CZ P-10 C

TALON Grips for CZ P-10 C (Rubber Texture-Small Backstrap)

Grips for CZ USA P-10 C



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TALON Grips for CZ P-10 C. This rear wrap grip is available in both granulate and rubber textures. This grip provides full coverage on the side panels including the thumb rest, ample coverage on the backstrap, and full coverage under the trigger guard. FREE SHIPPING!*

  • 100% made in the USA
  • Custom designed and manufactured for this specific firearm for an OEM quality fit and finish
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size
  • Available in granulate texture - Often referred to as sandpaper or skateboard tape, this provides positive grip on the firearm and best suited for holster carry and competition shooting.
  • Available in rubber texture - This textured rubber grip provides positive grip on the firearm and is more commonly used for concealed carry (less likely to irritate skin or snag on clothing) and users with softer hands.
  • Easy to install within minutes (proper installation requires a hair dryer or heat gun)
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included
  • Most cleaning solutions do not harm the grip, but avoid aerosol based solvents like CLP.
  • Adhesive will not move once properly installed and can be easily removed with little to no residue.
  • 30 day refund for return of unused product
  • 90 day warranty

I love the rubber finish and how it is super easy to grip. Exactly what I wanted!

I’ve used Talon grips for all of my striker fire pistols. But none we needed more than the one for my CZ P10c. The Talon grips made a most unpleasant gun to shoot the most enjoyable. A must for CZ P10 Owners.

I loved my p-10c, but after installing the rubber talon grip I love it even more. Not to mention, I have a fde p10c and it looks awesome with the black grip! Highly recommended

Awesome grip! Makes life easier to grip my gun. Bought it for all my handguns

just like they make all my pistols assume no other like them

As much as I like the P10-C, the stock grip is only pleasant when wearing gloves. Talon Grips do a bang up job taming overly aggressive grip textures like that found on the P10-C or the FNS-9C

Your grips improved my CZ-P10 C

The p10 is a great firearm however, the backstrap leaves a mark on your hand after 100 rounds or so. The talon grip addresses this problem ,feels comfortable and fits perfect.

This is my 2nd review of these fine grips. I hated to remove my black rubber grips......but, I had to. The Grey looks so much better!! It seemed like this grey rubber material fit the grip better. It molded to the gun better. Everybody at the range loved the Grey & the improved grip.

I should have bought the rubber instead of the grit grips

I should have bought the rubber instead of the grit grips

Have several of these.

These are a must have on this gun. Plus the service is great also. Thanks

This is my 2nd review of P-10c Grips. 1st let me say that it was torture removing a perfectly fine black rubber T.G. off of my gun!! I had to remove it so I could replace it with the Limited Edition Grey Grips. For some reason the Grey material seemed to mold to the gun much better. The contrast between the black gun & the grey grip looks fantastic. I've gotten so many compliments on my P-10c.

I got the granulated, would definitely use the rubber if for conceal carry. Product provides grip, which is exactly what they are supposed to do...

I am very happy with the product, the TALON grip firmly in my palm, I could shoot better with my cz p10c.surely will order more in the near future!wishing you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018.God is good!

Nice fit, great grip surface, excellent product.

Work great and look great also

I have Talon Grips on EVERY gun that I own. I had ordered the grip for this gun before the gun even arrived. Fit great and even reordered in grey.

Feels great and should save my hands at the range

Good Stuff

Great feel and a great upgrade!!! I will putting these grips on other guns.

I'm very pleased with everything talon grips did for me. The product was great,the service was awesome. The rubberized grip was perfect fit for my cz p10c. Thanks Talon I'll be using y'all again!!!!

Out-fuckin-standing grips. It feels so fuckin good, I can only compare it to grasping thunder and riding that son bitch all the way into a Jihadi’s forehead. Pure perfection.

Awesome product! Great price and easy to install. Would highly recommend to anyone with a CZ P-10c

The grip was perfectly cut for the medium size backstrap as I have ordered. The installation is super easy and it fit perfectly after the first try. The grip itself feels really good and it makes the grip feel a bit more "bulky" which is perfect for me, but most of all it completely reduced the problem with way too agressive grip on front and back. I am really happy and I would and I do recommend Talon Grips to anyone!

These grips are a must for the P10C. They work flawlessly and save you from the "road rash" the overly aggressive factory grips cause. Thank you for solving that problem and making this gun perfect!

Very grippy, will be ordering more for different pistols.

The grip itself looks good and would most likely feel good however, due to the lack of pictures and information I do not like the color of the grip I recieved. I bought the "Moss" color for my CZ thinking it would be a dark green buts more of a dark tan with a shade of green. Im not going to put it on my pistol because im not happy with the looks, I wish I would have just went with the black.

