Bodyguard .380 and M&P Bodyguard

TALON Grips for Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 model (Rubber-Black)

Grips for Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380



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TALON Grips for Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 model. This grip also fits the newer M&P Bodyguard 380. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip has graphic cutouts for the S&W emblem on each side of the firearm. Extended magazine grips are available for this model (sold separately). FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Greatly improves the purchase on this firearm and was very easy to apply.

Your grips fit perfectly. They are on one of my 2 off duty weapons. The Bodyguard is such a small gun, your grips make it much easier to control it. Would have given 5 stars but haven't had them on long enough to see how they hold up.

Installed on both Glock 43 and Bodyguard 380. I wanted more liberal application of alcohol, so used 2x2 gauze pads and 95% alcohol. Each grip was very nicely cut to fit. I worked slowly and carefully, and am quite happy with the result. Nothing is added to thickness, but grip is rubbery-tacky, and attractive.

Very easy to apply! Made the gun feel a lot more comfortable! And a more naturel fit in my hand!

Love these grips, especially on a small frame like the Bodyguard, gives you a very comfortable grip.

Feels great!

These grips are a great. My hands tend to get a little dry at times and these grips fix that problem. They fit and look great.
Any added grip with this gun is needed and these do that !

Granulate grips are more aggressive but perfect for little firearm with plastic frame. No regrets!

Awesome grips!
Have them on 5 different pistols.
Everyone fit perfect.
Easy too install. I would highly recommend them

All the different grips I've gotten fit perfectly and gives a good feel.

easy application as indicated, everything that you read about, highly recommended for any plastic no aggressive frame grip

I. Have

Wish I wouldn’t have bent the grip when I took it out. Otherwise, I love this grip. Feels great!

exceeded my expectations

Fits perfectly, adds just enough grip to keep it from moving around in your hand. Yet does not add bulk to this little pocket carry pistol. I highly recommend this.

Fits great. Easy install. Improved feel. Not as abrasive to carry. Very happy.

fits like a glove.really like it

Fits great. Love it.

These grips cannot be beat for quality. I have them on three handguns and never been disappointed!!!!! The prices are Great Too

Great fit ..improved feel

I use talon grips on literally every pistol I own. There is no better grip enhancer on the market. I prefer the rubber texture.

Perfect fit!! Also have one on my shield and had it on over a year with no peeling. Still great!! Just follow the directions giving and I use a hairdryer to heat up when installed and press all around the grip. Should last a long long time!

Easy to install,Great fit. Five star product. Will buy again. Keep up the good work.

Went on easy and feels great.

About my fifth or sixth talon grip, the second on my bodyguard. The first lasted two years of daily carry but started to peal, most likely my fault, I didn't use heart on that one. They all for perfect and feel terrific

I love Talon Grips, I have two sets now and they are great. The grip have a rubber feel and do not rub your skin raw when carrying concealed, but at the same time giving you great grip when holding the firearm.Installation on the Bodyguard grips was easy and the tan color looks really cool. Having grips on a small gun like the BodyGuard is a must.

None better!

Great feel. Gives ability to securely grip a very small surface with large hands. The rubbery feel seems to mold to the hand.

Love it, fits perfectly.r

Grips fit the .380 Bodyguard perfectly and provide a superior tactile grip. Highly recommend!

Great fit, easy to apply and all at a great price! Couldn't ask for a better product!

Fits great gives a more secure feeling while handling.

Fits great


Fit was almost perfect, quick trim and it looks and feels great3

Absolutely like these groups

Fits great on my Bodyguard 380. As all of your grips, this one fits wonderfully and is comfortable on the hand. Your customer service and shipping is great and easy.

you can make with the boom booms

Fit was perfect. Grip is now awesome.

Easy to install, feels great in my hand. I will be putting them on my Glock 26.

Fix is great. Real improvement.

Best Grip out there, love the fit and feel Talon never disappoints you. A+A+A+ Thanks again David Breakfield

VERY impressed with this product! Bought them for my S&W M&P 9mm as well and equally impressed! Plan on buying them for a Walther PPS as well!

This is my 6th pistol that I put Talon grips on. That should say how good they are. I live in south Texas and during the warmer months, you sweat, and all the time when outdoors. These rubberized grips are truly amazing on how much of a difference they make. They turn your already good gun into something amazing. This should be your first addition to any firearm. It's always been mine.

The Talon rubberized grip is perfect for adding just enough texture and grip to this small frame firearm...great job to the Talon staff!

