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Grips for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield



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TALON Grips for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield models. This Rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full front strap coverage, and full coverage on the backstrap. This grip has graphic cutouts for the M&P emblem on both sides of the firearm. Extended magazine grips are available for this model (sold separately). FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Fits perfectly and adds so much grip. I’ve tried both the rougher textured and the rubber. Prefer the rubber one now.

Best grips you will find!!! Easy to install by yourself!!! Takes less than 5 minutes

I have the rubber texture grips on several of my handguns and as always it’s a great product offered from a great company. I’m always happy to see that brown envelope in my mailbox and of course more swag for my reloading bench with a new sticker. Thank you all for making a much needed product for firearms

I have the rubber texture grips on several of my handguns and as always it’s a great product offered from a great company. I’m always happy to see that brown envelope in my mailbox and of course more swag for my reloading bench with a new sticker. Thank you all for making a much needed product for firearms

Fantastic addition to the pistol. Got the rubber grip. It not only fits perfectly but install is a breeze. It’s a must have if you prefer a real tactile feel or simply do not like the stippling that comes standard from the S&W factory. Worth every penny.

Superior product. They’re everything I heard they would be.

Exelent fit

I found the grips to be very easy to apply and the fit was really spot on. The feel of the grip on the pistol is very comfortable making control more stable.

Super easy to install and very fast to arrive. First time purchasing a talon grip but will buy again when these wear out. Much better purchase on the firearm and the rubberized texture isn’t too tacky or abrasive against the skin. Great product and very well thought out.

They are TERRIFIC!!!

Put them on my PC Shield 9mm.........beautiful feel....the rubber grips were perfect on a slim gun, made a good gun into a great gun.....thanks Talon

This is perhaps the best upgrade I've done for my Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm. The factory grip was not too bad on this phenomenal firearm but once I put my Talon grips on it, that's when it became a near perfect firearm. They are simple to install (follow instructions provided) and make such a huge difference. Much easier to handle and the feel is great. I also purchased the Talon grip for my extended magazine and love the way it feels as well. Great product that works!

Great upgrade to the slick shield 9 grip

Wanted a little extra thickness on the grip, as I seem too shoot a little left with thin gripped pistols. Fit of the Talon grips was not quite spot on, but I made them work. After installation. I tried shooting a 3"X 5 index card at 10yds. 9 of 10 hits, felt the one I pulled off. I had already put these on my Springfield XD 45ACP, and have been very satisfied with them. I would recommend to anyone that needs a better gripping service on their pistol.

Love the texture of the grip

Awesome product! Quick, easy install. Detailed instructions. Made a HUGE difference. Will be purchasing grips for a few other firearms for sure.

Talon grips are a must for gen 1 Shield. They improve the grip tremendously. The customer service is excellent too.

Is not sticking down on the one side very good I keep pushing it down and it pops back up, not very happy with it!!!

Great product.
Recommend them to friends all the time.

Awesome fit and feel. Extremely easy to apply. That little extra tackiness helps with the small grip.

The grips fit perfectly. The instructions were easy to follow. It is hard to believe that such a thin product can make such a big difference on the grips, but it does.

I can highly recommend the rubber grips I bought.

perfect fit, looks good and grip feels good.

This is a replacement for my earlier Talon grip. With the new design, the two edges overlap at the front of the grip, rather than the back, which is an improvement in feel and appearance. I am completely happy with the perfect fit and feel of this new grip tape.

We ordered rubber grips for matching S/W Shields. Easy order process and equally excellent product. Delivered in a few days with a nice thank you note to boot. Nice to hear that our business was appreciated.

SOOO much better than rubber grips!!!! Better control!

If you are a serious handgun shooter, Talon Grips are just necessary add-ons. Can't do without them for a reliable grip.

Tried both rubber and the granulated styles. Both are great in their own regard as far as feel, but fitment for both were spot on. Only recommendation would be if your carrying....go with rubber! Granulated is tough to get used to, and the rubber works just fine.

Made an old version shield to the new 2.0. Actually I think the gripping surface is better

Couldnnot carry M&P shield, the grip was to rough and irritated my side. But after installing the Talon grips. I can now carry my gun all day. Jeezy Install. Highly recommended.

Grip installation was quick and easy. Standard texture might be too aggressive for some especially if carried in a IWB holster but overall I’m amazed by the difference in the purchase of the gun in my hand! Thanks for a great product at an affordable price!

I purchased these for my best friends Shield 9mm. They installed very easily by following the instructions and taking extra care in the heating process and really pressing them down all over. I have installed them on about 6 or 7 of my own guns with great results. CAUTION: They are addictive, if you have multiple guns just go ahead and order a set for each one while you are at it, because after you feel the difference they make, you will not be satisfied till they are all TALONIZED......................Shipping was very Fast & Free too!

won't do without them

Great product!! Customer service is amazing!!!

These are a great addition to any handgun. Perfect fit and fairly simple to apply.

I first tried the grips on a ruger lcp. It greatly improved the grip without adding width. Because of that, I tried the rubber grips on my m&p shield. It greatly improved the grip, and I was very pleased with the results.

Great product! Install was very easy with the included instructions and now I can carry my Shield 45 without two layers of clothing between it and my skin. The grip is much more comfortable now and it looks great.

Purchased a M&P shield .45 carrying for the the first time the sand paper grip irritated my side. I purchased the talon ruber grip. Now I can carry all day even at work where I’m moving around all day and the grip dose not irritate my side. Highly recommend the talon grips. My only complaint is they should sell the ruber grip for the mag with the grips. Now I have to place a second order. But I’m sure it will be worth it.

I ordered this for my shield in moss, just as pictured! Looks and feels great! Shipped pretty quick also.

Received talon grips for my m&p shield and magazine fast in the mail and they were easy to put on and they look and feel great, thanks

Outstanding in both quality & customer service, I will be ordering a set for my LCP ASAP!

I have put these grips on other handguns & love them. The Shield takes 2 people for the best results, just because of the curvature of the firearm. A+

Great product. I bought the rubberized grip for my shield .40 cal, and love it. I get such a great purchase on the firearm, and don't worry about slipping at all. My wife has felt it as well and wants one for her 9mm. I will definitely be putting talon grips on all of my conceal carry pistols in the future.

This is the 3rd grip I’ve purchased from Talon, and I’ve not been disappointed. The only drawback I’ve experienced was where the grip meets skin when carrying IWB, and having the grip slip, and bunch up. Especially where it’s thinnest. Solved with a couple drops of super glue! I will be purchasing additional grips, since they’re such a game changer. Especially with short-barreled polymer firearms. They really make shooting good guns better!!! Thanks again for such an easy to use, and comfortable addition to my firearms!

Easy to install. I put on the granulated skins and they are very gripping. Like 80 sandpaper. I like them but would prolly install the rubber ones next time

Easy install on my M&P Shield love these rubberized feeling grips, have it on my Glock 19 as well. Would not leave the house w/o them.

Absolutely amazing. Fits so well and the texture is on point. I was worried it wouldn't be comfortable against my skin when concealed but that hasn't been a problem at all. Glad I went with this over the sand paper kind.

Easy install, very comfortable, looks good!

Grip applied very easily. I believe it improves the feel in my hand. My only concern is durability. Too early to rate.

IMO the mineral grit granulate grips are worth the money. The weld to my hand on Shield 40 is iron clad. Good control on one handed shots and fast follow up shots.

The rubber grip is a huge upgrade from what S&W gives you with the shield. Very nice for carry.

Fit perfect and feels great

I already loved my shield but the talon grips make me love it more

Grips look great now that they are installed, could use at least a diagram for proper installation.

Used many aftermarket grips etc for past 30 years, talons are the best by far, so far. 5-6 years from now we'll see. Their reputation for longevity appears good though....Wolfie

Love it its small like tape and don't add size to the gun

Product as expected. I’ve purchased five different grips and all have performed well. Will purchase again for my next gun.

Love my talon grip on my new shield

Putting talon grips on my shield .40 was a great decision. The grips are great, I went with the rubber over granulate. I get a much better grip on the gun, its more comfortable to shoot and this adds up to tighter groups and noticeably faster shooting. Installation was quick and easy. Just be sure to read the instructions and follow them exactly. Last but most important... Customer service from Talon is OUTSTANDING. I placed my order and a few hours later I wanted make a change. One quick email and they were right on it. I will not buy a handgun without ordering grips for it from Talon. Top notch product. Grade A customer service.

Great easy way to add some grip to your firearm. Easy to install, and high quality. Everyone I know who is into firearms trusts and uses Talon grips. I have Talon grips on all three of my weapons.

YouTube had shown the ease of installation. It only took me less than 15 minutes to install including a little heat to M&P pistol grip. They work great and well worth the money. Thanks for having such a great product!

Love my Talons! This review is for the the whole group that I have now installed on all of my Shields, grips, extended mags and Pearce pinky extensions. The fit is superb, installation a breeze and the advantage/improvement to the purchase of these compact pistols is outstanding! Once again, you folks at Talon Grips have come through with excellent customer service and shipping. Thanks!

These rubberized grips give me an EXCELLENT draw stroke and faster sight alignment than I could have imagined. I had placed Tritium XS Sights on my 40 Shield and now the Talon Grips are the best match for this EDC.

This went on as easily as the other reviews said it would and feels great. Everything lined up perfectly except for one of the holes for the S&W logo but it's so slight that my friends didn't notice.

Fixes perfectly on my S&W M&P Shield 9MM

The rubber grip is a perfect fit for the gun, extended magazine, and Pearce extension. I also put the grips on my M&P 9c. Perfect fit again. Getting the hole for the emblem lined up is tedious but they do line up. No stretching but there is light pulling in this direction or that to get the perfect fit. The hair dryer attached the grips so well they look like factory. The feel is great. Good experience at the range with them. Great investment.

Grip fits & feels great

This is my 2nd set ,my 1st was for PX4 compact and worked great that I got a set for my M&P shield .I also got the Extended Magazine grip which keeps the sleeve from moving up.I will be getting them for my other gun too.

Amazing grip and such a solid feel in the hand! What a difference from the original grip feel, and love the look of the moss color on my black shield! Will definitely recommend!!

I love the fit and feel, almost like home. I practice daily either shooting or presenting , wear appendix and no problems. Took couple of try’s to line grip up, then snugged her up with heat gun. I think I’ll get couple for my Glocks.

The talon grip made my shield fill up my hand up just enough for a great fit and really helped lock the shield in my hand for control. No more adjusting my hold after a couple shots. Great addition to my Shield!

I was surprised how well they fit. I would buy them again

These grips are a great. My hands tend to get a little dry at times and these grips fix that problem. They fit and look great.

Abosolutly love this product. The rubber grips are perfect for my large hands to have a better handle on the gun. Simple to put on and comfortable to wear since it’s my EDC. Love it. Recommended.

Worked slick

Feels great on my MandP Shield 9mm. I was worried the rubber would be slippery because my hands sweat when I shoot 200+ rounds, but it is not slippery at all. I like the tiny bit of width it adds as well. Stellar product from a great company!

I've been using Talon on my poly guns for several years and they have improved the feel of the gun as well as my grip . keeps it consistent on the draw and shoot drills. I wouldn't go without them now. Honestly only had one bad one on the shield years ago when it first came out and Talon immediately redesigned it and sent me a replacement for free within 2 days! Excellent customer service and product!

Really like the feel of my Shield with these grips!

I love talon grips. I have bought them for all my pistols. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

I bought this and put it on, shortly after it stop sticking

Amazing product! Fits perfect around my shield. Just be aware if you conceal carry with the granulated, it is really rough too have on the inside of your waistband, it grips amazing in the hand though just like it should.
The customer service is amazing as well. I called because I had a question about something, and Adam helped me right away and even recommended some very helpful tips. Will denifately order grips for the rest of my handguns.!

Great Value!
Easy to install
Gave the gun a much better feel and control

I have done two S&W Shields now with the Talon Grips. My Shield has the textured rubber grip, and just did one in granulate for a friend and she hasn't taken it back from me yet. Both applications were very easy. I followed the instructions carefully, and had no problems whatsoever. I have fired both pistols since the application, and personally I prefer the textured rubber over the granulate. The friend hasn't had a chance to say how she likes the granulate texture. If she doesn't like it, I've told her that I'll remove it and get a rubber textured one. Both are very effective in improving the grip on this smallish, single stack pistol.

happy with the feel of the gun now. would not hesitate to use again.

This is the second gun I've bought Talon Grips for and I love them. They add just enough to give me a better grip on my gun.

got them for my m&p shield 9 they feel great

Precision fit and feel , i will add Talon Grips to all my pistols

Great price and amazing product for your polymer guns

By far a superior product, easy to install and great price. A must for a polymer grip!

Great product. A must for your polymer frames or as I call them "plastic fantastic" at a most affordable price point.

Awesome grip.

Great product

Excellent fit. Easy to install. Well worth the $

My first Talon grips. Went on very easily. Totally improved control of my new M&P Shield. Will now order for my other pistols. Great product!

Product works great. Ordered the rubber grips for my shield. Easy to apply, makes the gun stick in my hand, but still feels good IWB. Ordering two more sets for Glock 42 and 43.

Best money I ever spent .This grip was better than I ever expected .I have told many about it , have had many say they are going to order them for their guns I hope they do!

Very easy to apply and feels great


Easy to apply and provides improved grip for my M&P Shield. Highly recommended.

Great feel! A bit confusing at first to put on but it is actually simpler than you think it is. Used a hair dryer and worked flawlessly! Highly recommend!

Love the rubber grip for the shield 9mm. It’s comfortable and allows better control for a smaller gun

I have a Shield M2.0. The Talon grips were just a little different, but fit well enough to do exactly what I hoped they would. Great product!

Perfect for the first gen Shield. A much needed improvement for this gun.

Fit ,finish and installation good and easy.
Adds zero bulk to grip. Rubber version I bought gives very little extra grip over factory.
I should have purchased the grit finish set to get a better solid hold on the Shield.
I will know better next time.

The M&P Shield is an awesome lil concealed carry gun, but the factory grips are very slick.. especially if they get wet... these Talon Grips completely solves that. The fit it excellent and the feel is even better. Stellar product!

love your product makes a big difference

Good color, grip and fit, however, it did require some trimming. One end was squared off rather than being cut to fit the portion it butted up to.

Great product as always.

Cut was perfect but they were slick Amd didn’t not have a good grip. Texture should be more aggressive. I will not order again

Super good fit, easy installation, and total transformation on the feel of this single stack. Worth. Every. Penny.

This one was a little harder to put on than my XDm one, but man does it make the grip so much better. I actually thought the shields grip was nice when i first bought it, until i start practicing my draw from the holster. The rubber of the Talon grip feels so much better than the sandpaper feel of the original grip.

I have used Talon grips before and they are perfect on the S&W Shield 45 and all the other pistols I have put them on. Highly recommended!!

Easy on, great feel and great service. A no brainer for control.

Great quality, easy to use and great customer service. Definitely will be a return customer.

Spoke to customer service, he was super helpful and didn't rush to get me off the phone. I received the grips fast! Installed it per the instructions and it fit like a glove. Feels amazing on the gun! I will be recommending Talon to all my friends. It's great to find a quality product that is affordable. Thanks Talon!!

Love the rubber grip. Easy to install, be patient.

The grips look and feel good on my shield. they did not quite line up with the smith & Wesson emblem, I don't know if it was my doing or the cut of the grip. After some adjustment this is not an issue. I am overall very satisfied with the talon grips. I have not had a chance to make it to the range yet to test them, but I hope to soon.

Perfect fit and really improves the grip on your Shield. Grip is especially important on such a small handgun with very little by way of front or back strap grip to begin with.

Great product! I have talon grips on all of my pistols!

I bought the rubber. I have put on a lot of decals but this is one of the best engineered products I have ever used. Did a quick dry fit to get the feel of it. Then worked it in halves as shown in the video. I reheated it several times, gripped it and pressed it quite a bit to ensure adhesion to the textured frame. A perfect fit and as thin as it is, it still helped filling my larger hands providing a much better grip.

I purchased the Talon Grip for my S&W shield 9mm nearly 4 years ago. I carry every day do the last 3 1/2 years. The grip has remained perfect. Looks and feels like the day I got it.
Thanks for a great product.

Great....... will be ordering two more for my other guns.!!!

I really liked the aggressive grip texture on the Shield but not so much while carrying. The Talons still provide great grip but are a lot easier on the skin. Install was really easy. I was worried I wouldn't be able to adjust the grip to get it centered but you can still adjust it where you need to. Definiely going to try them on more pistols.

Gives a firm well controlled grip even when your hands are wet or sweaty.

great product.easy install

These really helped my large hands get a better purchase on that small, single stack grip. Groups moved right and up to center after installing. Thank you Talon!

My talon grip was easy to install, fit my firearm great, and feels fantastic. You cannot beat this quality and for only $18 it is a no brainier. I've recommended them to my entire department. Great work Talon!

I like the more aggressive grip of the Shield .45, but after a while, it's a bit much. The Talon grip fixed all that, still plenty of grip, very comfortable. Absolutely perfect fit.

Feels 100% better than the factory. Now the gun stays put when I fire it.

