XD Compact .45 & Subcompact 9mm/.40

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Grips for Springfield XD Compact and Subcompact



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TALON Grips for Springfield Compact .45 and Subcompact 9mm or .40 models. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures. It has full coverage on the side panels through the thumb rest, logo cutouts on each side, ample coverage on the backstrap and full coverage under the trigger guard. Grips for the XD Gear Mag X-Tension extended magazine are available for this model (sold separately). FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Fit my xd compact .45 flawlessly. Easy to apply, great instructions, great form, fit , feel.

Awsome Grip Super Easy To Apply

If you’re looking for any grip for any gun this is the place to check out bought grips for all 5 of my pistols and my AR from here and I’m amazed every time I install the new one, it’s super easy to install and is delivered even quicker an all around amazing product

Very comfortable grip. Holding strong. I don’t own a blow dryer so I just put it on my heater vent and worked great. Will buy for my next pistol as well. Thanks.

Outstanding add on for my XD, makes all the difference in the world in the handling of this weapon!
Highly recommend!

Easy to install. Rubber grips feel great. Super fast delivery. Haven't had a chance to shoot yet. Should help with snappy recoil. Thanks to talon for the best grips on the market. I also purchased the Pearce grip and long magazine extender grips. Totally worth it!

Love my Talon Grips. I can’t imagine my XD and my Shield without them. Shooting at the range is more enjoyable with them. Also makes carrying everyday more bearable. Thank you for making a great product.

Excellent grip. Granulate.

I have ordered Talon grips for all my carry weapons (SA XD40, Walther PPS M2, Taurus PT111) and am thoroughly impressed with the product quality, how good they look on the gun and how easy they were to install. They enhance the grip of the weapon and are an inexpensive must-have upgrade!

I have yet to shoot with the grips on. But they were easy to apply and feel great in my hand. Not to mention they are affordable. Can't wait to put some rounds down range and get the full experience.

The grips failed after about 6 months. It started to peel off where my index finger and thumb contact it. They did send a replacement free of charge so the customer service is great. I decided to not reapply the grips. Im not convinced that they will stay on.

I bought a set after loving the first set on my other pistol. Talon Grips makes a great product and encourage anyone to purchase a set!

I first ordered Talon rubber grips for my Springfield XDs.The grips made the XDs feel like a different gun, made it fell like you had a much better grip on the pistol. After using the pistol I ordered some for a M&P shield,Ruger LC9s and a Springfield XD. I ordered grips for my son’s glock 19,Springfield XDs and his M&P shield. He also really likes them. Now I have to get some for a Springfield XDM compact 3.8 and I will be set. These grips really made a pistol feel different in a good way. Thanks TALON

I love these grips! It makes a HUGE difference holding my gun. Plus, purchasing these grips was simple and painless. I highly recommend Talon Grips to everyone!!

Awesome product well worth the money super fast delivery

Easily installation. Have had them installed for about 3 weeks now and my draw with the sandpaper grips feels like my gun will never slip out of my hand.. Can't wait for work to slow down so I can hit the range and give a real review.

Amazing product easy to apply and feels great.

like these grips.

Best looking grips that I have installed your attention to detail is excellent I would highly recommend these over your competitor falcon I would rather have these any day anytime thanks for the great product

A huge upgrade for the gun! Gives a very positive grip on the XD which doesn't have much for texturing. Install is super easy as well

Awesome grip. Really helps with control. I liked it so much I ordered a set for my glock 19. Showed it to my buds and they will be ordering one.

I didn't thing something that thin would make a difference but it does great grip

Excellent fit! Looks great and enhances grip purchase immensely. Thank you for developing these.

Awesome grips! I could not be more impressed. I used a heat gun on low and the grip seems seamless! Buy these. You wont be sorry. Take your time follow instructions. Transforms your handgun

Great fit, installed easily and provides a much more secure grip! I wasn't sure what to expect as far as texture is concerned. It is not gritty so it wont chew up your hands after a sustained training session, instead it is a raised rubberized surface that really grips to the palm of your hand. Very nice product!

I ordered my new gun and immediately ordered the talon grips. They are a must for me and the fit and quality has never let me down. Customer for life!

