SR9, 9E, SR40, SR45 Full Size

Click for Talon 360 ViewTALON Grips for Ruger SR9, SR40 and SR45 Full Size models (Granulate Texture)

Grips for Ruger SR9, 9E, SR40, SR45 Full Size



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TALON Grips for Ruger SR9, 9E, SR40 and SR45 Full Size models. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip has graphic cutouts for the Ruger emblem on each side of the firearm. The backstrap of the grip must be trimmed out of the grip along the perforations when the large backstrap is installed. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

I have been buying Talon Grips for every gun I own. Love the feel of there rubber grips. Very comfortable to the hand and gives you a good hold on the gun. So far I have them on 7 different hand guns I own and I have never had one try to peel off. If you have never tried them you need to. I think you will love them as much as I do.

Fit was perfect, not only is this a great upgrade but the grip looks great too! A+++

Awesome! Fits perfectly & easy installation. Simply follow the directions. Feels great and does secure your grip.
Thank You Talon!

Wife discovered these and we have one on everyone of our handguns.
Keeps it tighter in your hand and much more comfortable than factory grips.

Immediately improved the feel of the Ruger 9E. Definitely see how it lines up first following the instructions. Read them again. Take your time aligning and it's golden. I want to put them on everything now.

Like it. Needs some work in lower backstrap , lanyard area

The rubber talon grips Made my Ruger 9E feel better and more comfortable to shoot. Now I think I want to try the granulate grips for Gen 5 G19
Thanks A lot

Easy installation WHEN INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOLLOWED. Be sure to use the hair dryer or heat gun.
Will buy your products again. Thanks TALON!!!

Awesome grip. Installation was simple, and the aggressive texture has improved my shooting experience

Absolutely love it

They came on time and they fit well. I made the mistake of ordering the rubber one and I wanted the other style.

perfect fit! really improved the feel of my sr9

Great product. Really adds grip to my Ruger 9E and feels more secure in my hand.

Very happy with the rubber talon grips on my ruger sr9. Installing the grip around the back of the gun handle was a little tricky because it seemed to be lining up weird after wrapping it over the baclstrap area but I got it eventually. It's nice that you can remove the grip and retry if you don't get it right the first time. Great product and will definitely buy more of these. Purchased for my Walther pps m2 as well and very happy with that one too.

Makes holding the 9E easier. No more slipping when my hands sweat.

Again the fit was perfect easy installation and the grips work!

Arrived on time in excellent condition, already installed and ready for the range. Excellent fit as usual!!


I really like the new grips. They were easy to put on, and move to fit if needed,. They help me get a better grip when using shooting gloves or bare hands. The use of the hair dryer was easy and really helped them form to and grip the gun. I will use them on my other hand guns too.

Installed the grip and had difficulty making it fit on the opposite side of the grip. It sort of made a loose turn around the butt. Heating and squeezing according to the instructions helped tighten the butt.

Great product, it definitely gives a great grip on your weapon. Only issue I had was I wrote a message to them trying to change my order to the rubber grips but never heard back. The granulated is a little rough to use on your edc but would be great for a range gun or home defence weapon. I tried the granulated I received and as I thought, it was to rough to use on my edc. Even after sanding them down some. Just wish I hadn't accidentally ordered the wrong ones. Product is 5 stars, communication is 1

I had the granulate grips on my sr40 from talon for a long time. I wanted something different so I got the normal talon grip. It's a nice soft feel.

Bought talon grips for my m&p shield and I love them. So I bought them for my ruler 9e and same feelings. Only time will tell how long they last but have been on my shield for more than a year and still look new. Highly recommend talon grips.

Went on flawlessly and feel great. Spending an extra few minutes with the heat gun helped in getting the seems form fitted

Grips feel great to the hand and give just that something a little extra.

Fantastic product, love it and the fit is awesome, just remember to cut out the section for the back strap.

Perfect fit and function like I needed for that little extra grip.

Everything about these grips are amazing. Have them a 4 guns. Would recommend on all firearms

Never receive them

I was skeptical the minute I took it out of the package,seemed a bit to sticker like for me. I'm glad to say that I was wrong in my first impression. It has a great feel and texture to it, provides great grip. It looks and feels like its supposed to be there, not some gimmicky aftermarket junk. Well done Talon, well done.

