Walther PPQ

TALON Grips for Walther Arms PPQ 9mm and .40 models (9mm. Rubber Texture)

Grips for Walther PPQ for M1 and M2



90 days

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TALON Grips for Walther Arms PPQ models. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, three finger wraps under the trigger guard, and ample coverage on the backstrap. This grip needs no trimming to accommodate any backstrap size. This grip also has specific cutouts for the PPQ emblem. The grip for the 9mm PPQ grip fits the Q5 Match. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Recently installed the granulate version on a PPQ M1. What a difference and glad I did this. OUTSTANDING products from an OUTSTANDING company. Thank you!

Great product

Love them!

Your product made the ppq 45 much more controllable with no slipping. Thanks for makingit easy to install and durable in use!

Factory perfect fit, very easy installation even for me. Most definitely would and will purchase again for all my pistols.

Great product! This is the only stick on grip I'll use.

Excellent product! Easy to apply and fits every contour of the PPQ grip perfectly. Talon grips will be an automatic purchase for any polymer-gripped guns I buy.

I have ordered several grips from talon in the past and this one did not disappoint. I have come to expect excellent quality and fit and that is what I have received every time!

Made a HUGE difference in the grip on my gun

Great buy! They hold well, give a good purchase on the handle.

This buy was my second pair of Talon grips for the PPQ -
M2. I think I screwed up the installation on the first ones but they held out for over 2 years before starting to peel off. I didn't notice any wear on the texture.
Make sure you clean the polymer well before applying the grip and use gloves so your skin oils don't touch the adhesive.

I love the grips but the sticky part on the grips isn't to good it seems to be not sticking as good as my inter grips...Inthink it's due to the ppq grip haven diferent angles on the grips..Talon grips needs to check that out..

Awesome in every way, as always!

Perfect fit and easy install. doesbn't get any better.

I installed the granulate grips on my PPQ back in June 2016 for IDPA matches. Great addition to the weapon. The material stayed put through the rest of 2016 and though most of the 2017 season. That is until I took the Dave Spaulding Combative Pistol class. On day 2, they poured baby oil on our hands and then had us do drills on shooting and clearing all types of malfunctions. Well, the grip material came undone and won't stick back on even after a careful cleaning (baby oil gets everywhere) and heating the material. Will be buying a new set of granular grips on Cyber Monday as I don't feel that Talon is to blame for the grips losing their grip. Even with the baby oil bath, the grips held on to the bitter end and only lost their grip during cleaning. Great product. You guys rock!

Outstanding service and great product. Many thanks will be back for more.

Works great on my Q5.

First time I purchased this grip texture and I love it. I thought it would hurt my hand but it doe not.

I have put the talon grips on both of my walther's. a PPQ M2 45 acp and a PPQ Q5 match. The improvement of the gun was great. I get a much firmer more secure grip on my pistols. Before my hand slipped some due to the polymer frames and my hands sweating.
I recommend them for everyone.

Fit great. Good price.

Great product. Highly recommended

PPQ is pleasure to shoot and with Talon Grip it is perfect.

I have 4 PPQ's and every one of them wears a Talon Grip! I use the granulated ones on my competition and the rubber on my 4" carry. The grips just suck your hand high into the bore axis and keeps it there! The cheapest way I know to reduce muzzle flip.

So far the grips are everything I wanted. have only had a short time or I would have gave 5 stars. Grips work great with sweaty hands.

Ordered talon grips for m PPQ 45 about two weeks ago.Got them much sooner than promised,about 4 days.Grips feel great on gun,easy to install.Only reason I did not give 5 stars,i haven't got to fire gun yet.Would highly recommend for fit and feel.

Ordered talon grips for m PPQ 45 about two weeks ago.Got them much sooner than promised,about 4 days.Grips feel great on gun,easy to install.Only reason I did not give 5 stars,i haven't got to fire gun yet.Would highly recommend for fit and feel.

Fits like it grew there, Easy to put on. Nice product, nice price, great value.

Fit perfect

Great product. Only reason I gave it a 4 is because it was expensive to get it into Canada.

I guess I put the review in the contact section. Just copy it over to this section. They did work perfectly.

They give my PPQ a great feel.

