Extended Magazine Grip for S&W M&P Shield

TALON Grips for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield extended magazine (Granulate Texture)

Grip for S&W M&P Shield Extended Magazine



90 days

Order in the next 22 hours for Tuesday shipping!

TALON Grips for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield extended magazine. This grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures. This is not the magazine, but the TALON Grip to adhere to the magazine. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

The Talon Grips I added to my S&W Performance Center Shield are just what the doctor ordered. Now when shooting quick drills I feel much more confident and the group sizes are the proof in the pudding. Quick service, easy installation, and rock solid grip make these a real bargain. Two of my coworkers were so impressed, they had me order Talon Grips for their guns. Thumbs up!

Fits great had a nice ffeffe

The quality of the product is well thought out and easy to install. It did a good job of keeping the sleeve together initially but after just a few weeks use on a backup mag for ccw the grip has come off. I was hoping it would be a fix for the poorly designed sleeve on the shield 8 round mag. Nothing against the product at all just didn’t work for my specific needs.

The fit is perfect.

Very happy with the way they work. Especially that they hold the spacer down where it belongs. I was forever having to push them down.

The one downside is because they hold the spacer to the base, they make it difficult to take the base off to clean the mag. However I feel keeping the spacer in place so it does not interfere with inserting the mag is more important than the little extra effort to get the base off for cleaning. I only do that a couple times a year at my rate of shooting. I bought a couple extra's in case I messed up one while taking off.

First time buying this texure like the rubber much better

Looks and feels great.

Easy to install and work great!

We are extremely satisfied with the order, delivery and instruction process. The magazine grips will surely enhance the reloading process, Anyone getting the pistol grips should consider the magazine grips for the 8 round shield magazine.

Outstanding product and fast delivery!

Fantastic product & company. Love the grip, fits perfect.

Great grips at a great price. Adds the perfect amount of traction without the stick or abrasio. Easy to clean with alcohol. Moss looks great against the black and melonite finish of the shield. Would absolutely buy again!

I wish this fit as nicely as the full grip. Unfortunately these are cut too small and I needed to stretch it considerably for it to fit. On the full gun grip, the the two ends of the material overlap so the seam is unnoticeable. On the mag gips however, there is no extra and even after stretching it out so the two ends were butting together, and heat treating it with a blow drier, the ends have since started separating, leaving a gap.

That said, there are two solutions. 1) Talon Grip can fix the cut of these so they overlap a few millimeters like the full gun grip. or 2) Buy an additional sheet of grip tape with the same texture (I think they're about $2) and cut a tiny piece (maybe 1cm) to place at the back of the extended mag where the two ends should overlap but don't. Then just have both ends of the main grip tape cover either end of the small piece you added. This way you'll never see the gap between the two ends of the main grip tape.

If Talon wants to send me a small piece of grip tape so I can fix this as I've described, I'd be happy to amend my review ;)

Fit perfectly, looks great

Great product, great service

very satisfied with my extended mag grip it fits very well and does a Great job, The only complaint I would have is I would think it should come with at least 1 extended mag grip as part of a set Gun & Mag, any others would have to be purchased separately... But mine did not S o thank god I ordered mag grip as well when I ordered grip for my shield


Great fit, easy install, excellent performance and outstanding customer service! Thanks!

Amazing Product

Fit Magazine perfectly and have stayed put through 200 rounds at range. Helps with a firm hold on my 40 Shield.

Fixes perfectly on my S&W M&P Shield 9MM

Perfect fit as always with Talon Grips!

Really pleased with the way these fit.

Functions well

I have a hard time reviewing the extended mag wrap. If I put the wrap on it makes it impossible to take the mag apart to clean. It does fit perfectly, but I chose to leave it off. The difference of my grip with and without is not enough to cause any issues.

Perfect fit and feels great!

I bought these so my 8 round mag with have the same texture as my Shield 2.0. Worked out Great! Easy to install and fit perfectly! Will definitely be getting more for my other firearms.

like your product

Perfect fit .... I think these are the best!

They fit perfectly and matched the grip texture on the talon grips on the gun. much less likely now to have the magazine slip out of my hand.

While this one doesn't have as much space as my XDm extended mag so it doesn't affect the feel as much as the other. its still worth the price to get.

These magazine extender grips are awesome! It makes the 2 piece polymer base a 1 piece polymer base!! Matches my grip perfectly. It looks like a factory part!! Talon is great!! Thank you again for manufacturing such a quality product!!!

I did a lot of research before I purchased the Talon Rubber grips. They were easy to apply, feel great, and don’t change the way I grip the gun out of the holster. They are very thin and look like they were factory made. I applied these grips before a weekend class of tactical shooting and felt amazing. After inspection and a through cleaning with Hoppe’s gun solvent, I don’t see any releasing from the handle. Seams are firm and hard to see.

GREAT PRODUCT ! ! ! Have them on three gun now a lot better control ! ! ! !

Matches the full Shield gun grip for a consistent grip level.

Great little addition to the M&P Shield Grip. Completes the appearance.

I ordered these grips and they arrived within a couple of days. They were super easy to attach and they look and feel so good. Awesome product. Thanks Talon Grips.

Easy installation and look and feel great!!!! HIGHLY recommended!

Easy to put on it fits great and it sure makes it a lot easier to hold

Helps round out the Talon grips already on the main grip so all 3 fingers hold the same texture. Break out the hair dryer or an Xacto knife if you need to disassemble the mag for service though since it was cut to cover the extension and the floor plate edge.

The rubber is a great and inexpensive grip upgrade for a concealed carry gun (mine is a S&W Shield 9mm). I also purchased the granulate texture for a target/competition gun and love it as well, but think the granulate could irritate skin if used for concealed carry.

Great quality for the price, easy to install.

Perfect fit and feels good in the hand.

I was very hesitant to put any grip on my gun. But I knew I had to do something to improve my grip on my M&P. The Talon Grips absolutely transformed the gun into a totally different gun. Totally pleased with my purchase. Thank you you very much! I will use Talon again and will definately recommend them to all my family and friends.

A must to finish the gun, easy install, makes the Gun complete.

Great fit. Really helps grip the magazine.

Great grip material. Almost necessary for the new Shield texture. Highly recommended.

I bought two mag grips for my spare mags on my Shield to match the talon grips on my gun already. Shipping was crazy fast, under 3 days, even on the weekend. Good texture and gripping force. Very happy with the product.

Wow what a difference this made, I got the black rubber ones. Was easy to put on, just took my time and it turned out great. No more slipping in my hand. If you have a Shield this is a must!!!

Great product, pretty easy to put on!!!

I found your grips for my M&P Shield at Cabela's, they did not have the grips for the extended magazines, so I ordered those online. Both fit perfectly and greatly improved my grip of my Shield. I recommend these to anyone looking for a better grip on the Shield, easy to install!

4 stars for quality, ease of installation, color, and most important feel. I have not yet gone to shoot my weapon, which now has an Apex Trigger, so I do need to go do that. This is my carry weapon, so about a year after that I should now how well the adhesive hold up. At that point I hope to give it 5 stars.

The fit and texture of the pinky extension of the mag is great; adds that extra bit of control for a compact or subcompact semi-auto. Adhesion on these grips seems to be fantastic.

I was not a beliver of this product. Once I put the product on my gun and it felt really nice and made my gun look noce as well. I recommended this product to my son for his M&P Sheild.

Great product an excellent customer service.

Talon grip tape was about 3/16-1//4" short on this clip. No big deal.

As advertised

The grips fit my shield perfectly all I had to do was follow the directions and it looks as if it belongs on the gun from the factory I highly recommend these grips.

I Love my New FDE Grip, and Magazine Grip Exstentions. They Look Great on My New "S&W, M&P SHIELD, Performance Center Edition!" The Black and Tan, "Talon Grips", Really Look Sharp!!

Great fit, easy to apply, really helps when gripping and shooting the gun.

Easy to install, no issues and a great feel.

The extended magazine grip works great and has the added bonus of keeping the two parts together which is great. Great purchase.

So far I love the grips, have not had them on very long but assuming they hold up I will be very happy. Def improve purchase on the weapon.

Nice addition to the M&P Shield.
Grips provide a much needed secure feeling when handling
and firing.
Fits very well and easy to install.
Well worth the price.

wish they were a hair longer to establish a good overlap, otherwise they are great and really make a difference

great fit, great feel happy with the results.

I ordered this along with a few others. Let me start with my order got lost in the mail, so I emailed them and explained. Well a few emails later my order is being shipped again, received it and put them on today. I couldn't be happier, it looks great and feels great. Adds a awesome, more custom look. This is a professional company and I will be recommending them to my buddies.

Grips look professional and was easy to apply following the included instructions. Creates a good grip. Would buy again.

Extremely pleased with this grip for the extended mag. Compliments the grip on the gun nicely and is durable enough to withstand rubbing against my keys in my pocket.