I am impressed as to how easy it is to install and the difference it makes as to the grip. Outstanding and highly recommend

Easy install feels great in your hand. A hole lot easier to hold the gun doesn't feel like it wants to leave your hand on the recoil.. GREAT PRODUCT ! ! ! !

Great product. Truely enhances the grip of the M&P Shield. Highly recommend.

Very easy to install.I took the Sheild to the range Last weekend.I had no issue's with the feel.I will be buying more for my Ruger sr40c

These grips are great! I followed the installation procedure exactly and the rubber texture feels great and you can not notice it is an after market product install. The gun looks brand new from the factory. Thank You Talon!!!

Fast delivery
Great product

Bought for SW shield. Makes a big difference on the smaller frame. I would recommend . Only reason for the four stars is the fit isn’t perfect. Considering it’s a carry gun not a big deal.

Excellent product. Great improvement. Have bought several.

These type guns need a little help when it comes to gripping, they are small and have a snappy recoil, the Talon grip help substantially with maintaining gun positioning. And they look much better than the slip on sleeves.

Just finished installing the grips on my M&P 9 Shield and notice a BIG difference in purchase. Perfect fit, easy to install and fast shipping. These grips are great and I'm ordering some for my Sig P226 now. Great product. Thanks guys!

4 stars for quality, ease of installation, color, and most important feel. I have not yet gone to shoot my weapon, which now has an Apex Trigger, so I do need to go do that. This is my carry weapon, so about a year after that I should now how well the adhesive hold up. At that point I hope to give it 5 stars.

nice feel, good fit

The grips arrived much sooner than expected and they looked like good quality. The installation was super easy and the overall appearance looks like they add to the overall look and feel of the pistol. I haven't gone to the range to actually see if an improvement can be seen but they sure feel much better in the hand and that can only lead to more accurate results

This was the third Talon grip I have purchased and installed. This one was for my M&P Shield 45. The prior two were for a Springfield XDM 9 and XDS 9. Your grips greatly improved all three grips and greatly improved the shoot ability of all three. Great product and easy to install.

Love the rubber Talon grip, feels much less slippery than factory grip. Spend a little time studying how they fit, take your time and follow directions, mine turned out great!

Bought the rubber grips for both my Shield 9 and 45. Big difference. Will probably buy for my other pistols.

Excellent as always! I don’t have a pistol that doesn’t have Talon grips on it...

Great product! I got the rubberized set and the look and feel amazing! Holding up great so far! Will most likely buy these on any other gun I purchase!

Very quick delivery, easy to install, and feels really good on my gun!!!

Fast shipping, easy to put on and work AWESOME!

I just received the 3 Talon rubberized grips for my M&P Pro Series Full Size, M&P Shield Performance Center, and M&P Bodyguard 380. Followed the instructions and in less than 45 minutes had all three installed. What a difference! They do not slip in my hand, I no longer have to squeeze the grip so tight to feel like I have a firm grip. Best of all they do not add any bulk to the grip, and I do not have to worry about them slipping like some of the other type grips. Should have done this a LONG Time ago! Thanks Talon.
The only negative comment I can make is the fact that the alcohol wipes were dried out, which was not a problem as I planned on using my own anyway.

They easy to put on. I had the granulated on my Shield first it was to rough for me. But the rubber grips have the perfect feel for me. Great job Talon!!

I bought these for my bride's Shield and they are great. The texture and fit are outstanding and precise. The user needs to take their time and get the application right and they will be very pleased with the end result. The adhesion seems to be very strong.

The grip is great. It solved the rough sand paper grip of my .45 without sacrificing the grip itself. I would buy another in a heartbeat.

Excellent product and fit. Customer service is first class!
Highly recommend.

Look factory installed. Was a bit concerned about installing myself. Was afraid they would look beginner installed and lower value of my gun. No worries, they were easy to install, friends thought they were factory. You can adjust these and when they look right you heat them with a hairdryer and wow. Edges are stuck down and will not peel. Buy grips you will not be disappointed

Looks amazing on my FDE shield, just ordered some for my new 19x!

Great products! All my grips are Talon.

easy to install,look good,feel good, great product. they will be on my next new gun also!!!!!!!

This is my third set of Talon grips, and they fit well on my M&P Shield as they did on the other two handguns.

Amazing product, exceeded my expectations!

Fit like a glove for my M&P Shield 9MM.

These grips are hands-down amazing! I put them on M&P Shield and on the 8-rd magazine, and it makes a world of difference in how the pistol feels in your hand. One hand shooting, even with the 7-rd magazine, is very comfortable and will not slip from your hand. For less than $20, this amazing upgrade provides massive value for money. Very simple to install. Do not hesitate.

Tremendous improvement in "gripability" over the stock Shield texture. "Gripability" translates to greater control and more rounds precisely on target.
Some care is required to apply the grip precisely. Once the Talon is in place and heated per the instructions, it blends well and feels permanent.

Not a easy one to get every thing to line up but I did it. Looks good feels good,I like it. That glue is stickyer than bubble gum on a parking lot in mid July. Have not shot gun yet but I think I will really like it . Thanks

Great improvement to the factory grips.

A must for a better grip. I applied this to the grip and was amazed at the better feel when handling the gun. Have since applied the same to my XDs and other pistols. Great product and great customer support from Talon. Shipping was very quick and they even add a hand written thank you on every invoice. Will be doing more business with Talon in the future.

As advertised

Awesome fit and feel! Why did it take me so long to buy these?

Grips fit well with minimal gaps. Better to install when gun is new for best adhesion, factory grips are very porous and can be difficult to clean thoroughly. These grips are a must if you plan to carry inside the waist or against bare skin. After installing grips I used a heat gun, let sit over night then used the heat gun again mainly on edges. My grips now appear to be molded from the factory.

I'll be installing these on all my hand guns.

Grip fit perfect and was easy to install with no problems at all! Holding my shield feels so much better now!!! Very good price and super fast shipping! Definitely coming back for more products!

Fit and finish was great would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about it

Easy to install, and worked well

Great grips! Got the rubberized grey version and they installed easy and provide such an upgrade to getting a solid grip on your weapon. Also does not interfere with carrying, still comfortable and have not noticed any issues there.

Very pleased with the installation fit and the way it feels in my hand, definitely preferring the rubber to the optional grittier surface. Shooting with it gives you a very good control surface. The only thing I have any reservations about at this point relate to longevity, with some concern about how well the adhesive will hold long range.

M&P Shield 45 grip is bit too gritty without talon grip , talon grip improves it tremendously.

Grips are excellent and very easy to install. They mae aworld of difference on the firearm. Love them.

Don't usually give reviews because when I purchase something I expect to function properly. However in the case of Talon Grips I'm making an exception. My carry gun is a M&P Shield in .45 ACP I love the side arm but the course design of the hand grip will rub you raw if next to skin and is hell on shirts. I was going to sell the gun and carry something else. When at the local gun shop the owner said why don't you try Talon Grips! Never using this product I wasn't sure what to think but for $20.00 bucks it was worth a try. I'm very glad I did. I just finished with the installation and couldn't be happier. Grips installed perfectly (follow the instructions) and look great. There is still enough texture to hold the firearm securely with somewhat of a softer rubber feel. Great job Talon Thanks a load.

Easy to install and a vast improvement over factory.

Very easy to install with a great fell and grip. You have my business and others that I know keep up the good work

Great grip

I love the look and feel of these grips easy to install they work great make it much easier to control fit and finish is excellent this is my third set and I will continue to purchase

Great product goes on easy following the instructions, the factory grip on the shield 45 are very aggressive making it uncomfortable to carry Inside the waste band these grips fixed the problem and have a very comfortable feel.

Cheap and easy to install. I am very happy with my shield grip setup. I think I may need to get one for my glock now.

The grips are very comfortable and easy to install. You will need a hair dryer to heat the rubber to shape and mold it together. Only takes a few minutes to install and price is very reasonable for such an ergonomic and easy upgrade. I even got a handwritten thank you note and sticker which really makes it feel personal. I would definitely recommend if you're looking for a grip upgrade.

Significant improvement over slide on universal grips, looks sharp too. A must have for the shield.

I've purchased three separate sets of these grips for various firearms. Very pleased with the easy installation and reliability.

Good fit, well made. Heed the warning on the temperature to set the adhesive and when removing the backing go slowly as to not rip the small sections.

great fit, great feel happy with the results.

I read about this grip in an article in one of the NRA magazines. I ordered it because the author recommended it so highly. When I received it I thought it looked cheap and was about to send it back, I’m glad I didn’t. I put it on my gun and what a difference! There is no shifting in my hand while shooting any more. If you don’t have one , get it!

I ordered this along with a few others. Let me start with my order got lost in the mail, so I emailed them and explained. Well a few emails later my order is being shipped again, received it and put them on today. I couldn't be happier, it looks great and feels great. Adds a awesome, more custom look. This is a professional company and I will be recommending them to my buddies.

excellent fit and easy to install looks and feels great

Grips look professional and was easy to apply following the included instructions. Creates a good grip. Would buy again.

Rubberized grip feel really nice. Great improvement for the shield. Wish the grip was a multi piece instead of a single piece in order to keep the lines of the stock grip visible. Also had to do a little trimming to some of the edge to avoid the grip from hanging over the stock edges at the bottom.

I was skeptical of how well an adhesive grip would hold up to everyday carry. The talon grip has surpassed my expectation both in function and longevity. So far I have noticed none of the edges lifting, and the feel of the grip is great. I really liked the standard grip of my Shield 45 but the rough stippling made IWB carry uncomfortable. This grip kept the original fit but replaced the rough stippling with a comfortable rubber feel. I would recommend to anyone who plans to carry the Shield 2.0 or Shield 45 IWB.

Extremely easy to apply , the fit was excellant

I am very happy with the Talon grips
They were easy to install and fit perfect...
I will be ordering Talon Grips for my Ruger SR40 next!

Love it! Feels good in my hand, makes it easier to hold on to the gun and the cut is precise. I will buy again for my next gun.

greatly improves the feel of the weapon in your hand. very minor trimming took care of the overlap. great product along with prompt delivery, and well priced. if you want to personalize and improve your weapon this is a great way to go. and no they didn't compensate me in any way for this review

This looks as good as a factory application and much grippier than the stock grip.

Much easier to apply than expected, happy with the result.

Great fit, great feel.Very pleased.

100% better grip on my M & P Shield.

Feel great, much more grip without feeling more abrasive on your skin. Easy to apply and looks great on the gun except for a few gaps. It would look like factory if the fit didnt leave gaps around the back of the grip. Still, very satisfied

Fit perfect, Better grip than stock pistol. I will order some for other pistols/

Great product. Easy to install and added that perfect amount of width that I felt the shield needed.

I purchased the rubber grip for my M&P Shield. The design of the grip fits perfect and it looks great too. the rubber feels really comfortable in your hand. I definitely recommend to my family and friends. Great job Talon!

I purchased the rubber grip for my M&P Shield. The design of the grip fits perfect and it looks great too. the rubber feels really comfortable in your hand. I definitely recommend to my family and friends. Great job Talon!

My new Talon rubber grip feels great. I found the original shield handle to be a bit to slick and small for my hand. The handle now has a nice feel to it, and feels more secure in my hand. A grip that I highly recommend. Installing it was easy, just take your time and a little heat from a hair dryer helps adhere grip to handle.

Great product. Pretty easy to install. I'm a bit OCD so they had to be just right but on about the third go around I had them where I wanted them. used my wife's hairdryer for a few rounds of heat and they are snug as a bug. Definitely feel like part of the pistol. Recommended. I got the extended mag wraps as well. This is a small firearm and I needed the extended mags to make it fit my hand. The Talon grips went on easy and enhance the feel of the weapon.

Superior customer service that exceeds a, "must have" enhancement to an already fine tool.
Easy application and one of those small, cost effective products, that really make a big difference.
Looks cool, as a bonus too!

I like the emphasis the manufacturers have placed on the aggressive grip texture now available on all of the poly framed, striker fired pistols released last year including the new Shield 2.0. The perfect grip & texture is achieved when the Talon rubberized grip is installed. Talon grips are outstanding in form and function and the is always excellent. I have Talon grips installed on every poly frame pistol I own and they have made the Shiel 2.0 even better. I added the Extended Magazine grips for the Shield 8 round mags and love those too!

Easy to install and works very well. The rubber version makes the SW Shield feel even better.

Easy, economical addition to stock S&W grip. Simple installation. Really like the “feel” of the rubber version. Haven’t been to Range yet but looking forward to it. Liked the feel on my Shield so much I installed same version on my full M&P 9.

Unbelievable fit. Great product!

I am very happy with the price and quality of this product. After watching a few videos the grip was easy to install and feels much better than stock. I would recommend to anyone wanting to improve the grip on their shield.

I have the granulate grip on my shield right now and I love it. The difference is noticed immediately. I just got the rubber grip and it feels great as well. I’ll be ordering another grip soon.

Great fit and ease of application, this grip has definitely enhanced the feel and appearance of the M&P Shield.

Talk about grip! So, I went ahead and got the granulated grips for my Shield. I passed over the rubberized ones, because I wanted a firm grip on the firearm. I really have a firm with bare hands in the cold, rain, and when the palms get sweaty. Yes, they will rub my skin raw with an IWB, but most of the time, I am wearing and undershirt.

Work pretty much as advertised. I had previously used skate board tape on one of my 226's. This is a bit fancier, and for the Shield provides a great grip. Don't know if I actually got it up to the temp recommended by the instructions (the only issue), but I did heat them.

The front strap part wraps under the left side panel. I thought there would be an issue of feel and bulk, but there isn't.

If you're looking for something more grippy, or your hands tend to sweat, this is probably the easiest and cheapest answer. I like mine.

Rubber grips for the M&P Shield fit great, went on easy, looks and functions great!

Fits perfect! Comfortable and nice grip!

Great set of grips. Every EZ to install.

looks good not hard to install,I thought it would be hard

This was for my husband. It was easy to put on. The rubber feel is good. Can’t wait to try it out on the range when it gets warmer. The only drawback when putting the grip on, once wrapping around, it over laps on the bottom and not cut out exactly to the shape and contour. It looks like a missed cut because it does not curve like the handle cut out.

The rubberized Talon grips give a more comfortable and secure grip without changing the perceived thickness. The fit is very good, but for an exact fit the final bit must be trimmed with scissors.

Fantastic grip. Very easy to apply. It definitely improved the grip substantially.

Absolutely essential for me for 1st gen shield. Stock grips are too smooth for me. Even bought an extra so I will have when current one wears out.

The best grips for my gun.

Came with very clear instructions. Easy install. Highly recommended.

I like the feel on the rubberized grip more. No snag on shirts and better grip on my gun.

Easy installation. Nicer feel to grip than factory issue. Haven’t been to Range yet but looking forward to testing. Checked YouTube video prior to installing and used heat gun on low to set adhesive. Removed and replaced Crimson Trace laser assembly to install. Great product at reasonable cost!

I have Talon rubber grips on all my handguns that I carry and shoot on a regular basis. They enhance the grip, make shooting more comfortable plus it is more comfortable against the skin for IWB carry.

Not only does it give me a much better grip but it makes my shield just feel and look even better. I went with the rubber finish since it’s my EDC and it is perfect. Only complaint is it is now making me want Talon grips on all my pistols.

I have put these on 3 shield now. If you follow the directions and take your time it looks and works perfect. My personal opinion is the better you clean the surface the better it is going to fit, I also use a heat gun after the install to make the glue soft and easier to make it adhere. I have these on my magazines along with grip extensions and they all work great together.

Easiy to put on. Allows for a much better grip without adding bulk or weight.

Excellent delivery and they fit like a glove! Need a grip? Think Talon!!

Made a great gun even better with the black rubber grips for the Shield. Highly recommend. Awesome product.

These are awesome grips. I got the rubber grips for my M&P Shield 40 & 9MM and they fit perfectly and they install very easily.

Can’t have a polymer gun without Talon Grip should on them. Also the gaming grips for Xbox and PS4 are amazing

Great product and great service!!! I will be a returning customer.....Thanks

Having bought and installed Talon Grips on other handguns, the addition of this item on my carry handgun makes a 100% improvement in the feel of the grips

Amazing feeling in the hand. The first gen Shield doesn’t have the best texture and these are amazing. The gray looks awesome as well. It adds a nice pop to an all black firearm without actually altering the gun.

Got this grip for my m&p shield. It made all the difference. I picked the rubber grip. So far has not been uncomfortable as far as rubbing while carried in my inside the waist holster. Easy to apply and seems like the adhesive will hold for a long time.did not come with one for the mag so I plan to get some for all my mags. Very satisfied

The product is exactly as described. The installation was easy.
I’m getting ready to order my second one, I’m very pleased with the product.

The grips fit great. My M&P Shield came with a Crimson Trace laser and I had to cut part of the off under the trigger guard to make it fit. The on and off button of the laser sticks down about 1/2 an inch below the trigger guard. Once I did that everything fit perfectly.

Gives the small grip on the Shield lots of traction. Essential accessory.