Can't imagine a polymer gun without Talon grips. Have them on my Walther Q5, CZ P10C and two Glocks. Excellent product!

Finally got a PPQ Q5 Match and installed the grip tape. Fantastic fitment and easy installation. I installed the three leg side first and then adhered the other side over the legs. The grip feels great while I wish it provided a little more traction. Thanks for the great product!!

its nice grip enhancement but it did not fit well on my PPQ Q5 match. the ppq label was totally not aligned. some customers receieve small extra talon piece. i did not have one.

Great product. I got the more aggressive textured version and it provides a secure grip. The pistol does not move at all. I would recommend the product, and will be buying again.

First thing I add to any handgun is Talon grips. I didn't think the PPQ M2 40 cal needed these but they improved my hold. Also have Talons on Glock 30, 26, and 23. Those work great too.

Perfect fit hold on gun feels much more secure. Have on other guns exceptional fit on all

I've bought many Talon grips for various guns and think they are a great product. Very few companies manufacture guns with enough grip texture on them straight out of the box. Generally speaking the grips go on rather easily as long as you take your time. However the PPQ Talons require an extra level of patience. Around the logo "PPQ" on either side of the gun the Talon surface area is rather small near the mag well. This area is prone to peeling off if extra care isn't given during installation. Also as part of the design, Talon has put some of their texture where it will come up in between each of the letters PPQ. My advice to Talon is to lose those little nubs and just have it square around the logo. Those little nubs are so small they are very prone to peeling with repeated holstering and unholstering. Overall though Talon grips are a winner and really help with the purchase on your firearm.

Perfect fit and easy to install. Nothing to improve on.

I always find Talon Grips easy to install. I love the way they feel on the guns. I use them on all my pistols. My only comment is I wish the hole for the pistol name, PPQ in this case, was just a touch larger.

Excellent product and service. Both the rubber and the grit highly exceeded my expectations.

Great fit on my new Walther PPQ 45. Talon Grips makes any polymer gun better. I have tried both texures. I prefer the rubber.

Ever since finding Talon grips they're all I use! Great customer service too, I had a small issue with a mailer and they maintained great communication, then sent me a second set free of charge!! Great to deal with and I will continue to buy from them in the future!

Great Product!!! Great Service!!! Every time!!!

works well on my PPQ. it will stick over the stock stippling on the grip but works better if you grind the stippling off. I use it on my competition gun so it gets used hard everyday and lasts about a year to a year and a half until I have to get a new one.

Purchased these grips for both my Walther PPQ's , like all the previously purchased grips I have purchased over the years from Talon Grips the fit and quality are exceptional .

Awesome, I have the rubber Talon grips and enjoy how they feel. Follow the instructions when installing them, they allow you to adjust them so they are just right for your firearm. You will see that when they are installed how much different, in a good way, your firearm will feel.

fit is great, making the grip on the pistol as it should be, even in hot weather. Started with 1 Walther PPQ and continued with 1 PPS .40, 1 PPS M1 9mm along with one 1 C9 A1 Steyr. No complaints - the work as advertised

This is my second set of Talon Grips. I had put the first set on my Ruger LCP Custom and loved how they greatly improved the purchase of the gun. With that experience, I bought a set for my new Walther PPQ M2 .45 ACP. What a difference in control of the weapon! The Talon directions are well written and easy to follow. It's a great product that functions as advertised.

Rubber Talon for Walther PPQ 45
fit is exact
greatly enhances ability to grip weapon
I have Talons on other weapons as well and have been very pleased

Fit great and application was perfect.

Just as advertised.....easy to navigate website, quick shipping, and easy to follow instructions....product worked great on my PPQ......Highly recommended to anyone wanting to improve their shooting experience.....Thanks again, B

Have 2 Walthers, both with Talon grip tape, hands down, best, easiest way to get a great grip on your pistols! Absolutely love this product!

Got this on a Wednesday and took to the range on Saturday. Felt great in my hand and had more grip and control. Very easy install and great addition to my PPQ M2 9MM. Highly recommend. Purchased for my PX4 .45 but haven't had a chance to shoot yet.

