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Grips for Springfield XD-S 9mm/.40/.45



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TALON Grips for Springfield XD-S 9mm, .40 and .45 ACP single stack models with the 3.3" and 4.0" barrel. This rear wrap grip comes in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and full coverage on the backstrap. There are cutouts on the grip around the XD-S logo. Confirm backstrap size installed on firearm prior to ordering. XD-S Gear Mag X-Tension extended magazine grips and Pearce Magazine Extender grips are available for this model (sold separately). FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

These grips are amazing, easy to install, inexpensive, and they add the perfect amount of grip. Worth every penny.

I gave this grip 4 stars only because it didn’t match up with the logo right. I know this was not my fault because I also bought 1 for each of my glocks. They all lined up perfectly. Other than that the grips are great.

As expected good fit and feel. Can be rough on the skin for concealed carry but it is very firm in the hand and feels fantastic

Excellent fit. Great addition to the XDS. Comfortable. Easy to install.

Nice grip, easy to install and perfect fit.

Great product and easy install

LOVE THESE GRIPS!! What a difference they make in the feel of the gun. Not too sticky...JUST RIGHT. Extremely easy to apply too. Showed them to a friend and he thought the gun had come from the factory that way and was really impressed at not only the quality but also how reasonably priced they were. Good job Talon!

Absolutely Amazing, great quality, figment, and feel! Buy it NOW, you won’t regret it !

Good fit on weapon and very comfortable.

I just replaced a set of rubber grips on my XDs. The set I replaced was four years old and had been subjected to near daily carry in kydex holsters. I finally had some adhesive fail and start peeling off one side of the grip just above the magazine release. I like the new design that wraps completely around the grip instead of the design that I replaced that had a seam down the middle of the backstrap. All my polymer frame pistols wear Talon Grips.

Fit was very good and finish was good made the XDS 45 nice to handle an it looks good.

Awesome! Especially with the grip on the XDS, it's uncomfortable after a little bit

Grips are GREAT!
Went on very easy.
Looks good and feels even better.
Excellent price too.

Every gun I buy gets these grips best I've found on the market


Totally worth the 18$ or whatever I paid. If you're thinking about getting one, just do it! You won't be disappointed.

Very pleased, as always.

Great price, great product...did take a bit more work to get it to fit vs. other firearms I've used Talon grips on, but in the end still the same great product.

Awesome product and service as always. Makes a real difference in handling my xd-s without hurting my hand.

Love the new grip may a huge improvement on the grip of the gun! Easy to put on and dealing with this company was very nice!

Nice fee,l easy to apply will put on all my guns

Great way to make your grip a little tackier without changing the original contour or thickness.

Have the Grips on all my CCW's, restores confidence and control on all my CCW's. thanks for a rewarding product.

Always herd about talon grips decided to try them on my xds 45 orderded the rubber grips and like them gives alittle extra without changing grip thickness will order more of them

A major upgrade I’d highly recommended these to anyone

Have the grips on several handguns and love them!

This product is not only exceptional for the price, it's just plain exceptional. I recommend it at five stars.

This is my second order for the same gun and I will no doubt order the same item again. These grips are phenomenal, but they do wear out - after about two years of every day wear in my case. The raw XDS grips are uncomfortable to me, but when I apply Talon Grips I not only get a better hold on the gun, but the grip is so much more comfortable. I think two years is a great lifetime for these necessary coverings. Applying them is easy and forgiving so you can redo it as many times as you like until you are happy and then you use gentle heat (like from a hair dryer) to set them. They fit perfectly after being set and they work extremely well. I will keep ordering as long as I own my XDX (which is my EDC, which accounts for the wear - your mileage may vary).

As my primary CCW, the XDs' aggressive grip cutouts were chewing up the oh so soft and flabby skin around my waistline. The Talon (rubberized) grips made carrying 100% more comfortable. I shoot regularly at the range and the callouses on my palm have disappeared. Application was fairly straightforward, just follow the instructions and ignore your daughter's stares as you use her hair dryer to warm up your (disassembled) pistol.

My wife highly recommends the addition of this grip and her range results prove the difference.Long as she's happy, I sure as hell am, lol!

Excellent product. A must for all pistols.

Awesome so far

I love the talon grip on my Glock 19, but this installation is even better. The rubberized grip molds itself to the aggressive checkering on the grip of the XD-S. It makes it more comfortable and more secure at the same time. I was also very happy to find a review on the website from one of the lieutenants from an agency I served with many years ago. You cannot go wrong with Talon grips!

Really like these grips. I’ll be buying a few more for the rest of the collection.

easy to install and great fit

Awesome grip decals - a returning customer (multi guns)Talon grips greatly improve the feel of the grip!

I have purchased multiple talon grips for all of my hand guns. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking improve the grip and feel of their gun.

I was about to get rid of my xds for something more comfortable to shoot, but I thought I'd try the Talon grip first. I'm glad I did! After a week and 300 rounds, I'm really happy with this grip. Definitely worth the price! It truly is like a different gun.

Grips went on great. Helps provide some relief from the overly aggressive stock grip on the XDS 45.

Totally impressed with how easy and perfect these grips fit. Love the feel and i have much more control now

These grips are great and makes my Springfield complete.

installed very easy. so far very happy. I have not shot with it yet. but I think it will be very good.

Excellent productChanges feel of grip

I have bought a number of your products and will continue to buy more enough said

I purchased the rubber version of the grips and the mag grips. My XDS is in FDE and the Moss color version of the grips were a perfect match. The difference in color tone is so minimal as to be unnoticed. I carry concealed and there is no grabbing or pulling on my shirt. It is a great setup.

The Talon grip is great on my XDs

Too early to rate longevity but initial fit and function are excellent! Love the way these tone down the aggressive XD grip without impacting overall size and fit of the pistol. Well done!

Lost count on how many I've ordered. For all my polymer frames this is my 1st mod I do. A fantastic product.

Always perfect no matter what you put them on

I have two XDs pistols and I have the Talon grips on both of them and they are absolutely great.Thanks for a great product that is very easy to install.

The grips are easy to apply and lets me maintain a solid grip of my XDs. The let me spend more time at the range without the standard XDs grip chewing up my hand.

These grips are amazing! I hated the grip on my XDS and tried slip on rubber grips but the rubberized grip fits so well and greatly improves the grip & feel on my XDS. Also did the mag extension grip too. Will continue to use the Talon grips on all my polymer guns!

Perfect fit for my Xds 4.0 in 45 and perfect fit for my Xds in 3.3 in 9mm. Took 30 mins tops to apply both of them. I used my gf hair dryer to fit all the ridges. Definitely gives the gun a better grip. I just wish the olive green wasn't as dark but I still like it.

Bought the Moss color for the gun I had ordered, unfortunately the gun I ordered didn’t come in so I got a different color. Talon was quick shipping and handle my exchange very professionally! I know rock a Tactical Grey XDs 9mm with the black talon grips and they improve the look and feel of the gun 100%! Will be using these on all my handguns!

Got this grip for my xds 45. The feel is awesome,easy to install. I liked this grip so much I ordered one for my Xd 45 and got it in today and already installed it on my gun. I highly recommend this product.

Got this grip for my xds 45. The feel is awesome,easy to install. I liked this grip so much I ordered one for my Xd 45 and got it in today and already installed it on my gun. I highly recommend this product.

Very easy to apply and fit my gun beautifully. The ship was faster than I expected.

Once again very pleased. Made a world of a difference. Thanks Talon

Love the grip it provides. Also have on my FNS 9 and my XDE.

The grips are great! I got them because I carry IWB every day and the XDS was rubbing my side raw. I put the rubber grips on and I no longer have any problems with rubbing at all. They are also very comfortable in hand and feel great! So far I've had them on for a few weeks and haven't had any problems at all.

Very fair price for a high quality product. The customer service was top notch! Couldn’t be happier

Execellant product, easy to apply, I will be purchasing for several more hand guns

I love these grips. I have both soft rubber and granular on all my polymer EDC guns. Improves the stock grips by a wide margin. Price is right and the service is outstanding.

I’ve used Talon Grips on multiple pistols and love each and everyone one. However, only going to give this one 4 stars for the XDS. The fit isn’t as perfect as in all the other makes and models I’ve put them on. Slight gap on where the two sides meet. I’ve followed the instructions and am not new to installing these. This is the second set I’ve put on this pistol. I think it’s due to the harsh recoil of the .45 that is causing them to move and come lose more than they should sue to grip vs recoil.

Went on tight. Holding well.

Fast shippingFANTASTIC Fit!

My grip fits and feels great. It was easy to adhere and it has not shown any signs of peeling etc. I really love my grip and I will most likely buy more for other guns soon!

Love Talon gun grips! They are super easy to install and makes the firearm extremely more comfortable to use.

When I first examined this textured rubber grip thingy, I figured it wouldn't be any improvement over the grenade style checkering present on my Springfield XD-S. Installation was surprisingly easy. When I got to the range, I found that this product made a small, but noticeable improvement over the stock gripping surface. I have a problem with my hand slipping a bit on the grip when shooting, so even a small improvement is welcome. I plan to leave it on indefinitely.

So far so good. These grips seem to be sticking better than the old ones on my XDs. Only time will tell. I have the grips on a Shield and they really make a difference. Will be ordering a set for my LC9s. Thanks for a really good product.

Great product, easy to install, vastly better than the factory grips by themselves.

Excellent fit and finish very easy to apply! Very happy with end results. The factory grip is a bit to aggressive but adding the talon on top makes it much more comfortable with awesome grip!

Excellent grips! I have the XDS in the .45 ACP. Eith the 3.3” barrel, it can jump in your hand a little. Your grips help keep that from happening. They feel very secure. And applying the grips was incredibly easy! Your customer service was exceptional! I have used Talon grips on all my pistols so far, and will definitely continue!

A little hard to apply but very forgiving to work with. It definitely made it more pleasing for my wife to shoot since the XDS has such aggressive stippling.

Grip fit the gun perfect, really changed the feel of the gun in a positive way and looks great. Very pleased with this grip.

These grips were soooo easy to install. They make the pistol much more comfortable to shoot. They fit perfectly, and look great.

Night and day difference for the XDS .45!

My wife found shooting her XDS a bit uncomfortable due to the aggressive grip texture. I put a set of Talon grips on her pistol, and is much more comfortable for her.

The only reason this is getting a *4 is because I have not had the opportunity to fire the weapon with the applied grip yet. The grip is very easy to install and seems to be sturdy. As s CC the grip is very comfortable and allows for a secure grip of the weapon with the draw.

With these grips I actually like my XD-S again! These were just as the site advertised and very easy to install. This is truly a phenomenal product. I plan to purchase for my other firearms as well. Thank you Talon Gun Grips!

Great product! Easy application, loved the way it felt while shooting my weapon. Would highly recommend talon grips!

Great grip, I had to cut it in half to get it to fit because it wasn't lining up on the other side when I put it on. but it worked out great I used a hairdryer and it's solid, hasnt peeled off or anything. Would recommend this for anyone

A bit difficult to apply, but am pleased with the grips!

My product did not fit well. When the sides were in place there was a bubble on the back strap that would not allow for the decal to properly adhere, while around the front of the grip there was overlap that had to be trimmed. I ended up cutting out the section that went around the back strap and also removing the section that goes around the front, this left me with two panels that are currently in place on the sides. Now, that being said,the two side panels fit great and appear to be thoroughly glued in place

When I received it I had to custom cut grip because it did not fit my xds9 I should not have to do this for the money I pay for these grips. Tal8n usually is good but I think there workmanship is slipping I may be switching to x-grips

Produce was easy to put on and feels great in my hand. No snagging on holster or clothing.

Excellent product! Easy to follow instructions, easy to apply. I applied the grip to my Springfield XDs 9mm and it now feels great. After 500+ rounds, I can feel the difference it’s made to my handling of the pistol.

The product is excellent. The customer service by Trent was outstanding.

Good fit. Good product.

Put this on my Xds 9mm and both magazine grips. LOVE IT! Totally transformed the gun. The stock grip is no good, the Talon grip makes this gun awesome, thank you.Sincerely Doug S from Florida.

I love my new grip. It allows me to maintain a better grip versus the more aggressive stock handle. I would definitely recommend them.

I bought a Talon grip for my Springfield XDS because the grip texture on the gun was little too aggressive for me. The Talon grips were easy to put on, fit perfectly and toned down the bumpiness of the factory grip. Much better with the Talon grips.

Perfect fit, easy to install,nice feel.

Hated the grip on my xds, this Talon grip is amazing, just got done installing it! Love it. Did my extended mag and the pearce mag extension. They both fit perfect and feel great. These things look awesome too! Thanks!

Great product

I'm about 6 months into having my TALON grips on my XDS and have to say they feel a lot better than the stock grip .they've held up great ! And the install went well. I would recommend pulling the trigger if your on the fence, I will be buying a set for my shield as well

Feel great. easy to apply. Great price. Much better feel to my XDS.

These grips were a perfect fit! Another great purchase from Talon grips!

My Talon grips for my XDS 45 make it a much more comfortable gun to shoot. The factory grips are very hard on the hand, especially when it's a 45. And they had Moss to match my fde frame. Plus, it was even better ordering it direct from Talon.

