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TALON Grips for Sig Sauer P250 and P320. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip has a graphic cutout for the Sig Sauer emblem. These grips fit the specific grip module chosen. Sig Sauer P320s all come factory with the Medium Module except for the Sub Compact which comes with the Small Module from the factory. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

The Talon grips were a huge improvement over the standard grips on my Sig P250 Compact! Definitely made it more comfortable to shoot. I put the rubberized Talon grips on and was training in the rain; my grip on the pistol never slipped once!

I've had excellent luck with all of my Talons. I tried the moss color and I wasn't impressed with the way they felt. I contacted Talon and they replaced them for me no problem. I will continue to buy Talons for all of my polymer frame pistols!

It fit perfectly no problems at all, and ez to install it

excellent product as always

Ordered black rough granulated for my P320 full size 9mm and it looks and feels great. I also ordered rough granulated baseplate grips for my magazines and received rubberized moss. Now my pistol has black grip a moss on the end of my magazines. so now I need to order the rubberized grip in moss to match the baseplates, or get black rough granulated baseplate grips to match the grip module. Either way the product is outstanding and I'll be a customer for life. I definitely am hooked on this product.

Easy install on all of my P320 frames. Great fit and perfect feel.

Must've gotten one w/ sub par stickum. Cleaned grip thoroughly, twice, but some ends/corners would not stick down even w/ a little heat and pressure as per instructions.

I have Talon Gripes on 4 Sig P320's 3 rubber and one granular, quality is excellent, application extremely easy and I find them to be very durable. Even with free delivery options my items arrived in a timely manner, highly recommend the product and the won't be disappointed

Adding these to all my guns. Makes the grip much better in the hand. thanks for making a great product!

Have used Talon grips on firearms before and as before an excellent addition to my P320.

Best grips you can get!!

Awesome grip tape

Fast shipping. Exact fit. Great feel. Will order again for my subcompact. Worth every penny!

Definitely improves the way the p320 feels in your hand.For 17.99 and free shipping I think it's worth it.

Great grips, fantastic fit and texture.

I originally ordered 2 of the granulate grips for my Large grip modules I use in competition and wow. They fit and install perfectly, light heat and patience saves the day. Just ordered 3 more sets of the rubberized for my compact, carry and fullsize modules and they are the same awesome quality. I like the moss color a lot, just a tad darker than the Sig FDE but a very nice contrast when used on the black grips.

Great grip!!!!

GreT grip!!!

The Talon Grips are really good. No slipping when firing. Very easy to install. Only issue I have is during conceal carry my shirt sticks to it making more difficult to access weapon in a hurry.

Great value. Super easy install and functionality

Great addition to my grips. The tacky feel is great for humid climate

Fit perfectly as usual . Great product

Perfect fit love the look and feel great productE

Love these grips. I have the full size 320 and while the grip fits my hand almost perfectly it was still a little slippery when firing at the range. Like all my pistols I added the Talon rubber grip and it makes a huge difference in comfort and my accuracy. My grip doesn't slip and even after 150 rounds my hand is not sore from gripping the pistol. I recommend them to my customers at the store where I work and to others.

I've purchased a set of these for every single polymer pistol i own. Well worth the money!


These grips are excellent! Easy to put on, comfortable, reliable and don't change the overall grip diameter. I purchased the rubberized model for my concealed gun, and will be ordering the granular model for my Glock 17 as well.

I thought the grips for my Sig P320 were great. The Talon grips, I thought, would make them even better. And I was right. Love the Talon grips. Living in Canada, we are not allowed to carry handguns, so I could see these Talon grips lasting a very long time. I can't see why you would want to mess about with scissors and try to make your own grips, when for a few dollars more you can have custom grips. I guess some people are just cheap. Love the look, and I love the feel, (rubberized). If I purchase another striker fired handgun, I will be sure to order some Talon grips for them as well.

A1. Great

Really great grips. Big difference on my P320. Thanks

The grips are pretty damn great. Customer for life.

Ordered the rubber for the full size/carry frame medium. Was a bit bummed that I had to trim it a bit to fit. The bottom part was a bit long for the carry frame. Aside from that the product is awesome. First time I've used talon grip tapes and would buy again. Super easy to put on, the adhesion is great and most importantly it works. Just what my 320 needed.

Great product easy to apply

I have Talon rubber grips on every polymer pistol I own. Love the product, the fit was fine with very minor tweaks on the backstop cuts

Bought 2 sets for my P320, a set of grit for the full size competition model, and the rubberized set for the carry conversion. Fit is perfect, installation easy and they perform as advertised!