I buy these for my wifes M&P Shield and get and extra set when theyre on sale To me the rubber textured really enhance the feel of the already great Shield Good stuff

Another great grip from Talon. Easy installation and a great fit.

this is the 3rd set of grips that I have ordered. They fit and feel great. I highly recommend them

Excellent fit a grip
rubber type

A friend has these on his shield and a glock. I liked them so much I put them on 4 of my handguns. The grips are fantastic and your company doesn't rob customers by charging a bunch extra for shipping. I have them on a shield, xd45, xd40 sub compact and taurus 709 slim. Completely satisfied with your product. Thanks!

The fit is great. I will be ordering these for all of my pistols

Exceeded my expectations on quality and ease of installation. Highly recommend

Great product, and great feel in my hand while shooting.

So far so good.

What can I say, the grips simply work. They make the Shield 45 more comfortable for EDC. Highly recommend.

Ordered this for my 9mm Shield. Fits perfect, feels great.

These grips keep the small single stack Shield firmly in my hand and helps eliminate the movement during shooting.

Great grips! I have noticed the grit is a bit rough. It’s has great grip even when your hands are sweaty. If you have it for concealed carry be careful it will rub you a bit raw after a long day of carry.

The one problem I have with reviewing this product is that I can only give it 5's better than that. Ingenious idea. Perfect fit.Superb grip. Easy installation. Affordable. Looks good, too. What more could you want??? I wish it was available for some of my older firearms, too. Maybe someday.

I bought my first talon grip for my shield 9mm. The feel is amazing and I instantly had better results with my gun. It is also on my edc and does not grab my clothing or holster. Will be buying these for all my firearms.

Unbelievable product!! Improves grip by about a million percent!! The new "moss" grips makes it look like I have a new gun. This is my second purchase... and now that you have the tactical grey grips... I'll be back for more!!

I’ve always enjoyed the rubberized grips. I’ll continue to put them on future handguns.

my third set of grips, and these are the best yet on the shield.

Great product. (FYI. I'm using the, on my Shield & the small SIRT pistol.)

Great fit for the gun. Would buy again.

works like a charm

Perfect fit and feel. Just buy it!

If you aren’t the type to stipple your grips and permanently change your frame, putting a Talon Grip on your Shield is the only answer. The grip completely changes the way the pistol feels in your hand. It adds the right amount of thickness to the thin Shield frame. Get one, you won’t be sorry.

Love these grips! Feels really good in my hand. Gun conceals much more easily without my shirt getting caught the way it it did with the sand paper grips.

Great product! My hands are large, the gun is small. This grip plus a rubber grip over it makes it fit.

Fit perfectly. Took the gun to the range after installing the grips and had a much better time controlling recoil.

Great product. Easy to apply, it was my first time trying anything like this and it took about 30 minutes. I think I may have “hairdried” it a little too much, but it works great. I didn’t get the magazine strip with my grip. I was looking forward to having that as well, but I’ll probably just use some skateboard grip tape

Love the grips. Easy to install. Improved my accuracy. Had a hard time with out them. Well worth it.

I love the size and reliability of the Shield, just a super pistol. One of my complaints with has been that the grip is just slick and being a single stack it cal slide around in your hand.
No longer a worry with the ribber Talon Grips. Now it is locked in my grip shot after shot.

The grips are great. I had a few questions, and everyone got back to me very quickly, great service. However, the instructions on putting on the grips were for the wrong gun. The ads for my showed the wrong grips. but everything worked out fine. thanks

I purchased the rubberized grips for my Shield 45 because outstanding grip texture on the Shield was just too aggressive for long shooting sessions for me. The Talon Grips fit perfectly and allowed for a much more comfortable shooting experience without sacrificing any stability in the grip. Great product.

Fast shipping great product. Just remember to order the extended mag. and extra material. For an extra few bucks its well worth it and gives you the option to add grip tape on the outside of the trigger guard as well as the front frame if you so wish.

Buy this. You will not be be sorry! I got the rubberized black grip a month ago, very grippy but not rough to the touch. I even messed up when putting it on, had to peel it partly back off in a few spots, and the adhesive is STILL like super glue. It gives you a waaaay better grip and I personally think it looks really cool. Use a hair dryer, watch some YouTube videos on application and do a mock up so you know where the pattern lays in advance. No snags, matches the black gun perfectly and doesn't attract dirt, debris or oils. What are you waiting for? We've all spent 20 bucks on much worse!

Purchased for stock 9MM Shield. Ordered the Rubber Grip. Fit was perfect and installations was smooth. Very nice grip. Am looking forward to shooting soon. Gun used to slip in my hand a little. Should not slip now. Recommend for anyone looking for a little more grip for their gun.

Outstanding feel and grip

Great grips made a big difference in control of the fire arm would order again

Great grips made a big difference in control of the fire arm would order again

Best grips you can get ! Easy to put on , good price , and helps control the gun very nicely . Will put on every handgun I own .

Much better than the stock grips. It barely adds girth to it. I highly recommend this

Awesome feel and look! Highly recommend!

Great product. Easy to apply to the gun. My only draw back is the small piece that has to wrap underneath the other side of the grip. Better than any other products I've seen out there currently.

This is my second Talon Grip for my S&W M&P 9 mm Shield. The first was the rubber style - liked it a lot, improved the feel and handle on the Shield. After reading reviews, I wanted to try the granulate version and love the improvement. I carry concealed in the 4-5 o'clock position and only need to be aware that certain shirt/fabrics hang on the granulate a little more than other fabrics, no big deal. Everyone I've let shoot it loves the feel of the new Talon.

Very Nice Grip. Fit perfectly if you follow the instructions exactly and overlap the ends under the Mag release. Since the ends are cut differently they do not match, so it's necessary to wrap the end from the right side which is straight under the end from the left side which is curved., so when you start out don't press too hard on the first edge so you can lift it a touch and tuck the other end under.

great service; great product.

Best grip I have owned. Sleek fitment, easy to put on. Needed a little trimming for personal satisfaction... Definitely would recommend this product!!

I bought a .45 shield and these grips are great. The fit was perfect.

Ordering was a breeze, showed up quickly, installation took 20 minutes with grip cleaning included. I let the adhesive cure for a few days before taking to range. Ran 200 rounds through the weapon and the grip held it's own. No movement, no debonding, actually felt good on the hands, even after 200 rounds. Looking to possibly purchase grips for my Springfield XD SC. Would recommend to all gun owners.

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Hello. excellent job. I did not expect this. This is a great story. Thanks! facdkcedfddddfdd

I was ready to get rid of your pistol. I just couldn't shoot it accurately. But after installing the talon grips I would never get rid of it. It improve the accuracy for me to thousand percent.

Perfect fit. Easy to apply

The grip works great. Gave the pistol a little more to grab and not slip out of your hand compared to the slick polymer frame. Also feels better in my large hand as it gave it some thickness to grip which helped tremendously.

Very pleased again. This is my second pistol that I have installed Talon Grips on and I have been completely satisfied with this product.

I purchased the rubberized Talon grips for my S&W Shield. Very easy to apply. The plastic S&W factory grip is kind of slippery in the hand. Where I live is very humid almost all year round. The Talon grips give me a more secure feel in hand. Very satisfied and will purchase them for my other firearms. Love the factory look and does not add any bulk for concealment.

These grips worked as advertised and were easy to apply and feel great. I'll buy more for my M&P.

Fit is excellent very satisfied with the product

great product, easy to apply/install. I may try the more aggressive gips next time.

Bought these grips for my shield. Like the rest of the Talon grips I bought it was perfect and easy to install. First textured grips I purchased. If you do not wear some piece of clothing between the grip and your skin it will feel like sandpaper rubbing your skin. Very uncomfortable.

Love the product. The grip improved my target accuracy.

Works great.

I am very pleased with this product. It fits my Shield very well and is good quality. I recommend Talon Grips to my friends and family.

The granulated grips (Skate Board type tape) is a much needed addition to the M&P Shield 9mm.Grip is very comfortable, no scratching as you might expect. Gives a feel of confidence, no slipping here.I would get these again.

Awesome fit and top quality. Highly recommended!

3 Talon Grips Down! 10 More To Go! 3 More Shield 2 Glock 19s, 2 Taurus S&W 22 Compact & Walther P22! I'll Be Ordering SOON! Plus. Many Ext Mag Grips Better Control & Feel. I'm going to become MR TALON! Soon!

Great grip, great quality, great price

The application was incredibly simple and allows me a much better purchase. I’m extremely happy with how they turned out

Easy installation, better grip of firearm

Grips look great and provide a solid grip without being too abrasive.

This grip is amazing ! This model for the Shield is my personal favorite. I installed it and instantly fell in love. It completely transformed the feel of the gun. I have carried the gun concealed every day since installing the grip and it looks as good now as it did when it was installed. The precision cut on this model is outstanding. I have shown it to several other officers that were amazed with the fit and look of this product. We have compared a shield with the talon grip and one without side by side and the difference is undeniable !! Home run on this one Talon !

Great feel and great grip on hand gun.

I add the rubber Talon grip to all my match guns. This provides a more positive grip than just the stock mfg's plastic feel.

Love the grips it feels like it belongs on my smith. I’ve had this product for maybe 3 weeks and I have not had any peeling or anything wrong with it.

Great fit. Came as advertised and with a few video views, installation was easy enough. Makes the .45 Shield easier to carry if you carry IWB. I would purchase again. All in all great product.

Great grips. Love talon grips!! Fast shipping too.

This is the second wrap I have used on my M&P Shield .40. The first lasted for several years and I was extremely happy with it.The latest wrap I received was exactly as expected, the instructions are clear and as stated in them you must use a hair drier to help with maximum adhesion.The only issue was that the grip didn't seem to be cut properly so that it would not overlap. It was a simple matter for me to use a razor knife to trim it a bit so as not to overlap.

Very comfortable grips! Easy installation and they nicely fill the gap created by thinner frame. I will definitely be purchasing from talon again in the future!

Your rubberized grips made the gun much more stable in my hand. I am thinking of purchasing your rubberized grips for my Glock 30. I definitely recommend your products.

I just bought a set for my 45 Shield which two groups are the Smith & Wesson2.0 which are very sharp so I decided to buy a pair of rubberized ones I have these on many of my guns they work Dynamite I would not hesitate to tell people to buy these keep up the great work.Rick

I just bought a set for my 45 Shield which two groups are the Smith & Wesson2.0 which are very sharp so I decided to buy a pair of rubberized ones I have these on many of my guns they work Dynamite I would not hesitate to tell people to buy these keep up the great work.Rick

I just bought a set for my 45 Shield which two groups are the Smith & Wesson2.0 which are very sharp so I decided to buy a pair of rubberized ones I have these on many of my guns they work Dynamite I would not hesitate to tell people to buy these keep up the great work.Rick

I just bought a set for my 45 Shield which two groups are the Smith & Wesson2.0 which are very sharp so I decided to buy a pair of rubberized ones I have these on many of my guns they work Dynamite I would not hesitate to tell people to buy these keep up the great work.Rick

I just bought a set for my 45 Shield which two groups are the Smith & Wesson2.0 which are very sharp so I decided to buy a pair of rubberized ones I have these on many of my guns they work Dynamite I would not hesitate to tell people to buy these keep up the great work.Rick

Don said it perfectly! A must if you plan to carry all day. Fits perfect and the rubberized texture definitely makes the shield 45 easy to carry. Bought one also for my wifes 9 mil shield and she loves it. Thanks guys!

I have these grips on three of my guns I just bought a set for my 45 Shield it has the to 2.0 textured grips which wearing them under a t-shirt was very rough so I bought the rubberized Talon grips there Dynamite they make a world of difference I would recommend these grips to anyone.

We tried the slip on rubber Houge grips on this Shield first, but found it awkward feeling and slipped a little. I'd read a lot of great reports of the Talon, so decided to give it a try. We got the rubberized one, not the real aggressive one. Install was easy to do, just follow the directions.Really liking the result. The grip is just slightly rubberized now, and allows for much better holding power while shooting. I don't notice any extra bulk or girth. Nice, thin product that stays in place. I'm sure we'll be ordering more of these for other guns.

Very easy to apply. Looks and feels great

great fit , comfortable the texture

Fits the 45 Shield perfectly. The rubberized Talon grip is a must if you plan to carry the 45 Shield iwb, the stock grip is like sandpaper and rubs you raw.

Big improvement on the narrow grips that come with this gun! Nice return for a cheap investment of $17.99.

Perfect grips for M&P Shield 40

Easy to apply. Great fit and feel. Looks like factory grips. Fantastic product.

Makes the gun feel so much better in the hand. Always great service. I have talons on all my handguns.

Great feel. Very easy to apply.

It went on easy and I really like the feel and the control this grip offers.

I have these grips on several of my pistols and love them!!

The grip was surprisingly easy to install and has greatly improved my grip on this pistol. The first time I fired using the Talon grip my grouping showed marked improvement. I really am impressed with it and would recommend your products.

Grip went on shield easily and fits like a glove. I have a much better grip on pistol with the talon grip. Will be ordering one for my pps m2 next. Thanks Talon Grips.

Love the product. Really improves the feel. Would highly recommend these grips. I plan on getting another one for my Glock.

I have two Shields with Talon grips. I believe a better fit could be achieved by eliminating the overlap on the left side when completing the installation.

Well after installing and doing some shooting with the grip installed on my M&P Shield I will say I'm pleased so far. Time will tell how well it holds up after being carried daily and shot a lot. Good news is I shoot roughly 1,000 plus rounds a month so time will tell.

Great product. Followed the steps on the installation video and they fit perfect. Makes the Shield 9 feel a lot better. Shipping was faster than first expected...arrived in about a week Will soon place an order for a Ruger LC9s.

After I applied the my new Talon grips I was very impressed on how my M&P shield felt in my hand. It was like it was a different pistol. I will purchase more for my other pistols that I own.

Grip fits perfectly with little to no aggravation to install. They added a much needed texture to a small handgun without rubbing my skin raw while carrying. Excellent product!

It has good grip, but I didn't like the skateboard grip feel. I am going to purchase the rubber grip soon. I have held a pistol with the rubber grip and it's much better. Great product

If you have a S&W MP Shield you want this too. I purchased the rubber version and it provides excellent hand tac while remaining easy to draw from IWB holster. Stop reading this and just buy it, you'll be happy you did.

Very pleased with the Talon grips for my Shield. Did have to do a little modification to accommodate the Crimson Trace laser but the finished product looks great and feels even better.

Easy installation, strong adhesion, the best way to improve the grip. Great product. A bit pricey, but seems durable.

Awesome product, easy installation!

Easy to apply. Adds the necessary texture to the grip.

I just bought a S&W 45 Shield Performance Center pistol with the new more aggressive stippling on the frame grip area. I found it to be too much for my taste so I added the Talon rubber grips and now I do believe I have the perfect EDC.

I have Talon grips on my Glock 19 and purchased grips for my M&P Shield as soon as I acquired it. Very easy to put on and love the texture of the Talon's.

Team Talon - Thank you for your attention to detail and quality of your grips. This is my second gun sporting a Talon grip and can’t imagion shooting without it. Fit was perfect and directions were clear. Nice work !

I have utilized Talon Grips on nearly all of my handguns. I started with the granulated and thoroughly enjoyed the comfort of the grips' texture. I purchased a previously owned handgun with Talon rubberized grips already installed. I honestly can't say which I like best. I don't carry, so I imagine that the granulated would be better for OWB, and rubberized would work for either. I especially like the ease of installation and the fit and quality. The cost of the grips, in my opinion would be a bargain at twice the price. I would not hesitate to recommend Talon Grips to anyone seeking a quality grip at a fair price. "Awesome products"...

Super easy to put on and makes going to the range a much better experience.

My third Talon grip, no problems, great product.

Great fit and super easy install. Made a world of difference in my grip. I will use Talon grips on all my handguns now. 5*****

Got the rubber Talon gribs and what a difference it makes on my shield!! Great product and easy to install! Definitely recommend the rubber for concealed carry!

Excellent product. I found it easy to install (You Tub videos helped). My hands are fairly large and, while not at all thick or bulky, grip, handling and comfort were much improved. I definitely recommend these grips.

Love the rubberized grips. Have ordered for two additional handguns.

Great product works well and looks great!!! Makes the shield better to handle and hold no need to worry about sweaty palms anymore

Nice grips. I didn't like the aggressive stippling on my shield 45. The rubber talon grips fit perfect and feel even better.

I installed this grip on a Shield 45 ACP because the aggressive new texture on the Shield is a little rough against the skin when carrying concealed, IWB. Huge difference still have a great grip on the pistol and now it is comfortable enough to wear all day, even when riding my motorcycle.

Love Talon grips. I will be a returning customer for as long as I have my firearms

Although the Talon Grips are thin they fill out the grip for a better feel. I just wish that the grip came with at least one extended mag grip.

Excelle add ons! Makes my MP Shield easier to grip, especially when my hand gets sweaty at the range. Very easy to apply.

Best accessory to buy for the M&P Shield. I have large hands and thought a single stack gun would be too small for them. I went and purchased these Talon grips and it made the Shield fit in my hand and not slip at all when shooting it. Without the grip on the gun it would jump and slide everywhere. A must buy for this gun. Went on flawlessly and with ease!