After trying Talon rubberized grips the first time, I have since put Talon rubberized grips on all of my pistols, even my Duty weapon.Now when I buy a new gun I check to see if you provide grips for it and many times I order the grips prior to buying the gun, and don't take a first shot until the grips are installed.Greg

Very easy to apply. I really enjoy the feel of the rubber grips on my XDS.

Very easy to install. Makes for a comfortable grip on an aggressive texture. Will buy for all my pistols.

I have had the same set of Talon Grips on my XDS for over a year now and I carry it everyday all day and they are still just as good as the day I put them on! Awesome product!

Takes the bite out of grip on my XD-S. The addition of the Talon Grip allows me to get a full range practice without any hand discomfort. Very easy to install, will probably add Talon Grips to all of my firearms.

Grips are awesome fit even better than imagined,fast delivery,quality product.Will definitely be ordering again.

Great price, perfect fit, fast shipping.

Perfect grip for the plastic feel of the Springfields.

Great product, comfortable, ive bought these grips for several handguns, they always fit and stay put.

I love my new Talon grips. I'd recommend it to anyone and I will for sure be using it on all of my handguns from now on

Great fit, easy installation

Fast shipping, perfect fit, simple install. Grip is much more comfortable now ! Always liked the XD-S 45, not so much the grip, all good now. Thanks Talon !

Great Product!!! Bought Two Of Them Grit And Rubber Decided On Rubber To Install. Can't Wait To Test At Range

The rubber texture made my .45 actually shootable. Anybody who owns a xds in .45 knows the grip is like a cheese grater. The difference is night and day.

Fit like glove easy to install also looks great

These grips made the gun feel perfect!!

I hear a lot of positive feedback about Talon Grips and I was a little disappointed with my purchase of the moss rubber grip. It did not provide any grip for me personally. If anything, it made my hand sweaty and therefore just smooth with no friction, or grip to it. I might try the granulated texture out as its more aggressive.

The fit is great love the way it changes the grip

Great Grip for my XDs .40. Easy to apply and gives a firm grip of the gun. The XDs original grip id very aggrecive and the talon grip tames it very nicely.

I had an older set of Talons on my XDs .45 that came off. No fault of Talon, I just got a little carried away with the solvent. But I knew I had to get another set of them The rubber texture fits and feels great in the hand and gives a great grip to what is a small gripped gun. They do stick to the body a bit, especially in the Vegas heat, but that is easily solved by wearing a tank top under my t-shirt. Problem solved.

Feels good to grip, and shoot. Five stars because, I carried this 5 days or more a week for 2 years. The adhesive had worn out because of the dust accumulation, and I'm sure heat and sweat played a part.Tip: wrap the talon grip as closely to perfect as you can around your pistol grip before removing the white back strip. It holds the shape of the pistol grip, and makes it easier to adhere. Also, I use a hair dryer to heat the talon grip and squeeze it as hard as I can after its hot. Helps the adhesive to get in all the crevices you may have missed.Happy Shooting,Mike

I really enjoy my xds 9mm 4.0 but the factory grip leaves something to be desired. I ordered the rubber talon grips and they were a great improvement. Easy to install and offer a comfortable firm grip. Very happy with my purchase

Great Feel and easy to install

I have had the grips on my XDS 45 ACP for add least two years now. They are fantastic !! The size of the gun and the round make it a little snappy for it size, prior to placing my grips on my XDS after 100 rounds my hands would hurt. Now I can shoot all day long with no pain at all. The rubber grips also help to tame down the textured on the side from the factory which I think was causing me the problem. The with the grips on no slip issue and very comfortable. Just follow the instructions and take your time putting them on, the most important thing is the hairdryer really helps to mold them perfectly to the gun !! Thanks for a great product you will be on my new Golck 43 as soon as I get it !!

Wow what a difference these made! Excellent fit and very easy to apply. Do follow the directions by using alcohol to clean, and a hair dryer to help adhere.

Excellent addition to my XDS.....wish I had bought sooner!!

I have talon grips on all my pistols. I have not seen a better addition for a in regards to grips. It turned my XDs-45 from a punisher (due to the agerssive factory grips) to one that is much more pleasurable at the range. God the price of one shooting glove the pistol was transformed. The selection, ordering and notification of shipment makes the acquisition very straightforward. Installation instruction come with the grips making the installation simple and easy. I highly recommend Talon Grips for all your firearms.

Love it, it really is a great improvement to my already great xds 45. Feels extremely comfortable and fits perfectly.

This grips are amazing. I have several sets of them. Could not ask for better work.

Great way to upgrade your grips. I just wasn't a fan of the plastic "grenade" style grips of the xds - though I love the pistol! After adding the Talon Grips, wow! Sooo much better! I highly recommend them and be sure to include the mag grips for both the mid-mag (6rd) and the mag-x (7rd). It feels weird otherwise!

Easy to apply, much better grip than factory

Great thanks Talon keep up the good work great grips.

Instructions could be more thorough.

Outstanding. Fast shipping. Easy to install. Great feel and purchase on the pistol. Have Talon Grips on all my pistols.

Fits perfect. What a difference it made!

Fits perfectly. Love the grip.

I was worried, but it was actually pretty easy to install. Grip is noticeably different.If you're tempted to stipple, try this first.I anticipate buying a couple more.

Grips perform as advertised and installation is easy.

Installed on my XDS 9mm great improvement, easy to install and looks much better.

Made a world of difference with my XDS. Much more comfortable. No problems with the installation.

This is just what the XD/S needed! The factory grip is too aggressive and it was not fun to shoot. The Talon grip tamed the grip and provided a non-slip surface. The Talon grip fit perfectly.

I really like these talon grips! Have them on 4 of my pistols now and will purchase these for 4 more pistols.The last one I ordered was for the XDs 40 in DFE . The color match is great. Matches perfectly and very easy to put on.Great product!

I've been ordering grips from you for a while now, as always the grips are great, the shipping is fast, nothing but good things to say about the whole experience!!!!!! Thanks, Randy

Feels like a whole other grip. I bought rubberiized pistol and extended mag grips and all are a fantastic product, I'd very highly recommend them.

Xds was my 4th Talon Grip purchase. Talon Grips are a must have on all my carry pistols

best grip on the market, and the best customer service.

My third talon love em makes any grip better

Awesome fit easy to install 5 stars

Excellent grip. I was worried about if it would be a hassle or not installing them, but in all of about ten minutes I had them on perfectly and my gun has never gripped my hand so good. Will be a repeat customer for sure!

Easy to install. Great price. Very comfortable. I would recommend to anyone and would buy again.

5/5 stars; easy to apply and adjust, I definitely plan on purchasing more grips for additional firearms.

Great product would highly recommend it

Easy to put on and make a world of difference!!

First and most importantly, thank you for your extremely fast response to my concern. The new design regarding my XD-S grip is amazing. Again, thank you for addressing my concerns. Keep up the great work!Respectfully,George Shaffer

Great product for the XDS! I didn't care for the rough texture on the back strap of the stock grip. This tamed it down considerably and made it much more comfortable to shoot. Love the Talon grips!!

Great fit. Thanks sootch00

Love these grips. Totally changed the feel of my XDS. Super easy to apply and adhere well, even to the super aggressive stipiling of the XDS. Will definitely be purchasing more.

Perfect fit! Going to order a sheet and do the safety grip area.

These things are just awesome! Perfect fit and easy to put on! I would definitely recommend these. Have both the rubber and sand paper textures and both are great. Fast shipping and an excellent product!

The moss grip seem to be thicker it feel icky, i like the black one much better it feel softer more comfortable, between the two i would pick the back one but the moss probably last little bit longer since it thicker.

Had a real problem shooting the 2 XDs's that I own.Now I am happy and shooting hundreds of rounds with this grip I bought from you.

Easy application and good fit to pistol grip. The material made a significant difference with and without gloves. I would certainly purchase again.

By far the best thing you could do any gun. The amount grip it adds is unreal you almost feel like you could barely have a hold of it and still run off rounds and the best part is it adds nothing in thickness of the gun. Easy to install i will have a set for every gun i can get them for awesome product!!!!

This product is awesome, had my doubts about throwing a sticker on my grip but gawd damn. Comfort and functionality in one package. And for only 18 dollars this is a great buy.

Great grip, easy to install. Will order again.

The xd-s9 is the most uncomfortable gun ever to shoot. With the talon grip on it it's 1000% more comfortable to shoot. Great product and easy as pie to install. I would recommend this even on comfortable pistols, Makes them even better.

don't really like the texture on the springfield XDS so i ordered a set of the talon rubber grips.they look great and really help the recoil on the small frame 45 ACP. and install was was perfect also.great grip for sure.

Fit was perfect and the moss color does match pretty close to Springfield's FDE

Best $18 I've ever spent! Such a firm grip on the gun without being too aggressive. I'll be buying talon grips for my other guns as well. I'd highly recommend these to any xds owner.

excellent grips. applied easily and fit perfect. took some of the bite out of the xds grips without giving up any grip. very well designed and look good too!

Great fit, great feel. It changed my xds to a solid grip, but kept the single stack thickness. Easy to install, perfect fit. I'd do it again and recommend it to anyone.

This is my 4th grip purchase. Great product. Pretty easy to install.

I have the Talon Grips for the XDS 3.3 9mm, and I'll have to say it was super easy to install, and they look and feel like the gun should have come that way from the factory. I love the XDS, but the grip texture is a tad bit too "hard" for me. It isn't bad but I just don't like the feel of it, but the Talon Grips give it just the right amount of "cush" feeling, and added traction, yet they're so thin they don't add any real bulk to the gun at all. I would highly recommend Talon grips to anyone. Their service was quick, and I got them in the mail in just a couple of days... Bravo Talon Grips, You ROCK!

I recently purchased a Springfield xds 9mm, after several hundred rounds the aggressive grips were taking a toll on these old hands plus the pistol was still moving slightly when my hands were sweating. I had seen these advertised and ordered the rubber textured ones for my pistol. They arrived within a few days exactly as advertised, I had no problem installing them, the best part was the next visit to the range, my pistol was nice to shoot before but the installation of these grips make it a joy and my groups have decreased by half in size. I will not own another pistol without installing Talon grips, thank you for a wonderful product.

These grips really make a big difference. Everyone I've shown them to has been impressed. I have them on 4 of my pistols and just love them. I will be ordering more in the future.

I have the rubberized grips. On the XDS 45, this grip helps me control the firearm more, especially during rapid fire. I liked the grip enough that I also purchased them for some of my other autoloading handguns. I run these grips on 9 different handguns, ranging from .45, 10mm, 40 cal, 9mm, & .380. Excellent product @ reasonable price. Would recommend. My background, 72 yrs old, handgun hunter, retired law enforcement firearms instructor & firearms instructor trainer, armorer, & former competitive shooter.

Very pleased. Comfortable grips. Thanks.

The skin fits pretty good if lined up on the gun right it takes a little bit to line it up properly. After applied it fits nice except for the slight overlap under the trigger area. I highly recommend this product and it helps a lot with making the gun more comfortable in the hand.

I've got 3 xds plus the .45 xds 3.3 . All of them have talon grips. After watching hickock .45 I decided to give them a try . I never looked back . In my opinion they are the best grips on the market. They also have the best customer service ! Just a great product and a great group of people working for them ! 5 stars!

Makes the XDs a pleasure to handle. Wife likes them also.

Went sand paper versus plastic. Very happy overall. Fit was 9/10. Slightly off on the second side, but I'm 99.9 percent sure that was my fault. Easy to apply. Have shot 300 rounds and 0 signs of wear. Will purchase for any gun I buy no question

Ordered the rubberized grip to make the XDs grip a little more comfortable for shooting for extended periods. Grips came fast and installation was easy. The black grip on the Flat dark earth frame looks sharp. These don't increase the thickness of the grip too much but they definitely improve the feel and comfort. Only drawback is they can get a little slippery if your hands are sweaty or wet. Overall great grips for a great value.

Easy application. Holding up great. improved my grip considerably. Great product I'm extreamly satisfied.

I purchased a Springfield XDS 3.3 9mm pistol three weeks ago. The first thing I ordered was a rubber Talon Grip for the XDS. You have a choice of which Talon grip you order based on the backstrap on the weapon. I have large hands and always order the largest Talon Grip available. I installed the Talon Grip in less than ten minutes and it feels terrific! My XDS came with three mags. I also received an additional four mags, a holster and magazine holster for two mags as part of a Springfield promotion. I will order Talon Grips for the extended Magazines. If you have never tried a Talon Grip, you should really give one a try. I bet you would buy Talon Grips for your other weapons as well!

Easy to install!! Once they are on what a huge difference it make on the grip of the gun! Great product!

Excellent fit and easy installation. I used the granular grip, it really helped control the XDS in .45ACP, which can be a handful. Make sure you choose the correct back strap size when you order! The granular material is very aggressive/abrasive, making some types of concealed carry difficult (IWB, appendix) and can abrade be hard on clothing.

exclennt fit and easy installation. I used the granular grip, it really helped control the XDS in .45ACP, which can be a handful. Make sure you choose the correct backstrap size when you order! The granular material is very aggressive/abrasive, making some types of concealed carry difficult (IWB, appendix) and can abrade garmets.

This is the third set of Talon Grips I have ordered and put on my guns. I have them on two of my Blocks as well as a set on my Springfield XDS. Great product that is easy to install and holds up to everyday carry. Would highly recommend!

