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Grips for Springfield XD Full Size



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TALON Grips for Full Size Springfield XD models with both the 4" and 5" barrels. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures. This grip has full coverage on the side panels through the thumb rest, logo cutouts on each side, ample coverage on the backstrap and full coverage under the trigger guard. Please select your caliber and texture. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Shipped fast and was easy to apply. Looks and feels great. So far no regrets.

Shipping was fast. Price is good.

The grip install was very straightforward. The cutouts are spot-on and does not take anything from the look of the pistol. I took my time installing the grip because I'm a tad bit OCD. I followed the instructions and had the grip installed within 5mins.

I used a heat gun to "cure" the grip on place. My first impression upon installation and gripping my xD tactical I use for competition, is that my hands will be stuck to it, dry or wet with sweat.

It is very grippy!

I practiced with it at the indoor shooting range to see how I'll perform with the new grip. My follow-up shots a a tad bit quicker and more on target. Can't wait to use it in a match. Hoping for more consistent double alphas....hehehe..

Looks great. Feels like it's glued to my hand now.

The grip fits perfect. It looks and feels good.

Researched, Purchased, Received and installed my Talon Grip on my XD-9 Full Size. What a huge difference for an old friend. I bought my XD way back when they first came out. When I did, I thought to myself grip enhancement was a must. Solved the problem in short order. Easy to install, fit perfection left clean lines and truly enhanced the grip. I spoke with Talon prior to receiving my order. They were fantastic to speak with and provided me with some tips to improve my satisfaction with their products. I will be ordering another set for another newer friend that likes to travel with me often. Great product, quick to ship and receive and install.

Love em, love em, love em! Fit my XD perfectly. Hope to see more designs, wish they had Punisher skulls. Lol

Keep up the great work!

Bought the Granulated grip for my full size Springfield XD .357 SIG. Went on easily and instructions were very clear. Well made and great fit. The XD sort of felt "slippery" in the hands and after adding this grip, my grip felt more firm and the gun didn't look bad at all with it. Very well made and I recommend.

Great grips wish I would found earlier stay very comfortable the xdm 5.25 are the grips I need tighter group not perfect but a lot tighter thanks Edward

Very good product, love the added texture & cushion.

The one that I purchased for my ruger LC9 was to small. It didn't fit very well.

I only use Talon grips the rubber version on all of my firearms. All of them!

Absolutely love Talon grips. Have some on any firearm I carry.

Amazing product, got the grips for my xd9 granulated, have no words to explain how much better my grip is... this is how a gun should feel when u get it from the factory , thanks talon for a wonderful product, feel much safer with these grips...

Amazing quality! Simple design! My money says they will last a lifetime. These groups are so tacky, without being sticky, they almost grab your hand instead of the other way around.

Order these for my Springfield XD.45 full-size chose the free shipping and still got here with In 3 days of it being shipped. They installed with ease in minutes and I love the feel i already can feel the diffrence. I cant wait to try it out at the range. Will definitely be back for more and will suggest you guys to all my friends and family! Keep up the great work guys

now all my guns have a Talon grip. greatly improved the feel and handling of the gun.

easy to apply..improves grip doesn't really add any bilk to the pistol

Great grips!

Great product, have talons on all my pistols, fellow shooters, have tried mine and ended up purchasing for their firearms, only reason I gave it a 4 star was because I purchased sandpaper by accident, i use the rubber ones, still have to get use to them, will probably get the rubber ones. ...product definitely 5 stars...

Never liked the OEM texture on the XD as it gets real slick with sweaty hands. Talon solves that and then some! Wish I would have had them sooner!

Excellent grips and very easy to install.

would like to have a small strip on the forward strap of the Trigger Guard. thanks Guys

Owners of Springfield Xd's will appreciate the grip enhancement by adding Talon Gun Grips to their pistol. My hands are of average size,and the wide and somewhat greasy feel of my .40 were greatly improved. It feels like a new gun, and I am much more accurate and confident with repeated shots. Buy these grips!!!

I really like the texture of this gun grip. I have small hands for the size of my pistol and this has helped in getting a better grip. Fits the gun well and was easy to install.

Great product! Fits my XD flawlessly and the texture of the grip is outstanding. Id even go as far as saying it’s better than some of my stippled weapons. A+

I absolutely love the granulated grip on XD. When I shoot I know I have a solid grip on my gun. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a cheap upgrade to their grip without damaging any part of the gun. As a beginner competitive shooter it’s USPSA legal and it’s a great addition to my game. I’m very pleased I purchased this product. Thanks Tony for the recommendation and try.

