Millennium Pro PT111/PT140

Click for Talon 360 ViewTALON Grips for Taurus Arms Millennium Pro PT111 and PT140 models (Rubber-Black)

Grips for Taurus Millennium Pro PT111/PT140



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TALON Grips for Taurus Arms Millennium Pro PT111 and PT140 models. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip has graphic cutouts for the Taurus emblem. Extended magazine grips are available for this model (sold separately). FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Great grips

improves an already good value into a great handling power package.

Great to work with, they did just what they said they would. Package arrived as promised. Wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.

Great fit. Sticks nicely and fits in holster great.

Just the right color for my PT111 G2 and it will fel more confortable for me (especially the front grid of the weapon)..

After some very helpful communications with Talon to make sure these would fit my older model Taurus, I decided to try them. I'm so glad I did. Although I like this gun, the grip was rough, which made it difficult to shoot a lot of rounds with it at the range. The Talon grip made a big difference! It's now a pleasure to shoot a few hundred rounds through. Thanks Talon!

The G2 grips are extremely rough and uncomfortable and your grip makes it very comfortable shooting.

What can you say,they give you a good grip & that why there are on my other hand guns too.

Awesome product. I purchased this trip for my pt111 millennium g2 which it doesn't even say it will fit. It not only fits but it works great. I would definitely recommend it.

These grips are fantastic! I bought for a couple reasons, after shooting a couple hundred rounds through my Tautus PT111 g2 my hands were tore up! The grips were just to rough. Not to mention they ripped my skin and clothes when wearing concealed. So I bought the rubber grips with the hope of eliminating this problem and it did! No more ripped up hands skin or clothes. My shirt never catches on the gungrip and the grip are so comfortable and still allow a perfect grip when shooting. Couldn't have been any better.

Wonderful fitment. Fast shipping. Great feel.

Love this product. Perfect fit and super comfortable. Will be using one for every firearm I purchase.

PT 111 g2 grips fit good. I have bought talon grips for all of the guns I have. I bought the tan ones for a different look. You cant go wrong with talon grips

I love the grips, even though I modified them to include the factory grip sections it worked excellent...

Great improvement over the standard grips. More comfortable and affords better control of the weapon. A little tricky to install so take your time and follow instructions to the letter. You'll be glad you did.

as always it fits like a glove.i really like it;have talon gripes on all my hand gun.

This my third time using Talon cutout grips. I prefer the rubber type over the sand grip. I give Talon a 10 out of 5.

As always Talon grips never disappoint. I have them on all my Polymer frame handguns.

Talon grips are awesome i have them on most of my carry guns

As always great fit, finish and service from talon grips, I use talon grips on all my pistols, just makes gripping the gun better, also easy to install. I will buy more from them as I add to my collection.

This is a top quality product very easy to install and makes cc a lot easier on your side.

Loving the grips! Helps with shooting and feels good when I carry IWB without an undershirt. Will definitely be ordering one for my new Glock!

What a great product but what made this a 5 Star review is the customer service could not of asked for better customer service!

Trying the Rubber Texture this time. The granulate has been fine for 5 years, just wanted to try the other.Get A Grip !

Perfect fit. Gives me the grip the factory grips didn't. Very happy with the product

Great product like previous purchases.

I love my Talon grip. I put the moss rubber grip on my taurus pt111 millenium g2 and it looks really cool. Feel great and it makes it uniquely my gun. I'm getting one for my Springfield xd mod 2 subcompact soon.

This product does exactly what it is designed to do. Works well and softens the feel.

The Talon grips were easy to install on the G2 and make a big difference on inside the waist carry. There is no more rubbing on the waist from the factory grips.

Nice secure fit. Definitely eliminates the very uncomfortable and over abrasive stippling on the grip of the Taurus PT111. I can now conceal carry with no problems even without an under shirt!

the feel in hand is great

I put talons on every gun I own. Guns should ship from the factory with talons already installed.

Great product. Will order again! Great customer service, ordered on a Saturday, shipped out Monday and arrived to me on Wednesday! Thanks

Perfect fit, easy to apply. I buy Talon Grips for all my handguns. That way, they all feel pretty much the same in my hand.

I bought these grips for my Taurus PT 809. The PT 111 G2 was the closest to my gun so I had to modify the grips a little. The grips work great and now I can get a real purchase hand hold on my PT 809. Talon has great workmanship in their product.

While it's not the best carry pistol I have, the PT-111 has become what I carry more and more due to its size. What I did not like about it... it absolutely tore up my side from the extremely rough grips. I do not wear undershirts, so it was right against me. Putting on the Talon grips was not hard. I took my time and made sure it was aligned, and then heated it in place... took maybe 10 minutes. I now absolutely love it. I just wore it today for 10 hours while we did the HWY 127 Yard Sale. Driving, In and out of the vehicle, walking around, carrying stuff... hardly even knew it was there. I love these grips!!