I bought the granulate version for my 9E because I found the stock grip to be slippery on the sides. The Talon grip material makes the grip totally secure in my hand. It fits perfectly and was fairly easy to apply. It looks like part of the gun. In fact I think it enhances the gun's appearance. My only suggestion would be instructions which are specific to the gun, as I was a bit unsure what to do with the scored backstrap material. I ended up leaving the rubber backstrap uncovered and it worked out great.

Ive ordered 3 grips now for 3 different handguns. All work great and shipping and handling was very fast!

Have these grips on all my handguns and my AR 15. They are easy to install and I would recommend them for that "extra" grip

Cannot understand why some of the reviewer's say that the grips did not fit. Did you guys buy the correct product? Mine went on like a dream with no problem whatsoever. Great grip and am happy I purchased them. Look good, feel good, and help me shoot a little better with my SR40.

I continue to tell everyone O meet on the range about your grips. I let them try it out and they all love them.

The grips were easy to install and the firearm feels so much better in your hand. I bought grips for my SR9, XD-40, and MP Shield And I highly recommend this product to anyone who owns a firearm! Customer service is outstanding and was more than willing to help with any issues I had.

THE BEST! What More Can I Say! Glock 19, Glock 30S, Ruger SR9 and 9E

I purchased Taloln rubber grips for my Ruger 9e and S&W 22 Victory. I installed the grips on the 9e and was unimpressed by the lack of tackiness. I specifically purchased the rubber version because I wanted a softer conforming grip and not the sandpaper abrasive grip from the other style. I'm disappointed the Talon rubber grip feels like a worn out non-slip bathtub applique and is still too abrasive for my preference. I chose not to install the grip on my 22 Victory, but found a good match from the Hogue Handall large grip. The Hogue gave me the tackiness I desired and it was less expensive. I may remove the Talon from my 9e and replace it with a Hogue.

Only concern I had was that this was the new version and the installation instructions and video did not cover this product. I finally figured out that I needed to cut the backstrap dotted piece off before the grip would install correctly. I tried multiple times before I realized that it would not fit correctly until the backstrap cutout was removed. It went on perfectly at that point and appears not to have suffered from the multiple removals and re-installations. It appears to be sticking just fine.

Had gun repaired and they had to take off the grip and it was a bit*h for them to get it off so it stays on very well and with the granular type no attacker will be able to take it out of your hand. Love it and perfect fit

I had previous bought one for the SR9c from Ruger - it fit great, leading to this purchase.This Item covers the SR9, SR40 and SR45. It is cut to fit the larger frame of the 45, so it is way too loose for the SR9 that I have. I wound up cutting it in pieces and trimming, then applying as separate components. This product needs to be two items; one for the small frame and one for the large frame.

I got these and love them. I am not perfect at self install, but that's not Talon's fault, that is mine!. I have taken them out to 2 outdoor ranges since install, Works great! Conceal Carry when not at work.

The grip arrived quickly in the mail and came with clear, concise directions. It is best to test fit with the backing still on to find lines and datum points to reference on the frame for an even result. The grip can be re-positioned slightly before heat setting to get it perfect. I chose the granulate finish and it works well for both cold or sweaty hands to increase grip. I also like that it added a small amount of size to the grip to fit my hand better. Great product and a hand signed thank-you with the order sheet. Thanks!

Excellent product at great price. Both me and the wife love the extra grip on all of our guns. We use the Rubber for CCW and granulated on rifles.


Good product, really helps with stabilizing the grip. Very good fit design.

These were soon great I ordered 3 more for friends Rugers

Good stuff

This thing is amazing! The original Ruger grips work well enough but the Talon wrap makes my pistol feel like an extension of my hand! The rubber offers a nice soft contact point and the stippling allows a strong secure purchase of the grip! Installation was a breeze and you can't even tell that it didn't come from factory this way!

Best grip you can get .......

As with the grips for my other pistols, these fit perfectly.Easy to install. A very fine product at a fair price.

Easy to put grip on, instructions are helpfulRubber grips really help you get a firm hold all over the the grip

Found something better that stays longer and holds up to solvent better with a more perfect fit. C J BufalinoUSAF/Ret./DAV

Odder for a friend after he tried my 2 guns with talon grips.

Love it

Wish I had your products when I was LEO !

This grip has been on my SR40 for over 3 years and almost 1000 rounds, it has held up great and has made shooting this 40 S&W a pleasure!

