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TALON Grips for Smith & Wesson M&P Full Size. This grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and full coverage on the backstrap. The M&P Crimson Trace/Pro/C.O.R.E. grip provides full coverage under the trigger guard and partial side panel coverage leaving the backstrap exposed. Confirm the backstrap size installed on the firearm prior to ordering. The M&P Full Size grip for the Small Backstrap fits the M&P Full Size .22. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

This are much better than 3M tread tape. Very easy to put on

Fits great....It would be cool if it were possible to make a grip template for the backstraps to. But all in all great.

Great product as always.

As usual a perfect fit. Have these on a lot of pistols, a great grip that doesn't add bulk.

I've used Talons wraps on a number of Glocks & M&Ps. I find they make slicker grips more secure and abrasive grips easier to wear against concealed.

I think the newer versions are easier to install and a good value.

have them on all my pistols. they always fit great and give you a good grip

I have purchased many grips from Talon and would not have a pistol without your grips. I also promote others to use your grips. I only wish you would send me a cap that i could wear since i have purchased may grips and encouraged others to do so. I am a pastor of a medium large Church so I have the ears of many who are gun lovers. Please consider showing your appreciation by sending me a cap.

Easy to apply, and so far I have put 250 rounds with them on, with both wet and slippery hands. Good to go.

Love the new grips. Just wish they made them in 110 grit for the M&P 2.0

Great product, easy to apply, much better grip.

Great grips!

i would have given it 5 stars but the back strap piece keep coming unglued and peeling off despite fully cleaning the gun grip properly before i installed the talon grip. other than that i really like the feel and grip of the product. it adds a lot more comfort to the gun.

These grips are amazing make the M&P45 almost not repulsive to shoot

Very happy with grip and service. Will buy again.

Love the grips.

Simple, non-permanent modification to add grip and style to your firearm. Excellent design and user friendly.

Fit and finish...perfect. Idiot proof. Cost not a factor....highly recommend.....carry it IWB everyday.

would recommend easily applied better grip

Installed the rubber grip on my M&P 22 full size. What a great feel. Provides a more secure feel without any noticeable change in size. Previously purchased a grip for my M&P Shield. This also fits, feels, and looks good. Very pleased.

Awesome grip decals - a returning customer (multi guns)

Talon grips greatly improves the feel of the grip!

Followed the instructions, and installation was easy. Great fit and feel!

As always, fast service, easy to install.. Just a great product!!

As always, fast service, easy to install.. Just a great product!!

These grips are awesome. easy to install ,look good and priced right.

I use my M&P 40 Pro Series in 3-gun matches and was thinking about adding some stippling to the grip, but decided to try the Talon Grip first. Glad I did it gives me a firm grip and best of all it does not permanently alter your handgun.

Great fit,,, love it

Bought the grips for my MP 9 w/CTC leadership. It went on easily and securely. Only minor hitch, was it moved the laser off to the right about 4" @ 10 yards. Easily readjusted, and back on the X, in 3 shots. Highly recommended!

Great! Improved my accuracy. Got 97 on my annual qual.

I have been a long time user of Talon Grips and have to say they are great! Makes my M&P feel like a new gun.

Fits very well, excellent grip.

Fit great! Looks great! Super grippy which is what I wanted. Easy to install. Will be buying more for other guns later.

Nice fit & feel. Range worthy! Easy application.

Awsome product.Perfect fit.Looks & feels great.

Great customer service. My first order got lost in the mail. They sent another order out for me that same day.

The grips are just enough hold for a good grip on the firearm. They are easy to apply.

I bought the skateboard tape version. Very impressed! Bought a backup for when this wears out. fits great on my pistol.

I have these grips on most of my pistols.A very inexpensive way to enhance the grip & feel to obtain improved performance.

Easy installation.
Perfect fit.
Enhances my grip on the gun in cold weather and when hands are hot and sweaty.

Glad that Talon Grips redesigned this grip. The first one I bought a few years back would shift due to grip. This wasn’t evident until a 500+ round class with many repetitions of the draw stroke

Fits great, easy to install

The Talon grips for my M&P 2.0 were just what I needed to make the gun perfect. The new extra stippling on the 2.0 straps was too much for me to be comfortable shooting a few hundred rounds. I chose the strap most comfortable and will have to live with that choice for a while. Talon makes a great product and I have placed their grips on my other handguns for a secure feel. Thanks.

Excellent product, easy to apply.
I have one on all 6 of my M&P handguns,
as well as my CZ Scorpion.

Much better than expected

The day after I purchased my m&p 45 I got the grips for it. The shipping was a lot quicker than expected, and of course they make any poly gun a hundred times better. I also have the grips on my m&p shield and 2 glocks. I would recommend them for any pistol

Got the moss shade for my FDE M&P; major improvement for the 45 ACP grip. Easy install, and quick delivery. The moss matches perfect, looks factory made.

Takes a little fitting first with a hair dryer due to the curves, but still the perfect way to make your 1.0 feel like a 2.0. Really helps out with gripping the palm swells. Would get again.

I absolutely love your product.They are easy to install and make the gun feel great.

Great texture and easy install on my M&P 45.
I also have Talon Grips on my XDS 9.

Simple and easy to apply. Great fit to frame. I put Talon grips on all of my pistols for an enhanced fit and comfort.

Replaced four year old Talons on my M&P 9 and ready for another four years with these great grips. Much more comfortable than standard.

Excellent grips looked good and felt great! Always good quality at Talin

I love these grips and they fit my M&P very well. I got the granulated and the texture works great. I've been shooting IDPA for a few months now and my scores have improved since the installation of the Talon grips. I'm not totally in love with the install process. It wasn't hard at all but I did have a little trouble getting them on correctly but once I did they were good to go

Did not fit my gun

Sorry but even though I'm retired I have not found the time to install the grips, but I have watched the related videos and don't think it should be a problem.
When the installation is completed I will be in touch.
But at least at this point I can give you 5⭐️ for super quick service!
Pete Viale

Great product, certainly ads alot of grip to a point where i found myself over compensating to get back on target for the first bit as the gun doesnt move around in your hands at all. The grips are "expensive" to do the same job as some skateboard grip tape, but what your paying for is more than just grip its the fit and finish that almost looks factory provided you take your time putting it on then adhear properly with a heat gun.

I've read several reviews that talk of the products adhesive quiting, but I've never had an issue with the glue when i carefully and thoroughly follow the cleaning instructions prior to the application. I think these are wicked good grip augments. I have used both the rubber (on now) and the raspier granulated sand (previous) and carried both IWB. I do use, and strongly suggest, a t-shirt under-garment to prevent unnecessary abrasion to you skin. "Talon" grips are better than most and add next to no addional width or weight to the firearm and the improvment in "grip", traction of the hand to the weapon is greatly improved. I'll be back to purchase new grips once the two copies I bought have done their job and have begun to fail due to normal wear and tear.