I recently ordered the Talon grip for my m&p 9mm as well as magazine grips as I’ve accumulated magazines, I’ve been very satisfied & I’m always fast to send friends to

Matching color wrap for grip wrap applied to my Shield. Easy application.

took a little minor trimming but it greatly improves the feel of the weapon

Does a great job of keeping the collars from slipping off. Super easy to install and looks like it came from the factory if you take your time.

This extended magazine grip is a nice touch. Not only does it complete the grip, but it also prevents the quirky plastic piece of the extended magazine from sliding up the magazine. That alone makes this worth every penny.

I never thought I needed grips for my hand guns, but boy do they make a difference. They give a much better feel of the handgun in all weather conditions from blistering heat to extreme cold. I can't believe I waited this long to try this out. It's like I've got new guns again.

Easy to install. Enhance the feel of the entire piston. Definitely recommended.

Excellent addition to the Talon Grips for the Shield.

Matches my Shield grip! Super easy to install.

Perfect, perfect fit!!

Works great for extended Mag. Keeps the extension on the mag of the S&W Shield from separating . woks great with the gun grip {Talon) I would definitely recommend this for your gun.

they are great, I have them on all my smith & Wesson pistols I highly recommend them.

Great product, have used it several guns. would recommend it Highly

Very easy to install. Feels good and keeps the extended magazine together when loading.

Talon grips for the Shield extended mag went on very easy, no cutting, fits great!

Great add on lower grip. Every EZ to install.

Great grip. Added that extra bit of tactile grip and comfort.

Just awesome very nice product

WOW! I installed Talon Rubber Grips on my M&P Shield.45 and the difference is AMAZING! They are laser cut to perfection and with the heat seal, there are no loose edges. Where my grip was uncomfortable for both my wife and I, now we both LOVE the upgrade. The gun feels super secure in our hands. If you’re on the fence, BUY THEM NOW. I also purchased covers for my extended mags. Perfect for the shield!! Oh, they shipped fast too! I’ll definitely do business with this company again! And I was NOT compensated for this review.

ordered the granulate texture and its a big difference the way it sticks to your hand compared to the factory feel.

Talon grips work perfectly. If you are looking at their grips, just buy them, you will be glad you did. I will be ordering more.

love the 9mm grip, very comfortable and the extender. going to order 2 more

The black rubber grips for the extended magazine are a must to go with the shield grips. Looks and feels great. Makes a great gun even better. Awesome product.

I purchased a couple of grips for my S&W M&P Shield extended magazines but did not install them because the grips will stick to and/or cover the magazine base plate. This would make cleaning the magazine very difficult. It looks like the grip needs to be trimmed down a little to fit right.

Having bought and installed Talon Grips on other handguns, the addition of this item on my carry handgun makes a 100% improvement in the feel of the grips.

Great product add to the shield 2.0 grip.

Grate service and grate product

Love all there products have had moss and grit loved both. Thanks a lot Talon grips.

Looks great and finishes the grip. Great product

Love it!

Talon has made my 45 shield comfortable and joy to shoot. No more rash inside my waist band. Love it.

The grips are a very well designed and built product that serves their intended purpose. Application was easy using a hair dryer per instructions and the resulting improvement in grip and control is impressive. Highly recommended.

Must have for the extended mags. They really hold the small plastic slide to the mag and keep it in place. They continue the lower receivers talon grip for a one piece feel.

It adds a nice touch...functionally and cosmetically for next to nothing, price wise. High quality and easy to install.

excellent fit and feel

Besides giving you a great grip this locks the magazine and the filler piece into a single unit secure at the bottom of the magazine. The famous magazine pinch when the fill piece is not at the bottom of the magazine when lading is now a thing of the past. A super product and a very low cost improvement to your Shield magazines.

The grips were everything i hoped they be. They were very easy to apply with a perfect fit. I can now grip, slide, and hold my pistol with a little more confidence . One other thing is the order was always updated from the friendly people at Talon. Class act!

very good and quick delivery, thanks

Quality is great.

Complements the grip, easy to put on.

A must for every handgun

I have several Shield magazines and have Talon grips on all! They are great!

This is a high quality product at a reasonable price. Installation was easy and the customer service is exceptional. I have a rubber talon grip on each of my handguns and mags. The best part, it's reasonably priced and not permanent.

Perfect fit and feel! Looks awesome!

Great addition to your grip for the Shield.

Great product and very easy to apply fits perfectly.

Works great.

This purchase exceeded my expectations.

Love my Talon grips. Just what my Shield needed, and the extended mag pieces keep the mag extension just where it should be and makes it feel complete.

Great product

Completes the Talon grips. Looks good and feels good.

Outstanding product !!! Perfect fit ! Completes the perfect grip. Home run Talon !

easy to apply definitely improves the gripwould buy again

The adhesive does not hold on the ends.

Perfect fit. Easy to install. Not only looks great, but enhances grip.


I followed your directions and they went on perfectly. They truly do help with the grip. I would recommend your product to others.

Easy to apply and feels great

Another great grip.

Excellent fit and feel. Looks factory. Easy application. Fast shipping. Awesome product.

I love my new Talongrips I got them for my S&W m&p9 I'll be buying more for my other guns what a great company and great service two

I have the grip for my M&P Shield and extended Mag. The grip for the 9mm went through 2 South West Florida Summers and still looking as good as the day I put it on. The Mag extension leans against my skin IWB with humidity the glue softens and slides up off the mag. I ordered replacements. Left the grip off the Mag for most of the Summer. Reinstall with new soon.

Work great, easy to install, look great.

Great fit and easy install. I will be using Talon grips on all my handguns from now on. 5*****

Talon grips work great on my Shield 9mm. Fit perfectly and provide good control.

Compliments the Talon Grip on my M&P Shield nicely. Helps keep my small finger on grip.

Great addition to the M&P Shield Talon Grips. Adds a noticeable amount of grip to the finger hold area of the extended magazine.

love the rubber grips fit perfect easy to put on relay puts finishing touch on my shield also fixes extended mag spacer from sliding what a nice difference in feel grip and control ads a very positive grab when pulling from holster a must have for polymer gun i also got one for my sig p320 pellet gun way cool definitly recomend

Excellent product

I will give it a 5 for now even though I have only used this for about a month, but it has been everyday carry. At first I thought this newer model of Talon came up short on the wrap, just a fraction of a mm or so. By the next day however, it filled in now it is a perfect fit-hard to see even where the seam was. I live in a hot climate and carry everyday agains bare skin so time will tell if they keep on sticking.

Great product, easy to install.

Great product helps have that overall grip with the firearm grip. Very simple to apply and works great. Only problem with the extended sw mp shield magazine is the piece on the magazine slides a bit, when loading mag, no big deal, easy to readjust without damaging the grip.

Bought these for the shield,45. The stipplng on the grips were rough on the skin when carried. The talon grips fixed that and the are great grips. Easy to apply.

Great idea,great fit. Takes care of problem of filler piece sliding up magazine and it looks good, matches my Talon grip on M&P shield. Only unknown is how long it may stick, but so far, after real careful prep with denatured alcohol, it looks like a long time. Nice job Talon!

Better than I expected. Easy to put on, perfect fit and I love the feel! Will be buying more.

Great product and delivered on time.

It is an exact fit for the grip of the magazine. this is a perfect match to firearm grip. I have and would recommend this product to friends.

Great add on for the Talon Grips I installed on my S & W 9 mm shield.

Great product. Good solution to the extension coming loose. Fast shipping. Thank You

Best grips available

I was unable to carry my M&P shield 45 concealed due to the very abrasive factory grip. After installing the Talon grip I am able to comfortable carry. The grip also performs well when shooting. I would highly recommend Talon grips to anyone.

Love my Talon grip for my Shield 9mm. So I had to get the Talon grip cover for my Pearce extension for the 7 round mag and the also the Talon covers for all of my 8 round mags. Very easy install on all my Talon products.

They attach easily and fit perfectly. They match the look of the grips on my Shield. Very pleased and the price is right.

Nice little extra for the matching feel. Long as it properly installed, been carring mine now for good month with any roll or movement

Fits great. Looks great. Easy to apply. Wish I'd order sooner.

Awesome Fit and Easy Application. Your Customer Service is Great! You definitely have earned my Future Business.

Super easy to put on. You just have to line it up properly and understand where it will finally line up if put on properly. It went on with ease. The only thing I wasn't so keen on was that the metal on the magazine would get hot when using the blow dryer, but that is easily gotten over. I highly recommend this product as it is very cheap but of great quality.

Excellent Product, easy to put on feels great can't believe I didn't order sooner, ended up ordering another one for a second gun. Highly recommend

Perfect fit, so there's not much more to say. 3 days from order to delivery was fantastic. Talon Grips are a must buy if you're interested in improving grip performance and appearance.

After having installed the grips onto a few of my handguns, I was wondering if these magazine grips would be worth the wild. Was I shocked at how easy they make it to retrieve from a concealed mag holder, especially it your hands are sweaty. The fit and finish of these little add-ons are just as easy to install as the grips themselves.

