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TALON Grips was founded in 2009 out of necessity by a law enforcement officer, competitive shooter and armor. In both hot conditions and cold conditions, polymer grips become slick. Factory stippling can increase friction slightly, but it is still slippery plastic.

For years everyone from military personnel to competition shooters have been putting skateboard tape on firearms to change the interface between the hand and the weapon. The downfall of this is that skateboard tape is designed to go on skateboards (wood). Traditional tapes are thick and don’t conform well when wrapped around the handle of a firearm. These tapes will eventually peel off and leave a sticky mess on the firearm.

Mike Morris, President of TALON Grips
S&W Shield outfitted with Rubber-Black grip on the firearm and Extended Magazine.
U.S. Patented Design
It all starts with large rolls of granulate or rubber material
TALON Grips has a U.S. Patented design that utilizes a single grip to wrap around the handle and provide maximum coverage with minimal bulk. All TALON Grips materials are thin (less than .5 millimeters) and add virtually zero bulk to the firearm while providing a rock solid grip. Because our grips are designed to stick to polymer, they last longer, and they will come off clean when it is time to replace or remove the grip.
Made in the USA

TALON Grips are 100% made in the USA. The raw materials are shipped from the Midwest to our headquarters in Northwest Colorado where grips are designed, manufactured, packaged and shipped. TALON Grips utilizes state of the art cutting technologies to ensure precision fit for every grip that we sell.

We are grateful for every order that we receive. Thank you very much for reading our story. We would be happy to answer any questions that you have, so email us at

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