Nice grip--perfect fit!!

the p10c grip texture was too aggressive for my liking the talon grips made it perfect a must have the p10c

This pistol rocks.The Talon grips are a must. Makes the CZ P10 look good and feel great. Easy to install and fast. Make America great again.

This pistol rocks.The Talon grips are a must. Makes the CZ P10 look good and feel great. Easy to install and fast. Make America great again.

This pistol rocks.The Talon grips are a must. Makes the CZ P10 look good and feel great. Easy to install and fast. Make America great again.

The Talon Grips for the CZ p10C arrived fast, applied easily, and perform great. The CZ p10c has, what most consider an overly aggressive stippling/texturing, and the Talon Grips tame with many a great gun better!

The P10 C does have an aggressive grip, and once I applied the Talon grip it was awesome! Thanks for a great product...

Completely excellent TALON Gun Grips.Thank you.

Absolutely excellent TALON Gun Grips! Thank you.

As always great fit for the firearm. Have Talons on all of my handguns. Love the functionality and think the grips make every gun look better.

Perfect fit and good feel as well.



Perfect fit awesome grips

Put sand color rubberized grip on my tan P10C. Love the feel on the talon grip. Looks good too.

I absolutely hated the factory grips on my P10C. Way to rough for me. I installed the Talon rubberized grip and it looks and feels great. I put the sand colored on my black gun. It really sets it off.

I have Takon grips on all my pistols and just love them.

Fit my cz p10c like a glove! Just what I’ve grown to expect from the grip guys!!

Excellent fit for the cz p10 c

Most difficult to install of any Talon grips I have done but still wasn't bad. Takes the bite off the aggressive blackstrap.

After purchasing my CZ P10C, the grip was a little to aggressive for my taste. After shooting the pistol, it actually left marks on my hand. I got to thinking about the Talon grips hoping it would do the trick on helping with my issue. After getting my new grips in the mail, I Immediately apply them to my CZ pistol. I was amazed on how they made it feel. The CZ is a amazing pistol, and now that I have the Talon grips on them. It made a great handgun even better.

Excellent as usual

Fit was great, easy to install, rubber material feels good.Adhesion after heating was great.

I purchased talon grips for my CZ 10 C I receive them in about a week they make my grips feel so much more comfortable when I shoot and they look great on the gun I would highly recommend everyone put these grips on their guns it is a great product

Only had a problem getting smooth strips for the backstrap. Sort had a "wrinkle" which would not come out, with or without heat. Didn't feel/see any difference with or without heat. Very comfortable and will use for other guns that come with "aggressive" hand grips.

Thank you. Excellent Talon!

Thank you. Excellent Talon!



Absolute must for the P10c. These things are so comfortable. Love them. Fit like a glove. Perfect.

Like all of the talon grips I’ve used, these for the P-10C fit perfectly and feel great. They really tame the toughness of the factory grip texture, which was a bit too aggressive for me.

Made th CZ more comfortable to shoot. Easy to apply. Great product.

I have Talon grips on half of my hand guns, what can I say? Same excellence in the P10C grips as the Talon grips on my Glocks, HK, etc. Fit is excellent, stays on through heat, mud, rain, etc.

I have the rubberized grips on a Glock 43 and my new CZ p 10c. They are great!

CZ P10 is a lot easier to carry with the talon grip on it. They're stock grip is aggressive and feels like a cheese grater against your skin. Rubber talon grip fixed all that.

Great product and the best customer service. I ordered a grip for my CZ P10c and had a problem getting it to fit properly. Called Talon and immediately got a reply to send them some pictures. I did, and, within a day, they cut a new grip and sent it to me. The fit is perfect. If you want the best, and get great customer service to boot, rely on Talon Grips.

TheseTalon grips have made shooting my CZ p10-C very much better and that equates to better accuracy!

Only wish it came with small pieces for thumbs, fits great

Only wish it came with small pieces for thumbs, fits great

Excellent product. Just take your time on the install. I put them on, heated briefly with a hair dryer, and rolled the seams with a wallpaper roller. You'd swear they are one piece. No visible seams.

Excellent alternative to aggressive grips. As most of you know, the CZ P10 has a very aggressive grip. The installation of rubberized Talon grip makes this firearm a pleasure to shoot. I have talons on all my firearms. Once you go talon you will never go back to bare grips.

The rubber talon grips are very much needed on the CZ P10C, without them you would have to sand the grip because it is too rough.

