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TALON Grips for Ruger LCP II model. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip has graphic cutouts for the Ruger emblem on each side of the firearm. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Fits perfect! Feels great

Excellent product - easy installation and fit my LCP-2 perfectly - really enhances the feel of the grip and reduces felt recoil significantly.

Highly recommend the Talon Grips for anyone with one of the smaller sub-compact firearms.

Makes a great pistol even better!!

Great product as usual from talon grips! Grip fit perfect and was easily applied! This was my 5th or 6th grip from them and all have been perfect!

Like all talon grips I have bought for my firearms it fit like a Glove

Just like the others before, arrived quickly, fit perfectly, works amazingly.

The grip fits just as you would hope. It added texture, without adding bulk. I even have better control when shooting.

I have had the Talon Grips on my LCP2 for a few weeks now. I have to say I am very satisfied with the fit, the texture, and the ease of applying the grips. Another great job guys!!

The LCPII is a great little gun. The grip is nice but needs a little more. The best way to do it is to add the rubberized texture Talon Grip. It gives the gun a non slip feel that this little gun needs. Its works perfectly for me. You won't be disappointed with talons on it.

My wife and I put Talon grips on all of our polymer handguns.

Easy to install and fit perfectly. Really rough surface to get and keep a grip on.

Now have Talons on four pistols, the latest being my Ruger LCP2. As usual there was no problem with application and the fit is perfect. Great enhancement in handling the piece.

After improvements Ruger made to lcp 2 in the grip area I was delighted at what a difference talons took a while for these to make it to market but they're with waiting for. All my polymer handguns wear talon
Thanks guys!


They do offer an increased grip with a more relaxed hand and that's good. Grip is migrating off position slightly and I fear I will be removing them soon . Very abrasive,I sanded with 120 and that worked ok. You don't want to pocket carry with these.

Ordering online was easy, shipping was fast, grip appeared to be good of quality and was easy to put on. In the end my EDC gun became more comfortable to grip and shoot. I don't see how you can beat that for under $20!

This Ruger is a great gun but can be a bit painful to shoot. The Talon Grips fit if perfectly even with all of the grooves and valleys in the grip. Took a bit of time to dry fit it and then actually get it adhered on and pushed down into all the valleys but once done it looked and felt perfect. Have not fired it after putting the grips on but I would suspect it will help as it has done with every other pistol that I have used Talon Grips on.

Love my LCP2 with the tan rubber grips. My 3rd gun with talon grips.

Originally ordered the wrong grip. Talon made the exchange for the right grip even though I was a couple of days over the exchange period. Grips fit is excellent and went on easily. Will always buy there grips, can't go wrong because the price is worth the quality.


Shipping was quick on these grips....Easy installation they look great feel great gives the gun that little bit of extra it needs on my LCP II. Thanks!!

Great price and easy to install! Fit as described. Have them on my Ruger LC9s also. Really like the look and feel of these grips!

At first about 4 years ago I had my doubts about them but after putting a set on my gun I had to have all my hand guns have them these grips are awesome. Great job Talon grips keep up the good work.please made a grip extension for the lcp2 I had to make my own.

Love it,easy to install,perfect fit,the rubber grip is easy to hold on a small firearm.

I put Talon grips on every pistol I own except my Kimber!

Fits great on my LCP II. I highly recommend it.

Look great. Perfect fit. Reasonable price and good value.

Installed with no hassles. Went through 100 rounds with it. It helps with the tiny grip that the LCP II has. Maybe the price could have been less, it's a tiny thing for these guns.

This is my fifth pistol to be outfitted with Talon Grip covers; and just like my other guns, these grips are amazing. The new LCP II comes with better textured grip from the factory over the original LCP but it still is a night and day difference once the Talon grips are installed. Install was easy as usual and they look great installed. I use he rubber ones and LOVE the addition to this fantastic little gun.

Easy to install Great Fit Going to range to shoot

Great product

I initially had some concerns about installing a Talon grip on my LCP II given that the gun's grip has so many different levels and bevels. I ordered the black rubber grip and was a little surprised how well it was designed to conform to all those surfaces. And, like all Talon grips, this one greatly improves your grip on the firearm. This particular one is simply another home run for Talon.

Starting to peel a little.. i like the way it feels. I have them on my 45 and 9 mm and they dont peel on those

Another great Talon product !!! The LCP 2 really needed a non skid surface above the magazine release. Yours works.

This is my 5th set of Talon Grips. All have been perfect in fit and function.

