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Grips for Springfield XD(M) Compact



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TALON Grips for Springfield XD(M) Compact models. This grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and full coverage on the backstrap. Confirm the backstrap size installed on firearm prior to ordering. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

It's the 5th or 6th Talon Grip I have purchased. What can you say?.... Love em'! Ordered both coarse and rubberized grips for different toys. Fabulous upgrade! Can't do without on polymer grip toys.

Love the grips, have them on all my polymer guns. Did like the older version for the XDM compact. Had a couple holes on each side, helped in working the small amount of air out that can get stuck under there. Just my opinion.

I bought this with the extension grip and pierce grip and I absolutely love the feel. The rubber feels really comfortable in your hand while giving you a good solid grip on the gun. Looks almost as if the Talon grip is part of the gun with the logos cut out. Very happy with this product!

I ordered the grips and had them in a couple of days. It was easy installation and they fit perfectly. I would highly recommend this product.

This is the way to go for better gun grip. I love it at it was so simple to install.

Works great, excellent product

Perfect fit with the right amount of grip. Also looks great, what more could you ask for. Talon grips for all my polymer pistols!

Fit perfectly. Clear directions and easy application. Great grip and sleek look.

Got my talon grips within a week.Fit perfectly.Much better grip on my xdm compact45.This is my second set of talons.Also put some on my Walther ppq45.

Got my talon grips within a week.Fit perfectly.Much better grip on my xdm compact45.This is my second set of talons.Also put some on my Walther ppq45.

Got my talon grips within a week.Fit perfectly.Much better grip on my xdm compact45.This is my second set of talons.Also put some on my Walther ppq45.

Allows for absolute control of my firearm in all conditions, from any type of holster gloves or not. Comfortable and simply sexy. The best there is hands down.

I thought the grips on my Springfield XDm compact were good?! After installing the TALON grips on my pistol, there's no copmparision! The TALON grips are far superior the the grip surface on the gun itself. Ordered three grips for my extended mags! Just came today! Going to install them now!
I'll be ordering another set for my 1911 with Recover Tactical grip & rail system!

Everything is great and fit perfectly!! Recomend

Works well, much better grip now and it looks great.

Ordered the rubberized texture for the small backstrap on my XDM 3.8 9mm. Fast shipping from Talon Grips. Instructions were straight forward and install was easy. Using a heat gun gives you flexibility in dialing in the placement of the grip. I had to trim the final overhang that wraps around just slightly with an exacto knife so the ends matched rather than stacked –doing so looks and feels seamless in my hand. Love the added grip and tactile feel of the rubberized texture as well as the improved look on my EDC XDM. Looks factory clean and gives me a better grasp all-around. One of those ‘I-should-have-done-this-sooner’ mods.

The easiest upgrade to your handgun. I have them on every polymer gun I own. Completely changes the grip for the better.

Awesome grips, comfortable, fast shipping you can't ask for me.

Great grips, comfortable and fast shipping you cannot ask for . any more than that.

Great product! Fits my XD perfectly and enhances the grip tremendously.

I liked the way my pistol felt before, now I LOVE the way it feels. Great product with a perfect fit.

After searching for a rubberized grip without finger grooves I came across this Talon grip. Super happy with this and have it on multiple firearms. This arrived sooner than expected. Application is easy. Fits well. Feels and looks great. Very happy with this and highly recommend. Thanks for a great product.

The confidence of having a grip that does not slip even when it is hot and sweaty is fantastic. This was my fourth purchase. The improvements made since my original Talons were needed. The first Talons I bought had a seam that met at the back of the grip and it has started to separate. Still works, but this newer design is better.

Perfect quality! Recommended!

Talon Grips fit and finish are fantastic on my XDM Compact. Always clean the areas with the pads and use the hairdryer once installed and you will have the same results.

I absolutly love this product. It maies my gun feel so much better in my hand. Which i didnt think was possible lol. Great grip, works like magic. :) 5 stars for sure.

Love these updated grips. Before it would cut off and connect on the back of the grip. Now it starts on one side and overlaps to get a good grip. Just follow instructions to a tee...

5 stars is for service , communication ,shipping , and product. I wish all companies have the integrity of Talon Grips.The grips fit like a glove on my XDM 9mm Compact with no issues.