This came off of the gun 2 days later. I have been stalled several of these on my other guns and never a problem. This one did not adhere at all.

application was easy. Grips feel great on my M&P 45. They make the pistol even more shootable. Thanks Talon.

This is my second order and trust me is not my last, I’m getting one of this for everyone one of my handguns and maybe a few of my rifles! Love the service and the quick delivery!

The edges are pealing up. I just put them on and a lot of the edges are coming up. Superglue won’t hold them down either. Larry. ☹️☹️

Perfect fit as always. Wicked gripping!

the grip is good but the grips do come off on its corner. the adhesive have to more sticky

No one in the world makes better grips - buy them if they make them for you gun. These fit the m&p great - feels much better in the hand. I like the rubberized grips, they just feel perfect. Soft yet very grippy. I put them on every pistol i own if they are made by Talon for the gun. You can't go wrong. Highly recommended and great customer service - nice people.

Excelent fit and look... great grip...!!!And the online service, the best in the market.

Weapons feels much more secure when held. Easy to apply.

Definitely an upgrade. They make a great pistol even greater. I now have Talon grips on all my polymer framed pistols except for one. A Star "Megastar", and it is because they are not available for this model.

The grips are G2G. I am pleased with the fit and ease of install. -Perry

Pro - Fit perfect, added consistent feel to entire grip

Improvement is instant and not permanent. Was going to stipple but tried these. Definitely recommend!

Easy to install and then definitely worth the money. Grip feels great and would definitely recommend to anyone. Also makes my pistol look great.

Superb product, fast shipping perfect fit

Great enhancement to my full size M&P feels great in hand and when holstered against the skin. Highly recommended!

I use Talon on all my handguns.

I got these for my dad,he loves his gun so much more now.Dad says Talon grips are the best and he has them on 3 guns. Now.

I have added the talon granulate grip to all my action pistol weapons and it is great. It dramatically improves my grip during follow up shots and especially in hot weather when hands can be sweaty. Easy to install and durable if you follow the instructions.

Good price, grip fits. Had a bit of an issue getting it to stick completely, but unlike the other gentlemen on these reviews i grabbed some super glue and now is as good as new. Good product

The Talon grips fit my S&P perfectly and improves the handling tremendously. Looking forward to running this gun in competition.

Installation was smooth and easy. Grip friction quite improved without any harshness. Have these on two full size M&Ps and 1 M&P Shield. Quick delivery also

Absolutely love this grip tape, makes the M&P 45 feel uber-sweet in the hands!

I really enjoyed this product. This is the second Talon product I've purchased. Now I need a S&W M&P v2 full size grip. I purchased some bulk sheets of this material as well, and it's worked great on the front and rear straps of a Browning HP that I rescued from rust. After steel wooling the rust away with gun oil, I wanted the area to be covered. It just didn't feel right. It's great now and I've had no problems with adhesion at all.

I always wrap my new pistol grips with Talon Gripsto ensure a safe and secure grasp each time I handle the firearm.

Fits like a glove! ... Another Great Product from TALON Grips ...

Changes the way the pistol feels, the grip is not slippery anymore.

The best $18 you can spend on your gun. I have them on all of my guns now and couldn't be happier!

It works

I have Talon grips on all of my handguns.. it's the first thing I order for a new fireman. Feels great in the hands and gives that extra grip that is needed!

I wasn't sure which backstrap I was going to like more, the small or the medium sooooo I got both! I ended up using the small backstrap so that's the talon grip I used and I decided to hack up the medium sized one to add some texture to where I place my pointer fingers further up on my M&p, it worked awesome and feels great! I'd recommend this product to everyone. It adds just enough grip to feel perfect and makes it look way more appealing than without them 10/10

Feel great, look great. Will be ordering one for my shield.

I put the grips on as required with proper cleaning and heat. They looked great until I shot with them in a match. The grip that I use puts the pistol in a bind as all successful shooters will do for rapid follow up shots. When I did, the glue came loose and the whole grip system failed. I bought two sets of grips and I pitched the other one in the trash. Don't waste your money.

Great girp, very easy to install and improves the grip of the gun a lot. I have it in other pistols and I love them.

This was my 3 or 4th Talon Grip over the year. I've had both the sand paper and rubber grips, and recommend the rubber. This was particular grip was for my M & P 9mm Long Slide and it not only improved the looks, but gives a much stronger grip. I plan to always upgrade Glocks and M & P handguns with Talon.

This is actually for both their product and customer service. I had bought this grip from optics planet, did everything in the instructions for installation, and after a month sitting in my bedside and never using it, the grip started coming apart. called up Talon grips and without hesitation, sent me out a replacement. The grip texture and CS is out of this world. Thank you

I don't think I can say strongly enough how highly I think of these Grips! I've tried others before and was disappointed with the adhesive or the durability of the grip material. The Talon grips are different from the others! If you're about ready to give up on finding grips worth the hassle, give these Talon Grips a try. You'll be very glad you did. I was and now I'll buy nothing else!

Love my new grips. I have them on both my primary duty weapon and my off duty weapon. I have already showed then to others.

I can't be happier with the product. It was extremely easy to apply. Additionally, as a general nod, Talon's customer service is top notch. I accidentally ordered the wrong product (totally my mistake), and after speaking with Talon they shipped me the appropriate replacement product at no additional cost to me, and the communication was extremely fast. It's nice to see such service nowadays...

Talon Grips are on all my polymer pistols. I have rough hands so granulated works for me. First experience was on my Glocks and once I realized the day and night difference, it's one of the first things to go on my guns. Plus their customer service is top notch and will continue to refer friends and do business with them.

Shipped to me quick! Easy to assemble! Works great!

Grips do exactly as advertised.......easy to very well. And, service is great too.

Wish I would have ordered the more aggressive grit style other than that was easy install and perfect fit and service.

Super awesome grip. took my awesome M&P 45 and made it better. The only thing I did different when putting them on was i cut the contour lines of the original grip out with a razor just because I like the line on the gun. Personal preference I guess. Will buy these again and recommend them to anybody who wants awesome grip.

After cleaning per your instructions using a hair dryer again per your instructions portions of the grip tape peeled off. This is my third grip tape application. First two worked fine.

Recently installed granulate Talon Grips on my full size M&P 9MM. What a difference and what an improvement! This relatively inexpensive purchase makes a great gun even better! Easy to install, the result is an almost vise-like grip and steadiness. Honestly, I didn't even realize what I was missing before I installed the Talons. A great upgrade. And they look good, too!Thank you for a great product. Highly recommended.

Excellent Grips! Great addition to any polymer frame pistol! Really like the contrast of the moss colored grips against the black frame, and the fit is perfect!

Talon rubber grips makes your gun feel more comfortable in your hand.

The new design of the Talon Grip for the Smith & Wesson M&P is fantastic. I really like the fact that trimming is no longer required and the grip wraps around the back and overlaps in the front. I found this to be a superior design. 5 STARS!!!!

I have your rubber grips on four different m&p models. All have done well so far.

