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TALON Grips for 1911 Modular Grip System

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  • Quick, easy installation

  • Faster, more accurate follow up shots

  • Improved confidence and control

  • Long life with proper installation

*This is a four piece kit, please add each piece individually to your cart*
**This is for the TALON Grip only side panels are not included**

TALON Grips are textured, stick-on gun grips that help you get a secure hold on your firearm improving performance, safety, and confidence so you maintain control. Installation is quick and easy.

The pistol grips will not move or shift once installed, however, they can be removed cleanly at any time, returning your pistol to original factory condition. You can expect 1 to 3 or more years of benefits from a TALON Grip.

TALON Grips are the best aftermarket grip option for the 1911 pistol front strap.  These custom stick-on grips are cut specifically to fit your 1911. TALON Grips are easy to align and install yourself.  These grips offer excellent coverage under the trigger guard between the two side panels. These thin grips (less than .5 mm thick) maintain the 1911 ergonomics while adding comfort and control. TALON Grips are available in black rubber, moss rubber, PRO , and black granulate (sandpaper) textures making them the perfect choice for every shooter in every condition.  If you have any questions about this product, please email us at  

J Hayward|Talon grips are a must have for any 1911 enthusiast. I like them so much that I purposefully buy 1911's without the front strap checkering (saving $500-1000) and slap a talon grip on it when I get it. Thanks TalonGrips!
Justin Herrin|Perfect fit and fast shipping. I put the front strap tape on my Dan Wesson 1911 10mm and it completely changed my shooting experience with this pistol.
Trusted by law enforcement and military worldwide|Installs easily in minutes (learn more)|Encourages faster, more accurate follow up shots|Durable material that performs in hot, cold, wet and dry conditions|Ultra-thin materials add min
  • 30 day money back guarantee*
  • 90 day warranty
  • black texture background
    17 reviews
    Write a Review
    • Sway Apr 29th 2024

      With a little fitment, works great!

      Hooked on the granulate TALONS (currently on Glock and 1911). For my use cases, it's a great choice and eliminates use of grip enhancers (e.g. chalk). Thes…

    • NJ Apr 26th 2024

      1911 Moss Rubber

      The aluminum grips I had on my gun didn’t have enough texture. Before dropping more money on new ones I tried the Talons. I’m glad I did because it gave me the …

    • Don Sep 24th 2023

      1911 grips

      Love them, they stick real good, no problem with them slipping. I shoot IPSC and these changed my shooting for the better, I will never go without them again

    • RICH Jul 25th 2023


      I ordered 2 rubber side grips and 2 sandpaper for the front/back straps. The grips were easy to apply with the help of a hair dryer. The only thing that was odd…

    • Jack Jun 11th 2023

      1911 4 Piece Pro Grip Set is Amazing

      I bought the Pro grip set for my 1911 since the one's I got for my Springfield Armory XDM and Canik TP9SFX were perfect. Thse are the best of two worlds w…

    • D Heisee Apr 11th 2023

      1911 grip system

      Great product as always. Gave it a 4 because I have a curved mainspring instead of straight. Didn’t fit quite right. Having said that I’ve got Talon grips on al…