Ruger LC9S/EC9S

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Grips for Ruger LC9S/EC9S



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TALON Grips for Ruger LC9S and EC9S modes. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip has graphic cutouts for the Ruger emblem on each side of the firearm. Extended magazine grips are available for this model (sold separately). FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Perfect fit and perfect grip. This is just what my EC9s needed.


Grios are awesome

I can not say anything bad about Talon Grip's I have them on 14 firearms and will not use any other grip.Thank's keep up the good work.

The grip makes the the gun feel much better in the hand. I love carrying the Ruger LC9s but the grip is thin. The Talon grip makes it feel much more secure in the hand.

Great product, installed easily and fit perfectly. Also installed one on my Security 9 and also fit perfectly.

very easy good fit big improvement


Perfect fit. The quality I have come to expect from Talon.
The granular texture insures a firm grip on such a small firearm. A must have.

I just completed the LC9S installation and could not be happier. The install was very easy, after throughly cleaning the pistol per the instruction sheet. I did trim a heavy 1/8” off the wrap- around piece rather than overlap onto the left side. I also followed the last step using a hairdryer and they have bonded well. The grips look awesome and provide a nice positive control without being to aggressive.
I highly recommend any of the Talon product line of grips.

I love these grips. Made a big improvement on this gun. Great customer service and fast shipping. I would definitely buy Talon grips for any other gun I purchase in the future.


Awesome upgrade for my Edc Ruger LC9s Pro. Made for an excellent grip when shooting.

Absolutely amazing grips. Fits my bersa thunder perfectly

Talon rubberized grips. Great fit & easy install on my Ruger LC9. I now have talons on 5 pistols. Great cheap upgrade.

As always a great fit, easy to apply and greatly improves the grip on the gun. I have these grips on a number of hanguns and highly recommend them.

Ruger LC9s - put the rubberized grips on to give this VERY narrow firearm a little more purchase. 1 range session: they seem quite promising. Unrelated issues made the gun go back to the Mother Ship. But, it's on its way home. I'll keep certifying it for carry. Take the time to install according to the directions - they're on there perfectly. Why the vertical cutouts on either side of the backstrap? Head scratcher. Will chemicals - CLP, etc. affect these or make them sticky? How much will they attract lead and other nastiness; stickiness over time? Bought them on a lark - seem good so far.

Nice improvement over factory grips. Good price point. Will order again when need arises

As usual, the Talon grip worked as advertised. It fits well, is easily repositioned, and has just the right amount of under-tuck at the end. After heating the grip, it stays put. I use them on all my pistols. The edges never raise either. Just Great.

You have an excellent product. That being said the majority of my firearms have your product.

EC9S Ruger does its best to texture there grips but is still
hard plastic. Talon grips changes all that . they become
much more softer & a little tacky felling.
I put them on all my handguns it is the best.

Perfect fit. Easy peasy to install. Thanks

I use these grips on all my pistols. All are easy to apply, and just help make the gun feel more secure in your hand. I recommend to everyone.

I have purchased 4 sets of Talon Grips and all but one set has remained on the gun. One set for a XDs would not stay on but kept slipping down off of the gun grip. So far the last set has stayed where they are supposed to. They really helped the grip of the LC9S. Will buy again as needed. Thanks.

Honestly think Ruger should include or install these on new guns when they leave the factory. It’s a perfect fit and vastly improved the feel of the thin lc9s grips. It took an excellent pistol and elevated it to Awesome. You can buy this with confidence, it works better than I expected. Wish I hadn’t waited so long to get it. Only wish they had included a piece for the 9 rnd extended mag, everyone I know that owns an lc9s has at least one of those.

I feel a world of difference in control with this grip. I will most definitely be upgrading more of my firearms with these. Thanks for the attention to detail and well written instructions.

The Talon rubberized grips provided the necessary additional grip I needed fill void spaces. I am proud of my RUGER so I had to modify the Talon (cut out a rectangle on each top-side) so the RUGER name was visible. Great grips though.

Just like all of the other Talon grips I have applied, perfect fit, great product.

Great feeling. Your grip stays locked into place.
I’m sorry I didn’t find these sooner

Perfect fit and easy to put on! Makes a huge difference when handling the gun. I ended up purchasing some Talon grips for my SigP320 as well. Excellent service!

Great product! So glad I found it! Makes a huge difference in performance. Very impressed.

Gives a much better secure grip to the gun.

Put these on all of my pistols. Completely changes the feel of the gun. Just buy it.

Bought the rubber grips for my lc9s pro, great fit, formed well with the grip. Wish they were a little more tackie

Just as advertised...Easy to install and feel really great ...

Can't say enough good about these grips! Just enough cushion and tack without adding bulk. Would love to see some for my pistol grip Savage 12 guage and Ruger AR!

Great Grip. Fit was perfect and the texture on the Granulite is excellent.. Highly recommended for any pistol.