Provides a great gripping surface and has been very durable.

Great addition and easy to apply.

Ordered for my M&P Pro Series C.O.R.E. Outstanding. I will put Talon Grips on every pistol I use. Excellent service and fast shipping.

I have purchased many of the Talon Grips in the past. I always used the Rubber Grips. Until I tried the Granulated Grips. The Granulated Grips are a little rough on your hands but after a few times using them they are perfect. They fit like a glove and greatly improves the handling of the handgun! They fit PERFECT ! It’s the best accessory I have purchased for my M&P’s. Super-fast shipping and great communications !

I have used Talon grips on my full size M&P for the past 12 months. The feel of the grip is fantastic and I have had many compliments from other shooters. I would recommend Talon grips to anyperson wishing to enhance their firearm.

Excellent Grips! Much better than any slip on type that the other guys offer, not bulky and loose fitting like those. Gets rid of that slick feeling that all polymer frame pistols have, Greatly improves the grip! The Moss color contrasts nicely against the black frame of my full size M&P40, looks Great! Highly Recommended!!

While expensive, this is a terrific product and definitely worth installing on your gun. I have three M&P pistols and now have a Talon grip on all of them.

Fits perfect, great grip, simple and effective.

I just purchased an S&W M&P .45 full size and the first thing I did was order Talon grips for it. The Talon grips really make a difference. You can get a very good grip on the pistol and even in wet conditions it doesn't feel like it will slip at all. Very easy installation and fit.

Installation was easy, and the grip is a great addition. Price was right for a valuable accessory

Surpassed my expectations. Recommend 100%

I installed the granular grips about a month ago and have had two range outings with my pistol since then. The grip quality is superb and I don't feel an ounce of slip during recoil. I wanted 110% control and I got it! Thanks Talon! When I get my CCW I know what website I will be visiting next!

I would not own a pistol without a Talon Grip! My last purchase was for my S&W M&P 9 Pro. I bought my first Rubber-Moss Talon Grip and it is great. I buy Talon Grips for magazines and Pearce extenders. I have large hands and have bought Talon rubber grip material to further build up Grips on my small pistols. The sales staff at Talon are outstanding. I enjoy watching Hickok45 who uses Talon Grips. I was using Talon Grips before I heard of Hickok45. I'm pleased with an affirmation of my decision to go Talon by a personality like Hickok45 who uses Talon Grips on his pistols.

I purchased these for my duty weapon and so far can't think of a better option. Easy to grip and no chance of the weapon slipping out of my hand.

I know you can by skate tape and cut it yourself, but these are so precision cut and perfectly fitting that I will always choose them. Must have for competition shooters.

Great product. Exactly what I wanted. Instalation was very easy and the fit is perfect. I highly recommend everyone put them on there pistol.

It's simple these are some of the best grips on the market. These are my go to grips for all handguns.

I purchased the rubber-moss Talon grips for my S&W M&P 45 midsize. The grips fit like a glove!! Great quality and feel!! I highly recommend Talon grips!!

EXCELLENT GRIPS - easy to apply - got tested in the cold and snow and performed awesome - highly recommend these Talon grips!!

Awesome product easy to install great customer service. I purchased a Talon Grip for a M&P Shield 40 and in the short period of time it took for me to receive the grips I traded that gun. I contacted customer service to see if I could trade the grips I purchased for new ones that would fit the new gun I got. They let me do so without any questions asked. Very impressed with this company!!

Very high quality product. Has really improved the feel of the gun in my hand. I'm glad I bought it. If you're like me, you will feel very disappointed when you open the package and look inside. It doesn't seem like much for the price. Once you put it on the gun and feel it in your hand, you may feel differently.

Easy to put on. Feels and looks great. Excellent product

Grips were very easy to install, and have remained firmly in place for many rounds! Great gripping surface, which really helps in maintaining a good hold on the firearm.

The glue on the tape is perfect, the wrap on the model I have is perfect and the grip itself is nice and tactile. It feels like a part of the firearm. Super product and well worth its cost

These grips are so good that s&w 2.0 must have copied the Talon grip.

Perfect fit. Very pleased. If you're thinking about ordering....don't wait. You will be happy you ordered.

Just received my re-supply of the granulated grips for my competition guns (G-17, G-41, M&P 45 & P320). I love these grips. They make recoil control effortless and give me a firm and secure grip. I have one on all of my guns. Wouldn't be without them.

I just got back from the range after installing the talon grips on my M&P. It's just what the grip needed to keep it from slipping in my hands after extensive shooting.

Easy application, great it and feel!

Second time I have purchased. This time I got the "moss" color. As always, an excellent product! I will always recommend Talon Grips to any gun owner.

What a great product. I have these grips on my Baretta Nano and my S&W M&P 9 and they fit perfectly. The quality is only matched by Talon's customer service. I had an issue installing the one on my M&P (totally my fault) and Talon bailed me out. These guys have earned my respect and my appreciation. I'm sure I'll be buying more of their grips in the future.

Great grips and they match my dark earth frame perfectly

Great improvement to the stock grips

Talon grips are the best upgrade to any pistol i have tried them on. They keep the grips tacky for better control, and sure grip. The talons on the m&p full size actually make the grip better than the new 2.0 texture. The customer service is awesome. Recommend to all.

The new Talon grips for my M&P 40 are wonderful! Great price, fast shipping, and very simple to install! First run on the range, showed a considerable difference in my grip, leading to a much tighter grouping.I have them on my shield as well, and intend to have them on all of my sidearms!Great job! Keep up the great work!

Installed on 2 pistols without difficulty. Directions were easy to follow and they seem to stick well. The rubber grips have a great texture and add a lot of traction to the grip.

I really love the Talon grips! It's amazing the difference they make. I've put Talon grips on all my pistols as well as my wife's two S&W M&P .40s (full size and compact). I've even given them to my friend as a gift when he recently bought an S&W M&P .40 full size.

Quick delivery. Nice fit on my M&P. Very pleased

Great grip! Easy install and fits perfect. Already recommending it to guys I work with.

Great Grip's make my Guns fell better in my hand. Have them on a Smith & Wesson M&P 45 midsize , M&P Shield 40 , SD 40 VE.

Very Happy with my purchase. Fit is great and easy to install!Feel is tremendous.

Very happy with the enhanced purchase on my gun. These grips are a great addition to my firearm.

Talon Grips go on my guns. They add a great grip and no bulk. Once they are heated, they stay put. I like the way they look on the gun also. I have them on en M&P Shield also. The Shield has a TLR6 laser tactical light, and I added a small strip of the Talon material, on the light and frame of the gun. I had to remove to install a trigger upgrade, and once I put it back on and reheated it, it is on and staying put again, This area rubs in and out of the holster.

Love these products. Use them on all my handguns.

Adds a nice touch to the grip, mine was a little on the big size but I made it work.

25 years shooting and these grips are the best I've ever used.Fit perfectly, easy to install and work great!