Great fit, gave me better grip on my XDS

Dollar for dollar, Talon grips are the best money spent on my XDS 9mm. I purchased the rubberized grips and the improved grip and feel of the firearm is amazing. Will purchase more for other handguns soon.

Excellent fit. This seem to be a much better design than the previously seamed on the backstrap version. They didn't workout well for me. I'm glad I seen the revised version.

Talon grips are the best.. Perfect fit and always super fast shipping.

Had my xds for about 5 years now, started shooting in cold weather more with gloves on, noticed more slippage. So I bought this grip and it stopped it.

This is the perfect application for the aggressive XDS grip. It definitely enhances your purchase experience by providing a comfortable and natural option. Especially for those days at the range!

Easy, easy, easy! Just take your time. Lines up and feels great! Great company!

Grips have been excellent so far. Made the xds extremely aggressive stock grip much more comfortable to handle and shoot. Love the form for when heated! Have only had them on the gun for a couple months but they seem to be holding up well.

The grips on my xds now feel amazingly comfortable. These truly are easy to install however despite the directions indicating trim work is not needed, I did need to trim it about 1/8 of an inch for it to fit perfect.

Picked up the new S&W 45 Shield the grip was good but just had to set it up with a set of Talon Grips after all I use them on all my firearms and I just can't have one naked firearm. Thanks Talon A+A+A+ Dave Breakfield

Grips for Springfield xds need longer piece to go around the front strap. I had to heat it up numerous times to get it to wrap around. Then the grips came apart and we're all sticky on the outside.

I put rubberized Talon grips on my guns. When my wife got her XDs the grip is very aggressive and uncomfortable... She said "I want my gun to feel as good as yours in my hand. " , so I put Talon grips on hers. EXCELLENT PRODUCT & SERVICE

Awesome grips! Easy to put on, helps my grip a lot!

Awesome grips. I put them on all my handguns!

Perfect fit as always...easy to install, great looking, perfect.

Great grip very comfortable. I bought the rubber texture.

Super easy to put on. Very comfortable. Fast shipping,

Bought the Talon grips for my XDs 9, extended clip and the finger grips. Absolutely love them! Made the grip feel great! Enjoyed doing business with Talon and appreciate this response from Talon! I would highly recommend them and will buy more for other pistols. Thanks for good service and a fine product!

Enjoyed doing business with your company.. Love my grips.... Truly made a difference in the feel of my grips! Thanks!

Great fit,

This grip is awesome I bought one for my glock 19 and liked it so much I purchased two more. One for my glock 36 and also one for my edc xds 45. I then showed my buddy who works at news channel and he ordered one. So I'm getting the word out that you have a great product. Thanks Talon!

Recently purchased an Springfield XDS(3.3 bbl) in .45acp.Ive put Talon grips on. Mine are rubber textured. They are excellent, and easy to install. Make sure you use a hair dry as recommended to seal them at the and.I used a space heater since I dont have a hair dryer. First heard about these from hickok45 on youtube.

Hickok45 turned me onto these and I haven't looked back. A must have for small pistols that only allow for a couple fingers on the grip. Talon grips have made both my 9mm Shield and 45 XDs much more enjoyable to shoot!

I have never considered using any sort of adhesive grips before, but there was a Talon Grips magazine decal on a spare mag I bought for my new XDs 45, and I found myself very impressed. The grip on the XDs is very aggressive from Springfield, and after input in the Talon Grip I found it more comfortable and just as easy to hold and use. There is now a Talon Grips decal on my spare magazines as well, and I am more than satisfied with my purchase. Note: I used the rubber grip option. It has in no way affected the carry options for the pistol.

I added these grips because of the small size of the XDS 9. I love how they feel and you can hold onto the gun so much better. Customer service is great and the hand written thank you is a nice touch. I like them so much I ordered them and put them on my glock as well. Nice product keep up the good work.

Easy to install. In fact had a fun time installing it. Hardly any modifications needed whatsoever. Looks great, feels great! Very pleased.

these feel awesome! havnt had a chance to take it out yet, i bought one for my xds and gen4 19

Shipped was fast. Had to trim about an 1/8th inch off grip for overlap but that was known and expected.installment was a breeze. I ordered the rubberized grips and it made the rough frame on my xds feel amazing now. Will be ordering more grips for all my handguns.

Love these grips. Easy to install and looks great. Makes the pistol easier to handle and a pleasure to shoot

WOW! This grip is amazing! The detail you put into making it fit the firearm is second to NONE! I love y'all! Keep it up!

Great product!

Grips fit just fine! The extra material tucked just under itself at the front strap but the seam is barely noticeable. I took my time heating it up and applying firm grip to assure a good hold. So far I am very impressed with this product!

Perfect addition. As many of you who own this gun know the grip is very aggressive. The Talon grip is just what you need. Make as long day of shooting a breeze!

Наша компания - EКO TEC осуществляет проектирование эко – технологий в сфере сельского хозяйства, а так же благоустройства домов и много другого.  Наша компания приобрела большой опыт в данной области, который применяем, в своей работе. Поэтому наша продукция имеет отличное качество здесь автоматический полив.

went on very easy...looks great. The grip is very aggressive positive hold,I haven't soaped up my hands yet but i do believe you could still hold on to the weapon.You can't beat this grip for hold,price and quality.

No complains, 5 stars!

Love the grips.

I was amazed at how much the feel of the weapon changed with these grips. A drastic improvement over factory.

This was for my XDS-45, excellent fit and improves grip. I also have your grips on my G43 and G19. Love Them!

I've now applied Talon grips to over seven pistols. The textured rubber grips are my first addition to any handgun, particularly compacts and subcompacts for concealed carry. They have stood up to sweaty deep concealment and extended range sessions. They greatly improve grip consistency in wet conditions and cold dry conditions. Just the perfect grip.

AWESOME product will buy again on my future upgrades on newly purchased guns.

A friend told me about Talon grips and at such a low price it couldn't hurt to try.Well, you have a customer for life. I've bragged to everyone I know about these grips. Super easy to apply and the fit is exceptional. The factory mold on the XDS has an aggressive feel but now with the added Talon grips it's like night and day with the comfort level.

Super great product! Really gives the gun a more comfortable and secure feeling grip while adding a sexy and unique look to my gun! 10/10 would recommend. Easy to install too!

I bought the rubber grips for my XDS 9 mm. It fits perfectly the only thing that I had to do is to trim the edge. Highly recommended

Love the Talon grip for my XDS. I also have a XD Mod 2 but got the xds to carry. Having trouble shooting it and someone recommended your grip. Makes it feel like a new gun.

I ordered the grip for the small blackstrap for my XD-S. it ended up being a tad too short. I cut the grip into 3 pieces. Left side, right side and the back strap piece. There's a small but hardly noticeable gap on both sides of the back strap where the patterns groove is. Doesn't affect anything and wouldn't deter me from buying again. Still an excellent grip!

Read the instructions, and they went on in a snap. Beautiful fit, great feel. I would recommend these to anyone. A friend has these in his XDs .45, and it makes the little cannon actually fun to shoot.Just take it slow, read the directions, and you will love them too.

Perfect fit, comfortable texture for great handling

Love it. Went on a lot easier than I thought it would. Should of got these grips a long time ago.

Easily applied, at least if you follow the instructions. Grip is greatly improved.No sticky mess, and the grip doesn't move around like some other things I've tried.

This stuff is the business! I love it on my Glock but it really did the trick for my XDS. I'm a fan of the pistol especially since it's the .45 (simply because it's such a big hole at the business end of such a small pistol), but shooting it was less than pleasurable: the recoil would make the gun move around just enough to pinch my finger between the trigger and the trigger guard. The rubber Talon Grips did the trick! Even though the XDS is like gripping a pineapple (or hand grenade, your preference), the gun is a million times better with these on it. Definitely worth it!

Best product hands down!

Easy installation, perfect fit, looks and feels great. Very happy with total experience.

I like the grips so much, I have Talon Grips on almost all my pistols!

Amazing - even better while firing than while at rest! I will be ordering more very very soon. Amazing!!

Absolutely the best alternative if you do not care for the manufacturers stock grip. Ive bought one for all 3 of my guns. I like that if your hands were sweaty or wet that the Talon Grip is superior to that of the manufacturer grips. Great product, I will get one for each gun I buy in the future.

Great grip you can't go wrong~~Buy It.

It helps to get a better grip and feel on the thin xds I highly Recommend it

Legit five-star product! Die cut is precise, instructions are clear, and fit is perfect. I've shown this grip wrap off twice, now, and if I don't point out the seam line, it's not seen. The ability to move the grip wrap slightly _after_ it's been attached, by heating, makes it easy to get the perfect fit, so don't be afraid.

These grips are excellent! They make a noticeable difference when shooting and are more comfortable against the skin than the fairly rough texture on the XDs. I will definitely purchase these again and highly recommend them.

I purchased an XDS 45 ACP a few months ago with intentions of making it my new daily carry. Took it to the range twice. Only ran 50 rounds through it each time before switching pistols. Factory grip is horrible. Was getting ready to sell it when I came across a "Talon Grips Review". Bought the rubber grip and installed it on the pistol. Went on perfect. WOW, what a difference. Took back to the range and ran 300 rounds through my XDS. Loving these grips. Ordering two more for my FN 40's

Easy to put on and easy to get on correctly. Very simple and good instructions

I have applied TALON GRIPS to a number of my firearms.Great product! Quick service! Easy to apply.

Love the rubber grip tape, but wished it wouldnt close together on the back. After months of shooting the recoil of the pistol makes the tape come lose. I then wrap black electrical tape around the grip. This is my second order for my SDXs. I also have Talon tape on my Shield & Bodyguard. Bob

I ordered the Talon Grip for my Springfield .45 ACP and was extremely satisfied with the overall experience from Talon. The grip was exceptionally easy to attach to the pistol and the grip comfort is amazing. I would definitely recommend this grip to anyone that owns this pistol. I rate this a 5 overall. Great product from a Great company !!!

Love them grip set for the XDs and the mags including the pinky extension. Great stuff

Love these grips! Its like a whole new gun to hang onto. Received the grips in 4 days from time of order. Best accessory you can get for your pistol for under 20 dollars. Highly recommended.

Talon grips rock, I've been a fan for years. Easy installation, feel great and last forever.

I have ZERO arts and crafts skills, but after watching the "how-to" video, I installed the grip easily and it went on as described with no issues. It has absolutely improved the handling of the pistol, without increasing the bulk.

Great Product, Easy application. Durability and longevity yet to be determined but expectations are high.

I am so pleased with this grip. I have always been a springfield person and loved my xds aside from the uncomfortable grip, as soon as I searched for one I knew I wanted talon from the reviews, looks and price. I don't know why I didn't order sooner, I am super pleased with this grip and it makes a huge difference! Easy to instal as well with fast shipping and great instructions. Thank you talon grips!

the grip went on easy. Fells really good in my hands. Can't wait to shoot with them on

Talon grips are the best I have them on all my guns.

Love my new Talon grips!

Great product! The folks at Talon went above and beyond to make sure my order was handled correctly. Very responsive and accommodating to a shipping issue.

I've used this product on several personal and customer firearms. I've been happy with it and recommend it to all who ask what they should used!

Perfect Fit! Great Feel! Quality Product!

They fixed the figment issue that everyone was complaining about in other reviews. I did not have to do any adjustments or cutting to make it work. The comfort and feel is a great add. Before adding the talon my xds 9mm would rub the thumb knuckle of my gorilla hands. The sure grip the talon offers severely reduced this. Would recommend to anyone.

You guys really make a good product. I love my new grips.and quick shipping.

Bought this grip because the aggressive grip on my XDs dug into my back when I carried Inside my waistband. Product was easy to get on with a second person holding the hairdryer while I carefully formed it around avoiding any bubbles. I purchased the rubber version and the grip looks and feels great. It feels much better against my lower back when I carry and better in my hand. The gun doesn't change size at all so it still fits in the snug holster and hasn't peeled at all in the few weeks I have been using it. Definitely recommended for the XDs or any pistol with a similar aggressive plastic grip.

Second set if gotten. Love the fit and feel.

Grips where easy to install and fit perfect, makes my gun alot easier to hold on to while shooting.

The grip on Springfield's XDM / XDS were a bit 'coarse' feeling for my hands. Adding the Talon grips was the perfect solution! Be sure to read the great instructions specific for these handguns as with Springfield's interchangeable backstraps, Talon provides trimming lines so you get a perfect fit. Easy to install!

The grips I ordered fit my XDs perfectly. Good quality product and excellent customer service. Thank you!

Completely changed the feel of the pistol. I am going to install this on every firearm I have. I would put it on my cell phone if they made them.

Fast shipping. Very nice grips. I have them on 2 Springfield XD's. Great fit and easy to put on.

Put the grips on last night. Takes a little while and you have to follow the instructions closely, but they are awesome! I just shot the gun today and it makes a huge difference. Five stars!

great service! the grip fit easy and tight!Thanks sooo much!!!

Feels great in the hand.

Best grips ever I have them own all my polymer hand guns love them

The rubberized grips make all the difference. Two people I know including my brother have the other sand texture on their XDs but are planning on concealed carrying. The rubberized texture will be better concealed because it wont snag on your clothes like the Sand texture.

love the grip if i would have known how much difference they made i would have bought them sooner. will start putting them on some other pistols for sure, was a little hesitant when putting the grip on my xds but it was a lot easier than expectednice product

absolutely perfect. does as described, fits great, makes the purchase on the firearm absolutely top, easy to install, cheap, and long lasting. literally, what more do you want?