My 2nd purchase and I love the extra grip these give. I had my first set on my EDC for over 2 years and a set for my new gun was a no-brainer. They have never slipped or peeled. Top notch product.

The moss grip seem to be thicker it feel icky, i like the black one much better it feel softer more comfortable, between the two i would pick the back one but the moss probably last little bit longer since it thicker.

Love the added grip provided by the Talon grip! Goes on well and helps tame the snappy nature of .40 cal round. Also gives the gun an upscale look. Most people see it and think that it is a factory grip


Perfect fit on both the grip and grip extension on my Springfield XDM. I will replace these if and when the time comes.

An excellent gun needs and excellent grip. The Talon grips allow me to handle a .40 as if it is a smaller caliber firearm. As always the grip goes on so well that most think it is a factory installed option.

These grips will be on every firearm I own from now on. When i bought the xdm 3.8 i was almost crushed when after a couple weeks i didnt really like the ergonomics as much as I thought I did but after installing the talon grips holy crap it's my favorite pistol. I Actually ditched my stipple glock 17 frame for a stock one just to put these grips on. I carry everywhere appendix and I have had no issue with the grip being uncomfortable or wearing out in the holster, I have the rubber grip so I can't speak for the sandpaper type. I can't say enough good thing about it. Also side note, I strongly recommend the pearce grip extension it also made all the difference in the world, the xd talon grip for the pearce grip extension fits perfectly for the on for the xdm even though it's not listed as xdm.

Absolutely love them, will be on all my handguns from here on out. Made a world of difference.

These grips improve on the factory grips! The gun stays in place in your hand.Thanks.

This is my second set for this gun. The first lasted just short of two years with my carrying the gun 24/7. The rubbery texture is just perfect for me. Excellent product!

Great grip, easy to put on. I went with the granulate. There is zero slip now on my grip. The trim line for the back strap was a little off. It was still a little over sized and just needed a little extra trim. This is the grip everyone should add to their XDm

Excellent craftsmanship. Fits and feels great. Comfortable grip with no slip. Would recommend to anyone!

My wife & i carry full time in the valley of the sun. It's an outstanding product, would recommend to anybody. Kudos to design & producton employees! !i am a happy and future customer, we'll done Talon.

love your product. only thing I would change is I don't like the one piece construction because its hard to get on straight but otherwise its great.

Fit up was good for the one side and a slight bit of trimming on the bottom of the other. Will have to try it at the range soon as I had just installed them today.

love the aggressive grip and feel for the xdm. the plastic by itself can become lose in your hands if your hands begin to sweat. with this new, gritty style grip that problem is a thing of the past and your hands are firm on the pistol!

Perfect fit. I just put the grip in the oven on broil for about twenty seconds and then it went on my Xdm perfectly!

Got the sandpaper for XDM 5.25 after liking the rubberized for my Mod 2 subcompact. These are very aggressive, exactly what I was looking for. They say you can sand them down to take the edge off, but I will not be doing this. My hands sweat alot and constantly. I shoot outdoor matches in summer in Texas and a slippery grip is no longer even a consideration!! Keep up the great product!!

I just purchased my second Talon for the same gun, as I had to replace the old one due to it strating to peal a little. I don't think it's bad having to replace it given the fact that it's an adhesive application and as far as I'm concerned it held up very well for quite awhile. The gun that I have it on is my daily carry and it jas seen a lot of use with this grip on it. My only complaint with the new one is that it dosn't have the cutouts that the old one does and from a design point I feel that it doesnt look as much like a true part of the gun. It also mad applying it more dificult to get all the bubbles out. All in all I'm still very pleased with this product. Thanks, Mike

Perfect fit. Feels so much better and easier to maintain control with my 45 through rapid strings of shots. Love them on my lc9s pro even more.

I love the rubber Talon grips! I am a competitive pistol shooter and also conceal carry daily. The grips make my gun more comfortable and are very thin. I shoot in cold, heat, rain etc. and can always count on having a secure hold of my weapon. They fit extremely well and are easy to apply. Highly recommended!

I love these grips! I went with the rubberized and it's not a thick rubber but adds comfort. I have these on all my XD's. Only had them for 3 months but no peeling.