I recently purchased a M&P Full Size 9mm. It didn't take long to order a Talon Grip. The M&P had a good feeling grip. However I purchased a Talon Grip which feels much better! My performance improved after I installed the Talon Grip. I recommend them to everyone I know.

So far so good went on very smooth the texture feels great would def recommend if looking for an alternate option then doing a permanent texture stippling job only hope is the grip last long enough to my exspectations to want to buy more down the road

If I have to hold it and it is designed to go "Boom," then it has Talon Grips on it. No matter where you are and what you are doing, nothing will make you break grip [nothing, of course, except you].

This for me completely changed the feel and Comfort of my m&p pro C.O.R.E. If your looking for a better feel and grip this the way to go especially if you dont want to ship your lower to have work done to it.

Very nice precise product that goes on easily.I cut the part that fits over the grip insert out since the sizing inserts have a lot of texture. Plus I wanted to retain the flexibility of changing grip inserts.I bought an inexpensive adjustable digital heat gun that worked perfectly.

This is my 3rd gun outfitted with Talon Grips. I love this product. The fit is excellent and the performance is superb. A+ Must have for the best grip performance in all weather conditions.

I now have all my handguns equipped with Talon Grips and enjoy shooting them even more! Thank you for such a fine product!

Fit and look great on my M And P 40,as always the crew at Talon did a great job .I will continue to put Talon Grips on all of my pistols, thanks guys

I purchased to put on my Bro In Laws M&P the original Concept of a Backstrap that was Trimmable Was IMHO Superior, the grip could be tailored on site and could also be given as a gift.

Perfect fit. Easy to install. Comfortable and secure feel. 3rd handgun that I put a talon grip on. Great product. Just wish I'd known about your back Friday sale...I would have saved $10...1/2 off my next talon grip.

The Talon Grip instructions were clear and simple. When followed I was able to apply the grip with satisfactory results and would purchase again for a strong recoiling handgun where hand slippage is an issue.

Excellent fit and easy application. Incredible texture that provides a natural purchase on any type of gun. Fast shipping!

Great Grip, Love it!!!~

followed directions. did extra cleaning....already falling off. not suitable for a everyday use type of application. cannot handle daily abusr

Adding a Talon grip is the first thing I do to every pistol I buy. Try it, you'll love it!

This is my second grip I have put on my S&W pistols. Great fit and feel

Grips are outstanding! Fit perfectly!

Great fit, and a great product.

Great fit

Work great. Makes it really hard to switch back to anything without the grip.

This was my 2nd purchase of Talon Grips for another M&P. The fit and finish on these are absolutely amazing. If you follow the easy directions you won't have any issues at all. Once installed they make the pistol feel totally different and it literally sticks to your hand. I feel like this is the best alternative to doing permanent stippling to your pistol.

Just like my M&P Shield grip the full size 9mm grip fits perfectly, nice addition to any weapon. Thanks Talon for a quality product!

I spoke too soon. Took my gun out today - this was the second time shooting it with the grip - the grip started to crumple up on the left side. I cleaned the gun with the alcohol swab and installed as instructed. Unacceptable. Gets fair rating because I like the look of the grip and the feel. Otherwise it would get a poor. Something needs to be improved about the adhesive.

Fit good, Feel good, Work good, Look good !!!!!

I purchased a set of grips for my M and P pro. The fit was perfect ! Once installed with the wealthiest hands I still have great control over the handgun. I couldn't be happier with this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Excellent fit with a great grip. Really easy to install.

I put the rubber Talon grips on all my carry and competition guns. Enhances grip in all weather conditions without feeling bulky. Provides a nice feel and a bit of cushioning that improves shooting comfort. Highly recommended!

I love the talon grips, adds a very distinct feeling to the grip of my m&p, and looks like it was from the factory. I love the product!

I was a fan of the swooping shape of the original grip but was looking for something more. I decided to try the abrasive grip, I have the rubber grip on my XDm and love it. The grip really allows me to have a solid hold of the pistol! I love it!

I will not own a gun without installing a set of rubberized grips. Great product & easy installation.

Grip decal work awesome

I have bought the Talon Grip from my M&P Shield and Full size M&P. I will never own another gun without one. So much better feel of my grip with the perfect texture. Highly Recommend.

I couldn't be happier with both the rubber and the granulate grips. Perfect fit on my M&P's. Just a great product.

Helped improve my grip for Action pistol night. Better grouping.

very easy to install. It fits great & is very good quality. I have two of these guns, tried it on one to make sure I liked it. couldn't wait to get one on my second gun.

My first Talon Grip purchase was for my Glock 23. I was exceedingly happy about that, so I went for the S&W M&P Pro version. I use the rubberized grips - don't like the skateboard tape style. It was more difficult to get the Talons to wrap the M&P, because of the large interchangeable backstrap. However, once installed it was a joyous experience just as on the Glock. Short of stippling to your likes, this is the way to go to get a comfortable and secure grip.

I put a set of the rubberized grips on my m&p 45 & my m&p 9mm Full size. What a difference on how it feels in your hand.

I love the grip! Putting Talon on made the grip 100% better. Fabulous.

Installed easy! Love the feel. Will be buying others for my other guns!

Talon Grips are a nice after-market touch!

1st time not stick well specially adjustable backNot good!

I purchased a Talon Grip for my full size M&P 9mm. I found that the existing grip was too smooth to get a solid grip especially if my hands would sweat. I was recommended to look into Talon Grips from a gunsmith at the range. I followed the instructions and applied the new rubberised grip. Wow! What a major improvement in my M&P. I am now able to get a better grip and it feels much more secure in my hands. In fact I see am improvement in my aim as I have less wobble and can hold it steadier. Talon Grips get the job done.Thank you.

Have these grips on my mind and p full size. Easy to install look great and add some texture for a better grip when shooting.

The fit and feel is perfect!

Cleaned grip, applied grip tape, started coming loose after one week.

This was my second time putting Talon grips on new pistol I've bought. First was M&P 9mm Shield and then on my M&P45. Gotta say these grip are awesome! I love the texture on them and consider them a must have for me. My pistols feels firmly planted in my hand at the range. Great quality and great fit!

After adding the grips to my MP9 shield, I bought another one for my full size MP9. This is a great mod and reasonably priced in my opinion. Two thumbs up!

I have purchased a number of Talon grips over the last 2 years for 3 seperate M&P series pistols, and I'm sure I will buy more in the future as I absolutely love them. One thing I would love to see down the road is an update to the fullsize 9/40/22 and 22 compact designs. I've been finding that the grips that meet in the back tend to start to move on me on the backstrap near the mag well, especially on the right side(right handed). I have not had any problems in nearly a year with the new shield design that overlaps on the left near where my right hand's finger pads rest, much like the glock grips. PLEASE update ALL of the M&P grips the way you updated the shield grips, I will be eternally thankful!

Amazing product, holds up great to the day in and day out call of duty. I've recommended to all my fellow officers!!

