Steyr Arms M-A1

TALON Grips for Steyr Arms M-A1 Models (Rubber Texture)

Grips for Steyr M9-A1, M40-A1



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TALON Grips for Steyr Arms M-A1 models. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip has graphic cutouts for the Steyr Arms emblem on each side of the firearm. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Just as perfect as all the other Talon Grips i have purchased from here. I am never let down. Fast shipping and affordable... thanks again!

Great grip, great services!

Great grip, easy to install


Easy to put on and Steyr fits my grip a lot better. Also, fast service fromTalon.

I’d initially tried a competitive brand on this gun but found it to be rather minimalist, and not offering much improvement. So, I ordered the Talon offering and found it to be a vast improvement as far as coverage goes. Once applied and heated, I was immediately happy with my decision. Thanks Talon!

ALWAYS a perfect fit and looks great, too. What more can I say?

My Steyr M9-A1 is an easy-shooting gun already and has great ergonomics but the sides of the stock are a little bit slippery. They are also flat so I wanted something to give me a bit more grip along the sides. The rubberized Talon grips are the ticket. They went on easily and give me a much more secure grip on the gun. The firearm even looks better with these grips.

This is exactly what you need, if you own a Steyr pistol. Follow the instructions, and you can't go wrong.

Talon Grips never disappoint!!

As always a great product. Made the Steyr feel great.
Every pistol I have gets a set of Talon Grips!

Another great fit. I use Talon grips on all my polymer frame pistols.

I purchased the rubber grips, they do not look like the ones in the examples the bottom part buy the end of the grips is missing completely not as iliistrated

If you take you're time to apply, this grip is flawless. Amazing product and increases the accuracy of my M9. The rubber grip was a perfect fit for the Gen 4! Highly recommend for an incredible pistol which needs some grip love.

talon grips improve the feel and ease of shooting of any gun I have ever put them on. try them. you will be sold.

Great addition to the pistol. Helped alot with with my grip

Awesome product! I work with my hands everyday so the granulated grips are perfect for my needs and provide an excellent grip! Thanks!

Purchased a Talon rubber grip for my Steyr M40-A1. Order was shipped quickly. Install was easy and fit was superb. The Talon grip provides a significant upgrade. I recommend this excellent product.

I was sceptical at first but after installing it even before taking the first shots at the range , it felt amazingly comfortable in my hand. And it really improved my accuracy . Congrats talon team. One thing i am curious about though , when it wears out eventually how do you un install it? Is it as simple as peeling it off ?

Wow, what a difference ! I have a second generation Steyr M9-A1, I think the grips are for the newer ones because of holes in the grips for the Steyr logos, but it fit on my gen 2 flawlessly. I am very happy with the rubber Talon grips. Highly recommend. Thank you

The only thing that I felt was lacking on my Steyr M9-A1 was the lack of grip. The Talon grip made a world of difference. It's now easily the best feeling gun in collection. My groups have tightened up considerably. Thanks Talon! Excellent product!

like the grip but it had razor slice on it and I hope it doesn't come apart there,it should have been checked before sending out

I have clammy hands, and would sometimes have trouble holding on to the pistol after a long day of shooting. The grips completely resolved this issue. Would highly recommend

It somewhat rare in the world of firearms when the combination of two great ergonomic advances combine to make the resulting sum even more wonderful than the expected outcome from the distinguished look and feel of the individual parts. Talon grips on the fabulous M-A1 series of pistols is just such a marriage of greatness!

The Steyr, though unknown to many, has unprecedented ergonomic design features in the polymer pistol universe, however its exceedingly comfortable grip suffers from polymer slickness. When you add the Talon grips to the Steyr M, it goes from remarkable to an unmatched pistol for grip comfort and performance!

The Talon grips let you take advantage of the Steyr low bore-axis and lets you have a sure purchase on the draw, target acquisition and re-acquisition -- even under sweaty or wet conditions! The extra friction provided by the Talon grips is especially valuable with the higher pressures and recoil of the M357-A1 or M40-A1 which can make the Steyr bare grip get squirmy on follow-up shots. The Talon grips make sure you have far more control each and every shot--in fact they make the Steyr M the most comfortable 357Sig and 40SW on the planet!

I got these for the M357-A1 and they were my first Talon grips I applied. They installed easily and made shooting 357Sig as pleasant and effective as shooting 9mm. These are the definitive accessory for the Steyr M-A1 pistol, period.

Talon's are great for any pistol, but they raise the Steyr M-A1 from a superior polymer pistol to a firearm masterpiece that rewards you tremendous comfort, reliable purchase, and unrivaled performance that will make you wish you put them on your Steyr M sooner. If you have a Steyr -- get Talon grips today -- like me you won't be disappointed!

I really shoot my Steyr M9 very well. I like the big white triangle on the front sight, I like the low bore axis. It is both my carry and competition tool. It has a drawback. In the humid southern Summers where I live the grips lack the traction I need them to have. Enter the Talon Grip.

I purchased the rubberized version. Followed the directions, they went on without a hitch. So, out to the range, and it is time to drill. The additional confidence in how well I shoot with the traction on these grips is worth every penny. We even shot in the rain. What an improvement. They don't tear up my side like a sandpaper type either. I'm extremely pleased with my purchase.

My M9A1 has always seemed a bit slick in the hand, but no more! Steyr moulds complex details into the grip but the Talon Grip was easy enough to apply and work into the cuts. Huge improvement in confidence for an otherwise superb firearm.

The Talon grips (rubberized) are an excellent addition to my Steyr handgun, making a fantastic gun even better.

Fit perfectly. Actually made a slight cushion effect. Very nice.

These grips fit perfectly, are easy to apply and are durable. Greatly improve the gripping surface.

I got grips for my Steyr M-A1 and liked it so much I am getting grips for all my guns. thanks

Excellent grips! Provided a better soilid grip, especially as I havea large hand. Really super and shock reducing

Excellent Grips! have them on a Glock 20 as well. It makes it very easy to get a good solid grip. I wouldn't have any other grip.

Followed the instructions...test fit...heat and press, repeated heat and press several times. I am amazed at the increased accuracy at the range. Thank You for a great product!!!

The grips are wonderful. I love them! my only gripe is the amount of overlap there is when fitted. You have to tuck it under the other side as noted on the how to videos. it leaves a bump.

The grips are wonderful. I love them! my only gripe is the amount of overlap there is when fitted. You have to tuck it under the other side as noted on the how to videos. it leaves a bump.

I ordered a Talon grip for my Steyr L9-A1 and liked it so much I turned around and ordered a second one for my M9-A1. Great product and fast shipping. The Talon makes my amazing Steyrs even better. All my pistols now wear Talons.

Talon does it again! Bought the black rubber grips for my wife's S&W Bodyguard 380 and she loves it! You can't beat the price and quality of these grips. Do yourself a favor and get them!