Grip for XD-S Mid-Mag & Mag X-Tension

TALON Grips for Springfield Mid-Mag X-Tension extended magazine (Rubber Texture)

Grip for Springfield XD-S Extended Magazine



90 days

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TALON Grips for Springfield XD-S Mag X-Tension or Mid-Mag X-Tension extended magazine. Please select for either the Mag X-Tension 7 round in .45 ACP (9 round in 9mm) or the Mid-Mag X-Tension 6 round in .45 ACP (8 round in 9mm). This grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures. The larger capacity Mag X-Tension grip will not properly fit the Mid-Mag X-Tension. The magazine and plastic X-Tension piece are not included in this purchase. FREE SHIPPING!*

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  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

I love this product. It fit perfectly and is exactly what I wanted it to be.

Fit perfectly and give my XDS that extra grip length for a more secure feel.

Awesome! Especially with the grip on the XDS, it's uncomfortable after a little bit

Perfect fit, easy installation and fast shipping.

Excellent grip for the xds. Extremely comfy.

Looks good, fits good, keeps the nasty grip cutouts from the XDs from tearing up my waistline.

Not much to it, not that you can do much to it

Ordered the Talon Grips for my Springfield XDS 9mm. I bought both the gun grip and magazine grips. I could not be happier! Extremely easy to install, and they feel amazing! The XDS stock grip is very aggressive, and the Talon grips helped tremendously! I carry inside the waist, and these grips feel great against my body. Huge improvement from the stock grip which would irritate my skin, and leave marks.Thanks, Talon Grips!!!

Too early to rate longevity but initial fit and function are excellent!

Great fit and feel.

These are the first Talon Grips I have ever bought. They fit extremely well and very impressed with the application. Would recommend these grips to anyone.

great grips! a must have for XD-S

Fit was perfect and is a ‘must have’ if you’ve installed the XD-s grip. Another perfect product.

The only reason this is getting a *4 is because I have not had the opportunity to fire the weapon with the applied grip yet. The grip is very easy to install and seems to be sturdy. As s CC the grip is very comfortable and allows for a secure grip of the weapon with the draw.

I love these grips. I have them on almost all of my pistols. The grip extensions are perfect too, makes them match the grips on the gun.

I like the looks of the rubber moss but I wish you offered the Moss in the granulate texture. That is a far superior grip to the rubber.

I just left a review for the Talon Grips I purchased for my XDe which was my second grip purchase. I always add the grip for my extended magazines as well. These grips are an awesome improvement. I will be purchasing a grip set for my XD Mod 2 next.

Fit like a glove ! Great product

The XDS grip was a little too aggressive to the point of irritation. Talon Grips took care of that issue as soon as I put them on - much better feel & control of my weapon. Everything lined up on my grip and magazines, delivery was quick. I'n very happy with my purchase!

Excellent product I highly recommend Talon grips for ALL guns!

Best grip ever, perfec cut..!

Good fit. Good product.

Easier on my hand after 100 rounds. Improved my grip on the weapon to come back on target without any change to my grip between shots. The moss color changes the entire look on my bi-tone Springfield XDs .45 to look tactical custom made. Highly Recommended!

Perfect to go alone with the XDS grip.

Talon rubber grips have been put on all my Springfield XDs products. It is a worthwhile addition. I highly recommend the addition.

Perfect fit. Very comfortable and makes shooting a small .45 much more comfortable. I will be ordering for all my handguns.

Talon rubber grips for xds magazine extension fitment comfortable as one could expect, very easy to install.

Fast shipping, perfect fit, simple install

Grips fit like a glove, great product.

Perfect! Well made, easy to install and perfect for my use. Talon always seems to do it right.

Perfect! Bought my first set for a Springfield XDS 9mm and liked them so much that I have put them on all my other pistols and AR-15.

Love the grip on the extended pinky. Gives extra added feel and grip stability.

This is necessary. I made the mistake of only ordering one for my xl mag (7rd) and I should have bought one for the mid mag (6rd) at the same. Talon was great though - because I had to order twice and the grip for the mag only cost $2, I had to buy the "FDE" color because of the minimum order total for the c.c. Anyway, Talon threw in the black as well so I had both colors. They didn't have to do that, but it was much appreciated!...though I decided to use the FDE color anyway to distinguish my (7rd) from the (6rd). Great Grips!!!

So far so good . Far better than the plastic feel of the stock xds. Would highly recommend.

Instructions could be a little more thorough.

