SR9 Compact, SR40 Compact

TALON Grips for Ruger SR9 Compact and SR40 Compact models (Granulate Texture)

Grips for Ruger SR9c, SR40c



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TALON Grips for Ruger SR9 Compact and SR40 Compact models. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip have graphic cutouts for the Ruger emblem on each side of the firearm. Extended magazine grips are available for this model (sold separately). FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Yes I would like to say I am so glad that I got the Talon Grips. I got the black one and the Moss colored grips and they work very very well my hand do not slide off my handle at all great product keep up the good work I’ll be getting more

Grip fit great and was very easy to put on but it’s not as grippy as I had hoped, I thought it would be a lot more rubbery but it’s not really any better than before

Just put these on my 8 year old Ruger SR9C and they look awesome! It is important to carefully line the grips up with the logo on the grip (they are cut perfectly) and to heat them with a hairdryer as per the instructions. If you do this, you will be very satisfied with the result. I got the grips for my magazines as well. It is hard to tell that the grips are not factory!

They work great. Better than factory grip

Over the last couple of year I have put these grips on every gun I own, and if talon don't make a grip for a gun I wouldn't buy the gun....

Perfect fit and perfect feel. Also looks great.

Literally purchase for every pistol I have.
Best grips in the industry.
Great quality, durability and value.

fit is perfect. Look and feel great

I was wondering if my SR9c really needed anything in the way of Talon grips. Once again after applying, it is hands down a better firearm in my hands.

easy to put on feel good looks good

I have found with polymer frame pistols the grips can be a little slick and difficult to control especially during colder weather. With the Talon grip installed in 5 minutes on my Ruger SR40C, I have found that it eliminates any problems I have had. Talon grips are fantastic! Thanks Talon!

Fits like a glove and makes gripping a lot more comfortable.

Excellent fit, love the product. Talon makes great stuff!

I must say that I am very pleased with Talon Grips on every level. The package arrived a full week before the estimated delivery date. Obviously an exciting package to find in the mailbox after a 14 hour work day. After returning another, not to be named, grip overlay from a different company, I was anxious about the installation process. Fourtunately the Talon Grip came with simple steps easy to follow directions. Long story short, they are effective, stylish and have a perfect fit. Talon Grips will be installed on every one of my firearms.

love them. wish I would have purchased these earlier

This is a no-brainer. Best option ever for a defensive or carry weapon. Forget expensive lasers, lights and sights. Just get a grip! I put this on my Bodyguard, Shield & SR9C. Love it at the range. Thanks for a great and affordable product Talon!

The grips fit and look great. I have put them on most of my handguns.

Easy to install, looks great and provides the perfect grip surface.

This was the second grip I put on my SR9c. I had to replace the first one after I got cleaning solvent on it that ruined the glue. My fault, not Talon's! The second one fit just as nice as the first. I recently tried another brand grip wrap for my wife's Taurus PT709 Slim. It is OK, but not quite the same quality or fit as Talon. It will probably be replaced with Talon in the future.

As always, these grips applied easily and immediately adhered firmly to the stock grip. Aggressive texture makes for very firm grip in hand. I am very very satisfied with Talon and will continue to use them on all my firearms!

Installed this grip wrap on my wife's pistol she absolutely loves it. It was perfect fit had no issues with the install she now loves shooting her pistol.

The sizing and shape to fit all my gun's contours are exact and the installation is easy. It adds the perfect amount of grip to my SR9C to give a sure purchase of it when it is to be depended on.

Awesome! Feel great and look great! So happy I got them. The grips don't add Amy thickness to your origional grip. In my case it added more grip surface to my Ruger SR9. Thanks Talon!

I love these grips on my weapon. It completely makes the gun. They are awesome. These grips will go on all my guns

Love my Ruger SR9C but wanted more control. Love the Rubberized grip. Easy installation with a hair dryer. Didn't have to trim it like some stated. Just work with it while warm and the seam almost disappears. Doesn't add bulk, which was a concern.