They are well made and fit is the way it should be. And they came on time.

I really like these

Easy to follow directions. Fit perfectly. Greatly enhanced the grip and feel of my Ruger LC9s.

This is the second talon grip I have purchased. The other was for a Ruger LCP II. With small firearms it’s a must for me. Much better control with the grips. Great product.

It's just great. The Talon grip completes my guns I have installed them in my collection of hand guns. This last one is for the Ruger Ec9 s it makes a great little gun better, it gives me the complete purchase of the grip and makes it easy against my skin when concealed carrying. Keep up the good job Talon Grip.

Good 2 go!

The fit was perfect ,very easy to install ,and it gives me a much better grip. It even looks better.

Fits without trimming. Installation was very easy

Purchased my first grip a few weeks ago. First impressions were awesome but was not very happy with the look after install. Grip appeared to be just a tad to small. After lining up one side and installing it it came up a tad short on the opposite side of the pistol.

very good job well done feels good I like it

Have made several purchases and have always been well satisfied with products.

Put these on all my carry guns.

Fit my Ruger LC9s perfictly. No issue to install

First and foremost, hats off to the stellar customer service department ! Excellent !Secondly, if you are concerned about the rubber wraps being too sticky for pocket carry, DON'T BE ! They are just grippy enough without being sticky. You couldn't ask for a better solution to Polymer framed pistols.I also ordered a couple of rectangle pieces to wrap my flip cell phone with and they also work terrific for that, too. Great product !

Easy to apply, just take your time and follow the directions. I had a laser guard on the pistol that I had to remove to install the grips. I replaced the laser guard after I put the grips on and the grips do not interfere with the laser. Grip is improved and the pistol comes from concealment a little easier.

Not a negative but a caution! If you don't have "hardened" hands, best to go with the rubberized version. I have the rubber on my .380 so I thought I'd try the sandpaper on my 9mm. Re-ordered the rubber! Personal preference . . .

I tried these grips again. the first pair I had came apart at the seam but I carry in a pocket holster and since I draw out of my pocket I figured maybe the draw hit the seam. So I tried again. If it comes apart again, I am done with them. When they are on, they feel great but it they keep coming apart, they are no use to me.

The grip I ordered for my LCDS is good. This is the 2nd set of grips I’ve ordered but first for this pistol. My one complaint is about the color. I take responsibility in that I apparently should have read the FAQ section before buying and paying extra for the “Moss” color. I read moss and think a shade of green. This is not the case for this company however and it’s actually Field Dark Earth. They should exlplicity say that in the description especially when paying extra. Otherwise, the grips are great products.

My 9th or 10th set....have them on all my single stack back up guns, as well as most of my double stack compacts.

Took a few dry fit tests to see how it would line up. After i was confident in fitment, peeled off backing applied grip...had to peel it back and reapply once or twice to get it right but was very simple. Did the hairdryer thing a few times applied pressure etc. fits great feels great looks great!!!

These rubber grips are a must have for my pistols and are super easy to install. The small piece that fits the extended magazine is a nice touch. These grips fit my new LC9s perfectly and you guys always ship in an expedient manner.

Great product. Fits great and easy to install. I purchased the rubber grips and would of liked a tad more grip on it.

Perfect!Finally the gun shoots straight. All along I thought it was the bullets.

Excellent works great!

As always great grip and great fit!

Adds control and security to my grasp. Great!

I have always added Talon Grips to any firearm I buy. Fast delivery, easy install but the bottom line is they do provide an extra dimension of control which is critical to staying on target.

Very nice fit and feel, easy to put on, and the service was fast and friendly.

Love Talon Grips!

Love the feel of my Talon grips. I got the rubber grips. Makes me feel I have more control of my LC9s.

Just what I was looking for... Nice product...

I am really glad I put these on my LC9S. Love the feel and the look. I have the LC9S with the blue titanium frame and like how the grips match the black slide. If you are thinking about getting these go for it you will be glad you did! BTW I have the rubber grips and wouldn't hesitate to try the granulate grips too.

Awesome grips fits like a glove a very comfortable!! Couldn't ask for a better product.

Great customer service great product improved the grip on my lc9s very happy

finally a simple way of giving better grip and control. way to go TALON

Perfect accompaniment of grip enhancement and aesthetics for the LC9s.

fitting and texture were great, would recommend to a friend

They fit the Ruger LC9S VERY WELL - Just like they fit my S&W Shield, Ruger LCP II, Glock 19 and S&W Bodyguard !!!!Great Grips !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grip on the LC9S was already quite decent, but the added grip from Talon Grips just makes it more stable in my hands during recoil. Would recommend to any LC9S owners.

I got the grip at a speedy rate, it fits the Lc9s like a glove, I'm very pleased with your product.

