wouldn't shoot pistols without them !

Good product, would definitely buy again.

Fit perfect and improved the grip. Has held up well and doesn't cause any issues with CCW. I would definitely reorder and plan on getting them for my other guns.

This grip wrap is absolutely outstanding! With the simple addition of this grip the comfort and holding ability for this very small pistol increased significantly. It also improved the ability to draw this weapon from a concealed location. This is a must have accessory that will become an integral part of your handgun and at a very reasonable price.

Great grips. Make all the difference when drawing and firing. Really increase hold. I will put on every pistol I buy. Currently on my make p380 and pm9.

Does the job wife loves them to

I just recently installed the Talon rubber grip for my Kahr P380. It went on perfectly with just a sliver of triming of the final wrap piece. A few minutes with some hot air from the hair dryer and everything sealed perfectly! Made an enormous difference in the handling of this small weapon without the bulk from other mere "slip on" products from other manufacturers.

Excellent fit! The grip gives a secure feel that enables faster follow up rounds with higher accuracy. Well worth the reasonably price.

a must have on this pistol

I liked the grip. I think it needs to be softer or more rubbery . Little rough when rubbing on the skin from being holstered.

A friend recommended Talon Grips for my newly purchased handgun - best advice ever! I love my grips; they make range practice so much more comfortable and I feel confident when concealed carrying.

I have these for my P9 & PM9, so I had to get them for my new P380. This is a great enhancement to add to a Kahr handgun. It makes the grip feel much more secure & comfortable for me.

I have used Talon grips on all my guns, I can’t imagine not have them. My CW 9 and CW380 are safe and secure in my hand.

These are very nice grips for my little pocket gun. I just wish I would have read the cleaning instructions which indicate that the adhesive does not stand up to aerosol types of gun cleaners. I did get some on the grips and they pealed away but once the solvent from the cleaner dried while I gently applied some heat from a heat gun the tape stuck back down.......whew!! I have them on both a pocket 9mm and a 380 ACP and both are great.

Orderd grips for glock43,received the grip but nothing for the extended mag.If i wanted the small piece of grip for the extended mag it was an extra charge.In addition to 18.00 for the grip.Very disappointed because i've purchased several of these grips..

Perfect fit, perfect grip, easy installation. 100% necessary on this small 380, ads to feel and comfort.

I've purchased talon grips for all of my guns and really love em. That's why, after putting them on my 380 and they began to peel in a corner I was disappointed. I carry mine in a raven concealment pocket holster which fits tight. As such that has not helped the situation. Still recommend talon to my associates. Just not impressed with this smaller grip.


Fits perfect and greatly improves control and grip on the firearm. These are a necessity on a small gun such as this. Rubber texture is very nice for Pocket carry and doesn't grab on fabric when drawing.

Great grip! Helps my hand feel more secure on gun grip especially since this is a small firearm. Definitely cuts down on the grip stippling printing on my hand when shooting and makes it more comfortable.

so far so good.... so thin you don't even know their on the pistol but definitely give a better grip on the gun.

Very nice, good directions. I had to do minor trimming, but better to be a bit too large than too small. Rubber has nice feel and no increase in grip size. Will buy for other pistols.

There was a little bit of overlap that had to be trimmed. Otherwise a perfect fit

The rubber grips came well recommended, and work great on the Kahr cw380...which was otherwise brutal after 250 rounds in the same session. The Talon grips made it a pleasure. Get them and thanks to Hickok45 for the video reviews!

Very happy with the fit on my Kahr CW380. Fits better than expected and no stickiness from the adhesive. I did trim slightly where the wrap comes back around and meets itself. I trimmed it flush with no overlap. Install was very easy. I would buy their product again!

Very happy with the fit on my Kahr CW380. Fits better than expected and no stickiness from the adhesive. I did trim slightly where the wrap comes back around and meets itself. I trimmed it flush with no overlap. Install was very easy. I would buy their product again!

The grips fit my CW380 very nicely. After a 150 round session, my hand was still feeling good. These are very comfortable.

The grips fit my CW380 very nicely. After a 150 round session, my hand was still feeling good. These are very comfortable.

Grips fit my CW380 very well. I experienced no discomfort after ~150 round session. Very comfortable grips.

These grips fit my CW380 nicely. I had no hand discomfort after firing 150 rounds thru it in one session. Super comfortable.

These grips fit my CW380 nicely. I had no hand discomfort after firing 150 rounds thru it in one session. Super comfortable.

While I didn't feel my p380 could be improved on I was in for a pleasant surprise just how much Talon Grips helped. They are a drastic improvement on anything polymer. I'd rate them 6 stars if I could!

Makes the very small pistol much easier to control.

Talon grips are a great addition to a pistol. The rubber provides a very secure grip but isn't sticky and doesn't stick to clothing. Gives the gun a much better feel and provides a better shooting grip.

Recommend for any of the Kahr pistols. Rubber grips improved the feel.

Very happy great product.

Thanks again to greg. Best customer service in the industry. you guys make the best shit with the customer service to back it up. Personal request met in days. good luck with the knock offs. Talon grips " its the way to go "

Thanks again to greg. Best customer service in the industry. you guys make the best shit with the customer service to back it up. Personal request met in days. good luck with the knock offs. Talon grips " its the way to go "

Great grips, easy to put on and feels good in your hand.

These black rubber grips made my p380 much more pleasant to shoot. Talon grips will go on all of my polymer pistols from now on!

Absolute must for my Kahr CW380. Makes all the difference in the world comfort wise and looks sharp to boot!