I have Talon grips on all my polymer frame guns. They make a huge difference in controlling recoil and the overall feel of the weapon. That would be enough to use them but as an added bonus they look great and add a custom look.

installed them on walther ppq excellent solved the grip issue immediately walther ppq stippling not agressive enough thanks talon

I have Talon grips on all of my semiautomatic handguns and don't think you can beat'em for the price. I prefer the granular over the rubber but either one gets the job done. Keep up the good work!

Talon grips made a gun that I thought was perfect, feel even better. The rubberized grips are a great help for keeping the muzzle down for fast follow up shots.

Greatly improves the grip of the PPQ series. Simple to install and works well.

A great product and works as advertised.

Just a quick review of the Talon Grips recently purchased for my two Walthers - holy cow! My PPQ grip went from good to great, and my PPS went from mediocre to great. Superb products!

I didn’t know anyone who had the Talon grips so I was hesitant to place an order. Once it arrived, I still did not have much of an opinion. Only after putting it on my Walther did I realize how fantastic the grips are. The installation was easy, and it feels amazing. I highly recommend Talon grips to others.

Application was fast and extremely simple with included instructions on my ppq m2! Also if your like me and have big hands/long fingers and prefer the large backstrap insert for the ppq m2, no need to worry, the one size fits all grip fits well with any of the 3 back straps installed. Would recommend for anyone looking to increase the grip quality of their fire arm.

Application was fast and extremely simple with included instructions on my ppq m2! Also if your like me and have big hands/long fingers and prefer the large backstrap insert for the ppq m2, no need to worry, the one size fits all grip fits well with any of the 3 back straps installed. Would recommend for anyone looking to increase the grip quality of their fire arm.

Top notch service and quality!

I have talon grip's on most all my firearms, I love them my most recent purchase was for my Walter PPQ M2 9mm in the new color moss was not sure if I was going to like it but with the black frame and the Moss colored grips it kind of grew on me hoping they come out with the color OD Green and Flat Dark Earth soon they are a very good grip I've had them on some of my pistols for about 3 years now and they're still like brand new I highly recommend them

I have the Walter PPQ .40 S&W M1 (Classic), I deeply appreciate how well Talon Grips fits so well and how it's feel in my hands. Better control of my handgun and comfort, has well of having a great grip when my hands get wet. Thanks for a excellent product.

Great product!

I thought the grip on the PPQ m2 was pretty good.

I am very happy I added the Talon Rubber

Exactly what I hoped it would be and the instructions were super easy to follow. Really makes for a better grip on the gun. Fit the Walther PPQ M2 45 like a glove.

Extremely forgiving to insatall with a very clean look and great control on larger cal hand guns!

Excellent Quality and Fit for my PPQ 45
Greatly improved Grip and Much Better next shot accuracy

Excellent product, easy to install and immediately adds grip to a normally slick grip.

Awesome product. I thought the grip on my PPQ was perfect, until I put TALON rubber grips on it - whoa Nelly! Ordering was easy, shipping was free and fast. Keep up the good work - I'll be back!

grip is excellent. installation was easy and the fit and feel are fantastic. plan on adding talon grips to other guns.

Perfect cut-out for the PPQ and good detailed instructions. For the finger straps, I would recommend tucking those under.

Talon grip + PPQ ergonomics makes the perfect combo. Have talons on every gun I own.

Best grips in the world for both my Walthers and Glocks !!

Heard about these grips from a friend. Ordered and a few days later I was really happy. Great feel and great fit. Love the added grip area

Great addition to my PPQ 45. Just the right amount of grip enhancement, will be buying more for my other pistols.

Very pleased with the grip and the installation was easy used a blow dryer on high heat and the gun has a really nice look as a result of the grip

Ordered the Grips from Austria, Europe. Shipment didn't take extra ordinary longer and I got the grips within 10 days. Was easier to attache them than shown in various YouTube vids. The feel of the surface is much better now and the accuracy is even improved due to the better grips. Thanks Talon

The grips fit perfectly and added a lot of tactile grip to the pistol.

Great addition that completes the PPQ awesomeness. It's a great gun, but the grip is slippery to me. Talon rubber grip fixed that problem - as Talon has done for many of my handguns. Real difference maker at a good price, made by good people. You just can't go wrong with Talon grips

As usual a perfect fit, this time for my Walther PPQ 45 M2. Great product, great price...