I have owned my M&P Shield 9mm for a couple of years & although I train with it regularly, it wasn't my favorite gun to shoot (most sub compacts aren't). I was surprised by the difference these grips made. It feels like the Shield is glued to my hands! These grips + the Apex Trigger & Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Kit have made this little gun extremely fun to shoot & improved my accuracy & time getting back on target for follow up shots. This small cost mod made a huge difference for me.

Stippling on Shield 45 was so rough that it would rub your skin raw. The rubberized Talon grips work great and I feel like the gun sticks to my hand now.

Looks and feels great on my 40 cal shield. Easy to apply also. Great addition to a s&w shield .

Short story-I bought a Talon for my 40 shield 3 years ago because the grip was too slippery as I live in a hot southwestern climate. The rubber style Talons solved that problem. When I bought the new 45 Shield, I figured with sandpaper style grips on the new Shield I would not need the Talons. I was wrong. I like the new grips but they are too sandpapery as in a hot climate, the first time concealed it was too abrasive on my bare skin. Put the same rubber style Talon's on this one and problem solved!. Doo not get me wrong I like the abrasive grips on the new 45 Shield but I am just not a t-shirt guy underneath my regular shirt. Just saying-Talon grips are not just for a better hold on smooth grips but in some cases a more comfortable concealed carry also. I have also noticed that while this new style of Talons were a bit more complicated to look at they fit just perfect and wrapped down nice and tight from the very first day. You cannot beat this product with a stick I think they are that good.

I am impressed with the feel of the Talon grip on my M&P Shield. I have yet to shoot with the Talon grip on, but I am confident it will make a big difference over the stock grip. The fit and coverage of the material is perfect. Installation takes some care, and following the instructions closely is important. After heat-setting the glue and press fitting, the Talon grip looks like it was always part of the gun. I added the grip for the extended magazine, and it is perfect, too. The only negative is the alcohol preps that were sent--there were two, they were very tiny, and one was dry because the foil packaging had split open. I used rubbing alcohol I had at home with a paper towel, to make sure the surface was clean of all residue. I ordered this on recommendation from two guys I shoot with who both have Shields. I will certainly also recommend Talon to others for any pistol. Great product!

Great product, I thought it would be a bit difficult to get on just right but it ended up being super simple. I will be buying more for all my firearms.

I now have Talon Grips on 8 of my hand guns. The last set I ordered was the grit textured and they are absolutely perfect. Talon grips are the best and at 17.99 everyone should at least try one set. I HIGHLY recommend them. Shipping is super fast.

In August 2017 I ordered a set of Talon Grips for an M&P Shield. I received the grips in just a few days. I followed the installation instructions and everything worked just as advertised. I did call Talon with a question to which they immediately gave me an answer. I found their products to be just as advertised and their customer service to be exceptional. I highly recommend Talon.

Bought these for the shield,45. The stipplng on the grips were rough on the skin when carried. The talon grips fixed that and the are great grips. Easy to apply.

Best M&P Shield up grade out there. Huge difference in grip stability especially for older CCW citizens. Easy on, perfect fit, looks like factory installed.

Great product. I have Talon Grips on all my pistols; and I have a few. Simple installation and work very well.

Easy to install. Looks sharp. Shoots great.

Be aware when you order that the magazine grip cost an extra $1.99 which seems like poor marketing it could easily have been included and just raise the price

Greatest thing since sliced bread. Easy to apply. Feels good in my hand. And my Shield doesn't slip!!! Great feeling to be able to hold on to my gun. My hands are getting arthritic and this just makes it easier. Thank you.

The current shape of the Shield cover is much easier to apply than the earlier version. So far there has been no slippage of the grip on the 4 shields I have Talon grips on.

Love the grips

Easily installed on S&W Shield .45. No more sandpaper feeling on my side. Great product!

Super Fantastic! Grips are comfortable and save my skin for sure. Easy to put on and if you have issues the customer service was absolutely super!! I will use these for every gun I have from now on! Definitely consider buying

Better than I expected. Easy instal, great fit and feels very nice

Bought one for each of my Shields.. fit is perfect. Great grips and will buy again.

I put this on my shield. I went with the non textured. I have large hands and for the single stack it helped tremendously. It made the gun a pleasure to shoot. I will put this on every firearm I own. Super simple install.

I just installed the rubber grips on my Shield. What a difference, it no longer feels like slippery. When I hold the pistol it feels like it is going to stay put.

Easy to apply. Good sticky grip. I highly recommend this product.

Great product very easy to install and feels great in the hand.

Just put the rubber grip on my M&P Shield, wish I would have gone with the Granulate as I did with my Glock 21. The rubber helps with grip but the Granulate is awesome.

Excellent, excellent, excellent! The uncovered grip was too rough for my tender skin when I carried IWB without a tee shirt between the gun and my skin. With the Talon product there is no irritation.

Excellent Product, and Great Service!

Grips were exactly what I was looking for and went on with relative ease.

Excellent product. Fits perfect on my shield and the rubber texture has greatly improved the grip and feel of firearm. I would and have recommended this product to friends.

Purchased the Talon Rubber Black Grip for 2 MP Sheilds 9mm. Arrived quickly and were easy to install. Also purchased the grip for the extended magazine. It makes these handguns feel much better in your hand. I would highly recommend these grips to anyone wanting to improve the grip on their S&W MP Sheilds.

Great grips good texture feels great really enjoy carrying and great control when drawing from my BlackHawk level two serpa holster I purchased the sandpaper finished grips and have no problem with it catching on clothing or rubbing on my skin, will most likely purchase a set of Talon Grips for my Glock 26In the near future. Thanks TALON.

Awesome! Follow the directions and apply, took ten minutes tops! The additional grip and padding make a ton of difference for the M&P Shield. I think the Talon grip is a near necessity for my pistol.

Great product. Easy installation. Fast shipping. Thank You.

Perfect! Third set I've bought for my M&P's. Great product.

I love the grips, I now have them on 3 of my handguns.

This is my fourth Talon grip! If you own a handgun and go to the range your grip will never loosen from sweaty hands! Great product!

Truly an amazing grip. Can carry my Shield 45 next to bare skin without irritation. Thank you Talon

Easy to apply and fits good. I followed the directions and it appears to have adhered good. They rubber grip feels good in the hand and should tame the 40 Shield a little. I would buy again.

I love em! Highly recommend!!!!

I have the rubberized grips on 3 different guns. They make it much more enjoyable to shoot and feel and look great too. Highly recomend them. Very easy to install.

Easy to install, feel great. No slip while shooting m &p shield 40 s&w.

Love it. Putting it on all my composite guns

Awesome grip!!! Perfect fit!!! Easy to apply!!! I'm more accurate than ever!!! Wish I'd ordered sooner.

I put Talon grips on my S&W shield 45 due tothe aggressive texture on the frame and this did exactly what I needed. The Talon grips were easy to install and feel great. I have a Ruger LC9S pro and it will be next for Talon grips.

the factory grip on this firearm is outstanding. however i wanted the grip to feel a little larger. the talon grips filled that requirement very nicely.

Great Fit & Feel.

So far so good. I've had to for a couple weeks now. It was pretty easy to put on. I had to undo it once but that was simple and because I didn't line it up correctly. It went on pretty smoothly and seems to have stayed in place. I felt the flush clip without the talon grips was too small and slippery for my hands but with the talon grips I now can handle and control the Shield with the flush clip easily. I also had a brand new shooter try it and he was still able to handle it without losing control. I highly recommend this and the extended magazine grip as well.

Talon Grips are the Best .Perfect fit and feel on the S&W Shield .

Awesome product!

Do yourself a favor and install these rubberized grips. You will not regret it. The secret is to use denatured alcohol from the hardware store. The medical kind of rubbing alcohol has lanolin ( oil from sheep) to keep skin from drying too badly. Not ecaxtly what you want to use for the best bond. I have not had any loose grip issues even on the small mag strips when installed as directed but using pure alcohol. I will consider Talon for all my edc guns.

I must admit that I was skeptical of these grips when I first looked into them awhile back, but now after installing them I was amazed at how well they changed the feel of the gun. These are easy to install as long as you follow the easy to read directions that come with the grips. After the second time of heating and pressing the complete grip it starts filling in any voids that it may have due to the manufactures stock grip. So make sure to follow the directions and they will take on the lines and cutouts perfectly. As my hands sweat a lot in the warmer weather these allow me to have better control and much less recoil adjustment for getting back on target the follow up shots. I highly recommend these for all types of firearms.


Item was as described. Was received promptly and installation was a snap following the included instructions. Item blends well matching with factory finish and provides the extra grip that is missing from the factory. I would recommend this item to friends and family.

Excellent fit and finish, Greatly improved grip on this small M&P Shield. For me it was a must have for this firearm. I highly recommend this product.

Great grip !! Super easy to install. I have already ordered and installed on another gun and will do with all my handguns.

Has good fit .pretty easy to install. Got the rubber one. Nice on hands

Arrived quickly and it was easy to install. The grip looks good and has improved the feel of the gun in my hand.

another perfect fit


Wow what a difference the Talon made on my shield. Much easier to grip in all conditions.

Grips were cut nice and feel great. Directions were easy to follow and installation wasnt an issue at all. I would buy again without hesitation. Nice product!!


One Word - ImpressiveOK Two - Awesome & Impressive

Well, I didn't have much success putting the grips on. I followed the instructions and watched YouTube videos but it didn't work for me. Also I didn't bother using or even tried to use the magazine wraps as they did not allow you to disassemble your magazine. So I guess I'm one of the few unsuccessful stories.

I was a little leary about applying the adhesive grips but after dry fitting them, my confidence increased. I was very pleased with the precut design. The grips aligned perfectly and there have been no issues with the grips adhering to the pistol. The increased positive feel of the Talon grips has been great. Thank you for a great product.

These are great grips. My S&W M&P Shield .45 was a bit too rough against my skin when carrying IWB. Talon Grips still afford me great texture and confidence of a good grip, without the discomfort. Fairly easy to apply, and it's definitely on there to stay. Great product, in my opinion.

Absolutely amazing! I had the Shield .45 for months before finally coming to my senses. The stock Shield grip is excellent for traction but terrible for carrying. IWB without an undershirt was torture. Like having a sandpaper block riding inside the waist band causing my side to become painfully irritated and red. When summer hit it was too hot to always wear an undershirt. After installing the Talon grips I am back to just a T-shirt again and it feels extremely comfortably yet still offers grip. My only regret was not getting a set much much sooner.

The Talon Grips arrived on time and make a great difference on the range. Easy to apply and looks great.

I had to wait for this Grip to be available. But, this product is worth the time it took. I am very happy with the fit, form and function. Excellent overall performance. Thanks...

Fantastic grips! Easy to install even with a crimson trace mounted. Does not add any noticeable thickness but really smooths out the rough knurled feel on the polymer grips.

Greatproduce a welcome addition to my gun

Makes a huge difference in latching ahold of my Shield from the six o clock position. Easy to install. Just had to trim a small cutout for my Crimson Trace Laserguarg button.

I have fitted many Talon grips over the years to my pistols, and find them to be top quality, well constructed and easy to fit. Great product.

Just bought a Shield 45 ACP and put the talon grip on it. The more aggressive stippling on the 45 was fine, but the rubberized grip prevents it from slipping at all. It was very easy to install, just do a few dry runs lining it up and follow the instructions. A great product (made in USA), fast (free) shipping, and a very reasonable price. Wouldn't hesitate to buy again. Will see how they hold up with average range use, but so far I am very pleased with the grip. Thank you Talon.

Great! Easy to install, better feel than the stock grip.Got one for the wife and one mine, and we love them.

3rd set, no issues

My third Talon purchase, this time for the new M&P Shield 45 Performance Center. Perfect fit as expected. My only suggestion would be for Talon to one day offer a double thick version of the rubber grip for even more comfort on the bigger bore handguns.

My third Talon purchase, this time for the new M&P Shield 45 Performance Center. Perfect fit as expected. My only suggestion would be for Talon to one day offer a double thick version of the rubber grip for even more comfort on the bigger bore handguns.

Great product, really improves the feel of the narrow grip of the S&W shield.Easy to install, the hair dryer really helped with the adhesive sticking really well in every curve of the grip.Would highly recommend these grips.

Did a previous review. Ordered several rubber Talon grips for several of our guns, Love the product. Only complaint . Wish a piece was included for guns that are sold new with an extended mag. Have several mags and several with Pearce pinkie tips. Had to spend alot extra to get everything covered.

The grips arrived in three days and were easy to install. The Shield does not move in my hands. A big improvement over the stock gun.

Awesome grip. I ordered the grip that feels like skateboardb tape. It feels comfortable in my hand

I've got Talon Grips on all my polymer pistols. I recently installed them on my Shield .45, and really, can't put into words how much I like them. They just make the pistol feel great in the hand and greatly increase control during recoil. I've had Talons on my EDC 9mm Shield for about 3 1/2 years and they still look good as new. The fit is always perfect. Thank you for this awesome product.

Great product.

Fit perfect easy to put on

The talon rubberized grips fit my Shield perfectly. Installation was easy and I like how they feel. I haven't shot my Shield with the grips yet, but I can feel the difference in how it feels in my hand. The personally signs packing slip was a nice touch; it shows that the people at Talon cares.

Great feel, easy to install, delivered quickly. Ordered one for my wife's LC9S after felt the difference.

Fits like it is the original grip. Super comfortable, adds little to the girth of the grip. Not so tacky that clothes catch on it. A great fix for the extremely sharp texture on the new Shield 45

it would be great if you guys were able to make the rubber grips a bit more aggressive, other than that they'll do

Talon black rubber grip for Shield 45 is perfect. The Shield 45 very rough texture is great for a solid grip but when shooting a 100 rounds at targets it will make your palm sore from friction. It also is too rough on bare skin inside the waist holster. The Talon grip makes the Shield perfect for concealed carry.

Perfect fit. I found the grips on the Shield 45 to be a bit too aggressive. The Talon grip made them just right. Thanks.

I liked the grip on my Shield 9, so I bought this for my Shield 45. Even though S & W has a more aggressive grip on the45, the Talon grip was nicer. The fit is perfect - as always.

Great fit! Smooths out the aggressive checkereng, yet still provides a confident grip.

Like um

A quality product. The grips have now been added to three different handguns. The grips fit perfectly and have held up to repeated usage.

I really love the new Shield grips. The original model had problems with shifting due to body heat causing the back of the grip to separate. I replaced those grips on both of my Shields with these new ones, and love them. Problem solved. My Shield that I originally replaced the grip on has been my CCP with the new grip on it for the past year. It works so well that I replaced the grip on my Shield I use for the range with this new grip design.

I own three M&P Shields. Each of them has a Talon Grip. When I order a gun, I order a Talon Grip for it. I've owned ten handguns and they all have Talon Grips. I Wouldn't own a handgun that didn't have a Talon Grip. I have large hands and have made good use of the sheets of rubber Talon material to modify some of the Grips I purchased from Talon. Talon Grips are a great investment in improving our shooting skills. It takes less than ten minutes to install a grip. WOW! What a difference those ten minutes make in the pleasure I get from shooting a handgun with a Talon Grip. I have purchased approximately 15-19 Talon Grips in the past 16 months. I will continue to use them. I have never seen a better handgun Grip than a Talon!

just like a good handshake

Very easy to install, like the change in the wrap around to the front of the grip. I hope this one lasts longer than the previous set. It started to peel after 2 - 3 years with limited usage.

I use the Talon grips on just about all of my guns. Recently purchased my second 9mm M&P Shield. The first one I own has had the Talon grip from the beginning. When I bought the second Shield, it gave me a good opportunity to do a side-by-side comparison of Shields with & without the grips. The improvement in grip and feel on the Talon-gripped model was obvious. Took advantage of the July 4th promotion and ordered a grip for the new Shield. Thank you Talon for a great product!

great grips moss contrast looks great on the black great addition to your line

The new design rubber Shield grip tape was a good fit. Went on easy. Improved the feel of the grip. Quite happy with it.

This was the second set of grips I purchased. The first was for my SA XD-9 and this one for my M&P Shield-9. I couldn't be more pleased with them. They went on without a problem, look and feel great. Will definitely purchase again.

I'd give 5 stars but the cut out for the S&W logo only has a tiny amount of material on the bottom, which is easy to tear.

Rubberized Talon Grip for the M&P Shield 45. has been my hardest grip decision due to the fact that the 45 has a terrific grip from factory. That being said, when carrying concealed, it can get a little aggressive in the bare skin. Easy upgrade to that is the rubberized Talon Grip.

great fit love the feel great price

Great grips!

The Talon grips fit my M&P Shield 45 perfectly. I will again in the future.

Talon Grips are the best and customer service is outstanding love the rubber grips for AIWB and the rough is great for large handguns

FANTASTIC!!! The shield has a decent grip from the factory, but with the added Talon grip, it surpasses all my needs! My hands tend to stay dry, therfore making the plastic, hard to draw, and achieve a good grip. This is the 2nd, purchase I have made from Talon grip. The 1st was for my Glock 27. After using that for 2 years as my E.D.C, I purchased a Sheild proformace 40. After seeing that there now was a Talon grip, for the Sheild... Well, hell yeah I ordered one! Great product! Could not be happier with the purchase, or price!Sincerely,Shane AndersonP.S. Carry everyday, where legally allowed, and if not allowed... Then find somewhere else to send your time!