Really awesome product
The best product in the market !!!
I defenatly recomended !!!!!!

Makes this gun feel so much better in the hand.

Fabulous product! I was a little concerned at first that this product might be a cheap add-on, only messing up my XD .45 Tactical. I couldn't have been more wrong. The rubber Talon grips now give me so much more control shooting successive shots. No more need to adjust my grip after a couple of shots. The original XD grip finish is so smooth that it causes grip problems. Probably why Springfield changed all the XD grips in later models. Shooting my XD is really fun now!

Great grips! The XD is my duty weapon and these grips are exactly what was needed. The stock grips are slippery when wet but not anymore, the Talon grips work wonderfully with sweaty or wet hands.

Quick easy install and the grips are great!

Talon grips are excellent! Great fit and finish. No fault of the grip itself, but on this pattern, I would personally trim it a bit different. But, that's mostly driven by looks. I have yet to shoot it with the new grip tape, but it feels nice in the hand. Headed to the range tomorrow afternoon for some pew-pew-pew!!!

i have talon grips on all my carry guns and my home defense, they are far superior to any grip that any factory is using.

Followed directions to install grip panels on my Springfield XD 5" Tactical .40 S&W. Grips helped tremendously during my Front Sight Defensive Handgun course. Hot weather, sweaty hands, and sunscreen on the grips caused no problems over the course of two days of drawing, shooting, and re-holstering, many, many times. Would highly recommend Talon Grips.

Exactly what i wanted perfect match

This is a great product. After hearing so many people rave about it in the forums I figured I'd check it out. I'm glad I did the rubberized grip makes handling so much nicer.

Fit the xd 9 great . I bought the flat dark earth.The fit and finish are unsurpassed.

Awesome, easy install and also modifications and variations are possible. Thanks

I wear latex gloves all day so my hands are pretty soft and tend to sweat when I shoot. Basically I can't get a consistent stable grip. The granulate helps me really lock in my hands. It is a bit rough on the palm of support/left hand but you get used to it. Very happy with price and quality!

Perfect fit. Excellent product once again. The fit I want.

Best upgrade

Perfect fit and makes the gun feel more secure in hand. Rubber feels tackier than other grips I have tried before.

Great product, super easy to install and really improves the grip on my XD-9. Don't even think about it, order one today.

Great product. Very fast shipping. Well worth the money. Prep your surface well with more than one small alcohol wipe. Use the hairdryer and credit card in the grooves method a few times. Don't leave it in a hot car often.

Shipping was very fast. Very easy to install. I picked up the rubberized grip, feels great on the hand. Purchased for my XD-40, about to also order for my XD-9.

As always, another perfect grip.

Very nice grippy feel. Easy to put on. highly recommend.

Really a nice addition. Really feels good in the hands.

Talon grips are great.I do a lot of walking and my palms tend to get sweaty so this grips are ideal when gripping your handgun in hot weather like florida.Thank you Talon Grip

I've got a set of the granulated for my XD9 and the rubber for a sig. The XD ones are new, but it off the two weeks they're holding on very well and give me an insanely positive grip. The Sigs are closer to two years I believe and still holding up strong. They don't give quite the grip that the granulated do, but they give a ton better without the discomfort of grip tape rubbing on you if you're carrying it. Both fantastic products.


These grips are wonderful. I have them on both my XD's and my Smith & Wesson Shield. They all fit perfect and provide a really nice grip. A bonus is that they look great too.

did not expect it to be like fine grit sandpaper, will have to try it out on the range. May have to purchase the rubber grips. I just picked up an XD subcompactband will ordering Talon rubber grips for it soon.

LOVE the feel of my XD with the Talon Grips...feels like a completely new gun. Gun is very secure and stable feeling in my hand now. Thanks for a great product, will be ordering a grip for my S&W MP 9 Shield.

Very easy to install, fit very well and provide a great grip. Would DEFINITELY buy more!

Idiot proof. Easy to install with simple instructions. Excellent fit and finish. Very pleased.

Great product, goes on easy.

They fit great made my XD45 feel like a different firearm, I got the grip tape ones a bit to aggressive for me but it will never slip out of your hands (a plus with the 45) so I ordered the rubberized ones

Great grips, great price and great service. I will buy more.

could use a little better detail around mag release that is nit picky though .Overall easy install and Great feel especially when your hands are damp Good inexpensive upgradethanks Talon KO

Fits great like the last one I bought which was also my first. Loved it so much I had to get one for the XD .45. Makes it much more enjoyable to hold and to shoot. Absolutely love Talon Grips.