Great figment. Probably wasn't necessary with that Walther Grip pattern, but I like the Talon Grips.

Fit well with medium back strap. Makes an already great grip better.

Great product. I will buy for my other guns

Easy install, aids grip purchase.

I liked my PPQ 45. Now I love it! The rubberized grip makes it mine.
Thank you Talon.

The talon grips are awesome, not hard at all to put on and look great. Much better grip now

These grips are awesome. Easy to apply, give a great feel to your weapon. Also, when they start to age and you need to install new grips (nothing is forever) removing the old one is a snap. I highly recommend giving these a try.

i have the rubber grip on all my hand guns . love the feel of the grip .no slip grip

Forever changed by these Grips. Will never own another firearm without Talon Grips! Thank you for your service to the firearm community.

Best grips on the market, hands down. The rubber grips have the perfect texture and grippyness (is now a word, trust fam!) under sweaty and even wet conditions. Will not run a pistol without them!

Fantastic .Made a great gun better!
I put them on all my guns.



Your grips turn a great handgun into an awesome one. I'm getting ready to order another set for my M2!!

They are the best grips on the market period.

Fantastic fit around the grip. Nice texture for all purposes

Aside from the fact that this is a beautiful grip wrap and takes the feel of an amazing pistol to a whole new level, the company is outstanding. There was a shipping issue and the shipping company that they were shipped to 'never received' them. Talon very kindly shipped a second set on their own dime. THAT 'never showed up'. I strongly feel that the receiver misplaced or threw away both. Fully expecting to never see the product, Talon sent a third set directly to me in Canada with tracking. This was well above and beyond the call and I even told them it was unfair to ask them again as it wasn't their fault. I have nothing but great praise for the company and the length they went to for me.

This grip just tipped off my Walther ppq. It feels like I have a completely solid grip even when my hands start to get warm and sweaty. Their adhesive works a lot better than expected. Follow the instructions and that grip will not come off unless you want it to. I've had it on for a few weeks now rubbing on my side and not one piece of it has come un- stuck. I might get one for my shotgun and AR as well. Hook me up talon grips!

Loves these grips. I put them on all my guns

Man you just can't go wrong with talon grips. Gives the perfect purchase on the firearm. Thank you Hickok45 for recommending it!!!

Have the rubberized grips on a G19, M&P Shield and now a Walther PPQ M2 5in. These are the only 3 pistols I own and Talon grips were the first upgrade on all of them. Can't recommend enough. One suggestion though, it would be awesome if they came with a small square of grip tape you trim yourself to put on the frame for your off hand thumb. Thanks Talon!

I absolutely love this grip! The customized fit is better than any other on the market. They are essential for a good grip for quick follow-up shots. Your customer service and attention to market trends is so appreciated. Thank you for having them for the Walther PPQ models!

Made a great gun better!

Adding Talon Rubber Grips to my Walther PPQ-M2 has taken a great ergonomic gun to the Next Level !!!
This is my Second PPQ-M2 with Talon Grips !!
I also Have these rubber grips on 10 other guns !!

Fantastic!!!!!! Great lock up on my .45 PPQ, allowing accurate follow up shots, my first order was lost in the mail system, after containing talon, recived new ones in 2 days. Thx Mike!

Talon grips put the finishing touch on an excellent ergonomic grip design

I rarely do product reviews. The Talon Rubberized grips on my Walther PPQ 45 was a great addition. I liked them so much I also put them on my Walther PPS-M2 and my Glock 26.

Fast shipping, received what I ordered, worked as expected. Expectations met. Talon are #1


easy install, nice fit, feel great.

Easy to install, sturdy and great feel. It just plain works!!

Makes an already great grip even more excellent.

I ordered the granular grips, they made a great gun almost perfect.

don't hesitate folks !!

This is a great product. bought online at Talon and service was superb. Live in Switzerland, delivery was fast and cheap.

the three Iv'e purchased we're a good fit

Talon gripes are the best system available. I have them on my Springfield XDM, 9-mm and 45. they work great for competition shooting and everyday carry. Currently putting a set on my Walther PPG M2. I have recommended the product to other shooters when ever I get the chance.