After reading numerous reviews on the Talon grips I decided to give the rubberized grips a try on my LC9s Pro. Ordered them on a Sunday and they were in my mailbox on Thursday. Installation was easy and took less that 15 minutes. I can definitely feel a difference when gripping the pistol. Can't wait to give them a try at the range.

I bought my LC9S, shot three rounds and didn't feel comfortable holding it. After applying the Talon grips, this weapon comfortably fits my hand like a glove and is a pleasure to shoot.

Overall very happy. Fits and adheres well. Easy install. Bought to reduce grip abrasion when carrying iwb. Small section at bottom of but curves up for no apparent reason leaving small serrated part exposed, but not a big problem.

Great grips at a great price. Easy to install. Have them on all my handguns.


Fantastic. Made small grip on LC9S much more manageable.

Easy to put on the Gun. Fit great. Great feel and adds stability to shooting grip. Come out of holster with positive grip.

The Talon Grips for the Ruger LC9S Pro truly make the gun heavenly. The grip is slightly to slim on the handgun, then the Talon Grip makes the gun feel even nicer in your hand than it already felt. I have Talon Grips on all of my handguns and I would highly recommend to all!

I love the grip. Better than expected. It is a little pricey for what you get but it did add the perfect amount of grip. Note: I purchased the rubberized version.

I purchased the Talon grips for a Ruger LC9. The product arrived quickly and without incident. The grips are a thin rubber material which I view as a positive. A good grip purchase is achieved without dramatically increasing the overall grip size. The fit of the Talon grip was very good on the sides but was "not" for the rear of the grip. The rear grip coverage is not large enough in both size and length. The front grip coverage is good. Overall, I think the Talon grip concept is very good. Cons: Cost - I definitely feel the cost is too expensive for what is received. I believe a $10 purchase price would be appropriate. Fit - I believe the rear portion of the grip should have increased coverage. Wear - I am concerned whether the grips will remain in place during hot weather, considering heat is used to assist with the sticking process. I rated the product "very good" since there was not a "good" rating available, which is my preference. The above is my initial product impression.

I put Talons on all my pistols ; quality product & the price was right.

Great product,easy to install looks and feels great.

Product performed as advertised. I reside in the south, where it gets very hot and humid, and the the gritty texture allows for greater follow up accuracy w/ no grip slippage.

Essentially perfect! I can't think of any way to improve this product.

I like the cut outs for the Ruger emblem, clear instructions, and soft rubber like texture. Once properly aligned, and heated with a hair dryer, the result is an attractive and secure grip.

The product was a perfect fit and when on easily as long as you have an eye for making things centered. Now, it fits my hand better and I have more control over my firearm.

Hi there! My old Talon grip on my Ruger LC9 S was getting a little worm from use at the range so I decided to change it out with the new color that Talon is offering now. I was a little concerned at first about the new color on a black pistol, but it looks GREAT! It gives the Ruger a whole new look and I am very pleased with it. I have Talon grips on all my pistols except my Kimber Ultra Elite II and a Kimber Solo . I may change out the color some some of my Glocks at a later date. Keep up the great work , Talon! =0)

Originally got the talon grips for my Glock 43, liked them so much I've put them on all of my pistols and extended mags. Got these for the wife's lc9s and she really likes them. Says the gun felt much better in the hand. Great product.

Quick service, Nice fit. Looks and feels good with no extra bulk. Anxious to see how it holds up.

Awesome, Love It

After putting the grips on my M & P Shield, I liked them so well, I had to put them on my LC9S. The texture makes the grip non slip, without the bulk.

It was fitted to my wifes gun. She loves the way it feels.

I must have with any pistol. Great addition to improve your grip.

Excellent grips, however, I would love to see the moss color in the granulated texture. The rubber texture is grippy enough though and definitely comfortable for IWB.

perfect fit and adhetion

I had heard about these from a blog a police officer wrote. Everything he said is true. These are amazing! Go on easy and stay on. I never liked the grip on my LC9s. It was to hard, not easy to control, and the stippling was rough. Adding the TALON grip added so my more comfort and control. I can grip it much batter and the gun is way easier to draw and I always feel I am in control of it. If you have an LC9s this is a must upgrade for your grip.

Fits like a glove on my LC9S. Another excellent product from these folks. Thanks guys.

Absolutely a great product, great feel and made a world of difference in the ability to get a hold on the gun. Great fit and no issues installing. Thanks for caring about your product and the customer.

These grips were easy to install, and fit perfectly. In fact, they fit so well that a friend I took shooting thought the gun came from the factory that way. I highly recommend Talon Grips.

Just what I wanted and expected.

Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. Installation was easy.

I just installed the rubber style grips on my LC9S Pro and really like the feel. I can't wait to head to the range! Keep up the good work.

Wrapped perfectly

Easy application. Proper fit and excellent grip with very minimal addition to grip with.