Finally a grip for the 1st generation XD compact. With no stippling or aggressive checkering about the grip area, I had to previously cut down a Hogue or Pachmayr slip on grip for any kind of stable grip only to have the grip loosen and seriously fail. This Talon grip is reasonable in price and very user friendly in the application process. I have the rubberized textured grip and now have no issues accessing and maintaining a secure hand weld of my firearm. Very nice product that I will recommend to anyone

the best accessory i could ever purchased for my xd 9mm

Perfect grip for this gun!! Highly recommend this product, fantastic service and fast delivery.

An excellent enhancement to the Springfield XD Mod 2. The rubberized grips fit perfectly and are well designed. They also cover the ugly "GRIP ZONE" that Springfield felt would like nice on their weapon (it's horrible). The Talon grip covers this ugly area of the gun and provides a better texture without adding bulk. Highly recommend.

Helps with securing a positive purchase and the firearm. Since I use a IOW holster made of leather and kydex I did trim away the portion your thumb would rest against, without doing this it made it nearly impossible to draw the firearm. Bonus: it covered up the hideous "Grip Zone" text.

Went on easy with the instructions. Very pleased with the grip! Going to order some for my other pistols.

Amazing grapes I will be putting them on all of my pistols easy to put on super comfortable and very affordable just follow the instructions and you shouldn't have a problem

Great product. Easy to apply, perfect fit. I think I would have gone for rubber instead of granulated for CC comfort. Now I know, I will replace eventually.

I love the grips! They were made to be easily applied! I look forward to future purchases! And possibly some custom cutouts in my future grips???

Truly an amazing grip. Completely changed my opinion of a gun I had considered selling. Love it now!

This is the second set of talon grips I've bought and they are a great addition to both of my pistols ! I will buy another set as soon as I get another pistol.

Read about your product on the XD forum. They were right. Excellent product, easy to install, feels great in my hands.Very happy and will recommend to all who ask.

Love this product it fits my XD amazing and was easy to install. The only thing I would like to see is a tracking number when your product ships.

Your grapes are amazing and I referred you to couple of my friends.

Love the grips have them on almost all of my handguns. Cannot wait until I get the grip that I ordered for my H &K on the 5th and haven't received yet.

My XD feels great. I make sure and add these grips to every new polymer pistol I get!

I bought the full grip pattern as well as the extended-mag add-on in matching rubber moss and couldn't be happier. My XD has recently undergone a pretty substantial face lift thand to some custom work and to supplement that, I needed an update on the grip texture and attachment color range. Talon provided the perfect accents with their range of grips and the fit is perfect. Installation is quick and easy and the grace period before a sturdy weld of the material is just enough to make adjustments before it becomes the kind of weld you want and need from an applied grip. It's got the comfort of a slide-on with the staying power of an upper-tier aftermarket wrap. Stays crisp when your hands sweat and soft when it's cold outside. The price is right and the shipping is expedient. Got mine with standard rates in 4 business days, contigious US. 5/5 from me!

I have these on all my polymer pistols for the same grip every time no matter which pistol. Great consistent no-slip feel!

Great product.! Everything fit perfectly.

Quality product for a great price!

Superb product at an excellent price!! Job well done Talon Gun Grips!!

after installing Talon grips on my XD sub compact follow up shot are much faster and accurate . only drawback I found is it will hang on your cover garment but the trade off is worth it

This is the second talon grip I have purchased and I am completely satisfied. Customer service is excellent and I look forward to doing business with talon grips in the future.

This is my 3rd firearm I've purchased these grips for, would recommend for anyone

After getting one for my Glock 19, I purchased this for my XD. I'm really impressed with the product and much cheaper and more practical than stippling. Love that it doesn't change grip width and the rubberized texture is perfect.

Very solid customer service and a great product. Grips cling well and are very "grippy".

My 4th grip tape in rubber, love it and the best thing you can do for your gun for under $20.00Hoping for FDE or other colors in the future, I will be putting Talon on all my investments !!!

An absolute necessity upgrade to any firearm!!!

Cover up the whole texture on the Backstrap

Fit well, worked great.

Went on easy HUGE improvement. No problem or discomfort for IWB appendix carry.

Absolute must for your pistol. These grips are awesome.

Absolute must for your pistol. These grips are awesome.