Put on walther PPS and PPQ outstanding quality. By far the most important add on to your firearm. Excellent look also.

Just bought a Walther PPQ M2. This is an excellent pistol, with the Talon grips it is a most excellent pistol. This is by far the most important upgrade you can make to any pistol that accepts Talon grips. They're on all of mine.

Just made the grip melt into my hand and I couldn't be more pleased.

I buy Talon grips for all my pistols. They are easy to apply and provide an exceptional grip. I accidentally ordered the granulate for my PPQ, but decided to try it. Thought it might give a blister after 200 rounds in succession, but it didn't. Worked great and felt fine. Talon is the only way to go.

Perfect fit. These go on so easy and fit like a glove. They are excllent wearing as well.

Fit perfect...nice grip!

Have Talon Grips on my P320 9mm. Bought a new Walther PPQ 45 and really needed something to control the snap... Solution: Talon the rubber grip module. Excellent Quality & Performance. Thank you!

Although the stock grips have an aggressive style the Talon's just give me a more confident feel. Well done as usual.

fit was great as always

Possibly the BEST grips I have ever had on a firearm!. They were delivered promptly, the instructions were very clear, and easy to follow. Made a great firearm even better. I have had a lot of after-market grips in the past....NONE fit better than Talon. I will continue to order these grips for all of my firearms. GREAT job, guys!

Easy to install fit's like a glove, a great addition to any firearm.

The Talon grip is the best grip enhancement on the market. They fit beautifully and enhance the grip feel better than anything else I have tried

PPQ M2 5" - Without a doubt this has improved the grip texture. The fit is as advertised and simple to apply, I would add these to any future grips. From a value perspective this is a fantastic deal.

Outstanding performance! Enabled me to maintain a firm grip even while shooting 3 Gun in the midst of a rainstorm. When it came time to draw, I had no problem with the wet grip, and maintained perfect contact while firing.

I'm a repeat buyer because the product is easy to install, very well made, affordable, and enhances the grip on my otherwise amazing Walther PPQ. What more could you possibly ask for?

Love these grips on my PPQ 45. Very durable and heat activated adhesive is great stuff. Fun to put on too. Wasn't sure about rubber or granulate. Thinking I would like granulate better for target shooting. Rubber is great though.

These grips make an already great gun grip even better, every time I pick up my weapon I can't believe how great it feels.

Spot on grip! Benefit is better accuracy !

Placed the rubber grip on my new Walther Q5 Match. Only grip enhancements I will add now. Great product & customer service!

Haven't shot the gun yet with the grips on. But, the grips improve the overall feel. I plan to get more for future hand guns that I get.

Awesome grips! I have these on all three of my PPQ's.

Absolutely awesome.

The Walther PPQ has such a great grip I wasn't sure it could be improved until I added the Talon Grips. I first tried them on my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and they made such a difference I thought I'd give it a try on the PPQ.
Wow what a difference! I highly recommend the Talon Grips on any fire arms, you'll feel the difference.

I have been a long time user of Brooks Tactical "A" grip, but since they did not make a grip for my Walther PPQ .45 I decided to try Talon instead. The grip is FANTASTIC and the fit is perfect. Easy to install and great feel - I ordered three more for my Glocks.

Awesome product, love the way it grips, will definitely order from you again!!!

I have Talon grips on five handguns, the last of which is a Walther PPQ M2 in 9mm. In each case, I have been happy with the enhanced control I feel I get with Talons; it is especially important with the more compact guns i carry because of their smaller size. I routinely order Talon grips for every new handgun purchase.

Talon grips just make everything better. Its that simple. The PPQ is probably one of the most comfortable guns out there. With grips, even better. Quick shipping, easy install. A+.

The rubber ones are great. if you need to cut the granulate grips to modify a firearm the grips may shift and crinkle with use after replacing.
The rubber ones are easier to modify, remove and replace.

One of the best products I have ever used and easy to install.

Love Talon grips. Got to have them on all my guns.

This is the 2nd set of Talon grips I've bought. No more sweaty slippy grip on those long hot days. I partake in IDPA and these do help, your not quite a tired as you would be after 200 rounds over a 9 hour competition day. A big Thank you to Talon Grips for your donation again for the Iowa State IDPA match!

