SD9, SD40, SD9VE, SD40VE

TALON Grips for Smith & Wesson SD9 and SD40 models (Rubber Texture)

Grips for Smith & Wesson SD9/ SD40/ SD9VE/ SD40VE



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TALON Grips for Smith & Wesson SD9 and SD40 models. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip has graphic cutouts for the S&W emblem on each side of the firearm. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Great grips....totally change the feel of the gun.

Awesome grip, helps the steading of the pistol when shooting and a much better feel than the rubber slip on grip I tried.
easy to apply even for a non technical person such as myself.

I just installed this grip. It went on easy, per instructions, and feels great. I will add more when I find out how well it lasts.

Perfect fix for the pin cushion poly grips

Great upgrade for this range pistol. Easy on, great feel and helps control.

Bought it for my boyfriend and he LOVES IT!

Great addition to any pistol. Makes the sd feel like a Sig in the hands. The rubber gives you a good grip while being comfortable against your skin while carrying concealed.

I have one on my shield and now on my SD9, I love the grips and if I ever get any more handguns . they will have Talon grips too!!!!

Fit almost perfectly. It's obviously impossible to account for any deviations from one gun to the next, however, any difference is hardly noticeable. If one follows the instructions carefully, it goes on like a fine glove. I previously had the granulate grips, which were great for the range, but chafed at my clothes. The rubber texture is equally as good but not "grabby" like many other inferior attempts. So far it had not caught on to any of my clothing.

Perfect fit. Will not be losing grip on this pistol.

The black rubber textured grips improved the S&W SD9VE more than I imagined they would. This was the 2nd gun I've ordered grips for, pleased with both purchases.

Great grip! Easy to apply and stays right where you put it once it is heated. Makes my inexpensive pistol look, feel & shoot like a much more expensive gun. Thanks Talon for making such a great product!

Great product fit my gun perfect easy applaction feels good in my hand reasonable price

I didn't think that Talon Grips would make much difference, but I had used them before and liked the feel. I was wrong, they made the grips feel like a comfortable glove. Talon Grips belong on all your sidearms.

Rubber granule grip is the best! Perfect for polymer handguns! They are easy to install and really improve your grip on your gun. Glad I made this purchase!

These things are great. My 2nd set. I will always keep them on this pistol.

Very happy! Thanks for a great product.

My 2nd set. I will never go without Tallons on my carry gun again. Gives me much more confidence in a fast secure grip.

My 2nd set. I will never go without Tallons on my carry gun again. Gives me much more confidence in a fast secure grip.

My 2nd set. I will never go without Tallons on my carry gun again. Gives me much more confidence in a fast secure grip.

My 2nd set. I will never go without Tallons on my carry gun again. Gives me much more confidence in a fast secure grip.

Wonderful company with great grips. Customer service felt like I was at a mom and pop store. This grip was easy to install and played a big role in accuracy.

This is the most phenomenal product I have ever used simple to install and works awesome thank you for such a great product!!

Awesome grips but started coming off in the back... maybe operator error

Have bought a ton of these grips.... sometime add a pachmayr on top of it to make it a bigger and better grip for my big hands.......The talon rubber texture is the one I always order and be sure to heat it three times with hair dryer and press down everywhere and it will stick. No problems!!!!

Talon grips are the best, been using them since I first became aware of the company and now have them on all my weapons

As always, a perfect fit. Everyone of my pistols wears a Talon Grip. Great product!

Got the rubber grips since i go to the range often with this gun. Super comfortable. Easy to put on . makes all the difference. Definitely a must have for any gun owner

I feel that i have a better grip on my pistol.

The grip greatly improved gun control which generated greater accuracy of the firearm...

Although the group texting from the factory on the Smith & Wesson SD 9ve is pretty good, but there's always room for improvement. An in saying that the improve came in the installation rubberized Talon grips. Speaking both personally and professionally for those who do not wish to go through an expensive and permanent stippling job on their weapon. Talon grips is your very best option to get better texting on your side arm at a very reasonable cost.

SW40VE As always perfect fit, comfortable. Gives my weapon a totally different feel.

The grip texture is perfect and was extremely simple to install. Only mod I would recommend for the S&W sd9ve is adding a fuller texture to the rear or palm section of the grip. Other than that it's been wonderful!

I replaced a good product in the Fobus grip however I was having issues with the grip sliding around and it made my grip a bit cumbersome. Since this is a full size pistol I need to preserve as much of my grip as possible. Enter the Talon Black Rubber Grips. I got the slim grip back with a confident grip that is second to none. This is my second firearm outfitted with Talon Grips So far and the product has surpassed expectations. I WILL outfit each of my firearms with Talon Grips here on out. You certainly have earned my business again and again.