Great price good fit easy to apply on grip. Fast shipping customer service is excellent

Form, fit, function - perfect!

On the bodyguard Talon gives a better feel in the hand. These are exactly what a grip like this is made to do, give the gun a better surface for your hand.

Installation was a breeze and really helps the grip on the S&W Bodyguard.

This makes the 4th purchase of a Talon Grip for one of my handguns. In each case the grip was a very good fit and enhanced the handling characteristics of the firearm. Keep up the good work.

I'll put your grubs on all my guns and I really like them I've got them on at least four guns now and if I buy another one they'll go on them to

It was so easy to instal,look's great.These grips make's it possible to shoot at the range with a lot less hand pain. I love them.Try them you won't be disappointed!

Easy to apply. Feels great and actually helps you to "mentally" to shoot the 380 BG better.

Have a Talon grip on my 9mm M&P Shield also. Makes a big difference in the feel of the gun. As soon as I got the M&P 380,I ordered a grip for it. At least 500 rounds on my 9 Shield, and no trouble with the grip.

I am a big fan of Talon© grips. I have them on all ky pistols. That being said, the grips for the Bodyguard .380 need a redesign. The way the unit comes together after the wrap around is not very good. A seam should never be on a curved surface. I ended up cutting them so I only used the large side panels. This works great. The front and back of the grip is just not a good design. Trimming isn't a problem, and quality of the product is great. To be fair, even if it fit perfect, I probably would have cut them anyway. Overall great product.

So far all ok.Application was easy and grip was significantly improved.I have it just for few weeks, so durability remains to be seen.

Easy to apply.

easy to put on the gundefinitely increases gripping ability

These grips work great. I have them on my 2 Glock's, and I also use the tape on the back strap of two of my S&W revolvers. I installed one on my S&W Bodyguard 380, and the gun seem like it's attached to my hand. Great product.

Fit perfectly

Fits my BG380 very good and easy to attach. I went with the moss color and the contrast looks very good on the black BG380. The grip is not as good as the black texture on all my other polymer pistols!

Adds nice feel to the Body Guard. Did have to trim a very small amount where it wrapped around the grip.

Very pleased!

Perfect fit , easy to apply. Great product ! I would highly recommend .

easy to install. like the feel of the rubber grip. so much easier to handle the gun now.

Great service, Great product. Easy to install and above all they feel great.

A little Pricey but I keep going back. # times- S&W 380/Shield and Glock 23.

after I called I found out I had to remove the laser to install the grips since most body guards come with the laser it would have been nice to include that information in the instructions or something prior to buying the grips . it turned out ok but a little unnecessary complication, I had an issue with my shield for the mag the instructions were not clear .. I like the product and will continue to put them on my other pistols but the instruction need to be more user friendly

All the difference in the world. Confidence builder. Like a whole new gun. Thanks Talon.

Their customer service noticed an inconsistency in my order and contacted me to clarify what I ordered was what I actually wanted. That is awesome customer service.The product fit perfect and was so easy to install, it feels great on the gun.

I ordered the moss grip for my 380 .Besides the grip I thought the green moss color gave the bodyguard a little two tone look which I like.

Love them. My boyfriend and I carry the same gun so I wanted to make mine different to be sure we always have OUR correct one. I installed black on his and Moss on mine. Easy install, excellent grip and the look is excellent. Nothing like a custom look. It's been months and no peeling issues. We are both happy.

Ordered the moss grips for the BG .380 originally and loved them, wife hated the color( her gun ). Ordered the rubber blacks and she loves them... Great grip, gives the gun a whole different feel... They have been saying forever and it still rings true... " If mamma aint happy, aint nobody happy! " Thank you Talon, I will be ordering more!

I have these grips on my XDS and love them. The night I brought home my S&W 380 w/ the Veridian Green Laser I ordered the grip. Even with the laser installation was and breeze and just like the XDS it gave the gun a whole new feel. I will have these on everything I own if there is one available!

Absolutley the best grip on the market. We have bought 4 in total and they work amazing. Stick is perfect. No peeling and we have one several years. Would recommend for any gun that they have product for. Customer service is very very nice.

Fits like a glove. Easy to put on.

Couldn't have been designed better.I am extremely particular on gun mods, and this one is the best. In fact, I would say the gun is safer to operate, draw, etc. because of the better gripping surface.Well done!

This made a completely different gun. Very pleased with the end result will definitely, definitely be using this again. This was a smaller gun and I have big hands but it made it very comfortable.

Fit is excellent. Great product.