I have purchased several of these grips and have had zero issues. Unfortunately, even after wiping down and applying to the gun, just like I have the other ones, it refuses to lay flat on some areas of the grip. Not sure if I just received a bad one or what happened.

These grips are the finishing touch to a great sidearm. It's hard to believe how much they help.

My Ruger LCP II felt naked and I e-mailed and asked about the Talon Grips for it and they said they would get back to me as soon as they were available, a week or so later I received there e-mail saying they were. I ordered them and the fit and grip was as expected never disappointed, whats next ? S&W M&P shield 45 acp customer for life Thanks Dave A+A+A+

perfect fit for my LCP II and the traction is great. I posted a video review on this grip on my LCP II. Highly recommend.

The rubber grip fit perfect on my lcp 2. Gives the gun the little extra it needs for such a small handgun.

Thanks for the notification guys good job on getting this quickly made up fits like a glove thanks again

Great product- fit like a glove and always outstanding
Customer service from talon.

This made a HUGE difference in my grip on this small gun. I draw it with much more confidence in my grip coming out of the holster now. Love these. Have them on 3 guns.

LCPs are hard to handle but with Talon Grips you are in complete control. Great quality, great fit and good value. DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT YOURS.

Awesome as usual!!!

This was my second set of TAOLN Grips and they are as awesome as my first set. If I buy another handgun I will buy another set of TALON's

This grip makes the gun really stay put in your hand. With this small of a gun, you really need this super thin, and rough grip.

Great Fit, Great Feel. A+

Truly. Makes the small grip big and strong

They are the best grips on the market. I personally recommend the rubber grips.

It was misleading when you feel it when it is not on the pistol grip. Once you follow instructions and have it fully installed it's pretty awesome. I said misleading because the rubber grip doesn't take full effect until you have it installed and it is nice in the hand. Adds just the right amount of grip. Not too much not too little. And it is also very thin. I will be getting a set for my Shield.

Great fit and finish on my lcp. It went on very easy and has enhanced my grip tremendously. I have put them on all my Glocks and S&W Shield. I highly recommend this product.

I like it better than grips on the lcp, small gun want a good grip

Great addition to the LCP . I is talked Talon grips in all of my handguns.

Talon rubber grips work fine on my LCP. The pistol's checkering is sharp & gives a little bite when firing. the Talon rubber removes the bite. As usual, the Talon rubber grip stays in the position you grasp it.

This is a very small gun and used as a carry gun so I went with the Talon Grip rubberized grip for comfort and better grip on the gun when it's hot and quicker to get a good hold.

I put Talon Grips on all all my pistols. But I really appreciate them on the LCP. They offer great purchase on the diminutive grip without the bulk of other grips.

I have had my LCP for nearly for years and even though Ive carried it nearly every day in the time it has always been a bear to shoot. I have large size hands and it always wanted to move around during recoil. A set of rubber Talon Grips eliminated that problem and in my ankle holster I can't even tell they are there.

Second pair I have installed. Are terrific. Instructions could have been clearer about having some overlap at the seam

Can't imaging having this pistol on me every day without these grips!! Simply awesome!!!

It is very helpful with increasing the the ability to grip such a small pistol.This is my second Talon Grip and I am very impressed with the product.The fit to the gun is absolutely perfect, You can't go wrong with this product.

The sticky side and rough side of the grip should have been swapped around. The grips do not cover correctly because of this. Made it work but not 100 percent.

The Talon LCP grips are great, just like the other Talon grips sets I have purchased. On the Ruger LCP in particular, with it's tiny factory grip surfaces that are smooth in the upper grip, the Talon grips increase the textured grip area and make it easier to grasp the gun with confidence, especially with sweaty hands and drawing from a pocket holster with fingertips, where a full hand grip is not possible at the start of the draw stroke. At the same time, the Talons do not add any bulk to the gun at all, nor do they snag on clothing, including pocket liners. I have bought a lot of gun accessories over the years, and Talon grips rank as one of the best values in pistol enhancement accessories, period!

I have Talon grips on all my Glocks and S&W M&P pistols. I did not think that my LCP with the front-activated Crimson Trace laser would work with these grips, but customer support said it would be okay. I ordered a set, and they fit perfectly with the laser mounted. The LCP is now much more shoot-able. Before, the small pistol tended to rock back in my hand unless I had a death-grip on it. I had to reset my grip after every shot. Now I can use a normal grip and it shoots very well. Applying the grips is simple, and they hold up year after year. I have never found a cleaning solvent or oil that has the least bad effect on them. No polymer gun should be without them.

I get them for all my guns and my friend's guns!

Love your product keep up the good work!