Fit perfect and feels great
My 1911 is next!

Works great with the Sig 320C. I'm using the rubber texture. Am hoping Talon comes out with other material colors like FDE soon. Color options would make a great product even better!

This is the second set of Talon grips I have ordered. I received prompt delivery. The grips have met my expectations. I wonder why they don't come in colors. My wife thought that the female shooters might enjoy something other than black,

Perfect fit, love them so much, I bought grips for three other pistols!!!!

Ordered medium but had small grip so had to trim by seperating back portion. Worked fine.

Overall a great product! I was impressed how "glued on" the grips are once you set them with heat. If you take your time when setting them you wont regret your purchase!

I recently upgraded a P250-SC that came with the standard small grip frame with the aftermarket medium sized grip frame offered by Sig Sauer. I had Talon Grips on the small frame which greatly improved the purchase, but I felt I needed the bigger grip size to shoot better, and I was happy right out of the gate -- except it lacked the Talons on my first trip to the range with the new grip. When I slapped the Talon's on the new grips, my performance increased dramatically--especially later in the session when my hands were moist with sweat as well being more fatigued! The Talons give a secure purchase while retaining the ergonomics that Sig designed and the result is tighter groups, fewer flyers, and more confidence in follow-up shots in extended sessions. Every polymer pistol frame begs for marvelous grips -- I can hardly believe its a sub-compact as the shooting consistency and accuracy improve so dramatically thanks to the right grip size and the addition of Talon Grips. This Sig is a real fine shooter now, thanks!

The Talon grip is great - follow the directions and the fit is perfect. Easy to install - just a quality product. I have one on my SIG P320C, SIG P320F and M&P Shield. No complaints and I would not hesitate to recommend this product

Awesome product

I now have two talon grips. My firs set is on my wife's S&W 9mm shield. And the second is on my p320 subcompact medium size grip. We both love them. We chose the rubber texture and it's great. I would recommend them to all shooters!

A sure and confident grip every time!

Fits perfectly

Bought the rubberized grip and installed it, Great product !!
helps tremendously with a quick draw, you really know your pistol Not moving in your hand

I like the product easy to install.

Fit Great , feel good

I love the Talon Rubber grips and use them on every polymer frame pistol that I have. They give a good hold and provide a slight cushion around the grip frame. Top shelf stuff!

Made a 90% improvement on the way the gun felt at the ranges. Great product as usual.

Just bought a second rubberized talon grip for my subcompact grip module. I already have one for my compact sized grip module. Any time I want a new grip module, I'll be ordering a companion talon grip here. Solid product, easy to apply, and feels like an overall upgrade to an already solid firearm.

I am 65 and to say the least, my hands ain't what they used to be. Your grips have improved my marksmanship. Also, It is amazing how well they fit every one of my pistols Thank you for making shooting so much fun again…db

Have Talons on almost all my pistols. Great value for the money.

Grips went on my P320 easily! Fit and finish were perfect.

Fit and finish was excellent and very easy to install. Gives an awesome purchase on my gun.

Perfect fit as usual. My 3rd set of grips and all 3 were easy to install and make a 100% difference in the grip. Thank you for making such an awesome and affordable product.

I put the grip on a small size Sig P320 and it looks awesome over the flat dark earth. Followed the instructions and watched a guy on YouTube put it on my model firearm.
Went over it with he hair dryer plenty to make sure it was stuck on and in every little crevice of that already nicely textured grip that comes on the p320. Now, I'm licking my chops and can't wait to put the grip to use this week. Hopefully it holds up for a while.

Love the feel, texture and look. 5/5 no doubt

Perfect fit! A 10 out of 10! Bravo

Ordered a talon grip for my sig p320 because I didn't like how abrasive the factory grip was and didn't want to spend $200 on a custom grip. I love how the talon grip feels and looks. It makes shooting and carrying a much better experience.

perfect fit !

Excellent service, fast shipping and grips were cut to spec. Installation was simple and had no issues. Very good product. Highly recommend this company and product.

Love them

Outstanding product! I have these grips on all of my P320s. They provide superb gun/recoil control and are durable even in the AZ heat. Highly recommended!!

Very good quality, perfect fit. If there was one for all off my firearms they would wear it all.

When indexing my gun from various positions, these grips allow for a secure hold that is comparable to no other on the market. Definitely a smart choice for any skill level marskman!

Great inexpensive upgrade.

Awesome product. I have them on my P320, Walther PPK, and several glocks. Great company and great customer service.

Excellent grip, fits perfectly.

