TALON Grips Gun Cleaning Mat

TALON Grips Gun Cleaning Mat

Gun Cleaning Mat



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This TALON Grips Gun Cleaning Mat measures 16 7/8" long x 10 15/16" wide x 1/8" thick. This gun cleaning mat is ideal for cleaning and working on firearms, it will protect the firearm and tabletop from scratches and damage. FREE SHIPPING!*

Great mat

You will love this gun cleaning mat, Plus it looks awesome, I currently use mine for my desk to put my laptop on, but trust and believe, when it time to clean my arms that bad boy comes right in handy, and it look cool Go! Talon!

I'm using it for an office desk mat and it's superb for that! Our secretary doesn't understand it at all, but that's ok. It's not her desk, plus I started and own the danged business for 45 years! I think I can have whatever desk mat I choose. :))

Nice gun cleaning mat very satisfied!