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TALON Grips for Heckler & Koch USP Full Size 9mm/.40

$19.99 - $24.99
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  • Quick, easy installation

  • Faster, more accurate follow up shots

  • Improved confidence and control

  • Long life with proper installation

TALON Grips are textured, stick-on gun grips that help you get a secure hold on your firearm improving performance, safety, and confidence so you maintain control. Installation is quick and easy. 

The pistol grips will not move or shift once installed, however, they can be removed cleanly at any time, returning your pistol to original factory condition. You can expect 1 to 3 or more years of benefits from a TALON Grip.

TALON Grips are the best aftermarket gun grip upgrade for the H&K USP Full Size 9mm/.40 pistol. These thin grips (less than .5mm thick) are available in rubber, PRO, and granulate textures. The rubber grips are very versatile and are ideal for both concealed carry (CCW) and open holster carry. The granulate grips, often compared to sandpaper gun grips or gun grip tape, are more aggressive and best suited for open carry. TALON Grips PRO grip material combines the best characteristics of the granulate and rubber textures. The surface of the grip is made of ground-up rubber and provides an aggressive grip without being abrasive. The PRO texture is comfortable enough for most people to carry against the skin and aggressive enough for competition. The granulate and PRO materials are available in black (there are some color specs in PRO). You can customize your gun with a black rubber grip tape or FDE rubber grip tape that we call Rubber-Moss. This pistol grip improves comfort, control, and performance. Unlike grip sleeves that only cover part of the gun handle and stretch out over time, TALON Grips for handguns cover more of the pistol handle and stay in place for years. TALON tactical gun grips help every shooter improve in all conditions. TALON Grips are easy to install with the included instructions. If you have any questions about this product, please email us at

Upgrade with new USP Full Size 9mm/.40 Grips today!

Trusted by law enforcement and military worldwide|Installs easily in minutes (learn more)|Encourages faster, more accurate follow up shots|Durable material that performs in hot, cold, wet and dry conditions|Ultra-thin materials add min
Jason S.|An outstanding product. Fit and finish on my USP are perfect, and after 4 range sessions, both with and without gloves, I can see no wear of the tape.I'll be installing Talon Tape on all my pistols from now on.
173rd Guy|Feels great even when wet (especially when wet). Sure way to enhance ergos on any firearm imo (even/especially stuff that doesn't quite fit your hand size perfectly). Lifetime customer for sure. Highly recommend.
  • 30 day money back guarantee*
  • 90 day warranty
  • black texture background
    51 reviews
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    • Tim Feb 20th 2024

      Awesome grips

      Very cool aesthetics for our beloved USP pistols! Excellent grip texture for EDC. Not too rough, but provides excellent grip and hand feel. Easy to apply and se…

    • John Sep 6th 2021

      H&K USP Pro Grips

      I put Talon Grips on nearly all of my polymer frame guns. Talon Grips do not disappoint. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with the Pro Series but I tried them an…

    • RR Jul 11th 2021

      highly affordable, ok fit

      cant go wrong on the price. the glue is pretty legit. The cutout could use a little more detail to match the pistol better, but not a deal breaker.

    • Jamie Anderson Feb 24th 2021

      Rubber Grip HK USP 9MM FULL SIZE

      This is my second purchase from Talon Gun Grips. First purchase was for a Bersa TPR9 and I went with the granulated grit grip which was a huge improvement over …

    • Peter W Sep 24th 2020

      Talon granulate grips for USP40 Fullsize

      Feels good and secure, gun is stable in hand when firing .40cal

    • Roy M Aug 17th 2020

      Talon Rubber Grips--HK USP 40

      Great grips! I've put them on most of my Glocks and got a set for my HK USP in 40 cal. This is a great gun but I have never liked the grip texture. The s…