The TALON grips for my LC9s were easy to put on.Because the nylon grip on the LC9s were too rough on my hands these made my handling of the gun easier for me.

very easy to install and a great fit,improved grip 100%,a must have on lc9s

Love a Talon Grip. Easy to apply & provides a bit more grip-ability to my LC9 and LCP. Want one for all my guns!

As usual TalonGrips knocks it out of the park! Perfect fit, makes purchase a pleasure with NO SLIP. If you own a polymer pistol Talongrips are a MUST!

I love talon grips. The recent ones I got are extremely comfortable in the hand. These are my second pair and I plan on getting grips for all of my future purchases.

Fit was good, feel was even better. I had to do a little trimming on the backside of the mag release. But pretty sure if I spent more time aligning, it would have been perfect. So that is on me. For sub $20 there is no reason to not have them. Worth every penny.

Great addition to polymer frame handguns. Follow the directions carefully and you will be very satisfied with the uotcome.

Fit the pistol perfect. Hit it up with a little heat from a heat gun and tightened it right up. The ruger lc9s pro is a small pistol and this is great for that extra grip. Would definitely recommend.

Absolutely the best grip available for your conceal carry gun. I purchased the rubberized version and am quite happy with the results. You need to heat the grip to fully adhere the grip.

I have small hands, so I bought a slim pistol instead of a double stack. It felt a tiny bit too small and I didn't feel I had the control I was looking for. Enter the Talon grip for the lc9s pro. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I can't believe how much it improves the feel. The quality is apparent with this product and I am extremely happy with my purchase. Ruger should look in to offering this as a factory installed item. It would improve sales when people look at it the first time. Ruger lc9s and Talon grips....they belong together.

Good fit, improves grip, and decent price.

My son and I carry similar guns so I ordered one for eachOf us. We both liked them so much that I ordered another for A friend. Very happy with this purchase.

Moss color is more tan, thought it would be more green. Didn't seem to fit as well as the previous black set I had on the LC9S. The edges are sharp so it feels like your going to peel them up everytime I grip the pistol, which hasn't happened yet. So I am still very pleased with Talon Grips.

Love the grip. I need to order some for my other guns

My Christmas gift is a Ruger LC9S. I always use Talon Grips on my pistols and ordered one to put on my new pistol on Christmas Day. I also ordered some Talon rubber strips so I could build up the new grip. I have oversized hands and always order large grips. The LC9S has a thin grip. If I need it bigger, I will add the Talon material over or under the new Talon Grip. I appreciate the customer service and advice I have received from Talon Staff. They are a top notch company!

Nice fit, gives the grip a solid feel.

Got these for daughter's new LC9S. The fit was perfect and she loves the added grip texture.

Very easy to install, makes for a nice inexpensive upgrade. Does exactly what it is advertised to do!

These Talon grips were well worth the money. I am very pleased to have invested into them. The grip feels so much better and doesn't move in my hand like it did before I installed them. Highly recommend them to any size hand.

Take your time, apply as stated in the instructions and don't be afraid to use the hair dryer a couple of times, Provides a good fit and enhances the grip, Could be a little thicker, recommend to anyone and would buy again!

Keeping a firm hold on a smaller 9mm is not always easy. The Talon grip is a game changer. It's more secure and significantly more comfortable.

The grips were easy to put on and felt great. Thanks Talon.

Very easy to install. Received order in less than four days. Really nice to grip gun and hold steady. Very satisfied

Used TALON Grips in the past on various handguns. Purchased one for my new LC9s. Just as good as previous product. Used them in 15degF to 105degF; both dry and wet (Snow/Rain); no problem at all. The grip of the gun feels much improved over the 'bare' factory grip; better control and retention.One thing to pay attention to: Take your sweet time when applying and heating the product, to get it correctly located on and bonded to the weapon. It's quite easy to get great results; just exercise patience.

This was my first purchase of your grips and I am very pleased with the performance of the Talon grips. I first saw your product on hickok45 and I am now a fan..Thanks

These work very well, but are slightly too big and had to be reseated a couple times.

Definitely a great product. Very easy to install and I like the way it feels. Happy that I bought this it was fairly inexpensive and it was extremely easy to put on. Price point was decent. Shipping was fast. I would recommend this to anybody who likes to have a good grip.

I have medium sized hands and can get a good grasp on my LC9s, but I found the factory grip too smooth for easy control. The rubber style Talon grips filled that need for me, and was easy to install. I cannot comment on how long they will last, but the performance difference was instantly noticeable. I was originally skeptical of this product, but now I'll be getting grips for my Glock 23.

Excellent product. I highly recommend it.

I ordered Talon Grips for my LC9s. I was impressed with the quality of the grip and the ease of application. It was a perfect fit and it took me about 10 minutes to install. There was about a 1/8" piece of overlap on the handle which could have been trimmed, however I overlapped it and it blended in perfectly, I was so pleased with the Grips that I ordered one for my Beretta PX4 Storm Compact as well. Great product, good quality and the ease of application is a No-Brainer Just follow the included instructions and you cant go wrong.