I have the rubberized on all of my striker fired handguns. Feels great in hand. Don't hesitate to purchase them. You'll thank yourself later.

These grips are awesome I will be putting them on all of my guns I first saw these grips on you tube channel Hickok 45. He swears by them and I value his opinion I went with the rubber grips and I like them a lot...

Perfect fit and easy application!

I've been using Talon Grips on my plastic guns for years and keep coming back. They always fit perfectly, including these extended magazine grips.


Great fit easy to apply. Feels great in the hand. Moss color looks good on my olive frame.

Excellent Extended Magazine Grip. Fits like a glove. Thanks...

Worked real well and looks great

Great Product!

I've used the grips on numerous frames with no problems. But these slipped right off the magazine during IWB carry. I do follow the application instructions.

Fantastic product!! Very easy to install and greatly improves the feel of the Sheild. I will definitely purchase more Talon grips of any future pistols I acquire.

Nice grips for extended mag! Work great - easy on, just follow directions.

Ordered the grips for the entire gun,this just is the extension to bring it all together. Forth talon grip purchased,they are a must for a solid grip.

Excellent product Well worth the money

Best grips on the market!!!!

Great product. Enhanced grip for low cost and no permanent modification to the gun. This is my second gun that I have used them in (glock19/23 & Shield 9mm). I like the rubber texture because I thought the sandpaper would rub my gut raw during AIWB carry. I followed the instruction using a hair drier and I have had no lifting or shifting of the decals and they are laser cut perfectly.

I will be putting these on all of my pistols now!!!

Great product! Perfect fit! Stops the extension on the magazine from riding up.

Just like my other TalonGrips products... worked like a charm. I actually forgot to wipe the mags with alcohol, but the magazines were brand new, and after I burned them on... I just didn't have the heart to remove them. Bottom line, they don't seem to have any problems with sticking to the base plates, so I'm happy.

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Good quailty and good price.

Ordered extended grip magazine for my Shield and followed instructions provided. Grip went on perfect with no gap. Looks and feels great.

Fits great. There is no gap on mine once you heat it up and install it. Looks great and feels great.

Love these grips. Feel great

Did not fit completely around extension. Left about 1/8" gap

After purchasing the main grips for my Shield and putting on the pistol, I immediately ordered the extension grip as well. This is a great product! I am very impressed with how well this material stays on the gun even after a lot of shooting and carrying in the summer heat. If I purchase more 8-round magazines, I will definitely be getting these grips for them.

They're good after you make some adjustments. The Shield's extended magazine has a base plate and a separator. These grips cover both separate pieces with one sticker. Doing things like propping the mag on your knee to reload will push the separator up the body of the mag causing the grips to separate from the baseplate. To fix this you need to run an exacto knife in-between the two pieces after installing the grips.

Fits perfectly and makes the magazine easier to grasp and put in.

Perfect fit on the extended magazine for my wife's new M&P Shield .45. Even just that extra little bit makes a big difference in comfort!

.45-perfect fit

9mm-top length needs 1/8" on each side , bottom has 3/16" gap at rear, height is good

top length needs app. 1/8" on each side for full coverage, bottom leaves 3/16" gap at rear, height is good

Great addition for the extended mag!

Perfect fit and easy to apply!

I was hoping this would prevent the spacer from slipping up the magazine when in my AIWB carrier. Others claim it does this, but I found it doesn't take much pressure to still cause it to move. If the wrap included tabs which folded onto the bottom side of the mag base plate this would provide enough retention to achieve this more securely. I bought multiple so I have cut one up to make a strip to do just that. I then wrap a second one around it like normal, it's a hack which works but could easily be included in the factory design.

These grips are a must for your M&P Shield. Low cost and removable if need be. The stock polymer grips, though textured, are very slick and can keep your range day from being as enjoyable as it should be if you have sweaty or large hands. Installation is quick and easy and improves the feel of the gun tremendously without adding any additional bulk if carrying concealed.

I have 7 extended magazines for my M&P Shield. The mag grip completes the look and the feel of my Shield with the Talon grip. Very comfortable shooting. Thanks

one didnt meet at rear

Excellent product. Second set I bought for my S/W shield. Recommended highly. Bought the rubberized version this time. Gradulated was also excellent, but rubberized is better for concelled carry. You will not be disappointed.

I just purchased TalonGrips for my new M&P Shield, with 6 grips for the 8 round magazine. Here I am back to buy 5 more grips for that many more magazines. In the mean time, I also applied TalonGrip rubber material to the slide to make racking a bit easier for both the wife and me. I'm old enough to have dry hands, and the rubber grip material is a great help. Two hundred rounds downrange and makes my Shield rack-able with confidence... no more slipping for lack of purchase.A TalonGrip purchase gives you much more purchase.I know... pretty bad, but the grips are very good.

Product fits great. Has a good solid feel. Can't comment on the durability yet because I just put it on the gun, but looking at the quality I'm sure it will hold up a long time.

Quick and easy to apply. Looks and feels great.

Great price good fit fast shipping. Excellent customer service.

Talon grip purchase #13 for M&P shield .45 it fits and functions perfectly. Exactly like the first 12 I ordered for different firearms.

Makes the grips complete.

You should get this grip to complete the set, well worth it.

Fits great and seems to really stick well. Follow the instructions and use a hair dryer or heat gun to insure a compete and proper fit.

These are made for the 8 round mags. for the S&W m and p shield. The magazine has an extension that sits on top of the bottom of the magazine. The extension can come off and if you insert the mag without it it can damage the gun. These Talon grips cover both pieces of the magazine essentially making it a one piece magazine. Once you put this on the grip it looks perfect and you can no longer lose the extra piece of the magazine.

Great service from start to finish. Product is excellent and improves grip surface and slippage considerably.

After putting Talon Grips on my M&P Shield I was pleased to find out they also had Grip material for the extended magazine base plate. It went on easily and looks great. Only downside is the base plate cannot be removed after adding the Talon Grip tape without cutting it or removing it, so be sure to do any mods internally to the magazine before applying. It does make the gun look better with both the gun and magazine base covered in identical surface material. I would definitely recommend it.

Fit is perfect!

Easy to apply and works as expected.

I love Talon Grips. Even though the Shield has a more aggressive texture on it's grip versus the Shield 9 and .40, The Talon Grips really help getting a good purchase on the gun and with irritation while wearing IWB or AIWB.

Great product. I now have them on everyone of my handguns.

Couldn't ask for a better product. Easy to install, fits great and makes all the difference in the world with my grip.

These are good!

Easy to apply, looks great with pistol TALON grip and feels good. FAST SHIPPING TOO !

Easy to apply, looks great with pistol TALON grip and feels good. FAST SHIPPING TOO !

talon grips! i put that sh*t on everythinglove your product

Love the grip, adds better feel to my M&P9 Shield. Easy install, great value.

No more adapter slipping up the magazine. Simple application and great price.

Love my Talon shield 9mm grips

Great product. Very easy to adhered to my magazine. Plus it looks great.

Easy to apply and feels great!!!

great addition to the pistol grips. It is the best thing you can do for your magazines and pistol. I have these on several on my guns and LOVE THEM !!!!!!!

Perfect little grip enhancement. The extended grip magazine helps a lot with my larger hands holding such a small handgun, and the grip you sell looks like it goes with the o.e. Design, however it does enhance it profoundly. I would and have highly recommended it.

I believe that it should be included as a package deal with the grips for the gun.

Great complement to the grips. Easy to apply, perfect fit. Great product from a great company.

A must have for your S&W MP shield!Perfect fit as with all Talon Grips!Love these products. A friend liked mine so much he ordered the set before his S&W MP Shield even arrived!Excellent products and excellent customer service!

I have Talon grips on several of my Polymer pistols.They really make them feel better. i would highly recommend them.

Perfect match for the Talon grips.

Great product. Easy to install.

Works perfectly! Completes my gun! Fast shipping and even a hand written "Thank you" note on the invoice! Will buy from again if I need any grips.

Fit well on the mag and made for a clean install. I like it

Really nice product.. I like all the product from these guys at Talon Grip!!!

Great grips love them on my shield only con I see is that it doesn't include the extended mag grip and I ordered one thinking I was getting a total of 2 but I guess you gotta read the fine print but I do love the grip and recommend it to two people at least every time I go to the range which is at least 3 to 5 times a week

very good product

I was thinking of selling my S&W Shield because I just could not get the feel I was hoping for. I read a positive online review for the Talon Grip so I gave it a go. Hard to grasp the fact that this solution now makes this one of my most comfortable pistols. Great job!

Love this product no problems!

I bought three of these for my mags. The factory mag it worked perfectly with. The aftermarket 10 round mags not so much. Just was not large enough for the 10 round mags, but that was to be expected and does not change the functionality of the grip on the 10 round mags. It just doesn't go to the bottom. Still worked and looked exactly as expected and I would and will purchase more as needed in the future.