Easy to install, provides better feel and retention. Really nice product, and free shipping is a good bonus!

Perfect fit and perfect feel!

It arrives in 3 days like they said it would. Its too delicate with warm weather and is over priced for what it is but it does look nice and fit good on my gun. It feels good in the grip too.

Excellent low-cost upgrade!

Excellent! I will be a repeat customer

Easy to put on and what a difference. It's rather humid here and the weapon stays put in sweaty hands. Liked them enough to put them on all of our pistols.

The texture and feel of the grip are fine but I was expecting a better purchase I guess. The factory grip module has a decent grip to begin with. Maybe I should have tried the sand paper version. Any moisture at all makes these slick.

Fit like a glove, I'm very happy. thank you Paul

So far, I'm very pleased with the grip. It was very easy to apply and it feels great! I've recommended it to several others.

I have used the excellent Talon rubber on Steyr M-A1's with great success and decided to try them on the Sig P250. I was a little worried when the first I tried was on the P250SC Small frame for 9mm (380,357Sig or 40SW) and found it fit perfectly with little extra coverage -- and my next was to go on the P250C medium grip for 45acp. My concern is that the 45acp frame is larger in each style of (F, C, SC) of the frame than the 9mm version and there was perhaps not enough Talon coverage to work as well on the 45acp. Well, I was enthusiastically surprised by the fact that the Medium 250C Talon rubber grip fit the 45acp frame perfectly just like the 9mm 250SC did!
This improves the friction, feel, and purchase so well that it is a must for every Sig Sauer P250/P320 shooter! Superior product with a perfect fit...all of my polymer grips need the Talon edge too!

The grip feels great, I would tell anyone to buy one for their weapon but at the backstrap bottom right side where it splits it will not stay glued!! I have tried putting a little extra heat AFTER I noticed it had moved and a small corner was torn off. It is now turning a lighter color because it slides over the piece next to it and I slide it back in place after shooting so I figure I will just let that split part fall off and order another one to replace it as it is one of my favorite additions on my favorite handgun.

Really good! Installation was easy and fit my P320 perfectly. I really liked the hand signed Thank You (in english and swedish!).

Great product! Highly recommend. Easy to apply in a few minutes. I used the rubber texture on my full-size and sub-compact grip frames. They fit well and add just the right amount of texture. I plan to use these on all my polymer framed guns.

Fits perfect and seamless. Love the feeling of the rubberized grips.

Great product! Easy to install, fits perfect, durable

Awesome! I'd pay twice the price

Fit is perfect and I really like the feel! Keep the good work!

The grips arrived in no time , fast shipping. They fit 99% perfect. I have the med frame, 1/16 in trim on front = perfect fit. They will fit the LG frame 100% perfect.
If you haven't tried them, you sure don't know what you are missing. I'll be ordering more real soon.

Fit and finish is perfect! Excellent value for the money. Highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their grip without permanently damaging their firearms.

I will be a returning customer for life. TALON grips are a NECESSITY for every gun period. It makes them safer and adds a functionality you cannot deny.

Easy to install, looks great, and the rubber texture is grippy. Will most likely give the other version a try also.

These rubberized Talon grips fit like a second skin. They all seem to be cut perfectly and they have the best adhesion of any grips on the market.

I've got Talon grips on every gun I own for which they make grips...they're that good!

I love the rubberized Talon grips. They feel fantastic in my hands and greatly improve grip on my guns when it hot and humid. Great product!

The guys at Talon Grips went above and beyond, I tried the rubberized grips first and decided they where not quiet grippy enough for this application (camping gun) I contacted the fellas at Talon Grips and they sent a replacement in the grit form. I had them applied and went camping with them on the P320, they are perfect and you could not ask for better service.

Made the sig even better and without paying for a stippling job

Fits really well and improves the grip tremendously for me. I was worried it would add more size to the grip but it didn't. It made it easier to grip due to its rubber texture.

Have to say very happy with Talon Grips Product and Customer Service!!!!

Absolutely love!!! Great upgrade for your gun. Money well spent. Order one and see for yourself.

Grips fit perfectly with careful installation. Add just the right amount of bulk to the grip for me. An affordable, well done product. Have Talon grips on all my semi auto pistols.

The Talon Grip for my Sig P320 was the most difficult to install of the four Talons I have installed so far. That was not the fault of he Talon Grip, but rather was related to the curvature of the gun.. The result was that, despite repeated attempts, there is a small wrinkle at the side of he backstrap. While not aesthetically pleasing, it cannot be felt while shooting, and it does not interfere with the functioning of the weapon.