Just purchased Grips for my new XD Mod2. I previously purchased them for my other XD handguns. I was very happy with how easy they were to apply, and how much of a difference they make in the feel and grip. No complaints at all. Fully recommend to Talon Grips.

freaking love it!! really makes a difference. 5/5. highly recommend

When rapidly shooting my XD Subcompact in 40, the gun would shift in my hand every few shots. Regripping the gun slowed me down significantly. I love these grips, the gun doesn't move at all now! I ended up ordering Talons for my XDM 5.25", two Glocks, my carry XDM Compact and my little LCP

Very Pleased with your Talon Grips, Great Product! Third set of grips I have Bought!! Would recommend Talon Grips To anyone an everyone!!! Yours Truely Terry Melton

Very impressed with this grip!!! Easy to put on and amazing feel. If I own a firearm you can bet I will have a Talon grip on it. Even my Colt M4!!

Fast shipping. Easy to put on. The granulated grips are awesome! I wanted a rough grip all around and these provided the best cover. Will order again.

This grip tape fit perfectly. Grips on nice and tight. Love the feel of them. Don't hesitate to buy these. Well worth the low cost.

Great Product!!! Use them on all my guns.

I couldn't believe how easy the were to apply with a professional looking result.I will be ordering grips for all my guns!

I purchased both types talon grips for my (2) XD45 compact. I can say that this is the cheapest and best upgrade a person can do for these guns. I use the rubber grips for CCW and it is great against my body and the granular for home defense and really like that one as well.

Very clear instructions to apply. The fit was great and it helped decrease the number of holes in the targets. Provides and excellent grip if your factory grips are too smooth.

Make standard grip a hell of a lot better.

Excellent grip, super easy installation, awesome price, and fast shipping

These are so good....I love them on this XD40

Fits perfect and feels great in my hand. Customer for life from here on out!

I purchased the rubber-backed grips for both of my Springfield XD's (3" & 4") and could be happier!! Easy to install, functional & looks great. An inexpensive upgrade for any handgun.

These grips really make a big difference for those like to shoot and shoot a lot of rounds at the range. The range I go to is very hot and these make the sweat a non-factor. I feel totally in control of my gun. I will most likely be changing these out for rubberized grips just to try something new. Awesome product. I would definitely recommend.

Your grips saved my wife's hand when her Smith and Wesson M&P Shield blew up in her had. So we had to order more for our new Springfields. Thank you so much for making a great product. Ide attach a picture but not able to.

Get your talon grips now! Great product and service!

Love these grips fit perfectly and look great

Love the feel of these grips

I purchased this grip for my XD subcompact. It fit perfectly and installation was quite simple. It provides extra comfort and grip on small handguns.

The XD has a slippery grip from the factory so these are a must; it is a world of difference. I chose the rubber ones instead of the sandpaper ones btw. It shoots better and it feels much more controllable with these. Especially if you have the .40 caliber, which can be quite snappy. Plus they look great and come at a good price. Get them now!

I am always suspicious when products have consistant 5 star ratings, because I don't put it beyond companies to jack up their own ratings. I ordered grips for my XD9, and extended mag: I received my grips in the mail in only 4 days, great for my area of the country. Last night I sat down with the hair dryer, pistol, alcohol preps, exacto knife, and grips. Made two or three practice runs at alignment, pulled a little more than half of the backing off, and lightly pressed into place, starting on the slide lock side. I only made one small cut at the final overlap. Perfect! All of my future grip purchases will be Talon.

Hands down the best upgrade for the money, you will be happy you bought one.

A major improvement to the feel of my XD. I was so impressed that I added Talon Grips to my XDS, S&W M&P bodyguard, Shield, full size 9MM and I just bought the M&P compact .22 which I will probably also add the Talon grips if available.

These are great.I have them on several gun and they look and perform super.

The grip has a great fit and feel. It was very easy to install and Talon was great to deal with.

Looks and feels good although it's a little rough for conceled carry.

Theses grips made a big difference!

Talon Grips make a world of difference. Great product!

Rubber grip on the mod2 still improves the "grip zone", and as an added benefit covers up the stupid lettering.

A quick, easy, economical, and very-effective upgrade for the grip on the first-gen XD. My hand stays put perfectly in repeated firing, rather than starting to slip down the grip after a few shots. With the grip safety, keeping one's hand in position is critical with this piston, and now it's much easier - basically automatic. I like my "Gen 1 XD with Talon" better than the "new, improved Gen 2" XD Springfield recently brought to market.

Fit perfect and generates confidence with such an increase in grip.

The XD is a great firearm but definitely lacks in having a good grip. The Talon grip makes a tremendous difference in having good control over the firearm. It was extremely easy to apply with very good directions. The only adjustment I had to make was using an x-acto knife to trim some excess. It has a good tactile feel to it but not so much that it gets caught on clothing when drawing. Just enough grip to enhance control. A definite must for your firearm!