After putting Talon grips on Glock 26 , Glock 43 and Kahr CW 45 I put a Talon grip on my Ruger LC9S Pro and extremely pleased with the result . I guess the number of Talon grips I have installed on some of my firearms shows that I am very satisfied with your product .

Easy to install.

The last time at the range my LC9s Pro had a fearsome bite. When I got back to the house I sat down and ordered the rubberize grips. After installation, the beast was tamed. I immediately placed an order for my LC9 and other LC9s.Great Produce!!

Awesome fit and easy installation. The extra grip give you more control. Love it. Great customer service. I highly recommend. Hand written thank you on packing slip was a nice touch.

Another fine product I received from Talon Grips. A+++ on quality and service. Never had to contact the company for any problems and I always get a nice "written thank you" from a staff member. Keep up the good work!! Ordered two more grips this week.Mike Wightman

Outstanding! Fits perfectly, easy to apply... rubberized grips feel great and improve my shooting. Thank you for a fantastic product -

I decided to try the granulate model (as preferred by Hickok45-Youtube) since I have the rubber on another weapon. The quality of both are great but I'd probably stick with the rubberized for other weapons. Personal preference.

Easy to apply, well made product.

Talon Grips always fit perfectly and enhance the feel and performance of any firearm....this was no exception.....have them on all my firearms.....

This is the 4th set I have ordered for my pistols. I feel like I'm in the "book of the month club", as I keep ordering them time and time again. Can't beat the price, quality or effectiveness of these grips. Rubber for conceal carry and the "sandpaper" for my range, home defense and duty guns! Great job guys!!! Another order on the way.

Bought a set of the rubber grips for my LC9s Pro and when my son also decided to buy one, I ordered a second set for his pistol. These grips give me the sure control I desire for quick aim and repeated firing. Excellent product !!

when I opened the envelope to find my grips I was shocked, I thought this is not going to make any difference. WOW, the term "Less is More" has never been more true.Great product, great price, nice improvement on my carry tool.

At first, I thought trying to put these on would probably be like the time I tried to put contact wallpaper on my kitchen wall. But no! This is a two-step process where you actually have a chance to align things a little before you're in for keeps. I like the way the wrap 'under' near the front strap doesn't come loose, and that it hasn't waffled up from where the indented area is on the grip surface. It doesn't give any 'palm swell,' but it give me a non-slip hold on my pistol. Good product!

Excellent product, I will be a customer for life. Definitely try the rubber grips they work!

WEll , Let me tell you , it might work for a little while, until these grips put on by talon. Came loose then torn after a week. Ive spent alot of cash, on more than 6 pairs , Im done paying for somethings that fall off this easy.

Talon grips are superb and really help with small firearms in getting a better grip. Seems to really become "one" with the firearm and doesn't hinder functionality in any way. I'd highly recommend the product and the support was also excellent when I needed them.

I bought a rubber set for my lc9s after I shot a friends gun that had them on it. Easy to install. I carried it in my pocket all day every day working in the Florida heat and humidity in the middle of summer. I sweat more than anyone you ever seen and It survived. Since it proved its self to me through all that and still going strong so I ordered some for my .40 shield .40 compact Smith and Wessons. They make a huge difference for me. The guns just stay exactly where I grip them. I typically don't leave reviews but I felt this product is worth it and especially at this price point. Try it. I can't see anyone not liking them but if for whatever reason you don't your not out that much.

great product, surprised by fit & finish, easy application,easy to understand directions. thanks.

A world of a difference! Take your time installing this and you'll get rewarded with the best grip for your gun.

As always superior material and fit. These grips go on all my guns. Thin enough to not change the grip size but gives excellent grip in my hand.I buy 2 things right away when I get a new gun. A holster and a Talon grip.

These are the worst grips ever! They are cheaply made and tore instantly. You get what you pay for, I suppose. Lesson learned for me!

Wonderful grip! Provides the additional support/purchase for this pocket pistol!!!

I ordered the grips for my LC9s. Because of the fairly narrow grip on the gun, when I tried firing rapidly the gun twisted in my hand. I had bought a set of grips for my LCP that greatly improved that gun's handling. I figured I would get even more benefit by buying the Talon grips with the rough surface for th LC9s. Rough grips make the gun stick in my hand very well. Trade off is that the gun is not comfortable to carry as the Talon grips abraid my skin carrying IWB. I will be ordering another set of Talon grips only with the smoother texture.

Talon grips provide great traction and the fit is perfect. Their quality is slightly better than their closest competition, but they cost nearly twice as much.

I purchased the rubber style ribs for my Ruger LC9S. Talon grips stay on well and they have not peeled up at the edges. This is a well-designed product.