Love the feel and grip it adds to my gun's and also adds to them a great look! I have them on all my guns would not be without. 46D9E

Outstanding fit for M&P 9

I like the feel of the stock M&P, but it's even better with the rubberized Talon grip.

love the grip bought it for my race gun and I'm ordering 1 more for carry gun

I have purchased these grips twice for my M&P Full Size 9mm and M&P Shield 40mm.. obviously, being a repeat customer I love the product. Highly recommend! The customer service is second to none as well... thank you!

Easy to install alot better solid grip especially with wet or sweaty hands . Highly recommended

Very nice product

Very easy to install. I don't have a hair dryer, so I waved it around a bit over a burner on my stove.I got the granulate grip, and recently had to search through a wooded area in the rain in the pre-dawn darkness. One of my complaints with the M&P platform was that the grip gets slick easily - with the Talon grip it was pretty much welded to my hand, even wet with rain. Really good value.

Awesome product - Fits like a glove - Greatly improves grip and feel of the gun

Another great set of grips!! Fits like a glove and added more stability. I have about 12 sets of these and wouldn't buy anything else. The rubberized grips are the one I got and love them. Shot about 500 rds today in the blistering heat sweating my junk of and had no issues holding the fun.

Great grips that were easy to install!

Abosulty love my new Talon grip, will be getting one for all my guns. Thank you for a great product.

Fits perfectly.

bought first set of talon grips for M&P 40 full size and I liked the way they felt very much but began to peel off the back very soon after using the firearm.Bought another set thinking it was the way I installed them. Taking care of installation on the next set it began to peel off also after the use of the firearm

Awesome sauce!!!

The product really helped me to control recoil by improving the effectiveness of my grip. I ended up trimming a 1 mm sliver section near magazine release with x-acto knife, due to my clumsiness while applying the grip. The stickiness seemed just right, allowing me several chances to position the grips as best as I could manage.

There is only 1 word that comes to mind when discussing Talon grips. OUTSTANDING!!Great product guys! keep up the good work.


Outstanding product. Appears to be originally a part of the factory grip, not an add-on. You guys have done an amazing job on this. A must have for polymer guns

I've ordered Talon grips the handguns I shoot on a regular basis. Excellent product, easy to install, enhances my grip on the gun as designed and great prices. Thanks

Fit perfect. Simple to install and provide great grip.

If you shoot any type of M&P smith product, you will be amazed at how these grips do not add bulk, but give you a firmer purchase ,and you can remove them later, should you choose to, any polymer pistol will benifit from these grips, and the price and fast shipping can't be beat..

Talon grips are an improvement over M&P stock grips, I have used both materials and consider the grips an viable upgrade.The fact that the material can be removed and replaced with a different grip texture is a plus.

I love my new Talon grips for my M&P. They were easy to install and did so in only a few minutes. They make handling of the gun much better. We'll see how it holds up over time.

The fit was perfect and it was very easy to install. The grips have definitely helped with the speed I'm able to do follow-up shots. I highly recommend them.

Greatly improved the grip and feel of my pistol.

The biggest challenge I had was holding the pistol to allow the installation of the Talon grip. Once I accomplished that task, the grip was very easy to install. The pistol has been transformed from a nice pistol to a great pistol! The grip is so much more secure in my hand now, the pistol does not try to move around as I shoot it.

I have talon gun grips on all my guns I love them

Easier to install than I expected. Feels great, a definite improvement over stock. But I didn't stop to consider I might carry this one at some point and rubber would be a better choice for carry than granulate.

I love my Talon grip, after shooting with it I don't know how I ever shot without it. My only complaint is its durability...I use my Talon Grip on my service weapon and it is already starting to come loose due to the use. Wish it would stay fastened a little better/longer. Other than the durability factor, Talon Grips are awesome!

Excellent product as usual. Just be advised that the bigger the backstrap you have on the M&P, the harder it is to install the Talon grip.

I have Talon Grips on ALL of my guns. A must have!

I ordered M&P full size. This was my second order from Talon, the 1st being for my Nano. All pistol grips ordered rubberized..Once again, Talon, has come through like super stars.I've ordered more items from them but am waiting for the request to review.Thanks again Talon!

Great set of grips. Great tacky feel when hands are wet/sweaty. Easy to put on. I'll be ordering more for my M&P compact and sig.

You guys are , by far the best , in the business when it comes to grips. I was a little confused on which one to get for my M&P .22 . I wrote on your contact box , and within an hour , you guys replied and told me which one would fit my gun ... Cant say enough good things about you guys . Your top-notch crew and your super fast delivery is the best in the best business... I will always do business with you guys... Keep up the damn good work !!!!!

Excellent Grips and Excellent Customer Service. A+Thank You !

Easy to install. I have have it for while now. No peeling on the edge. Still retains good traction like it was new.

Bought my second set of grips a few months back. The first set lasted for three years and more than a few thousand rounds. Overall excellent quality. Second set seems to slip on the right side of the grip during each outing. Dissapointed that the second set did not live up to the first but may just be a one off. Would still recommend.

Great grips! I bought the granulate texture model, and they fit great, feel great, and actually made me shoot more consistently! Talon rocks!

I have installed Talon grips (rubber) on my FNH FNX 45, M&P 45, M&P 9mm C.O.R.E. ported long slid, M&P 9 mm Shield & 11 other pistols that I've done for other people. Excellent product. I highly recommend this product & I will purchase more in the future.

I have installed Talon grips (rubber) on my FNH FNX 45, M&P 45, M&P 9mm C.O.R.E. ported long slid, M&P 9 mm Shield & 11 other pistols that I've done for other people. Excellent product. I highly recommend this product & I will purchase more in the future.

I Learned which Backstrap to have on the gun when installing these Talon Rubber Grips !! Originally I had the Large Backstrap on the Gun (to prevent rotation) but it wasn't comfortable. I changed to the Small BS before installing my Talon Grips this time. It Solved the problem I was having !!!After installing this set I redid my M&P9c with the Small Backstrap installed !!!

These grips are fantastic, perfect fit, very easy installation, and quickly done. Great feel, I have a few of the rubber texture models. Super price.

I have used the talon grips on my xdm and love it. On the M&P my right hand palm grip came loose within very little use. I ended up just cutting that part off keeping the rest. Appears the m&p moght be a good stippling canidate.

Excellent grips. I had the sand paper textured ones first but found that they were a little too rough for Concealed carry. The rubber textured ones are great. I have had no problems with them staying attached to my weapon, they have been on now for about 6 months. Would highly recommend the rubber style over the other.

Have Talon Grips installed on all my handguns:- M&P 45- XDM 9mm- Walther PPQ 9mmVery much satisfied with all.JC

The Talon grip system is easy to apply and they greatly improve the control of my M&P full size 9mm, I have since applied them to a Ruger LC9S and an M&P 9C. You can't go wrong with this wonderful product.