I have Talon Grips on all of my firearms. Pricing can't be beat, and the fit is flawless. Easy to understand instructions, and friendly staff. As the grip on the CZ P10c is a little aggressive, the Talons were a perfect compliment. I purchased the rubber ones. Happy customer, as always. Keep up the good work!

I have Talon Grips on all of my firearms. Pricing can't be beat, and the fit is flawless. Easy to understand instructions, and friendly staff.

I have Talon Grips on every polymer frame pistol I own, all in black rubber. The P10C factory stippling was a little too aggressive. The Talon grip addition makes the P10C perfect for my tastes. I highly recommend Talon Grips for any polymer pistol and the fit is excellent.

What a difference!! I love my CZ handguns (Rifles too). The P-10 is a great carry handgun. Its grip texture is very aggressive. I little to aggressive, after 200 - 250 rounds it begins to hurt my hands. The Talon Grip addresses this issue. The rubber material is pliable enough to mold to the aggressive backstrap....making it easier to hold for long range sessions. I ordered the small size & I needed to trim about an 3/16" off to obtain a perfect fit.

I did much better this time as opposed to using your product on a HK VP-9. I credit this to scrubbing the grip with a brush in conjunction with hand rubbing with alcohol pads. I am also convinced that the rubber grips are for me and future purchases. I also was able to get some of my less used pistols up and in use with strips of your product on front and back straps.I will be back.JOHN.

I use the small grip insert and it works great with the rubberized Talon Grip.

Purchased the rubberized talon grips for my P-10c and I'm glad I did. The backstrap on the P-10 is very aggressive and the rubberized talon grips were just what the doctor ordered. They add a very good feel to the gun and they eliminate the super aggressive texturing on the backstrap. Excellent.

Amazing grip.. The gun is planted with these grips

Made my first purchase on a CZ P-07 and was really pleased with the quality, fit and finally the grip on the firearm.Made the purchase for CZ P-10 and again with the same results. Several of my Officers had ordered the same grips for their P-10's after messing with mine. All the Officers have made a comment about how nice it was to get a hand written Thank You!! Nice Customer Service A+++

These were the perfect solution to the CZ P-10C's aggressive grip texture. They look great, were relatively easy to install and are extremely comfortable.

I'm not sure if the P-10 or the Talon Grips are more impressive. Perfect fit and absolute comfort without sacrificing control. These grips take the P-10 to the next level. Out of the box the P-10 wants to be shot and with these grips you can make that happen all day long.

Love the Talon Rubberized grips for my new CZ p10c. Great fit and they look really great. The black grips on the FDE frame look really nice.

Got the Talon grips for all of my handguns my Sig my HK my Glocks theyr all wrapped in talon grips and love it

This was the best thing to do with the p-10. After a few hundred rounds without the grips, the stock grips start to feel uncomfortable. Talon fixed that quick. There rubberized grips look great and feel even better. Home run Talon!!

My p-10 Is perfect with these talon grips. Tamed the overly aggressive front and back straps just right!

The texture on the grip is too aggressive for me, but I like the angle. This overlay is awesome! I bought a 2nd for my PPQ.

Probably the hardest Talon grips to install but they feel great as usual.

As always, these grips are the perfect fir and fell and makes shooting a pleasure. The Factory grip on the P10C can be a little aggressive after a couple of hundred rounds, and the Talon Grips make this that much more comfortable


Love the new grips! Range time just got more fun

I love talon grips and put them on the majority of my guns. They look great, and provide a good grip surface that is reliable and ergonomic. I highly recommend them! I am glad to see the new moss color and am hoping to see that color soon for my glock 26.

Got 1 of each the granualte and rubber for my pair of P10Cs and both are awesome! Great grip from the granulate and excellent comfort from the rubber. Will be getting these for all my pistols.

I was surprised that these grips were available for this recently released firearm. The fit is great and grip feels great as well. I have Talon grips on all my other pistols as well and they will be on anything else I purchase going forward.Thanks Talon!

Fit well and very comfortable. Would recommend to others.

Talon grips are the perfect answer for the aggressive grip texture on the P-10C. Your grips allow the user to shoot this pistol with better comfort and control. Have your grips on every single pistol I own. Could not imagine shooting without them

The grip texture on the P10-C is pretty aggressive on the back strap. The Talon grip makes a world of difference in making this gun more comfortable to shoot.

Talon deserves thumbs up for getting p10c grips to market so quickly. I love the feel of the rubberized product and use them on my p07 also. The new p10c grips are a perfect fit and simple to install.

Got some rubber grips for my very, very aggressive grips on my CZ P10c. It sure makes a difference. I could probably shoot this without gloves now. Haven't tried it yet, but the pistol feels just great in the hand. Sure surprised Talon Grips were already available for the CZ P10c.