Just a great grip! I've purchased two so far and will purchase one for every firearm I buy in the future! Worth every penny!

Great grips. Very comfortable.

Love love love these grips. I did not do myself justice by not reading the features when ordering the Granulate grip texture and find that it's very abrasive but superior grip. The description should youn choose to read it (You should always read it) is very accurate. Although I got a more abrasive grip than I wanted it's still a flawless excellent design and my confidence holding the pistol now is second to none. Concealed carry i reccomend the rubber texture. For holster and OWB carry and/or competition shooting I reccomend the Granulate texture grips.

Once I got this grip in the mail I immediately applied it to my gun and I'd have to say the Granulate grip is super solid and gives me a very confident grip on my SD40VE I recommend Talon Grips to everyone and plan on getting the rubber grip for my Glock 26 Gen 4 for my carry gun

Customer service is beyond excellent. Love the products.

These are the best grips I've ever used! I'm putting one on every gun I own! Please send me a t-shirt or hat!

The grip fit perfectly and completely changed the feel of the gun. Exactly what I was looking for.

I love this product!!!

Very comfortable! Easy to instal. Aesthetically pleasing. Great price that makes your fun feel and look awesome.

love them

Have several sets of rubberized grips. First granular set I've purchased. Extremely firm grip on the weapon with no chance of slipping.

The feel is great should have bought this a long time ago.

Fantastic fit and finish! The perfect answer for my sd9ve! Love this gun but hated how slick the grip was with sweaty hands! Talon Grips was the perfect answer for my problem! I went with the rubber grip and love the feel and texture of it! The grip went on very easy and was easy to adjust it right where I wanted it! I'm very confident that this grip will stand the test of time! If your on the fence about grabbing this grip, go for it, you will not be disappointed! Thank You Talon Grips for such a great product, I'm a customer for life!

I have purchased 2 sets of these grips and find them outstanding in fit and comfort. Customer service is the best. They go the extra mile to satisfy.

Love these grips. I put them on all of my pistols. They improve the grip of any gun 100%. I've recommended to all my friend that they need these grips in their life. Love your product!!

Fantastic grips will always order from Talon

Nice fit! Have not gone to the range enough to see how it holds up.

Best grips ever ! I have 5 guns and each one has a Talon Grip on it !!

I have to say that these take all my grips to the next level. They are easy to install and hold up great. I had passed up buying different guns in the past because of the slick grips but now when I purchase a gun I think how it will feel with the talons!!!

Great product! Perfect fit for my pistol! Very easy to install! Could be cheaper...the price almost made me not buy this particular grip. This is my second such purchase from Talon and although I like the products, I may not make another purchase if the price isn't reduced.

I didn't get the same grip for the sd40 ve that I've seen on YouTube

Easy to use and adds great tackiness to my firearm

Grips were shipped same day and arrived within 5 days. There were clearly labeled instructions and the entire installation took around 10 minutes. The grip I now have on my gun has gone up 100%

I put the granulated Talon grips onto my SD9VE, and it was awesome! I have rubber on my M&P Shield, and chose the granulated for the SD because I am not going to use it to carry IWB. They are very rough and could tear up skin and even a t-shirt. No matter how sweaty my hands get though, the grip doesn't slip! Great product!

Good quality material and easy installation but I'm not to happy with design/fit on the rear of my 40. I feel a little more coverage is in order.

Not my first set. Love these things!

Great feel and easy to apply. Would highly recommend.

These grips fit very nicely and precisely and they look like they came from the factory on the gun. They also give the gun much more needed grip and a great feel. Awesome!

This is the second set of Talon Grips I have purchased. And I will buy them for every polymer handle pistol I buy,instillation is a breeze and makes a world of difference

The only thing that I don't like is the round thumb stickers will not stay on slides off I'd hate to have to use glue should offer a combo of sandpaper & rubberized for the top of the back strap where comfort is needed

Perfect fit every time! This is my third set of Talon grips and every time, the grip fits the weapon perfectly. No matter what make or model, if Talon offers a grip for it, it WILL fit!

Makes this Glock clone look and feel better. Getting another for my 2nd SDVE

Very happy camper.

I received my grips for my S&W 9mm sooner than I expected which was good because I get very antsy waiting for my newest toy. The instructions that came with the grips were very good and I had no issues with the installation. I keep rubbing alcohol in my shop so after using up that tiny alcohol rub supplied with the grips I really cleaned the stock. Grips fit very well and were a breeze to install. Grip feels much better and does help the recoil. After putting 100 rounds through it in the hot sun and sweating all over the grip, it is still looks and feels great. Only time will tell exactly how good they are but right now I'm very pleased.