Helps hold down spacer when reloading. Would have 8rnd mag without it.

Excellent product. Highly rate this item and have used many or them.

This is great product. These grips make a big difference.

Great girp, very easy to install and improves the grip of the gun a lot. I have it in other pistols and I love them.

Bought these to go with my gun grip and love them like the grip. So glad I found out about Talon.

Matchs up perfectly with my S&W m&p sheild grips !! Thanks again Talon grips !!!

So easy to install...You keep peeling it off and reapplying until you are satisfied. Then three to four passes with the hair dryer to make it permanent.

I have ordered Talon Grips for every gun I own since they opened thier doors. They keep making better and better products. I cant wait to see what they come with next. Keep it up guys and gals!

I can't be happier with the product. It was extremely easy to apply. Additionally, as a general nod, Talon's customer service is top notch. I accidentally ordered the wrong product (totally my mistake), and after speaking with Talon they shipped me the appropriate replacement product at no additional cost to me, and the communication was extremely fast. It's nice to see such service nowadays...

Love Talon grips. But i do wish the shield extensions were cut a bit smaller so they didnt cover the magazine base plate. Razor blade was a simple fix. But i think the design could by slightly improved.

A must if you pick up the full grip.

They match The gun that I bought for my gun perfectly I love them they're nothing else to say Buy them

Fits-easy install

The quality is very good, as always but I was a little surprised that it appears to be designed to overlap from the slide to the actual base plate since the base plate is removable for maintenance and cleaning.

Great product but hate that it forces me to wrap the tape around the baseplate which makes removing it for cleaning impossible. I decided to make modifications to the tape so it does not adhere to the baseplate. Otherwise excellent!

Perfect fit! Adhesive holds up well. Adds that extra grip seamlessly. Wouldn't recommend anything else.

Great product at a fair price. Keep up the good work, Talon.

Fast delivery. Great product !

Love this product. Like others have said a side benefit is that is keeps the two pieces together. They're cheap enought that if you do need to take the base off you can easily just replace it.

Only one of the two is working the way it should. The other is starting to let the mag base seperate.

Awesome as always from your company. God Bless You!

Loved these things! really makes my extended mag blend with my gun,and was very easy to apply

Awesome, amazing. Good deal, I'm telling all my friends.

Like these very much. Gives me a better grip on the magazine, and also matches the grip wrap on the S&W Shield itself. A side benefit is that it keeps the two pieces on the extended 8 round mag from separately. Not that it was an issue for me, but it has been for some.

Great quality easy to install and truly makes it easier to have a great grip

I bought the granulated model. While it did fit the gun nicely it was way too aggresive. The grips tore up my side and hands. I was scared to set my other pistols next to it in fear of scratching them.

Amazing products. I wouldn't carry a firearm without Talon Grips. Nice clean lines and perfect fit for the M&P Shield.

I had to trim the bottom, otherwise you can not open the bottom of the magazine. It still looks fine, and there is enough grip for the little finger.

shipped quickly and the product quality exceeded my expectations!

Great product, highly recommend!

Bought these so the magazine base would match the gun grip. Looks great, and adds just a bit more grip surface for the pinky finger when using the 8 round magazine.

Perfect fit. Great feel. Every handgun I own that Talon makes grips for has Talon grips. I put this set on before I even fired the M&P Shield! They are so easy to install I did this set while watching TV. Talon grips are truly a great product at an absolutely fair price.

Fits perfect. Very easy to install. This is my second purchase. I bought my first set for my S&W Shield 9mm. This set is for my 45. Very satisfied.

I love this grip

Great product !! Fast shipping

I like how the addition of the grip tape holds the two pieces of the magazine base together as an integral piece.

Perfect fit! Complete's the grip

I purchased Talon grips for my m&p shield and my Walther Creed. Both worked great, specially with gloves in cold weather and shooting gloves.

I struggled applying the grip to the gun due to the the: a. large amount of material, andb. possible imperfections in a mass produced product.I had no such problems putting 3-extended mag grips on.

Great fit and feel. i buy a set for every gun i buy

Fast delivery. Fit and feel excellent.

Great compliment to the grip product. It solves the only issue I've had with my M&P 9 Shield.

Wonderful product worked flawlessly

Takon grips are amazing. Have them on 4 handguns and wrapped some other things with sheets they also sell. Would wrap everything in my home if my wife would let me.

Great product. Easy to install. Like the feel.


Really goes good with the Talon grip on my Shield. These are pretty tuff too. I scraped it on my shooters bench and it held up well.

Rubber grip added that extra grip and control

These grips are fantastic! Takes all of five minutes to put on. A must have for polymer handguns.

Hi, Guys!! Well, I finally got around to install my new Talon Grip on my new M&P Shield 45 and as usual , I love the grip. I much prefer the Talon Grip feel over the, IMHO, really too rough texture on the 45. The grip texture on the 45 is much more aggressive than on the M&P S 9, though I have Talon grips on my 9 as well. Talon comes through again!! =0)

You did good on the latest grip update. The new design gets a good job. Keep up the good work.

Amazing product. Easy to install and feels great in hand.

Working great, the only thing I didn't like were the gaps on the back of the pistol grip and the mag. I wasn't able to get the talon grip to cover the small spaces. Other than that great product.

I did not like the fact that the spacer on the S&W Shield extended magazines slid up and down the magazine body. These magazine base plate grips fixed that problem and for the price they were offered at, I was able to purchase spares so I can remove them for magazine cleaning when necessary.

Ordered the Talon Grip for my M&P 45 Shield Magazine Ext. It's now complete and looks and feels Great Thanks Again Talon. A+A+A+ Dave Breakfield

love the feel of the grips

I'm very happy with my Talon grips very easy to install I have them on all my guns but one only because not available for Ruger P345

These are super and go perfect with the handgun grip.

Standard rubber texture is perfect. Comfortable and doesn't get caught on clothing

I just found out that my package did not arrive at my vacation home. US mail problem. I called Talon and they were very nice and accommodating, had all information right at hand and offered to send out another pair right away. I was in no hurry anyway, as I will not be back there until May, but it's good to know that customer satisfaction seems to be a priority. I can not review the product yet, but I will be sure to after I try out the Talon Grips in May.Thank you Talon.Vince Bastedo

The talon rubber grip are excellent in my opinion and a must have for every day carry. Easy on the skin and provide nice grip.

I have Talons on almost every one of my semi-auto pistols. I love them all. Adding the talon wrap around the mag extender helps keep a good hold on the firearm with my larger hands on the smaller pistol grip. An added bonus is it anchors the mag spacer down to the floorplate, which sometimes have a tendency to drift on the shields.

Easy and perfect fit !

I purchased the grip for my S&W shield along with the extended grip. They firearm is so slim and light that the grips give me assurance that my grip is firm enough to handle any thing. I liked it so much I purchased one for my Taurus 740 also.

made a lot of difference in the grip of the gun, very easy to apply, well worth the money

Really like these. I have added to all my extended mags after I tried the Shield grip. The texture is great and its comfortable to carry concealed. I will continue to add Talons to all my pistols.

The talon wrap for the extended magazine was very easy to install and a persion fit looks like it came that way from the factory. You wouldnt think such a small piece would make such a difference but its part a system which transformed the gun.

Perfect. Very Pleased.

Perfect fit and feel.great product.I will order more for my other guns.

Easy to apply and very comfortable

Great product, great price. Easy to install

An added touch for my gun, it matches the grip perfectly.

Perfect fit on the magazine

Great product, work as advertised. Will definitely buy again.

simple and easy to put on. Instructions are very clear. I am a perfectionist and I had no problem installing these. Looks clean and professional.

Ordered the rubberized grip for my SW M&P Shield 9. Installation was quick and good looking following the instructions. Satisfied the need for additional grip and very slight increase in size. Would highly recommend this addition, thanks for a great product.

Great product and easy to apply. Great price fast/free shipping.

They are a great accessory. Fit properly.

The grip for the extended magazine looks and feels great and looks great. A must have

Fits great and keeps the extender from slipping up on mag.

Great product

Excellent product, fast service! Couldn't be more pleased!

great fit, easy application, feels really good in the hand

Fit was perfect. Love the grips. I have them on all three of my handguns.

Aside from the fact that the grips provide an excellent enhancement of the firearm and by extension the extended magazine these Talon Grips offer excellent quality control, easy of application with the ability to make adjustments as needed prior to curing the adhesive and and strong, complete bonding. I will be installing these custom grips on other firearms or cutting grips for weapons not currently offered by Talon.

Grip looks great, went on easy like the rubberized feel thanks talon.

I have 2 sets of this grips. Both on pistols. They are easy to put on . And really have a nice grip to them

Excellent product! Exactly what my m&p shield needed.