I used both the full grip and extended mag grips on my Springfield XDS 45. They really made shooting at the range much more enjoyable. The stock grips on the pistol are very aggressive and the Talon grips make shooting much more comfortable. Great product.

best wrap around grip in the business! got them on my springfield mod 2 and xds and on clips and extensions.i like the rubber ones best.put 100 rounds thru my xds 45 acp quick and every thing held on perfect.would highly recommend them.great customer service including a hand written thank you.

Great fit and easy to apply.

Bought this to match the Talon grip for my XD/S. It fits perfectly and keeps the extension matching the gun's grip with the Talon grip applied.

Perfect fit, price and grip. Very pleased with all of my talon grips.

Easy to apply and blends well with gun grips. Needed a little trimming but not a big deal.

5/5 Stars, easy to apply and adjust, works great so far! I plan on purchasing more Talon grips for additional firearms and magazines.

Great product

Perfect fit, great product!!

Just as expected. Perfect fit, perfect grip...

Great product, works perfect and looks awesome. I have talon grips on all my pistols.

Absolutely amazing product.

On handguns, especially small frame autoloaders like the Springfield XDS 45, these extensions help control the firearm. Also increases grip purchase while drawing magazine from mag holder. I have them on six magazines, I recommend these extensions, & will buy again.

Very pleased with my grips. They are comfortable and feel great. Thanks.

Awesome as always from your company. God Bless You!

I have Talon grips on all my firearms and magazines, and they are excellent!! You will be very pleased if you decide to buy a set, or for an extended magazine.

The best improvement I made on my xd, the grips really make a difference.

Fits great and matches full grip perfectly. Great company!

Had to order the Talan Grip for my XD-S 45 Springfield Mag. and Mag. Extension It just finished off the firearm another great product from Talon. A+A+A+ Thanks Dave Breakfield

Very quick shipping and a great fit.

Fits great! One of the best upgrades that I have purchased.I would recommend Talon Grips for every XDs owner.

Perfect fit; worth every penny.

Original Springfield Magazine. Great shipping took 4 days.

Had a Problem with the fit, did not use this one

Perfect fit easy install. Got a grip on my xds!!

Two thumbs up!

Best grips around. Will not be dissapointed. Buy all my grips fom talon

They work great. Helps add grip to the magazine

very easy to do ....great instructions, 4 magazines and the gun 1 hr. I felt i tock my time.

No complains, 5 stars!

Talon grips are perfect in every way! & they aren't too expensive!

Very glad I found them. They look and feel great on my XDs 45. Takes the bite out of original grips, makes it much more comfortable to shoot. Definitely recommend

As always, Talon Grips far exceed my expectations. Hands down the best grips I've used!

Best product hand down!

The gun grips and extended magazines are above expected, and awesome customer service!

I put talon grips on most of my carry guns, it's nothing new to me and usually there great. Well I ordered them for the mags to my Xds roughly a week after putting them on, they started to fray and peel around some of the edge. Now just FYI I do stick them in my pockets and put them in my overalls when carrying this particular gun. I'll probably end up completely take them off here in a week or two.

TALON Grips have been nothing but professional as a company with out standing quality work!! Every product has fit like a glove and has improved my over all fire arm!!

My son and I just installed the set on my XDs and liked it so much, I'm ordering a set for my G 27 Glock and my sons G 43 Glock. Just be sure to use extra alcohol and a hair dryer.My XDs looks and feels better than I ever thought it could.

Great product, could not be happier! I will be ordering more for all my guns............. Thank you, what a difference.....

There are 3 separate magazines for the xds. Flush, 8 rd and 9 rd.First, it is difficult to discern which grip covers which magazine. The 8 rd magazine doesn't fit correctly. The XDS insignia is not cut out, therefore the grip decal covers the letters.-More importantly, the grip decal is raised from the surface of the magazine. The gap on each side of the insignia is a perfect place for the grip decal to begin to peel.-

The grips were cut perfectly and extremely easy to install. I only wish I would have made this purchase a year and a half ago when I purchased the firearm. Excellent product.

The talon grips are amazing! Easy to install, but, make i think I just gave the "mid-mag" extension b/c I had to trim to get a good fit. You can't feel a difference where I had to trim, but I'm sure the mid mag extension size would have been perfect... still, no complaints. I bought 2 so I'll have to make sure when I buy another magazine to buy the actual extended mag. Btw, I have the xds 40s&w

I ordered two of the larger capacity xds mag extension rubber type talon grips and this is the second time I recieved the small mag extension grips.

Went on easy and looks great!

Absolutely love the new grip for the extended mag on my xds. Definitely makes a difference when using it at the range and know I can rely on it when firing.

Easy install, looks great, feels great.

This is just one of the many products I have ordered from Talon Grips and never had one fail, keep up the great work guys and gals !!!!