I love these grips. On a little gun like the LCP, Talon grips make all the difference in the world. They make this a shootable gun. The best upgrade anyone can make to their pocket pistol.

Very happy so far, is holding up well on my carry gun.

It was real Rough I don't think they sanded it down. Very uncomfortable to hold wife hated it she pulled it off.

If you have an LCP, this is a must! It makes an uncomfortable gun to shoot much more controllable. I like shooting my LCP much more with this grip!

Makes for a sure grip, without adding size.

I added the Talon Rubber Grips to my Ruger LCP and Beretta Nano---best money you can spend.. Now I have a great feel and profile is no larger--I recommend for any pistol and looks great as well!!! 5 star on this product

I purchased grips for two of my guns and when I showed my wife, she wanted grips for her LCP as well!
Very nice feel - makes it seem more secure in the hand.

Easy to install and fit perfect. Once set with a hair dryer, the grip molded perfectly to the frame. Feels great and looks great.

Easy to install. Great product.

love it also. for personal carry.

This grip installed easily...very nice fit! It really increases the 'texture' and 'grip' of the LCP. I am planning on getting one for my Glock.

A good product and I recomend it.

Perfect fit, love it!

I can't believe I waited this long before putting them on my handguns! Very pleased with the end result!

My LCP is no longer a beast and is finally controllable between shots. Should be a factory option.

Wok great

Outstanding product (Rubberized). Makes holding my firearm so much better. I bought another one for my Glock 42. I will most likely purchase two more for my other handguns.

Easy install and easy to get a quality look with a DIY product.

My order was process very quickly and received my grips shortly after. I am very pleased with you service and the product. I look forward to doing business with you guys again. Thanks

Noticeable improvement while gripping the gun. Does not stick to clothes or holster. Overall great addition to gun and exactly as advertised.

Excellent product. Easy to install and make a great addition to a pocket gun. Easier to grip and control.

I tried Talon Grips on my Glock 26 after hearing good things from a coworker, and was so impressed with the improvement in grip texture that I had to get another set when I purchased my LCP. I will put Talon Grips on any gun I carry.

I love talon grips. Ruger LCPs should come stock with a Skin from Talon. Not bulky or slippery when wet like the hogue. If I purchase another polymer frame handgun, it will get a talon grip on the same day. I actually ordered my LCP grip before I bought the gun... They are that good! -Coach Stevens

Reasonably priced, easy to apply, and provides additional hold to my pocket pistol.

Fits perfectly onto the gun, gives much needed grip for such a small pistol. Great product and i would recommend this to anyone with a ruger lcp.

I highly recommend the grips, I've bought 2 so far and plan on buying more, thanks Talon for a great product

I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT.I HAVE THESE GRIP PANELS ON BOTH OF MY EVERYDAY CARRY GUNS.*KAHR PM9*RUGER LCPThey make a huge difference in stabilizing the gun during firing and recoil! Again, these grips are GREAT for small carry guns!Try them,you will not be disappointed !

Fit perfectly and make the LCP much easier to hang on to. Will definitely buy Talon Grips for future firearms I purchase.

ordered LCP by mistakeCustomer service great.

Fit great and I love the grip I now have on this smaller gun. Very easy to put on the gun. My only recommendation is that two sets of hands make this process a whole lot easier.

It's great for my dslr camera and my pistol. I think it would be great if there's a material big enough for a sport bike tank pad or leg grips that goes on the side of the sport bike tank.

Great product. Really allows me to get a better purchase on the weapon.

Easy to install - instructions were clear. Quality seems top notch and they seem to have bonded well with the gun. Really helps this little shooter since it has a tendency to kick up in my grip.

My fifth purchase!

A new handgun doesn't feel right until I put Talon grips on it. I love them.

I recommend this to those who work in humid conditions, this really improves the grip.

Excellent shipping time and excellent product fit and performance.

I got the ruberrized version. It's very grippy. Really helps, especially in warm weather to grab onto a little LCP without it slipping in my hands. Seems to stay on really well. No problems so far.

Great product! Smooth transaction. Will be a repeat customer, for sure!

The best, simplest, most functionality hands down.

This is my third purchase of your products. They are excellent in fit and performance. As I acquire additional handguns , I will certainly add your grips to them as well. A suggestion , my synthetic stock 870 and M1A could benefit from some "Talon" work. Any plans for rifle applications in the future ? Thanks for a great product . Sincerely , Mike R.

Liked the rubber grip for the LCP so much, I just order another for my S&W Shield.

I have this grip on my LCP it installed easily, looks & performs great!