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Gun Cleaning Made Simple

The TALON SNAP Cleaning System has a Patented Quick Click System that makes it easy to change between calibers and tools, saving you time and money.

  • Save time

  • Easy to use

  • Durable

  • Guaranteed

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Are you still cleaning your gun the way your grandfather did?

cleaning supplies laid out on a table

Color coded tools allows you to quickly identify your caliber

cleaning supplies laid out on a table

TALON SNAP Cleaning System changes tools quickly at the push of a button so you don’t waste time screwing around

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I stumbled onto this kit a few years ago.
Been using them ever since...

Here's why:

pistol and cleaning supplies laid out on a table
  • One cleaning rod, always at hand, with quick attach ends (brushes, jags, etc.)
  • I often clean several guns in one session, and it’s the easiest system to switch calibers
  • Color coding makes it easy to grab the right tool for the caliber I am working with
  • Love the way the handle and rod rotate so that the brush can follow the rifling easily
  • Never any fear of this system scratching any of my more valuable guns
  • I don’t like putting effort into getting my tools together - this is always ready on the bench

– Justin Opinion

GunsAmerica and Youtube Contributor

See the difference

  • TALON SNAP Quick Connect tool system
  • Color coded caliber identification
  • New improved Jag
  • Rotating "T" handle
  • Glass reinforced nylon cleaning rod
  • SNAP tools in and out quickly

    Do you spend more time changing your tools than you do cleaning your barrel?

    The TALON SNAP Cleaning System changes tools out at the press of a button. No more time wasted screwing and unscrewing each tool. Just press the button, SNAP one tool out and SNAP the next tool in. Cut your cleaning time in half!

  • Quickly identify caliber with easy color coding

    Have you ever cleaned your barrel with a bore brush that was the wrong caliber?

    The TALON SNAP Cleaning System uses easy to identify color coding so you can quickly and easily grab the right tool for the firearm. Each tool is color coded and stamped by caliber. Easily identify the tool you need.

  • T-handle redesigned to eliminate smashed fingers

    Have you ever bashed your finger when running the brush through the bore?

    The TALON SNAP Cleaning System rotating T-handle that has a larger circumference and longer shaft to prevent accidental smashing and/or pinching of your fingers while cleaning your barrel.

  • Metal tools can bend and scratch your bore

    Are you still using metal tools that can bend and scratch your bore?

    The TALON SNAP Cleaning System is made from a glass re-enforced nylon that will not scratch your bore. It is so flexible, durable and strong that we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all parts (except bore brushes that wear out over time).

Upgrade Your Cleaning Experience

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