Attention to detail matters when it comes to your firearm and this fits the bill. The magazine grip was perfectly cut and allowed me to get comfortable with the product before installing the grip on my S&W Shield .40. Would buy again in a heartbeat!

Perfect fit every time

Fits well, have to follow instructions to the letter. Leaves a small gap, on the lip which doesn't seem to be an issue but have not fired the pistol with the Talons on the mag yet. The final test. Looks good.

Grip was simple to apply. Also keeps the plastic near the bottom plate from moving up the clip. Compliments the Talon Grip on the gun!

I bought these rubber grips to go over the very aggressive grip on the shield .45. The gun grip is fine when shooting but it scrapes my love handles raw when concealed carrying. The talon grips are perfect for iwb carry and good when shooting. I would recommend to anyone.

I've found that adding some super glue to help the sleeve stay in place, while possibly making thorough msg cleaning more difficult, helps the extension stay in place. As the extended mags enhance the Shield grip, I have three, so the disassemble scenario doesn't concern me. Great product, as usual!

Very Happy with my purchase. Fit is great and easy to install!Feel is tremendous.

Love the grips! Fairly easy installation, very happy with the product

easy to apply and makes a huge difference. Awesome product.

Installed as per the included directions. Great fit! So far they are stuck fast and show no signs of loosening. Hoping to be able to shoot soon to see the difference in the grip. Very satisfied so far!

These fit like a glove, were simple to install, and have held up very well. Highly recommend.

Talon grips add a whole new feel to the firearm, significantly increasing gripping ability. Will definantly be ordering more in the future!

Perfect fit as always with all the previous Talon products I have purchased. The feel of the grip is greatly improved and shooting control with it is greatly improved.

The rubber grip extension makes the grip seemless. Very easy to install. Matches the rest of the grip perfect

Perfect fit

Great fit.

Fits better than a glove. Easy application and love the look.

Great grips!!!!

Not only makes gripping better, will make spacer stop moving up and down.

Perfect fit & a "must have" for all of your mags!

Love the grip! Easy to install and improves the feel of the gun

Great product!! I was leery of a stick on, and I feared it would start to peel off or lift at the corners. Not even a little bit, they look like they are part of my guns. I also, bought a small sheet of the material that they offer, I cut a piece to fit on my gun that goes over part of the TLR6 and the frame of the gun. I had to remove the TLR6 and peel off the portion that was on the frame, to install a new Trigger. I put it back together and reheated it and it's on again, and multiple trips in and out of the holster and it still stays put.

Bought the rubber grip for the shield 9mm magazine extension the fit is fine,except being one piece it should be two, to allow baseplate removal for magazine cleaning. Not a big problem just used a razor and cut a slit to separate them once installed. Only reason for average rating.

The first one came unglued, so this was ordered as a replacement. Fit is good adds a little texture for your last finger on grip.

fit perfect

It's just like your gun grip fits great once you have it on your clip your gun almost become seamless

They fit perfect and look awesome Thank you

I love my Talon grips. They're really comfortable in my hand, and feel very secure. Great price, and easy application. Thumbs up!

Look and work great

fit perfect ,will order again for my other guns

As always your product and service is superlative...

Fit perfect and easy to install

Nice addition to the grip.

They seem to be nice, I haven't tried them yet, been busy

The rubberized Talon grip makes my S&w shield even better! Easy to apply. I contacted Talon with a question and the representative was more than helpful.

These are simply a "Must Have" for your S&W Shield! Fitment is perfect and very easy to install.


The grips are good, as long as they're not being used too much. If they're being used too much, they tend to move around.

As always Talon Grips are awesome, I screwed up and put granulate on my carry gun, the guys at Talon switched them out for free. The best customer service I Have Ever Seen, Thanks Guys

Really good addition to the gun. I bought one for my full size M&P as well as my M&P Shield and am very pleased with both. Grip feels much more secure, especially on hot/sweaty days! WELL worth the modest price!

I really like the texture of the grip, however, even after closely following the directions, I've had an issue with the small tab wraparound portion not staying in place when shooting. Needs some sort of additional adhesive.

Great product. Will continue to use in the future.

Great addition to grips for my sheild

These are great! Everything works perfect and looks professional. A friend of mine held the gun with extended mag and grips installed and he thought it was professional work. He had no idea I installed them myself. I'm Very pleased with these grips.

Talon grips makes a very great product, they make a big difference on the M&P Shield. Keep up the work

Best grip ever!

These are great. I'm glad I found them.

Most people have at least 4 magazines. I just wish the grip set came with 4 pieces to cover the mags. Now I have to order more. The cost is not much for the grips. I would gladly have paid more fo ra set with 4 mag covers for the extended mag. Just a little inconvenient.

Very easy to install and match the grip perfectly.

Added the rubberized versions to my Shield, mag extensions and G42. Improved ALL. Better grip led to better accuracy. Single best investment and value for the $ for your handgun unless it comes from the factory with a perfect grip. And few do.

Grips & Mag extenders were very easy to install. I went to the range last Friday and the grip was much better then before the Talon Grips were installed. Very satisfied.

Very nice on my Shield. May get them for my G19. Thanks!

I like your product very much. It tightened my core group by an average of 3 in. This is great with a small gun in a large hand. I was disapointed that I had to buy the mag strips seperately when they come the rubber ones. the shipping was more than the product. made no logic to me?? Avery

These are always gripping additions to my mag extenders. A little goes a long way.

The grips look really good, but as soon as I started loading the magazine, the top part separated from the bottom piece and the grip pulled away from the bottom piece. I don't understand why they made this magazine with these two pieces separating like this. It's not the fault of the grips, but may have worked better if the grip pieces were separate for these two pieces.

Great fit. great price.

This product plus a YT video is all you need. Do it right and you'll be as happy as I am. I just put a rubber texture grip on my S&W Shield 9mm and I am very pleased with it. I'm going to seriously consider this product for all of my pistols with stock handles. I scrubbed with a scrub brush and alcohol, dried it completely, used a hair dryer to get the surface heated just a bit, then pressed on every square millimeter with the tip of my thumb. After it cooled, I repeated that process 3 times. I am extremely pleased with this product. I don't know how it holds up as time progresses, but I have a much better grip on it now and it looks nice, too. (Get this with the new trigger kit, and replace your sights at the same time!)

Nice.Easy to use. Looks good, feels good and a great price.Can't ask for anything more. Thank you.

Excellent. Got them for all 4 of my extended mags for my Shield 9mm. Just make sure you heat them up and smoosh it with your fingers. Heat and smoosh a couple of times and it will look like it came from factory this way. Awesome.

The grips are as easy to install as the instructions say.They fit very well and look good ,they also inproved grip at the range I can fire faster without regripping my gun. I got a set for my Smith and Wesson shield and love them. I ordered a set for my sccy and it looks great and feels just as good as my Smith and Wesson shield. I have a Taurus P 111 G 2 I am going to get one for it. I would get one for my SAR K2P but they don't make a precut one for it yet. I love these grips.

Makes the magazine easier to grasp when drawing from a mag holder! Easy install, great fit. I bought the rubber version. Highly recommend to facilitate reloads. Great company to deal with!

Looks great and super easy to apply

This product has the same high quality that Talon is known for, though I had (for me) one major issue. I like to keep every component of my weapons clean, and that includes the magazines. The adhesive strip comes down too far to be able to take the magazine apart for cleaning without ruining the strip. I decided not to put it on the magazine for my M&P Shield.

Installed per instructions. Came loose after only 2 weeks.

Great item easy to install

Super satisfied! The grips look like they were put there from the factory. I loved them so much on my m and p shield that I've now ordered kits for my Springfield XD MOD.2 and my Springfield XDS 9mm. The fact that you get to order the grips for the magazines really tops it off. Everyone that I've showed thinks I've bought some sort of sleeve or new pistol grips all together, even though they know you can't buy replacement grips for the pistols that I'm using them on. I Definitely recommend Talon Gun Grips.

fit very well like the extra gipping power

Very easy to install very nice feel

Easy installation, perfect fit. A quality product.

I ordered these grips. I cleaned as instructed. I installed the grips and noticed that on the back of the magazine where the thin part overlaps was too short to overlap. This caused the grip to come off after only 2 days of IWB carry.

Nice - Very Nice. Essentially makes the magazine two piece extension spacer and bottom plate one piece with the same texture of the gun grip. Very Nice.

Fit perfectly a very nice addition to my every day carryweapon.

Easy to install grips. Comfortable and improve grip.

Works great and easy to apply.

I highly suggest this extended magazine grip. It's easy to install and provides a high grip surface for a three finger grip.

Talon grips are amazing they work very well I have several sets and I will buy several more they fit perfect easy to install and I never let go without a fight

The talon grips fit the extended mag and grip of the shield perfectly. The grips help to control such a narrow handgun.

easy to install, feel excellent to the hand, If Hillary Clinton does not take my guns away from me I'll buy more.