Straight-forward installation and very secure feel. Definitely easier on the hand than the factory grip profile. Absolutely recommend.

Perfect fit and feel as always with Talon grips....have them on most all my handguns. The best.......

Easy to apply. Feels awesome, feels like a new gun.

Already have on several other guns Put on XDS (Springfield) Fit was perfect no cutting or trimming needed.

Fit perfect no cutting/trimming feels great as expected.

These are great grips.I really like the way they fit and feel. I have the grips on my xds 9 and purchased a set for my 45. They give you a great purchase on your gun. I would recommend these grips to anyone.

makes shooting...better

easy install, great fit, looks great. In texas heat with sweaty hands, I prefer the granulate over the rubber. Rubber not bad, just not as grippy

I am very pleased with my new Talon Grips. They have really made my XDS more comfortable to carry. Easy to apply and looks like a factory finish from the manufacturer.

Easy to install. works perfect.

Grips are awesome. I bought them the first time for my 9mm. When I purchased the xds in 45 it was a no brainier. I bought them before ever shooting the 45 and installed them right away. Love the talon grips.

I love the Talon grip. This is the third one I've purchased (3 different guns). The feel is great. They're easy to install and they stay put.

Fairly simple to apply. What a difference first try at range. Extremely comfortable now to shoot my XDs 9mm. Accuracy improved off the chart. Just felt so much more stable to hold as well as comfort. No hesitation in recommendation.

I was skeptical about putting the rubber grips on my XDS (after having the more aggressive ones on a Glock 22 and loving them) I thought they wouldn't be enough, but they are awesome. A must for all my hand guns!

Great product!! Really improves the grip on my xds9mm!

I have a much improved grip on my XDs Springfield 9mm and .45 (I have Talon Grips on both guns). I strongly recommend these grips to other XDx owners!

Basic and simple instructions for applying grips. An immediate change on the "feel" of the grips. I took away the aggressive edge and made it more comfortable. I have Talon Grips on my LCP 380, S&W Shield 9 n my Springfiels XDs 45. Great investment . I even used the extra strips on my shotgun n AR . CAN NOT GO WRONG WITH THIS PRODUCT.

The customer "sand paper" grips fit perfectly and stick to my hands, one of the best purchases for my pistol to date!

Good clean fit. Feels good in hand.

Absolutely the best accessory I have ever purchased for any of my firearms. This should be your first upgrade to any of your weapons. Go slow and follow the directions. Anyone can do this.

prefere the soft grips over the sand parer grips . the rough grips stick to shirt when conceled . otherwise a great product.

Easy to install. Feels secure in your hand

Recently applied my 4th Talon grip: (2) XDS, (2) XDSC. Talon grips make great guns even better! Thanks for a great product.

After a day at the range, my XDs would leave a nice impression in my palm as well as get a little slippery with sweat. Installed the Talon grips and noticed a HUGE difference in control! Would recommend this product for all XDs owners.

Bought the Rubber grip for my wife and her XD-S9, the Granulated for my XD-S45. Once I took the leap and got mine on I was able to encourage her. Both grips went on nicely! I even readjusted mine.Awesome response from customer service when I received the wrong grip. Took a picture of the mistaken one, received a new grip and return envelope. Now I want to buy more guns so I can put Talon Grips on them!

Loved it

after who know how many years, i have retired my xds to my wife and decided to redo the talon grips for her. they stuck around forever, the back finally peeled off a little bit and i would just cut it away. I hope my new grip stays around on my P30sk as well as it did on my xds.


These grips are nice especially for the xds with the grip being as aggresive as they are.

Fits great absolutely love this product. Would and have recommended this to my friends. A+

I Loved your grip tape. Excellent purchase on your hand. I bought the sandpaper one. But should have gotten the rubber one! My BAD.

Easy to apply. Excellent material that greatly improves grip feel and handling.

Rubberized. Perfect fit, excellent grip. Highly recommend

Made the new pistol feel awesome Wong be without it

All I can say is WOW!!! I ordered the rubberized ones and they fit perfect, they're easy to install and it's make the gun feel like a totally different gun (in a great way). I will definitely be buying from Talon again in the future

The grips fit perfect just like the ones for my MP Shield 9mm I purchased from you. Really great stuff you all produce.

Grips were easy to install and make my gun easier to fire.

First bought the sand paper grip. It worked great at the range but too tough in holster. Then I bought the rubberized grip. I'm in love. I'm buying one for all my guns.

Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to install them. Day after I received the set, my XDs was feed jamming like no tomorrow. When I get it back from Springfield, I'll install them and re-write a review. Sorry . . . But they look seriously well made!!

Exactly as advertised

This is my second grip from Talon. I carry a XDS .45 ACP daily and use a IWB holster. The first grip lasted two years before I started to notice any issues. I replaced the first one with the same grip. For the price and the amount of use I got out of the grip I had no issues buying a second one.

Awesome fit on the xds. Very easy installation with included instructions. I got the rubberized version. It really helps keeping a solid grip on the small pistol. Love em!

Dollar for dollar, the best money I've spent on accessories for my pistol.

Great investment for my XDS. Easy install and far better grip than factory grips. Would highly recommend!

Solves the problem of the aggressive XDS 45 grip from rubbing my skin when carrying everyday. Also makes is easier to shoot. Excellent product from an excellent company

This is a good grip, fits like a glove and takes away the grip bite.

Easy installation. Highly recommend and definitely improved grip.

I was amazed at how well it fit and the ease at which it installed.

Awesome grips and amazing customer service!

They do the job nicely. I thought I ordered the rubber grips.

Like many people I had tried the slip on style grips from a couple makers trying to tame the xds grip profile. Until I found Talon grips I figured I would just deal with it. Talon grips made all the difference! No more sore hands at the range or skin chaffing when carried. Plus the customer service is the best I've dealt with if you have a question or problem. For the price you will want them on all your grips.My word on it.

Solid grips, easy to install. Love the product

Love my EDC Xds but the Talon grips makes even better! I also bought a set for my Springfield Mod2. great addition. Highly recommend these grips for your handgun.

I have Talon Grips on my Glock and my XD. I recommend them to everyone!

Fit perfectly. Easy to install.

Just received the rubber grips yesterday. They are excellent quality and fairly thick for their purpose. I have no doubt they will hold up nicely since I have them on every other pistol I have, xds9, CZ p07, beretta nano, and Ruger sr9c. They all are wonderful! Very easy to install. Just make sure to clean the pistol grip vigorously with the supplied alcohol patches. You will not be disappointed at all! A+++++ rating from me

I like the cuts for my XDS. Easy to install, Looks,sticks, and feels good!

Excellent grip add-on. These grips help provide a positive grip on the handgun. Highly recommended!

Improved the comfort of the grip on my XDs45 tremendously. Read the installion instructions, do what they tell you and installion is a piece of cake. They look like factory grips, highly recommend this product.

Really made the rough grips on the XD-s a perfect fit once the talon grips were on. Love em. Best investment

A big fan of the rubberized version. This is my second set as daily CC limits lifespan of the glue to about 2-3 years. Didn't hesitate to order my second set. Great product for a good price.

Great product! Super comfortable for IWB. Really impressed with the durability and performance it brought. Definitely recommend it!

Talon Grips are great! Easy to install and what a difference they make!


Easy placement and greatly improved grip.

Love it. Very comfortable and durable. Highly recommended for your XDs

Was looking to improve my grip on the xds .45, lightning shipping from Talon. Just got the grip on last night, can't wait to get out and shoot, looks great feels great, recommend

The Talon Grip looks great on my XDs and makes it easier on the hand to have a firm grip. Great product Talon!

Purchased for my XDM and absolutely love the grips in that application. Then purchased for my XDS. Again great product, but with a caveat: the sandpaper quality of the grips is a major detriment for IWB CC. The grips will tear up your clothing in concealed carry. I ended up cutting the outside surface mag well area off, left the rest on.

The serrations on the grip of these XDs' are very aggressive. I read lots of reviews on the Talon's and decided to try them out. Applying the grip is easy. Follow the instructions cleaning and using heat as instructed will give great results. It really cut down the serrations. These Talon Grips are the way to go. When I get my XD .40, I plan on getting this grip for it. I already bought one for my .40 S&W Shield and got awesome results.

Excellent grips, just how i like it

Love these, I have them on all my pistols. I have the rubber ones, easy to install, make sure you follow the directions get the oils off the frame and you will not have any problems with them sticking. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to improve your grip

my grip was coming apart sent email they replaced it for free wow they have a customer for life great customer service very fast great great product going to buy again for other guns

Talon grips on my XD-S 45 really improve my hold on this pistol Grips went on perfectly and give the extra hold I want without any additional width. Great purchase! I've been buying these for all my pistols.

Put these on my XDS3.3 45ACP and it has transformed an already great gun. Groups are tighter and it is much less jumpy in my hands. If you haven't tried these on your XDS get them now, you will not be sorry

Awesome grips

Have had these grips on my XDs 45 for about 2 years, they are still in great condition, considering I carry this pistol everyday. They are easy to install, look and feel GREAT! I do prefer the rubber instead of the other grips, they are not as abrasive to the body when wearing concealed.

Love these Grips. They are easy to install. They Feel great, look good and they are a must for me with my large hands. I started with one CCW gun and liked them so much that I bought them for my other 2 CCW guns.

The XDS grip was just to aggressive. These are the perfect solution to tone the grip down and yet provide an amazing grip. I have these on both my XD and XDS and they are still holding up. I have had them on my XD for over 6 months abs they haven't even shown any sign of coming off. I am pretty hard on both of my guns but these are still holding out.

Great product! So simple, yet effective. The stock xds grip was a little too aggressive near the trigger and a little too narrow for my hands. The talon grips made shooting this little gun an all around better experience, alleviating the irritation and giving me a firm grip.

XDS rubberized grip is an excellent product. Unfortunately it did not fit perfectly. I had to get scissors and trim the grip. Still not a perfect fit. Other than fit, the grip is great

Own three sets of talon grips, for today's polymer pistols there is no finer aftermarket improvement, you will hold onto your pistol, and never have a bulky feeling on your grips, highly recommended. ..

This is a nice improvement to the grip of the Springfield Armory XD-S in .45acp. It looks good on the pistol, feels great by adding cushion and comfort, and is easy to install.

Absolutely love this grip!!!!! Not sure why I waited to get them, and have been telling everyone I shoot with to get them. Best grips I've ever tried!

Great grips. Some say that grips aren't necessary. I say they help a great deal. I put these on most of my pistols and they are great. A+

Great improvement for my XDs and all magazines over the stock grip. Highly recommend.

I recently purchased a Talon grip for a Springfield XD-S 45 ACP. Talon grips are so well designed that they not only provide the best grip possible under any condition but would enhance the look of any gun. The application was easy and quick. I have not had any issues with the grips peeling on any of the five guns or extended mags that I have applied them on. A Talon grip is a must for any sub-compact pistol or any weapon that you need a little extra traction.

One word. Perfect..... Made holding on to my XDS .45 easier!

Easy install, and it looks and feels great on my conceal carry. Haven't fired with it on yet.

I absolutely love these little wrap around grips.

I like the full wrap around design for gun handling. Great product for the money

This was the first set of grips I purchased and I have purchased 3 others since. Made a great difference in feel and control especially on the Xds rough grips.


These Talon grips were my first. They will now be on every semi I own. They are truly an upgrade to stock grips. I rate them as superior. A great value...

Fantastic product. Goes on easy, great fit, stays on and very durable. Excellent feel too, couldn't ask for more!

Very easy to attach the grip as long as you are patient and slow. I shot the gun with and without the grips and there is a difference. This is such a small gun and w/o the grips it actually hurts. The grips helped immensely

Adds ao much needed comfort to my skin and as well as my accuracy while shooting . love it

I have two with Talon rubber grips (installed carefully) on two XDs 9mm pistols. Over time the rear seams of both Talon grips have had trouble sticking to the aggressive polymer back strap and shift with palm pressure. I addressed this by cutting off the lowest (of the three) back strap seams and then replacing it by wrapping a cut thin strip (from Talon rubber sheet stock) from the back to the front of the pistol grip. This arrangement has held up as my palm tends to force this lowest strip into the grip, rather than separating the seam.I think the Talon has adhesive problems because the XDs back strap is too aggressive for a good adhesive surface. Other pistols I have with rubber Talon grips don't have this problem. BTW, I really like the rubber Talon Grips.

I went with the granulate grips the first time for the xds but found that it was a little rough for iwb carry. I called talon and they sent me a set of rubberized grips to try. I must say they are excellent and completely transformed the grip on my xds. Their customer service is above and beyond anything I've ever experienced and their products are second to none. Thank you talon grips!! I look forward to using your products in the future!

Great product applies easy and very durable really ties the gun together.

