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  • personal defense
  • law enforcement
  • military
  • competitive shooting
  • personal defense
  • law enforcement
  • military
  • competitive shooting

Gun grips are slippery making it hard to get a secure hold. We make a stick-on grip that improves performance, safety, and confidence so you can maintain control. We believe that you are the weapon, and your firearm is just your tool. TALON Grips ensures that your tool performs as well as you. Millions of shooters trust TALON Grips daily including law enforcement officers, military professionals, competitive shooters, and people that care about safety.

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Black Rubber

Rubber-Black: This textured rubber material is our most popular and versatile material. Great for concealed or open carry as it is non-abrasive making it comfortable when in a holster, against the skin or in the hand. Over 80% of all grip sales are in this texture.

Moss Rubber

Rubber-Moss: This is the same textured rubber material as the one above with all of the same great benefits. The only difference here is color. This is our version of Flat Dark Earth (FDE). This color is NOT an exact match to other gun manufacturers FDE.

Black Granulate

Granulate-Black: This texture is our most aggressive texture. Often compared to skateboard tape or sandpaper, this abrasive texture is non-slip. We recommend this for open holster carry only, but some users can carry concealed with the proper setup.

PRO Texture

PRO: The PRO texture combines the best characteristics of the granulate and rubber textures. This texture is comfortable enough for most people when carried against the skin in concealed carry applications and provides a strong enough grip for competition use. This texture performs very well in wet and dry applications.

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