Another great grip from Talon Grips. I have one of these on my Full-size 9mm & .22LR handguns. Both guns now have extremely comfortable & secure hand to frame fit. Group size for both the .22 & 9mm weapons have improved. I highly recommend Talon Grips for any & all of your hadguns.

I tried two sets on the same gun I use to shoot in a indoor league, both times it was the same result. The grips would not stay in place and I followed the instructions. I love the way they help my grip but I recently removed the second set. Mitch. By the way I sent an email looking for some advice and no one responded.

I have to say that I have had the same problem as the other guys who have gave a poor rating. I am in a line of work that requires me to carry every day I go to work. I also carry when im not working, so I always have my weapon on me. I installed the grip as instructed and it feels and looks great. But with the way that I shoot and as much as I shoot, I could care less about the look of the weapon especially after I get my weapon good and broken in. That being said, this grip started to come off the first time I ran my gun hard. The grip started to bubble up and slip off of the gun first on the dominant side and then on the reaction side. By the time I was through my 350 round exercise irritation had set in because it felt crappy when I went to draw my weapon. It may work fine for the person who carries the weapon and occasionally shoots, or maybe I effed it up. But at the end of the day it just didnt work for me.

I ordered the skateboard tape type Talon Grips for the S&W M&P .40 with the large back strap attachment. They lasted about a week while going through a police academy. If you have sweaty hands or the weather is wet when you shoot, even after applying the grips to manufacturer's instructions, the grips become unglued within the first use. After a week of trying to use duct tape and other remedies to keep the grips on, I finally took them off. Either a stronger adhesive should be used or the grips need to fully encapsulate the palm/back-strap of the weapon.

I bought the rubber grips for my 9mm and the sandpaper grips for my 40 m&p. They are a little tricky to put on but both worked well. I prefer the feel of the rubber grips but don't have a problem with the sandpaper grips. Money well spent, I would recommend them.

I use the granulated texture grips on all of my handguns. They give me the control that I need to manage recoil for a fast followup shot. Don't leave home without them.

Great grips I have been shooting lDPA and IPSC at my local gun club and your grips have help me with my grip on my pistol especially this summer with my sweaty hands thanks for making a great product

I have had several Talon grips and have been satisfied every time. Great product and easy to install.

Probably the best alternative to stipling your frame. Talons have the best surface tensions to allow proper grip on any pistol. Honestly, if you haven't bought a set by now, you are doing yourself and your grip an injustice. Improves grip, angle and recoil control. For a full size M&P, definitely recommend the granular texture, rougher, but allows better control on a larger surface area.

Excellent product. Easy to apply, precise fit and strong sticking after heat activation. Feels great in the hand.You can't as for better. Top shelf all the way.

I agree with everything Mike said on Sunday, October 4, 2015, 09:59 AM.The way the tape comes together in the back is problematic - As Mike Said, Talon needs a product that fits specific backstrap options, the tape comes together in an awkward way when installed, and because of this, my tape was wasted with only one trip to the range.

After i install the grip talon, i didnt even finish the match and the grip comeoff. I would no recomend this productThxJun

I have Talon grips on all of my polymer guns, Glocks,S&W,Kahr, and Kel Tec. Fit and feel are excellent, shipping is prompt, great product from great company, would highly recommend.

Great fit, Great grip! Easy to install!

Love the feel of the textured grip. Have talons on all my M&Ps!

Extremely happy with the Talon Grips

Awesome product , even better customer service. I will never buy from another company. I hardly do these rating things. Will defiantly buy from them again.

Love ❤ Talon grips on every pistol

Didn't stay on the gun for very long maybe 1 month the granulated one doesn't adhere as well as the runner one

Normally I do a lot of research and review reading before I buy a product. A lot of people online suggest, and even praise the quality of these talon grips. I had to have some. They look cool. They're inexpensive. And you don't have to alter your gun permanently by stippling the frame. Shipping of the grips was prompt and they arrived safe and sound. I installed them on my M&P9 full-size to the letter. But let me say something about the install. You have to CUT the back strap on the grips to get them to fit to whichever backstrap you have installed. I found this problematic. First because the lines they have for where you need to cut for each different back strap are wrong. The lines do not have you remove enough material. Second, they are having you alter the product they worked so hard to design RIGHT OUT of the packaging. That hardly seems advisable. Next, after I installed the grips fighting with cutting the back straps(which did not look professional in the end) I completed the process by even applying the grips and heating them up. Pressing them down to adhere them to the frame. (Yes, I applied the alcohol pads and cleaned my frame first) I let them cool, and besides the choppy job I did cutting the backstraps I was really excited with how they looked and felt in my hands. After about a day, the adhesive decided it did not want to stick anymore. I carry my gun every day, all day. Some spots started to bend and become uneven. Some spots bubbled. I reapplied the heat and researched the problem to no avail. I became frustrated and disappointed. I removed the product from my gun because it did not provide a consistent and reliable feature. I spoke to my friends at a local gunshop and was told that they have not had any luck with talon grips either. I didn't think it was possible. It must have been something I did. Everyone online loved there's. But the guys at my gun shop didn't, nor did I. What's the difference? Where is the problem? I can't answer that because to my ability I installed the product to the letter. I will not be purchasing these again and I'll be sure to ask my local guys in the future. My bad. Sorry talon grips. I think you have an awesome, innovative idea just did not work for me. If anything I will leave it at this. Maybe make a different grip for each backstrap size on the m&p, maybe to just alleviate the cutting issue. Most people know what grip size they prefer, and let's face it. When the talon grip goes're not going to be changing the backstrap anyway.

The rubber grip texture feels great and the adhesive has held up very well. An inexpensive but excellent upgrade that is simple to install with a bit of care and patience.

I have had the grip on my gun for about 7 months now. I use it on a daily basis with no issues. Very good product!

I had these grips on my SD9VE & they were great. I bought them for my M&P & the glue came off by my 3rd range session & the entire grip came off.

As an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and competitive shooter, I strongly recommend Talon grips to my students and fellow shooters. I have been using Talon Grips on my Smith & Wesson M&P9 pistol and they are absolutely outstanding! They give me the added confidence of a sure grip when I am on the timer. When drawing the pistol, the feel of the grip in my hands facilitates a positive purchase. This summer has been especially hot and humid and the gritty texture of the grip has overcome even the wettest of palms. I give Talon Grips 5 STARS across the board for quality, price and ease of application. Bravo Talon Grips!

I am extremely pleased with my Talon grips on my S&W M&P9. They provide excellent grip retainment along with extreme comfort.

The grips are great, however in my competition the adhesive got soft and started to peal off. Grated, this competition was in the Arizona heat, however I had hoped for a stronger grip and taking them off in the middle of the match changed the feel of the gun.Overall I'm sure this is a great product, but in high heat environments they may loosen up on you.

Amazing! Easy to understand the install instructions. Looks amazing and makes your hand stick like glue. I am ordering one for my M&P Shield next.