8th pair of Talon grips. Guess you,could say that Talons have a grip on me.

Excellent grip enhancement for my Springfield XD. Easy to install and a great value. I have them on my Sig P229, S&W Shield, & my S&W M&P 9mm.

Great product, cheap, easy to install, and feels great in my hands. Will definitely recommend this product to friends and family!

Best upgrade for the money!!! Have them on all my guns and will be getting more as my arsenal increases!!!

I got one for my Springfield 45 with a 5 inch barrel and my Springfield subcompact 9 and they are perfect easy to install affordable can't go wrong five stars would definitely recommend them to a friend in fact already have to most of my friends

Love the grips for my XD 9mm. They are tacky and hold onto my hand very well. They fit perfect. Installation was so easy!

If i could leave beyond excellent i would,The grips performed beyond expectations.!!Transformed a well designed firearm into something (in my words) a substantially more accurate firearm!!

Followed the instructions and the rubberized grips went on easily and fit well. Gave the pistol a much better feel in my hand. The pistol is really a bit large for my hand and the Talon grips help.

Huge improvement to my XD. I have a much better purchase on the pistol with the talon grips. Easy to install. I will be buying these for my other polymer pistols

Great grip for the gun!

Talon grips give you that control grip to have a consistent purchase on the weapon for the recoil way better that a hand gun without them.

I Love it! It made a world of difference in comfortability. Easy to install just follow the directions.

So I bought the rubber grip for my 9 and my 45acp. Grips feel great and handle very well. I took the extra time preparing both frames before applying which has worked out great. It has also increased the comfort level while concealed carrying the 45. Shockingly they have withstood a round in my sonic cleaner and lube bath. Only issue I've had so far was a little corner peeling due to my service tactical thigh holster which was before being put in the sonic cleaner. Little trim in that area and no issues after.

This product is an absolute necessity!Ive tried many firearms with many different grips, and talon has them beat!I purchased this for my XD 9mm, and after installing the grip, my performance is much improved. I am connected to the pistol now, rather than holding it. The gun feels as though its a part of my hand's.This is well worth the money!

Like the very much because of they prevent slippage.Will use them on other pistols.

Great grips .They solved my problems. Able to hold solidly on target and have improved my score .

Those grips are absolutely perfect,so easy to apply thanks.

Great product i love it and I'm fat and it helps to keep my shirt down!

Outstanding product. Very well worth the price and time to install it on my XD 9mm. I will definitely be putting it on my next gun real soon.

Great grip - I got the rubber version. Applied very easily, and you have to look very closely to see that it is an add on. No need to trim any excess - which tucks underneath the starting layer. Looks good, and feels good. Highly recommended.


The grip is very easy to install and fits perfectly.

Greatly improved grip on my XD

Fits like a champ and very easy to put on. Just as advertised.

Great product and perfect fit. Great service and highly recommended!

After being a 1911 man all my life I recently built a custom Springfield xd5" tactical. The grip sucked but after installing my talon grips it made all the difference. As an instructor I've shot all kinds of guns and grips for the last 25 years and this is the best modification under 20bucks anyone can spend. Just fallow the instructions and be careful.

They are very easy to instal. They feel great and make the gun look sharp. Very satisfied!! Thank you!

They are great. They make the gun look better and the grip is perfect. Easy to install. Very satisfied!

Grips are great and an ease to put on. They give the gun some much needed traction for long shooting secessions.

Talon grip is the best grip I used, I have them in all my gun's. .. will buy again if I buy another pistol :)

perfect fit grips feel great!

These grips should be a factory option on all pistols. Great feel. Great price and simple to sinstall.

I have Talons on my other pistols. Even though my new XD9 Full Size has a good grip pattern, I decided to install Talons on it too. After several damp outings with it, I'm glad I installed the Talons. The grips provide an excellent no-slip surface that can't be beat.

The grips fit my XD 45ACP Tactical perfectly. I followed the instructions to the letter, and the fit looks factory. The rubberized version adds a tremendous amount of grip, with no noticeable increase in thickness. The grip is definitely comfortable enough for carrying against skin and aids in quick acquisition of the weapon from a holster. No better bang for the buck than adding Talon grips to your weapons.

Great fit and great feel. I bought the rubber grips and they are great.

Can't recall but I think that this is my seventh pair. Love the rubberized grip formXD service models.