Received this fine grip about three weeks ago, just got around to putting it on my SR40,only took about five minutes and I must say I will not be scared to shoot this gun with one hand now, this grip is awesome. can't wait to get back over to the range and shoot some more, will be getting one also for my up coming XD45.

Best grip I have tryed. I also have them on my S&W Shield.

Great grips.

I carry my SR45 as a off-duty weapon. Ruger did a great job with their thin design and high-cap magazines, but Talon adds the final touch making this gun a great off-duty carry choice. I have Talon grips on all my semi-auto pistols, M-4's and my Kel Tec KSG. Best aftermarket buy you can find to keep your life safe.

Couldn't be happier. Have these for both a Ruger 9E and a Ruger P95, and think they are great.

I have bought and sold too many pistols to remember, but have installed Talon Grips on every one of them, which has helped with the sale. These grips are fantastic, just the right amount of rubber to grip without being too thick. Every grip has fit perfectly. I really love these grips and for such a low price, they are wonderful. I will continue to put these grips on every new handgun purchase too. Thanks Talon for a such a good product.

I love it. It fit really well and definitely gives me a better grip on my gun.

Purchased grips for multiple handguns Installation was easy and results are greatEveryone has liked what they have seen withPositive comments about the feel when shooting

Feels Great , easy to Install ' looking forward to purchasing for my other Ruger.

they look good , fit great

I used the Ruger SR9 grip on my Ruger 9E. It fit perfectly. I have used Talon grips on most of my pistols-at least 7. These grips enhance my shooting accuracy. They perform well.

My grips are starting lose the adhesive already so I constantly have to blow dry it again to fix the problem areas after j go out

This is my second pair of grips. I have been very satisfied with the quality of the product. Recommended to a friend and he bought a set. Will continued to recommend your product.Brad Roberts

Just perfect.Putting it on was easy, and the result is simply the best possible grip you can achieve on your SR9. There's no way I would go back and shoot without it.I've since bought a couple of sheets of this super-grippy stuff and put it on AR, my shotgun, and my SR22 carbine.

My son introduced me to Talon grips. Have them on a CZ 75b and Ruger SR40

Quality product, easy to install. Big fan of the rubberized grips I installed on my SR9.

My only complaint about the sandpaper grips is that they tend to snag on fabric.

With a few adroit snips of the scissors this Talon grip was easily modified to provide a superb grip for an old Ruger P97 D. Excellent service and support from Talon!

Absolutely wonderful product ! Have them on Sr9c, Sr40c, & Sr40....perfect fit, quality, and grip enhancement. Plan on getting them for my xds.45, very shortly. Keep up the great work, and... Thank You !

Absolutely wonderful product ! Have them on Sr9c, Sr40c, & Sr40....perfect fit, quality, and grip enhancement. Plan on getting them for my xds.45, very shortly. Keep up the great work, and... Thank You !

Just had a chance to shoot over 400 rounds after putting on the grips. Compared to the 2 thousand rounds previously fired, my gun control and target re-acquisition has gone through the roof

Fit and feel as expected.With only 1 range trip the jury is still out.

Fits, looks and feels great Only wish the directions would have indicated that the material on the backstrap needed to be removed, learned that n a youtube video

Installed on my SR40, easy installation and looks great. Had a little extra material at bottom of backstrap which left a wrinkle. Nobody will notice but me.

Easy install and easy to get a quality look with a DIY product.

They work great. Helps me get a better grip on my gun. Thanks.

So much more traction and grip...wouldn't go without hem now.

Awesome grips! Wish I would of kown about em sooner!

Did not fit well. Finally just took it off.

Great other words

The Ruger grips just aren't grippy enough for me and I find myself regularly adjusting my grip. TalonGrips solves that problem for me easily and on the cheap.

The fit for the Ruger SR9 was excellent. The trick for the perfect outcome is to take your time and line up the cutouts of the Talon grips to the contours of the pistol's grip. Also make sure both sides are equal spaced before pressing the grips in place. Finished product looks and feels great and gives a rock solid feel to the gun. Highly recommend.

The fit for the Ruger SR9 was excellent. The trick for the perfect outcome is to take your time and line up the cutouts of the Talon grips to the contours of the pistol's grip. Also make sure both sides are equal spaced before pressing the grips in place. Finished product looks and feels great and gives a rock solid feel to the gun. Highly recommend.

Bought a set for my Ruger sr9. Very nice and excellent quality

Use Talon on most of my firearms