Thunder .380 & Series 95 .380

TALON Grips for Bersa Thunder .380 (Rubber Texture)

Grips for Bersa Thunder .380 & Series 95 .380



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TALON Grips for Bersa Thunder and Series 95model .380. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures and offers full side panel coverage including the thumb rest area, full coverage under the trigger guard, and high coverage on the backstrap. This grip has graphic cutouts for the Bersa emblem on each side of the firearm. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

Grip was very easy to install, seems very well adhered. Good and clear instructions. They grip texture feels almost smooth until you grip it with some force, and then it really locks the pistol in place. It doesn't grab skin or clothing, which is good for ccw.
All in all a great product, one I would definitely buy again.

All good

Fit perfectly.

The Talon grip did not add much girth to the grip but it appears to add a bit of stability which I like.


Installing the grip was straight forward, but it may take a little while longer if you're a perfectionist.
Once installed, the grip perfectly and provided the extra girth and feel that was needed over the stock grip. A very nice addition indeed.
I purchased Talon grips for all my pistols and I will continue to do so for future purchases. Thank you for a great product.

Best money I've spent on upgrades. First mod I add to all of my new handguns.

Excellent! So nice. Get a set for your Thunder.

Took my time and was careful. Ended up with a great out come. The wrap is very good!!

The Fourth grips I have ordered and installed and I am, continuously, delighted by these products! Never an issue or blemish! I only wish other companies were as solid as Talon!

As usual, excellent fit and feel. Easy installation. Makes it feel like a different gun, easy to hold and keep on target. I have them on 4 of my Firearms and love them!!!!

Great grips, will buy more, thanks

My wife liked the much on my Bersa .380 that I had to put on on hers.

These grips are very abrasive. Long term shooting would wear out your palm. I'd wouldn't use them on any pistol I intended to shoot often or for long periods.

Fit perfectly on my Bersa Thunder 380 & 22. Be aware that the grips may not be reusable if you need to remove them to get at the original grip below. Two weeks after installing the Talon on my 380, I needed to get inside the grip area for maintenance and worried that the Talon would be ruined in the removal process. The FAQs state that they are not reusable, However, in my case, after very carefully peeling it off, To reinstall the Talon I followed the original installation instructions and it adhered as well as the first time.

By the way, these grips look and feel great. One of my pals at the range didn't realize that the grip was wrapped and actually thought that I had a new set of custom grips.

I am very satisfied with the product and would recommend it to others.

have not received grips yet.

These are great. Fit like a glove and improved grip as stated. Easy install.

Its a great product just make sure you get the rubber grip. The website mislead me a little about the non rubber style grip and unfortunately I order the wrong product, but the customer service with this company was excellent. They shipped me a full replacement for the grip in rubber and couldn't be happier with the product. Thank you again Trent for helping get me all set up.

I hadn't been too happy with the stock grips on my Bersa Thunder 380. The gun had kind of a "slick" feel to it, so I put on the Talon "granular" grip and now there is no re-adjusting my grip after each shot. Installation was very easy, just follow the simple instructions.

I have this grip on a number of my pistols and friend's pistols too that I have put on for them after talking them into it, and they love it. I believe it's the best out there. Thanks and grip it like a hawk!

The grip itself is a rubberized cut-out film in the shape of the hand-grip that is wrapped around the hand-grip of the weapon. The grip film is exceptionally thin and adds almost zero increase in width to the hand-grip. So if the hand-grip of your weapon fits you now, it will also fit you afterwards. The film material provides a textured surface to the hand-grip that results in an excellent increase in weapon handling and stability. The product is very, very accurately made (cut out). Care is required in applying making sure that one starts in the absolute middle of the hand-grip, and then evenly wrap the rubberized material around the hand-grip. I give the product 5 / 5.

Every handgun shoud have one of these


Super fit on this set of grips. How do you get the fit so perfect? I liked my bersa before the grips. Now I simply love it. Fast shipping on an excellent product.


The Grip I purchased for my Bersa 380 fit perfect. I got the rubber style and it feels great. I would recommend these grips. I would buy them again

did"t know what i was missing.i just love these grips