As usual, another great product. Fit my Sig P320 sub compact like a glove. I have never been disappointed with your product, and I have bought a lot from you.

Great quality product. I use my Sig P320 with Talon grips (rubber) on my duty weapon and they work. When my hands are wet or sweating, I am still able to maintain a good grip on my weapon with this product. The grips are easy to put on (just take your time and follow the instructions) and I would highly recommend these grips on your firearm.

it would be like glueing sandpaper to your grip.

These grips really work! Great rubber texture and very grippy! As a bonus it made my Sig P320 in for look amazing!

This is my 2nd P320 grip covering. 1st one was for a 40 S&W full size & then got the 9MM exchange kit. Did not think twice on adding the Talon grip to this one too!

I've used both the granulated and the rubber grips for my P320 and they both performed flawlessly. They are simply to apply and to remove and stay in place. I use the granulated grips in competition and they have never let me down. Great product!

Excellent product!

Great product. It fit my Sig P320 perfectly. I will continue to install Talon grips on all of my new pistols.

It is truly rare in these days of internet and online purchasing that all the planets align and you actually get a product that was shipped as scheduled, received when promised, installed as instructed and functions better than claimed! Ordered a Talon grip for my Sig 320, read the instructions and in 5 minutes it was installed and off to the range...a Runnin' and a Gunnin'!!!

What an incredible product...the grip, the feel...the control...the "Belongs in my hand" feeling is incredible! Keep up the great work. God Bless you and God Bless America!

I'll be shopping again with you soon!

Art "Wingman" Rogers

I love this grip! The aggressive texture on my Sig P320 rubbed against the inside of my arm. After installing this grip, the texture was no longer rough, however the grip felt better in my hand. Great product!

Excellent fit for 15 and 17 round magazines but need to make them for the 12 round subcompact magazines for Sig P320

Another fantastic purchase from Talon. Fit my Sig P320 Subcompact perfectly. I have TalonGrips on (at least) five different firearms ranging from the Sig to 1911's to Caniks to Colt M4's. Couldn't be happier and I'll be back for each addition to the family. The only "problem" I've ever had was getting the wrong grips because one part number was reversed. It was such a subtle error anyone could have made it. The point is, I emailed customer service and within the hour they were on the horn with me trading cell phone picks to confirm the grip was for a different firearm and I had my new one in days. If you want a true example of superb quality and customer service, deal with these folks.

Easy to apply, very noticeable difference once in place. Perfect fit, would definitely buy again!

Great grip, doesn't increase the thickness of the handle.

This was easy to apply and greatly improves the grip, which was already very good.

Second set of Talon grips for me. First was on my M&P Shield, and those were such an improvement I got a set for my P320C. Love the fit, I highly recommend these for any firearm!

Perfect fit, easy application, and feels great shooting. Now my dilemma, just got a different color grip module for my 320, so now I need to order another one!

Love your product. Completely satisfied in every way! Excellent customer service, and makes gripping the gun much easier.

I got the granulated grip for my p320 full size 9mm and it feels great. Once you get a hold on that grip, it isn't going anywhere. My friends love the grip and are going to buy their own.

Great product really helps when my hands get sweaty so I don't lose control.

The perfect grip! Easy to install and excellent quality. Should of installed these when I purchased the gun. Will use Talon grips on all my guns...

Received my grips promptly and installed them easily with the included instructions. It is amazing as the the difference they make in feel and handling. Any new firearm I purchase will have Talon Grips put on as soon as possible. Friends have commented as to how great they feel and will be looking into ordering some for themselves. Talon Grips have above and beyond in changing how a pistol feels. You have to try them out for yourself to see the difference. You will never regret having them!!

I've tried other commercial grip enhancement products, i.e., skateboard tape, stippling, etc, and Talon grips is hands down the winner. The adhesion works well to keep the grip put where it ought to be. The grip is cut very precisely and they follow the contours of the pistol beautifully.

Added to my P320 Compact 9mm mid size frame. Good grip and texture w/o adding to dimensions.

Like it was made on the pistol.

They've been applied relatively recently, but great feel thus far, let's see how they hold up

After reading the reviews, I decided to go with the granulated rubber option. This decision was based on the premise of concealed carry.

Assembly was an easy install thanks to the precision cut-out.

Grip felt really nice, however I felt there could be just a bit more rough texture to it.

Overall 4 out of 5 for me. If Talon found a way to create a grip that fell between the two different versions, they would have a guaranteed winner in my book.