Outstanding product! I love the extra grip and texture they provide.

Absolutely phenomenal products takes my M&P 9mm Shield from an awesome gun to an absolutely amazing firearm, it fits like a glove!!! Thanks again Talon!!!!!

I bought the rubber talon grips on my XD subcompact last year and love them so much, that I put them on my new M&P shield also!! Makes a world of difference on the definitive purchase you get on your pistols! Once again, I'm very pleased!!! Thank you TALON!!!

I own 4 shields and fixing to buy another one. Your grips are great, great feel, very durable. I carry daily and have had no issues with your grips. Will be purchasing another one very soon.

The Talon grips for the new Shield in .45 ACP are great! They make the gun totally comfortable to shoot. The new super-aggressive texturing by Smith & Wesson on their new M&P line makes for an abusive long day at the range if you don't wear gloves. It is a bigger deal with a small 23 oz..45 caliber. Talon Grips saves the new M&P line.

Rocky from 2minutetactical here in good ole' Rome, GA. I have had a few law enforcement employees ask me my opinion about talon grips. I must say at 1st I was reluctant about adhering something to my factory grip. But, the judge has been my hands. I absolutely love how easy it was to adhere and use. I was so impressed I had to order a 2nd grip immediately. Ez of use, fit & finish, great customer service!My Glock 19 gen4, Glock 42,43, and Sig p320 will one day receive the talon treatment as well.

Great product. Bought three sets the last for my daughter's Shield

Awesome product! Came quickly and easy to install. Gives you a nice purchase on a smaller gun. Would recommend!

Recently purchased grips for the M&P Shield 9mm - easy to follow instructions and the fit was perfect. What a difference!!!

Love my grips, just be aware that when you order the granulated model, it may snag on certain type of clothing material.

This is my second Talon grip. Bought this one for the M&P Shield 45 ACP Caliber. It was fairly easy to put on, just followed the instructions. Went shooting with it the other day, and love the grip. The first gun I put the Talon on was the Ruger LC9s, and it was a perfect fit, and greatly improved the ability to grip that small pistol grip.

Talon Grips are the best. I put them on all of my handguns.

I will be putting these on all of my pistols now!!!

I have Talon grips on all of my shields. Don't leave home without it.)))

These are the best grips around. Easy to apply to the weapon and fit perfectly. I highly recommend them!

Works great for Shield 45. Great traction and much more comfortable against the skin than the sandpaper finish the gun comes in. Strongly recommended.


Great product! I didn't like the factory sandpaper texture on my shield .45, it was too rough and liable to shred your skin while carrying, so I bought the rubber texture talon grips and so far I've been blown away by the quality. The grips are easy enough to install and should only take about 20mins to do so. They stay on and don't move when you heat and press them on firmly, I would recommend repeating the heating and pressing steps a couple times to make sure they get set in well though.

Good product. Easy install

Great product! Perfect fit, feels good in your hand and durable. I've had it on my XDM 45 for over 2 years and 1k rounds and it's still like new. My only regret is I don't have more firearms to use it on, but I'll be back when I do.

This is the 2nd set Talon grips I've purchased. The first being for my Ruger 9E. The M&P Shield is a bit snappy, so I thought the Talon Grips would make a difference and they didn't disappoint. Especially above the magazine eject button on both sides. They fit perfectly and feel awesome! Get them!

The stock grips on the M&P shield are a little rough, so a few people recommend these to me. Extremely happy with how comfortable these grips fit my hand and get rid of the rough edges. Installation is pretty simple with a little bit of patience. Overall highly recommend these especially if you concealed carry.

Awesome fit as well as ease of application. Only took a couple of minutes to apply a professional look grip. Nice product.

I love that S&W listened when we asked for an aggressive grip texture. But after shooting 5 magazines or so it can start to bite a little. The rubber texture is a perfect middle ground of grip and comfort. I have it on my .45 and put it on my Fiance's 9mm. I highly recommend purchasing this for any caliber shield.

These really improve the grip on a small pistol like the shield. They also noticably help maintain a firm grip with the extra recoil from the 40S&W. Very easy to install.

Grip was a perfect fit for this gun! I tend to have clammy hands always and my grip and aim improved tremendously using this grip! Would recommend to everyone!

It works!

Awesome product. Perfect f t. Really enhances the grip and look.

Great product

Excellent fit. Transforms the feel of my Shield. Thank you Talon!

The talon grips are great on the m&p shield 9mm .there is a difference when you discharge the firearm with them i have purchased three extra grips two for my Springfield Xds 9mm and one for Springfield Xd double stack.i recommend it

Fantastic productThis is my 4th set

No other product will make such a improvement to your gun for so little money.

I have installed 4 sets of Talon Grips on S&W Shields. They work as described. Followed installation instructions and they worked well. I like the rubberized set. I would recommend them to anyone looking for real gun control.

Purchased for the .45 acp Shield to help tame down the agressive texturing. The rubber grips provide comfort for concealed carry along with positive grip in the hand. Would recommend this product.

These are amazing. I chose to get the rubberized version because many others had expressed concerns about the granular version being a bit too abrasive for concealed carry. They add the perfect amount of grip and control. They really are easy to install. It took about 5 minutes and the adhesive seems very sturdy. I would recommend these to anyone. The price is good, and the functionality these grips add make it an excellent value.

Made a big difference on the overall feel of the gun. Better grip, more control, nicer feel yet not bulky. Highly recommend.

Much easier installation than previous grips. Excellent grip surface.

Fast shipping, great price and super easy to put on. Makes a hell of a difference with the feel and grip!

You won't go wrong on Talon grip i have it on My Glock 19 & S&W MP Shield feels Great on the Range

Fits great, ordered and delivery was fast. Will continue to do business with you in the future!

The shield is fantasti

Great product. Fast shipping. Instructions easy to follow. Ordered the rubber style for 9mm Shield and mag extension. Fits like a glove. Easy to grip and draw from holster. Saw a comment about how one side will overlap, but as long as you hit it with a hair dryer a couple of times and tuck the end under the first applied side then it is not an issue. Also I don't think the grips are too thin that is their selling point, to not be cumbersome. Would definitely recommend Talon Grips products.

Makes the .45 Shield comfortable when against skin. The .45's grip is very rough and this takes care of that. Fit is perfect and install is simple.

These shipped faster than I expected and were a perfect fit for the shield. Took it out to the range this week for the first time since adding the grip and it is a great improvement.

Added a tremendous amount of grip to my conceal carry gun without any discomfort. Great buy

One of the best upgrades to any pistol!! The aggresive texture on the M&P shield .45 is good if you carry outside the waistband, however, it will chew your shirts up. Since putting on the rubber grips, I've not lost any less purchase on the gun, and it is also much more comfortable!!Definitely, worth the money and I give 'em a 5 star rating and 2 thumbs up!!!

Fits perfectly. It is a much more secure grip when drawing, holding, reloading, firing, etc! I can't say enough good things about these grips.

Perfect fit on the new M&P Shield .45! No trimming needed. This is my wife's new carry pistol and she said the grip texture was painful after a session at the range. Put the Talon grips on and she loved them! She's been to the range several times and put over 300 rounds through the pistol with the Talon grips and said it made all the difference in the world as far as comfort and helping her control the pistol better. Thanks again Talon for another great product!

LOVE this product! Also bought them for a S&W Bodyguard 380 and plan on buying them for my Walther PPS 9 as well! GREAT service too!!!

I'm impressed. Talon rubber grips are a great value. They significantly improve the grip of my Shield. They fit precisely and look like a factory upgrade. They are easy to install and adhere strongly, provided one carefully follows the instructions. All this for under $20.

Eliminates the cheap "plasticy" feel of the stock grip and makes the handling of the gun from the draw more sure. Great upgrade for the money. Gave 4 stars for the fit and finish - while the overall fit is good, it finishes with an overlap, unless you custom-cut the end piece piece yourself to map the contours of the grip. This is a very minor detail as others have noted.

Fit great. I did make the mistake of cutting some excess around the front of the grip/below the trigger guard. However it still melded perfectly. Will definitely be purchasing for future handguns.

Bought the rubber version. .gun slips around too much. would like some rubber ones but with better grip to it. also would like to see some thicker ones. This I feel are to thin. ....

too thin. Feels like sand paper and no thicker than sandpaper

Great grips for my Shield! Fit nicely, cut nicely, install nicely! Make sure to use a hair dryer multiple times to insure a good bond to your firearm! AWESOME PRODUCT!

Got the rubber moss grip for my shield. Makes a huge difference on my grip. Not to mention it looks awesome against the black.

As always, very easy to install and gives the gun a whole new feel. I'm a big fan of the rubber Talon grips and have them on all my polymer frame pistols.

Old hands need all the help they can get with a new S&W Shield. Racking the Shield was somewhat difficult until I was able to put about 200 rounds through it. That helped a good bit, but dressing my Shield with a rubber slide saddle make racking a lead pipe cinch. I found the standard Shield kit a big improvement, but once I felt it, I knew I needed to cover the serrations with a rubber saddle. Now I wish I had waited to run those 200 rounds, just to see the difference. Of course, all 11 of my 8 round mags have extension skirts.

I got the new fde grips for my shield. They match perfect and feel great. Would recommend to anyone!!

These grips made my M&P Shield MUCH easier to shoot! I can't recommend them highly enough...comfortable and just the right amount of "sticky", the grips make the pistol a lot more controllable. If I could give them 6 stars, I would!

Excellent product. I use Talon grips on all my weapons. Love the feel and the added grip with the Talon Grips.

Looks great, feels great, most importantly performs great. Will be getting these for the rest of my pistols

Great addition to an outstanding pistol! Gives a much better feel for the gun

Great fit, Great Finish. Ordering more.

good overall

My experience is with the rubber grips only, but the Talon rubber grips are the best on the market for slab sided polymer framed guns. The Hogue slip-on rubber grips are OK; the Pachmayr slip-on rubber grips are better and use to live on all my polymer frames. However, I won't use anything other than Talon grips now, especially for small frame carry guns. They are easier to put on than you would think and add almost no bulk to the grip. The S&W M&P Shield (Performance Center w/ night sights) is my favorite small carry piece...almost perfect out of the box. Almost...add a set of Talon rubber grips and you will reach perfection. Smith & Wesson should install them at the factory!

Easy to install and a great grip. Comfortable, positive grip. I wouldn't to buy again.

The best grip you'll ever need on a weapon. Thanks!

I have been a customer of Talon grips in the pass and have purchased at least three. These Grips were a disappointment. My M&P Shield is the dessert tan and these grips made my gun look terrible. Not pleased and will not purchase again

Great grips will purchase more for other guns!

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Love the new shield 45 cal except carrying next to skin was impossible till I installed your grips. Absolutely love the gun now.

Product fits great. Has a good solid feel. Can't comment on the durability yet because I just put it on the gun, but looking at the quality I'm sure it will hold up a long time.

All of my Glocks and Springfield Armory XD models have the rubber Talon grips. Awesome grips!! Joe Standard


Product as advertised, instructions complete and correct, results quite nice - changed and softened the terrible Shield stippling and gave the grip a slightly more rounded cross section, a good thing, not quite so slabsided now. Fit had one problem, the slight "roundheel" at the rear of the butt required a short narrow wedge to be removed from the grip material so that it would wrap without a wrinkle. Definitely use the heat gun per instructions

For a complex cutout design the Talon grip was surprisingly easy to apply. It sticks tight including all the edges and corners. It both improves the feel and the look of the grip.

Nice fit, excellent grip, second one would buy again.

Fast shipping great price easy to apply on grip. Great customer service. Gives the pistol totally better feel in your hand

Easy to apply. Lined up well with grip landmarks. Appear to be holding up well so far.

Easy to put on, feels good, seems to give more control.I plan to put one on my SD9

Easy to put on, feels good, seems to give more control.I plan to put one on my SD9

Excellent every time, fits perfect, Instructions are clear and precise. I only use Talon grips on my guns. Excellent brand and product.

Fit nice

Awesome product!! Very comfortable in my hand!

Perfect, easy to install. Made a real difference to my shield

One of the best gun products out there. Keep buying more and more of the Talon grips for my guns! Up to about 12 now. MW

Completely covers the "cheese grater" texture on the Shield 45. Excellent fit, easy installation, just like all my other Talon grips. Now, about that Kel-Tec SUB 2000 gen 2: we are waiting......

Perfect fit- easy to apply with the fantastic instructions – solved the one gripe I had about a Shield. I put the second one I bought on my next-door neighbors' Shield- now he's happy!

First let me say Talon Grips are top notch and are on all of my guns with the exception of my most recent purchase, which is the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 45 ACP. Normally I like the aggressive sandpaper grip but thought I'd try the rubber grip since so many people were raving about it. What I discovered was that the new Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 45's have pretty good checkering on their grips. I actually think they're better than the rubber grips from Talon. I thought abut ordering the Talon sandpaper grips but have decided to try it the way it is and so far it's been pretty good. From my perspective the new Smith and Wesson grips are some of the best out of the box grips I've run across. I'll continue to order Talon grips, now I know I need the sandpaper grips. In my opinion, Talon is still the best aftermarket grip available. The average rating in no way should reflect poorly on Talon since it's more of a testament to the improvement to the Smith and Wesson grips.

For high volume shooting, the new aggressive texturing of the Shield 45 was too harsh on the palm. The Talon grip makes it possible to put in serious range time without regretting it the next day.

Easy to install, Talon made a great gun even better. Better hold on the firearm. Shipping was fast with a personal touch. Thanks, I defiantly purchase these purchase these again when needed.

This grip is awesome the factory stippling is aggressive and kept scratching my side this grip is perfect

Fits well and comfortable. I will probably be getting a set for my other gun.

Awesome grips. Put on a Smith and Wesson shield and the look and feel great.

The grip was easy to install, a perfect fit and provided a very improved grip. A very good investment.

I read an article about this before Talon updated this grip. I use a IWB Nylon holster and the Shield was chewing me up. I boutght these as soon as it came out, ANd I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!! I highly recommend these to anyone and everyone.

First time buyer and user of Talon grips and man are they as good as everyone says! The included wipes for the application is a nice addition and the personal thank you written on the order receipt is awesome as well. Applying the grips is stupid easy and have held up fantastic on my shield in 9mm.I will be buying more grips in the future for my other firearms, thanks for the great product!

Talon grips are the best. They are made FIT!

I got the grips for my M & P shield and it made a big difference . Nonslip great grip !!! Better handling when I shoot!! Highly recommend easy install also!!

Picked up my third Talon for my new M&P Shield .45 and couldn't be happier. It really fits well and smooths out the coarse grip on the new .45.

Form, fit, function perfect!

Makes long shooting sessions a bit more pleasant. Easy to apply, great detailed instructions.

Talon Grips are great. I have them on my polymer guns. terrific product.

I now have them on all of my handguns.

I have bought your grip for all three of my Shields and am very impressed with them, they fit like a second skin. The texture is awesome and the adhesive is very good. Thank you for making such a great product.

These Talon grips were just perfect for "taming" the abrasive texture on my .45 Shield. They installed easily and look and feel fantastic! I would highly recommend them! Great price too!

Love these grips have them on seven pistols now. They feel great, and fit under crimson trace laser, no problem. Would recommend them to anyone. Thanks for a great product!

I don't know if there's another company out there doing the same thing as these guys, but if there is, don't waste your time, these guys are the best in the business.

Couldn't ask for a better product. Easy to install, fits great and makes all the difference in the world with my grip. The gun feels more sure in my hand now especially with the slimmer grip on the M & P.

I've been using Talon Grips on my weapons for many years. They provide the most excellent grips in the industry for the best price anywhere. Personally, I don't know why everyone who owns a pistol doesn't have Talon Grips on them. The grips give the secure hand hold that we all look for without increasing the size of the grip. They are secure once installed and I've never had one that failed on me or came apart. They wear like they were a natural part of the OEM design. Get a pair and try them out, you won't be disappointed!

Just added Talon's to my new Shield 45 and big improvement over the stock sand paper like grip texture. Talon's are on every gun I own

As much as I like the grip on the shield .45 it was rubbing my skin raw while wearing concealed.The rubber talon grops are perfect and actually make a good grip better!

This is my second Talon grip. Just like the first, very good fit, great feel and gives a solid grip on the gun. This time it was my Shield .45. Made the stippling tolerable for IWB carry, plus is more comfortable to shoot.

I have Talon grips for my Ruger lc9s ! and i love them ! The M&P Shield grips feel really awesome! But both guns are just a little bit different! I love both of them ! I LOVE TALON GRIPS! I WOULD LOVE TO COME UP THERE SOME TIME AND SEE THE GIGANTICALLY HUGE AND ENORMOUS SHOP!

I have them on every gun I own and LOVE THEM!!!!!!

The grip allows for an added control on a firearm. Fit and finish is excellent

Easy to put on, looks great, and provides the positive grip I was looking for. Will be back again.