Love the grip. Easy to put on. Shipped and received quick. Also liked that someone took the time to hand write a thank you. Very cool. Keep up the good work.

this is the 4th grip I have ordered, got a grip for all 3 of my boys because they would take my gun when I put the grip on it

The fit and quality was perfect. Also did my Compact PX4. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their grip.

Originally ordered the wrong grips for my pistol. Set up a return from Canada to Talon. Everything went smooth as could be. Had the proper grips back in my hands faster than you can say Timbuckt.......Great product and great to deal with. A+

Couldnt be happier , mad at my self for somehow not knowing about about you guys sooner. Ordered the grit grip for my glock 43 and again you guys nailed it.... Thanks

I Love the Talon Rubber Grips for my Springfield XDm.I, my wife and daughter all think the grips are much better than the original grips and installing the Talon grips was really easy

The talon grip really made my XD-M more of a joy to shoot was fun with out but with the talon it is fantastic the extra control and comfort is great now have them on all 4 of my XD's

Grip looks good and feels good. Everyone should try a talon grip.

Not my first Talon purchase. Keep coming back for more. Have Talon grips on all my handguns. I have better control with these grips, great shot groupings. I use the rubberized ones.

All I can say is WOW!!! These grips are SUUUWEEEET!!. I'm Just sorry it took me so long to try them out. I will be ordering them for a couple more of my pistols.

have rubber grips on my xdm 9mm and am happy with the better grip / control of the weapon. have them on two other guns

Perfect fit. Easy to install. Very fast shipping. My only complaint with my XDM (after I replaced the trigger) was the grips and the Talon rubberized grips solved that problem. Now I am a happy man!

Very happy with fit and finish of grips. Really improved handling of my XDM.Speed of shipping was excellent

Well cut, sticks well. Have rubber version on two other xdms, both peeled off on the strong side heel of my palm along the seam the runs down the back strap. Had to cut a sizable portion off both, looks horrible. This one didn't, I think because I tucked the seam down in the grove of the grip. I agree with others that the sandpaper is great for competition and the rubber for concealed. Sand hangs up on clothing and rubs skin but is grippier. Rubber doesn't hang up but still adds some grip.

I had considered selling the XDM because of the grip texture. After installing the granulate Talons it is off the market. These feel great.

Changed the feel of my grip without any change in size. Excellent control and feel.

Excellent customer service. Though the initial order never arrived they were quick to respond to emails and phone calls. They immediately sent me a new one at no charge. Once I received the grips I was super happy with the end result. Have had no issues they feel and look amazing. They actually add to the looks of the gun.

This was my first order, I was worried about the application but it went on great. It was a big improvement to my XDM.

Well worth the money. Very durable and they have a great feel. Have recommended these to friends, and will keep doing so. Great product!!

Absolutely perfect!Thank you very much...

This is a very quality product. Fits the gun like a glove. Gives more grip than stippling and is not permanent.

the grip fits great and was very easy to install. the pistol is an everyday carry gun so it is always with me, bouncing around in the RzR while rock crawling or long trail rides, on the boat or in the pickup. no quality issues at all. in fact i need to order another grip for my FNX tatical.

Absoluteli perfect.

After installing the Talon grips on my XDm 45 I was able to get a much more secure grip, allowing me to hold easier on target and recover quicker for a follow-up shot. I now have Talon grips on all my pistols and would not be without them. In my opinion they are one of those "must have" add-ons!

Fits perfect and feels great!

I now have a Talon grip for my Taurus PT111 and my Springfield XD(m) full size. I absolutely love these grips! They are beyond easy to install and they feel great on the guns. I will be putting a Talon grip on every gun that I own from here on out. Thanks for such a great and affordable product!!

This is an outstanding product, easy to install and makes the grip on the pistol extremely comfortable

Great product!

Purchased the rubberized grip and it turned my handgun from tactical to factual. Great texture from the granulated rubber. Does not hang up on clothing when carrying concealed. Overall I was amazed by the quality and craftsmanship of the Talon Grip. The laser cutouts are precise and match up perfectly with the details of the gun grip. Easy to follow directions and now I swear I shoot much better because I have a better purchase on the grip. Went from 3" groupings at 25' to 2" groupings. Purchase with Confidence it will NOT regret it.