Fine grips. Very easy to put on. Great directions. Great fit. No problems.

I'm still in the deciding stage with them since the last talon grips on my xd left a huge nasty taste in my mouth on the quality and well CS was not very pleasing. Easy to install just follow the lines. I wish these had a complete grip for the back strap area but it doesn't I can live it it

Very grippy. Strangely it eliminated annoying trigger bite.

Fit easily and correct. Just be careful to mold slowly and press into slight indentations on grip. Perfect non-slip surface.

This product has mad all the difference in the handling of my LC9S Pro. Cannot live with out it now

The grips fit perfectly, I love them

I had to modify it slightly due to having a Crimson Trace Laserguard 412 on my pistol. It works real well and gives a better purchase on the pistol. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I am happy with my purchase for my Ruger LC9sPro. Service was good and product performs very well. I would buy again.

Once again, it fits like a glove and it is easy to apply. Great service as well!

I love this grip on my Ruger P9S Pro. While I don't have large hands, this grip is small. I had tried one of the slip on "rubber" grips but it would move during recoil. This grip anchors the pistol in my hand and makes follow up shots so much easier as I don't have to adjust my grip. It even works with a CT 412 laser mounted on the pistol.

Perfect fit and putting it on was a breeze.

The grips fit perfectly and really help with the grip making a small handgun much easier to control.

Fit great, felt great, easy to put on. I got the rubber grips. Will look to Talon in the future for other pistol grips.

Works great. Easy to install. Recommend watching there video

I recently purchased my first Talon grip for my new Ruger LC9s Pro. I was a little apprehensive about putting the grip onto my new pistol since I have never done it before. I didn't want to mess it up but the process was very easy and I couldn't be happier. The grip really improves the way the gun feels in my hand and it has really made a difference by making my gun easier to hold onto when firing. Thanks Talon!

I have Talon grips on all of my handguns .[ that they make them for ] . The grip for the Lc9s , like the others , works well for me. I would put Talon grips on my power tools and nail guns if they made them.

added three layers to widen the grip for my hand size; had to cut below the trigger guard only because of the add on laser sight bottom most housing. Rubber grip is what I have on the grip; couldn't be more pleased with the result. before, the gun was not at all fun to shot; now, much better.

One word... Awesome!!!

What a difference the Talon grips make. Have them on my lc9s, sr9 and sig P320. A must.

Fantastic service, and a great product. It installed easily and has held up well.

Feels great and stays put after 6 mo, wearing all the time

I bought tbe rubber grip for my lc9s. It was easy to install with tbe directions they supplied. I put it n and went to shot, it helped my grip on the small grip of this gun feel more comfortable plus I shot alot better due to not being so slick. It looked good and fit well on my gun. I would recommend this to any one. Great purchase for the monet. And great customerservice. Thanks Talon.

I have them on my house gun and my summer carry. Waiting on my LC9S rubber grips and then all three firearms are Talon equipped. I should be getting them free for all the free advertising I am doing for them now.

Easy to install. Fits great.

Increases control of gun with better grip surface without making grip area bulky, easy to install.

I purchased the granulate with mag extension piece.... Went on very easily... Couldn't be happier... This thing absolutely sticks to the palm of my hand now.... 110% recommended....

Great grips

Love these Grips. They are easy to install. They Feel great, look good and they are a must for me with my large hands. I started with one CCW gun and liked them so much that I bought them for my other 2 CCW guns.

love it , it has better grip to keep from slip out of my hand.. wish there was different color to choose instead of black..

Easy to install and makes all the difference for a person with larger hands by reducing the need for grip pressure.

Awesome, very aggressive, been 5 months and still working


These are just the ticket for smaller gun like this, 3 finger grip benefits by the additional texture and thickness, I have average hands and these helped tremendously. Easy install, warm them up w/ hair dryer and you're done!! I've cleaned the weapon several times and NO problems with the adhesive breaking down. I Ordered a 5"x7" square to update a couple of other guns as well. Thanks Talon !

Well since I have Talon grips on all my carry gun, I guess I like them... Kidding aside, I cannot fathom carrying a small hand gun without these grips, they make such a difference that it has to be experienced to be believed.

Fits well, easy to install, and does the job.

I am very satisfied with the rough texture. If you carry concealed you will need an undershirt to protect your skin, but when you need it you won't lose grip.

The LC9S, being a single stack 9, has a narrow grip. The rubberized Talon grip was the perfect addition to this EDC firearm. The rubberized grip improves control without being abrasive to clothing or skin. My grips are holding up great for being carried everyday during a hot and sweaty summer with lots of range time. Regular firearm maintenance has not affect the adherence of my Talon grip, still like the first day I applied it. Thanks for the excellent products and wonderful service.