I used one of these on my Ruger LC9 and it eventually partially separated from the bottom of the Magazine. It is doing the same thing with the M&P Shield. While I think the product on the whole is a good one, it does not work for me when carried inside the waistband or in the pocket. In either situation, it appears that the combination of body heat and friction causes it to partially separate from the magazine. In the case of the Shield mag, one of them has started to unwrap at the overlap point and the other, not placed low enough on the mag has allowed the extension piece to slide up and come apart from the base of the mag. They just don't appear to work for me.

Bought the M&P Shield. But it just did not feel right. Just a little slippery. So I tried the Talon Grips and fell in love. My girlfriend tried it and wanted a set for her LC9. She loves them...

Excellent addition to the Talon rubber grip I purchased both together feels great.

Fit nice around base of mag.

This is a great match to the Talon Grips for the M&P Shield.Makes it Complete. Awesome

Very nice feel & look..

Great "gription" added to the stock extension.

I bought both the grip and mag wrap, it feels great!

Good Quality. Good Fit. Will probably HAVE TO buy again. Buyer should be aware that you have to peel the grip off the extended mag in order to disassemble it for cleaning. This could be problematic and may not stick securely if reused. I wish the grip for the extended mag were designed in two strips, an upper and lower, to facilitate ease of cleaning the extended mag. I'll likely slit the grip with a razor blade before I apply them to my extended mags. 

I love the talon grip's.

Great fit. No problems putting it on.

Awesome addition, fits perfectly

These are the best engineered, and simplest to install of any grip I have yet to find. Follow the simple instructions you get a custom fit.The customer service is only the best. On my second order I was trying to find a fit to an old automatic. I spoke with a couple different folks, we exchanged ideas and grips a couple times till I found one that fit . You can't ask for more.

Delivery was faster then expected. The Talon grips fit my M&P Shield like a glove and feel great win my hand. Excellent product, would highly recommend.

Ok these are ok. But save yourself some money and buy a sheet of mob skateboard tape. Spend ten mins and have the same product. I tried it on anther pistol same results.

They Install good, and they fit real good I am very pleased with them. Very good quick service from this company.

Okay so I bought these to go with the 8 rd mags on our Shield 9mms but decided not to install them on the mags. Instead I cut them and installed them on the frame where the thumb rests on left side and on the right side where the trigger finger rests when outside the trigger guard. Now there is no question when drawing and presenting the pistol as to if your thumb and finger are in the right spots. No need to check cause you can feel it! Thanks again for your great products!

Great product made a huge difference! Easy installation and great price!!

will order again

Perfect fit, looks and feels great

Great adhesive grip cover. Applied easily and hairdryer heat set really binds to polymer.

Quick shipping, fit was superb, it also kept the little spacer from sliding up, I will defiantly be ordering from them again

Excellent product, excellent price, excellent craftsmanship, excellent customer service, excellent everything.When the zombies come, you'll be wishing you had these stockpiled for all the weapons you'll encounter.Do you sell uncut sheets for diy? I'd Talon grip my UTV's steering wheel.

All my girlfriends wear Talon's. Secure, comfortable, reliable, gives better control on weapon. Would never own a firearm without Talon's.

The total length was too short for the ends to meet up.

Excellent product...the fit is perfect ..easy application and has been rock solid with over 500 rounds so far. I have Talon grips and extended magazine wraps on both my Shield 9mm and .45acp I trust them with my life and my families

Magazine grips hold the two pieces of the mag extension together perfectly and match the thickness and texture of the Talon grip on my Shield. I really like them.

The grip extension matches the rest of the gun and keeps the rubber spacer from riding up on the magazine. This ensures a smooth magazine exchange.

This product is amazing. It fits perfectly no flaws and the installation if you follow them its very easy. I recommend this to anyone looking at them.

Perfect fit! However, I trimmed it to not cover bottom plate,so I would be able to disassemble magazine later.

Great feel, I like them alot

Once you have a hair drier , it's easy and comes out great

This grip piece really solved a flaw in the shield mag. I'm really happy with it.

Grips by far make a huge difference for EDC, mag changes. Speedy delivery, ands easy to install. A must have for the shield.

This is an excellent product and a must have for the Shield owner.

No better grips

Excellent grip. Gives the gun a whole new feel and outstanding grip. Love these grips.

Perfect material for grips. Really improves confidence in controlling firearm. Thanks guys. Will definitely order again.

Easy install. Great fit.

Very happy with this product.

Great product. Adhesive holds very well as long as you follow instructions on cleaning prior to applying the grip. Also keep the two plastic pieces from sliding apart on the extended magazine. Would recommend to friends.

Love the feel of the rubber grips! Easy to install as well

I like the grips but I think they should be a little thicker because I have big hands going around small handle that's it but the wise it's it's good

Great product

Too bad they don't include them with the purchase of the grips

I have the Talon rubber grips on multiple carry guns and absolutely love them! Amazing!

Great product, but they used to be included with the purchase of the S&W Shield grips. Now you have to buy them separately. Disappointed.

Fantastic product - very fast shipment. Greatly improves the grip on the pistol.

Ordered these for an extra set of magazines. As always, excellent fit an looks fantastic. Great product.

talon makes a great quality product,and is very easy to install,rubber feels more at home in hand for me than polymer.

Great Product - Fits My M&P Shield Perfect. I also have it on my Glock 19. Thanks Team Talon

It finished off the look and feel that the grip has, great fit. I would suggest it being part of the grip package.

Had heard for years from a friend how he always put Talon grips on his handguns. Recently purchased a S&W Shield and decided to try them on the Shields as that is a slim single stack. Definitely the cat's meow, outstanding difference, I may even consider putting them on some of my double stack handguns since the thickness would be fairly negligible (small hands).

The talon makes my gun better

Thje product for the extended magazine fit perfectly and was easy to install, Thank you Talon

Big difference with the grip

Perfect fit! Exactly what I needed.

I previously tried the sandpaper-grip and it hung up on my shirt when in concealed-carry. Did not like that at all.I have two magazines for my 9mm and purchased the Talon rubber-grip for a new magazine (with one extra for later), I previously purchased the rubberized-grip for the 9mm Shield itself and love it. It is not too tacky, but gives me the right amount of surface grip so the 9mm does not shift in my hand when it is fired. Well done!

Pro: easy to apply, looks and feels great.Con: As sent one has to install on the bottom magazine plate as well as the moveable piece. This renders it impossible to remove bottom plate to clean magazine or change the spring. I installed the grip tape then cut it away from the bottom plate. Looks and feels great and have had no problems with it coming loose of off.

I love the grips and have them on 3 guns.

Several impressions. Product is a useful addition with good adhesion. Customer service is excellent.

fits and works great

A must if you order the grip for the Shield, the magazine must match the firearm :) Also the spacer on this magazine is floating, and not attached to the foot of the mag. The grip attaches the 2 pieces together eliminating the need to super glue them together.

put the grip on my gun and this just completes everything on the extended magazine. would not go with out it.

Talon grips I love your product. Very easy to apply. Works great on my shield.

Awesome grips!!!!

Must get with the M&P SHIELD. Easy to install. Great feel when you hold the gun. Highly recommended. Good price too.

Got my new Talon Grips for my S&W Shield and love them. I gotta say was damn cheap of Talon to not include the little bitty tiny as hell strip that would have taken care of the extended magazine for my gun! Yeah, I am here to buy it but for a few cents you could have had a fan for life and now my main memory is how you made me come back and spend a few more bucks.....seriously?

Nothing better! Have Talons on all my pistols.

Very good purchase, the extension along with the grip as made my m&p shield more comfortable and easier to handle.

I love Talon grips, no need to bother trying anything else. Price is great, fast shipping, easy install. You can't go wrong.

Fit perfect completed the perfect feel

What a way to finish off my S&W M&P shield but with extended magazine grips thank Talon you think of everything great fit and great look A+A+A+ Thanks again Dave Breakfield

Talon Grip extension is great add on to any firearm. Simple to install, comfortable and durable.

Great fit!!

Truly wonderful product. It has definitely lived up to my expectations so far. Proud customer here. I will be purchasing more at some point in the future. Thanks!

i have purchased the rubber grips for m&p shield as well as grips for mag extension. they were of excellent quality and very easy to apply. would recommend to everyone.

excellent product, clear easy instructions. does the job with no bulk and just the right amount of grip.

Fantastic groups

The rubberized grip works great. I've tried all the slip on grips and these are the best. Not bulky and stays put.

The Talon rubber grip on the extended msgazine gives you a better grip on the Shield plus it looks really nice. It also keeps the sleeve on the extended magazine from moving upward. The downside is you can no longer remove the baseplate to clean the magazine. Just clean the magazine good before you put it on.

These mag extension grips are great. I always had problems with the extension moving up on the magazine. The grips solved that problem.

Went on fast and easy. As an added bonus, the Talon keeps the magazine extender firmly affixed to the baseplate, preventing it from riding up the mag when not installed in the pistol.