The 202 rubberized grip fit perfectly on my Springfield XD40, providing much better control, especially when firing full power 180 and 200 grain 40 cal ammo. Everything lined up just right and I needed to Exacto-trim only a very fine strip from the mag well edge.This grip was $18 very very well spent.

Talon Grips are AWESOME! I have the rubberized grip version on all of my pistols. We all know every shooter is different, and what is good for one person may not work out for another. That said, The rubberized Talon grips give me that little extra in grip feel, girth and traction without the unwanted bulk that just makes my pistols that much more comfortable to hold and shoot. Every aspect of pistol shooting has improved for me with the addition of your product! THANK YOU TALON TEAM - JOB WELL DONE!!!

fits my 45 ACP like a glove

I put off buying a pair of Talon grips, and am sorry I waited so long. These are a great addition to the XD and am very pleased with the feel and control of the pistol. I recommend them highly.

I have Talon grips on all my handguns. I had to get them for my latest addition XD-45 tactical.Thank you for a great product!

Easy Application. Nice grip. Great feel

Better than expected! Super easy to put on and feels really good in my hand. I would recommend this product to everyone! On a 1 - 10 scale I give it at least a 9+!

I bought the Rubber grip for my XD 40 (my EDC). It was very easy to apply and a comfortable feel. I put the grip on a month ago. It gave the gun a much better feel. I have taken it to the range a couple of times and love the feel of the grip now.When I received the grips in the mail, the paper envelope was damaged (no product damage). I raised this future improvement opportunity to the customer support via eMail and they were all over it to address my concern, Within 24 hrs they were inquiring to understand and improve. I will be buying more grips and accessories from them in the future.

Very happy with the grips

Great fit and feel. Makes the gun much easier to grip and made my follow up shots much quicker. No regrets!

7th set of talon grips. When you find what works you stick with it. Love the rubbered textured surface.

this makes the 6th set of Talon grips I've bought. well worth the investment!!

Still have the original on for 2 years now. Only got these for the new design. Have talons on all my fire arms.

Perfect fit. No trimming required. My grip on the gun is much improved. Highly recommended product.

The grips fit my XD9 like a glove, awesome cutouts and curves that mold perfectly to the contour of the gun.. Grip is perfect not too agresive like the granular but enough for a day at the range

Very easy to install and very comfortable. I highly recommend then to anyone. I especially like that they do not increase the size of the grip.

This grip really made my gun complete ! I fits my hand really well and it doesn't slip. Great product!

Perfect fit. Easy to install.

The original Design of the Grip Covered up the XD Logo; easily remedied with an Xacto Knife. The only Flaw is that the grip doesn't go high Enough on the Backstrap; it's easy enough to trim material to fit on either side of the thumb safety.

Love Talon grips. Easy to install, I have them on both my polymer hand guns.

Great fit and feels good

My new Talon grips for my Springfield XD45 were exactly what I'd hope they would be... nice feel, better grip, and a perfect fit. The use of enough heat from a hair dryer is important to them adhering well and with that, they have become part of my pistol. A good grip, I like it!

So far the talon stick on grip has held on to my XD grip flawlessly. Installation was easy and after a little heat applied, seems to be sticking well, even over the areas that has milling on the front and rear of my xd stock grip. Very impressive and feels great now when i squeeze my XD, the Talon is here to stay.

I like the extra secure hold the grips provide. I did not know how much better the gun felt in my hand until I tried them with Talon grips. It is worth the investment. I recommend them for anyone just wanting a more comfortable feel not even going to the competition side of how much these can help.

Have these on several handguns and love the ease of installation and the feel after installation.. Would highly recommend for everyone who has been looking to enhance the purchase of their handguns

Fast and good delivery

Outstanding product. Instantly added much more comfort and grip to my Springfield XD full size. 10/10 would buy again

Great grip for the money. Easy installation.

I've had my XD for ten years and never realized how much the gun moved in my hands until I put the Talon grips on. These have definitely improved my group size and accuracy.Awesome product, I would definitely order again.

Wow what a difference in feel. The polymer is slick and I always had to readjust during shots. Now my hand is stuck to the pistol. The fit and feel is great. Feels like a new pistol. After seeing some at the range and hearing they were 2 years old and the edges didn't lift I ordered some for a friend and I that day! Now another friend ordered a pair. Great product

I use these on two of my XD 45s and I love them. I carry my XDS concealed and I can pull it out with just a finger if I need to because I can grip it now. They don't seem to drag like something sticky but have just the right grip and haven't seemed to change over time.

The best gun grips you could ever own!!! Great service. Will be buying more.

Awesome product, definitely worth the 17 bucks!

