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TALON Grips for TALON SNAP Cleaning System TALON SNAP Caliber System

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  • Save time

  • Easy to use

  • Durable

  • Guaranteed

The caliber kit will include a brush, jag and cleaning rod for the selected caliber.
The TALON SNAP Cleaning System has a Patented Quick Click System that makes it easy to change between calibers and tools, saving you time and money. The color-coded brushes and jags make choosing the correct caliber easy as a SNAP, no reading glasses required! The Quick Click cleaning rod is made of a durable glass reinforced nylon that will not scratch/damage your breach/barrel and will last for years to come. The Rotating "T" handle ensures effortless rotation following the lands and grooves of your barrel. This oversized handle also makes it impossible to bash your fingers while pushing brushes or jags through your barrel. The new jag design will eliminate the frustration of patches falling off in the barrel. The TALON SNAP Cleaning System comes with a lifetime warranty on all parts (except brushes) and like all our products, the TALON SNAP Cleaning System is 100% MADE IN THE USA!
Solid kit! Saves so much time!
3-piece single
caliber handgun
cleaning kit
Double Rotating T-Handle Bore Brushes & Jags Select Your Caliber
Lifetime warranty on all items excluding brushes.
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3 reviews
Write a Review
  • Roger Borgmeier Feb 25th 2022

    Snap On cleaning kit

    I going to use this kit for when I travel with my guns. Nice and compact.

  • Adrian Rylatt Dec 14th 2020

    Snap Caliber System

    Overall the system is a good idea. However, the bronze brush was not detachable from the quick-release holder. Since I do not use bronze brushes it was a wast…

  • Mike M Nov 30th 2020

    So quick and easy... why did it take so long

    You just press the button and change to tool. So easy and so simple... kinda like a stick on grip... It changes everything!