I love my XDS 45 talon grips makes it a pleasure to shoot now I love them you need to get some

It is with mixed feelings that I write this review. I really liked the Talon grips on my XDs .45. The problem is that they came off. It is possible that I did something wrong in installation. However, I do not believe that I did. I followed the instructions to the the best of my abilities and knowledge. I believe that the issue is two fold. One, the XDs has a very aggressive grip pattern which leaves valleys where the Talon adhesive can not reach. Second, the method in which I carry. I have an Alien Gear holster and I carry approximately the 4-5 o'clock position. Caring this way puts me leaning against the handle of the gun when I sit. I try to carry as often as I can. One of the ways that I believe has been a problem for the Talon grip is while mowing grass. The handle is sandwiched between me and the back of the mower seat with considerable heat and force. Overall, I believe the grip would have stayed in place if only one of the issues I mention were not involved. I truly wish the grip would stay in place. However, I finally took the grip off. Of course, now all my magazines and extensions still have the Talon grip firmly in place. It is worthy to note that those surfaces do NOT have the aggressive pattern that is on the guns handle. And they were carried (obviously) at the same time and position with the pistol.

I bought the gip for my XDS and if they come out with a Gen2, I won't need it because your grip is the same as their Gen2 model. Thanks I will be getting your grip for my Glock and Kahr too.

Excellent product. Improved the grip on my Springfield XDs .45.

Really improves the rough grip of the XDS, great product

I consider the seam down the middle of the back strap of the SA XD-S to be less than ideal. After meticulously applying the Talon Grip to my XD-S, the first time at the gun range and the right side of the Talon Grip began peeling away. You can imagine my disappointment after so carefully applying it to my new pistol. My fix was to cut the largest section possible from another Talon Grip and super-glue it over the back-strap to cover the seam down the back-strap. So far, it has held through two trips to the gun range. The Talon Grip is perfect for reducing the abrasions caused by too aggressive Springfield grip. With your Talon Grip, I love my gun again.

Watched an installation video prior to receiving grips. Went on without a hitch. Really makes shooting the xds 45 a lot more comfortable. Product arrived on time. Would highly recommend this company and their products.

I love these grips used as a leo and military I just wish they would run a special of like zombie colors and defiantly od green and tan or coyote runs through out the year

Love these Talons. Smooths out the aggressive grip on my XDs and makes it much more comfortable and controllable.Great product.

Nice grips! Easily installed! Feels great, much better than the factory XDS hand full of pebbles!

Picked up my XDS45 the other day and was not happy with the feel of the grip. But as luck would have it my preordered Talon grips showed up the next day so I put them on right away and could not be happier with the way the grip feels now.I highly recommend this product.

I first seen your grips on Hickock45, then decided to buy some. Love them, I have now put them on all of my hand guns. Great product and simple to install. Keep up the good work. Larry

Works great and easy to install.

I was not happy with the feel of my XDS. Immediately after installing your grip all that changed! I have also installed your grips on my XDS extended mags. This was the third pistol I have used your grips on.

I was not totally happy with the feel of the weapon. That changed immediately when I installed the Talon grip on my XDS. I also installed your grips on my extended mags. This is the third time I have used your product!

I think Talon has the ' best ' grip product on the market and I am in the middle of putting them on all my hand guns.Thanks for a great and simple to use product Larry

Changes the gins feel of recoil and control. Stock the recoil causes the back strap to bite your palm. Once the TALON Grips were installed the pistols fell and characteristics were noticeably changed. LOVE THEM!

Changes the guns feel of recoil and control. Stock the recoil causes the back strap to bite your palm. Once the TALON Grips were installed the pistols fell and characteristics were noticeably changed. LOVE THEM!

I like the rubberized grips for conceal carry. So far after putting another 200+ rounds through my xd-s, the grips seem to be holding up well. Very pleased so far.

Awesome grip for the XD-S! Highky recommend these grips! Have them for all my polymer guns!

Talon Grips are awesome. They have provided a little more aggressive grip to my Springfield XD, and toned down the grip on my Springfield XDS. Super easy installation. All around great product. I believe they would provide a better grip for any firearm.

Very comfortable and confident grip without being abrasive. Will buy them for all my guns.

I purchased & easily installed the rubber Talon grips for my carry pistol (Springfield XDS 9mm 3.3" model) & I couldn't be more pleased. The comfort, feel, and flawless fit are perfect. If you want to make a great firearm even better… buy TALON!!! When receiving the product I noticed on the receipt/packing list a personally wrote "Thanks Michael" … I find that very respectful & personable & realize this company is owned and operated by people that truly care about their customers. THANKS TALON!!!

This is a great product. It gave my xds 45 better feel and comfort while shooting. It's easy to install .

The next best thing to stippling, matter of fact it may be better because you don't permenatly altar your firearm. I purchased the rubberized ones but now switch to the more coarse "skate board" type of grips.

I love the grips on my XD-s .45. The factory tread was a little too agressive for me when shooting. Put these on and it eased a lot of the impression. Great amount of grip even with sweaty hands at the range. Would strongly suggest these to someone wanting a little more grip. The fit was perfect with the larger back strap on my gun. No trimming required. They have held up well so far and I have carried this gun quiet a bit since I have installed them.

The Talon Grip makes the XD-S grip feel 100 times better. Plan on buying more for my other guns.

the Talon grips made all the difference in the world in my Springfield xds 9mm I use to have to wear shooting gloves when shooting the pistol .Since putting the Talon grips oh the gun I no longer need the gloves when shooting.Thanks for a Great product that really works

Made an odd feeling grip disappear and turned this handgun into my favorite one to shoot!! Talon Grips are a must have for all plastic gripped handguns. Don't even look at other grips!!

I got my Talon grips put on my Springfield XD-S .45 today and I could not be happier. These grips look great, feel great, fit perfectly and were cake to put on. There couldn't possibility be a better accessory that you could buy for your XD-S. I also got the grips for my Pearce magazine extenders, 6 rd extended mags and 7 rd extended mags and they also are perfect.What a great products!!!

Much needed relief and grip improvement on the pocket cannon, XD-S .45!!! Thx Talon Grips!

Excellent product! Well made, easy to apply. The description could be a little more descriptive though. This is 80 grit sand paper. Super abrasive! You won't loose your grip...Guaranteed!

no complants

I received my order within a few days, however it turned on you had sent the wrong grip. I called and you shipped the rightGrip before I even returned the first ones. Excellent service! The grip was easy to install on the XDs and really made the Grip feel great. Oh I retuned the other grip thanks

if these were able to drip they would drip excellence

Excellent grips, I have them on my carry pistol that I carry every single day and I've had no problems with coming loose or peeling off. Installation was flawless with no trimming necessary at all. Buying for all my pistols now.

I initially was very pleased with these, and left a 4 star review for them after the first time I shot the gun with the grips installed.However, after 2 months of use, the grip - which was installed very carefully per the instructions - began to peel off at the seam. At first, it wasn't too bad, would just have to press it back flat after every magazine or so, but it gradually got worse to the point where the grip was constantly moving between my hand and the gun, and I removed it. This thing was an absolute pain to remove. The grip came off, but left a sticky residue. Isopropanol will remove it, but not easily/quickly. I still haven't managed to get all the adhesive out from the grooves in the textured parts of the gun. It's a shame, because I really liked the product while it worked, but having to buy and install a new one every 2-3 months isn't a palatable option. I still have not decided if I'm going to give these another try or not, but based on my experience, I couldn't recommend them to anyone who carries or shoots frequently.

Excellent fit and the grip is perfect. At first, I tried the "sandpaper" grip and it is horrible on the hand if you intend to do an shooting at the range. The rubber version is great.

outstanding product!! I ordered the grit grips and they're perfect, very very grippy. Helps a lot with the recoil of the XDs in .45acp. I do wish there were different color options, I would definitly buy tan grips (please make tan grips!!!!). all in all worth every penny. keep up the good work and keep the tan grips idea in mind.

outstanding product!! I ordered the grit grips and they're perfect, very very grippy. Helps a lot with the recoil of the XDs in .45acp. I do wish there were different color options, I would definitly buy tan grips (please make tan grips!!!!). all in all worth every penny. keep up the good work and keep the tan grips idea in mind.

I thought the gun's grip was fine until i put this grip on. Will not shoot without it in the future.

Very happy with this purchase. The Talon grip was easy to install and it makes all the difference. My only complaint with the XD-S was the grip. After applying the Talon grip, that complaint has been resolved. Thank you for a great product.

The grips made a world of difference, literally. Before I put on the TALON Grips my XDS45 was not very pleasant to shoot. Once the grips were on it enhanced my ability to hold on to the weapon for initial and followup shots. I would highly recommend Talon for any XDS owners.

The grips made a world of difference, literally. Before I put on the TALON Grips my XDS45 was not very pleasant to shoot. Once the grips were on it enhanced my ability to hold on to the weapon for initial and followup shots. I would highly recommend Talon for any XDS owners.

Best product to control 45ACP with this weapon system. Great quality and fit!

The granulated ones were terrible. they stuck to everything. I took them off after a day. I should have got the rubber ones.

Love these grips. Didn't like the stock grips but new when I put these on it would feel great in my hand.

Perfect fit and easy to apply. Great product!

Great weapon retention and comfort

Fit great

Worked fantastic for years on my XD9 Sub Compact so I ordered one for my XDs. The XDs design is different. The seam is in a more vulnerable location and doesn't overlay like the XD9. After first trip to range and cleaning the seam below the grip safety started to peel back. (I tend to use a lot of CLP when cleaning and I guess that didn't help.) I'm not about to use any stronger glue and risk ruining the gun's finish for a peel-and-stick grip so I guess I'll just have to buy more Talon Grips or stop using them on my XDs altogether.

Just made firing the weapon more enjoyable.

Easy to install. Feels great and adds way more control over the weapon.

Ordered these for a XDS 9mm, and a XDS 45. Both fit perfectly and drastically improved the grips. Definitely will get more for other guns.

good all around fit and adhesion, significant improvement on comfort and control for small frame large bore auto

Great grips..

Excellent as always!

I put Talon grips on every pistol I own. They are especially helpful on smaller handguns, which can be hard to keep a firm grip on. Talons make a night and day difference. They're easy to put on, and I have never had them slip or peel at all. Highly recommend.

Talon Grip is Excellent. My XD has a good grip, Talon Grip makes it better. Thank you Talon.

These are a must have for the xds 45. Installing the rubberized grips made this pistol way more enjoyable to shoot!!

Talon grips greatly improved the feel of my XDS. They shipped quickly and were easy to install.

Perfect fit! Aweome feel! Great product and shipping was on time! Will buy more from talon.

Easy stick best gun to use with and melts right into stock groves adding more grip for comfort I'll use these over and over even if they where more on cost (military & law enforcement)

Have the rubber for my xds .45 and it's excellent. Much nicer when carrying all day and most definitely better to shoot! Put the granulate on my g34 for idpa and it's the PPERFECT amount of grip. I love my talon grips. Holding up excellently, feel amazingly, and overall best mod to both guns.

The fit was perfect and the feel in my hand was excellent.

The grip was easy to apply and fit perfectly. Took the "rough" feel out of the XDS factory grip!

Glad I found you guys through Hickok45. For me the XD-S .45 was too rough when I would go shooting. The grip texture was too aggressive, and would tear up my hand. Once I got the Talon rubber grip installed it was a whole new gun, and much more enjoyable to shoot. Not to mention it just looks cooler now too. Thank you for your product!

Easy installation and a great improvement to the factory grips.

Grip went on quick and easy. Very comfortable.

Transformed my XDS .45, better grip, much easier to shoot and it looks great! Best $18 I have spent in a long time. Thanks for a great product! Fast free shipping also!

I could not be more pleased. Fast and professional service with a hand signed note. Keep up the great work.

Awesome grips! All my handguns have TALON Grips!

Very impressed! Easy to install, looks great on the gun. Required some trimming to not obscure the hole for the roll pin above and behind the trigger, though. Much more pleasant on the hands than the hard plastic factory grips - definite noticeable difference in comfort shooting a few hundred rounds at the range in one session. Overall, I'm very pleased with the product - first grip I've tried that offers some improvement in comfort without adding bulk.

Great product does exactly what it's supposed to do

These grips are wonderful and customer support is FANTASTIC!! I was concerned about fit because I was installing these with a Crimson laser trigger guard mount and I was afraid they may not allow the front of the laser housing to seal. I was assured by customer support that would work and they did. These grips really take the bite out of my XDS 45ACP. Anyone familiar with this gun will know the grips are rather aggressive. These Talon grips really makes a huge difference. I will be a return customer and customer service is TOP NOTCH. Thanks again Talon for a wonderful product and shopping experience.

3 purchases, three perfect results. Awesome fit and finish. My go-to grip wrap!

Great product. Easy to install. I've put 4 boxes of bullets through it without any problems with the grips. They definitely make it a lot more tolerable to shoot. The stock grip tears your hand apart after a few magazines. Highly recommended.

I love my XDS, it's my go to carry gun, but the stock grips ripped up my hands at the range. Once I bought these talon grips I've been able to put 100 rounds through it at the range no issues. Have had the grips for a few years and the grips haven't shifted, peeled or had any give in that time. Highly recommend

Fits perfectly, feels comfortable, and gets rid of the Hogue's bulk. Simply awesome.

Daughter complaining about the rough grip on the XDs9 after shooting 50rnds. I was OK with the aggressive Springfield grip, but I needed more grip on my XDSC, so I purchased rubber grips for both. Installation was as simple as stated (alcohol and hairdryer) and fit was great (even with small backstrap). Coverage was right on with Logos, thumb rests, magazine release and magazine. Definitely tones down the Aggressive Springfield grip. Daughter loves it and so do I.THANKS Springfield and TALON!!!