Third pair that I have ordered. Love them

Easy to put on if you follow the directions. Mine is perfect and the grip is now very secure. Used it for USPSA competition and it performed excellent.

These grips are a tremendous help in maintaining a consistent, solid grip in competition. The standard polymer finish, even when grooved and stipled, becomes slippery with a little sweat. Not these! Easy to put on with a little care and attention to doing it the way their video says to do it.

Best grips on the market. Others brands are so so. Talons are precision fit to each gun.

I absolutely love my Talon grips for my PPQ 45. It made a great gun even better.

Works great, improved my shooting.

Ordered the sandpaper grips for my Walther PPQ M2. Excellent choice! I use this weapon for IDPA competitions and the Talon grips really help in bringing the gun back on target. Talon, you guys rock!

This is the fourth set I purchased two of each style both are great

The talon grip is excellent. Equally important though is the company that makes them. I had an issue that was totally my fault and talon went above and beyond my expectations. Great product-super company. I cannot recommend them high enough. Thanks talon!

My first experience with Talon grips has been very good so far. They were very easy to install following the instructions and the fit was spot on for my PPQ 45. Very comfortable and a great improvement over the factory grips(which were good to start with). I have only fired 150 rounds through the gun so far with these grips on, but so far I am a big fan. I plan on adding Talons to my other handguns as well.

Just when you thought the ergonomics of a PPQ couldn't get better, put a TALON Grip on it and you will simply be amazed... The grips keep the gun welded to my hand regardless of what I am doing (I do some IDPA and tactical stuff) or if I am sweating etc...

The stock textured grips on the Walther PPQ M2 are better than most but, the Talon Rubberized over-grips make the whole package excellent! I love the rubberized Talon grips so I've put them on every polymer framed/gripped firearm I have! I've have even used the front strap Talon's on my 1911's. What a difference they make! I'm able to easily find and secure a proper grip will still feeling relaxed. They have all been very durable as well.

I got the rubberized grip for the PPQ M2. Overall the initial fit and performance was excellent. However, after some time the strip that goes up the back of the grip is migrating to the right side of the gun. I think a better design would be to have strips that are part of the left panel and come around the back, much like they do on the front of the grip. Still a big improvement though. I have Talon Grips on all my guns!

Absolutely awesome grips!

The grips went on great and feel awesome. I have the grainy, sandpaper feeling grips on my Walther and I cannot imagine using it without the grips on anymore. I use an agency issued Springfield XD that is almost exact size to my Walther for duty. It just does not feel the same in my hands as using my Walther with these grips. Would recommend all day long.

Overall a good gripping surface adds superior tackiness in the hand during steel plate competition. The substrate of the grip is thicker, which lessens flexibility, and care has to be taken upon installation. The three front fingers under the trigger guard have detached and it feels as though the adhesive in these areas could be improved upon. When it's warm the three fingers will stick down with pressure. The rough grit texture feels glued to your hand in competition. A good improvement over the factory grip surface.

This is the second gun I have put Talon Grips on! Hopefully more in the future. While inexpensive, they don't feel cheap. They really seat the gun well in your hand and are durable. I ran mine through the Gunsite 250 class and they were a huge help to gun control and they stood up to the task. I have replaced them on another gun after about 2 years and at least 2 trips a month to the range. They are also easy and inexpensive to replace.

I first bought a rubber grip for my M&P 9C. For my PPQ M2 I thought I would try the Sand paper grips. Perfect fit and although I like them both I have to say I believe this one is even better!

I thought my PPQ-M2 was Ergonomically Perfect Before I added the rubber texture Talon Grips.
Boy Was I Wrong !!!

Made a world of difference! Put the rubber grips on both my 9mm and 45 M2 Q's. Perfect fit with no problems. For me, it helped with accuracy and muzzle flip management. If you get them for your 45, make sure you specifically order for the 45. Also, make sure you watch the instructional video for the PPQ. Highly recommend them.

On my 3rd gun using the abrasive Talon grip, I have a repeating problem with the bottom finger wrap around as it continues to come off the grip (Walther PPQ M2 22). I have repeatly applied heat to try to re-attach firmly, but for some reason it keeps coming off. I have not had any issues with my other 2 handguns, one of which uses the same grip (Walther PPQ M2 9mm). This is the only reason your raating is not an excellent.