Love Talon Grips, they give me a firm and confident grip. Thanks.

great grip I have better control while shooting

Great value

The glue on the grip failed and the grip bunched up in my hand not comfortable

grip didnt old up on the back strap cleaned it extra good with alcohol and it still failed..but i have had success with other guns and grips first time its failed me

After receiving the product I followed the installation instructions, and after a week the glue came off the grip. It wasn't long after that the entire grip came off, and now is worthless. Because of this experiance I will most likely not order any tape like grip from Talon Grips again.

After receiving the product I followed the installation instructions, and after a week the glue came off the grip. It wasn't long after that the entire grip came off, and now is worthless. Because of this experiance I will most likely not order any tape like grip from Talon Grips again.

Its really grippy.

Perfect fit, improved grip... as always.

Awesome grips. Easy install and easily noticeable difference in the grip.

Has held up for several months under adverse match conditions. Conforms to surface of grip more closely than similar product by Dawson Precision. Some mix-up getting my order straight but was resolved eventually.

This is a great set of grips that fit the gun well and increase the handling.

The grip works great on my non duty weapons that are not being used on a daily basis. I have bought 2 for my duty weapon, which is the m&p 40, both of which have come off within 3 to 4 rotations of work.

Grips were great at first. Provided an excellent grip surface and enabled good weapon retention. Until the third week when the grips started to peel off on one side. Ended up in the trash.

Outstanding addition to my m&P40. I will be putting the grip on my glocks next.

Outstanding addition to my m&P40. I will be putting the grip on my glocks next.

Outstanding grips. All my handguns are outfitted with Talon grips !!!

Great fit and finish. Very positive grip

good texture and adhesion, used on FDE grips so gaps really show up, difficult to get gaps even and symetrical

Product is exactly as advertised.Excellent Quality; Excellent results.I highly recceommend.

An excellent product. Definitely, a dramatic improvement over the gripping surface I once had with the factory grip alone. The instructions and application were pretty straight forward. I would recommend this product and will purchase more of these for my other handguns in the future.

Love Them. Seem to be holding up well and were easy to put on. Gives me much more control of my firearm

I love Talon Grips! I have them on a few of my pistols. I ordered a set to put on my M&P 22 full size. My only complaint is that the grips needed to be trimmed pretty significantly in the back. It would be nice to have some markings on the grip to know where to trim when the same grip is used for a few different guns, like the M&P Full Size grip.Great product, will certainly purchase more in the future!

Great customer service, grips fit well, excellent value.

Great gips. I bought the rubberized ones. Great texture i just wished they were more of a soft rubber feel.

Fits great will order other talon grips for my other weapons.

I get dry hands in the winter, I work outside a lot, the polymer is slippery because of this, the Talon grips cured this, big improvement. They feel really good and work great.

This product is simply amazing, I love the grip on my M&P but it felt too slick - not anymore! Fast shipping to boot!

I have been completely satisfied with Talon grips. I highly recommend them for M&P's. I purchased the grip for my M&P 45 because I liked my original purchases for my M&P9 and Beretta Nano. I go to the range at least once a week, so the grips get regular use in all types of weather, and have held up perfectly. No peeling on the edges with continued use. The black Talon rubber grip on the earth-tone green frame of my M&P45 looks sweet!! Highly recommend your product.

Perfect fit and greatly enhance the grip on the handgun. Do not hesitate to pick up a set.

Perfect fit and greatly enhance the grip on the handgun. Do not hesitate to pick up a set.

Fit is perfect, easy to install. Easy to follow instructions. Couldn't ask for more, great value!!!

Best grips I've ever had. easy to install. amazed at how well they fit. like how well the adhesive sticks. feels like they were actually made on the gun.

Great addition to my carry guns. I have Talon grips on each one.

Put these on my Duty M&P 40 and can't be more happy. Summer heat (sweaty hands), snow or rain is no longer a issue when your reach for your weapon. This grip gives you the positive grip that's required when you need it!

Love the grips. Not afraid to get them filthy as hell during training.

These grips are amazing. They really lock the pistol into your hand.I will have these on almost all of my other pistols going forward.

I purchased the rubber grips for my Full Size M&P 9mm. They are absolutely fantastic! Excellent tackiness and solid feel. I will never go anywhere else for grips. I actually just acquired my concealed carry license, so I'm looking for a pistol to carry and the only grips I would trust to put on it would be Talon.

Great love the grips very easy to install just be careful not to over heat and read the instructions On:Smith & Wesson M&P 40

These grips are outstanding!! They were very easy to apply (only took about 10 minutes). The grip on my M&P 9 is much more secure, which greatly enhances my confidence when drawing and shooting. I just shot an indoor IDPA Match this weekend with these grips on. The gun almost felt like part of my hand and I drew, shot and even ran better while grasping the gun. One stage included a quick draw and shoot. I was one of the fastest draws and I attribute a lot of this to the Talon grips. These grips get 5 STARS!!!

These are simply the best grips on the market! They feel very nice in the hand, and the rubberized add a really cool look. Excellent customer service, and excellent product!

This is my 4th Talon grip ordered for the 4th different hand gun! Absolutely love these grips. The first one I order over a year ago still looks great and has held up to multiple cleanings and weekly use at the range. They hold up to all weather conditions! Ordering now for my latest purchase an M&P 45. My only wish is that Talon would offer OD Green as another color option. Great product!

M&P 9mm Talon Grips - Easy to Apply - Looks, Feels and operates wonderfully. Makes a huge difference on how my guns stays in my hand in hot, and humid conditions.

Outstanding fit and function. Easy to install too. These new generation Talon grips are so much better today than those offered approximately 10 years ago.

Fits perfectly. Feels great. Definitely feel a bit more in control.

I've installed the rubberized version of these grips on my .22, 9m/m, and .40 SW full size M&P's. They were relatively easy to install and fit the guns like a glove. They also adhere to my hand like glue but are not tacky at all. The only potential issue is when (if!) I sell the 9 & .40. If the grip palm swell is changed the Talons will have to come off. They are incredible feeling.

I got the gritty one and it's awesome. It's actually better than expected. I will be buying from Talon Grips in the future, no question.

Applied rubber talon to my m&p40.Fit great, feel's even better!I will by again.

Work great. It also feel good want I hold it

Improves the grip of the gun tremendously (the M&P is way too slick from the factory), and easy to apply. I once made my own grips out of skateboard tape, but after using the talon grips, I wont be doing that anymore. It's way more work for a lower quality product to do it myself.

I love these grips they are everything i wanted and more!ive been using them on my edc. They have vastly improved the grip, and contrary to popular belief these rubber grips have not gotten clung up on my shirts anymore than the grip would. Under wet conditions the grip is impressive!, Installation was very easy. Truly one of the simplest and best add-ons to any weapon!

I bought the granuate for my m&p 9 and I cant tell you how much better it feels. Quality product, easy installation, and an amazing feel.

Great product. I have placed Talon Grips on several of my hand guns.