I've purchased a granulated grip and a rubber grip.
I love the granulated hands down but for my ccw I had to go with the rubber grip. Due to the granulated grabing my shirt is the only reason. But I will be purchasing granulated for my home defence. Love the way it feels all around just not when it's rubbing my shirt or side.

Talon grips are a must for your carry gun..or any polymer frame pistols..they really make a HUGE difference when you grab the pistol..

Installed on my SR9c. Just awesome!

Best product ever...!!!

Good Product. Fit like a glove. 1 thing I might change is...Make one for grips that have a CT laser attached.

I trimmed mine to fit and it works great.

as always a perfect addition to my firearm

Love these grips, changed from the granulated to that feel much better. Best grips and easy to install!

Great product, especially for the price. They fit very well and were easy to install. The customer service was amazing.

These grips are great, easy to install, feel good in the hand, look good, and work even better, every poly firearm I have or buy will get a set of Talon Grips

Super easy to install with nothing more than a hair dryer and some extra alcohol for cleaning before applying the grips. Love Talon products and will continue to purchase for every new gun!

Installed this along did the pinky and extended mag grips. Was not sure how well a sticker grip would perform. I feels amazing, i have much more control with these grips. Easy to install. Fast shipping. 10/10 Would order again.


Really can't rate it. I have SR9 and got grip for SR9C. I figure I ordered wrong one.

Easy to apply and fits great on my SR9c.

I was really skeptical about using a sticker grip.But after applying the grip and using the pistol, I was surprised at how much more control it has. It is very easy to apply. Just follow the instructions and be patient in lining it up. Heat it up like in the instructions after applying and there will be no issues. I bought the extra grips for both size clips and glad I did. I love and recommend this item.

These grips are well designed. They are tailored to match the individual attributes of each gun. The adhesive used is very good. We are very happy with the grips we got for the two different guns we have.

I have been using my new talon rubber grips for about 3 weeks and they are excellent. They allow for positive grip everytime i draw, even with oil covered hands! Extremely easy to install and arrived very quickly. Very good investment for anyone with plastic frames.

I used these to protect the frame of the gun, haven't even shot with the grips yet, but I doubt I will be disappointed.

Fit and finish perfect

Great product! Very easy to apply. I felt a considerable difference in my grip when drawing from holster. Definitely recommend.

Great product! Fit perfectly and feels great. Haven't shot the gun yet with these on, but I'm sure it will help improve my grip.

I ordered these for my sr9c. I watched a few youtube videos on these grips and people loved them, so i thought i would give them a try. For less than 20 dollars, they are one of the best things i did.
I would highly recommend them to anybody. Great addition to any firearm

Purchased for my conceal carry, Ruger SR40c. Great grip, feels great in hand. Easy application. Recommended to deputies I work with. Thanks.

fit perfect and a great addition to any pistol

The grip material for the Ruger SR9C was a perfect fit. The application was simple and straight forward. The rubber grip material made a positive "night and day" difference with grip purchase. It is much easier to maintain grip without needing to constantly readjust.

I do recommend this product to other SR9C owners.

Great grip. Love it.

Application is super easy and its a perfect fit. the stock stippling would rub against my skin when i walk. The rubber is an excellent solution

Great add on to my pistol. 100 percent grip all the time. I highly recommend this for all you pistols.

Great product! I applied the rubberized grips to my daily carry and have had zero complaints. Improves grip when drawing and increases stability when fired. I would recommend to anyone.

I recently had to purchase a replacement grip for my Ruger SR40c, the first grip lasted about 3 years of EDC before pealing up. Very comfortable grip and made shooting this compact 40 S&W a pleasure!

Feels great on my SR9C Ruger And looks good as well ,it was also easy to install

Gives me a better grip. I really like them. I've bought them for all my guns.

Every gun I own has the Talon grips. Would not have a hand gun without them!

An excellent addition to my 40C. The fit and feel is superb...very happy with my purchase!