I love your grips! I wish you made a grip for the Kahr CT45

Bought for both PPQ M2 Navy and the PPQ 22 and they fit perfect. Love how much better of a grip it feels.

Ordered this for my ppq m2 45 acp.because I liked the grip so much on my ppq 9 mm.
However, the grip was too short for the 45 frame.
So, I put it on my ppq 22.
My fault, I should not have assumed that it would fit the 45.So if you have the ppq in 45, this will not fit

I am very happy with the Talon grips on my PPQ/M2. The instructions were crystal clear, I followed them carefully and result was a complete success. Greatly enhances the factory grips and provides a positive grip with absolute control. Once your hand is is on the grips, it is locked in. The handgun cannot move due to the aggressive nature of the Talon grips. Instantly improved my scores in IPSC shooting which I find amazing. Highly recommend.

The grips on my Walther PPQ 9mm were a little too smooth, especially during warm weather. Having been satisfied with my first set of rubber Talon grips on another gun, I bought a set for my PPQ.

The Talon grips were easy to install. I go the extra mile when installing them and use a cheap 1 inch paint brush to really saturate and clean the grips with alcohol before pressing on the Talons.

My PPQ now has a very secure feel. I like these rubber Talons a lot.

Form and fit was perfect. Installation was easy if you take your time and clean the gun well. Shooting once installed the grip is definitely an improvement. Only draw back is I have very perspiring hands and all grips start to feel loose after 100 rounds. Wish they came with a tacking spray.

Great feel! Very happy :)

I buy these for every gun I can. They're a great yet affordable enhancement. I even put them on my AR15.

I followed the directions carefully. However, the material would not remain affixed to the grip sides, front strap and back strap. Not sure whether it is due to bad adhesive. Perhaps it is because the surfaces on the PPQ M2 are somewhat curved.

As a shooter whose hands can get quite sweaty, I am a huge fan of Talon grips. They take just a few minutes to install and improve my grip tremendously. Best of all, thanks to Talon's incredible attention to detail, they maintain (and often improve!) the look of a gun. I have a set for every gun that I carry or compete with.

Hands down the granular provide me the best purchase on my PPQ1. Great product will buy again.

I installed the sandpaper textured grips on my PPQ, they feel great not to harsh, good grip on the range especially with some of the Hot Humid weather we have. Grips stayed in place no problem, one of the letters bottom right of the gun came off does not effect grip at all.easy to install and have stayed put. I would recommend these grips to anyone YES!

I installed the sandpaper textured grips on my PPQ, they feel great not to harsh, good grip on the range especially with some of the Hot Humid weather we have. Grips stayed in place no problem, one of the letters bottom right of the gun came off does not effect grip at all. I would recommend these grips to anyone YES!

fit like a glove

I would rate this somewhere between Average and Very Good. The grips are OK and function a lot better than the original stock, but I would have liked a more rubbery feel. Compared to a Houge Handall, this grip looks nicer and is not as bulky, but does not provide as good of a purchase on the pistol and is more expensive ($18 vs $8).

I really love these grips! I got the rubberized ones and they really secure your grip on the firearm. Not only do they work as advertised, they also look good on the firearm. Professional quality in looks and feel. I would definitely recommend them!

Great fit onto the weapon. Comfortable concealed carry of my Walther PPQ M2 with a Raven Concealment holster.

Great grips. They fit well. I had to do some trimming on them but overall they work well

I love the rubberized grips on my PPQ. The gun doesn't move at all when firing and as a result my speed and accuracy is much better. I put them on my Glock 26 with the same result. I'm a believer and will put these on all my guns.

I like the feel and grip. The fit is very good. The only issue is lower strip for the pinky keeps sliding down. I have to keep on trimming it so it does not interfere with the magazine. The coarse stock grip texture must be difficult to bond to.

Talon grips, I use the granular, are simply the best grips on the market. I'd like to try the rubber but can't get past how well the granular grips work. Additionally these grips fit like a glove and are easy to install.

Talon grips, I use the granular, are simply the best grips on the market. I'd like to try the rubber but can't get past how well the granular grips work. Additionally these grips fit like a glove and are easy to install.