I love my talon grips ,would put them on every gun i owen!!!

Fits Perfectly a must have addition to the Grip

This is a perfect product...

The best investment I made for my smith and Wesson shield.. Excellent product

Bought the grip soooo buy this too. Makes sense and worth it!

More comfortable to shoot Shield 9MM and great service. The grips arrived in a few days.

Have them on a .40 shield, and a bodyguard.380 striker. I have the rubberized grip and I love them completely no issues!

Easy to install, with a great fit and finish.

This should come with the original wrap!!! Not have to be looked up and purchased separately!!!!

Great grips....I highly recommend them...

I have Talon rubber grips on all my pistols. I also use Talon grips on my M&P Shield's magazines. Talon grips really improve my grip on the small Shield. I have large hands and won't use any brand other than Talon. They are easy to install and have improved my shooting accuracy!

Works great and was easy to install.

I put these on my S&W Shield that I carry every day . 3 months of daily use and no problems. They feel great and are soft on skin when carried concealed. I will purchase more and highly recommend.


You have to cut it to disassemble the magazine for cleaning

Best grip so far. Have recommended to friends.

I really like your grips. I hope to purchase a Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Pro very soon and hope you will soon make a Talon grip that is cut away so the adjustable backstrap is exposed.

Great customer service - excellent product.

An easy addition to my Talon grip for the M&P Shield 9mm. Love how easy it was to apply and it's really increased the feel of the gun. It's a single stack, so getting a firm grip on it isn't as easy as with my double stack guns. Love the Talon grip on the mag extension too.

Outstanding product! Keeps the extender secure and looks great.

As in all of the Talon products it fit perfectly

Excellent accessory to top off the Talon Grip on my S&W M&P Shield 40 !!!!!!! It would have been great if this accessory was part of the primary grip buy... Nevertheless, still an excellent addition as well as more opportunity to surf the Talon website... Highly Recommend !!!!

Awesome product.

Great product an excellent feel and more secure grip on my S&W Shield!!

Bought the grip for my shield on Amazon before I found talons website or I would have ordered it here. Cannot tell you enough how much i love the grips! Stop reading review and just buy it! They are amazing and worth every penny(which is not a lot of pennies since there price is so good!) the grip for the extended mag is also a MUST have!!! It keeps the sliding extender locked down at the bottom of the mag so it does not inhibit the magazine locking Into the gun. I bought one for each of my mags and they are not only an enhancement for your grip but also your safety so you never have a problem with your mag. If you are reading this it means you are thinking about buying this, so I'm telling you stop reading and buy it!!

Purchased the rubber material to match my grip. Perfect fit, easy to install. However, I did trim some material along the bottom to prevent the material from covering the edge of the floor plate, to facilitate cleaning the magazine. Great product. I have Talon grips on 2 of my handguns and love them.

Picked up a couple of extra magazines and had to get the Talon Grips for the extension. It fits great and holds the grip filler in place.

Talon grips are amazing and give you better control

Clearly excellent product. Great service. Great price.

Very impressed with the grips. Improved the feel considerably, even improved my shot placement. Have fired 4-500 reds since putting the grips on and have seen no problem with their quality.

Great item, works better than I thought.

A required addition when adding the Talon grips to your Shield.

Just buy this if you bought the grip... Kind of with they came together at the 17.99 price, but it completes the looks and feel of the gun

Love the grips

Fits well. Easy to apply. I am not experienced enough to rate how much this helps in shooting the gun and purchased this in an effort to help my shooting skill.

need I say more? thanks

Excellent product. Works as advertised and is easy to instal


Great grip at an excellent price, Fits perfectly.

Excellent looks great with the rest of gun!!!!

I bought these for four magazines for a 4 day course. These held up great for the first two days of class, but by the middle of day three, three of my mags the grip was shifting and hanging off the bottom of the mag. To be fair, it was 100+ on the range, but I had higher expectations.

This was my second purchase of Talon Grips. The first set was still perfect, but I had to remove the magazine extension in order to install Magguts in the mag. The part on the grip is still like new after a year of daily carry. I highly recommend them!

Very pleased with these Talon Grips, it fit perfectly with my SW MP 9mm Shield. Highly Recommended!

Great product

perfect cut and fit. feels great. glue holds great. easy to apply. i will definitely be buying these products on all future guns.

Easy to install and works great.

Fast shipping. Product is great. Instructions could have been a little easier to follow or specified per gun. Keep up the good work!

From the grips on my glock to the new grips in my shield I can't say anything bad about talon. The feel and moving performance with them on is amazing. I tow daily and being in the ground and he gun hitting the pavement the grips never peal lift off the gun . I will only buy from talon . Great experience and great price and shipping is fast. Keep up the good work guys .

Great fit. Works perfectly. Improved my grip

Excellent grip, Higly recommend

Like all Talon products I have purchased, these M&P Shield grips are tops in my book! Thanks for a great product!

Nice addition to regular grip!

Fit perfect. Easy to unstall. Now the extension sleeve doesn't slide up the magazine all the time.

Awesome products. Have Talon Grips on 3 handguns.

Great grips. Goes on easy. Makes the grip just large enough to give a firm hold. Recomend to all

Talon Grips for the S&W Mag-Extensions rock. They make reloads faster & give you a much improved grip om the magazine extensions.

I put a Talon grip on my S&W Shield. Everyone that picks up my gun comments on how good it feels! It's a great product and is a nice upgrade for this gun.

Worked well, matched grip on gun

Keeps everything where it should be and matches the grips!

So far no problem with slippage. the whole piece does slide on the mag.

An excellent choice for the S&W Shield short magazines. It gives your "pnky" a place to be and improves weapon stability.

Followed the application procedure to a "t" and the tape still slips. I just push it back after it moves but it's an on going hassle. Love the tape just wish it held better. The pistol grip tape has been 100% perfect. Love it.

These are the best after market grips on the market. Easy to install. I will have them on all my handguns.

I love my rubberized pistol grips; I have three. I love them. I won'the hesitate to buy Talon grips again. But, the mag grips were just okay. They peeled, whereas the pistol grips do not.

Perfect fit, very durable if applied well. Solves the problem of the magazine sleeve moving by making it one piece with the magazine plate on the bottom. Perfect complement to the Talon grip for the gun.

The area on these mags is sufficient for the Talon tape. So far it has held on with months of carry.

Grip is amazing, However, I hesitate to purchase more due to the inability to completely disassemble the magazine as the grip binds it together.

Excellent product

product is good

Great product, will order more.

Fit perfect what can I say.

Installation was simple - well-documented instructions. The difference in the grip is very noticeable and makes this a great add to your Shield.

I ordered the grips for my M&P Shield and couldn't be happier. The price was great, they were easy to install and have a custom fit. I would highly recommend the Talon Grips for the M&P Shield.

Great grips and work great on my m&p shield and love the grips and will buy again

This is THE BEST modification you can make on your S&W M&P Shield.

Excellent product! Combined with the grip, it really helped reduce the pinch I would get from the magazine feeding the chamber with the first round. It gives me confidence that I will have a solid grip upon unholstering my M&P 40. Highly recommended.

I bought one of these for my shield and love it. No more slippage. Gives the gun a more positive grip in the hand and a softer feel. My girlfriend got them for her shield after feeling mine. Then I got them on my TP9...XD45....and CZ P09. Love em.

Love this thin little grip. It went on fast and stays on. It is not bulky and doesn't slip around like a lot of other grips I've tried. Now I just need to get some for my other handguns!

The shield has a smooth grip that some people compare to a bar of soap. Talon textured rubber add-ons remove all the smoothness & the grip stays put in your hand nicely.

Must have if you have the grips

Perfect fit on both gun and extended mags. 10 minute installation. Feels and looks great.

The extended magazine Talon grip blends in nicely with the Talon grip material on the M&P Shield. Together, they continue to provide me with an excellent grip on the 9mm auto after many 100's of rounds in all conditions. Thanks for making such a great after-market product at a reasonable price.

The pieces fit perfectly and added to the rest of the Talon grip on the handgun. I would recommend to anyone.

The seam on the back is a problem. I had to put another strip over the back of the grip to keep the it from peeling up. Could have been designed better to avoid the back seam. Too much time towards aesthetics and not enough towards functionality.

These are great for the extended mags for the Shield. Notably, they keep the spacer from moving up from the baseplate. I have put them on every 8 round mag I have for my shield.

I like the one for the extra magazine cause not only does it make the magazine texture match the whole grip, it gives your pinky extra support.

Excellent product! Perfect fit, easy to install!

Great fit with excellent results.

Granulated grip for extended magazine great. Seam came lose after dropping mag several times.

They just fit, and for the price how can you beat that. Excellent.

Perfect fit!!Great grips!Will purchase again.

easy to install and perfect fit

Very good grips for my shield .40. They were easy to put on only took about one hour. They make my shield more controllable, you can really feel what is going on with the pistol.