Easy to install, fit good, feel good.

Grips make my XD feel like a glove in my hands! I absolutely love the product and the installation was quick and easy! I will be ordering more soon!

Have these grips on quite a few of my pistols.Installation is easy, but you must use the alcohol patch to clean it and then I really heat it with my hair dryer 3 seperate times so it adheres. If you do that it stays put. Great product

Great for people who get sweaty palms/hands.The grip is great, and really helps me get a strong grip on the gun.The grip is a bit abrasive on your hands, but I'm willing to compromise some abrasiveness for a strong grip on the gun and you should too. Overall, super happy with the product.

Sixth set of talons. Excellent gripping. All have been rubberized and feel great in the hand.

Great addition to the best hi-cap .45 ACP handgun

After researching a variety of grip options for my new XD-9, I decided to go with Talon. The price and free shipping are great - shipping was pretty fast. Applying the grip ( I got the rubber texture) was easy and true to fit. I like how it doesn't make the pistol grip bulky, but adds additional grippiness. I'm satisfied and will be ordering again for any future firearms.

Great grips, even better customer service. Will be adding more once I get the collection going

I have a Springfield XDS and I referred to the grips as "cheese graters". The stock grips are very aggressive and no fun to shoot after 50 rounds. I added the Talon rubber grips and I like them so much, the grips on my full sized XD felt too smooth and slippery. Ordered the Talon rubber grips for the 2nd pistol and now both guns have the same texture: Perfect! Great product and easy to install!

I love the feel. I want to try the grit next. Maybe look into different thicknesses for different hand sizes

Love the grip, I love not wearing gloves and my hand tend to sweat.. the grip tape material is perfect for me

Easy to put on and easy to get on correctly. The symbol cutouts help a lot.

I got the granulate Talon grips for my XD.45 Tactical that has been converted to .460 Rowland. This thing squirmed around in my hand so bad, every time I'd touch off a round and I would have to reposition my grip. The Talon grips solved the problem. Perfect fit, delivered quick. I will be putting these on the rest of my polymer pistols immediately.

I'm loving the Talon grip I just put on my XD, it gives it a whole new feel that's much more secure than before. I could stand for it to be just bit rougher at the front for my fingers, but I'm just nitpicking here. No complaints and can't wait to get it to the range to see bow it feels in action.

Just got, installed and used the new grips. Love them. Cousin really loved them and is planning to order some for his guns. Great product. Now if you just made some for my Colt govt. model .380.

These grips for the Xd-9 full size make the feeling of the gun 10x better will buy more grips soon

Installation was a learned experience even with practice. Hair dryer party was a bit of a pain too. All in all, the Talon application enhanced my XD grip without any concessions to the gun. Can't wait to get to range and try it out.

Great Product! Easy to install and greatly helps ensure a strong grip in all weather conditions.

Fast shipping. Fits great. Easy installation

Great product. Have bought grips for 2 different models. Would purchase again!

Good service and really good product.

Great product! Fits perfectly, easy application, great feel/function and it looks great. Very happy customer

Must have.....

great and fit perfect

I have a total of six sets of Talon's grips. Four on XD or XDs and two on M and P, Compact and ShieldHighly reccommend this product for concealed carry or range practice

The directions were easy to follow and precise. It went on as described and the feel is great. Can't wait to go to the range.

I had heard of these grips for some time. To be honest I was hesitant because of my skill of DIY. Couldn't have been easier and came out perfectly. These are much better than I expected and I plan to purchase two more sets for other pistols. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Very good feel. Easy to install.

Love it, but wish I had ordered the same texture for my AR-15, that grip I don't care for, to gritty.

The grip on my XD-40 is good, but I felt like I was losing control after five years. Ordered the Talon Granulate Grip. It arrived and it looked, well, Intimidating! I tried to test fit it and just couldn't see how it was going to be as easy as all the reviews. When I peeled the backing paper off, it became obvious. I lined up the side, started wrapping it around and it fit like a glove! Applied the hair dryer, warmed it up, snugged it down. I can't believe how much better it feels in my hand!

Great product and even better customer service! I ordered the wrong part by mistake and they went above and beyond to get me the correct item and take care of me! I will be a repeat customer and tell all the gun owners I know to order from here!

Love these grips, I don't know why I took me so long to purchase these! Put them on my duty gun and had great grip on my weapon in the rain due to Talon Grips! Thanks Guy's

Fits like a glove, easy to apply!