Installed these grips on my Springfield XDS. These work great and help alleviate the aggressive off-road truck tread grip that comes on the pistol. Follow the instructions for cleaning, and use your hairdryer as directed and the grip holds on like iron. Also the grips are really easy to modify to fit a Crimson Trace Laser that goes on the pistol.

Very solid grip in all weather and hand conditions!

Needs several passes with hair-dryer. otherwise great: works better that that "Grip-Zone" Mod-2 from Springfield.

Great grip!! I own talon grips but ordered this one for my brother.

I just installed the rubberized Talon grip on my XDs .45 acp and it came out perfect! I watched the Talon installation video, read the instructions that were included with the grip, and I couldn't be more pleased! The grip material really mellows out the aggressive nature of the XDs grip. No more grip marks on my shooting hand! Talon Rocks!

The price on these grips is unbeatable. After prompt delivery of my Grips, I followed the install instructions, which were easy to read and pretty straight forward. Installation was smooth and error free. . I was a little worried that the grips might be to sticky but they are not, they feel good in my hand and give me great weapon retention. A few hundred rounds later, I love the grips; they take the edge off the aggressive grips that my Springfield XDS came with. I would definitely recommend Talon grips to anyone looking for a great set of grips.

Made a world of difference on the XD-S 45. These stay put too, I was worried they would peel off or the edges would come up, nope. Solid product!

Awesome product. Ships fast. Looking forward to future purchases!

The XDs has some extremely aggressive factory grips. Adding the rubberized Talon grips makes a world of difference in regards to grip comfort, especially for extended periods at the range. The Talon grips fit over the original grips perfectly and look great. Application is very easy and takes only a few minutes. Highly recommended!

The Talon Grips are the best around. I have them on 4 of my guns now and have recommended them to many of my shooting buddies.

Great product. Don't think I could go back to stock. Just bought a lc9s pro, and it will get outfitted with a Talon grip as well. Keep up the good work! BTW when installing the grip if you only peel back half and cut off the backing it makes it easier to work with when you are only dealing with half at a time.

Best grip ever

Fit and finish were outstanding. I used 99% alcohol that I use for cleaning solder joints to clean with and heated the grips 2 times. No problems. Going to order them for my M&P 9mm next.

Perfect product! Well made, precise fit, easy to install. The grips make a super carry pistol even better.

Missing holes for roll pin by trigger. This will prevent a full teardown unless you remove the grip and buy another. Because of that I never put the grip on the xds

Great fit and easy install add that with a great feel and you have a stellar product!

Fit was perfect. Extremely comfortable with a sure grip.

Love it!! Will be ordering for all of my handguns. Looks like it came from the factory.

Grips applied just as instructed and made a huge positive upgrade to factory configuration.

The grip was as advertised and easy to install. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. They have undergone limited use but so far I am well pleased with the product.

Decent. The grip adhesive was not very good. Cleaned the polymer very well and wiped off before I put the adhesive stickers on. Put them on and the next morning I came out and the back side of the grip was peeling off and was sticking straight out. The rest of the sticker has held, but not all of it. Was very disappointed as Talon is supposed to be one of the best.

Great Grip! Adds so much!

These grips take a good pistol and make it great. If you are are going to get a XDS, your first accessory should be these grips.

I have ordered Talon grips for many of my guns and they have all had a exact fit and have installed perfectly except for the grips for my xds 4.0 in 9mm the grips fit fine in every location except for the fit around the ledge for your thumb on both sides above the xds logo. I had trouble with these area not lining up to fit correctly. I ended up just cutting the grips to fill the thumb areas and then start again under the xds logos. Maybe I just got a bad pair as Talons have been an A+ with all my other guns.

Excellent fit, great feel, will be back to order for my other firearms!

Just got my grip for my xds 45. The gun already feels like a different gun. Went on easy as can possibly go. Great product so far. I hope it lasts a long time

Great grip.

What a difference, feels great. Absolutely simple to install.

I finally tried the rubber version of these (for XD-S 9mm) because the 2014 Black Friday Sale was a good enough deal for a first time skeptic. Excellent fit. Very nice improvement to the grip. If they last for a decent amount of range use and daily carry they will be well worth the regular price and I'll get more.

My wife bought me the rubberized grip for my XDS .45. I have large hands and was having trouble hanging onto it during a rapid fire session. I installed the grip in less than 1/2 an hour. Problem solved. The grip feels great in my hand. Thanks for a great product.

I wrote Trent on the 9th of Jan.

Very easy to install. Fit very nice and make the grip so much better

I plan on buying another grip for my XDM as well. Great work, great product. I have recommended on several on occasions to other gun owners.

Couldn't be happier with your product! Looks great, feels great!

Fantastic product. Fits perfectly with installation being very simple.Customer support was fantastic. Called to order the grips and they explained the product to make sure I knew which one we were discussing.Couldn't ask for more!

Talon grips for my XDS works great. Easy installation and fits precisely. Grip on my gun feels a lot better and more comfortable when used. I would recommend to everyone who are thinking about getting it for their gun.

Drawing from a concealed in the waist band holster has a more sure feel. Easy to install, and stays put if you follow the hair drier trick!

Feels better than stock, looks great, I would say the best 15$ you can spend on your XDS.

So far so good I put these on 2 of my 4 XDs and so far I really like them.

I have a XD-S .45 and these grips make it feel like a brand new gun. Makes me feel like I have better control when firing it, and also more comfortable having a firm grip on it. Would recommend this to anyone.

Grips fit perfectly! Will purchase again.

These grips install easily and feel amazing!

love them

My 9mm XDS 4.0 shoots great but the stock frame texturing is borderline painful on my hands when clamping down with a "crush grip". I chose the rubber grips and couldn't be happier. The Talon grips definitely provide a huge step up in both shooting comfort and confidence.Just be sure to follow the application directions carefully do the heat-and-press step THOROUGHLY & REPEATEDLY (like 4-5 times), or the grip adhesive won't cure properly, and you won't realize it until your next range trip.

The Springfield has serious problems with the grip and fit when shooting hundreds of rounds. The stippling cuts in with extended use, more than most handguns, for one thing. This Talon grip is a thin rubbery cover that reduces that cutting while remaining the nonslip grip. It's a perfect fit and very easy to install, if you are careful getting it aligned.

Feels great in my hand and allows me to really get a good grip when I am drawing my gun. Great product and easy to install.

No trimming required and it looks like it came on the pistol.

No trimming required and it looks like it came on the pistol.

Fit perfectly without any hiccups, and allows for a great purchase on the gun.

Fit perfectly without any hiccups, and allows for a great purchase on the gun.

The grip is self adhesive and comes with simple and easy to follow instructions for installation. I was able to install my grip in less than 4 minutes after quickly glancing over the instructions. Once installed the grip feels very good, definitely more positive. I have them both on my XDS 45 & 9mm. Now that I have tried them out, I will need more to cover my collection of handguns. An alternative to stippling

First of all it was shipped out very quickly. The instructions provided and online videos were excellent guides to assist in installation, which was quite simple. The quality appears to be well made. I have been running the rubber grip for a month now and it has been fantastic! I have NOT had issues with snagging on clothing, which is a huge plus. Buy with confidence. Thanks TALON!

Excellent product feels like a new gun install was easy would recommend to anyone.

Pretty easy to install, great feel its a whole new gun with grips.

Very precisely designed - perfect fit.Install looked daunting..but was much easier than expected.Couple compliments received already from others.

Excellent design and very good fit! Would like to see an option for a slightly padded grip tape, however overall a great grip!

Awesome service. Great product. Quick delivery. Love the stickers you send as well. It's a nice add on. Thanks.

Good fit, feels excellent.

My xds 45 grips were killer on my hands. Problem solved thanks to talon gun grips. Thanks guys.

Love the feel.

I've bought these for friends & family after getting a set for my XDs. The rubber overlay really calms down the aggressive grip pattern without sacrificing overall retention. Great product that I'll readily recommend to anyone.

Makes a huge difference on your hands after shooting 100 plus rounds over the aggressive checkering of the factory grip

I ordered the rubber grip. A definite must have for the xds 45. Greatly improved feel and control.

great product, fits and feels great. Really, 10 days to receive the product. Ridiculous . Should have taken less than seven. However, I blame our great postal service and not talon. Have ordered 2 more. great product.

These grips have kept me from selling my XD-S. The first time I shot the pistol, I absolutely hated it. The factory grip felt like I was squeezing tiny little pebbles, which is not the best thing to be doing when a .45 goes off! It felt like they were imbedded in my hand. I could actually see the imprint of the grip in my hand after shooting just one 5-round magazine. I was so disappointed that I had shown the gun to 3 people trying to sell it. But they also commented how much the grip hurt when firing, so I was stuck. And then I found these grips. The Talon grip was easy to put on. It only took about 5 to 10 minutes. I let it cool then immediately went to the range and --- the difference was night and day. The gun went from being unbearable to being very comfortable. I shoot at least 25 to 50 rounds each trip to the range, and I suspect I could put 100's through it now with absolutely no problem. If you own an XD-S and you don't like the factory grip, this is a must-have item.

I ordered the granular texture for my XDs 9mm and I'm glad I did. Really helps maintain the grip during recoil, especially with follow-up shots. Also great with helping to maintain your grip if your hands get wet (rain, sweat, etc).

I ordered the granular texture for my XDs 9mm and I'm glad I did. Really helps maintain the grip during recoil, especially with follow-up shots. Also great with helping to maintain your grip if your hands get wet (rain, sweat, etc).

Amazing! I love it! It helps reduce the aggressiveness of the xds stock grip.

Amazing! I love it! It helps reduce the aggressiveness of the xds stock grip.

Love the feel of more secure control in my hand.It was very easy to install.

Very good fit and has remained where applied.

Highly recommend first time ever using them on a xds a definite must have

They don't apply well. That's not your fault. Springfield made that funky ass grip for that gun. I put em on, it felt weird (kind of like using you right hand instead of your left to spickity-spank spank) so I took em off and made a Lone Ranger mask on a raccoon carcass on the side of a busy road. I bet that got some laughs from passerbys!! THANKS TALON! (Their Glock 42 grips ROCK)

Like them a lot! My grip was pretty aggressive and just didn't feel good on my bare hand. With gloves it would have been fine. These grips really softened it up well! They really were easy to apply and fit well. I like how it make the gun look too! Very quick shipping!

I love talon grips and so does my wife on her new gun.

I have really liked my XDs in spite of the grips. NOW the Talon grips make the XDs perfect for me!

Great addition to my XDS45. Secure grip and feels much better than the aggressive grooves on the OEM gun grip, which can be a distraction. Adding Talon grips provides a much more comfortable and secure grip when shooting.Installation was a breeze, just follow the included instructions closely.

These are great grips...They fit perfectly no trimming required. Much easier to apply than I with confidence!!!

A really great feeling set of grips!

Amazing! Simple as that

This is my Wife's pistol. She really liked the XDS out of the box, but Talon Grips make going to the range much more fun and comfortable for her. Anything that makes my Wife a happy shooter makes me happy.

Great fit and easy to install. Really like the way it made the grip feel, especially during recoil

My wife loves the XDS but the grip was tearing her up. The Talon was recommended by the range safety officer where we shoot. I was told that it may be difficult to install but it was a snap.We both love it. Doesn't change the fit of the grip but makes it much more comfortable.

I must say, at first I was skeptical but now, I'm a believer. Installation was easy and fit was perfect. For me the stock xds grip was too aggressive so I chose the rubberized Talon grip to achieve a more comfortable feel. Results were ideal for me. Thanks.

perfect fit, aaa+

Great purchase. I liked my xds, I love it now.

Perfect fit, love it!

fit perfectly and is a fantastic improvement over the default, very aggressive, xds grip

Fit perfect. love the feel of the rubberized grip over the sand paper.

These make all the difference. Great product.

I still have not received my order.

Absolutely perfect fit and outstanding grip. Highly recommended!

Love it

Great product thus far. Feels great in the hand and seems to be holding well to the gun. I don't expect to have issues with this product but will be sure to update my review if I do.

Heard about them from Hickok45 and absolutely love them Have the rubber grips for my XDs and grit ones for my Glock 23

I'm very happy with the grips. Went on easily, and give a much better grip in the pistol. Thanks for a nice product.Larry

The grips are great, I am ordering another set for my wife's pistol.

Awesome rubber grips. Great product!

Excellent product! Easy to install, Super affordable, functional, doesn't change the shape of the gun just makes the grip so much more confident and fast to acquire!

If you have an XDs, you know how aggressive the stippling is. Talon smooths it out just perfectly, and makes controlling the gun a pleasure.

Fits and feels like it came with the the gun.

Perfect finish and fit on my XDS 45! I would highly recommend Talon Grips to all !!!

Thie gun is much easier to shoot with this grip

Grips fit PERFECTLY! My 3rd set and couldn't be happier. These things will not come off unless you want them off and even then it is not easy to do! Make sure you prep properly and you will be very very satisfied.

Easy install and easy to get a quality look with a DIY product.

Flawless fit and feel very happy with this product. The grips size guides are spot on and it looks like the grips came with the pistol from the manufacturer. Make sure you take your time as the adhesive is very forgiving until you heat it up with a blow dryer.