I have these grips on both of my XDm's and also on my S&W Shield.They are awesome and exactly what I wanted.

This is my second talon grip this one was for my xdm no cut outs for logo or anything went ahead and used it...needed something on there quick not nearly as nice as the one I got for my glock 21 it was perfect. I don't know what happened if it was an old pattern or the wrong one.

i bought two sets installed on two separate guns installed as per instructions both sets loosened up and moved around during competition in 85 degree weather adhesive seemed gooey when hands got hot and sweaty which is the only reason for extra grip necessary in the first place

My Springfield is used as my primary duty weapon as a Deputy Sheriff. The grip has been exposed to many different elements and has held up nicely. The application of the grip is simple. I will continue to purchase one yearly for my duty weapon.

I got these for both the XDM 4.5 9 and 40 and absolutely love them.

Excellent product! Grips are perfect, easy to install and stick to the frame in all areas. NO peeling. Makes the gun look and function better. I liked it so much I just bought some for my Gen-3 Glock 20 (10mm). A MUST HAVE ITEM! Thanks Talon!

Great product. Use this grip tap on my 5.25 XDM in IDPA matches and some 3 gun events. I would recommend this to anyone and have.

It is a good product,I would buy them again

I bought the granulated grips for my 4.5" XD(M) .45ACP and love them. The grip is very aggressive and rock solid. That baby is not going anywhere. Very easy to apply. This pistol is for HD and range use so I'm fine with the granular grips. If you intend to use your pistol as a CCW, then you would definitely want the rubber grips.

I'm a novice shooter. Been shooting for about four years. Think your product really improved the grip and feel of my XDm. Price is excellent. Working so much this year didn't get to shoot as much as I would like so I don't know how long they will look and feel new. Will buy a few more in the future. Have two other pistols. One XDm one Glock Gen 4. Glock, I feel, doesn't need more grip but going to try it anyways. Got my grips within days after ordering.

Talon decal grips are nothing but perfect for grip n fit. The importance of keeping ur same grip on a handgun shot after shot is high, and the talon grips assure this. Talon grips are a must have on polymer framed handguns. Thank you talon grips for your awesome product and fast shipping. Hope your company adds more grips for other models of handguns. Again, thank you. LEE

After long day usage a getting warm. Where the grip meets around back would peel away. Took it off eventually.

These grips are incredible. I followed the directions exactly and they went on beautifully. What a difference!

Wow. XDM size and contour felt great from the get go, but it never felt locked in. Talon rubberized fixed that. I don't see it mentioned, but I don't need to hook my support hand in as tightly against my finger tips now that the part that's touching the gun actually has some grip. XDM+Talon+Powder River Drop In=Win

Easier to apply than I expected, more durable than I expected, and far more comfortable than I expected. I could not ask for a better product. I will be buying more

Easy enough to install. Overall a good grip and makes the firearm easier and more comfortable to grip.

love your product, would have rated it excellent but for one issue. The way the material was precut for the backstrap of my full-size xd left small open lines where the pieces did not match. a small item for sure, considering the overall quality and feel. here in So. AZ the heat can make for a slippery grip at the range. No more, the sandpaper-like finish is terrific. Now my wife wants one for her GLOCK.

Earlier, I purchased the groups for my Shield in the grit style.When I bought the XDM 5.25, I didn't like the idea of grit for a competition gun, especially given the larger size of the XDM (more mass = less movement). But, the stock XDM grips where still somewhat slick even though there are a lot of chocks and bumps and other friction points on it. Something to do with the hard plastic, I guess.I was worried I'd that the TGrips in the rubber style would present the same issue: slick surface, especially with slightly sweaty hands. I needn't have worried, though. These grips have a tacky quality to them that improve handling with dry hands, and are still better than the stock XDM grips with slightly sweaty hands. Another excellent buy!

Talon grips are outstanding! A must have!

Does anyone know if this fits the SA XD .45 ? Thanks in advance

Loved it cant go wrong with these grips

Fit perfect. Love it.

Pealed up after hard use and If you are planning to carry concealed the tape is really course and can damage dress shirts. Also rough on the forearm when wearing short sleeved shits and carried in a holster.