Best grip options I've used so far for my polymer frames!!c wont add extra width (like a hogue grip does). excellent adhesion to the frame as well - no pealing off like skateboard grip tape. if you're like me and just cant get a good grip on a bare poly frame, Talon has the solution! Thanks guys, love these grips.


I got the granular grip for my XD 45. EASY TO PUT ON. Sure grip when you have wet hands and or gloves on. Some people feel that the grip is to rough..My wife says it's to rough for her ,but we will get her the rubber grip soon.

Fit is perfect as usual! Great job guys!

Outstanding grab ability. The gun just sticks in your hand and stays there. Completely transforms the feel of this firearm. I will buy these for all my guns!

I am very happy with the Talon Grip for my Springfield XD 45 Service. It feels a lot better to hold and fire the gun. I would highly recommend this product.

I will be reordering from this company for my other firearms awesome product fit perfect with easy application! plus the personalized thank you on the receipt is a big deal in my opinion. Thanks Talon!!!

Talon Grips saved me the cost of a new gun. I have an XD45 that I love, but the grips were so slick I had it listed to sell so I could buy something else. I tried the Talon Grips and immediately took the XD off the sale block. They make the gun shoot better than it did when it was brand new. So good that I got Talon Grips for all of my plastic pistols.

Made my Springfield XD9 Service Model feel great!! Thanks

Awesome!! Purchased the Rubber grip decal and added it to my XD-9 Service. Much improved feel and eliminates the "slick plastic feel" of this polymer pistol. One of the best performance mods for XD-9 service pistol!!

Installation was a breeze. I am very happy with the increase in grip. It made it feel like a completely different handgrip. I would recommend this to anyone looking to increase grip and control of their firearms

The XD Full Size 4" in 45ACP is one of my favorite pistols. I've tried both the grey high grip and black rubberized grip. My favorite is the black rubberized grip. Provides extra grip when hands get sweaty and yet allows for small amounts of grip adjustment on the fly while shooting and moving. If you want the grip to stick to you like glue, go with the grey. If you want a more positive grip under adverse conditions go with the black. Both were easy to install. Just take your time and be sure to use the hair dryer to fully conform the grip.

I could not believe how much better my xd feels in my hand with the grips installed, it was like holding a completely different gun.It is one of the least expensive things you can do to make your shooting experience even better.

Grips fit and finish are beyond expectations. Great texture without being too aggressive. Easy to apply and very durable.

Amazing grip, so much better then OE. I manage a small gun shop and I have decided to carry these grips. Our customers love these grips as well. we sell about 6 to 10 per week.

Have had these on my xd9 for 3 years now and are still going strong!

Not recommended without them. Improves my accuracy at longer distance. At the range I've compared both with and without side by side with 2 identical pistols. Im a big fan of the granulate style, though i haven't tried the rubber yet. Thanks for a great product.

Had trouble gripping my Springfield after a while because my hands sweat, plus the powder and oil. The grips definitely make a difference. I'm shopping for another pistol and will definitely outfit it with a set of Talon grips.

Perfect fit. Love the Talon Grips.

Fits perfect and feels great!

Easy to install, work and looks great

Placed on my Springfield XD and made such a difference in the grip! Love it.

Great product. Perfect fit on my xd45. I highly recommend this product and I would definitely order again.

4 day defensive hand gun class at Front Site in 104 degree weather with my XD, sweaty hands and yet an awesome grip.Would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their grip on a polymer handled gun.

Install was easy - so far 3 months later the Talon grips are still on tight and look great. Also gave me a better grip on the XD 45acp beast, improved my accuracy and comfort.

Very nice grip! Love that it feels like grip tape for my pistol. hands sweaty , cold , wet, greasy doesnt matter with this grip. 5/5 would buy again for my other firearms.

Received and installed fairly quickly on my XD 4". The granular finish is very rough at first but will slowly break in nicely. As others have stated, you can run some high grit sandpaper to reduce the "roughness". It certainly improves the overall grip (control) of the gun. Personally I love the way it feels (over the rubberized version as well) in my hand - adds a sure feeling to your hand placement. That's said, 2 downsides after using it day to day. 1, if you train alot, the grip will irritate your skin after repeated grabs. 2, as an everyday carry, it will snag pretty much any fabric and with enough repetitions, tear said fabric. My suit jacket is showing signs of wear. Overall I highly recommend this grip as a great alternative (or option) to stippling your handgun.

Added a set of rubber talon grips to my XD-9 Service pistol. OUTSTANDING fit!! Looks like the pistol came from the factory with these grips. Also very easy to install and much better than cheaper skateboard tape. I'm thinking of adding these to my CCW (Taurus PT-709) Spend a little extra $$ for Talon grips and save the tape for skateboards, stairs, etc.

