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TALON Grips for Kahr Arms Slide Grip - Kahr PM45 & P45

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  • Quick & easy
    to install

  • Improves
    grip strength

  • Long life

  • Guaranteed

All TALON Slide Grips are made in our Granulate texture.

Compatible with PM45 and P45 models.

TALON Slide Grips help you get a firm and safe grip on your slide.  Made from the same trusted material and special adhesive blend that TALON Grips has been perfecting for years on firearm handles, the slide grips are pre-cut for your specific firearm. TALON Slide Grips install in just minutes and will not move or shift, even in humid or hot conditions.  With our premium materials, you can expect 1 to 3 years of benefits from a TALON Slide Grip. Whether you are new to the world of firearms, or a veteran with years of experience, TALON Slide Grips will make your pistol easier to use by reducing fatigue and increasing confidence,  therefore ensuring a secure grip on the slide even for those with weakened hand strength or arthritis. TALON Slide Grips make it easy to operate your slide whether you are clearing a malfunction or loading to shoot. TALON Slide Grips improve safety by helping you get the purchase you need so you can keep your barrel facing in a safe direction at all times.

In 2022, TALON Grips joined up with ArachniGRIP to create TALON Slide Grips.  These two Colorado based companies joined up to make the Slide Spider even better.

Increase your safety and confidence in your pistol with a TALON Slide Grip today!

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Trusted by law enforcement and military worldwide|Installs easily in minutes (learn more)|Encourages faster, more accurate follow up shots|Durable material that performs in hot, cold, wet and dry conditions|Ultra-thin materials add min
  • 30 day money back guarantee*
  • 90 day warranty
  • black texture background
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    • Jim L Sep 11th 2023

      Big improvement

      Despite the slide cuts, slides can be slippery and hard to manipulate . The Talin grip makes it easy.