Talon grips, I use the granular, are simply the best grips on the market. I'd like to try the rubber but can't get past how well the granular grips work. Additionally these grips fit like a glove and are easy to install.

Talon grips, I use the granular, are simply the best grips on the market. I'd like to try the rubber but can't get past how well the granular grips work. Additionally these grips fit like a glove and are easy to install.

Talon grips, I use the granular, are simply the best grips on the market. I'd like to try the rubber but can't get past how well the granular grips work. Additionally these grips fit like a glove and are easy to install.

Talon grips, I use the granular, are simply the best grips on the market. I'd like to try the rubber but can't get past how well the granular grips work. Additionally these grips fit like a glove and are easy to install.

Talon grips, I use the granular, are simply the best grips on the market. I'd like to try the rubber but can't get past how well the granular grips work. Additionally these grips fit like a glove and are easy to install.

Talon grips, I use the granular, are simply the best grips on the market. I'd like to try the rubber but can't get past how well the granular grips work. Additionally these grips fit like a glove and are easy to install.

Talon grips, I use the granular, are simply the best grips on the market. I'd like to try the rubber but can't get past how well the granular grips work. Additionally these grips fit like a glove and are easy to install.

Talon grips, I use the granular, are simply the best grips on the market. I'd like to try the rubber but can't get past how well the granular grips work. Additionally these grips fit like a glove and are easy to install.

The back strap part of the grip seems to move with use-not a lot, but enough. I'm not sure if it is poor adhesion or a combination of poor adhesion and Heat / Palm sweat. Overall this is a great product and i'm extremely happy with it.

Perfect fit, easy to put on, and very comfortable and solid grip.

I really like the extra traction the TALON grips offer. The pistol use to move around in my hand a little, but now it's rock solid. I'm not sure they are appropriate for a concealed carry situation since they cling to clothing. I would love to see a hybrid grip that was rubber on the sides and aggressive on the front and back of the grip. Another idea would be a skeleton grip that just goes up the back and on the finger grooves on the front of the grip. That would let the clothing slide free on the sides of the grip.

I imagine the grips are fantastic. However, I never actually received mine. It's possible they got lost in the mail or stolen from the mail box. They're not expensive. So, I'd be happy to reorder, but only if I can through Fed ex Or UPS shipping with a tracking number. Is that possible?

I'm VERY HAPPY with my recent purchase.I plan on ordering more in the future.

Love them!

Purchased these grips for my Walther PPQ that I use in IDPA Comp. Use of these grips has improved my shooting scores ever since I put them on my pistol. Excellent product.

Fits perfectly on my Walther PPQ 9mm and .22. Easy to install, durable and very functional. I've been a convert since my first set and now have Talon Grips on all of my handguns.

First time trying the Talon grip. Went with the Granulate for maximum potential. Application is easy enough and form fits the grip on the PPQ very well. Only a couple of corners where the tape didn't stick very well but overall much better than a slip-on style.

It's ok not what I expected I should have gotten the sand paper grips instead for a more aggressive feel.

As always, awesome quality!

Perfect fit , the Talon grip enhances the near perfect PPQ .

Love the Talon grip. Only one little problem. The small piece which wraps around the front bottom of the grip will not stay attached to the frame.

Arrived as expected with exceptional fit and quality. It was a great bonus to see a handwritten "Thank You!" note on the invoice. It's the little things that can make a customer feel appreciated. Fast shipping and a quality product from a great company, what more can you ask for.


Still waiting to get this pistol.

Still waiting to get this pistol.

Turned an Excellent firearm into an Extraordinary firearm!
Thank You, TALON!!!!

I really like the feel of the rubber grips. Noticeably better when it's hot and my hands are sweating.

I installed Talon grips on my Walther PPQ and also on my S&W M&P 45. Install was very easy and love the feel of the grips.

The PPQ is a great gun, and with this Talon grip, it makes it even better! I highly recommend it!

Awesome!! I just got them on my Walther PPQ and I feel like I really can get a purchase on the firearm now. GREAT product thank you!

My PPQ was the only firearm I own I thought would survive my insatiable Talon Grip addiction, because I loved the factory grip design. But alas, that girl wearin Talons now too. No guns are safe.