Easy to follow instructions and it makes the grip feel "solid"

I initially got talon grips for my M&P shield, and then decided they felt so good, all my hand guns needed them. The XD-45 thought my reliable nightstand gun, doesnt have the modern stippling XDMs have, so i felt like i could benefit from the no slip feel of the talon grips, and added softness without the added bulk associated with hogues and the like.

Great product! Gives greater grip, even when wet, but does not change the grip-feel of the weapon. Pay close attention to alignment when installing, and use a hair dryer, firmly pressing grip while hot 'til it cools. If you install correctly, there is no better grip on the market. I use Talon grips on all my pistols.

I have an xd40 tactical and the grip is very slippery. Bought a set of talon rubber grips and turned a good gun great. Thanks Talon.

I've owned my xd since 2007 and just bought these grips. I got the granulate. I just realized that these grips are what this gun has been missing all these years. Great!

First let me say Talon has fantastic Customer Service. I somehow ordered the XDs Grip instead of the XD-45 Full Size. Talon exchanged immediately. These grips are great. I put them on, there're easy to install and make all the difference in world for weapon control. I used a heat gun to finish installation. These grips fit and feel awesome. I highly recommend this product.

Excellent feel. Improved the grip immensely. Got the granulate for my tactical XD45. Will definitely be getting them for my mod 2 and XDs 45. Great product.

Recently purchased a set of there epic sandpaper style grips, fit just like they promised after heating up, the contour of the original pistol grip came through.... Which to me was amazing given the type of material this was..... I was so impressed with the product that I bought a 5"×7" sheet of the same material and did some custom grip work on my AR and another pistol.... I would recommend this product anybody running a polymer Firearm, handgun or rifle

No complaints. Product was easy to apply and is holding up fine to daily use. Would definitely purchase in the future for new handguns.

I have these on my other guns they are great got a new gun had to get more if you're thinking about getting some do it you wount regret it thanks talon

great product. Feels excellent in my hand. Would recommend it to anyone wanting that extra grip.

Awesome Product!!

Great product easy to install. Improved the grip on my XD ten fold

This product went on very easy and after heating it up and forming it to the contours of my XD 45 Service Model it looks and feels better. After took it out to the range and made my gun feel even more comfortable.If your going to do any modifications to your gun this should be the first thing buy.Great product Talon!

I really love the Talon grips, I have them on all of my guns, and recommend them highly. It's the single best accessory anyone can add to any weapon.

Was a little unsure of the grip for my gun but all doubts are gone. The tape is practically glued to the gun and the feel/grip is phenomenal

The grip fit really well. I bought the rubberized grip for my XD40 Springfield. It is like getting a new gun. I already liked shooting this gun without the grip, but it is so much better on the gun!

Other then just saying perfect let me elaborate. The grip I ordered was the gritty sandpaper type. I figured it would give me a better grip on the gun. It was delivered before said shipping time in an envelope along with a free sticker. Following the included instructions I applied the grip to the XD. Felt great right away. Took to the range several times and it helps keep a firm grip during recoil. No need to adjust hands after each shot. Would buy again and again. Would recommend . Great product by a great company.

Love it!! Gives me better grip control on my pistol, feels great. Would buy again. Thanks Talon grips

Great product, love the extra control I have now with my XD. Will buy again.


Simple installation. Instantly added comfort and confidence of control to my XD9.

Installed on my EDC firearm and been using it everyday without any issues. Even in the hot dry heat of Las Vegas they have not come off. Great product!

Love your product. I recommend it to everyone I know and I'll continue to purchase it for all my pistols.

By far the best thing I could have added to my gun!!! Easy to install. Secure. Just an all around great product.

Superbly crafted, feels like a custom made grip for a fraction of the price. Would recommend this product and company to anyone who is looking for a great quality product made in the usa. Fits so well you cant even tell its on there till you feel it grip to your hand.

Very easy to install and drastically improves grip.

Have bought multiple grips and have been happy with all of them! Purchased extras for this model but the first one is still mounted like the first day i had it after 2,000 rds and multiple cleanings.

The grips provide good traction in the places where needed . They needed to be factory trimmed just a bit to insure a "perfect" fit . All in all I am quite pleased with your product .

Great product, easy to install/apply. Also put on my XDS

awesome grips, cant live without them after you use them.

Just what I wanted. Fit great. Will be back for more.