Awesome product!!! Best upgrade to my xds 45 on the market. Def buying for my xds 9 mm!!! Changes the whole look and feel of the gun.

These things fit perfect with very little effort and DRAMATICALLY changed the way I feel about this firearm. When I first bought the XDS I didn't care for the feel of it in my hand. This is now my favorite firearm by far over my CZ75b omega, glock 19, Rock river 1911, LC9, and even my wife's sheild!!! Fan freaking tastic. This is a MUST HAVE for any XDS owner who wants a more comfortable and pleasing purchase when you grab your trusty companion.Nice work Talon!

These grips fit my XDS like a glove. I was unsure how positive of a grip I would get at first. Once I heated them slightly with a heat gun they formed tighter around the XDS grips. The end result was an excellent grip.

I installed a set on my daughters XDs 9mm and my 45. She needed the smaller back strap piece and the Talons were pre marked precisely. Both sets were easy to install. I could couldn't be happier with with the new feel. My daughter likes hers equally as well. The Talons extended magazine and grip extensions are bad ass as well!

These things are amazing, if you want to keep the same feel and thickness of your existing firearm but add a bit of grip to it these are the way to go. I hated my slip on grips and was looking for something more form fitting, these are the ticked. Surprisingly easy to install as well. Ive had them on my carry piece (XDS-45) since it was released and the grips are still holding great, no rips or peeling. Fantastic product with awesome customer service, you cant go wrong!

These things are amazing, if you want to keep the same feel and thickness of your existing firearm but add a bit of grip to it these are the way to go. I hated my slip on grips and was looking for something more form fitting, these are the ticked. Surprisingly easy to install as well. Ive had them on my carry piece (XDS-45) since it was released and the grips are still holding great, no rips or peeling. Fantastic product with awesome customer service, you cant go wrong!

Great grips! Much better than the competition. Have not shot with them yet, but they appear to be rock solid and should not shift.

Perfect fit and function!!!

Perfect fit and easy to install

Great! Looks an feels good!

Great addition to my XDs. Much much more comfortable to hold/shoot now. Easy to apply and looks great. Would/ will purchase this product again. So far has held up to daily carry with no peeling. Follow direction! I used a hair dryer for application like it recommends. I don't write reviews so it's that good.

I love these grips. Can't ask for any better adhesive grips. I should have gotten the rubberized instead of the granulated texture as much as i carry my XD-9, but that's a lesson learned! Thanks for your great products!!

It was great.

It was great.

The feel of this is great. I just ran into one problem. Since I put a lot of pressure on the back of the gun using isometric tension, the grip would slide down and off of the gun. The grips look great when first installed, but did not work for me since the seem was in the back and allowed for the slippage. I will continue to do business with Talon as they were easy to deal with and really wanted me to be happy with my grips. I copied part of John Harrah review because the same thing happened to me and others as I read further reviews. I have purchased these grips for other weapons that have worked flawlessly. I just wish these grips would have worked for me.

After trying talon grips on one of my guns. They are great. I have been putting them on all my guns.they allow you to get a hold on your gun

Very nice! Easy to install. Made my XDs look awesome! Would recommend to anyone.

I have two XDS, one in 9 for the Warden and mine is a 45. I did choose the black Granulate. I pocket carry in a leather holster on my strong side, using the five round magazine. I carry a spare. magazine with the extension using a leather sleeve and the same material on my weak side, I do not have a problem with lint as some supposed. The granulated feel actually assists me in locating the grip and drawing the weapon. Once out it helps me control the gun when shooting..

Left all the XDs marking in view, looks like the factory added them on. Every Talon grip I have used have been excellent. They Have replaced several Houge slip on grips. The Talons are quality and easy to install.

Left all the XDs marking in view, looks like the factory added thhm on. Every Talon grip I have used have been excellent. They Halve replaced several Houge slip on grips. The Talons are quality and easy to install.

Left all the XDs marking in view, looks like the factory added thhm on. Every Talon grip I have used have been excellent. They Halve replaced several Houge slip on grips. The Talons are quality and easy to install.

Had a little trouble lining up the cut-outs for the xds logo and grip texture on the side that I finished on. It came together great and makes the pistol even better to shoot!

Clear instructions, perfect fit without trimming. Easy install, and I love the difference in the grip. It's more secure and pretty much eliminates the stock grip's "cheese grater" feel. Great price, quick shipping- recommend 1000%

The installation of the grips went very smoothly following all the instructions regarding the cleaning preparations and then post installation using some heat to set the adhesive. I took my XDS 45 ACP to the range and after 50 rounds or so the sweat from my hand along with my grip caused the grip material to wrinkle and start to peal at heel of the gun. I took the gun back home and reset the grip material again then went back to the range to try again. After about 50 rounds again the same issue appeared again at which time I commenced to rip off all the material and shit can. After another 100 rounds with no grips I am now used to the stock grip texture and all is well with the world. Sorry about your grips but they did not work for me........$17.99 lesson learned.

Phenomenal!! Looks great and feels even better

I can't begin to describe how much I love these grips! Lets just leave it at, if you are looking to improve the comfort or improve the grip of your polymer frame, get these won't be sorry.

awesome product

The feel of this is great. I just ran into one problem. Since I put a lot of pressure on the back of the gun using isometric tension, the grip would slide down and off of the gun. The grips look great when first installed, but did not work for me since the seem was in the back and allowed for the slippage. I will continue to do business with Talon as they were easy to deal with and really wanted me to be happy with my grips. I hope to see a new and improved or alternate design for the XD-S soon.

Very good. Cou;ld be a softer rubber.

Awesome product, very easy to install and functions great

The fit was perfect install was pretty simple. The grips made a world of difference in the control of this little pocket rocket. I have just had to friends also purchase the grips after having shot my xds before and after they to were sold. Thanks again great product.

Perfect fit! Excellent detailed craftsmanship and an amazing feel. BUY ONE!!!

Great product. All that needs to be said.

Awesome work! Great job :D

Absolutely unquestionable fit!. Installed as per the video and all went well. I am amazed at how well this worked out. My XDs looks fantastic not mention the feel. Excellent product

Another perfect fiting product from a great company. Will be ordering a set for every gun I own!

very easy to install and solved the problem of the factory grips digging into my hand.

This grip had completely changed the way I shot my xds. I can tell a huge difference in my accuracy and comfort abilities. The grip is so much easier on your hands if your going to shoot more 50 rds of more.

Perfect fit.

Very Easy to apply. Best Hand Grip you can have for a carry weapon!

Looks good, works great. Rubber style.

I followed instructions but after only 2 or 3 times at the range with sweaty hands the grip started coming unglued at the seam.

Reasonably priced, easy to apply, and provides additional hold to my pocket pistol.

I like my talon grips very much but I wish they were offered in different sizes to match the back strap. It is hard to get them cut perfectly and would be so much easier if they were done at the factory.They do provide very good grip though and I enjoy them much more than the standard xds grips.

Just got these grips for my XDS 4.0. I love them! They add a really great texture to the grip of the gun making it more comfortable and controllable. Application was easy and is attractive too. I chose the rubberized grips. Shipping was ridiculously fast and cost was reasonable. Recommended highly.

your product is excellent and so is your service. I have your grips on a PX4 Storm , XDM 45 3.8 compact, XDS 45. Thanks for making the USPS mistake right. Harvey

Loved the grips.

Very high quality and easy to install!

The xds 9 is a great gun except for the very aggressive grip. Talon grips makes this a non issue and their grips stay put no matter what the weather conditions. Not to mention the Talon grips were shipped the next day.

The xds 9 is a great gun except for the very aggressive grip. Talon grips makes this a non issue and their grips stay put no matter what the weather conditions. Not to mention the Talon grips were shipped the next day.

Absolutely the best upgrade I've ever done!

Love the new grips

The grips really took the bite out of the factory grips. Would definitely recommend as a must buy.

Made my XDS much more comfortable to shoot. Reduces that "cheese grater" texture of the original grip.

The grip went on easy and feels great!

A little aggressive texture, but can be taken care of as per their suggestions.. Great product

Fit and feel was excellent

fits well

Great product! fits perfect easy installation

I was nervous to apply the items to my XD-s but once I started it was easy as pie and I am totally happy with the low cost investment

I would have given these grips an excellent but since it's on my edc the grips are starting to lose adhesive and pull up.

Your grips fit perfectly on my XDS as well as my PX4 SC. Great product.

These grips were easy to put on and made a huge difference. This upgrade cannot be beat for the price. I am a customer for life!

Love your grips! I wouldn't carry a gun without them. Fast shipping too!-very satisfied customer

Love these! Makes the hard polymer grip of the XDs much more bearable, and the tacky feel is awesome. Zero problems installing also.

Fits like a glove the grips on my xds is pretty aggressive and the talon grips makes it very comfortable

Definatly takes a lot of the bite out of the xds aggressive polimer grip... very pleased with the diferance it made

Made a huge difference in handling and shooting my XDS.

This grip allowed me to shoot more accurately and longer due to a little bit less recoil! Would purchase again!

Great product.


I am sad to report this is the second time I have tried to order a grip from Talon. Just like the last time, I have never received it at my home. After much trouble with the last one, I did get it at my office location. I am not sure what the problem is.

I was skeptical when purchasing this grip, but man am I glad I did! I always loved the XD-S for my concealed carry gun but after pulling the trigger on buying the grip I find myself carrying it even more now. The install was very easy, and I did not need to trim any excess to get a proper fit. It fit perfectly the first try. I purchased the rubberized version for both the gun and the Pearce mag extender. The grip is excellent, almost sticky, and it gives me more confidence in shooting quicker and more accurately. It also cushions the rather aggressive grip on the xd-s and makes shooting at the range much easier on the hand when unloading 100+ rounds.I definitely recommend the purchase and on top of the great product they company threw in some stickers and a Koosie (because my actual name is Talon haha)Great product, great company!

areas of the grip began to peal

Arrived quickly, fit perfect, way easy to put, on and took just the right amount of "edge" off the somewhat aggressive factory provided grip.

Great product. Love the fit and ease of installation.

good fit. feels good in the hand. It would be really cool if we could purchase these in other colors. grey and od green would sell good.

Grips work great. But every alcohol pad was dry as a bone in the packages.

Great product. Improves grip and makes grip more comfortable.

I am so impressed with the product and the service. The product applies easily and performs. The people are interested in making it work.

I think anyone who has handled the XD-S has noticed how aggressive the grips are. Although this is good for maintaining a good purchase on your weapon, it can become very irritating while practicing for long periods of time at the range with your carry piece. The Talon grip goes on extremely easily and reduces the aggressive texture of the XD-S grip. Despite this, the rubberized texture allows you to maintain a firm hold on the weapon. Talon grips FTW!

These are the best grips I have ever used. Excellent quality and easy to install.

A must have for any XD-S owner. I have the black rubber grips on the 9mm &. 45. So much better than the stock grip. Easy application and look great. Helps a lot with draw from IWB CC.

Fits and feels great! Will be buying more in the future.

Allows for a consistent form fitted full handed grip on your weapon. With textured finish on handgun grip extending down onto magazine makes for a natural even "feel" in your hand that makes for an even seamless grip on your weapon.

Got the grip decal and took my time to install it as they instructed, and it looks Perfect! They feel wonderful, and after heating and conforming them to the grip they form like a factory item.

Could not have been easier to install, and makes the pistol more comfortable, more enjoyable to shoot, as well as gives a more positive grip. I would not change a thing. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Installed as directed grips lasted about a week an half an began to peel an loose rubber texture.

easy install, perfect fit

You products are amazing. Keep up the great work!!

Awesome fit, easy to install. The rubber grips find that perfect spot between "to grippy" and "to slick". Will be putting these on future guns and other items; knives, flashlights, ect.

100% improvement for the 45. Makes the gun much more enjoyable to shoot. No more sore fingers.

ordered on thursday, received on monday. Super fast shipping. Took about 5 minutes to install on my xds, fit is perfect. Couldn't be happier with the way it looks now. Going to get another set for my sig.

Love the fit and feel of my Talon Grips.

Very easy to install and had to do a minor touch up 2 weeks later to secure one of the small tabs on the backstrap. A little Krazy Glue took care of it. Great product for my XDs!

I ordered the pink grip for my wife's XDS45. I had put a Talon rubber black grip on it but she wanted pink. The pink grip that came was very "gritty" feeling, nothing like the soft grip feel of the standard black grip. Don't know if I ordered the wrong one or if there is a rubber feel grip like the standard black one in pink.

Awesome product.

Awesome grips!!!!!!

Should be the default grip for the XDS. Also heard about these from hickock45.

Should be the default grip for the XDS.

Like everyone is saying; excellent fitment and likely the best upgrade you can install. Fills really good over what was an almost too aggressive grip, stock. Very happy and will return to Talon in the future.

Love them im definitely gonna grab some for my next pistol, thank u so much u guys are awesome!!!

Easy to install, easy to follow instructions, excellent product!

Makes it a whole new weapon. Was comfortable before. Now it is down right pleasant to shoot and increased control while shooting. Wish I'd bought them a lot sooner.

Fits like a glove!

I bought the rubber grip. Very easy to install, and comfortable. Really makes a difference in the grip and frame contour.