These Talon grips are rock solid

These are great grips. I've purchased several grips from Talon for both myself, son and son-in-law. We have never been disappointed with the quality, fit or performance.

I installed the rubber grip on my Shield.The difference is amazing!

I ordered one of these and when I first received it, I had my doubts about it's suitability, then I applied it to my Shield .45.It's easy to put on and with the use of a heat gun, the adhesive activates and the rubber seems softer and more pliable.once on the gun it's hard to most people to tell that it's not actually part of the gun. Using an Alien Gear Cloak and Tuck holster, that factory grip is very uncomfortable and the Talon grip tape will make all the difference. I hardly even notice I'm carrying now.Best money for a grip upgrade I ever spent.

Love these grips! They add just enough size to the grip to fit my hand better. Very easy to apply.

Ordered talon grips for my smith and wesson 45 shield and 380 body guard great price easy to install fast delivery gives the pistols totally different feel and grip.Customer service experience was also excellent

Huge Improvement on Shield 9mm grip. Thanks!!!

I've always thought that the Shield was the best EDC or back-up weapon EXCEPT the less than adequate grip texture. Talon grips have now made it truly perfect !

Love the grips will order more

I found these grips easy to install and a major improvement in the handling of both the Shield 9 & 40, I would recommend these to anyone looking to improve their grip and accuracy at the range

first time user of grips. Followed videos and instructions and went on easily and I do like the feel.

Niiiiiiiiice. Feels like magic

Perfect fit and remarkably easy to install, although I did wWatch the You Tube installation videos. Highly recomended.


Easy to install, just peel the backing off half at a time and press in place. Watch the video here or on Youtube to see how to apply. Very comfortable, fit is excellent. I have a better grip with the Talon and will buy them for all my future firearms.

adding Talon grips made a good gun a great gun.Product is first rate. Instructions and install clear and straightforward. Going to and thethese grips to my other pistols.

Extremely easy application and very comfortable highly recommend

Great upgrade to my M&P Shield. Will definitely order one for my glock.

Perfect fit for my Shield. I can get a nice solid grip. My next gun purchase will be followed by an order for another Talon grip.

I recently retired after a 43 year police career and purchased a "smaller gun" than I normally carried, a S&W Shield for concealed carry use. Being used to Glocks which have a larger grip frame I was concerned since the Shield was much smaller. In the past I always ordered Pacmayr grips for issued revolvers or the early S&W autos with the plastic grips because of my large hands. Your Talon grips work perfectly. Although they do not enlarge the grip their surface helps keep a good hold on the pistol. This is a great product and is very simple to install. Thanks for the qiuick service and free delivery option as well.Kevin Drake

Another set on another gun. Great grips that really help improve the grip that in turn improves bullet placement. Would not be without my Talon Grips.

Easy to install and a must have for all handguns, especially a Shield!

Followed all installation instructions, grip peeling off my ccw after a week.

Here at C.A.G we use Talon grips to add to the feel of the gun, a firearm equipped these grip is just a better seller hands down

Great grips, they change the whole feel of the gun

Got the rubber version and love it - I put them on the M&P shield and I must say after having these grips on several of my guns from Glocks and M&P's to 2 of my AR-15's it is by far the best $20.00 you could ever spend on your weapon

Love Talon grips. I have them on all my handguns. While I was doubtful I would see difference on my shield (at least when compared to how they enhanced my glock 22 and FNP 40), i was shocked to feel the difference they provide, even on a compact pistol. Would and have highly recommended.

Nice product. Relatively cheap upgrade

This is my second purchase from Talon, and will not be my last. A great product, at an affordable price! The fitment is spot on with a few minutes of patience, and a heat source. (Hair drier works fine). Definitely helped with the slight twist while firing. Simply put, this grip set does its job. A+ Talon, well done.

Worked great. Easy to install.

This product makes such a world of difference in grip comfort and confidence! As long as I am purchasing weapons I will compliment it with a Talon grip!

My second purchase. Excellent product!

Perfect fit. Great grip. New moss color very sharp looking.

Great product! Design and fit is exceptional. I have these on all polymer framed pistols I have owned as they make the grip more secure and make for a overall better feel. Highly recommend.

Second handgun I have outfitted with these. The Shield grips are a little slippery when wet and the Talon grips are perfect. They go on very easy and last. I carry a gun at least five days a week and they have help up perfectly. Great company and a great product.

These grips feel amazing! I ordered the rubber texture & they literally hug your hand. I plan on buying these grips for all my guns. For $20 it's well worth it!

Love the comfort and feel of my M&P Shield but it needed something. After purchasing and applying the granite Talon Grips, it gave me a much better grip of my shield because before it felt a little bit too slippery. I would definitely purchase talon grips for my future handguns and I definitely recommend this product to anyone!

Great fit, easy to apply, feels great in my hand. We'll worth it. Before this one I put one on my PPQ.I'm a fan.

Easy to apply and work great - vast improvement over stock grips.

Perfect fit! Makes holding the, relitively, small grip of the gun much easier!

I waited two weeks for my grips to arrive and on the 15th day I concluded that they were not going to show. I emailed Talon the same day and told them I never received my grips. They emailed me back asking me to confirm that my address was correct and I did... The next day they emailed back saying they're working on the second attempt, I received my grips two days later! Whether it was Talons or USPS mistake, Talon's customer service is Excellent! And they make a great product!

I ordered the Rubber textures grip. Super easy to install. Purely awesome grip, improved my aim without added thickness to my shield.

Bought this from Amazon. It did not fit perfectly and the overlap produced a noticeable bump. However, I don't really care about the minute details of the way the gun looks just functionality. A hobby knife cut off the extra bit to remove the overlapping bump. Performance is great with the rubberized grip. Going to get the mag extension pieces and some scraps for under the trigger guard and barrel. Lack of a perfect fit earns it 4 stars.

I like the feel of it. It seems like a good product. I would recommend it.

The grips for my Shield have the right amount of course material to maintain good form without being irritating or painful. I have used Talon grips before and will continue to use as needed. I highly recommend Talon products for anyone wanting to improve there shootin ability.

It really improved the grip on my shield 9mm. I already had one on a glock 23. I like the rubber texture the best.

I ordered the granular grip for my S&W MP Shield 9mm. Being a new gun owner, I was a bit anxious about the application of the grip. But I watched the online video and decided to go for it. Installation was a piece of cake. I love the agressive feel. Took it to the range this weekend and I am totally satisfied with the product. I would definitely order another talon product.

I ordered this grip in the Rubber style as this is my everyday carry gun. This grip is a must as it keeps the gun from moving around and also doesn't get snagged up on your clothing while keeping it concealed. I really enjoy using this grip and know that when the time comes that I will always get the secure grip that I need even in the worst of conditions.

They make all the difference in the world, a must have.

Easy to in install and looks great would highly recommend

Great product/ useful and makes a big difference

Great grip. fits well and really improves the feel. I really like it

I use Talon grips for all my personal handguns. The difference is amazing over the stock grip texture. Want more accurate shots use this product.

I ordered the Talon grips for my new Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Shield and they look as if they were made on the gun when manufactured. I purchased the black rubber grips and the feel is great. The range instructor commented on how good they felt on the gun as well. They added a better and more confident feel for the gun which in turn seemed to help with accuracy on the range. For a concealed weapon its important to keep it that way and these grips help do that by not adding bulk to the gun. Drawing from different types of holsters, the grips provided a firm non slip feel as you brought it up to point. I also ordered the extended magazine grips which were just as functional and solved a problem I was having with the standard extended magazine. On the S&W M&P Shield extended magazine it has two seperate pieces of rubber, allowing them to seperate and causing possible problems loading it into the gun. The Talon magazine grip did away with that concern by making them one piece. Great Job! These grips come with everything you need to install and on my M&P Shield there were identifying cuts to make sure that it was being installed exactly where it needed to be. Being cautious, the install took only about 10 or 15 minutes total. End result, a look that appears to have been engineered and installed by the manufacture and a feel that gives you the confidence every gun owner should have in any application.

This is the second time I've ordered from Talon and they continue to blow me away with their excellent products and customer service! I recently picked up a new M&P Shield because of the awesome rebate Smith and Wesson has going on. My first two thoughts after buying it were; Apex trigger and Talon grips! I already have Talons on my full size M&P 9 Pro and LOVE them. They make gripping the pistol feel like curling up under a warm blanket on a rainy day with a cold beer and watching Goodfellas. Just right at home.Product shipped same day and fit perfectly! Just make sure you use your hair dryer to secure them once in place. Really puts the finishing touches on an excellent product.I recommned Talon to everyone I know and there's a reason Hickok45 puts them on all his guns, they rock!A++

Awesome product, easy to install, perfect fit

Perfect fit on the shield. I trimmed it so there was no overlap. Looks like it came from the factory.

Very nice grips. Easy to install. Fast shipping. Has allowed for a much more positive purchase. Very happy!

Awe grips, couldn't be happier with them. Awesome products.

Very satisfied great grip even when your hands are sweaty!

This is my second set of grips. Very happy . Great customer service

I bought a set for my M&P full several months ago and it made a great difference in my grip. So when I bought my new M&P Shield I new I had to get a set for it. What a difference. If you own a shield or a full M&P get a set for your Handguns you will be glad you did

easy to install and really enhances the control of the pistol..a must have!!

Makes the shield feel even better when in hand and helps with grip tremendously.

These grips are great. Noticed an improvement in my aim at the range. The S&W Shield I purchased comes with an extended magazine. So why isn't the grip for the extended magazine included with the pistol grip? Extra magazine grips can still be purchased as needed. I definitely plan on buying another S&W Shield and so I will also be buying more grips.

Ordered the rubber grips..WOOOOW amazing i will be using these for every pistol i own. Just the right amount of grip

Thank you for your Talon GripsIt made this gun great Keep up the work

i didn't like the factory grip on my Shield, it was too slick for my likes, so i put on the rubberized Talon grips. what a huge difference it made, so much better now. thanks Talon!

I live talon grips

Great product! they were easy to install follow the instructions included takes 15 minutes max. they work great on my 9mm shield, I highly recommend Talon Grips I have tried others but these just work better. cant go wrong with these grips.

I did not like the grit. Ok for griping but not for carry next to skin. I guess I should have got the rubber grip.

Got one for my shield and Glock 19. Purchased the rubber version for both. Super perfect fit and great addition to both guns. Can go wrong with Talon.

Very happy with your grip. The seams practically disappeared when heated.

a great grip without any extra bulk to conceal

I like the newer design with the wrap around back strap rather than the seam on the back strap. Very easy to install. Fast shipping. A very happy customer.

Great grip. Great delivery. Great customer service. Affordable as well.

Terrific fit. Perfect function.

I bought these for a friend and he has not installed yet. I have told him about having them on all my polymer guns and he wanted some. I am sure he will like them as he has felt them on my guns.

Got one for my shield now I want one for my sig. Showed to a friend now he wants one.

Can be challenging to install if you're a perfectionist but all in all they instilled pretty easily. They do provide extra grips and better firearm control. Love them.

I have three polymer frame pistols and I now have Talon grips on all of them. I decided to try them after seeing them in a YouTube video. I put them on my Sig P320 RX which already had a pretty good grip but the talons took it to the next level. this is a great product and I recommend them to anyone looking to improve their shooting.

Great product, excellent grip .

Hello talon grips. I would just like to say thank you for creating such a fine product. Installation of the product was flawless. It gave my MP 40 shield just the extra little bit of grip that it needed. Thank you for supplying such a quality product.

I can't believe how much better the Shield feels in my hand now. Awesome grip!

Thank you again Talon. Love the grips for my new M&P Shield 9mm. Really adds my touch to the gun and makes it even easier to use. Really like Talon, right down to the little personal note I get when I order grips.

Love them so much. Best thing I've bought other then my M&P Shield. Makes the grip so much more comfortable expecially if you don't have a strong grip like me and the gun grip is slippery feeling. Makes it more enjoyable to shoot. Thank you Talon Grips. I also bought the Talons for the extended mags. 2 thumbs up.

Makes any gun a Great gun!

I have bought 4 grips and I have convinced at least 6 people to get them for their guns. I tried going the cheap route before Talon. Not worth trying to cut and do-it- yourself, what Talon Family has perfected! Family own and operated. Buy from them!!!

The Talon grip did not fit perfectly as I was told it would. There is a slight overlap which left a lump or raised edge that is quite uncomfortable when shooting. Also I was under the impression that my order came with the magazine grip as well.

Easy install , just enough thickness to make it feel good in hand really helps with recoil

Besides my trigger this is the best addition to my shield. Go Talon or go home!

I can't be happier with the product. It was extremely easy to apply. Additionally, as a general nod, Talon's customer service is top notch. I accidentally ordered the wrong product (totally my mistake), and after speaking with Talon they shipped me the appropriate replacement product at no additional cost to me, and the communication was extremely fast. It's nice to see such service nowadays...

These line up perfectly on my 9mm shield. Super easy installation for a great improvement. These grips feel so good in the hand. Highly recommend for any of your gun needs!

Excellent product! Outstanding customer service !

One day the gun industry will get it ! They need to put better grip surfaces on their handguns, but until then you guys have things covered literally,i used to use skateboard tape but im a little OCD so it never looked right ! Thank you for taking it a step up these grips look great on all my polymer guns even my 1911 !!! Keep up the great work !!!!!

Great grips! I have these grips (rubber) on all my guns. The customer service is top notch.

Highly recommended! Great for this pistol

It is a no-brainer buy these grips they match up perfectly with my MP shield I love them

Love em. No grip slip and I can change them when I want!

Perfect fit -Helps make a excellent gun Better

Just as I expected. . . perfect

Excellent grips. Easy to install

Perfect fit! Wouldn't recommend anything else.

My wife love this on her mp 9mm shield feels more comfortable to handle. and easy to put on

Absolutely love my talon grips recommend then 100% to anyone will be buying a set for all future pistols I buy.

Easy to install. Enhances grip of the gun dramatically.

Very good performance and feel. Worth every penny. I used to have a S&W Shield. Now I have a S&W Shield with Talon grips. That's something to crow about.

I ordered the rubberized grips for my M&P Shield 9mm, and I received them pretty quick. I was a little nervous about the application, but I followed the directions and took my time...they went on really easy and WOW, they felt great! It was a perfect mod that added just the right amount to the grip...thanks for a great product!

Couldn't be happier. Night and day difference in the way my pistol feels and shoots. Thanks!

nice grips fit well will be ordering more.

The grips are easy to install and are very comfortable fits my shield perfectly

Unfortunately, I can't really review the product itself as I never received it. I finally decided to order some grips from another source.

Fit great everywhere but the back. Tried to set along Ridge a dozen times. Either too far down by mag or too high up along cutout in factory lines, opted for higher along cutout. Hopefully doesn't get debris in there and begin to peel up.

Excellent product, perfect fit and finish.

Just can't beat these prefer the soft rubber one to the sandpaper one I have tried them both just personal preference but they send them to you fast at a great price and nothing makes your grip better

It's no good if your hands are sweaty or wet

Works great.

Fits almost perfect...

Very happy with the Talon Grips. Exactly what i was wanting. Very thin and feels great in my hand.

These grips made all difference on my shield! Will definitely be buying them for all the rest of my handguns.

Very fast delivery. The grips fit perfectly, create a very nice feel without adding bulk. I will have Talon grips on every gun I own.

Grips are great.thanks for the quick response and helping get the right ones for my s&w.Easy to install

Sent a review 12/30/15, Stated that product was great at that time. Same grip still on gun, no noticeable wear, no decerndable movement, to this date.To that statement gun is with me daily, always in arms reach.1000 plus rounds through weapon, product may outlast me!

I bought the rubberized grip. It feels great in my hand and adds very little width to the pistol grip. I have this on all my hand guns.

Great product and customer service....will do business again soon!

Great griping material, and it does not deter from the look of the gun. Also, doe not affect in and out movement of holster in any way. All around the best grips I have ever used on my firearm.

The Talon grips for my Shield were very easy to put on but more importantly they improve the feel of the gun in my hand. I have and will continue to recommend these grips.

Get these grips you will be happy you did.

Grips fit great. I would definitely buy again.

OMG! What a difference they make. it's like night and day. the grips on my M&P Shield not too bad but still a little slick so I got the grips and make a huge difference. Even with damp hands you have a posi grip. like them so much. I got them for all my guns. Highly recommend!!!

I bought the granulated model. While it did fit the gun nicely it was way too aggresive. The grips tore up my side and hands. I was scared to set my other pistols next to it in fear of scratching them.

This is precisely what my Shield9 needed to fit my hand better. Accurate fit and easy to complete. I also covered my magazines and their extensions. Excellent product and excellent company to do business with.

The only thing I would say is maybe only have the pattern for the gun ordered on the directions was a little confusing at first until i stared at it for a bit and figured it out otherwise great product and love how my gun feels

makes a huge difference

Love them. Easy to install too

I ordered the granulated grip,it was a bit to aggressive for my likings at first but it broke in in just a few uses of the that it is broke in I have an exelent grip on my firearm.very easy instal and it is cut to fit the m&p shield very well.I will deffinatly be ordering grips for my mags from tallon soon.