These grips are great. I've put them on almost every weapon I own, there're easy to install and make all the difference in world for weapon control. I highly recommend this product.

I saw hickok45 great review of them and gave them a try. I love there rubber grips. I added them to all my guns I use now. They are an awesome high quality product. Make sure you take a hair dry to them after apply them, it makes a world of difference.

Needs several passes with hair-dryer. otherwise great: works better that that "Grip-Zone" Mod-2 from Springfield.

I have bought 2 sets of these grips in granulate for my two XDs, and will buy more in the future.They're much better than cheaper grips available elsewhere. I had a set of cheap grip decals on my gun for a few years, and the coverage just wasn't as good as I'd like with these Talons. The area where the bottom of the palm grips the gun is often neglected, but these grips don't.The granulate texture is very, very aggressive in the beginning, and it seems to smooth a little with handling. With the tape, the gun seems to stick to the hand.

Fits great like it suppose to, I love these grips I get the rough granite ones actually improves the stability while shooting. IL recommend these to anybody

I really enjoy the added grip on my pistol and am very happy with the product and the product cost. Couldn't be happier and definitely will recommend to others.

Purchased the rubber grip for my SA xd9 and the wifes Glock 19. Easy to install, perfect fit and gives the gun a much better feel. A must have. By the way, excellent service.

Excellent fit and feel. Made my XD exactly what I wanted it to be.

Absolute best addition to every handgun I own! I wouldn't carry without my Talon's!

Very good for service model.

I use these grips on my everyday carry and can't imagine carrying without them anymore. They are perfect in all weather conditions and provide an excellent grip surface. I would use them on all of my range and carry firearms.

Fit great, feels great as you grip the weapon just like advertised.

Ordered these to see if I could improve the grip on my XD. The plastic can feel slippery. Wasn't sure what to expect as I thought they may feel rough. What an amazing difference! My 13yr old daughter said the same thing as me after she shot it as well. If you have XD and don't want to make the grip feel wider these are great.

Grip fits perfect and texture is awesome!

I am so excited to get my grip in the mail today. Iam looking forward to putting this on my XD. The grip is awesome and a great value for what you get. I am a disabled veteran and living on a fixed income and with prices like this i can fit one in the budget for my glock 34 next month. Thank you Talon for this product and for your support of our 2nd amendment


Exceeded my expectations. Easy to install, and by having this better grip I find that my shooting has improved since I don't have to clench my hands so tight.-Mike

Amazing grip! Installs super easy, extremely durable and greatly increases my grip. Talon grips will go on my firearms from now on!

Amazing grip! Installs super easy, extremely durable and greatly increases my grip. Talon grips will go on my firearms from now on!

Was a gift for a friend. He loves it. Awesome!

I would like it better if they designed the grip. I think it would fit better if the seam was on the back strap and if it went all the way up where your thumb goes on the frame.

I love the grip.It changed the feeling in my hand from plastic to rubber. Very good price too.

I have purchased both types granulate and rubber grips and found both to be very good. The granulate seems to offer better grips if your hands sweat or are wet.

I have purchased both types granulate and rubber grips and found both to be very good. The granulate seems to offer better grips if your hands sweat or are wet.

I love the grip I just bought. It was the sandpaper style. The only problem I have with it is that it sticks to my shirt, and that if I dont wear an under shirt then it starts to rub a raw spot by the end of the day. Only had for about 2 weeks now as of 8-19-14. Still with the 2 flaws I love it 4 out of 5

I love it and it does exactally what its supposed to do the only problem I have with it is if I don't wear an undershirt it rubs a raw spot in my side, and if I don't wear a really large shirt my over shirt sticks to the sandpaper texture. still 4 out of 5

I love it and it does exactally what its supposed to do the only problem I have with it is if I don't wear an undershirt it rubs a raw spot in my side, and if I don't wear a really large shirt my over shirt sticks to the sandpaper texture. still 4 out of 5

I now use Talon grips on my pistols, made a better shooter of me. The grips are like none I ever used before. I have more control with them! When I buy a new pistol I will order Talons for it!

Easy to install, nice grips!

Needed a little cutting to fit....but looks and works GREAT!!!

Fits well. Performs as described.

They get it right!

Love the grip!!! It's like a whole nes gun. Amazing control.

Great product, great price.

Received quickly and installed easily. Greatly improved the grip. Recommend this to everyone!

I put the granulate grips on my Springfield XD Tactical and the difference is amazing. The weapon feels more tactile and more like an extension of your hand. Thanks Talon Grips for a superb product!!!