Easy to put on and easy to get on correctly.

Very good grip

As always an exceptional product.

Works great. Perfect fit and finish!

The talon grip for the xds 9mm extended mag is a great addition the completes the look of the grip. The only complaint is that it was almost double the height of the rubber on the extended mag requiring a ton of cutting and adjusting.

Put the grips on last night. Takes a little while and you have to follow the instructions closely, but they are awesome! I just shot the gun today and it makes a huge difference. Five stars!

Excellent grips fit is perfect and easy to apply. Highly recommend!

Outstanding!!! I love it..

Excellent fit and finish!

Exact fit and the feel is great as always with Talon Grips....

Had to trim did not fit correctly

Mag extensions wraps were a perfect fit and matched the grip wrap very well. Highly recommend

Great grips quality materials however on this platform I probably should have gone with the rubberized. The skateboard tape type quality makes my shirt stick to the grip. Still they fit well and are made very well.

Your grips are the shit think about some colors ! Keep up the great work thanks.

Put these on prior weapon. still think they are the best

Great product. Would recommend to anyone looking to add grip to their Springfield XD

Fits perfect on my XD-S extension

Excellent product.

Rubberized. Perfect fit. Awesome grip

Great product and would recommend to everyone

I did not care for the XDS factory grip but really liked shooting the pistol. These grips made all the difference and I have these on all of my extended magazines. $2 is very fair. The only concern I had was adhesion but with proper installation (make sure you use a heat gun or hair dryer) they sho no signs of coming off.Great product.

Talon grips made my gun feel better in my hand and gave me more control their products are awesome

Excellent product. Highly recommend.

Perfect fit on my extended mag looks good, easy to install and feels good!


Great product! I purchased the rubber grip. Took out the harshness in the front and rear blackstrap on my XDS without sacrificing the purchase and grip on the firearm! Easy installation if you follow the instructions!

I have a 3.3 inch barrel .45 ACP handgun and it kicks pretty hard. After going through a box of 50 rounds, I noticed my hands were getting tore up already from my handgun and it was starting to be uncomfortable shooting it because my hands were raw. So I heavily looked into fixing this issue and what do you know!?! I stumbled upon Talon Grips and liked what I saw. I received my order fairly fast. Installation is easy! I went to the range that weekend and shot 150 rounds through my handgun and not once was I in any discomfort. These grips WORK and work well! I highly advise hand gun owners to give these grips a shot! - Pun definitely intended.

Fantastic product at a great price

Make sure to follow the instructions and you will get an awesome grips.

great grip extension makes holding gun easier would buy again

another great product ordered a couple more of these

Love these grips

Not usually a fan of this type of grip but for my XDS, these were the hot ticket. They installed easily and look great. The rubberized surface gives the grip I need on my pistol. I carry this weapon inside my waist and will 6 months of use already, there have been no issues with durability and adhesion. Great product. I have bought a set for a friend as well.

I love the product. I wear my gun with this grip installed IWB daily. I have a little peeling around the magazine release but this might be caused by rubbing on my belt. I'm not sure. I've had numerous people "feel" my grip and end up ordering their own for their firearm.

Fantastic grips really make the xds 45 easier to control. Perfect fit and easy installation. Highly recommend to xds owners.

Once again very happy with product and ease of installation.

I purchased the rubber style Talon grips for my Sprinfield XDS 9mm 3.3 inch model… WOW!!! The installation was very easy after following the instructions and viewing the how to videos. They are a flawless fit. Talon grips have completely changed how the firearm feels and also improves the way it looks and handles… which I didn't think was possible. I promise this, I will never own another pistol without adding Talon grips. If you don't have Talon grips on your firearm… GET THEM!!!

Awesome,I have them on all my xds and glocks.

great grips

Excellent product, with Super Fast Shipping. I am a repeat customer and will highly recommend the product.

A must have addition to the gun grip!!

Couldn't be happier

Love them!

Excellent fit.

Absolutely love the feel on both my XDS and XDm.

Great fit and easy install add that with a great feel and you have a stellar product!

The grip was as advertised and easy to install. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. They have undergone limited use but so far I am well pleased with the product.

Decent. The grip adhesive was not very good. Cleaned the polymer very well and wiped off before I put the adhesive stickers on. Put them on and the next morning I came out and the back side of the grip was peeling off and was sticking straight out. The rest of the sticker has held, but not all of it. Was very disappointed as Talon is supposed to be one of the best.

Decent. The grip adhesive was not very good. Cleaned the polymer very well and wiped off before I put the adhesive stickers on. Put them on and the next morning I came out and the back side of the grip was peeling off and was sticking straight out. The rest of the sticker has held, but not all of it. Was very disappointed as Talon is supposed to be one of the best.