These grips are Awesome! They are a must have for any polymer gun! They ad stability and a sure grip for a tight grouping! Highly recommended.

I was a little hesitant, to do my first Talon. My dexterity is somewhat challenged with my aging hands. I watched a great video on installation for a Shield and learned the key. Don't worry about "messing up", The warm air from a hair dryer is the secret. Move the Talon as needed so long, as you keep the area your working on heated.

Didn't think the M&P 9mm shield could be improved but putting the rubber Talons on did make a real nice difference.

shipped quickly and the product quality exceeded my expectations! looks great-feels great!

easy to install

When will they have for shield 45????????

These grips are $18 well spent. Application was quick and effortless. They fit perfectly, look good, and work great. It's one of those things that you wonder how you did without them once you've used them for a while. The texture is comfortable yet gives a secure hold. I've used them on extended range sessions, carried concealed, and used gloves during cold days. I haven't found a downfall yet. I highly recommend em!

Excellent product. Adds to an increase in tactile feel, since not able to really change grips on S & WM & P 9mm. Easy to put on, just follow inst.. Would buy again

Perfect fit and feel! I ordered this for my wife's Shield after she saw and felt the grip on my Taurus. I will recommend Talon Grips to everyone I know.

Easy to apply, added a nice rubber grip feel to the gun. Not overly abrasive on the hand. Fit was very good & looks like the gun was made with it.

Awesome grip for my gun. It was cut specific for my gun and was easy to apply. I feel more confident when holding my gun. The rubber grip stays secure in my hands. Would recommend this product to anyone. It was so good my Fiance wanted it for her shield so I bought one for her as well.

I love everything about Talon grips. The installation was very easy to understand the group's hold up very well and they compliment to the gun even better.

I love the talon grips on my shield! It makes the gun even better and didn't think that was possible. Gives a great purchase on the handle adds confidence to removing it from the holster great product!

Awesome upgrade for short money....easy to put on and even if you screw up a couple times it peels right off until you heat it.

Great product. Easy to install. Fast service

Outstanding fit on my gun, well made, and easy to apply. Improve my grip, and my gun feels great with them on. Also, quick, free, shipping. What more do you want?

This is my first fire arm, so obviously my first grip. I had no problems installing it. I bought the rubberized version and love it!

This product is well worth the money. This is my second purchase and I plan to purchase these for all my guns. Installation is a snap. Very simple. It improves the grip 100%. I am very satisfied with this product.

Talon grip for my S&W Shield shipped quickly and was amazingly easy to install. The grip makes the feel of the gun steadier in my hand and more comfortable when shooting. I will definitely buy more for my other handguns.

Makes a huge difference on my m&p shield. Highly recommended. I will be adding Talon grips to all pistols I purchase. A+

Bought grips for mp shield. Grips fit perfect awesome product!

U have two S&W Shields, a 40 and a 9. I found the black rubber grips excellent and everyone I showed them to were highly impressed. The textured grips were another story, I found them way to aggressive, It was like having sandpaper wrapped around my pistol. I will be purchasing another black rubber grip for my Shield 9 to replace the textured grip. I suppose under the right conditions they would work good, but too aggressive for concealed carry.

Fit perfectly feels great...

Installed rubber grips the day I received them. Fit nicely and greatly enhance the feel of the gun. Look like they are factory. Don't add bulk to the gun. Make sure to order the clip grip as it doesn't come with. I misunderstood this. Would be nice if it was included.

Not difficult to apply and makes a significant difference in grip, which in turns gives me that boost of confidence in handling the gun and being safe. There is nothing comparable on the market.

Great product ! Fast shipping , sent u a few customers too!! Thanks

Install was good. I messed up a little somewhere but they are stuck on there pretty well. It helps when I shoot to maintain my grip. Would have liked to see them closer to 13 or 14 bucks though.

Excellent fit to Shield 45. Easier install than a unit I put on my first Shield 9 mm a couple years ago. The Talon grip should make the grip much easier on the skin and clothing when worn concealed Summer & Winter.

For a "first-timer", applying the grip to the Shield was a lot more difficult than the you tube video and instructions showed. Couldn't get both sides "perfect".

Great fit and feel. I buy a set for every gun i buy its normaly the first thing i get

I use them on my Shield 45 and glock 43 and they work great

Product was just as I expected. It fits my gun perfect. I will definitely order more for my other guns

Fast delivery. Fit and feel excellent. Grip very good.

I have used the Talon first generation design for a few years now and simply love it! Didn't think that the Talon grip could get any better until I purchased their redesigned generation two! Look Awesome! Easier to apply! Comfort and feel is A+! Thanks Talon! Will definitely purchase again!

I thought I'd found the perfect carry gun when I bought my M&P 9 Shield until I heard about the Talon grips. I ordered the grip along with the extended magazine grip, installed them and NOW I do have the perfect carry gun. Thank you TALON Grips!

I needed to make an adjustment on the sites ,very simple, it has become my favorite firearm, I have been shooting 5 inch groupings every time At 15 yards

Love the granulated for the sub compacts

fantastic grip, good feal A++++++

First time trying these but so far really like them.

These grips are great! I tried other kinds, including the ones that have to be stretched over the gun. The Talon grips were easy to install, and I've had ample time to test them out. They're sturdy, they don't slip out of place. My .45 Shield already has aggressive texture on the grip, but it had a tendency to move sideways. Talon grips add just enough to the overall girth of the grip, so the gun stays in control.

Excellent product! Very comfortable, super easy to apply and the fit is perfect! Simply a "Must Have" product for all M&P's, I've got them on both of my shield's, the standard 9mm and a Performance Center 40, plus a full size M&P 40 that I just put the Moss colored grips on, the contrast against the black really looks great! Highly recommend this product to anyone with a polymer frame pistol

Perfect fit as usual with Talon grips!

Best purchase I ever made for my firearm. They work great and I will be getting more.

have been out twice now since the new Talon grips are on my Shield , I like them very much , thanks

Normally I'm a firm believer of using stock grips, but these here. Should be an addition without a doubt.

Awesome grip and easy to install. If I can do it anyone can.

Love my Talon Grips..inspired by my guy..hickok45...

These are the best grips out there and the easiest to install. You're making a mistake if you don't purchase these grips. I will never own another firearm without a talon grip. PERIOD.

Great addition. I have them on 15 different poly pistols. Every time I buy a new gun I order Talons for it.

Bought quite a few of these grips. I combine these with pachmayer tactical grips because of my big hands!!!

Absolutely love these, my grouping tightened after install. I now want these for every pistol I own

Fit is perfect, easy to install and result is a great addition to my S&W feel. Well worth the money.

When will the .45 be in stock????

Great product. Easy to install. Feels good on my M&P Shield .40. Thank you.

The new Shield .45 has very aggressive grips which are nice when you shoot it but not so nice when you carry (tears up the fabric of your clothes, can be very uncomfortable against your skin). The talons fix the problem, making it still easy to hold while shooting but also comfortable to carry.

Well designed and perfit fit.

This is my 5th set and they never disappoint !!!

A real upgrade to the smaller Shield handgrips. I chose the rubber and it works great for concealed carry. They are easy to install and really seem like they will hold for a long time.

Rubber grip was Easy to install and added extra grip and control also has a good look

I thought I was getting a strip for my magazine as well or else I would've ordered one.....

These grips fit really nice and look great. I bought one for my Walther PPQ and I like them both. I have removed the grip from the Shield because it was too grippy for concealed carry. It would grip my cover shirt and made it obvious what was there. Outside the waist band it is great so I kept it on the PPQ. Great product though.

Adds grip not bulk. Perfect addition for concealed carry in my opinion

I recently purchased a set of Talon Grips for my Smith & Wesson MP 9 Shield. I ordered the textured set thinking this is what I would like best. However I was not happy with the texture. There was nothing at all wrong with the grips I just didn't like the feel of them so I took them off. I plan to order the rubber texture for the same gun as I have a friend that has those and I like the feel better. Again there is nothing wrong with the grips and I found them quite east to install. Just need to take your time and not rush. Over all they are an excellent addition to a great carry weapon!

Talon grip's were super easy to install and offer a more enhanced grip than the original grips on my M&P Shield.

Perfect fit on .40 cal M & P Shield with Crimson Trace trigger guard laser. You need to take the laser off to put the Talon Grips on, but with Crimson Trace, that's a snap. Replaced the laser and went to the range, and it remained spot on. The Talon Grips made all the difference in the world on how the Shield felt in my hand. Excellent product and a great upgrade to the Shield.chris

Excellent service, had to make an adjustment to my order and customer service was polite and helpful. Excellent product, I love the grip on my Shield now. If I had more pistols, I'd have Talon Grips on everything!Near future :)

I had already applied a Talon grip to my Glock 42 and it was great so I added one to my M&P Shield. Having gone through the process, this second one went on perfectly the first time. I had bought a cheap hairdryer just for these applications and used it to form fit the grip perfectly. Just as everyone else reports, they make a decided difference and I am very happy with my purchases. Just follow the instructions and you won't have any problems.

With the new stipple that Smith and Wesson did on the sheild .45 your grips will not stick

Works as advertised. Easy to install. Great product if you hate how slippery the shield is from the factory.

Just what I needed for my M&P shield .40. Once it's on, it's ON! Shot over 1000 rds. since install and that thing is stuck! Nice texture and tactile feel. Glad I got will be too!

Thanks works great!

Best product out there,top of the line customer service! Beyond happy with talon gun grips. Keep up the good work! I'm recommending you to everyone I know. And I make sure they get to feel and see your grip.

Bought the rubber grips for my shield .45. Fit is perfect and provides a confident grip. Very happy with this grip.

Really happy with the Talon Grips on a Shield 40

I have purchased 14 -15 of your grips, all have improved my firearm control.

I was actually questioning the purchase of my S&W Shield (buyer's remorse). I was used to full size grips and could not shoot this gun with any level of proficiency, until I added these grips. I now love this gun and am able to shoot it nearly as accurate as my full framed guns. Thanks Talon Grips!

Pick up the Springfield XD-S 45 and it felt good in hand but just had to finish it off with a set of Talon Grips They never disappoint. Thank Again Talon A+A+A+ Dave Breakfield


One again a perfect fit! Brough gun together. Great job guys.

I've seen great reviews on Talon grips in my Shield FB group, and guys in my local gun shop use them on their shields. I'm very pleased. Easy to apply, they look and feel great, and shipping was fast. I'll be getting one for my full size M & P.

Excellent product. Perfect fit. Easy install!

I had heard good things in an M&P Shield group on Facebook. When someone in the group mentioned the recent special you had, I decided to give it a try.They came in a couple days after I ordered them. It took only a few minutes to put them on and then a few times over with a hair dryer and it was done. I could immediately feel a difference in the grip. They look great and I have no doubt I'll be purchasing again should I need to. You have an awesome product!

The grip was easy to put on and feels great in my hand. This is a excellent product.

As always cut to fit perfectly. I absolutely love Talon grips this is the 4th pistol that I have them on.

Fits like a glove. Looks like it came from the factory and helps with the grip. Have already bought another for my full size 9MM

Stippling on the Shield 45 is aggressive, which is fantastic. After 150 rounds it's hell on the web of your hand. The Talon grips tame it all. If S&W could integrate Talon grips as standard that would be better.

Fit perfect!


I purchased the Granulated Black the first time and they were ok but stuck to my shirt and were a little to rough. The rubberized are way better! I will defanitly be ordering them for all of my guns!!

Received my Talon grips for my M&P Shield and from all the reviews I had read it seemed like they would be easy to put on. Well in about 15 minutes I had the Talon grips installed without a hitch !! What a difference they make in the feel. Can't wait to get to the range. Thanks for making a quality product !!!

these talon grips made my S&W shield fit my hand much better,therefore making me shoot it better.great product.

I just received the Talon grip for my S&W M&P Shield 9 on Friday 2/10/2017 and installed them right away. The instructions were easy to follow and they fit perfectly. Today I went to the range and shot 100 rounds and the grips are definitely well worth the money. This is an excellent addition to the Shield 9 and I would definitely recommend it.

They fit perfectly on my shield 9mm. Great fit great quality

I tell everyone that I meet if you don't have a set of Talon grips on your handgun , Well that just don't make any sence to me ! Thanx Talon keep up the good work.

Provides excellent grip, yet not uncomfortable against the skin in an IWB holster in a t-shirt. Easy to apply and so far no wear issues. Definitely a plus for my Shield 9mm

The grip fits perfectly

Fantastic fit and finish ! Well worth it ,incredible grip, easy to put on and has not come loose on a daily carry.

For sure this is worth getting, I got the rubber grips to avoid damage to my floating and skin. The control I have over the pistol is much sturdier now with the talon grips on. Just follow the instructions and you will be happy with the improved function these grips provide

Standard rubber texture is perfect. Comfortable and doesn't get caught on clothing

Perfect fit! Fast shipping! Would recommend to anyone.

I just found out that my package did not arrive at my vacation home. US mail problem. I called Talon and they were very nice and accommodating, had all information right at hand and offered to send out another pair right away. I was in no hurry anyway, as I will not be back there until May, but it's good to know that customer satisfaction seems to be a priority. I can not review the product yet, but I will be sure to after I try out the Talon Grips in May.Thank you Talon.Vince Bastedo

The new M&p shield has a pretty good grip but a little rough next to bare skin for EDC. The Talon rubber grips provide comfort next to skin and a Superior grip in hand.

Again best grips on the market wouldn't buy anything else. Thanks talon

Easy install and big difference

Perfect fit! and easy to install !

Talon grips is the staple for pistol grip customization. I have Talon Grips for all my pistols as well as my rifles. The ease of application, feel, functionality and highly aesthetic coolness factor is a must for gun!!

I have a M&P Shield 40. The Talon grips made all the difference. Thanks for making such a great product.

Great product!

Awesome product! Adds a great feeling in the hand and more grip for sure

Fits great, you get a much better grip with wet hands. Fast service and a great product.

Put the rubber grips on my Shield 9. Great feel, sure grip, no problems with concealed carry. I really like the feel of the rougher grips, but it's like sandpaper against your skin and snags on your outer cover clothing. I don't recommend the rougher grips for concealed, but the rubber grips ... AWESOME!

I am happy to write an 'excellent' review. I have not installed them yet, but you have fulfilled your delivery in a timely manner. I am excited about the product, and I am anxious to try it.

I was looking to replace my M&P Shield as a carry gun because I wanted a better feel on the grip. I found out about the talon grip and was amazed how it tranformed the gun. Easy to put on didnt really add any width but made the gun feel good in my hand. I'm not looking to replace my shield anymore

Excellant grip enhancement!

Quality product easy install with great results

I ordered the wrong type of grip and I return them.Talcon promptly replaced the grip with another one that I recommended, very fast turn around. Excellence customer service. Will buy from this company again

This went on EDC pistol. Made a good grip even better. Don't wait, go ahead and order. You won't be disappointed!!

I have purchased many with great success. However, the purchase for the 45 Shield was a disappointment. The adhesive failed and the grip would not remain in place. This was not my error in application as I have installed many. Truly the glue was contaminated and failed.

Where have you been all my life!!! I thought the only way to get a better grip was by using gloves which made the small firearm feel even smaller. Talon grips are the answer for me. Inexpensive, easy to install, and a very secure feel when holding the firearm. Ordering more for my other guns!!!

Easy to apply and greay feel. I will be using on my other firearms

Quick shipping and easy too install

Very happy with the new Talon Grips for my M&P Shield. Although, I wish it were more clear that each full grip comes with one extended magazine grip as well. I accidentally ordered more than I needed. Very happy with the quality and ease of installation.

Cutouts were a little off. Didnt line up great with the circle logo stamps on the guns handle. When I lined one up the other was way off. Was thinking about returning but I am just going to live with it being off (there's only so much stretching I could do). I like the feel of the grip but am disappointed with the fit/alignment.

Easy to install and perfect fit. I have 4 of these along with grips for magazines and they are all flawless.

Absolutely necessary for the slippery Shield. Handgun sits alot better in my hand and doesn't move around.

I picked up an M&P Shield recently, and quite frankly, before the paperwork was done, I was already planning to order a set of Talons for it. I have a Buck Mark Practical URX .22 that came from the factory with contoured rubber grips, but every other handgun in my safe is wearing Talon grips of some configuration or other. I consider Talon Grips a must have. The grips I received for the Shield were just as functional, well-made, and easy to install as all the others I have purchased.

Great grip!!! LOVE IT!!

This grip is easy to install and looks very professional. If you take your time and follow instructions, you can give your weapon an easy grip rubber grip handle in no time.

Perfect fit and great feel. Have these on a few of my guns and they're fantastic!

I love Talon Grips, and install them on almost every gun I own. Here's a link to me installing these on my Shield:

Recently acquired a 45 Shield and despite the many advocates of the new aggressive stippling I will admit to finding it a bit uncomfortable. I put a set of your grips on the handgun and absolutely love them. I also have them on 40 Shield and you have a great product.

These grips are great. Easy to install, comfortable and affordable. They really enhance the feeling of my current grip!

Like shooting a different pistol. You don't have to squeeze the gun like you're trying to hold an eel, much easier follow up shots. Highly recommended. Quick shipping and great value.