Very good product. was easy to install with a very good fit

I recently order a pair of rubber talon grips for my Ruger LC9s Pro and they have dramatically changed the handling of this firearm. It was already a sweet shooter and now even better. The LC9s is one of my primary CCW pistols and the grips are not even noticeable when I am wearing in either 4 o'clock or at appendix.

I have big hands and these Talon grips made a Hugh difference with my LC9s shooting. This month at my hunting lease I put down a 175 lb hog with a perfect shot to the neck at 20 yards. Great feel. Weapon stays where it should. Thanks guys.

This is my second set of Talon grips, and they are excellent. I bought a set for my LC9 and was thoroughly pleased with their quality. So, when I purchased my LC9s I bought a set of grips for it. These grips make both pistols controllable during rapid firing sequences, and slow fire alike. Well done Talon!

Gives the LC9s feel like it's glued to your hand. Great grip and comfortable enough to conceal. I have these grips on every gun I carry.

You can't go wrong with Talon Grips! I'ver purchased a few of Talon grips for my guns. The quality and fit is top notch!My new talon grips on my LC9s is so much better! The shipment is fast too!!! You guys rock!!!

I, along with my son and friends, found the LC9s grip so small that it was difficult to control and feel that we were shooting it in a safe manner. I was prepared to send the Ruger down the road but the Talon grips solved the problem. (My hands are XL, I found that two layers of Talons to be perfect.)

Great and easy to fit!!

Great fit, adds a bit of comfort and better control. Quality material.

I am very happy with your product. Am looking forward to getting some for my C-Z 75B

These grips are great. Would recommend to anyone who wants a nonslip grip when shooting.

Fit was perfect. Had no problem installing looks like factory installation.

Awesome grips for my LC9S!! Made all the difference in the world in handling this great shooting handgun!!

I love my rubber grips

I kept hearing that applying the grips was tricky, but even a spaz like me found it ridiculously simple. I'll be buying more.

This review will be short and sweet. I have Talons on all of my carry pistols. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Bought a ruger lc9s. first small poly frame pistol. With big hands found gun hard to hang on to. Put on Talons helped greatly. Good product easy to install.

Fuckin sweet!!!! I can now shoot a thousand yards with these. Get em!!!

I purchased the grip for my wife but it was to rough for her hands and waist band so I removed it. Maybe if should have gotten the rubber grip.

I have put the rubber textured talons on multiple pistols and have been satisfied for the purpose of carry. I decided to try the granular grips on this one due to its size. It feels fantastic in my hand. It will chaff your skin though. Just be a little careful about that. If concealed carrying just make sure it is Not up against your skin. These granular grips are perfect for range guns in my opinion and I have already put them on one.

This gun has a funny shaped grip. The Talon grip has too many edges in the design. Started peeling back edge forward. Have to blame it on the gun. I have tons of Talon grips on other guns with no issues.

Greatly improved the grip on the LC9s. Worth the price and installation time.

Fit was perfect and the feel is great. Definitely helps on a small 9mm like the LC9s.

Rubberized Talon Grips have become a staple on all of my defensive handguns. Every set has fit perfectly on the gun I ordered it for and the cutouts are designed to be effective and aesthetically pleasing. The rubberized grips give you a solid purchase on the handgun, but do not stick to clothing or other items when concealed carrying. Will buy again for sure.

Very happy so far. I have recommended these grips to others.

Feels great. Helps with grip amazingly.

Fit / looks ,and feels great

Great productWorks well on my LC9S

Easy to apply. Perfect fit. Right amount of tackiness.

Easy to put on, less than 15 minutes . I will be using them again!

I could not believe how well these fit and how easy it was to apply them! Great product, gives the gun a whole different feel with a very confident and comfortable grip. I'm getting them for all my handguns!

Great product, great company. I will continue to purchase and recommend them to all my friends and family!

You would be crazy to not get these grips for the lc9s. Incredible feel. A must have.

I'm really pleased with the grip!!! They make the gun so much easier to handle !!!!

I purchased the rubber talon grip for my son's, LC9s looked good, felt even better..Quality product

I purchased the rubber talon grip for my son's, LC9s looked good, felt even better..Quality product

Had to sand this one down. Carried IWB and I am fat enough to have it rub against skin.

I have Talon grips on a half dozen handguns. Along with the rest the LC9s grip gives me better control with both hands and permits faster shooting. I have a G17 that has at least 10,000 rounds through it with Talon grips. They are still as good as the day I put them on.

Installed the grips on my LC9s yesterday and they make a big improvement over the stock feel. I'm ordering a set for my new SR9c . They look nice too!!!

It's great makes a big difference

The product is awesome, excellent value, however, the fit for this model was not as precise as it was for my Springfield XDS.

Fit like a glove.

Gives the narrow grip on the LC9 just the right amount of feel. Installation was a breeze with no problems carrying concealed IWB. One of the best additions to this handgun I've made. Excellent ship time frame combined with clear instructions.