Love the extra traction and feel that your grips provide when i installed them on my M&P pistol and its extended magazines. The fact that its relatively easy to install and looks good on the pistol is a major plus. Highly recommended.

Very impressed with the grip I love it!

These grips work well and solve the issue of the plastic magazine spacer from moving up the steel case. Recommended

installation is very easy. grip can lose its stickiness to the base plate allowing the spacer on the extended mags move up.

Grips arrived quickly and in excellent shipping arrangement.Grips are easy to install, and make a world of difference in how the gun feels in your hands.

very comfortable and added safety factor firing my pistol

As designed, this would wrap around the magazine base itself and make it impossible to disassemble the magazine for cleaning. This was remedied through the use of scissors, but the end result was little more than cutting rectangular strips from a blank.

Great fit and easy application. Nice texture and doesn't slip. Would recommend.

i liked the grips very well however they would not stay on ,I had to take them off all together,i liked them while they lasted

The Talon grips are great! They were easy to put on and have a "cushy" feel to them. They don't add any size to the frame. The grips are very comfortable.

Honestly I don't have any questions or concerns. I think you guys really hit the nail on the head with these grips. The shape and angles are cut precisely. I have a much better grip on my Shield 40. I would recommend users to practice and make adjustments in their aim - the grips surface creates a firm purchase in your hand and may remedy slippage you may have accounted for. Awesome job guys and by the way I'm just an average Joe with an average opinion.

Great product! Makes the grip package complete.

great product, great value, easy to install, shipping was FAST!, I will return. Thanks Talon!

Perfect fit and a must have for all firearms.

Talon grips, I use the granular, are simply the best grips on the market. I'd like to try the rubber but can't get past how well the granular grips work. Additionally these grips fit like a glove and are easy to install.

Excellent gun, excellent grips..


I have to say, mine does nothing but slide around. Especially while loading the mag. Maybe a piece to go underneath and wrap around to hold it in place. I removed mine from the magazine, it did me little good...

fit perfectly, just right amount of "tack", virtually no increase in girth.

Love these grips! Makes magazine changes easier, and also continues the feel of the actual pistol grip.

Easy to apply. Looks and feels great. A nice addition to the pistol, especially for the price.

Best grips I've ever had. easy to install. amazed at how well they fit. like how well the adhesive sticks. feels like they were actually made on the gun.

easy to install and great at range

Great grips. When I need another great grip wrap Talon is my choice.

I perfer to carry my M&P Shield with the extended mag to attain a complete grip. The Talon grip simply makes it feel right and gives it a custom look. It makes my stock Shield feel like it was custom made for me.

Really great fit and great new look

Love It very much a improvementto this clip.

This really helped with the shorter grip. The added texture, and thus handling, really makes your grouping much tighter.

Great product, Great application video, Great feel

Great fit as always

Fits perfectly.

Excellent fit. Easy to install. Very satisfied. Thanks

Easy to apply, increased the feel of the gun

Fit perfectly. Very easy to attach and stays on.

These grips were a game changer on my shield. The shields grip has shallow texture and the Talon grips really improved this so that it is now my EDC.

Great fit and feel. Very easy to install.

A friend told me about this product last April 2014, have bought for Ruger and S/W, great feel, and east install

Not installed yet.

Nice product!...provides a very firm and positive feel to the firearm!...its a little costly for what it is but it does help with your grip and does the trick!

I have TALON grips on all of my polymer pistols. These grips are a major enhancement to all my pistols, without adding bulk to the grip or changing the ergonomics. I choose my pistols by how they fit my hand, so I don't want to add bulk to the grips but I find that the polymer pistol can be slippery under many conditions and the TALON PRODUCT give me an extra bit of grip in those conditions.

Easy install, quick delivery - excellent customer experience.

Great fit and durability.

Love my grips

great product, but the fit was a little off. Could be due to my installation.otherwise good product

They went on smooth and easy with no problems at all, just like the one for the grip did.

This grip for my Extended Magazine was too easy to apply. It really makes this great gun look even better, if possible.

Flawless! Works amazing

Yes they are good.

Great product. I will use it for other firearms I own. Thank you!

the one I had on my spare Magazine came off because I carry it in my pocket but the one in my shield is great

Great Grips very pleased

These were a perfect match for the Grips on my M&P Shield ! Great look and enhances the amount of stability while at the range. Would recommend these for anyone.

The one I have in my shield at all times is holding up awesome the one I keep in my pocket ended up separating so I had to take it off

Great product

Very good fit.

love them went on easy and feel great.

These are great. I would recommend them to anybody with a Shield.

Great - but didn't need it - as it came with the Shield order!

big improvement on my m&p shield. easy to put on and stays in place if you do your part in putting it on correctly.

One of the best enhancements you can add to your firearm....

Every Talon grip I have purchased has improved my firearms usability ten fold. On top of that the service I have received over the phone has been very informative and helpful. Excellent product at a very reasonable price. I have recommended Talon grips to all in my firearms community.

Excellent product. Well made with extremely accurate fit. I highly recommend Talon Grips to anyone who desires a better grip on their handgun.

Love these grips!!Feel great and really add to the over all feel of the gun. I found them to be pretty easy to install as well.

After a half hour at the range the grip started to peel off and shift in the palm of my hand.

Fit was great!I Awesome product! !

Great Product

Perfect fit.


Grip seems to stay on well and works well.

My shield grip from the factory is smooth and slick. Takin grips improved the the handling of my gun along without making it catch on farmers while it is concealed. Highly recommend this product for the Shield.

Works perfectly with the Talon Grips for the Shield. Provides perfect purchase whether grabbing the magazine for a reload, or just as the bottom of the extended grip for the pistol. Great product!

Excellent fit to shield and extend magazine. I have better grip on my shield.

Just plain good stuff. Easy applications on both firearm and mag. Enough said. Thanks Jim W.

Fit Perfect & really enhanced the fit and function of my gun! I love them!

Fit great and easy to install.

Great fit. No complaints

Fits just right and after test fitting a few time with the wrapper on it applys fairly easy

Easy to install & fit great.

Besides the fact that the grips feel great on the 8 round Shield mag, I also use them to keep the extension from moving. Works great!!!

I ordered these grips for a S&W Shield .40 since the grip is so small and I wanted more texture to aid in handling. The grips showed up and were extremely easy to put on. They look great and feel great as well. I have not had a chance to run rounds through the pistol since I put the grips on but in just handling the pistol after I installed them I can tell it will make a great improvement. I will definitely be buying more Talon Grips for my other firearms.

The grip fits perfectly, always sattisfied with talons!

Recently put Talon Grips on my G19, Springfield XDsub, and my S&W MP Shield. All I can say is wow. Now I just can't figure out why I didn't buy these sooner.

Have put Talon Grips on all my pistols, won't have any others.

Easy to install and high quality material

Went on easy and feels great!

Easy application, matches up perfect. Great Grips!!

An essential part of the grip package.

Easy to install if you follow the instructions and they look and feel great.

I have Talon's installed on all my plastic handheld firearms. Good fit, good durability, don't leave home without them!


Its nice that you can buy just the magazine ext grip piece, since i have and extra mag that has ext.

Installed easy, Great Product!

I would like to give feedback but I have not received my order.

I would like to give feedback but I have not received my order.

Absolutely fantastic! Fits perfectly, no trimming needed, quick and easy install! YouTube video was perfect and well done, fills in all the gaps left by the written directions. Would recommend and purchase again (just need more guns now! :-)

Nice edition to my extended mag.

Nice edition to my extended mag.

It's a must have if you have the Shield and extra magazines. Don't get one without the other.

Works well.

just a bit smaller than should be for best fit.

I like having the same feel between the firearm and the extended mag, just having that uniform feeling eliminates that transition feel and just provides a more consistent feel

Perfect fit...looks like it came from the factory that way.

Fits very nicely and makes the magazine look better as well as blind with the gun better. Of course it also does an outstanding job at improving grip and feel.

Works great , it even keeps the grip sleeve on the mag in place

Works great , it even keeps the grip sleeve on the mag in place

Talon Grips Not only improve the looks, but more importantly, the feel of the Shield.I HIGHLY recommend these grips to any M&P Shield owner! They are well designed for a perfect fit and finish

This product adds the same grip surface to the extended magazine and is integral to being able to maintain the same solid gripping surface, for superior handgun control. Excellent product and fit.

This product really help the shield extended mags. The extension is a two piece design that likes to separate during handling. The Talon grips holds it together and provides extra grip during firing as well! The adhesive is awesome and hasn't shown any signs of peeling after using carrying the gun for 6 weeks now. Order these grips today!

Yes, it is shown in the photo, but until you get the item, you forget exactly what it covers.The Talon Grips secures the base plate and finger grip together, thus, preventing you from taking the base plate off and servicing the mag.Grips for other extended mags (XD Compact, XDm, SR9c/SR40c), don't attach these two parts. I hope the design changes and Talon replaces the ones out there.