I have small hands and was concerned about the smaller amount of coverage in the XDSC9/40 shown in the TALON pictures. If your looking for more coverage than the XDSC9/40 grip shows, try the XDSC45. The XDSC45 is only .02" wider in the grip (Negligible difference). I purchased and applied the XDSC45 rubber grip to my XDSC9. It fit perfectly with minor trimming at the magazine opening. and the logo openings fits as well as the TALON pictures. It covers the thumbrest totally as well as ALL the way up to the trigger guard. For my small hands... More Real Estate = Better Grip !!!!Thanks Springfield for making these two guns so close in specs. Thanks!!! TALON for the great product!!!!

so far so good.... so thin you don't even know their on the pistol but definitely give a better grip on the gun.

Fits great like it suppose to, I love these grips I get the rough granite ones actually improves the stability while shooting. IL recommend these to anybody

Fits great like it suppose to, I love these grips I get the rough granite ones actually improves the stability while shooting. IL recommend these to anybody

Fits great like it suppose to, I love these grips I get the rough granite ones actually improves the stability while shooting. IL recommend these to anybody

I had seen the rougher sandpaper type textured grips on many other guns on YouTube videos and at gun shows but didn't know anybody personally that had them. I really liked the extra purchase the gritty textured ones gave on a PX4 subcompact my wife was considering at a gun show a while back, but since I carry all day every day I knew the grit would probably wear out my holster and possibly my clothes but then I found that Talon also offered a rubbery type texture that had gotten a lot of good reviews so I decided to try them on my XD subcompact that is my EDC. Wow! What a difference! I'll definitely be putting them on every pistol I have from now on. The texture is just grippy enough to provide a firmer hold on the firearm without being too rough or too soft. I now understand why so many who use them swear by them. The grip on my XD (not the XDm) is too slippery, especially in the snappy .40 caliber. These grips make the gun a pleasure to shoot without constantly readjusting my grip. Aesthetically they actually improve the looks of the XD in my opinion. I was also surprised how they seem to melt into the handle so well that they seem OEM. I don't mean to sound like a fanboy but I can't think of anything negative, except that I'd stick with the rubbery textured ones at least for on-body carry. The gritty ones grip a bit better but they'd wear out my Crossbreed Supertuck.

Got this for my XD45C and it was the perfect fix. I have dry hands and the less than aggressive frame texturing on the XD left me feeling like I never quite the level of control I wanted. They work so well that I just ordered another set for my Shield 9.

HORRIBLE should be ashamed of releasing this grip for this gun. seams right under you grip at the fingers, doesn't follow the lines, its like someone was drunk and cut a pattern. Understanding this is a early production allegedly you would think you would updated it. Coves the model on handle on both side, doesn't go high up on the sides like the rest of the grips or the back. leaves a space on the handle and the mag. it was on my gun for 5 mins and i removed it. Too bad one bad experience ruined it for me. I did a review on your face book along with the XD forums hoping someone else doesn't make the mistake i did in buying this dated version. I like your grips and how well they went on my other guns perfect looks factory this tho as i said HORRIBLE and lasted 5 mins on the gun before hitting the trash can. Not really sure Ill return after this one

Loved my M&P Full size Talon Grips - Had to order ones for my Springfield Sub Compact .40 - Went on great - Fits perfect.

I don't even know where to start. I have the grips on most my guns and this is my first complaint of them. On the xd subcompact its just horrible they don't follow the lines, they cover the branding of the weapon on both sides, the don't put material higher towards the slide like every other gun, HUGE seam on under the finger tips on the left side of the gun. HUGE gap lacking material between the weapon and extended mag and mag with a pierce grip thus it feels funny for the ring finger. Why couldn't the lines be followed like every other weapon? Why not seam it in back or front?. The overlap come on I just put a set on my shield and AMAZING they lined up perfect no over lap what so ever. Sadly they were put on pictures were taken and then They were removed 18 dollar learning experience but ALOT of back PR on it now since I just posted a review on several sites. Talon you make a great product but you really did shortcut this one.

I am very pleased with these stripsThey add a lot to the ability to control this weapon

I received my grips in almost no time. Two days. I got the granulated grips and I absolutely love them. I have rough hands so the aggressive grips don't hurt or rub blisters although someone with soft hands may want the rubberized version. I get a great positive grip. It feels like there is nothing in the world that could take my firearm from my hand. Great product. Do yourself a favor and try one out.