These grips made a gun that didnt feel good in your hand into a great feeling gun .The grips were easy to install and look like they are molded into the gun.I would highly recomend them.

Amazing that something so reasonable and easy to install can make a gun feel so much nicer to handle.

Product is great, easy to install, and shipped very quick. And not to mention very durable for daily carry. Will definitely be putting these on all my pistols from now on.

Put these grips on my LC9s they are awesome. I am a diemaker by trade and the fit and finish are outstanding. I also have grips on a XDs once again AWSOME. Thank you for such of a great product.

Love my Talon grips for the LC9s! I bought my LC9s to be as fight-worthy as the G19 I usually carry, but for when I need easy deep concealment. Of course the LC9s's small size and thin grip make a fast presentation and quick handling more challenging and the grips were definitely the solution. They make a big difference in the handling of the gun. Very pleased.

I purchased Talon grips for my LC9s, delivery was fast and the grips are super, they were easy and quick to put on and fell very comfortable and added a little more style to my gun. I am very satisfied with them and will recommend to all my family and friends.

These grips made a huge difference in both the comfortability and grip-ability of the little LC9s. I highly recommend them.

Have had this on my EDC for about a month. It is great. It hasn't moved a bit. It gives better purchase to the gun and actually cushions the recoil alittle. I love it.

Tremendous product at a great price! Percision cut and fit

Easy to apply. Look great and are very functional. First experience with Talons. If they hold up, I'll be a very happy camper.

Love the grips....What a difference. Thanks

I really like these grips! When I bought the LC9s I thought it was a little hard to keep straight in my hand. It is so thin it wants to twist a bit. Bought the rubber Talon grips for it, and it makes a huge difference. The grips themselves are very thin, about the thickness of a piece of sand paper. Try them, you will like them!

completely satisfied great product

I have 3 hand guns that I put Talon Grips on and they made a big difference in the feel of the guns in my hand. Talon grips have improved my accuracy on all three guns. I am very satisfied with Talon Grips and I recommend them to all serious shooters. And they made an improvement in the looks of my guns. I will be buying more Talon Grips for my future guns.

This was a very small piece that I feared might not stay in place due to it being so small but so far it has stayed on perfectly.

Perfect fit, I did my lc380 so naturally I had to do my old mans lc9s. The rubber texture completely changes the feel of the grip, making it so much better. And it's a great value. 5 stars.

These grips fit like a glove and provide a more secure firm hold of the pistol. Also makes my SR9 more awesome.

These grips are awesome. The fit was perfect. They put just enough extra bulk on the thin LC9s grip for me.

makes my summer carry gun even better.

Thannks for transforming my LC9s into something that feels perfect in my hand! Even the rangemaster who fired it just smiled and said WOW.

HiThis grip really made my LC9s feel much fuller and better.Thanks Talon.

HiThis grip really made my LC9s feel much fuller and better.Thanks Talon.

great product. fitment was excellent, easy to install. give the grip just the right amount of extra thickness and grip. I would recommend this product.

I have used these grips on every gun I have ever owned. I like the rubber because the gritty ones always snagged on my shirt, just my issue. Try both and decide for yourself. They really do make a difference!

I have used these grips on every gun I have ever owned. I like the rubber because the gritty ones always snagged on my shirt, just my issue. Try both and decide for yourself. They really do make a difference!

A fine firearm and customization works.

Talon grips are a must for methey improve the feel and manageability for every handgun I ownwhen installed correctly, they last for years awesome product

The rubber grip worked great on this gun. The fit was perfect and went on really easy.Much better feel than the stock grip.

Added the rubberized grips to my LC9 and they totally changed how the gun feels in my hands! And a real plus is that I was able to re-install my Crimson Trace over the grips! Excellent product!

Well designed. Perfect fit. Highly recommended.

These are an awesome addition to my LC9. They give just the perfect amount of grip on the gun. I carry this gun a lot and due to the heat sweat quite a bit. The grips have held up exceptionally well. I would not own a gun without them. They are the first accessory I put on any gun now.

Thank hickok45 on YouTube for the recommendation of this excellent product.

What a great product! The grips seem a bit too abrasive, but they have not yet been broken in. On this small pistol, I had an issue of hitting the mag release button during recoil. The Talon grips were the perfect solution to a very secure hold. Thanks very much!

I first got a Talon Rubberized grip for my S&W Shield. After shooting 1,000 rounds through it with the Talon grip I just loved the way the gun felt in my hands even with sweaty palms. The grips were so great, I just had to get the same for my Ruger LC9.

Looks good and improves feel and grip while shooting. I highly recommend.

Couldn't be happier . Fit is amazing . Installation was a breeze. They feel so much better than stock grip. Thanks a lot

Fits perfect and feels great. Great Product

Great product and easy to install. I have had this on my LC9 for about a year and it looks good. Plan to buy for my other guns...