Fits perfect, rubber really keeps the gun in my hand. Have these on all my handguns. Awsome products!

Fits perfect. Easy simple installation. Great grip for better control.

Great product. Easy to install. Hardest part is separating grip from backing. Makes my gun feel like a new one. Love Talon Grips

Fits very nice!

Very pleased with the grips. Have them on a Shield also great quality product would recommend to anyone.


Best firearm accessory I've purchased - added the perfect amount of grip to control such a small pistol in larger hands - bought a set for my Bersa Thunder 380 CC also - perfect! Talon grips are the real deal and easy to install - just follow the directions. My pistols look like they were manufactured with the grips already on them!

Great product, I chose the rubber texture, great fit & finish, dry test fit, follow directions, take your time, a little patience goes a long way & you'll be impressed, have it on various other weapons & has improved all of them specially on smaller hand guns, thanks Talon Grips

Great fit and feel as usual with Talon Grips!

Arrived in good condition in three days. Pefect cut, directions were clear and easy to follow, and the grips make the gun significantly more accurate for my large hand.

This is my 2nd time ordering from Talon grips . I have one for my Glock 43 and now have one on my bodyguard. Just like with the first one I order I am extremely happy with my purchase. If you are on the fence about ordering one of these just go for it . You will not be disappointed. I ordered the rubber grip both times just so you know.. also I have to add that their customer service is amazing. Which is hard to come by these days. I had an issue with my order and they were very helpful and quick to help me with making sure everything was perfect. I will be ordering from them again very soon . Happy shooting everyone

The Main Body the covers the Grip of the weapon is well designed; however the magazine(pinky) extension was too thin to hold up to regular use

ordered the extended mag grips also. Delighted with the easy application and the end result. As is common knowledge the Bodyguard is not the easiest handgun to trigger and these grips help a bunch.

Best grips ever. Better than I expected. Would recommend to everyone. I got the granular grips and they stick great.

I wish I had found these sooner, I really like he way they feel!

I love the rubber texture grips. I have them on all my polymer guns. Helps me get a good purchase on the gun and feels good in the hand. Highly recommend!

Fit and quality of the grip are outstanding. What an unbelievable difference this grip made to the pistol. Very easy and detailed instructions, along with everything you need for installation are included. Worth every penny. THANK YOU

This is my wife pistol and she love the grip fix her hand very well.

Easy to apply and fits great. I applied the rubber grips to my bodyguard .380 and it really helps the fell of the gun.

This my third set. Fits like a charm and improves grip on my Bodyguard. If i get another weapon, rest assured i'll order another set.

Just love the GRIP.

Put the granulate model grips on my M&P Bodyguard..knew immediately they were perfect! Went to the range that weekend and shot great groups with no " grip fatigue " the grips keept my grip rock solid..even with sweaty hands from shooting in a hot indoor range. I ordered another set within a week..and I put them on my Ruger AR 556 pistol grip...I dry fitted the grips on just for the heck of it and it fit perfect! Just shot AR this Sunday and love the improved " traction "...makes the rifle more secure in the hand and reduced shifting hand position to maintain a stable shooting position. Wish you made custom grips for pistol grip rifles and shotguns...thanks a million for a high quality product and for the quick order turnaround...the personalized hand written " Thank Kevin " on the packing slips were a first for me from any company ...much appreciated.

Great fit. Easy to install. Gives you just enough extra grip without adding bulk.

Outstanding product - easy to use and feels great!

The rubber surface Talon Grip has made a great difference in the secure feel of my wife's Bodyguard 380. We are both senior citizens with mild arthritis in our hands and fingers. These grips provide control without having to squeeze the gun so tightly to prevent slipping or twisting. Drawing the weapon is much easier for her now as well since there is no problem with her fingers slipping off the handle when grasping it. Almost all the reports I had seen gave this product a high rating; and now, so do I.

The Talon grips made it much easier to get a good grip on my small Smith and Wesson Bodyguard.

It gives you a lot more to grip. I like the fact that it looks factory, and not after market. I like it so much, I bought one for my Shield!

feel alright-really thought it would be more cushion on it than it does-still a good buy

Grips fit Perfect !

Perfect second one purchased a+

Excellent fit , finish and materials. My 6th purchase. These folks are fabulous. Talons are great safety and control products. Buy them now!!!