Loved it . Would definitely recommend this to a freind.

Thank you so much!! The rubberized grips are so comfortable and I love the way my gun feels

Talon grips on my sd40 make it feel like a completely different gun. Brings polymer guns to a whole new level. Very comfortable and stay planted in my hand even while shooting in the California desert heat.

My S&W SD 40 VE Talon grip has magically transformed a good grip into a fantastic grip. My cop guns I carried for 23-years, (retired) I used a different brand, which is not available for the SD-40. Talon came to the rescue. I love the grip. Inexpensive and easy to install. Thank you Talon

The positive reviews speak for themselves. This is one product that sells itself and is simply awesome. All your handguns NEED this!

After recently installing a set of Talon grips on my SD9VE, I took an action pistol class on a very warm June day. From drawing my weapon, firing multiple shots, and returning my SD9VE to the holster, the Talon grips provided sure control and a sense of confidence. I have recommended Talons to all my shooting friends.

these grips a must. they gave a better feel when hands are wet and make it look not so cheap. these are much better looking the factory grip.if I had to buy these for a pistol I would buy talon grips again.with that being said what a great product,

I am extremely happy with the Talon grips I installed on my Smith &Wesson sd9ve! It provided a very positive grip that is repeatable every time. Great product for a great price! I'll definitely be buying more from Talon!

Great product, worked as advertised. Easy install.

Talon grip decals make a serious improvement in gun handling.

I recently purchased the rubberized form of Talon grips for my SD9VE to replace another companies finger groove grip and couldn't be happier with that decision. The Talon grip gives me a phenominal purchase on my gun and enables me to use it for concealed carry. Outstanding grip! A must have for CPL holders.

Nice looking and comfortable. Easy to install. Serious grip improvement! These grips exceeded my expectations.

Just put the textured rubber Talon Grip on my SD40VE earlier this morning. It has made a HUGE difference! It really locks my hand onto my pistol now. Like many others, I love the way this pistol fits my hand, but the polymer S&W used for the grip frame just feels too slick. Even with a firm grip on the pistol, it tended to move around in my hand more than I liked. I'll be hitting the range in the next day or two to really give my new Talon Grip a work out. Kudos on a great product, Talon Grip!!

These are the best grips , Period .

I put the rubberized grips on my sd40ve and xd40, love 'em. Now I need to order some for my HK p2000 and px4.

Major reason I selected the SD40VE was the fit of the grip in my hand, however it did have a slippery 'plastic' feel. Was looking for a grip that did not alter the size or fit in my hand, but afforded a more 'tactile' feel. The Talon Grip in rubber meets my needs perfectly. Only criticism is that the logo cutouts should be moved about 0.5 to 1.0 mm towards the backstrap on each side for 'perfect' centering on the logo. With the grip centered on the backstrap and all air bubbles removed, the cutouts are not exactly centered fore and aft.

I put the "sand paper" grip on my SD9 and had a problem with my shirt hanging up on the grip often when drawing the firearm while training. I removed the grip from the body touching side of the firearm while leaving it on the balm side of the handle. Iam able to still get a good hold that doesn't slide around in my hand, nor does the firearm drag on my shirt during the draw. If I purchase another set I may buy the rubber rather than the texture.

Installed mine today on my SD9VE. I am using the textured non rubber and it is very aggressive. This is a major plus to keep traction in Hi heat and wet environments! Excelent grip!!!

The one thing I didn't like about my S&W SD9VE was the grip. I have fat fingers so I needed a pistol with no finger grooves but my S&W grip has a plastic feel to it. I decided to try some stick on Talon Grips and I have to say I'm blow away! Holy crap! It feels like a totally different gun. My grip is 100% better and I'm even getting a tighter shot grouping with the grips. I highly recommend them if you have any issues with your bare grips.

Best grips ever!

I was part of the mass shipments that were lost during the time I ordered the Talons for my SD9 VE. You sent me another set without question or additional charge. The grips are like usual... awesome! I never received the original shipment, but I'll continue to be a satisfied Talon customer... of that, I'm certain!

Got these for my SD40VE. Very nice grips, keeps hand in place while shooting. I got the rubber style ones not the sand paper ones since I carry concealed, I figured the rubber wouldn't be as rough on skin or clothes.

Received my new grips in the mail today installed them following the directions they easy to install and feel great.

Great product... even though a bit pricey I couldn't imagine shooting without it on my SD9VE (the grips are way to smooth to get a grip)

The grips have improved the feel of my gun and work way better than expected.