The grips are cut perfectly for the Shield. Just follow the directions, take your time and you will get a great result. They definitely give you greater control and grip on the pistol. I believe in the summer they will reduce slickness if your hands perspire.

Love the grips! Very easy to install. Great feel on the MP 9. I'll be a customer again. Thanks Talon!!

Enhances my grip a lot gives me a better feel for my firearms. Would for sure purchase again in the future. Thanks!

Great product!!! Used on several guns. Fits perfectly, easy to understand instructions, easy to install and works better than I could've hoped for at the price I paid. Excellent work Talon Gun Grips. I'll be ordering more in the future!

Fantastic product, exceeded my expectations.I recommend these grips for all handguns.

Love the feel, easy to install. Perfect fit and have put them on all my Glocks ( 19,26,43 ),and my M&P Sheild, Oh and they look great too...

absolutely marvelous grip. only complaint is I wish it was a wee bit thicker. thanks for a great product. cheers!

This grip was very easy to install. Fit was excellent. Great looks and feel.

Easy to install. Great fit. Does not slip in the hand.

Awesome grip! Follow the directions and everything will go smooth!

the M&P Shield 45 ACP had a very rough finish on the handle. I use a sticky pouch to conceal carry and the handle was rubbing my side raw during the day. Got the rubberized talon grip to put over the rough finish. Got plenty of grip still and my side is not getting sandpapered during the day. Excellent wrap for the sand paper grip on the 45 Shield

simple directions and great fit, easy application..feels great in the hand

Wow! Amazing what these grips can do for your pistol! No more slip! Firm control! A necessity for any pistol! Order arrived on time!

I bought the rubber grips. They went on easy and feel great.

I have Talon grips on all of my pistols. Great product.

Talon's M&P Shield grips have always been great but the new design is even better. Outstanding product.

Outstanding feel to the weapon. No slip grip. Best ever grip

Aside from the fact that the grips provide an excellent enhancement of the firearm and by extension the extended magazine these Talon Grips offer excellent quality control, easy of application with the ability to make adjustments as needed prior to curing the adhesive and and strong, complete bonding. I will be installing these custom grips on other firearms or cutting grips from blank sheets for weapons not currently offered by Talon.

Excellent grip

Excellent product! Exactly what my m&p shield needed


This is my second grip, only reason I switched was to try the new color. I love these grips,very easy to install and no peeling issues. Highly recommend.

Perfect is all I can say about Talon Grips. They feel great in your hand. They give you a very positive grip. The fit is perfect. Get rubberized for ccdw. Granulated for a range gun.

My shield is my everyday carry and the talon grips help with my draw and purchase on the gun. Talons also help tremendously with the tendencies of the larger caliber poly pistols to be snappy and harder to hold on target. Helps people with large hands grip the handle better even with the flush magazine.

Fast delivery. Easy installation. Great feel. Best upgrade I have made. Highly recommended.

Fits well and makes a difference

I take an OCD approach when it comes to to my firearm and this fit the bill. Perfect fit and it gave me the extra grip I was looking for that will be especially helpful if ever needed on a cold or wet day. Very pleased with the product and their customer service!

The rubber texture feels great. Pretty easy to install. Fits great. I love this product. Will definitely buy more for my other weapons.

Perfect fit every time

I have had the rubberized grip on my M&P Shield for about a month and I am very pleased with it.

Excellent grip

Excellent product ... works as described

Love them. The Shield grip was just a bit non-grippy for me. Always had to readjust grip after first shot out of holster. Now not a problem.

Actually just put the grips on my gun. They fit perfect. I purchased them because if you hands sweat at all, these grips are for you. There is a positive no slip grip, it's perfect. A cop told me about them, cause he used them on his back up weapon, and that they worked well. Very much recommendedA+

Installation was straight forward. This product now gives my M&P Shield the extra grip that it needed. Well satisfied.

Grip was simple to apply within minutes. I experienced increased accuracy at the range as a direct result.

Great product

Perfect fit. Really improved the grip on the guy. A must for any poly frame gun.

Talon Grips are a must for any gun! The grips are high quality, durable, and downright work. The price is great, and the rubber grip really provides an excellent purchase on the grip. I never have a gun without one!

Wonderfully crafted and well fitted! I will be buying more when the need arises.

Adheres very well to gun if you follow instructions. The grip is awesome but don't try to carry against your Bare skin you'll regret it! Great product so far haven't had very long to experience the durability but I assume it'll be great like everything else about it.

The Talon for my S&W M&P 9 fit great. Read the directions and you'll have no problems

I was somewhat suspicious about these grips but I saw people on YouTube talk about them so I thought I'd give it a try. They were easy to put on, less than 5 minutes. They are firmly on the grip and no movement. I was also very happy with the overall feel, no slip age. I would highly recommend these for any firearm.

I use talon grips on all my stuff. Love the new color.

Easy to install, love the feel, ordering more for other pistols..

Great improvement on control of the pistol with the rubberized version. Thanks for making a great product.

So far I really like this grip (rubber texture M&P Shield). I haven't put it through extensive field use, but first impressions are very positive with a big increase in grip and retention without a lot of bulk on the grip. Time will tell how it holds up, but I'm very pleased with this item. Application was easy and the grip is cut for a perfect fit that looks like a professional installation. I'm also running the granulate grip on my full size M&P 9mm. I like that one too for OWB carry.

I recently purchased your Talon grips in Moss for my M&P Shield 40 along with the entended magazine portion, I have to say I'm impressed. Grips are very comfortable, provide nice grip and I now feel secure knowing I can provide proper and sufficient hand purchase while firing my gun. I would recommend Talon to anyone looking for a COST EFFICIENT solution to pistol grip texturing.

I ordered the shield grip and the extended mag grip they are appsolutly the best!! They make the shield paired with the extended mag grip a joy to hold and shoot. Excellent fit, excellent product. I'm going to be ordering some XDS grips soon.

The top corner on the right side is starting to come off where it's rubbing against my high noon tail gunner holster after a couple days of carrying. Its a great product will purchase again when time comes.

Was worried would stick to inside Tulster holster but found in tandem works just fine. Was even hand written thank you on invoice from Talon which I appreciate.


Couldn't be happier. The moss color effectively hides the gun when wearing a white shirt.

Very Happy with my purchase. Fit is great and easy to install!Feel is tremendous.

These grips fit & feel amazing! I ordered the granulated rubber grips and it gives me a great purchase on the grip and doesn't cause any discomfort while I conceal carry. I highly recommend these grips and Talon's customer support is great!

Completely changed the feel of my gun and the confidence I had to shoot accurately. While normal factory grips can sometimes be slippery, Talon grips will make all the difference!

I purchased a set of Talon black rubber grips for my S&W Shield and also for the extended magazine. Installation is really easy and the difference they make is unbelievable. The gun doesn't move around in your hand and makes for a nice,comfortable firm grip. At $17.99 for the grip and $1.99 for the extended magazine it's a great economical upgrade. And the company also gives you fast & free shipping!

Great addition to my 9mm Shield, Totally different feel. Much more secure.

Gives extra grip great product

Awesome product.

I love these grips! I put them on every gun I own and I prefer the rubberized grips. So when I got my wife a Shield for Christmas it was a no-brainer to add them to her new gun. I also picked up two grips for the extended mags and was pleased with them as well. If you're even slightly thinking of getting them, do it! You will be well pleased with the result.

Can't believe the improvement these grips have made. The instructions/installation was super easy. the improvement in the feel of the grip and my accuracy have gotten better with these installed. Would definitely recommend to anyone considering these.

Love the grips! Smooth installation, very happy with the product

I love the way it looks, the way it fits and the way it went contact that that much nicer than the first version

Only issue there is is that there isn't a rating above excellent. These are e best product ever. I would order more if I had the money.

Installed as per the included directions. Great fit! So far they are stuck fast and show no signs of loosening. Hoping to be able to shoot soon to see the difference in the grip. Very satisfied so far!

Purchased for my M&P Shield 9mm. They were simple to install, and work as advertised. I highly recommend them.

Pleasantly surprised by the finished product. Very nice improvement in grip / feel of my carry 40. Cal. So thin as to not increase the size of grip but much improvement in security in handling. Very pleased

Talon grips significantly improved handling and grip on my shield. Will definantly order more in the future. I couldn't get the s&w logo cutouts on the bottom of the grips to line up equally on both sides but function is more important than astetics to me. Overall well worth it!

Talon makes great grips and has excellent customer service. I recently purchased the Rubber-Moss grips for my M&P Shield. They look & feel great. Easy to install. Make sure you follow the directions and you can't go wrong. Highly recommended.

Wonderful, best alternative to stippling

Talon grips amazing on my shield ,Great feel and great look

Purchased two additional grips for my extra magazines. My firearm had a Crimson Trace on it. I had to remove it, place the main grip on first. Once that was on and properly sealed after heating, placed the Crimson Trace on and it worked just fine. Nice fit and feel on the grips. Mine were the rubberized ones. Easy to install. Of course the main thing is to have the areas very clean of oils.

Easy to install. Great added grip feeling

Great product made perfect. I ordered the rubberized and love it. It looks like factory.The only issue I have is on the website it's not clear what the difference is between the 3 finishes accomplish. I'm sure if I called I could find out but a clear explanation why you choose one over the other is valuable information. ++++

Excellent product with perfect fit!

Must have if you own a shield. Easy to install and adds a very good gripping surface to the already small and slick grip.

The rubber grip is great, easy to install and looks good. With the shield being so thin I was shooting to the left a bit but after installing the Talon grip I am dead on. Great product.

Excellent grip

Installation, fit, feel. All high marks. Keep up the good work.

Best product man ever invented. 5 stars.

Fit great and looks awsome

Good quality and value. Easy to install. I am very impressed with Talon grips.

Fits great, well made nice product

These grips went on with no problems. Fitment was perfect and my shield feels much better in my hands.

very impressed with the grip that I just ordered another for another S&W i own. Thanks for the quick turn around.

Grips are awesome especially if you have sweaty hands also grips fit the gun perfect

Purchased at a great "Black Friday" price for my M&P 9mm Shield. I got the rubberized grips. They were very easy to install. Since this was the third set of Talon grips, I've installed, I was pretty familiar with the application, They went on perfectly and look like they were original equipment on the firearm. The grip is much improved. I highly recommend this product.

Makes the shield 10 times more comfortable have 1 on my glock 43 and one on my Smith & Wesson MP compact highly recommended

Just put on the gun! It makes a great deal difference in comfort and grip ability since the shield 45acp has to aggressively grip texture for my skin type . Thank folks you make a great product! K

these grips make a world of difference

Outstanding product. I have put Talon grips on both my 9mm and 45 cal M&P Shield pistols. (I have also put them on my Walther PPS M2 and Springfield XDM Compact 45 cal.) The grips are an exact fit for each weapon. They are easy to put on. For every day carry I recommend the rubber finish, They enhance your ability to hold the weapon with no slippage even if you tend to sweat. I also recommend getting the Grip addition for th emagazine extenders. The advantage to these is that when you are pulling a magazine from its carrier it is much easier to get a firm no slip grip and smoothly pull the magazine from the holder. Also less chance of the magazine slipping out of your grasp while inserting in the magazine well while reloading.

The grips are easy to install , allow better retention of the handle, do not show signs of wear and are reasonably priced. I have installed them on all my concealed carry pistols

I have these on my Glock duty weapon and now on my backup Shield. No matter the conditions I have a sure grip on either weapon. When these wear out I will purchase another set. Great grip additions.

Fast shipping.Easy to install.A world of difference; a must have.Couldn't be more satisfied.Thanks

I purchased a M&P 40 Shield. The first thing I did was add a Talon Grip. S&W introduced the Performance Center Shield. I traded my 40 Shield and bought a 9mm Ported Performance Center Shield. I immediately ordered a Talon Grip for my new Shield. The feel is terrific. I will put a Talon Grip on every pistol I buy. Talon is a great Company and provide outstanding customer support!

Love these grips. Started with the rubberized grip for my M&P shield 6-8 months ago and decided I wanted to try the granulated grip, it was to much grip for a concele & carry. I really did like the feel of the granulated grip and didn't want to take it off entirely so I decided to integrate the two grips together. I left the granulated grip on under the trigger guard and on the back side under the beaver tail and reapplied the rubberized grip over the rest without any problem giving me the best of both worlds. These grips are very durable and being able to apply and reapply and combine grips makes these grips a must have for any gun owner. Love the fact they have come out with a new color and looking forward to purchasing more grips in the future.

these are the only grips that are excellent and improve handling 100 percent #1 buy them.

The grips were perfect! I recently participated in a Combat Focus Shooting course and the grips provided a good grip throughout all of the sweat and dirt accumulated.

I already have Talons on my M&P Bodyguard and just put them on my M&P Shield. The look and feel of both guns are so much better now. Easy to apply and hold up very well. Great product!

I'm a repeat customer and use Talon grips on a couple of my firearms. They improve the feel without adding any bulk and with the exception of one corner of an extended magazine grip that I had to glue down they have held up very well to a year of range activity and regular carry.Follow the directions to install them and you won't be disappointed, in my opinion. I recommend giving them a try, they are well worth the small price.

This is my second Talon grip purchase. The transaction was simple and the grips arrived quickly. Instructions are very simple and clear. Installed in about 10 minutes and the fit is perfect. The grip on my Shield now feels more secure in my hand yet is not sticky to cause issues drawing the firearm. Highly recommended.

Great product and customer service. Keep up the good work.

I bought these to give me a better grip on my Shield 40. They worked so well I ordered them for both mine and my wife's Shield 9. I can't imagine I will ever own another handgun without a set of Talon grips on it. They were super easy to install and make a world of difference in the grip you have on the gun. Thanks for a great product.

Great product fits like second skin goes on easy this is my second perches this is for my son in law he liked mine Sowell I got for him when I get another gun in will be ordering for that gun as well THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT

Had these for almost a year on this gun, Great product. Makes the this gun even better.

I have the M&P Shield 45. The texture on the grip is very aggressive. The Talon Grip makes the gun feel so much better in my hand. A must have!

Great product. Does exactly what it's supposed to do.


Fits perfect. I can't believe how much better I am able to hold it with so much firmness. Also it fit perfectly and you can barley if at all see the seam.Thank you

So far so good. The grips are awesome as is the S&W Shield. My family owns 4 Shields. Great gun for the $!!!

Great product! Fits perfect and was easy to install.

These are my second pair of grips. Excellent fit and easy to apply. I definitely will buy more and recommend Talon Grips to anyone looking for improved grip without added bulk.

Easy to put on . If you have the shield get this gripe.

Thank you Talon Grips for vastly improving the grip on all my polymer frame pistols. I have been using talon grips for several years on all my polymer frame pistols. There are none better or easier to install or longer-lasting . My latest purchase for my 9 mm Smith & Wesson Shield has made it the perfect Carry pistol.

Been using for years. Have become overpriced.

Quick upgrade, easy, Affordable...

This is my daily carry gun and I love the product.

Love it! Needed just a little more to hold on to on my Shield 9 mm. Doesn't get in way of in the pant or in the pocket conceal. Thanx!

I was skeptical at first because the grips sounded too good to be true, but since I got them and placed them on my shield its been amazing! The grips are exactly what I wanted.

I am a new gun owner so I asked Ben at Field &Stream how could I improve the grip on my Shield... he pulled up this site Talon Grips and said how great this grip was and so easy to put on plus lines up and matches perfect with the existing design of the grip of your gun ... ordered one, put it on and fell in love ! Since then I have ordered 2 more for my other guns and told my friends about Talon Grips ! I will never own a gun without one !The other great part, u need to replace it for some reason... just heat it up and peel it off ! EASY on, Easy off ! Oh and the price is very reasonable !! LOVE LOVE LOVE Talon Grips !!! Hey Talon Grips If for some reason u ever decide to close up please let me know ahead of time so I can stock up on grips !!!!

a great set of grips,and also if anyone is wondering about installing these grips on a handgun with a crimson trace laserguard ,you do not have to cut the grips out for the handle button instinctive grip ,you can re-install it right over top of the talon grips because they are so thin,works great

Talon grips are the greatest! I prefer the rubberized version and have them on other weapons. The factory grip of the M&P Shield .45 is okay but I wanted something better. I was pleased to find them on the Talon website. As with others, the installation on my weapon was quick and easy and provides a better grip than the factory. I highly recommend them.

fast shipping,perfect fit,would buy again

The grips on the S&W Shield are excellent. I am not satisfied with the grips for the magazines. I'm not sure if its the texture or if they need more adhesive. They keep peeling up and I need to reset them quite often. My Shield is an every day carry and I carry it in a IWB Green Alien Holster. After 2 or 3 days of use I have noticed the grips on the magazines peeling and moving. I reapply them and heat them with a hair dryer but they continue to peel and shift.

Talon Grips provided a much better and more firm grip. Very glad to have them and they make the gun look better as well.

Great fit, attractive appearance, easy installation, and most importantly, a huge improvement in grip and in hand feel. If you haven't tried talon, do yourself a favor and do so.

Love it....nothing bad to say about these grips.....awesome.