Best "tape" grips around. I have had others, but none of them have a fit and feel like Talon Grips. All of my new handguns have the Talon Grips on them. You will not be disappointed on purchasing Talon Grips.

great product

I was just wondering if our correspondence was over. You sent me a review for my Bodyguard 380 grip and I in turn told you of the issues I was having. Since you contacted me, I thought maybe a replacement grip would appear in my mailbox soon. That's good customer service in my mind. Finding out there was an issue with your product and making it right is what outstanding customer service is about. After all, I have purchased 5 grips in the last 3-4 months. The others are working fine. The grips don't hold up to sweat.Thanks,Eric Russell

Great fit- good product

Great Product!

Makes this little gun much easier to control. No need to adjust your grip every couple of shots. Easy to apply and fit perfectly. The only problem now is that she has taken it away from me as her backup!

Fits great on my Bodyguard .380, helps allot with overall grip and feels comfortable on the skin. Great product!

Fits well and feels great!

Very impressed by how well the grips fit and stick to the gun. Been carrying it for several weeks now and no signs of the grips coming off. Feels much better in the hand than the original polymer and gives a better grip surface. I got the rubber grips for the SW Bodyguard.

Enjoying the extra grip. Does not get in the way of any functional parts, fits perfect.

Applied the grip tape as instructed and they were cut perfectly.i like the new look and grip is much better than original grip.Would recommend this product .


My M&P Bodyguard 380 will never leave my safe without a Talon grip on it. For me, the difference in control and resulting accuracy is astonishing!Typical Talon Grip easy installation, and it is a perfect fit. No cutting or trimming necessary at all.

Prefect fit.

Fits like a glove! As does all the Talon grips on all my favorite hand guns!

The Talon grip was was cut perfectly and I was able to apply it very easily. Love the extra grip.

really gives a better feel and custom look to this handgun

Perfect fit and great feel. I ordered the rubberized grips for my bodyguard .380 and my Ruger SR9c and am very pleased with them overall. I've had it on my ruger for about 3 years and a few thousand rounds; they are showing no signs of wear or peeling.

The BG380 has such a small grip area, the Talon grips are a must. With the grips, pulling it out of a pocket holster is much easier, and it doesn't slip when hands are sweaty.The piece that goes on the extension for the mags will come off after going in and out of your pocket and rubbing around in the pocket. Will not be replacing these.

I ordered the rubberized talon grips for my bodyguard .380. The installation was fast and easy. Everything lined up perfectly and the gun has a much better feel to it now. Will be ordering more soon. Great product!

Fit perfect and did make it better to hold the weapon

Since the S&W body guard is a small frame pistol, the addition of the Talon grips has made the ability to draw and grip the pistol much easier. Excellent choice!


Fits perfect and has a texture that feels like sandpaper. It makes you think no matter what's on your hands no way this will slip out. Great product.

Watched hickok45 on YouTube and he recommended these grips. I love them and they are very good.

Where are the pink ones for the bodyguard

I've had these on my Bodyguard.380 for a few months and I love them. I can't even remember what it feels like to use any of my handguns without Talin Grips.

Follow the directions and you'll have a perfect fit. This is my carry piece, so it gets handled daily and has not pealed anywhere after six months of use. Quality.

My grips are a great complement to my S&W Bodyguard and they look as if they were a factory installed item. Talon grips have improved my grip and hand placement. I would recommend this product to anyone who owns a handgun! This is a great product for the price!

Son of a gun, this is so heupllf!

Great product, makes the handgun much easier to handle.

Very easy installation. Went to the range and found 100% improvement in my grip and my accuracy!! I will buy Talon grips for all of my handguns.Do not hesitate to buy!!


Easy installation. Great grip. Very durable. Excellent alternative to more expensive grip replacement.

I was hesitant about a "peel and stick" grip but the Talon was everything you said it would be. I am very pleased with the rubber version that I ordered and installed. Thanks for such a great product. I was OCD about cleaning the pistol grip before I peeled off the backing but everything went better than anticipated. Love it!

Fit perfect.

Easy to install. Very happy with the grip they provide.

Bought this grip for my girlfriends .380, she loves it! She feels more comfortable when shooting, and when holstered in her purse, doesn't have to worry about the rubber grips scratching whatever is the black hole she calls a purse... Lol.. Great product!

Great fit, easy to install, make for a better gripe on such a small pistol. This grip will not run your skin raw when wearing it concealed against your skin.

They fit the gun nicely and improve the grip substantially. I am hoping these last longer than the set I put on my 9mm. Those started slipping in just over a year.