I tried changing the back grips on my 9mm XDm but it never felt like I had a firm grip on it. Adding the Talon grips has changed all of that. It feels solid in my hand now.

Talon Grips are the Best, Perfect fit, Easy to apply. I will have them on all my guns!

Absolutely love these! Fit perfectly and so comfortable to my hands while helping my grip.

Provides great grip without making the grip too large. Easy instalation for a great product.

the rear of the grip under the palm safety will not stay put. The separate pieces on the seam do not stick and fold back on the gun.

Put a set of the granulate black on my XDM 9mm Competition. Made a big improvement so I ordered a set for my XDM compact.Keep up the great work, TALON!!

Perfect Fit.

The Talon tape for the XDM Full size keeps coming off of the Back Strap area. Seems to hold well on the rest of the grip. It is very annoying and distracting during a match to grab your gun and it feel very different. The tape slides off and then gets crinkled and sticks to itself. There is no time to readjust between strings during a Steel Challenge match. All directions were followed while installing the Grip Tape.

Since install these have been on the pistol very nicely and are comfortable for appendix conceal carry which is the position I mostly carry. Just gotta say it is some good stuff I do recommend it.

excellent product improve my grip 100%

Nice grips! They are everything I had hoped they would be.

Great grips! All my handguns have TALON Grips!

I really like the feel of this grip.Its a very accurate fit. Going to order one for my Glock . Right Now !

Grip is great and has been staying on well. Makes the gun more usable for a new shooter like me. I can grip tighter without hurting.

I have installed Talon grips on all my Springfield Pistols and extended magazines. They provide excellent weapon control and comfort.

They certainly know what they are doing here. Applying the grip was relatively easy and when done it looked like it came from the factory. A perfect fit, and at the range the difference in handling was very nice. They also do a great job with customer service.

Excellent product. Very easy to install, and totally changes the way my XDm feels in my hand. I will not own another gun without Talon Grips installed.

I will always buy form Talon.

This grip is awesome to say the least! It completely changed my opinion of my gun. My hands sweat a lot so the gun would slide around in my hand. This resolved that issue and it improved the look and feel of the gun. I'll buy one for every handgun I own.

Talon Grips are, bar none, the best grips on the market today!! Every single person who has shot my Springfield XDm with the Talon Grips has ended up buying one for their particular weapon. I even put one on my Mossberg action so that my hand does not slip when I pump to camber another shell. Guess what? My buddies are now doing the same on their shotguns! Great product Talon!

This is my third set. Easy installation, perfect fit, great feel!

I had to fit the grips and work with them to make sure they fit they grip correctly but it really wasn't hard to do. I did trim a small amount of the grip off the backside to make sure that it was seamless no overlap. I applied heat three separate times for about 5 min each and the grip fit was perfect. The grip has a light grey appearance which I like it does contrast with the finish on the pistol. the grip does really prevent slipping when you hands have fluids on them. Excellent addition to the XDM.

TALON Grips rock! They installed easily and after carefully following the instructions, I'm happy to report that they actually look OEM. A friend recently borrowed my gun at the range and was shocked when I mentioned that my frame was enhanced with TALON grips. Everyone who has handled my XDm agrees that my TALON grips look and feel solid. I've previously tried Decal Grip and Sand Paper Pistol Grips and neither of them worked as well as the full wraparound design of TALON Grips. I've already ordered a second set as a gift for a family member.

Fit Perfectly...THANKS!!!!

All I can say about these grips is just.....awesome. After plenty of rounds from my M&P and XDm the grips are still holding great. Good prices, good grips.

These are a must for all of my firearms. I would suggest the rubber grips for IWB conceal carry. Typically I carry a total of 10 hours a day and the rubber never irritates my skin.

Top notch,and took about a min to put it on..very easy. looks and feels great

They gave me a lot better control of my firearm,much better gripping power.

Great product, works as advertised at a reasonable price!

I ordered the rubber grips for my XDm 45 4.5 and absolutely love the feeling of these grips. I have an smaller hand size and I never felt like I could get a good hold on my gun even though my gun fits nicely into my hand. I have much more confidence with the rubber grips. I will buy these for all my future hand guns