Good grip. Little tricky to install, just takes a little patience.

These wraps are just the latest purchase to setup my new XD Sub-compact the way I like it. Talon Grip wraps (rubbery version) are on all 3 of my XD's and the enhanced 'stickiness' they add to the factory grip is full of awesome. Thank you Talon.

Easy install and easy to get a quality look with a DIY product.

I have had mine for a few weeks now on my XD 40 subcompact and love them they are the best grips I have found and they aren't even that expensive either, I would definitely recommend them to anyone

Great fit for the xd9 subcompact. Grip is outstanding. Overall experience was top notch, quick shipping.

Amazing quality and good grip! Keep up the Amazing work!!!

This my second Talon grip. My first was for my G27 and this is for my XD subcompact 9 mm. I'm very happy with the product and will continue to recommend.

Recently put Talon Grips on my G19, Springfield XDsub, and my S&W MP Shield. All I can say is wow. Now I just can't figure out why I didn't buy these sooner.

Perfect grips for my clammy hands

Great fit and finish. Absolutely will not turn or twist in hand under fire. Will not hesitate to buy another set when a new handgun appears in my collection...

Great fit and finish. Absolutely will not turn or twist in hand under fire. Will not hesitate to buy another set when a new handgun appears in my collection...

I got the sand paper grip for my XD subcompact 40. It was simple to apply and feel great. Free Shipping was fast, received in less than a week.It provides a the secure feel to the grip. I will be buying this grip for my XD 9 and will recommend this product to other.

This is a review that is covering three different products, for simplicity I am writing one big review and copying to all…Grip for Springfield XD Sub Compact Extended MagazineGrip for XD Subcompact Pearce Magazine Extender GripGrip for XD Subcompact .40 w/1 Ext. Mag. GripI ordered the rubberized grips which are more comfortable for IWB carry. Shipping and ordering - ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! Website was super friendly for ordering! Crazy fast shipping that was FREE! What’s the catch? Nothing! Oh, and a HAND WRITTEN "Thank You” on the receipt. Nice touch!Application - I used the supplied alcohol swabs and had extra alcohol available to ensure all my surfaces were clean. Note: I am the worst decal applier in the world. All my model cars and planes had crooked decals when I was growing up… So I was sweating this install a little. But, I watched Talon’s Video’s, other vid’s on the net and read the instructions that were included until I was confident that I could succeed. I used tips/techniques from all the sources to apply the grips. The application process was easy and I learned a few tips along the way pertaining to where to start the application on the piece. The grips are forgiving, meaning you can peel them up to reapply as you go. Best piece of advice is to NOT STRETCH the grips. I used my daughters blow drier as directed.Grip - SUPER! I was having to constantly adjust my grip or just regrip my gun when shooting. Now the gun is easier to control and I maintain complete control.Comfort - I read in many reviews that the rubberized grips were more suited for IWB carry. Common sense here reins…Wear and tear - No noticeable issues thus far. And if there is, the prices and and free shipping from Talon are good enough to warrant ordering replacements with no second thoughts. Order your grips!! These are good to go!

best grip better than Hogue slip on you can really grab the gun

Love the grips. I'll be ordering them for every gun I buy. Thanks

Easily installed. Superb feel and purchase. I purchase these grips for all my smaller EDC handguns. As usual, outstanding service and delivery times from Talon. Well done!

I ordered the sand paper, the order form you sent said sandpaper, you sent me the rubber. Good product but not what I ordered.The issue was corrected by customer service, and I really appreciate the customer service. Even though I got the wrong grips they are still great, and will continue To recommend them to others at my gun club.

These grips are great. Would buy again for another gun. Made a difference,especially for smaller gun. Bought for xd9

PERFECT!! This is one product that really works, pricing is perfect, shipping is faster than I thought...installation was very easy, I carry and tote my gun around a lot, no wear at all..Thnak you!!

Great grips ! Got the rubber ones for my xd sub compact .40 . Easy to install . Looks and feels great !

Great grips

Great grips ! I got the rubber for concealed carry . Couldn't have made a better choice !

Grip came in very quickly. I've already out them on (with the extended clip for my subcompact) it feels amazing! I can not wait to see what it feels like when I take it to the gun range.