I really love the feel of these grips but they do not hold up doing drills in 90 heat holstering and re-holstering over the day 500-1000 ends later you've gout a gummy squishy ball of rubber rolling up every contact point. I am out this model and my shield model and am not happy at all. Did a video on you tube warning others not to waste they're hard earned cash!

great product! easy to apply!

These grips were an excellent addition to the BG-380! This gun is very small and these Talon grips really make a huge difference in the grip! Very easy to install!

Excellent fit and feel... I'll definitely be buying grips for all my handguns...Great service and fast shipping...

I have big hands and this light pistol was hard to hold. Added the Talon grips and wow what a difference.

Still have NOT recieved them .

Excellent fit

I love these grips. I have them on two of my weapons and will be putting them on a 3rd very soon. I would recommend these for sure!

Was not expecting the product to be in a "kit" form. However it fits the pistol very good. and I'm extremely satisfied with the product. thanks

I wasn't sure what all the hype was about...But I'm a believer!! Talon grips made my Bodyguard 380's grip much easier to hold onto while shooting...No more readjusting after every shot. Great Product--Easy Install--Happy Customer!!

great grips makes a small gun stick to your hand for more control

Fits the gun perfectly. I carry everyday, and the adhesive is holding strong.

Detail was spot on! The material was perfect for improving the grip. Patience during application is key...

Very nice.

These grips are terrific, I plan to put them on all of handguns

Great product don't change a thing!

Easy to install, great fit, and very tough!!

I like the grips but the directions are very lacking particularly for a S&W M&P Bodyguard 380. There are no videos for this model. The wrap had to be trimmed where it wraps under the trigger guard are there were no lines for that so I just had to figure it out. Also I wanted to also buy a holster but to do so involves going to another web site and $6.99 in shipping! Not impressed.

Not quite a perfect fit, but quick shipping and response -

The tack of the grip is amazing. I have just been disappointed that the exposed seam has wanted to try and come up even after following all of the installation directions very carefully. I worry that the grip will have a limited lifetime.

just as I expected

Go with the rubberised grips for sure!! I bought it for my bodyguard .380 The fit wasn't 100%, needed very minor trimming. Its a huge improvement. Follow the directions and you should have zero problems with install. The package arrived in 3 days from purchase. Highly suggest talon grips to every gun owner. I will continue to use this amazing product. Thanks Talon Gun Grips!!

I received my Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 Talon Grip promptly after placing my order. Upon receipt, I read the detailed instructions carefully, following each step precisely. The grip went on seamlessly, and after running a hair dryer over it, fit like a glove. I couldn't be more pleased with this product, and applaud Talon's craftsmanship and customer service. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a quality grip for their firearms.

It's harder to get a good grip on the smaller pistols, Talon takes care of that.

Great feel, better recoil control, and just overall a great grip on a small pistol.

These grips are a perfect addition to my bodyguard .380!I highly recommend them to many other people already. Great product and super easy to install!

These grips come in a sand paper grit or a rubberized version. I feel some of the negative comments above are from people who thought they ordered one type but actually ordered the other.The rubberized version is very comfortable and soft and does not add much thickness to the grip. While mine didn't match up perfectly, it was close enough so it looks good. Definitely a big improvement in grip. This little gun has a tendency to want to jump out of your hand and this grip goes a long way to remedying that issue.So this is an excellent product that works as they say it does. I'm happy.

Well first off I would've never bought this "grip" if I would've known it was pretty much just colorful sand paper. However, I decided to go ahead and put it on anyways (so it wasn't a complete waste of $20) and when applying the "grip" I did everything the instructions told me to and not only did mine not fit my gun correctly but it also wouldn't stick. I ended up just cutting off the sections that wouldn't stick so now it'll at least stay on but it looks like complete crap. I would've been happier with just buying a $1.00 piece of sand paper from the hardware store and making my own grip.

Great feel and easy to apply.

Grips for the BG380 fit perfect and feel great. They give a very secure grip on the tiny gun.

I recently purchased an S&W Bodyguard 380. The stock grips were fine but there was definitely room for improvement. I heard of Talon Grips from reading and friends as well as Hickok45's videos on YouTube. I ordered some and all I can say is WOW! They've made an incredible difference in ergonomics of the pistol. They also make it easier to remove it from the holster. Very satisfied customer!!

rock solid product great now

I have not received the second grip. Perhaps it was not sent. If it ever shows up I will write refused return to sender. Your grips are the best I put them and all of my hand guns except my 1911. Great company and greater customer service.