Excellent product, high quality. Fit exactly as advertised. Great improvement over stock grip.

The stock grips were way too irritating and made my gun unbearable to carry. These talon grips made all the difference. My taurus is now my perfect carry gun. The adhesion is great. I carry a lot, and haven't seen any evidence of them peeling back. The grip doesn't irritate the skin while carrying, and it feels great in the hand.

Strong soft and durable, I use them on all my EDC guns and magazines

Perfect fit as always.

Great product and easy to apply. Have several handguns with Talon grips. Highly recommend these grips.

Absolutely love these grips. So easy to install. Looks fantastic. Feels great. Will definitely purchase again. Thanks for a great product.

These grips are cut perfectly for the PT111 and went on with ease. Great product.

All of my polymer firearms have talon grips. I havent found a factory grip I liked better! They are a must for me! They usually last 6-12 months with hard use edc.

Talon gun grips are the best way to add dynamite feel without adding any size to your favorite pistol. At around $20 an application you can feel certain that the value exceeds the cost.

Gives good feel in the hand after installing, I was skeptical, but a believer now.

Love these things.

These grips are excellent. I have them on all my handguns. Just makes handling any gun better, no slip at all.

This was actually for my son's pistol, as he was the driving force behind my purchase of several of your grip adapters for my other guns. As I've stated before the adapters turn a great pistol into a fantastic pistol. Once you get used to the adapter your grip an ability to index is almost perfect every time you draw your weapon on target, which improves your ability to put your rounds right where you need them to go. Of all the improvements you can do to your sidearm, Talon grips should be number one on your list!!!!

I really enjoy rubberized Talon Grips. I have super tiny hands like 45 and these really make me feel better about myself as a man.

Doea not fit

Fits just right like every other you guys have sent me. Very pleased! I have two XDS' that were sent to the factory for recall and even they came back with the Talon grips completely intact.

I use Talon Grips on EVERY pistol I won. Even ones with the new aggressive backstraps, the rubber Talons are so much better than anything I have found from the gun manufacturers.

Every pistol I own that can have Talon grips on it....has Talon grips on it! I initially saw them on Hickok's channel, and I tried the granulate one. Personally I did not like how it grabbed EVERYTHING! So, I figured I'd try the rubberized one, and that was all she wrote! I buy a firearm, drive home and immediately get on Talon's website to see if they make a rubberized grip! Must have!!! Don't fall for all the fakes! This is by far the best product on the market! Great job again Talon!

The Talon grip I ordered for my pt111 g2 was a breeze to install and was a very good fit for the pistol. I'm very pleased with the way it feels, I have larger hands and this was just what my Taurus needed. The people at Talon are great and I will be a return customer. T.P.

Incredible grip! The installation instructions are clear and easy. The grip took just minutes to install and the fit was perfect. I liked the original Taurus grip, but the Talon grip makes the fit and feel of the pistol so much better. Now it is time for Talon grips for the rest of the collection!

Great product!

Can't go wrong by putting talon grips on your firearms.Whenever I buy a new gun the first thing I do after is order some talon grips.

Great grips. Helps make a smaller handled pistol feel bigger in your hand. Good for concealed carry weapons

The stippling on the Taurus PT111 G2 is to abrasive making carry very uncomfortable for me. After installing the Talon grip overlay it is 100% better and a pleasure to carry. Top quality product that makes a plain looking firearm bad to the bone!

Great upgrade over the factory grips and have the added benefit of not irritating your sking while concealing.

Did not align properly to the PT111G2. The cutouts were off and it didn't cover all of the factory grip texture. I thought these were supposed to be precision?

Precision fit. Greatly Improved the grip.

Fit and feel is great

Grips fit as they should and installation was a breeze. So far they seem durable but I've only had them a month.

I had my PT 140 for quite some time but I never liked the way it felt in my hand so most of the time I carried other guns. Then I ran across Talon Grips. So I ordered one for my gun. I couldn't believe the difference. Now my PT 140 not only feels great but it even gave the gun a whole new look. Looks great and better handling.

improved an already great factory my Takons

Put these on my M&P Shield, so naturally I had to have them on my Taurus. Even though the Taurus came with nice stock grips, these are even better.

I use nothing but Talon Grips on all my pistols. Nothing better out there.

These are great grips. Really help me grip to gun better.

Easy to install, and fit perfectly. I now am able to hold the gun firmly, without having the overly aggressive factory "sandpaper" texture tearing my hand apart, as well as being more comfortable against my skin while carrying. I will buy a set for every firearm I own!