Fits perfectly. Easy to install on my Ruger SR9c and made a huge improvement in control while using the 10 round mag. I was able to remove the pinky extension and still have better control and comfort when concealed.

changes the way the pistol feels in your hand. By far better grip

Received very quickly. Fit perfect and provided a great, firm grip on the pistol. Absolutely well worth the money. Highly recommend Talon Grips.

Works great

I use Talon grpips on my SC9C, Glock 19 and Baretta Nano. My wife loves and recently replaced he first grip with a new on. Iuse both the sand and soft versions. Great product at a fair price.

I'm pretty sure I will buy these for every pistol I ever buy. They're probably the least expensive upgrade I have but the best one I have besides a light or laser.

Like always Talon grips make every gun feel better in your hand. Love your products, thanks.

Peel off and have to be pushed and held on every time I go to shoot. Either need better or different adhesive.

Stop sending me emails asking for reviews or surveys or trying to sell me something.

I love the talon grip! Perfect fit on my sr9c they are laser cut and very grippy. Talon grips have a customer for life here.

The grip helps with control over the gun and sweaty palms no doubt, but everytime I take my gun out of the safe I have to push and gold the grip down because it seems to start to peel off in certain spots. I am very particular with placement so it is on there correctly. It is very aggravating sometimes. Overall it helps me a great deal. Plus, the hot pink is awesome!

love the feel in my hand.better control in wet conditions. would recommend highly to anyone

Perfect fit and a must have for all firearms.

Excellent product, easy to install. I will be using these on every handgun I own.

I just received my first set of grips for my RUGER SR9C. They were a breeze to put on and they feel AMAZING! The shipping was fast and customer service great and answerd my question quickly. I am definitely ordering a set for my wife's gun and recommending them to everyone. If you're tired of the bulky slip-on grips, buy a set Talon Grips.

The grip were great the last time I was at the range. I will be buying again for any new guns I get. Thanks

My first time with grips of any kind. I bought the granulated because I tend to have sweaty hands and the firearm has a smooth grip that was slipping while at the range. After easy installation I went back to the range and had tight groupings due to my tight non slip grip on the weapon. Perfect.

Wish there was something like this years ago. I use shooting gloves when I shoot because my hands sweat a lot. The Talon grips help my weapon stick to my hand like glue

These grips are a must have. You will want them for ALL of your firearms.

Talon totally changed the feel and control of one of my favorite guns, the SR40c. I loved the gun before but just could not get comfortable with the grip. I tried slip on grips but when I ccw these hang up on clothing. Talon solved all my problems, the grips are easy to install provide traction control but do not snag clothing. Talon will be on all my handguns from now on.

I bought a set a year ago for my SR40c and I just love them. I have shot countless rounds since applied and it looks and feels like I put them on yesterday. Easy to apply and very comfortable. I just bought the SR9c and am now ordering a set for it. I highly recommend these grips but be sure to get the xtra grip for the short mag. It's well worth it!

Talon grips are amazing. I got the granulate pink ones for my gun and it gives amazing grip! Super easy to install and looks really good on my gun! Will definitely buy more!

Great stuff!

Awesome product! Super easy installation, unbelievable enhancement to the feel of my firearm. Also the hand written thank you speaks volumes for the company. Thank you, will be buying many more.

Application was far more easier than I anticipated. You must follow instructions as explained to have the best secure fit. The grip, feel, rubber texture and style is exactly what I needed. The day after I installed the grip I went to the Range fired a 100 rounds and it felt great in my palms of both hands. Don't miss out, give it a try! Carry On..

Waited after a few shoots with the grips to give a thorough review. First, I would say take your time adhering the grips to your weapon. I used the alcohol pads included, then dried with a hair dryer. I also warmed the grips with the dryer also to make them more pliable. I originally had the grittier grips, but for my purpose switched to the later. They work well with oily, dirty, and wet hands. I have not tried them in a stress shoot yet. Works good in IWB holster, but like anything...practice...practice...practice!!!I Customer service is excellent and so are the grips!!! Will definitely tell my mil friends.