This makes the fifth grip I purchased. Installation was easy & the grip works great. I'm a satisfied customer, for sure?

Very satisfied with your product a breeze to apply.

Have Talon grips on all three of my Sig P320s, great product, great customer service, easy installation, fast delivery...can't ask for anything more!

Great product, made a huge difference for the grip on my P320. Super simple to apply and a must-have upgrade for any forearm.

As always the Talon grip fit well and significantly improved the grip on my Sig p320 even though it comes with a very good grip.
Well done Talon!

Great products, i wouldnt be without talon grips on my pistols

I got the P320 rubber grip with optional baseplate grip. Excellent fitment with fast shipping. Will shop here again

Great product!

These grips feel great and are easy to install. I've used them on both of my p320 grips and will use them on any future firearm I might purchase.

using the rubber grip. love them! they applied very easily and are holding up great!! i will be buying more when needed.

I followed the instructions on the paper that came with the grip tape and the tape has started peeling at the bottom of the grip so I have had to cut some of the tape off due to this problem.

Outstanding product! The grip is solid and it stays where it's supposed to. I'll be ordering more!

The only complaint I had with my p320 was the "slippery" grip. The Talons made the Sig perfect! Thanks guys!

Great guys need to make them for the different
Sized grip module for the P320 i.e. S,M & L

Grip arrived quickly, and fit like a glove.

I use the granulated texture grips on all of my handguns. They give me the control that I need to manage recoil for a fast followup shot. Don't leave home without them.

It's one of my first purchases when I buy a new pistol.

Worked perfectly as described. Easy to apply, and it adds a noticeable improvement to my traction on the gun

Love the way it makes the gun feel. Feels like a different gun, whole heartedly reccomend the grip

Grips arrived a day earlier than expected and had them on my 320 by mid afternoon. Talon provides easy how to videos, if I could easily place on my Sig... You can. Sig looks and feels great.

Perfect fit and very durable. A vast improvement for any polymer gripped pistol.

Fantastik fit and feel, every gun I carry carries Talon Grips!

Flawless installation on my P320 and the feel is excellent. Top quality craftsmanship! Can't beat the free shipping. I will be adding Talon products to all of my future gun purchases

Great fit I have Talon grips on all my pistols. Highly recommend.

I have Talon Grips on every gun I own and have used them since I started shooting three years ago. I prefer the rubber over the granulate. I have them on both my Sig P320's the 9mm & the 45.

excellent enhancement for the gun itself. solid grip, excellent quality. couldnt be happier

The grips worked perfect love them thank you

I have these grips on all 3 of my 320 9mm and they feel great and help with recoil.

Talon grips consistently amaze me with both stylish and comfortable grip covers. I have bought two for guns with high slides and my recoil control has improved. I will say that holsters that are woren in the heat and require twisting the gun to release is regurous on the adhesive, but this is easy to avoid with some planning. Goes on easy and last a long time. Believe I found a greater partner in my shooting practice. Talon is highly recommended for those who shoot competitively.

I got these for my Sig P320, that I shoot IDPA, USPSA, and steel with. My hands get sweaty, so I really like the "bite" of the rough sandpaper like grip now. It was a bit tough to get them on, and I must have left some oil on the lower back strap area, because the lower "tab" never really stuck. I trimmed it, and am good to go. Good purchase

Great solution for my P320. Recommend to all - install them correct and they are durable and awesome looking too.

Fits Well

Makes my P320 looks awesome!!!

Awesome GRIP!!! Will definitely buy more!!

Awesome grip will definitely buy more!!!

Once again I'm amazed at how great these grips feel.

IMO the bottom of the back strap never has enough glue to set. I have followed all the rules and use rubber bands to hold in place, but never sticks. I now cut them off to start with.
Other than that I think they are great.

This is my fourth purchase of TG for four different guns. They all fit perfectly and my grips for my Sig Sauer 250C was no different fitting perfectly. I cannot wait to use gun at range.

Fit & finish is superb, tackiness of the grips on skin & gloves is excellent I will purchase more for other pistols I have!

Like all Talon products they are 1ST class! Talon is a pleasure to do business with, great customer service!!

Excellent quality. Gave my gun a whole new look and feel. I will buy from Talon again..

Excellent quality. Gave my gun a whole new look and feel. I will buy from Talon again..

Excellent, confident, nonslip grip

The Sig P250 already has some aggressive texturing, but the Talon Grips take it to a whole new level. The pistol seems to fit better in your hand, which in turn, helps to improve my accuracy. If your a fan of the Sig P250 series, then you must get a set of grips for all you P250 variants.