The Original grips on the taurus millennium pro are a nice stipple grip for shooting, but for concealed carry, off it is against your bare skin it is very rough and cause much irritation to your skin. I purchased these due to that reason. I applied them myself, following the instructions carefully. They Fit almost so perfectly you would think they are original to the pistol. I received them just before leaving for vacation, I wore it the entire time we were out in public, and along with my alien gear holster, this was an awesome combo. I'm Extremely glad I purchased.

The talon grips fit my Taurus PT111 G-2 perfectly! Easy to install if you follow the simple instructions. Will continue to buy these fine grips for all of my pistols!!!

Love these grips

Another great addition to another pistol! Can't go wrong with talon grips they improve any handgun! Thanks

Perfect fit. Easy install. Heated with hair dryer and pressed all air bubbles out as directed. 10 minute total install time but I'm type A personality. Came out perfect. Take the time to properly clean with rubbing alcohol before applying grip. Definitely would recommend.

The grips are amazing . Very comfortable and does not irritate the skin when you carry every day. Much better control of the weapon when firing.

The grip on the millennium pt111 is like sandpaper and this grip made my life a lot easier by making the gun more comfortable on my back.

I have Talon grips on all my pistols. They are amazing. Buy with confidence!

I love everything about talon grips except for their durability. I have a pair that have been on my carry pistol 13 months that are peeling. When I contacted talon they told be they only were designed to last 1-3 years! Something about tharpe adhesive they use on polyester resin frames. My feeling is that makes them very expensive so I won't be installing them in the future

This is the 5th polymer pistol that I have added the Talon Rubber Grips to and as was before, they fit perfectly. Even thought Taurus has added some very good texturing, it only covers about 50% of the grip. The Talon grip covers 100% and does not wear down. Luv Them ...

Fit was perfect. Talon grips make all the difference for IWB carry. Would be difficult without them.

Great product, shipped quick, always get talon grips for my carry guns!

went on easy gave a better feel to the pistol

these grips made my pt111 9mm so awesome,i have the same results with all my pistols Thank You for your #1 product no one else can make in the USA.

These grips are easy to install, fit perfectly, and make carrying and handling the pistol much better. The roughened edges of my factory grip would rub while in the holster, causing me to not want to wear it. These grips got rid of the rough edges, while still providing positive grip. Great product!

I've used one on my S&W Shield. This one is also a perfect fit !!Thanks

I've used one on my S&W Shield. This one is also a perfect fit !!Thanks

Love them!

I loved the grips on the Taurus PT111.....until I had them against my back in my CC holster. OUCH. Solution: Talon Rubberized Grips. These things are awesome. So easy to put on and they look like they were made on the gun. I won't own a gun without these grips on it. Thanks Talon for saving my back.

Bought for my Taurus pt111. The grips on the pt111 are like sand paper on my skin so I bought the talon gun grips for it to just give it a shot. Worked out great. Took about 20 minutes to install following the intructions and have been on now for almost a month with no issues of them coming off and I carry all day everyday at wrk where I sweat my ass off and am constantly on the move. Much more comfortable now to CC everyday.

Once again I made the single best improvement to my firearms! You can not go wrong with the Talons!

Best addition to any gun put these grips on all my handguns absolutely a must . Feel great thanks

The Taurus PT111 G2 Handgun comes from the manufacture with a very good grip, no complaints there. I put Talon Grips on this handgun and what a grip improvement. It his a fantastic grip now, that is very comfortable to hold, Feels real good in the hand when shooting.Service was fast and the grips were very easy to install. I would recommend.

This made the pistol so much more comfortable in the hand. It was easy to put on, and made the grip very non slip.

Great product and very well designed. Fit perfectly

Talon grips are a great addition to a handgun. The feel is so much better.

I ordered one of these for my PT111 G2. I conceal carry with the pistol against my skin and the stock stipling was like sandpaper on my skin. This grip is awesome...the pistol is much more comfortable to carry now.Thank you Talon Grips!

I put Talon grips on all my guns....there just the BEST

Perfect fit and very comfortable.

This is my second set of Talon grips and I absolutely love them! I plan on keeping them on every automatic pistol I own. They honestly feel that good. Just make sure you get the grips good and clean before you put them on. After over six months and my first hasn't loosened any.

Added Talon Grips to my Taurus PT111-G2-9mm. The fit and feel are incredible. Looks awesome on gun. This is a great addition and should be added to every handgun you own. Talon's Customer Service is fantastic and truly probably the I have experienced.

Very easy to install ,made gun more controllable. would recommend them for every gun you have that these grips will fit.

Very easy to install ,made gun more controllable. would recommend them for every gun you have that these grips will fit.

Everything about this transaction went smoothly. The grips feel amazing on my concealed EDC and i wouldn't hesitate to put them on any gun. Easy to install and haven't had any issues with them peeling off. You guys make an awesome product that enhances the look and feel of my fire arm.

Excellent product. Very easy to install, and totally changes the way my Millennium feels in my hand. I will not own another gun without Talon Grips installed.