Feel great and really improve the overall grip.


Great product!!! I plan on buying more for my other weapons.

Great product!!! I plan on buying more for my other weapons.

Talon Grip very much enhance the feel & appeal of my SR9c. Went from hard plastic to nice grippy rubber texture and looks awesome. Will put them on any composite gun I have. Easy & fun to install too.

They make a huge difference. Professionally made. Easier then I thought to put on the gun.

Great company, great product. Hands down the best 20 bucks I've ever spent. I will be buying a set of grips for every pistol I own.

Was a gift for a friend. He loves it. Awesome!

A great addition to better the feel of your firearm. The grip has a slight roughness and tacky feel that makes it a really good expecially on hot days. They're easy to install and don't cost a mint. I like'em!!!!

Fast shipping and easy installation. These help the SR9c feel much better in the hand. Fit was perfect, all the cut outs lined up perfect and the magazine extension grip fit perfect as well. The best $18 addition you can make to your gun.

Ordered the rubberized version. Took 5 minutes to install. These grips are awesome. Could not be happier. Great company.

Really feels good in the hand. I can grip with confidence.

Easy install using a simple hair dryer. The fit was perfect and under $20, can't beat that. I will purchase more and have advertised them to "mi amigos". Totally satisfied.

Best. Very reliable.

Great product, great service. Totally recommend to everybody, you will not be disappointed. Also, the hand written thank you on the receipt is a nice personal touch that most companies lack.

Love this product. Super easy to install. Fast shipping. I couldn't be happier.

Just installed on SR40C made a tremendous improvement to grip feel. Easy install and good fit. Thanks Talon

Amazing is an understatement for this product as well as the company. Grips were easy to install with thourough instructions. So far they've been nothing short of perfection, providing improved handling along with a solid look at a very inexpensive price. Free ground shipping arrived in 3 days. Highly recommend this product, can't go wrong. Excellent job TALON!

These grips are awesome. no more slipping around even with wet hands. Thanks. I now have a set of grips on all my firearms.Roger

These are the best grips!!! I was looking at the slip on grips but those seemed to be bulky. My friend who shoots competition turned me on to these and it was the best decision for me. I feel like I have so much more control having these grips. I am recommending them to anyone that has a pistol. I also like the rubberized grip for my carry and it doesn't feel sticky like you might think. They were easy to install and if you have any issues with installation Talon offers videos. Great product and I will be purchasing them for all of my pistols.

great detail. Best grips on the market. I will buy more for my next firearm.

Best Grips on the market. Will be buying more.

So glad I finally ordered this for my sr9c... was very easy for me to install and has made shooting more comfortable and my accuracy has improved too..and MADE IN USA..Thanks,I will be buying for other guns soon.

I wish I would have bought them sooner. I didn't believe they would make such a vast improvement to my existing SR9c grips. Worth every cent.

Great fit for the extension, much better grip with the Talon installed.

I love it !!

Installed the black rubber grip on my SR40c to replace a slip-on grip. These look and feel much better, plus were easy to install. Just make sure to properly follow the instructions.

Absolutely amazing pistol grips.I ordered these online on Friday morning and they were in my mailbox on Monday. Very fast shipping and great quality product. They are very quick and simple to install. I thought I was going to have to get my laptop out and watch a few YouTube videos on how to install these, but the included instructions are all you need. Once I applied heat with a hairdryer as per the instructions, the grips were a perfect form fit and feel great on my Ruger SR9C. My hand grips the pistol much better with absolutely no slide or slip. These will be perfect for in the waist band carry where the pistol may get some sweat on it. I am definitely going to recommend them to a friend of mine who is looking for grips on his new pistol. They are made in the USA, and they even penned in a little thank you note with my name on the invoice.I am very pleased with these. You guys rock, and you have my future firearm grip business.