Great Addition on a extended mag

love the extension.

The grip fit perfect. This is a cosmetic improvement only. Remember, magazines are considered expendable, as you will drop and step on them in many classes.

Great grip! This is the grip that should have been there from the factory!!

So far so good I put these on 2 of my 4 XDs and so far I really like them.

Perfect fit.

Feels great in my hand and allows me to really get a good grip when I am drawing my gun. Great product and easy to install.

Great Product..Does what it says!

Great fit and feel. Easy to install

Great product to enhance the stock XDS grips. Feels 100% better while shooting and inside the waistband concealed.

Great product to enhance the stock XDS grips. Feels 100% better while shooting and inside the waistband concealed.

Does exactly what it is supposed to do. I have friends who liked it & also purchased it.

Super Easy to install. I love it.

Great product! Well worth the pocket change!

Does the job. I just dont like the extension.

Does the job. I just dont like the extension.

Very good fit and has remained where applied.

Highly recommend first time ever using them on a xds a definite must have

Top notch product. Fits perfectly.

Great product! Excellent company!

affordable and easy to install! Increases grip confidence!

Perfect fit…….just makes the gun feel that much better!

Fit was great!! Awesome product!!

Flawless fit and feel very happy with this product. The grips size guides are spot on and it looks like the grips came with the pistol from the manufacturer. Make sure you take your time as the adhesive is very forgiving until you heat it up with a blow dryer.

Perfect fit and function!!!

Perfect fit and easy to install

Great ! Like them

I love these grips. Can't ask for any better adhesive grips. I should have gotten the rubberized instead of the granulated texture as much as i carry my XD-9, but that's a lesson learned! Thanks for your great products!!

My extensions have the black granulate finish. I was a little leery of the sandpaper like qualities at first, but it does add to the controllability of the pistol. I am happy using it.

Left all XDs marking clear to see, looks like a facory add-On...nice

Left all XDs marking clear to see, looks like a facory add-On...nice

Left all XDs marking clear to see, looks like a facory add-On...nice

Totally completes the look, the XD-S grip alone just wouldn't look right. The rubberized grip allows for a feeling of extra security while shooting, yet doesn't scrap your skin or get "stuck" as easily as the granulate would for this tiny concealable gun.Rubberized for the XD-S and Granulate for the XD-M!LOVE IT!!!

Phenomenal!! Looks great and feels even better

Fit is excellent; looks are great.

Have not had the chance to purchase an extended magazine in order to use the product.

Perfect fit.

Very Easy to apply.

I love the grips. My accuracy improved significantly.

The grips really took the bite out of the factory grips. Would definitely recommend as a must buy.

great product. Sets up quickly. Matches my grip on the pistol.

I was nervous to apply the items to my XD-s but once I started it was easy as pie and I am totally happy with the low cost investment

Great fit and easy to install. Great addition to the Talon grips for my XDS

Not sure it made much of a difference on extended mag, but it does match the look and feel of the grip, so I'm glad I got it.

Excellent fit.. and works great..

Great product.

Love it, fits well easy to apply

Great product. Love the fit and ease of installation.

A good accessory that completes the Talon look and feel.

Allows for a consistent form fitted full handed grip on your weapon. With textured finish on handgun grip extending down onto magazine makes for a natural even "feel" in your hand that makes for an even seamless grip on your weapon.

Excellent fit, easy to put on.

Awesome grips!!!!!!!

Extremely easy to trim and apply.

Very easy to install, and comfortable.

Great product! I will say though, that the Granulate grip isn't exactly a smart choice for your conceal gun since the material sticks to clothing and could be an issue put in a life threatening scenario..

Great looks and a Great product

Great looks and a Great product

Easier to install than the grips for the pistol.

Great product and makes the gun grip perfect! Will use on all my guns.

Very happy

My first experience with Talon grips was after seeing them on a Hickok 45 video and I decided to order one for my SR9C to compare with a Hogue grip I had on a Kahr CW9. The Hogue is a fine grip in its own right, but I now have Talon grips on all of my handguns and extended magazines. I can't say enough good things about the precise fit and high quality of Talon grips. Talon service is equally excellent!

Love talon grips. I will be buying more!

Absolutely love the Talon product line. I have them on all my polymer guns, mags, and extensions. Well worth the proce

The fit and ease of application on all Talon products make this such a wise choice. Talon grip takes the ordinary mass produced gun and makes it your personal weapon of choice.

Great product. Easy to install and fits perfectly. .

Superior product. Outshines any other grip I have ever used. I am extremely content with the quality of the product and the company.