I modified my Talon grip slightly, meaning I removed the area that would cover the back strap on my Full Size M&P40 because I wanted a more rough texture on the back strap so I stippled the back strap but the combination of the Talon Grip and stippling of the back strap was exactly what I was looking for.

Love these grips!!Feel great and really add to the over all feel of the gun. I found them to be pretty easy to install as well.

I really like my grips. however I wanted to know if there was something I could do about the back of grips slipping after each time I fire the gun. Did I not apply them correctly/ is there something that can be done to remedy this problem? Thank you!!

Biggest improvement to the gun!

Have used this application on other guns, a perfect fit.

I first bought the rubber Talon grip for my Shield and I love it so much I bought two more. One for my M&P full size and another for my Glock 19. Both fit and feel are great, but the Glock grip doesn't extend to the thumb area. TBoth grips for the M&P's do cover the thumb areas of the grip.

After about 200 rounds, the grip started to shift... is this because i applied it improperly?

Your grips (rubber) are also on my shield..Love them..Anthony

The best grips I have ever had

These are fantastic grips. The instructions are very intuitive and easy to follow. They are very easy to apply and make your grip, super grippy. I highly recommend this product.

Keep up the good work very plz with ur product thx again

Great but

Great grips. Stick to my hand like glue!

Always good, my go-to grip for any new handgun!

Great grip, easy to apply. Great customer service!

Very fast delivery, easy install and feels great!!I would and have told friends about this gripe and it links good too. Thanks again

Had to take it off cause one edge would not stick

This was the best upgrade I think I have ever done on a pistol! Fitment is great, easy to install and just the right amount of texture. I would recommend this product.

Probably my fault. I used the alcohol pads to clean the grip, but even after blow drying the grip after adhering it, the talen grip pretty much came off while shooting it at the range.

Fantastic product! I own a couple of Smith and Wesson M&P's and one of the only downsides is the grip is to slick for my liking. I heard about Talon Grips through Hickock45 on youtube and wanted to try them out. I am never going back! These grips are fantastic and provide the friction I enjoy when shooting. Easy to install, comfortable to handle and they look great! Awesome product and I couldn't be happier. I have these grips on my all my M&P's and just ordered a set for my Shield!

the rubber grip works great for me. Easy to put, just FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.

Nice grips and very reliable company, that do what they say they will do, and back their products . will do buy again.

Still the best

The part that goes over the back strap will never stick. I modified mine and notified Talon. They offered to exchange them for their updated model that does not cover the back strap. A reasonable offer but I had modified mine so they would be the same as the grip they were going to send. Therefore I didn't take the offer. They instead have offered a discount on another set of grips which I may take them up on depending on my next firearm purchase. A good company to do business with!

Awesome grips! Wish I would of kown about em sooner!

I shoot IDPA and Talon grips are definitely the best on the market. They are the first thing I order when I know I am getting a new pistol so they arrive before the pistol. I have ordered over 15 sets of the rubber grips for me and buddies and will continue to do so. I highly recommend getting a set for your gun. You can't go wrong. Thanks Talon.

This grip is great! I was a little concerned that the granulite would be rough on the hand but it is not and gives a great grip. I used it on my competition gun and it gives me a solid grip every time.

Great gripImproved accuracy

The Talon grips feel great.A cheaper alternative to having your gun stippled and it's not permanent.If you don't like them,you wont be stuck with them.Love the rubber grips but i'm also curious about the other one.

I've followed the directions very closely. I cleaned the surface. I heated as required. The grips fell off after about 1.5 weeks of use. I've bought 3 grips and installed 2 making sure I followed the instructions. Still the same result. My friend had the same issue with his gun. We shoot IDPA, USPSA and Steel Challenge. We shoot about 2k rounds per month on ave. Maybe they weren't made for that amount of use? At $18.00 per with skateboard tape costing $6.00 per 4 foot roll I was surprised. They are no longer on my gun. I have installed skate tape and it's working fine.

Talon Grips are awesome. Easy to install and uninstall without any adhesive mess. Love them!

I have installed Talon grips on my full size M and P 9mm and my XDS. I have recommended them to all my shooting partners. They really make the guns feel like different weapons. Great accessories for any handgun.

Great product.Fast delivery. Easy install. Highly recommend.


Fits perfect on the gun

Fits and feels great!!!

Works great!

Grip feels great. I recommend this product.

Absolutely fantastic! Fits perfectly, no trimming needed, quick and easy install! YouTube video was perfect and well done, fills in all the gaps left by the written directions. Would recommend and purchase again (just need more guns now! :-)

Very comfortable grip.

Very comfortable grip.

Using my M&P for IPSC so good grip is essential and not very confident with the factory finish. Incredible feel now and easy to apply if careful to line up properly. Best improvement to any firearm for the small price.

Have Talon Grips on all three of my handguns (M&P 22, M&P Shield, and M&P FS 9) and wouldn't have anything else. Customer service was great when I had an issue with the grips on the Shield moving a little after shooting outdoors on days when the temperature was over 80 degrees. Their suggestion on how to apply the new grips they sent me for free has worked and is now included in the installation instructions. I don't recommend things much but this is one product that I have no problem recommending.

Wonderful product. Took minutes to install. I have one on my M&P .22 and another on my 9mm. Excellent value. I bought Talon grips because of Hickok.45's advice on YouTube. He has them on a number of his guns.

Wonderful product. Took minutes to install. I have one on my M&P .22 and another on my 9mm. Excellent value. I bought Talon grips because of Hickok.45's advice on YouTube. He has them on a number of his guns.

Makes a difference!! Gives the pistol a different feel and is very easy to install and will last long if the instructions are followed. Will also buy for my Glock

Easy install, just line up S&W logo holes and wrap around. follow with heat treatment and it's on for good!

They gave my m&p 40 excellent grip but the back of it did not stick well on the large backstrap. So I cut them to expose the backstraps and bought a stippled backstrap. They both work very well together.

I was meaning to call about this product because the talon grip would not stick properly to back strap. I have the pro series so the stippling is much more aggressive. I ultimately had to cut the talon grip off of the back strap and just leave it on the polymer. This product worked well on my other firearms but was disappointing on my m&p pro

These work so well on my three M&P's, I ordered two bulk sheets to put on the the tank of my ATV's so the dogs feet don't slip off.

Unbelievable product, put it on my competition M&P 9 and the thing doesn't even move in my hands, just the slide going straight to the rear. Thank you Talon! I'll be ordering rubberized for my carry guns no doubt!

excellent product would love to order more products in the future

I really enjoy the grips so far and will probably apply it to every firearm I buy in the future.

BestGrip ever, I put the rubber texture on both my M&P 40 and Sheild. I feels like it sticks to your hand. Every one I have showed them to has ordered from Talon. Great service and excellent product.

"Excellent" can't really cover it, these grips will most likely go on every pistol that I buy from now on. I put the granulate on my M&P 9 and it couldn'tfeel any better.