Love it shot great

Excellent product, once again. I have these on my Gen4 Glock 22 also and plan to get a set for my Ruger LCP. I actually met a guy yesterday, Scott Demarest, that apparently supplies some of the guns to you for fitting. We both talked about Talon Grips for a good 15-20 minutes :)

Great product! I will say though, that the Granulate grip isn't exactly a smart choice for your conceal gun since the material sticks to clothing and could be an issue put in a life threatening scenario.

Made the grip and feel of the xds much better!

Thank hickok45 on YouTube for the recommendation of this excellent product.

Awesome grip. Perfect cut.

This was my first purchase of Talon Grips and will definitely buy for my other poly frames. BE CAREFUL to apply squarely on first try. I ripped at the XD logo trying to peel back off to center. Took some care reapplying. I can barely tell where I ripped it and after four trips to the range and some carry, there is no problem in that area. Great product!

Great grips, it really calms down the aggressive texture on my XDS and makes the gun easier to hold overall.

Overall, I love the Talon grips for my XDS. Grip is amazing even with sweaty hands!

I have the Talon grips on my Glock 19, 26, and my Springfield XDs .45 and love them all. These grips help manage the recoil of the small .45. I will continue to place these on all my hand guns.

The rubber grips for the XDs make it so much smoother and more comfortable in you hand. Great investment for your gun.

I've used Talon grips on all my handguns, including the rubberized version, and they are fantastic. They are the perfect accessory for making your handgun the best if can be.

Wow! what a difference these make. Super easy to install. I love my my xds but shooting it was not too much fun until I got these. I purchased the rubber ones and they're just great!

Very easy to put on and make the gun feel much more comfortable. This was my first Talons grob but so far I am very pleased.

I ordered some talon grips for my XDs 45 and wow am I impressed. They came so fast and the installation was a breeze. The fit is amazing as well, everything lines up great. My gun feels like an entirely new weapon with improved grip and control. The rubber texture is perfect, grippy but not rough or sticky. Its needless to say, I will be a life long customer.

First time user of Talon Grips, I have to say that they were very easy to install using the enclosed instructions, and they make a huge improvement in the comfort and grip of the firearm. I wouldn't be without them after trying them, thank you!

I had the "gritty" grips for my Glock when they first came out, and really loved them, now I got the "rubbery" type for my Springfield XDS 9mm, and I really like these too, they hold steadier in my hand then the stock ones, have a nice "cushioned" feel to them, and I think they would also help in wet weather too, all in all I would highly recommend them for anyone that is looking for a great after-market grip.

Looks great, feels great, easy install!

I like the feel and the sure grip of these grips, even when wet. Great fit.

I like the feel and the sure grip of these grips, even when wet. Great fit.

Easy to apply. Covered overly aggressive front of grip. I trimmed grip tape at edges of removable backstrap. All is good.

Lining up the grip was s little complicated. Wish there was a better guide to get it aligned correctly.

Purchased two grips for my xds45 and I had to take each grip off after one trip to the range. Got separation where the ends meet on the back of the grip. Recoil of the 45 is pretty intense. Seems like something needs to be placed over that seam so it doesn't separate and lose adhesion. Good idea but after $40.00 it's a no go.

They easy to put on an I like the feel an looks will be purchasing more thanks

Excellent grips. They feel great and are a perfect fit. They also install easily.

Excellent grips. They feel great and are a perfect fit. They also install easily.

Great grips!

In my opinion these grips are essential for this gun.

Very happy

I love this gun and consider the XD-S to be in a class of its own. So how does one improve on perfection? By adding Talon grips, which are also in a class of their own. Great product quality and fit, and great customer service. Team TALON is No. 1!

Easy to install and quality top notch, very happy.

perfect fit, easy to install! Feel great!

During my down pouring rain the talon grips didn't fail me once my next purchase would be for my 23 glock 3rd gen.

I think the fact I ordered one for my xds and 2 weeks later ordered two more for my other pistols says it all. I love these grips!

Works just like it's supposed to and it feels great.

Installed these grips last month and am very happy with my purchase. Gives a positive feel to the xds grip and also looks good. Great product, Talon!

I absolutly love these grips! The XDs .45 is a hard hitting little sucker and grips make my range time more comfortable.

I am thoroughly impressed with the Talon grip! I bought one for my Springfield Xds and the fit was perfect! Took only minutes to install and wasn't at all complicated. I'm very pleased with the folks at Talon. Thank you for a great product and I recommend everyone put these on your pistol. wont be sorry!

All I can say is perfection on the XDS .45!!! Thank you!!!Semper Fi!!!

The granulate grips are a easy way for positive traction on a edc. Make sure you over wrap the portion in the direction your grip pulls, That will ensure the grips stay put.

Love talon grips. I will be buying more!

I have them on 2 XDS'S 1 XDM full size .40 and 1 Taurus 740 slim. Went on easy and feel great at the range. I highly recommend them.

Looks like the gun came this way. Your product has made a HUGE difference in how much I love my XDS. I will be a return customer.

Great service as well

The grips make the xds feel so much better in my hand. They alos help take some of the sting away from the recoil.I will defiantly be purchasing more grips in the future.

Absolutely love the Talon product line. I have them on all my polymer guns, mags, and extensions. Well worth the proce

Talon grip turned my new purchase from the ordinary to the special!

Have some one my gen 2 glock 19. My keys the fit and grip on the weapon so much better. Also have some on my xds45. It's a night and day difference. I recommend them to everyone, especially with an xds 45. If only Xds's came with them from the factory

Easy to put on and love the feel!!!

The grips really made an improvement to my xds 4.0 in 9mm! From the factory the grip texture is almost to aggressive and after 100 rounds I could see marks in my hand. Installed the talon grips and now is very comfortable to shoot, and with rubber texture still have a good grip on the weapon.

Excellent fit, feel and installation. I would recommend this product without a second thought. Especially for a small snappy gun.

Very easy to install. Seems like an excellent product. Really improved feel of my gun and looks great too!

Really feel great in your hand. Easy to install also !!

Very good service and the grip is great

Excellent fit, great product, easy installation

They fit great. Was easy to install.

Great product ships fast

Great product. Easy to install and fits perfectly. Gives the gun a whole new feel. As this gun is my everyday carry weapon I really like the rubber grip texture makes pulling out of the holster that much easier. Over all great product I'll never have another fun without getting these grips.


This is my second set as the first set pealed off (my fault as I cut the back incorrectly). Both sets are great and provide quality grip without being too aggressive in the hand and stay in place for a long time. The new set didn't need to be cut by me and fit much better.

Makes the XDs a whole new gun. Now it is much easier to enjoying a few magazines at the range without ripping your palm up.

A steady hand is always best accompanied by a firm grip. Talon Grips make the latter much easier to attain.

Love your product

The rubber grip greatly improves the rather harsh grip on the XDs, fast shipping as always, can't possibly go wrong with Talon Grips!

Superfast shipping! Very easy to apply and a perfect fit where the seam meets. Feels great and looks great. Can't answer durability as I just received in the mail. I suspect it will hold up quite well.

Bought the rubber grips for my XDs .45 and PM9. Easy to install with the excellent directions. The grips have tamed the sharp edges on my XDs. The gun's feel more secure in my hand and more comfortable to handle. I've already recommended these grips to friends. I'm going to order another set for my PM45.

Huge improvement in grip and feel on my xd-s. Perfect fit. Easy installation. Fast shipping. Ordered another set tonight for my xdm. I prefer the rubber. Won't stop until all my polymer pistols are equipped.

To All the Fine People at Talon Grips,I'd like to take this opportunity to Thank Everyone at Talon Grips for providing a Grip that is far above its Competitors in Fast Delivery,Quality, Dependability and Fast Installation. Your Product is Simply Put the Best Grip Available on the Market today.Keep up the Good Work and don't stop with just Pistol Grips as I see a Valid Use for your Product in many different applications related to the Gun Industry.Also Talon Grips should give a Big Shout Out and Thank You to Hickok 45 on YouTube as this is how not only myself but many others has heard of the Superior Quality of Your Product through his YouTube Videos. Thanks Again for All that you do for the Firearms Industry by making a Good Gun Better. Gotta Go see which Firearm is Next to Get Your Grip!!

The rubber Talon Grips tone down the aggressiveness of the .45 acp XDS greatly. Makes a great feel and allows for better control when firing. Makes a big difference and they are a must.

Excellent isn't good enough to describe these grips and the service I received. They fit perfectly on both of the XDS' that we own. The look as if the gun came from the factory with theses installed already. The factory grip on the XDS is a bit sharp in places. With these grips installed, the sharp edges disappear into a great feeling gun. The amount of control that they add to the gun is a tremendous help as well. THANKS SO MUCH

Purchased these grips and had them stolen while in the possession of the postal service in route to my home. Long story short, post office wouldn't help me so I contacted Talon and informed them of the situation. They sent me out a new set that day free of charge. This was my first time dealing with Talon and must say it was pleasure. Other company's may have told me sorry not our problem but Talon didn't and showed they take care of there customers. Thanks again Talon. By the way I received my XDS-45 grips and they fit like a dream.

Received my Talon grips and my expectations were met above and beyond.... "Perfect" fit and great added feel to my XDs-45. I purchased both grips for firearm and extended mags. I did forget to purchase a set for my Pearce Mag ext so I emailed Talon the next day and had them within a few days. What great customer service and quality products. Good luck to you and your staff and keep doing what your doing. Thank You Eric

I ops checked the handling of my Springfield XD .45 after applying my black rubber style Talon grip. I could not believe the difference! Before the pistol would almost jump out of my hand. Now, it sticks like glue and my accuracy has improved to a point I could never have imagined before! I have recommended your grips to several of my friends. Thanks for a great product!

Installed my rubber texture grips on my XDS 45 today, as well as my extended mag strip. They improved the feel of the grip 100% as well as made it feel like you have a much better purchase on the gun. Awesome product, quick shipping (at no charge) and even included a hand written Thank You on my invoice!! Now that's Class. Any future handgun purchases will have Talon Grips!!!!

Love the feel the rubber grips give my XDS 9mm. Very easy to install and gives the gun a whole new look. I was torn between the rubber and the granate, but I'm glad I went with the rubber. Will purchase again as soon as I get my next toy.

Takes the bite out of my XDs 45 grip, especially at the range shooting multiple boxes of rounds. I am happy with the addition to my handgun, Talons customer service was great.

Great Product! I am very impressed by how well the grips conform to the shape off the gun. They adhere very well. The fit is so precise, they look like they are are part of the gun material. I bought four different models and am placing another order for my fifth one now. The grips fit best on the Springfield XDm, and XDs. The fit on my Sig P238was great but the only minor issue is a the cutout for a sig logo which is not on my grips. Not big issue. The second minor issue is on my Taurus PT140. The cutout for the logo doesn't line up. About half the logo is covered. Again, no big issue. I wanted them for practicality and not for appearance.

Excellent grips! I ordered the rubberized grip for my 9MM XDS and liked it so much I ordered another one for my .45 XDS that same day! Perfect fit and easy to install. Great product!

How do you not give these grips an excellent five star rating?! They are some of the best I have ever owned, and fit like a glove! They look like they were actually molded into the gun and not an aftermarket part! Love em! And will be ordering more for my other guns!

I wasn't feeling the aggressive grip on my XDs so I tried these grips at my father's behest. Glad I did. In fact, ordered for my PPQ, PX4, and G34 right away. The grip is thin and better than any factory grip I own including the PPQ. Got a 42 and 26 on order...better believe I am going with Talons on them.

Great product and fast shipping with a hand written thank you note! Grip feels great on my XDS 9 and I will be getting more for my other firearms soon!

Ordered the rubber style grip as well as the sections for the grip extensions and the magazine sleeves. All 5 items installed easily and for perfectly (didn't need to trim or overlap). Really helps the aggressive texturing from the factory on the front of the grip while retaining a positive grip. I liked it enough that I had to order the same grip for my XD40 as well.

I installed the Talon grip (Black Rubber) on my XDS-45 in combination with the Pearce mag extensions on my 5 rd mags. Probably increased control of this little 'Beast' by well over 100%. Highly recommend these additions for anyone looking to increase control of their weapons. Installation was super easy and took less then 10 minutes.

Just installed my talon grip on my XDS .45 and also my duty weapon which is a Glock 23. Best product I have ever used!!!!!! Love the new feel and extra grip on both guns.. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Great product must have on any weapon.

I really like these grips! They smoothed out the cheese grater effect of the XDs .45 stock grip, and fit my hand like a glove.I will be recommending these to my Father and Brother who both own the XDskin remover .45s.Great Job!

Great Grips. Very good customer service. Received order in 3 days. If you own a Springfield XDS 45 you'll love these grips. The factory grips on the XDS are extreme to give a good grip, but the Talons soften up that hard surface just enough to make this gun feel even better in the hand. Love my XDS, love it more now.

I purchased 3 sets of Talon Grips for my XD's and found them relatively easy to apply. The factory grips on the XD's are pretty rough on the hand on a couple of the guns especially the XDS. The Talon grips helped soften them up, but still keep the grip needed to feel secure in the hand. I liked my guns before, but like them more with this change. A gun that does not feel good in the hand will not be a gun you feel confident to shoot with.

Great experience! Arrived very fast, easy install, look and feels Great. What more could anyone ask for. Highly recomended.

Great addition to my new xds 45. Excellent product.