Sig Sauer SP2022

TALON Grips for Sig Sauer SP2022 model (Granulate Texture)

Grips for Sig Sauer SP2022



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TALON Grips for Sig Sauer SP2022. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip has a graphic cutout for the Sig Sauer emblem, and fits the standard size grip. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Love these rubberized grips. I actually have a Sig Pro 2240 but they don't have grips for that specific weapon. I figured I'd try these and sure enough they fit my full size pistol. The only difference was the cut out for the name. I had to adjust just a little. They gave me a much superior grip upon firing. The weapon doesn't jump around in my hands and I stay on target. This is my fourth pistol that have Talon grips. I wouldn't use any other. Stock grips just don't grip. Great job Talon.

Awesome grip perfect for my .357 sig

The only word I can use to describe the Talon grips is awesome! Met my expectations.

Fits perfect on my SP2340 and makes it impossible for my grip to shift or slip. Perfect!


Makes my sp2022 carriable every day. Previously I would have to wear an undershirt to protect my skin from that sandpaper grip, which was pretty uncomfortable in hot weather. This takes care of that and it feels amazing to hold and fire the gun now.

In my opinion TALON GRIPS are AWESOME!!!! I love the rubberized texture on them. But, I do think you could offer them in three graids of rubber. That wood be even more AWESOME!
They work OUTSTANDING with all my guns, even when I had to buy a sheet of the grips too make my own, for a gun you didn't have them for. I love TALON GRIPS!!


Easy to apply, hairdryer sealed it up nicely.
Much better grip now on this pistol. Also put one on a springfield xd, same thing. Dimensionally everything lines up perfectly. Fast shipping too. Any future pistols of mine will definitely have Talon grips.

Bought rubber grips and mag compact tip. Feels a lot better when I grab it feels full and easy to aim

For duty use very good product

This is my second Talon grip. If you are wanting to improve your shooting, instal a Talon grip. Easy to instal, great to look at (really do look good), made in the USA, what more does one need ?
Talon = The grip, The Best.

Got the MOSS colored ones this time, just for something different. In some ways it looks nice with the contrast against the black and in other ways it just looks cheap...Also this was the first of 7 Talon grips that actually started to peel off a bit, kinda right away.

The talon grip adds to my accuracy & consistency in competition. Shooting on the move & from the draw is challenging enough, the grip assists in these skills

Amazing is the only way to describe these grips.
If you haven't tried Talon on yours yet, I encourage you to do so.
You will "not" be disappointed.
These look and feel great and I'll be investing in them for each of my pieces. THANKS Talon!

Talon is a great company to do business with. They went above and beyond to help me out.

The Sig SP2022 feels much better with the Talon Grips. I ordered two kinds - the tan rubber, and the granular black version. The sig comes with different back straps, so I basically made my gun "convertible". Both work very well. I used the granulate version for IDPA competition and it really lends a feeling of confidence when you grab hold. If you are nervous or excited and the sun is out during competition, you don't want to worry about your hand sliding. You won't with a Talon to hold on to!

These grips weren't quite what I was expecting, but they did what I needed them to, and they were cheap too so I have no complaints.

I have Talon grips on my 2022, P320 and Glock 22. I love these grips. Easy to install and makes a massive difference.

I usually don't review but I feel compelled to write a review after the great customer service I received. The first shipment was evidently lost in the mail (new carrier). I emailed Talon hoping I could get a discount on a second attempt or some idea of what happened. Instead they sent another grip free of charge, which thankfully made it to me a few days later. So nice, thank you!

As for the grips - they feel great and easy install. I was initially nervous because I am not great with decals and the like but no problem here.

I had a minor trim using the medium backstrap; otherwise, the grim fit as described. Much better feel than the stubble plastic.

Awesome traction with these grips. They are on my home defense pistol and definitely give me an advantage over the stock grip. Thank you Talon Grips!

Rubber grips feel great.


Talon Grips are a must for any polymer frame handgun. They are easy to apply, have a great feel, and in my opinion make the firearm look great as well. I recommend these grips to all my friends when they want a better feel to their firearm.

Excellent grips. They aren't abrasive like the other model of Talon grips but they still have plenty of tackiness and friction. Another great grip from Talon.

These grips are awesome!!! Would like them on all my guns eventually .

I Love the grip. It's like getting a new gun.

I am really impressed with the grip on my SP2022. It installed easy and looks and feels great. It is better than I expected.

Awesome grips

The grips for my Sig SP2022 fit perfectly and have made a great improvement to my shooting. I have medium to small size hands and the grips make very easy to maintain my proper grip while shooting. I would recommend them to anyone that feels that when firing their handgun, their grip slips. Great product and will buy again when needed.

I've had the grip on for a few weeks now and it's been great! It gives pretty much full coverage in the entire grip. Even when my hand gets sweaty, it still provides plenty of grip.

Easy to install. Very good feeling grip . Love it !

Talon grips work great for me thank you very much.

Love the rubber grip!!

What can I say? VERY good investment and at $18 how can you go wrong? The grip quality is top-notch and my accuracy has definitely improved. Customer service and follow-ups are amazing. I recommend this company to everyone!

Fit the gun perfectly. Easy to install. Grip has a good feel. Liked them enough to order one for the Glock 30 gen 4..
I would recommend Talon Grips to my friends.

Love my grip! Made all the difference on hot days when hands are sweaty. Great customerror service also, I would recommend to everyone.

Awesome grip,good handling no problem when contact on my skin when carrying,recommended

Great grips. I have them on must of my semi autos.

Great product! Gives greater grip, even when wet, but does not change the grip-feel of the weapon. Pay close attention to alignment when installing, and use a hair dryer, firmly pressing grip while hot 'til it cools. If you install correctly, there is no better grip on the market. I use Talon grips on all my pistols.

Have tried many grips but none come close to TALON !!!

I am impressed with the fit and the ease of installation, the grip texture is excellent.

this one i was surprised came apart at the bottom of the grip where the cut out is for the sig lettering. but i just cut that part off and use them anyway

It fits perfectly on my Sig. The shipment was quick. Thanks!

I went with the rubber texture and couldn't be happier. It's a 100% improvement over the standard grip on my Sig 2022 as the stock grip would get slippery at the range. I will definitely be ordering again.

This my second grip I have brought from you guys and I love them. You guys always do an awesome job.

This my second grip I have brought from you guys and I love them. You guys always do an awesome job.

I ordered these grips not expecting them to make that big of a difference. So when I received them promptly in two days I was pretty impressed. The sp2022 doesn't have the best grips so anything would help. It only took me a few minutes to put the grips on and the difference was night and day. It turned a lacking grip into something that had great texture and much more comfortable to grip. I recommend these grips highly to anyone and have already had my dad purchase some grips for the glocks we have.

Great product!!! I highly recommend Talon Grips!!! Fast shipping and super customer service. AAA+++ all the way!!!

Go with the Black Rubber, great for hot summer days on the outdoor range. The grips for the Sig Sauer is ruff on the hand and slippery when wet...

Simply an outstanding product. Putting it on all of my firearms!

I think this is the 12th or 13th Talon grip I have used and like all of them it is excellent. The fit and finish is perfect and it really transforms this particular pistol. Feels great in the hand.

Another outstanding grip from Talon. Although I am a fan of the E2 grips from Sig, I much prefer the positive feed back of talon rubber grips. Great grip and perfect fit and finish.