I can grip my bodyguard with confidence.

nice feel . is really easy to put on enjoying nice job

nice feel . is really easy to put on enjoying nice job

This is an excellent product. It's easy to install, and seems to be easy to remove. However, I have not removed it yet so I really can't reliably comment on it. It gave my Bodyguard a much more pleasant grip.

I bought these for my BG380 as part of a Galloway Trigger Bar and XS Big Dot Sight upgrade. I was going to stipple the grips, but it seemed like a lot of work and is not reversible. I got the Talon custom grip as well as a small piece of material separately both in the textured rubber. It took a bit to get it just right, but I took my time and was VERY pleased with the fit and the feel. I'm left handed, so I added an additional strip on the right side of the frame all the way up to the laser button. The grip is INCREDIBLE and give a MUCH better feel and control for this pocket 380! My hit rate went up by at least 50%. I did notice that it's slightly more difficult to draw from my holster, but that is to be expected given the forward grip tape that I added, and frankly it's not necessarily such a bad thing. I think there are two major advantage to this tape. First, it gives the best changes of acquiring and keeping a full combat grip BEFORE the draw. Second, it helps keep the gun glued to your hand so you don't have to adjust your grip at all for follow up shots. The only reason I didn't give an Excellent rating is that I would have liked a little more coverage of the stock piece high on the backstrap and frame by the hammer. Luckily because I added my custom piece all the way up the side of the frame, I simply made it wrap all the way around the back and under the backstrap to make up for that one small deficiency. One tip for anyone doing a custom piece: use a piece of paper and get a PERFECT fit cut on the paper BEFORE cutting your custom grip. It took me 40 minutes to make the paper template of the custom piece, BUT the whole thing now looks completely integrated and everyone I've shown it to is blown away by the new look and feel. THANKS TALON!

excellent product, they fit perfect on my 380 Bodyguard, will buy for my other guns

This was not what I was expecting. The grips we like holding a coarse grain sandpaper. I could not use them and had my husband take them off.He got the grey ones and they had more of a rubber feel, and would have been much better-

Great product and I appreciated the fast shipping

The grips fit perfectly! The grip was excellent, to good actually, I carry my weapon concealed and the grip was taking my skin off! I should have ordered the rubber grips ! I had to remove the grips might order the rubber grip at a later time. Thanks for a great product!

Great look and feel of the rubberized grips! Fit perfectly on the new S&W M&P Bodyguard 380.

Great look and feel of the rubberized grips! Fit perfectly on the new S&W M&P Bodyguard 380.

I have only used my grips once since purchase. I must say they have made a difference in how much more stable my Bodyguard is in my hand. Easy application too.

I bought a Bodyguard for my wife about a year ago, and she loves it. She's been getting pretty effective with it, but it's still a little rough to handle. I found out about Talon grips on the Hickok45 Youtube channel, and thought the price was fair. We bought the rubber grip, and it works beautifully. It helps the grip to be more ergonomic without being too thick and hurting conceal-ability. It fits well onto the gun and it secure enough that I don't have to worry about it slipping off.

I really like the rubber Talon Grips on the S&W Bodyguard 380! I had to call the company to make a slight change in my order, and they were incredibly helpful. I will definitely recommend them to others.

Great improvement to the grip

Great product with excellent fit. Would order again.

If you have a small handgun, you need talon grips. A solid grip on the gun that you may save your life is extremely important. I can't recommend talon grips strong enough.

Thanks very nice

Great Product!!!

I have big hands, and the bodyguard is small enough that it did not feel secure whenever I shot it. This grip was the perfect solution to my problem. I bought the rubber grip and the overall grip and traction are perfect, in my opinion. I definitely recommend these grips to anyone who owns a bodyguard.

Talon Grips are a must with small handguns like the bodyguard. Especially if you have large hands like me. They allow you to maintain a comfortable grip on the firearm without the feel that you may lose your grip after each shot.

Fit perfectly and easy to install. Very happy with the results. Good priced too.

rubber grip gives the bodyguard a secure grip without adding any bulk to the grip.

These are the best grips I have found out there. They give you a better feel and you really get at better grip with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Customer service is excellent here!!!!!!!!!!! Very Fast Shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perfect fit, perfect grip, and easy to apply.

I have this grip on my Bodyguard it installed easily, looks & performs great!

Perfect fit. Quick Shipment! Nice grips without being too tacky. Makes for a much more confident carry, and better hold at the range as well.

Talon does it again! Bought the black rubber grips for my wife's S&W Bodyguard 380 and she loves it! You can't beat the price and quality of these grips. Do yourself a favor and get them!