I have a S&W SD9VE which doesnt have the most aggressive grip out there, but I bought the rubberized talon grips for it and I LOVE THEM! They give so much grip but not overly aggressive. They dont widen the grip much at all and they feel so amazing in your hand. I showed it to my friends and they now want talon grips of their own! I defintely recomend talon grips to anyone! I am very pleased with my purchase.

I recently bought and applied the rubber grips for a SW SD9VE and I'm very satisfied!! The "feel" of the gun is greatly improved. Application was simple and straight forward. Excellent product. Thanks!

I like the feel of the grip I ordered. However the adhesive doesn't last. I haven't even had it on my pistol for 4 months and it is already falling off in some places. Probably just gonna take it off completely soon. I wouldn't recommend this grip to any of my buddy's.

I got the textured grips and they look, feel amazing! I just wish I had the smooth ones as I carry concealed and my shirts get hung up making it noticeable. But like I said, the look alone is amazing , not to mention the grip! Eric

Very pleased with my purchase! The grip feels very nice! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to add on some grips

Excellent service, excellent product. Installed the rubber texture on my SD9VE and it feels great. More comfortable and a better grip on the pistol.

One of the criticisms of the SDVE pistols is the lack of aggressive texture on the frame. The Talon grip improved the feel of the gun greatly. An inexpensive upgrade to a value priced pistol.

I liked my SD9, high value pistol but not quite as comfortable in hand as i hoped. I love my Shield Talon grips so I checked and ordered for the SD9 grip. Sha-zam, what a difference w the Talon grips. I recommend if you want a better feel in hand for your pistols ie comfort and control try Talon. Great product, great value


Fits perfect, excellent addition to the firearm.

The SD 9 VE is a good gun, except for the grip and the slick texture of the plastic frame. The TALON GRIP solved that problem. Now the Pistol feels much better and the grip is much more secure. Highly recommend the TALON PRODUCT for ANY Polymer pistol, but ESPECIALLY THIS ONE! Fit is perfect and the difference is spectacular. Money well spent!

Perfect fit, vast improvement over the stock texture. Shipped fast. Will be putting these on any polymer pistol I own, and recommending to all! my friends

The "TalonGrip" made the weak deign of the S&W SD9VE stock . Feel like a custom ergonomic upgrade. I"m very pleased with end results. Will recommend and definitely buy again.

Shipped fast, fits perfect, looks awesome and I love it, definitely buying more from these guys!!

Fantastic product fit perfect

your grips worked great on this gun feel was wonderful. made a great different in the way gun felt in hand.

your grips worked great on this gun feel was wonderful. made a great different in the way gun felt in hand.

Your customer service is also excellent!

Talon grips really made a big difference in my performance. So much more control.

Absolutely the best investment you can make to improve handling. Got 'em on all my pistols!

Love my Talon Grips...

Love my Talon Grips...

The talon grip is the best item ive bought for my sd9, easy to install. Fits,looks and feels great. Even bought one for my dads sr9c.

Amazing product! Worth every penny, made my SD9 feel like a completely different gun. Sticks to my hand as I expected. Definitely would buy again.

Amazing product! Worth every penny, made my SD9 feel like a completely different gun. Sticks to my hand as I expected. Definitely would buy again.

I've purchased grips in rubber for two of my pistols and love them. They really do firm up my grip over today's polymer grips. Amazing product.

The install went flawlessly and fitment was 9/10. The only thing I needed to do was to trim off the excess that overlapped. The handgun feels a lot more secure in my hands and the grip deff gives me a more positive feel of the weapon without being too abrasive like the sandpaper grip. I'm an extremely satisfied customer!

I love talon grips I will continue to purchase them for all my fire arms great product

These are the best grips I have found out there. They give you a better feel and you really get at better grip with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Customer service is excellent here!!!!!!!!!!! Very Fast Shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grips for sd9ve and sd40ve worked great!! I sent an EMAIL a week or two ago wanting rubber grip for SCCY CPX2. Never heard back from you. Really like to have one for the SCCY.

I just got my Talon Grip today. I ordered the granulate texture, and I cannot believe the immediate difference this made for my S&W SD40VE! It feels like a completely different weapon in my hands. I will be going to the range this weekend, and I am sure this grip will improve my overall handling of the gun. Thank you for making an affordable and exceptional product. Easy install, great customer service, and even the personal touch of a real "thank you" on the packing receipt. Classy operation, with whom I will do business again and recommend to my friends and family.

Talon does it again! Bought the black rubber grips for my wife's S&W Bodyguard 380 and she loves it! You can't beat the price and quality of these grips. Do yourself a favor and get them!